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To dream of a steer represents controlled or restricted power. You or someone else that has power without the ability to use it for themselves. Being powerful, but also being completely controlled by someone else.

Negatively, you may feel purposely or unfairly held back.

*Please See Bulls

Steering Wheel

To dream of a steering wheel represents the ability to control the direction you are headed in life. Whoever sits at the wheel represents an aspect of your personality that is guiding your decisions.

To dream of the steering wheel braking off represents feelings of being at the mercy of fate. Feeling forced to wait for a situation or end or go badly in order to be able to change your situation. A decreased ability to direct a waking life situation.

To dream of the steering wheel being on the passenger side of the car may reflect your passive control of a situation. Advice, guidance, or suggestions that are steering the direction of a situation. It may also reflect how unusual or lucky it feels to have control when you usually don't.

*Please See Driving


To dream of a stegosaurus represents feelings of fear of a passive threat. Fear of something that is unproven, but could easily be proven if pushed beyond a limit. Passively scaring others or feeling that someone is passively scaring you. Choosing to become dangerous or terrify someone only when it's necessary. Fearing parents passive threats. Fearing something big or dangerous that "might" prove itself. Living in constant fear of something intimidating.

A powerful fear of nobody believing you while someone abuses that situation to control you with passive fear. Passive tension that scares you that something dangerous could happen. Fear of the constant possibility that someone will call the police on you.

Example: A woman dreamed of a stegosaurus. In waking life she was on powerful medication that required her by law to stay at home. Her husband whom she wanted to leave and get a divorce from kept threatening to call the police and doctors if she tried to do anything to leave him while medicated. The Stegosaurus may have reflected her powerful fear of her husbands passive, yet easily proven threats to report her.


To dream of a stepfather represents a decision that you have no control over. Fathers in dreams typically reflect the conscience or our ability to make a decision. A stepfather is then symbolically a substitute choice that is beyond our ability to control. You may feel a choice has been made for you or that you've been pressured into a decision.

Negatively, a stepfather may reflect a decision that you can't stand putting up with. Struggling to come to terms with a change that you don't like.

Alternatively, a stepfather may reflect tension or disappointment with your real father.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her deceased stepfather standing up from a coffin with bullet holes in him. She told him to rest and he didn't listen. In waking life she got into a big fight with her sister over an issue which she had no control over. She had accepted losing the argument so that she could move on with her life and stop talking to her sister. However, she started talking to her sister again which brought up the old arguments. The stepfather in this case may have reflected her decision to speak to her sister when she didn't like her sister as a person because she felt unable to avoid her sister.

*Please See Father


To dream of a stepmother represents intuitive choices that you can't control. Luckiness that doesn't feel good. Plans for the future or carefulness that bothers you. An unpleasant situation you are experiencing that is "just to be safe."

Mothers in dreams typically reflect the intuition about the future, how lucky we feel, or our perception about coincidences in our lives. A step mother is the symbolically a substitute form of intuition is beyond your ability to control.

You may feel smothered, neglected, or held back. A call for safety that you don't respect. Feeling pressured into having to be careful.

Negatively, a stepmother may reflect a situation that you can't stand putting up with. Struggling to come to terms with a change that you don't like. Not getting to do something the way you hoped you would.

Alternatively, a stepmother may reflect tension or disappointment with your real mother.

*Please See Mother


To dream of steps represents your efforts to achieve a goal. A problem or situation that requires one step at a time. Alternatively, steps may reflect how you are slowly working towards something.

*Please See Stairs


To dream of a stereo represents the ability to feel the way you want whenever you want. Controlling everything that you are feeling. The ability to feel good whenever and however you want.

To dream of having your stereo stolen represents life situations that rob you peace of mind or confidence. Distractions or problems that are always getting in the way of your ability to feel good. You may feel that other people have too much control or are deciding your life for you. Feeling subordinate to someone else's feelings all the time.


*Please See Silver

*Please See Money


To dream of a stethoscope represents your perception of how confident or afraid you are. You are noticing how calm or fearful a situation makes you. You might also be paying too much attention to your heart rate.

Alternatively, a stethoscope may represent being aware of how passionate your feelings are for someone you like.


* Please See Flight Attendant.

Stick Figures

To dream of stick figures may represents waking life situations where you feel that something isn't a big deal at all. Feelings about some area of your life being so stupid that it doesn't really matter at all.

Positively, stick people may reflect times when you are laughing at yourself or not taking yourself seriously. A humorous view of a situation or person that you don't take seriously. Confidence that a situation or problem is pathetically easy to size up.

Negatively, stick figures in a dream may reflect an overly simplistic view of a situation that isn't that simple. Reducing a situation or social interaction to an almost pathetic caricature. Reducing others importance with humor. Naively or arrogantly dismissing someone else's power or sophistication. Overconfidence.

Alternatively, dreaming of stick figures may reflect waking life situations where you are hearing yourself being talked about like you don't matter. Feeling reduced or made fun of as though you were a caricature.


To dream of a sticker represents noticing a situation in a different way that suites you or feels better. A take on a situation that is tailored to your likes or wishes. Enjoying a personal touch or customization. Alternatively, a sticker may represent a warning or clear message.

Consider what appears on the sticker for additional meaning.

Dreaming of a sticker that you didn't pick may reflect a person or situation that is trying to make a situation more appealing to your likes or lift your spirits with an alternative choice.

Negatively, a sticker may reflect difficulty wanting to face reality or face something unpleasant. Evil or negative images on stickers may reflect a preference to view the negativity of a situation as a good thing.

*Please See Decals


To dream of something being sticky represents a situation that is difficult to get out of or being trapped or caught in a difficult situation. Could be a metaphor for someone who clingy or is difficult to shake off or get away from. A difficult, uncomfortable, or unpleasant circumstance that is not easily resolved or escaped from. Feeling you can't control someone or something from not wanting to let go of you. It could also represent a feeling of being unable to escape a situation or relationship, or a sense of being caught up in something beyond one's control. A situation hard to remove or get away from. The person may feel trapped or burdened by the situation and may need to carefully navigate their way out of it to avoid getting stuck or making things worse.

To dream of a sticky substance that no one can figure out how to unstick represents persistent problem or issue that defies solution or resolution despite efforts to address it." This could refer to anything from a complex interpersonal conflict or systemic societal issue to a technical or scientific problem that has yet to be solved. The idea of something being "sticky" suggests that it is tenacious and difficult to remove or overcome, which can be frustrating and challenging for those trying to deal with it.

To dream of a sticky bed represents feelings about the difficulty of getting away from a situation you want to move on from. You may have accepted a situation as it is, but now have problems changing your beliefs. A possible symbol for a "a trap," suggesting that it is difficult to escape from or move on from a situation you choose the accept the way it was. You may feel that the situation drains your energy and makes you unhappy, yet you can't seem to find a way out. Feeling hesitant or anxious about making a big decision or taking a major step in your life. Alternatively, dreaming about a sticky bed represents feeling physically or emotionally exhausted, as if you have been carrying a heavy burden for a long time. You may need to take a break, seek support from others, or change your habits and routines to avoid burnout.

To dream of sticky hands represents feelings about your capability that is difficult to stop. Feeling trapped by your capability. A strong desire to hold on to something or someone. Feeling unable to stop having sex once you discover you are capable of it.

To dream of sticky feet represents feelings the difficulty of getting away from moral principles or fundamental beliefs. Being stuck in a situation based that goes against one's personal values or ethics, making it difficult to find a way out. Feeling weighed down by guilt or shame and finding it hard to shake those emotions off. Being stuck in a job or career that goes against one's personal values or ethics. Being trapped in a particular mindset or way of thinking, making it hard to consider alternative viewpoints or perspectives.

Example: A young woman dreamed of her hands being sticky. In waking life she was having sex issues and was frustrated by it. In this case the sticky hands may have reflected her feelings about sex being difficult to stop. She may have felt trapped or caught in a passionate sexual relationship because romantic feelings or sexual urges were difficult to let go of. She felt she can't let go of sex because the man doesn't let go of his sexual urges.

Example 2: A man dreamed of his laptop having a blue sticky liquid all over it. In waking life he fell asleep at his computer. In this case the sticky liquid all over his computer may have reflected his feelings of how difficult it was to get away from his computer usage. A possible indication of internet addiction or similar issue related to using computers or the Internet.


*Please See High Heels


To dream of a baby being stillborn represents last minute disruptions or failures. Feeling close to achieving something and losing it at the very end. Experiencing a loss at a final pivotal moment. A sudden or unexpected end to something.

Alternatively, a stillborn baby may reflect a sudden or last minute loss of trust in someone.

*Please See Abortion

*Please See Miscarriage


To dream of walking stilts represents feelings about wanting to avoid uncertainty with an attitude of being better than the problem that might not look completely natural. An attempt to try to avoid getting involved with an uncertain or negative emotional situation by using a sense of elevation or superiority in a particular area of life while hoping nobody will think you're a fake.

Negatively, dreaming about stilts represents insecurity or a feeling of being on shaky ground due to people potentially seeing you as a fake that is trying overstep an uncertain situation. Trying to rise above challenges or obstacles or to stand out to overstep uncomfortable situations because you think you can get away with it quickly that might look more obvious to other people than you like. Confidently saying you are bigger person than you actually are that looks stupid to other people. Dreaming of stilts may suggest that the dreamer is putting on a false front or pretending to be someone they're not.

To dream of house stilts represents a sense of elevation or being above the average in order to avoid being overwhelmed by the uncertainties or negative emotions of other people turning on you. Avoiding overwhelmed being seen by others as a negative person. Feelings of being spiritually elevated or elevated in your beliefs compared to those around you. Preparation to avoid embarrassment or ever needing to explain yourself in case the potential for embarrassment happens. A indication of your fragility of your position that could easily collapse or be taken away Jealousy that you are not having the same elevated experience as other people. Feeling inadequate in your religious community.

Example: A woman dreamed of living in 1 of a group of homes that were all on stilts. In waking life she was very religious and was jealous that she couldn't speak in tongues when her son and other people could. She also felt that her husband wasn't spiritually progressing. In this case the house stilts may have reflected her feelings about saying things about herself and her family that looked good spiritually so that she could avoid feeling left out or inadequate in her religious community. She was avoiding overwhelmed being seen by others as a negative person and all the negative emotions that come with that.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of looking in the mirror to see her dead husband, herself, and a clown in the background on stilts. In waking life her husband had committed suicide years ago outside her home and she had recently remarried. In this case the clown on stilts in the mirror may have reflected her feelings about using the topic of her dead suicidal husband to make people listen to her or give her sympathy to quickly skip a problem or uncomfortable social encounter.


To dream of being stung represents your feelings about a hurtful action or remark. Feeling hurt by a disappointment. Feeling stupid for having gotten too close to someone rude or insensitive.

To dream of being stung by a bee represents feelings of being stuck with hard work or obligations that you feel are unbearable. Feeling stupid for having gotten involved in something.

Alternatively, being stung could reflect feelings about having to endure something unpleasant. Respecting the seriousness of a matter. Something very annoying in your life. Brutal honesty.

Example: A woman dreamed of being stung by a fish on her foot. In waking life she was avoiding a pregnancy treatment by a specialist as she couldn't get pregnant by natural means. The sting on the foot in the dream may have reflected her feelings about how unpleasant it felt to think about getting pregnant by unnatural means. It may have also reflected her unpleasant feelings about having a person who wasn't her husband help her to get pregnant and see her genitals in order to get the pregnancy treatment. She may have felt that people would laugh at her or think of her being immoral if she didn't get pregnant through natural means.


To dream of a stingray represents an aspect of yourself that passively accepts itself as dangerous. Feeling that something could be dangerous at any time, but isn't right now. Feeling that a passive situation or person has the potential to be lethal.

Alternatively, a stingray could reflect feeling about "sting" operation. Passivity that could strike at any time.

Example: A young woman once dreamed about a stingray. In real life she felt intense regret for having cheated on her ex-boyfriend that she believed hated her. The stingray in this case may have reflected her feelings about talking to her ex being an emotionally dangerous because he might remind her of her cheating at any time.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a stingray. In waking life she was concerned that her boyfriend writing letters to his ex-girlfriend over a child could potentially lead to cheating possibly ending her relationship. The stingray in this case may have reflected her feelings about the potential cheating being passively dangerous to her relationship.


To dream that something stinks represents your feeling that a situation doesn't feel right. Distaste or bad feelings.

To dream of other people noticing something stinking that you can't represents indifference to others perception of right and wrong. You don't think anything is wrong when others do.

*Please See Smell


To dream of stirring something represents feelings about keeping an issue interesting or preventing stagnation.

Negatively, stirring in a dream may reflect your desperation to keep talking about something that nobody else wants to talk about. Issues with letting a subject go dormant.

Example: A man dreamed of stirring a very dark purple pulp. In waking life he suspected that his wife was cheating on him and after investigating the issue he couldn't allow himself to let go of the issue. He couldn't allow the prospect of discovering that his wife was actually cheating to stagnate. He felt he had to keep "stirring the issue" to keep his wife on her toes.


To dream of medical stitches represents an area of your life that is responsible for keeping a situation or relationship intact. Habits or factors that maintain balance or civility.

To dream of medical stitches that come loose represents a reconciliation that has failed. Old habits and conflict are returning. Progress has been lost.

Consider where on the body that the stitches are for additional significance.

To dream of stitches on clothing represents choices, beliefs, or moods that are being keep intact by some other factor.

Stock Market

To dream of the stock market represents an interest in making personal investments in new ideas, relationships, or possibilities. Feeling that you or others want to take a chance on something better for the future.

To dream that the stock market crashed represents a blow to your hopes, dreams, or confidence in the future. Feeling sidetracked. Your personal investment in a situation or relationship may feel wasted. It may also reflect your fear of losing everything you worked for in some area of your life.

Alternatively, dreaming of the stock market crashing may reflect your feelings that nobody wants to take any chances on anything new. A fear of others losing confidence in you and being unwilling to risk anything for you.


To dream of regular women's dress stockings represents feelings about not wanting to feel that you think you are better than other people or dishonest while being independent. Feelings about yourself or other being a wonderful person who doesn't have to be told what to do. Feelings about about being a wonderful passive person with everyone liking you. Projecting an image to others that you are an honest person that never does anything wrong. Feelings about being a perfect passive person who doesn't deserve to have anyone get angry at them.

Negatively, dreaming about regular women's dress stockings may reflect behavior that is arrogantly acting like a wonderfully honest lady in appearance only. Acting like an honest little girl to get away with dishonesty. Dishonestly acting like a wonderful person that doesn't do anything wrong. Acting like a wonderful little girl so nobody will want to believe you are dishonestly deserving to be stopped. Arrogantly using

To dream of seeing a woman wearing lingerie stockings represents about being enticed with something enjoyably easy. Feeling seduced with something easy. Feeling that it's obvious that something pleasurable could happen. Feeling taunted with seduction or enjoyable possibilities.

Negatively, dreaming about a woman lingerie wearing stockings could reflect feelings about seduction that is too powerful or dangerous. Dangerous enjoyable offers. Arrogant seductive attitude that thinks you can't say no to it. An arrogant female attitude that believes seducing others is an inevitability.

To dream of fishnet stockings represents feelings about enticement that feels good being dangerous. Projecting an image to others that nothing can be done to stop you. Feeling good knowing you don't have to listen to anyone tell you that you can't make them do what you want. Desire or seduction that you can't say no to.

Example: A woman dreamed of wearing a pair of stockings with a trench coat. In waking life she was unemployed while trying to get a new job. The stockings in this case may have reflected her feelings about trying to project an honest appearance to potential employers about the reasons for her prolonged unemployment.

*Please See Lingerie

*Please See Christmas Stockings


To dream of buying stocks in a company represents your personal investment in other people or an outcome. Believing that if you care about or help someone now it will produce benefits later on. Hope for the future or taking risks for the future. Seeing a long term benefit in helping someone or doing something.

Negatively, buying stocks may reflect your fear of having believed in someone or something too much. Fearing having your hopes dashed. Risking too much.

To dream of selling stocks at a profit represents benefits or windfalls for having having believed in people, ideas, or in a possibility. Reaping the rewards for being faithful, loyal, or having taken advantage of an opportunity when it was presented to you.

To dream of selling stocks and losing money represents misplaced priorities, bad foresight, or bad luck. Believing hype. Poor long-term judgement. Alternatively, losing money on stocks may reflect feelings of having been lied to or disappointment in people who had potential.

To dream of stock/share buybacks may reflect feeling that you or someone else is now strong enough to stand on their own. Feeling that you or others don't need anyones help or support anymore. Repaying debts or favors to reclaim or increase independence. Not wanting to feel like you owe anyone anything. Not wanting to feel like someone can "have a piece of you" or a "piece of your action."


*Please See Stealing


To dream of your stomach or abdomen represents your level of sensitivity. It symbolizes how well you can "stomach" or accept something. How vulnerable you are to having your feelings hurt or allowing something to upset you.

To dream of a perfect stomach or perfect abs represents a carefree attitude. It may also point to insensitivity. Negatively, it may reflect emotional conflict with an issue that embarrasses you or outsmarts you.

If your stomach or abdomen is attacked, injured, or sick in a dream it's pointing a sensitive issue or problems with acceptance.

To dream of having a dog attack your stomach may reflect your heightened sensitivity about issues you feel other people aren't listening to you about. It may also reflect how you are ignoring your own safety or well-being to keep yourself from failing or getting behind in life. The dream may be a sign that you need to seek expert advice. Alternatively, the dream may represent something else's continued vicious personal attacks on issues that make you very sensitive. Fear that something is wrong with you.

Example: A woman had recurring dreams of a vicious dog attacking her stomach. In waking life she felt her family and work life was more important that checking a doctors check up she suspected she needed. When she finally did get a check up she was diagnosed with stomach cancer and died three months later.

Stomach Acid

To dream of stomach acid represents feelings about how smoothly choices or experiences finish up. How quickly or slowly a situation you are involved with completes. Feelings about expecting an effortless finishing on a situation. Feelings about your ability to "digest" or complete an experience or dangerous situation. Assumptions about situations or problems being easy.

Negatively, stomach acid may reflect feelings about wanting a dangerous situation you choose to be involved with to finish up quickly. Anxieties or frustrations that negative situation is not going away on it's own. Fears of being easily or effortlessly "consumed" by competition. A wish for dishonest actions you are trying to hide to finish up easily so you can put the dishonesty behind you or stop lying to cover it up.

Problems with stomach acid in a dream may reflect issues that are preventing problems or plans from completing. Anxiety about getting something over with.

Example: A woman saw ketchup packets in her stomach sitting in stomach acid. In waking life she didn't feel good having to keep lying about an innocent lie about a situation that wasn't fully over with yet.

Stone Tablets

*Please See Tablets


To dream of Stonehenge represents disbelief or awe at how powerful an achievement was in your past. Wondering "How the heck did I do that?" or "How did someone else achieve that?"

Stonehenge may also reflect the perception that you or someone else did something amazing in the past that they are impotent to repeat.

Example: A man dreamed of visiting Stonehenge. In waking life he visited a gorgeous girlfriend from his past and wondered how the heck it was even possible to have had her liking him at all back then since she showed no interest in him at all anymore.


To dream of stones represents a situation or aspect of yourself that is unyielding. You or someone else that compromises nothing at all. Strength, permanence, or an unchanging attitude. Unyielding beliefs. Confidence or actions that will stand the test of time.

Negatively, a stone may reflect painful memories, hate, guilt, or jealousy that can't be overcome. Bitterness or revenge that is powerful and calculated in it's ability to cause harm. Certainty that you are going to permanently hurt someone.

Positively, a stone may reflect love or trust that can't be broken. Alternatively, stones may reflect your sense of permanence regarding issues of moral judgment or guilt.

Consider the shape, texture and color of the stone for additional meaning.

To dream of a stone wall represents feelings about being totally secure in your position in some area of your life. Feeling that is extremely difficult for enemies or problems to embarrass you again. A strong barrier to loss. Feeling comfortable knowing that you are too strong to easily override. Negatively, a stone wall may represent situations or behavior that's unyielding in it's attempt to stop you. A distraction that can't be avoided that isn't easy to override.

To dream of your legs or arms turning to stone may represent feelings about life situations that feel permanently stuck or on hold. Abilities that are usually easy for you may suddenly feel impossible. Feeling paralyzed in your abilities by others actions. Problematic stagnated situations that are so awful that you can't do anything at all to change them.

Dreams about limbs turning to stone are common to people experiencing actual physical paralysis in their limbs.

To dream of throwing stones represents feelings intentionally terrible actions taken against another person. Intentionally trying to make someone feel stupid. You or someone else that intentionally wants to make someone else feel bad as hard as you can. Powerful jealousy, anger, or bitterness directed towards someone else. Intentionally emotionally dangerous actions. Hurtfulness. Hoping to cause others permanent damage. Disrespecting others with damaging actions or creating bad memories. Negatively throwing a stone may reflect a selfish or arrogant attempt to hurt someone. Ignorantly causing others pain or embarrassment.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing small beautiful stone walls in the front of a mansion. In waking life his rich controlling father had died and he finally felt like a grown man who could never be humiliated again by being talked to like a loser.

Example 2: A woman had recurring dreams of seeing members of her family turn into stone statues. In waking life, she soon developed catatonic schizophrenia and her whole body became frozen with rigidity.

Example 3: A person dreamed of turning into a stone statue stuck in world of stillness. In waking life shortly after this dream the person became ill with sleeping sickness.

Example 4: A man dreamed of being turned into a pillar stone, watching the world get old, an then experiencing himself withering away. In waking life the man was quite old and died shortly after having this dream. The pillar of stone in the dream may have reflected his feelings about himself growing into a strong adult.

*Please See Boulder


To dream of a being stoned to death represents feelings about intentional total humiliation with non-stop attacks of the most insensitive manner possible. Feeling that you or someone else is at the complete mercy of a situation that is both totally unforgiving and mean to the highest degree. Feelings about being humiliated by everyone you know hating you as hard as they can. Feelings about being ruined as a person with bitter anger for every single thing wrong you've ever done in your life.

Feeling forced to endure a a large group of people getting revenge in a slow painful manner where people enjoy never thinking of your feelings at all. Ignorant unforgiving retribution. Feeling stupid for making a mistake you didn't think would anger so many people at once. Feeling totally embarrassed by how jealous or vengeful people are towards you.

To dream of yourself stoning someone else to death represents feelings getting revenge on someone you don't like in a very mean insensitive manner. Enjoying total humiliation for someone while they are forced to accept it. Feeling good showing off humiliating someone else with the worst painful experience you can think of. Ignorant jealous retribution that you are fully aware may ruin someone. Obsession with causing someone else the most pain and embarrassment possible as means to punish them.


To dream of a stool represents feelings about comfort with interim decisions. "Staying put" with choices that you don't believe will last forever. Choosing to temporarily use a person or situation because you know something better is coming in your life. Temporary decisions that are useful for other things in your life.

Negatively, a stool in a dream may reflect wasting time with a short-term mentality that will never change. Feeling empty about relationships or situations that you are temporarily using. Putting up with a person or situation you don't like at all because you feel it will only be temporary. Short-term risks you are comfortable taking.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a child standing on a stool to reach for sunglasses. In waking life she was trying her hardest to put up with her husband's passive aggressive behavior for the interim time because she was planning on leaving her husband. The stool may have reflected her feelings about temporarily staying in her relationship while using to try to get he resources needed to enjoy her life somewhere else.

Stop Sign

To dream of a stop sign represents a situation that is making feel that you that you should stop doing what you are doing. A situation that may make you feel that your beliefs, intentions, or direction in life should be discontinued. You may need to rethink what you are doing or proceed with caution.

Alternatively, a stop sign reflects obstacles or difficulties as you work towards your goals.


*Please See Traffic Lights


To dream of putting something in storage represents an aspect of your life that you don't need at current moment. Resources, ideas, or goals that are on hold. Temporarily putting an issue aside. Information or insights you feel are important for later use.

Negatively, putting something in storage may reflect a voluntary reduction in power that doesn't allow you to be as strong you deserve to. Putting your anger or need for revenge on hold for a later time. Feeling that you are wasting time putting off ideas or possibilities for the future that you could be doing now.

To dream of a storage building may represent feelings about an excessive amount of self-imposed delaying. Too much in your life being put on hold for later. Feeling unhappy that something in your life has to be put on hold in the interim.

*Please See Warehouse


To dream of a store represents ideas or choices we are considering. The choice or opportunity to think differently. Considering making a lifestyle choice. Some area of your life where you serious about doing something different. "Talking to yourself" about a potential change or new idea. You may be "shopping" for various choices before making a final decision. Recognizing that a change may be needed in your life and making an effort to pursue that change.

Negatively, dreaming about being in a store may reflect feelings about making a change in your life being mandatory. Believing a change is needed when it really isn't. Not liking yourself enough they way you are. Allowing yourself to be influenced in ways that may not being helpful or good for you.

To dream of a salesperson trying to convince you to make a purchase in a store may reflect your own attempts to weigh the benefits of a choice. Your attempt to convince yourself or "sell" yourself on a choice or belief. It may also reflect someone in your life trying to influence you to change.

Example: A man dreamed of walking into a clothing store. In waking life he was considering making big changes to his personality believing it would improve his life if he tried it.

Example 2: A man dreamed of walking into a store to buy a book from an expert and discovered that they first book he picked up was red and unsuitable. In waking life he was considering getting very serious about his studies of a personal hobby and realized that the first few books he looked at for the topic were written by incompetent people.

Example 3: A woman dreamed about her mother taking her to a store. In waking life he brother had moved out of her home and she was considering ideas on how to change the relationship to strengthen it.

*Please See Department Store

*Please See Convenience Store

*Please See Book Store

*Please See Grocery Store

Store Windows

To dream of a store window represents feelings about possible goals or desires being within reach. Seeing what you want in life , but feeling held back by some minor obstacle. Awareness of yourself being able to achieve something if certain action was taken or certain opportunities presented themselves.

Negatively, a store window may reflect feelings about being purposely kept away from a goal or desire. Feeling forced to "taste" your goals without ever getting to realize them. It may also represent a fear of taking action to achieve your goals and choosing to live with jealous desire. Alternatively, it may reflect excessive "window shopping" with life goals and not enough action. Too much talking about doing something without being serious about it. Not choosing to do something because you keep hoping for something to happen in the future.

To dream of breaking a store window may reflect life situations where you are choosing to take what you want by unconventional means. Frustration with having to be patient or achieve a goal the honest way. Alternatively, breaking a store window may reflect embarrassing people who flaunt your weakness to your face by stealing their power away (beating them up, cheating behind their backs, or humiliating them by just pushing them aside).

Example: A man dreamed of robbing a store by breaking the windows and taking what he wanted. In waking life he secretly worked behind the scenes to rip off an arrogant business partner who ignorantly took his money and bragged to his face about having to wait years to get it back. Breaking the store window represented the dreamer "shattering" his feelings of jealous desire once and for all by unexpectedly humiliating his business partner with legal problems and taking all his money back.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of walking past a number of store window displays that she felt each represented one of her clients. In the dream she told herself that each display should have different colors and lighting to reflect the personality of the client. In waking life she was an interior designer focused on making designs for her clients that were original and tailored to the clients tastes.


To dream of a stork represents an aspect of yourself that is aware of itself not listening to others. Feelings about yourself or others intentionally thinking other people don't matter first.

Negatively, a stork may reflect you or someone else that is acting like a snob. It may also reflect complete awareness of yourself intentionally not listening to anyone else's advice. Jealousy of someone who never needs to listen to you ever again.

Example: A young woman dreamed of a black baby stork. In real life she had gotten pregnant and didn't want to tell her parents because they had warned her about the dangers of unprotected sex. The black stork may have reflected her fear of confronted her parents with the reality that she didn't listen to them and had sex anyway.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing wedding bells ringing with a giant stork standing on top of the building. In waking life her brother notified her that he was getting married and she was hoping she could avoid the wedding because she didn't like her brother or the bride to be. The stork may have reflected her feelings about herself thinking the relationship is a huge mistake that and that nobody listened that her brother isn't interested in listening to her advice about what a good partner is.


To dream of a storm represents a situation that is noticeably turbulent. You are noticing yourself experiencing turmoil, rage, or anger. You or someone else may be very upset about something. It may also reflect a chaotic situation. The current state of a situation or relationship feels like it's "up in the air" or that anything could happen. Feeling the potential for everything in your life to get terrible.

To dream of expecting a storm represents feelings about potential conflict or arguments. You may feel that telling someone something unpleasant is going to cause a fight or cause serious problems. Anticipating trouble.

Positively, a storm may reflect rapid change or progress. Caring about nothing or no one else as you move forward in a situation.

To dream that you take cover in a storm represents patience or solitude during an a noticeably unpleasant or chaotic situation. Waiting for someone else's anger to settle.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in the middle of a violent storm. In waking life she was heavily pregnant and had a huge fight with her husband. The storm may have reflected her feelings about the powerful emotions expressed during the fight.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a storm outside her house. In waking life her father had just died and she was worried about her financial future and potential legal problems she was about to endure.

Example 3: A man dreamed of sunny day that suddenly turned into violent storm. In waking life he was happily retired and suddenly became very ill and believed it may cost him severely with his finances.

Example 4: A man dreamed of s storm developing. In waking life he was fearing the day that his pregnant wife would go into labor.

Example 5: A young boy had recurring dreams of a storm that he felt was coming. In waking life he father had left the family and family life started to become very "turbulent." He kept believing that his life was going to become very dangerous and difficult.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of expecting a storm that never came. In waking life she was in a constant state of concern about losing her job and confronting financial challenges.

Example 7: A woman dreamed of needing to survive a storm with her new boyfriend. In waking life she felt it was important for her and her boyfriend to be committed to stay together no matter what problems came up in their relationship.

*Please See Tornado

*Please See Hurricane

*Please See Rain


To dream of a story represents thoughts about making others believe that something happened. Remembering something that happened. Recollection of events. Being careful with what you tell someone or "getting your story right." Thoughts about being believed or not believed. Remembering. Hearing something about someone else. Thoughts about people hearing something about you. Believing everything you are hearing.

Negatively, dreaming about a story may reflect issues with believability, telling believable lies, or caring too much about being believed. Wanting to show off more believably impressive than you actually are. Rumors. Believable excuses. Fabrication. Not liking hearing what people say about you behind your back. Concerns with keep your reputation or being believable enough to stay out of trouble. Not believing everything you are hearing.

Example: A man dreamed of a newspaper story about him being in the newspaper. In waking life he was concerned with his ex-girlfriend hearing things about him based self-importance and how he imagined himself being look at by her. In this case the story in the dream may have represented his feelings about rumors or made up lies being believable to his ex-girlfriend.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of trying to figure out what story to tell police. In waking life was being careful about what the best way to say something to someone was. In this case the story symbolism may have reflected her feelings about being careful being believable to avoid trouble.

Example 3: A man dreamed of writing a story about this inner feelings. In waking life he was openly talking about the story of his life with health problems to others.

Example 4: A man dreamed of being confronted by someone who didn't already know his story. In waking life he was making excuses to his girlfriend about his drinking problem because he didn't think it a was a problem at the time.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of a lady giving her story to someone else. In waking life she was very concerned about thee believability of her recollection of events with a previous employer who forced her to resign while trying to get a new job.

*Please See Floor


To dream of a stove represents your thoughtful focus on progress, momentum, or getting something done. Slow, careful, or long term preparations. Preparing something important or special in your life. Confidence that you can prepare to do something if you want to. Carefully putting your plans together to make something happen.

Cooking on a stove represents projects, plans, or ideas that are underway. Getting ready for a certain type of experience. Something you are expecting something to happen soon.

Example: A woman had recurring dreams of putting something on a stove and moving it around from the front to back burner. In waking life she was constantly delaying making a career for herself. He kept putting ambitions "off on the back burner."

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being jealous over her stove not being fixed. In waking life she was having a jealous argument over her home renovations.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing Greg from Greg and Dharma the TV show standing beside a stove leaning to the side to tell someone acting deranged he had no interest in any dealing with him at all wanted to move on to other things. "Too personal" he says. In waking life he was preparing to tell someone he thought was criminally irresponsible that he had no interest in any business dealings with him whatsoever. He was much more interested in thoughtfully preparing his own business plans.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing her stove with another smaller stove inside the oven and got her husband to check out the smaller stove which he said worked fine. This caused the woman to cry. In waking life the woman was capable of preparing to leave her husband to start a new life and didn't like that the relationship couldn't be fixed. In this case the stove inside the stove represented her capability to thoughtfully prepare to move away and leave her husband which would allow her to plan a new life once she did. This scared her.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of a bird that was loose in her home burning his feet on her stove. In waking life was experiencing some relationship frustrations with the man she was dating. In this case the stove that bird burns it's feet on may have reflected her feelings about herself thoughtfully making plans in her life unrelated to her relationship that caused jealousy with the man she was dating with moving in together.

*Please See Oven

*Please See Kitchen


To dream of something being physically straight represents feelings about situation or behavior perfectly never stopping doing something. No deviation or unusualness. A situation or behavior that doesn't have a problem. Feeling about something being exactly the way it's supposed to be. Feeling about something not wasting time. Feeling about an area of your life that works or functions properly.

To dream of a straight road represents feelings about what you are doing everyday never deviates, never does anything unusual or unpredictable. A direction in life that never wastes time, notices distractions, stops doing what it's already doing, screws up, takes a break, or notices weirdness. Never wasting time not noticing the answer or best option. Feeling it's best to never give up in order to achieve your destination in life. A direct direction in life or with your goals. Feeling that you aren't going to stop something until you are done. Feeling that there is no point in stopping what you are doing to reach your goal. Not wasting any time thinking you don't have the right answer.

To dream of a straight line represents feelings about a situation or behavior that doesn't do anything else except one thing.

To dream of straight hair represents a thinking style that feels it's more attractive to never even think of anything unusual, weird, or dishonest.

To dream of being heterosexual straight represents no perception of behavior having issues with being acceptable to others.

To dream that someone looks you "straight in the eyes" may represent a sense of seriousness about understanding a situation. Feelings about not wasting any more time or have a clear understanding is important. Someone or something is "talking to you" like it matters.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a straight piece of wood that was similar to a bamboo stick that changed into seeing a beautiful woman's back and waist moving back and forward like it was on a door hinge. In waking life the man visited a chiropractor that fixed his back with a quick procedure that first scared him that that procedure was dangerous. In this case the straight piece of wood may have reflected the man feelings about his getting his back or spine straightened before he did.

Example 2: A man dreamed of a woman looking him straight in the eyes like it was serious. In waking life he learned of the seriousness of a situation with facts after not having them realizing the severity of the situation.

Straight Jacket

To dream of a straight jacket represents feelings about not being able to be dangerous to yourself or anyone else on purpose. Impotence to do anything accept say you aren't crazy. Feelings that nobody thinks your safe enough to do anything else in a situation. Reach and capability are being intelligently limited by someone who thinks you or someone else is not behaving safe. Not believing you are crazy and in disbelief you need to put up with people treating you like you are. Feeling forced to be stuck the way you are feeling like it might be the rest of your life. Feelings of being treated like you are not sane by someone else that makes you do nothing else on purpose. Not being allowed to be dangerous to yourself or someone else. Nothing else being noticed as dangerous until you or someone else is proven safe.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone dangerous wearing a straight jacket that was tight, but slightly loose at the arms. In waking life he was experiencing someone he felt was dangerous being intelligently restrained from being dangerous anymore while still having to feel there might be an opportunity for the dangerous to cause him more problems.

*Please See Restrained


To dream of being stranded represents a sense of helplessness you feel. You may feel insecure or without resources to deal with a problem. Anxiety about being left to deal with problems on your own. You may be experiencing an unfamiliar situation. You may also feel neglected or a sense of abandonment. Perhaps, you can't find a friend to help you. Feeling stuck with a problem or feeling stuck with people that don't like you. Situations where you are "up shit's creek without a paddle."

Alternatively, being stranded may represent your feelings of isolation or loneliness. You may be hoping to be rescued from a problem or situation.

Dreams of being stranded may occur if supportive friends or family move away from you. Feelings of losing an important social safety net.

To dream of being stranded in a strange neighborhood may reflect situations that lack the clarity you have become accustomed to and leave you with no clear options to restore equilibrium to your life.

To dream of being stranded on a body of water represent negativity or uncertainty that you feel powerless to confront.

Example: A woman dreamed of feeling stranded with her car. In waking life she felt helpless to begin dating a guy because she had had a religious argument with him. She felt the argument "stranded her" socially in the middle of her attempt to get closer to the guy. She didn't know what else to say or do to fix the problem of having the man annoyed by her.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of being stranded. In waking life his mother had sold her home and moved away. His mother moving left him feeling like he had lost an important safety net in life. He felt that if he lost his job or something bad happened he would be on his own.


To dream of people that you never seen before represents thoughts, feelings, or situations that you've never experienced before. Strangers may also reflect inability to confidently trust a person or situation.

To dream of being chased by a stranger may reflect your attempt to avoid something you don't trust.

*Please See People


*Please See Choking


To dream of strawberries represents thoughts and emotions of sensual desires, pleasure, and temptation. They are often associated with sexual thoughts about someone you are interested in.

To see a rotting strawberry represents losing interest in someone or something that brings you a lot of pleasure to think about.

Example: A man dreamed of rotting strawberries. In waking life he was beginning to lose interest in a woman he was deeply sexually attracted to.


To dream of drinking straws represents a means to an end that makes something easier or more accessible. It could indicate a desire for simplicity or a desire to avoid a messy or complicated situation. Alternatively, it could symbolize feeling the need to "suck up" to someone or something, or a desire to extract information or resources from a situation or person. A desire to simplify and make a transition easier. Learning as fast as you can so you don't look like a bad listener.

Negatively, dreaming about straws could represent a reliance on artificial or unsustainable solutions, or a tendency to take shortcuts rather than facing challenges head-on. A willingness to take in new knowledge or ideas as a means to an end, without necessarily fully understanding or embracing them.

Example: A woman dreamed of feeding 2 lambs with white straws after jumping out of a car. In waking life, she had recently undergone a major life change by converting from Orthodox Christian to Protestant and finding a new job. In this case the white straws may have reflected her attempt to "suck up" learning about her new religion and job position as fast as possible without looking stupid to other people.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of drinking from a straw and wrapping it up afterwards. In waking life she does tv and movie extra work for additional money. In this case the straw being used may have reflected her feelings about quickly learning whatever was required to do her extra roles as fast trying to avoid looking like a bad listener. Wrapping up the straw may have reflected her feelings about the extra work coming to an end or a metaphor for "that's a wrap" being called on the set after the filming stopped.


To dream of stray represents an "anything at all" type attitude. Doing whatever you can. Happy to do whatever you can. Happy to have whatever is available.

*Please See Hay


To dream of seeing someone streaking represents embarrassment of others by not caring about anything their thinking at all. Total embarrassment of others with honesty that will not be tolerated for long. It may also reflect a sense of risk that you are taking by speaking out or expressing your true feelings in their entirety. Protesting with beliefs that are uncomfortable to others. "Naked" defiance.

Alternatively, streaking may reflect how you are making a spectacle with your true feelings in a situation that is conservative, serious, or otherwise inappropriate to do so. Shocking others with your true beliefs.


To dream of a stream represents the need to "go with the flow" of life to reach your goals as you deal with minor uncertainties, challenges, frustrations, or responsibilities that you are encountering. Possibly associated with work, school, projects, or teaching others. You are moving through a phase of life that requires you to navigate small obstacles or hurdles.

Sitting by a stream may symbolize your acceptance and growing comfort with a temporary difficulty.

To dream of a stream turning into a larger body of water represents feelings about an uncertain situation that is evolving into something much bigger and more challenging than initially expected. The dream may indicate that the dreamer is feeling overwhelmed and unprepared for what is coming next. This type of dream imagery may also suggest that the dreamer feels they are losing control of a situation, and that events are taking a direction that they cannot predict or manage easily.

To dream of a frozen stream represents feelings of being stuck in a minor and stagnant situation you feel that you could manage, but with little hope of change or progress. A minor uncertain situation that doesn't scare you, but doesn't change. Feeling that a minor uncertainty that is stagnant will "thaw out" eventually.

To dream of jumping over a stream represents overcoming obstacles or challenges in your life with ease and confidence. A sense of freedom and liberation from constraints or limitations that have been holding you back.

People recovering from the loss of a loved one may experience a stream in a dream as they begin to accept the loss and let go.

Example: A woman dreamed of being near a frozen stream with her son and then experiencing the stream turn into a lake that left her and her son struggling to keep their heads above water. In waking life she was experiencing a divorce from a husband that she couldn't afford. In this case the frozen stream may have reflected her feelings of being stuck in a difficult and stagnant situation she felt she could manage, but with little hope of change or progress.

Example 2: A man dreamed of standing near a stream. In waking life his Dad had died. In this case the stream may have reflected need to go with the flow of life, accepting the inevitability of change and letting go of attachment.


To dream of a street symbolizes the direction your life is taking. A very specific mindset or focus on goals. How you feel you are creating your life. How other people are interacting with you as you work towards goals. The overall theme or atmosphere of a situation you are experiencing with others as you work towards something.

Negatively, a street may reflect your dislike or fear of the life direction you are taking. Not liking adhering to goals that other people have set out for you. Long term choices that you feel forced to make or adhere to. Caring too much about what other people think about the direction in life you are taking.

Dangerous streets may reflect feelings of fear, insecurity, or unsupportiveness as you work towards goals. Feeling that other people are difficult or not on your side as you work towards an specific outcome.

If you are familiar with the street you are on in a dream then consider how your feelings or memories about the street may mirror a waking life situation you are currently experiencing. Ask yourself how the specific street feels when you walk down it for real.

Example: A young girl had nightmares of being naked while walking down a street. In waking life she was embarrassed for not being a perfect student at a very strict catholic school. The street may have reflected her feelings her life direction revolving around getting a strong religious education with all her peers having similar goals and her family encouraging it.

*Please See Roads (Paved).
*Please See Roads (Dirt).

Street Lights

To dream of a street light represents feeling that that is always hope during a dark, difficult, or scary situation. Feeling good that a situation is not hopeless. Confidence that you don't need to worry because you can never be hopeless during difficulties or scary moments. Sanity or a voice of reason during a difficult time. Stable safety during a dangerous time. Feeling protected with answers during dangerous time. Feelings about strangers giving your help or advice to get through a difficult time. Unquestionable honesty during a very dangerous or scary time.

Negatively, dreaming about street lights may reflect feelings about hope for your problems that is a compromise.

To dream that there are no street lights available when you want them represents feeling that you are all on your own.

To dream of street lights coming from a source you can't see may reflect hope during difficult situations that you can't see. Feelings of hope coming from an unknown source.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a street light with a married couple and children underneath it which he met and walked passed. In waking life she was recently rejected by a new man she darted and was doubting if she would ever meet a man. Suddenly her ex-boyfriend called wanting to date her. She didn't want to date her ex-boyfriend. The street light in this case may have reflected the ex-boyfriend calling her while she felt desperate to date and the phone call gave her hope that she didn't have to be alone forever if she chose to settle for him. Although the ex-boyfriend's calls were unwanted they made her feel that her chances of meeting a man weren't hopeless. The conversation with the ex-boyfriend gave her hope for the future.

Example 2: A teenage boy dreamed of street lights turning on in the darkness before moving on to another street. In waking life he was nervous about losing his virginity and did whatever he could to protect himself with safe sex.


To dream of a streetcar represents a direction in life that is certain and irreversible. A situation where there is no turning around or an an experience that happens whether you like it or not. An unstoppable recurring experience that you can confidently rely on.

Positively, a streetcar may reflect confidence in business or employment with regular paychecks. Negatively, a streetcar may reflect feelings about aging and birthdays leading to death.

To dream of a streetcar on fire may reflect feelings about fearing losing something that you have always confidently relied on. Fearing losing your regular paycheck or income source.

Example: A old man had a recurring dream of a streetcar that would open it's doors and have the driver tell him it wasn't his train yet. In real life he was an elderly man that spent a lot of time thinking about when he was going to die. The streetcar may have reflected his feelings about doctor's visits always having the potential to reveal to him that his old age had finally caught up with him and that he should prepare to accept his aging becoming an unstoppable journey towards death. He was always surprises that the doctor would tell him that we has perfectly healthy and wasn't dying yet.

*Please See San Francisco Streetcar

Streetcar Driver

To dream of a streetcar driver represents an aspect of your personality that is guiding you on a journey in life where there is no turning around. A possibility or choice that is irreversible.

For elderly people or people thinking about their death, a streetcar driver may reflect your feelings about God directing your life year and year towards death.


To dream of having strength represents feelings about believing in yourself being powerful. Feelings about being able to easily deal with challenges.

To dream of losing strength represents feelings about becoming less powerful or less able to deal with problems. Feeling limited. Feelings about losing status or virility. Feelings about getting older.

To dream of an enemy or evil person having strength represents feelings about problems in your life getting stronger. Feeling that problems may be come too big to handle. Problem situations getting out of control. Feeling that you have the potential to lose in some area of your life.

Example: A man dreamed of a powerful snake attacking him. In waking life life he was being picked on by a neighbor that was causing him significant problems.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing someone he felt was too strong for him to handle. In waking life he was concerned about a co-worker getting revenge on him that might cause serious problems.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a person that was younger and stronger then he was. In waking life he was getting older and felt that his age was beginning to limit him.

*Please See Muscles


To dream of stress represents feelings about a situation being a little too much to handle on your own. Frustration. A reflection of actual stress you are having in waking life. Feelings about worries, risks, workloads, being overworked, annoyances, or issues with coping with problems. Reacting badly to problems. Too much concern for trying to be perfect. Issues managing or reducing a workload. Health problems. Sexual frustration.

Example: An older woman dreamed of being stressed out by ants. In waking life she was dealing with a lot of home organization, looking for future affordable housing, and finding a doctor for her health problems.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being stressed. In waking life he was stressed at work because of his sexual attraction to a woman.

Stretch Marks

To dream of stretch marks represents feelings of disappointment that some aspect of your life will never be perfect again. Feeling that you can't feel good about yourself like you used to. Feeling a sense of failure or that you can never measure up to others expectations. Feelings about yourself or someone else being permanently flawed.

Unpleasant feelings about dramatic or unusually quick changes in your life causing lasting damage. Feeling that you can never feel good about yourself in a way you used to before a conflict change occurred. A lingering reminder of a dramatic or usually fast change you had to adjust to. Jealousy of something never being as good as it used to be. Feeling that people don't like you as much as they used because you have embarrassed yourself in some manner that makes them not think about you as good as they used to.

Example: A young girl dreamed of seeing her ex-boyfriend with stretch marks on his body that she felt were not as bad as they used to be. In waking life she had broken up with her boyfriend and now both of them were starting to reconsider getting back together. The stretch marks that weren't as bad as they used to be may have reflected her feelings about her ex-boyfriend's flaws not feeling as bad as they used to feel.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of hearing someone talk about stretch marks. In waking life she felt that she had embarrassed herself destroying the rapport or first good impression she had made with a person. She felt she couldn't get the rapport back to the way it felt originally.


To dream of a stretcher represents a need support or help for an overwhelming problem.

To dream of being on a stretcher represents an ability to deal with a problem on your own.

To dream of someone else on a stretcher represents an aspect of yourself or your projection of someone else that requires support to get through difficulties.


To dream of being on strike represents feelings of being under-appreciated or a lack of respect. You or someone else that is being stubborn or not co-operating until a condition changes. Feeling forced to do something you don't want to do.

Strip Club

To dream of being at a strip club represents a constant sense goals being out of reach. Always feeling disappointment that what you want isn't happening. You may feel taunted or teased by desire for someone or something.


To dream of stripes represents notice-ability of yourself or something else with a specific behavior at all times. Feelings about something in your life having consistent behavior. Negatively, stripes may reflect concerns that a problem or someone else's negative behavior will not stop. Feeling that someone or something is always doing something. A person or situation that is easy to define by it's behavior.

To dream of vertical stripes represents behavior that is being noticed all the time in a manner that is not optional and demands your involvement. A mindset that is jealous or angry if you aren't trying your hardest to be involved or integrated with it. A more exclusive type of mindset that may require training or learning to live with.

To dream of horizontal stripes represents behavior that is being noticed all the time in manner that is optional or dependent on your effort. A more open less jealous mindset. A more inclusive mindset that may be more liberal or accepting of others with less experience.

To dream of stripes on the back of a person or animal represents feelings about consistent behavior being a burden or intentional choice. Feelings about opposition or enemies carrying the burden of always working against you.

To dream of a red stripe represents feelings about how negative or dangerous behavior is always being noticed occurring. Unavoidable negative intentions or dangerous behavior. Negatively, a red stripe may reflect feelings about yourself being designated as a bad person and having to stay that way.

To dream of a red and white striped pattern may reflect feelings about a situation always being dangerous to ignore honesty. Consistent honest behavior that is angry, mean, or dangerous to neglect acknowledging.

Example: A man dreamed of being followed by an evil creature with a red stripe on it's back. In waking life he felt that an unseen evil presence was following him in life intentionally trying to harm him.


To dream of a stripper represents an aspect of your personality that shows off being too awesome to do anything about. Feeling teased or tantalized by other people that can do something amazing that you can't do. Feelings that you are realistically not going to do anything with something except think about it being too awesome or amazing to have yourself. To see someone stripping may reflect a goal that you feel is taunting you with always being out of reach. Feeling teased with desire.

To dream that you are a stripper may reflect waking life situations where you are showing off with something incredible. Feelings about yourself being so attractive or unique that you can rub it in other people's faces. Teasing or tantalizing other people that they can't be as amazing as you are. To dream that you are stripping may represent your attempt to tease or taunt others with desire. Making others feel close to their impossible goals.

Negatively, dreaming of being a stripper may reflect your awareness of yourself teasing or tantalizing with people with desire or impossible experiences. Showing off being "too hot to have."

Dreams of stripping are common to people who are strippers to reflect their feelings about showing off their superior good looks and abilities to people who less deserving in life.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a room filled with strippers. In waking life he was being promised a lot of money from someone who ended up being a big liar. He felt silly and teased with desire for believing in all the enjoyable possibilities of the money.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being a stripper in a club that got shut down. In waking life she was considering returning to a job as a stripper, but couldn't because her boyfriend wouldn't let her.

*Please See Lap Dance


*Please See Strippers


*Please See Baby Carriage


*Please See Strength


*Please See Body Builder


To dream of struggling represents feelings about conflict, hardship, or challenges in your life. Anxiety about losing an opportunity or failing. Confronting adversity in your life. Tensions, arguments, or feeling desperation. Adversity of some kind. Difficulty overcoming a problem or obstacle.

Negatively, struggling in a dream may reflect problems accepting a difficult reality. Chronic illness. Financial problems. Difficulty accepting inevitable defeat. Difficulty managing two different aspects of your life. A possible sign that you need to slow down, ask for help, or learn to prioritize.

Example: A man dreamed of struggling hard in a fight with another man. In waking life he had been a very big argument with someone.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing people struggling to steer a vehicle. In waking life she was trying very hard to stop her relationship with her boyfriend from ending.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of struggling hard to go up a hill. In waking life she was having a very difficult time in her life getting a job allow her to keep paying her bills.

Example 4: A man dreamed of struggling in a battle. In waking life he was having a very hard time completing two different projects at his school.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of struggling with a witch. In waking life she felt she was cursed with bad luck because of health problems she couldn't overcome.

Example 6: A man dreamed fo struggling with an octopus. In waking life she felt that an illness was causing conflict in every aspect of his life.


To dream of stucco represents you or someone else that wants to be noticed and admired. There may be something you'd like recognition for or something positive you want people to associate with you.


To dream of being stuck represents feelings of being helpless or not being able to escape from life's problems. Stress or fear is overwhelming you. A loss of confidence in yourself or your ability to make progress.

Alternatively, being stuck may represent your lack of clear goals or low self-esteem. Not believing in yourself enough to move forward or speak up.

Student Loans

To dream of a student loan represent feelings about a need to responsibly take action with your problems and not just worry about them. Feeling the need to address be problems responsibly on your own time. Awareness of yourself needing to deal with your own problems and not expect others to fix them for you.

Negatively, it may reflect too much time spent being concerned about a problem without taking serious steps to address the problem. Worrying about a problem without taking any action.

Example: A young woman dreamed of being in court over a student loan. In waking life she felt that she was being judged after getting advice about needing to get a pregnancy test done after spending too much time worrying about being pregnant and not taking any serious action to verify it with a test.


To dream of students represents aspects of your personality with issues that interest or worry you. You are concerned about something or experiencing anxiety about something.

The clothes, skin color, actions, or words spoken by a student reflect how you are approaching an issue that concerns or worries you.

To dream of being a student reflects your concern or anxiety about certain issues or situations. You care about what you are thinking or are worried about something.

*Please See Classmates

*Please See School


To dream of a studio represents feelings about a behind the scenes professional attitude about making yourself or some area of your life presentable. Professional focus on a presentable appearance or "polished product" that feels good to other people. Having all the tools or resources to privately polish appearances or present something impressive. Professionally polishing some area of your life all the time.

To dream of a studio apartment or room represents feelings about using an advantage or opportunity all the time to do something. The freedom to do whatever you want all the time without having to notice the most. Not concerned with being professional, but using an safe opportunity to do whatever you can to move on. Feeling good being safe while you figure out your problems. An area of your life where everything is safe or fabulous without having to notice the most. An empty studio room may reflect hope or potential for a safe dedicated opportunity to do something without noticing the most. Living a safe single or safe unemployed life. Feeling that you have to do something all the time while their may be other issues or people you need to put up with all the time while you do.

To dream of a music studio represents life situations where appearances are being seriously or professionally considered so that appearances will feel good to other people. Doing whatever it takes to give yourself polished feeling good appearances. Issues with caring too much about other people needing to feel good about you.

To dream of a movie studio represents life situations where you are seriously or professionally preparing for something to be experienced in a certain way. Preparing for someone else to experience something. Thinking of every detail required to make a specific type of experience happen. A big event where you want people involved doing their part. Feeling that everyone has to do their part until a situation is over to make an event or experience happen exactly as planned. Negatively, a movie studio may reflect practicing lies or deception to make someone else experience something. Preparing a dishonest, scary, or criminal experience.

Studio scenery in a dream is common to people who work in a studio environment and are experiencing work related issues.

Example: A woman dreamed of the top floor of a new home she was living in had only studio rooms. In waking life she was very focused on getting her body back into shape after being pregnant along with other areas of her life like finding a new home and plans for her children. The studio rooms in this case may have reflected her hope for a focused attitude about making her body presentable in public using the opportunity of free time to focus on exercise along with other areas of her family life she needed to focus on.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being in an studio apartment loft. In waking life they were single and unemployed while trying their best to get a job and find love.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of riding bicycle with her fiance towards a music studio. In waking life she was very concerned with appearances and presenting herself to her fiance's parents because she felt that they wanted him to break up with her. The music studio in this case may have reflected her feelings about needing to have polished presentable appearances that felt good to her fiance's parents.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of being in a studio apartment. In waking life she was not liking dealing with her therapist anymore and felt conflicted about whether she should keep seeing him. The studio apartment may have reflected her feelings about dealing with PTSD and other psychological issues regularly while not feeling she needed to.

Example 5: A teenage girl dreamed of being in a school broadcast studio holding hands with her ex-boyfriend and being laughed at for it by other people. In waking life she was having issues getting over her ex-boyfriend. The school broadcast studio may have reflected her feelings making up a friendly polished story about her ex-boyfriend to friends to explain why she was still single while feeling she looked stupid to people for not getting over him.


To dream of studying represents your concern about doing something about a problem or issue that is important to you. Trying to find solutions or insight. Gaining better understanding about something.

Stuffed Animals

*Please See Teddy Bear


*Please See Tree Stump

Stun Guns

To dream of a stun gun represents an aspect of your personality with the power to paralyze or incapacitate decisions, situations, or other people. A stun gun or taser may show up in a dream when the element of surprise or shock can be used to change beliefs or as a defense mechanism.

To be attacked with a stun gun symbolizes situations that totally paralyze your choices. Situations or people that completely change your view of a situation with unwanted surprises.


*Please See Sting


To dream of stuttering can represent feelings of inadequacy or insecurity when trying to express oneself clearly. It may indicate a lack of confidence in one's communication skills or an inability to convey thoughts and ideas clearly. This can be related to anxiety, shyness, or a fear of being judged or criticized by others. Trying to communicate your feelings that simply doesn't work repeatedly and makes you feel stupid for trying. Alternatively, stuttering in a dream may symbolize a struggle with a difficult or complex situation, where finding the right words or actions may be challenging. It may also suggest a need for patience, perseverance, or a willingness to seek help or support from others. Failing to get a point across to people.

Negatively, dreaming stuttering may represent a need to feel confident and comfortable with his choices, even if they don't seem to make sense or go against societal expectations.

A person who is afraid of public speaking may dream of stuttering during a speech. A person who feels insecure about their intelligence may dream of stuttering while trying to explain a complex idea to others.

Example: A young man dreamed of stuttering and being self-conscious of it while talking about why he didn't have a girlfriend. In waking life he was happy to focus on his job and not worry about a relationship. This caused a lot of comments or questioning from people he knew about why he didn't go out more and try to date a girl. He felt he was doing the right thing, but still these comments bothered him. In this case, the stuttering may have reflected his difficulty in communicating his thoughts and emotions clearly to others about his choice to avoid dating without feeling unintelligent about it. He may have felt he was embarrassing himself trying to communicate his feelings that simply didn't work repeatedly and made him feel stupid for trying. The stuttering may also reflect his insecurity about his decision to not date, which made him feel self-conscious and embarrassed when questioned by others.


To dream of a submarine ship represents total self-control, persistence, and a strong will during times of uncertainty or negativity. Totally handling yourself or being able to sit on decisions for as long as needed when times are tough.

Example: A young girl dreamed of a beached submarine ship. In waking life she gave up being faithful to her boyfriend who was in jail.

Submarine Sandwich

To dream of a sub sandwich represents a situation where you are comfortable knowing you are going to get through a situation exactly the way you want to. A solution to a problem that works because someone did exactly what you told them to do. Nothing scares you that a custom solution to a problem will simply work. Perfectly listened to with a customized solution to an unusual or difficult problem. Feeling good that nothing is impossible if you need to do something on your own. Not scared that you can deal with an original problem on your own if you need to. Feelings of being listened to with quality to deal with an unusual or difficult situation. Feeling that you can order up something unusual or different than you usually do and it will work out fine. Original thinking to get through a unusual situation. Feeling good that someone finally did something exactly the way you wanted. Feelings about situations in waking life "throwing you a curve" and needing a unique solution or perfect listening to "straighten out." Feeling good about the unusual occurrence of someone difficult finally giving you something the way you wanted.

Negatively, dreaming about a submarine sandwich represents feeling good about dishonestly using custom or unusual solutions to problems. A mindset that is so successful you don't listen to anyone else ever and always have a custom solution. Feeling that an unusual or custom solution to your problem will simply work and not else exceptional. Wasting your time with an unusual or customized solution to a problem. Wasting time thinking original. Problems that might be dangerous because you don't want to simply face the problem normally. Dependence on an unusual or customized solution. Possibility of annoying others with customized problem solving, unusual choices, or controlling a situation in a very unconventional way.

Symbolism for subway sandwiches is commonly accompanied by symbolism for handicaps or disabilities. This may reflect the person's need or neediness for a custom solution to a problem.


To dream of something submerging in water represents feelings about witnessing a situation in your life become overwhelmed by uncertainty or negativity. Negative emotions overwhelming you. Witnessing the worsening of a problem. Witnessing a crisis. Witnessing a life become overwhelmed by problems. Witnessing a death. Feeling left with nothing except questions. Feeling that life is cheating you by ruining something you like.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her boyfriend become submerged underwater. In waking life her boyfriend had been murdered and felt she would never really know if he loved her or not. She felt his death left her with the uncertainty of how he really felt about her.

*Please See Underwater


To dream of being subservient may reflect feelings of being used or that someone is imposing their will on you. Passive or submissive behavior. Feeling stupid that someone else never has to explain their actions to you, while you always need to explain your actions to them. Feeling less important. Serving others as a means to an end. Feeling that you have to do something because not doing so is worse. Issues with your employer.

Negatively, being subservient may reflect feelings of having given all your power away to someone else. A control freak in your life is getting away with it. Not standing up for yourself. Problems you have chosen to live with instead of confronting. Living with suffering. Resenting something. Too much of a concern with wanting to please someone. Imposing your will

Substitute Teacher

To dream of a substitute teacher represents a temporary or makeshift solution to a problem. Knowing the solution to your problem, but not having the access or resources you need right now to implement it. Noticing what you need to hold yourself over until you can fix your problem the right way. Not feeling that you need to do what you are told "right now."

Negatively, a substitute teacher may reflect criminal or underhanded ways to avoid accepting a difficult reality or doing what you are told.

To dream of being a substitute teacher represents your feelings about being supportive or helpful to others until something more serious or important comes along. It may also be a sign that you are enjoying being allowed to help others in a small way. Negatively, being a substitute teacher may reflect feelings of being unappreciated or lacking respect for your assistance. Feeling that your ideas are a hard sell to others or not as incredible as someone else's ideas.


To dream of something subterranean represents some area of your life that you don't want noticed. A wish to hide something. Doing something privately or that doesn't draw attention.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a subterranean pathway. In waking life she was newly pregnant and doing everything she could hide it.

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