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To dream of coffee represents situations in your life where you are getting acquainted with something or someone. Something new that you are getting to know, becoming familiar with, or trying to understand better. An introductory process in your life.

Alternatively, coffee may reflect a new aspect of your personality that is comfortably not noticing doing anything about problems in the current moment. Awareness of yourself listening to a problem , but not taking any action yet. Awareness of yourself listening to new ideas, but taking any action yet. Feelings about catching up with old friends or acquaintances.

Negatively, dreaming of coffee represents feelings about dishonestly or unpleasantly considering new ideas. Getting acquainted with people you don't like. Talking to people from your past you don't like after a long period of time never speaking to them. Problems you feel you need to consider solving when you don't want to. Other people's offers to think about ideas, problems, or catching up that are not interesting to you. Your dislike of why a problem is only being considered and not dealt with.

To drink coffee with a person may be a reflection of how you are getting acquainted with that person in waking life. It may also reflect qualities you see the most in that person slowly becoming more apparent in your own life. An aspect of yourself that is beginning to think about something or reacquaint yourself with something without taking action yet.

Example: A young man dreamed of showing a number of birds to his mother to see her reaction, but she choose to simply drink coffee instead of react. In waking life he was attempting to use his teacher skills to get a new opportunity for himself, but noticed that nobody wanted to do anything with him accept consider or think about hiring him.



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