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To dream of a spear represents an unsophisticated ability to respond to a problem as quickly and exactly as needed. The ability to intentionally prove yourself with exceptional accuracy when "everything is one the line." An non-expert intention to quickly fail or embarrass a problem. Primitive lethal accuracy. Feeling good that you don't need to be an expert to quickly resolve problems. Feeling adept at quickly dealing with small problems.

Negatively, a spear may reflect unsophisticated behavior that is intentionally trying to quickly attack someone. Purposely trying to hurt or fail someone with their own stupidity. Feeling that someone in your life is intentionally trying to embarrass you or challenge you with a primitive need to prove themselves. Your own attempt to intentionally fail or embarrass someone. Ignorant intentional attacks.

To dream of having spears thrown at you represents behavior that you feel is intentionally out to fail you. Quick response insults or attacks that are intentionally meant to embarrass you.

To dream of resisting a spear attack may reflect feelings of requiring strong will power or focus to avoid looking stupid. Feeling the need to avoid someone intentionally trying to fail or embarrass you with something ignorant.

To dream of being attacked by Native Americans or aboriginal people with spears represents feelings of being intentionally attacked by someone stubborn. Feeling that someone stubborn is trying to make you fail by getting you to do something stupid.

Example: A man dreamed of walking down a road and having spears thrown at him. In waking life he was going through an initiation process at a club and everyone in the club was purposely trying to make him fail as part of his test. He had to try his hardest to avoid looking stupid failing the test. The spears in this case may have reflected his feelings about how primitive the attempts to test him were.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing someone use a broken pole as a spear to attack an evil person. In waking life he was having serious problems with his business and feared losing his business. At the last minute he reversed a stupid mistake he made in the beginning and fixed the problem. The spear in this case may have reflected how primitive and stupid the quick solution to his problem was.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing dangerous people with spears. In waking life she was considering buying a new home and was concerned about all the annoying quick fixes to save money that the home was likely to need to make the home livable.

Special K

To dream of special K may represent situations where you self-conscious about all your decisions being good ones. Wanting to be see yourself making the right choices all the time. Being careful about everything you're doing. A wish to be certain that everything you're doing is positive or productive. Special K may reflect a self-improvement mentality.

Example: A woman dreamed of eating special K. In waking life she had just met a guy after a long period of being single. The special K reflected how self-conscious she was about choosing this guy as a partner and the quality of his character.


*Please See Eyeglasses


To dream of giving a speech represents feelings of about your views or ideas being important to listen to. You may also feel that you are at the "top of your game" in some area of your waking life. Communicating an urgent or important message. Using your experience or knowledge to challenge others to do better. Feeling that your ideas have to listened to.

Negatively, dreaming of giving a speech may reflect anxiety about challenging others to do better or a fear of embarrassing yourself expressing your ideas to others. It may also reflect your fear of public speaking.

To dream that no one is listening to your speech may represents feelings of your ideas being important while being uninteresting to others. Feeling invisible, overlooked, or boring. It may also reflect anxiety about embarrassing yourself sharing your ideas.

To dream of hearing a speech may represent your perception of a person or situation making you feel that change is important. A sense of new ideas being important to listen to or follow through on. Feeling that "listening" is very important. A person or situation that is challenging you to do better.

Negatively, a listening to a speech may be a sign that you are giving too much importance to ideas that may not be as dire as they are being presented.

Speed Boat

To dream of a speed boat represents navigating uncertainty, stressful times, or negative situations at a fast pace. You may feel an urgent need to confront a problem. You may be trying to get through a difficult time as quickly as possible. You may also feel rushed or pressured to keep up.

To dream of steering a speed boat to turn around may reflect feelings about reevaluating an uncertain situation you initially chose to confront quickly.

Example: A man dreamed of riding a speed boat across a lake as quickly as he could. In real life he was a gay man who was infected with AIDS. He was trying to leave the gay promiscuous lifestyle as quickly as he could by seeking therapy and the support of friends.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being on a speed boat towards black smoke and turning the boat around. In waking life, she wanted to rush meeting a man she met online years earlier, but started to believe the man couldn't be trusted 100%. In this case, the speed boat may have reflected her desire for a fast-paced approach to establishing a relationship with the man she met online years ago.

Speed Bump

To dream of a speed bump represents an obstacle in your life that forces patience on you. Feelings about a petty inconvenience. A person or situation that is purposely preventing you from moving ahead as quickly as you'd like. Feelings of being hampered or held back. Feeling forced to be more careful or patient than you'd like to me.

Alternatively, speed bumps may represent your attempt to prevent someone else from moving as fast as they want to.

Positively, speed bumps may reflect obstacles created for you by people who think are not experienced or old enough to proceed as quickly as you'd like in some area of your life. A warning against haste or impatience.


To dream of speeding represents decision-making that is highly motivated or driven. Feeling compelled to stop at nothing to finish something. Wanting a relationship or situation to move along faster than it is.

Negatively, speeding may reflect hasty choices or a lack of patience. Not thinking clearly or being too focused on yourself. It may also reflect an inconsiderate behavior to others as you move to reach your goal. A relationship maybe moving too fast. A sign you need to slow down.

Speeding Ticket

To dream of a speeding ticket represents consequences due to hasty or rushed decisions. You need to be a bit more patient or rethink your strategy.

Alternatively, the dream may be telling you that your life is moving too quickly and you need to slow down or simplify things.


To dream of a speedo swimsuit represents behavior or intentions that are focused on nothing except never losing to negativity. Facing uncertainty while caring about nothing except getting through it or overcoming it. Total preoccupation with facing a problem or confronting something.

The symbolism is based on water representing negative situations or uncertainty. The speedo swimsuit is then a reflection of the personality being totally focused or minimalist while confronting this.

*Please See G-String

*Please See Thong


To dream of a speedometer reflects the pace of your life or the pace of a situation. How fast you feel your direction of life is going. How quickly you are progressing with a decision you've made. The momentum of a relationship.

Consider the numbers for additional meaning.

Spell Book

To dream of a spell book represents ideas or a source of insight into how to permanently manipulate or control people or situations. Looking for a trick or manipulation strategy that can't be stopped or figured out.

Example: A young girl dreamed of searching through a spell book to fend off a curse. In waking life she was frustrated with her parents controlling her and wanted to find a way to reverse it to make sure they never did it again by scaring them into believing that she was going to move away.

*Please See Black Magic


To dream of spending money in a dream represents using your power, resources, or opportunities to get what you want in life. Making a choice to do something. It may also reflect a favour or promise you are taking from someone else.

*Please See Money


To dream of sperm represents a final choice, or decision. It can symbolize the motivations or intentions that lead to a final choice.

To have sperm on your face, or see it on the face of someone else represents the consequences of unproductive or negative choices. Some aspect of your personality has made an unproductive choice that negatively effects you or embarrasses you.


To dream of a sphinx represents your feelings about authority or control that doesn't need to explain itself. Respect that can't be questioned. Awareness of how intelligent it is to avoid upsetting an authority. Feeling that you will face serious consequences if you don't respect someone on your own. Feeling that you will be in serious trouble if you don't do exactly what someone tells you. A warning signal to "tread carefully" in the presence of authority. A warning signal that something seriously dangerous is not being faked.

Negatively, dreaming about a sphinx may reflect people in your life that you feel are so conceited with power that they expect total compliance from you without explaining themselves. Fearing someone powerful's reputation. Signalling to others that they are in danger if they risk insubordination. Allowing arrogant rhetoric, rumors, or reputations control you. Assuming someone is powerful or dangerous without having ever experienced it yourself. Serving others without question. Assumptions about a dangerous past that haven't been fully explored.

To dream of the Egyptian Sphinx may reflect feelings of assumed importance given to something based on a reputation of which you've never experienced yourself in person. Assuming something is important to respect without understanding it fully.

Alternatively, the Egyptian Sphinx may reflect awareness of something being important, but not understanding why. Respect you used to give to someone without knowing much about them. A dangerous reputation that stands the test of time. Memories of total power that used to be highly respected. Something in your life that triggers bad memories of a bossy person, bully, or controlling person. Intimidation from your past that negatively effects your decisions in the present.

Example: A man dreamed of floating above the Egyptian desert in a hot air balloon and seeing a large number of sphinx's on the ground. In waking life he was having a child and was assuming that his child was so important that he would sacrifice a large number of areas of his life to respect the child's upbringing. The sphinx's in this case may have reflected his unquestioned respect for his first unborn child without question based on inexperience that was excessive and driving to him to make too many sacrifices to his personal life to cater to the child's needs. He was so nervous about becoming a father he allowed his need to respect the child without question to override his judgement.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing sphinx's on all his bed posts. In waking life he was having trouble having a sexual relationship with this girlfriend because she feared sexual contact. The sphinx's in this case may have reflected his feelings about having to respect his girlfriend's fear of sexual contact without question until she was ready on her own. He feared she would break up with him if he pushed her at all.


To dream of tasting something spicy represents change or variety in life. Experimentation or trying something different. Adding excitement, stimulation, or making something more interesting. Zestyiness. Looking at a situation or relationship from a different perspective.

Spider Webs

*Please See Cobwebs


To dream of spiderman may represent an unusual degree of courage or nerve as you attempt to make someone arrogant embarrass themselves. Risking everything to pressure someone into doing the right thing for themselves.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing spiderman. In waking life he was risking his relationship with his elderly father by complaining to city building inspectors about his father's neglected property. He hoped his father would go broke trying to comply with the city orders and be forced into selling so he'd retire and stop living in a home that was falling apart.


To dream of a spider represents feeling trapped or hopeless. A negative situation that feels inevitable or impossible to escape. Beliefs about things that you think are permanent or will never go away.

Alternatively, spiders may reflect irrational beliefs. Powerful insecurities that prevent you from doing what you want in life. Irrational fears that prevent you from enjoying yourself, or powerful desires for things you don't believe you can ever have.

Positively, a spider may represent a positive area of your life that is intricate and patient. Inevitable success based on skill. This would usually be represented by blue or white spiders.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing spiders flood his bedroom. In real life he had an embarrassing health problem and believe it would never allow him to have a girlfriend. The spiders reflected how trapped he felt my his health problem.

*Please See Tarantulas

*Please See Black Widow


To dream of spikes representing heightened feelings of needing to be careful to avoid embarrassment or a dangerous outcome. Feeling that your defenses are up or that you need to protect yourself more than usual.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing someone walking around carefully on spikes. In waking life she couldn't use a birth control drug anymore because she couldn't afford it. She had to use condoms which she felt were a higher risk to getting pregnant because they could leak or break.

Spiky Hair

To dream of spiky hair represents a mindset that is rebellious, spiteful, resistant, or insensitive to rules or beliefs. It may also reflect you or someone else that is breaking the rules, being mean, or being difficult on purpose.


To dream of spilling something represents feelings about losing control over something you first felt was contained. Embarrassment of losing control of something in your life. Carelessness or an embarrassing display of lacking responsibility. Inconsiderate attempts to control people who end up embarrassing you. Feelings about wasted opportunities.

Alternatively, spilling in a dream may reflect a powerful display of release after a long period of trying to contain something. Letting go of secrets. A powerful display of truth telling.

Example: A man dreamed of spilling a big bowl of soup. In waking life he was trying to control his son and his son humiliated him in front of the whole family.


To dream of spinach represents feelings of effort for personal growth, nourishment, and self-improvement that you are certain is good for you or makes you stronger. Feelings about an experience that feels certain that it's good for you, while not wanting to think of it too much, but certain too much will only make you stronger. Feeling that you have to act more grown-up than you usually do to solve a problem because it's good for you or safely encourages personal growth to make you stronger as a person. Embracing or challenging yourself to opportunities for personal growth and development.

Negatively, dreaming about spinach could represent feelings of pressure or obligation to improve yourself or your life. Feeling that personal growth or self-improvement that's empty about having to think about it too much.

Example: A man dreamed of hearing the word "spinach." In waking life, he was confronting the US Government in a corruption case and felt that due to the difficulty of the case, he might have to take on additional legal options to protect his right to file documents. In this case, the spinach may have reflected his feelings about believing that the effort of taking on additional legal work would encourage personal growth and self-improvement that would be good for him as an attorney.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of scooping out ruined feta cheese on spinach from a microwave to eat. In waking life, her boss told her that the company was considering not renewing her contract next year. In this case, the ruined microwaved spinach may have reflected her feelings about her failed attempt to get her contract renewed quickly by making an offer that required her to challenge herself to do more work than usual while being comfortable that the increased work was good for her personal growth professionally.


To dream of a spine represents the ability to withstand difficulty or "stay put" with difficult choices. Stamina and strength of character. The courage of conviction or to maintain integrity in the face of arrogance. How well you keep your responsibilities or promises. Having "backbone."

Negatively, a dream with a spine may reflect a lack of moral character or responsibility. You "caved" on an issue or lowered yourself.


To dream that you are spinning uncontrollably represents feelings that a situation is out of your hands. A loss a control over a situation. Losing your grip or feeling that failure is beyond your ability to stop.

Spiral Staircase

To dream of a spiral staircase represents slow or incremental progress in a situation that sees itself persistently turning away from a current state to increase or decrease progress in confidence, awareness, or intelligence. Making progress in some way towards an outcome that is confident about the steps without having to see it directly. A journey, progression, or a direction in life that involves cycles, repetition, or stages.

Positively, dreaming of a spiral staircase may represent your ability to adapt and overcome challenges in your life. You are taking a step-by-step approach to overcome obstacles and achieve success that experiences yourself "turning away" from each step. Evolution, advancement, and positive transformation. This dream can also reflect a sense of curiosity and a willingness to explore new aspects of yourself or your life. A sense of incremental progress, where each turn leads you closer to your goal, but it requires understanding, patience, and perseverance. It may indicate a period where you are continuously learning from your experiences, building upon previous knowledge, or rising to a new level of consciousness. Not feeling desperate to wait for the incremental stages of your goal to complete. Enjoying multiple visits to a plastic surgeon while being confident about the final outcome.

Negatively, a spiral staircase may represent feelings of wasting your time believing that a cycle of small changes will never be enough or ever satisfy you. Feelings of confusion or being trapped in a repetitive cycle of small changes that aren't helpful. Addiction to small incremental changes with a feeling of being better off than before. Impatience with the stages of a goal or outcome not being direct.

Example: An older woman dreamed of a house with a broken spiral staircase. There are other stairs, but she longs for the money to repair the broken spiral staircase. In waking life, she had a baby when she was a teenager and felt that she ruined a perfect body. Now that she was middle-aged 40 years later she saw signs of aging and wished she could repair her body with plastic surgery, but couldn't afford it. In this case, the spiral staircase may have reflected her feelings about visiting a plastic surgeon as the first step in a series of appointments to improve her appearance with the potential for further plastic surgery.

*Please See Stairs


To dream of a spiral represents some sort of repetitive or ongoing situation in your life. A situation that never seems to end. It may also reflect a circular mindset or going in circles emotionally.

Negatively, a spiral may represent psychological or emotional exhaustion. Doing something until you don't care any more or until you can't stand it any more.


To dream of spirits represents feelings about spirit of character or strength of character. The spirit of morality. The spirit of purpose. The essence of who someone was. Feeling that someone can't be with you physically needing to trust you. A memory or wisdom that lingers with you. A state of mind that needs to do the best you can do to resist something difficult, controlling, or negative. Ideal to live up to because you are on your own.

Negatively, dreaming of a spirit may reflect feelings of lost relationships or relationships that aren't as perfect as they used to be. Memories or issues that are lingering from the past. It may also reflect memories of people from your past. Something good that feels like it doesn't matter anymore.

To dream of being a spirit may reflect feelings about yourself not being physically important to someone else. Parents having feelings about children not needing them anymore physically in their lives. Feeling that you need to trust people to remember your advice or believe in you without being physically involved.

Negatively, dreaming about yourself as a spirit represents feelings about yourself not mattering or not being as important as you used to feel. Not feeling physically relevant or not having any sense of importance when it comes to "presence."

To dream of evil spirits represents negative experiences or issues from your past that are unresolved. Bad memories that linger. Feeling the need to resist something negative that wants to get you back. Sensing something is wrong in a situation.

To dream of spirits of dead relatives or friends may represent your feelings about their death. It may also reflect your intuition or foresight about impending death. A memory or haunting reminder. Feeling that the "spirit" or personality of someone who has passed survives with you in some way.

Dreaming of a dead loved one may possibly have no connection to their death at all and simply reflect an aspect of your personality based on the memories or feelings that stand out the most about them. For example, if a person dreams of their dead father it may simply reflect an issue they have with their conscience or decision they made.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing the spirit of her 14 year-old daughter moving towards her. In waking life she felt that her relationship with her daughter was permanently changed because she had moved in with her grandmother and only came over to ask for money. The spirit coming towards her may have reflected her feelings about her daughter not caring about her anymore or feeling emotional traces of who her daughter used to be as she now only visited to get money.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of herself in spirit form along with seeing evil spirits. In waking life she felt that her marriage was over because her husband was too controlling and was conflicted about whether or not to remain in the relationship. The spirits in this case may have reflected her feelings about the "spirit of the marriage" remaining without any real psychological, emotional, or physical substance.

*Please See Ghosts


To dream of spirituality or a spiritual situation represents feelings of focusing exclusively on the conflict between being a good or bad person. Feelings about whether or not God's respect is deserved. Feelings about questioning whether or not you are a bad person. Thoughts about the meaning or purpose of life. Feelings of transcendence, overcoming, or oneness. Philosophical questions. Feelings about needing to protect yourself from evil.

Negatively, dreams of spirituality maybe a sign that you are too worried about pleasing god or that you can never be forgiven by him. Excessive concerns for being good or bad person. Giving too much of your time and focus on religion instead of confronting problems directly. Excessive focus on religion to "save up" to be a good person or make God happy again. Fears of not being accepted by God. Excessive feelings about needing to protect yourself from evil. Dedication to religion that may be negatively impacting your relationships or personal life. Excessive feelings that God has abandoned you. Reliance purely on spirituality as though it's all you need when it doesn't seem to help you.


To dream of 'spit' or 'spitting' often represents feelings about rejection, disrespect, or disdain. Spitting is a universal sign of contempt and disrespect, and in a dream, it may symbolize negative feelings, attitudes, or behaviors that you or others are displaying. This dream could reflect your thoughts about a situation where you feel disrespected, overlooked, or devalued.

Positively, dreaming about spit might symbolize the need to rid oneself of something that is not desired or respected. It may reflect a conscious choice to reject certain principles, habits, or relationships that have proven to be negative or harmful over time. It could also be indicative of your assertiveness and strength in standing up for yourself, especially in situations where you feel undervalued or disrespected.

Negatively, dreaming about spit could represent feelings of disdain, disrespect, or crude behavior. It might symbolize a lack of consideration for others' feelings or disrespect for established norms and values. Perhaps you're struggling with situations where you're the subject of scorn or disregard, or you might be expressing your own negative feelings or attitudes in a way that is harmful or disrespectful to others.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing someone spit inside of a bucket. In waking life, she felt that her last sexual experience with her husband was empty. In this case, spitting in the bucket may have reflected her feelings about how empty it felt to have her husband ejaculate in her with disdain as though she didn't matter as a person he cared about.

*Please See Saliva


To dream of a splash represents feelings of situations being unpredictable or dangerously volatile. Unexpected surprises. A person or situation that has done something that is not supposed to happen. Feeling that a situation is being needlessly aggravated.

Dreaming of a splash of water may also represent a negative or uncertain situation that have caught you off guard. Feeling insulted or disrespected. A messy resolution to a problem.

Negatively, a splash may reflect feelings that someone or something doesn't like you. It may also reflect feelings about people or situations being careless or irresponsible. Feeling that a person or situation is dangerously not believing that something serious matters.

Positively, dreaming about making a splash may reflect waking life situations where you or someone else is being playful. Taking a big risk and not caring what anyone else thinks about it. Situations where it was important to surprise, shock, or "wake people up."


To dream of a spleen represents feelings regarding conflict where you believe every single detail matters even though it's not serious to do so. Feeling that it's inappropriate to not respect even the small details of a situation or relationship. Putting your foot down for small issues out of respect, courtesy, or tradition. Your ability to feel like a total winner with even the small details being respected. Feeling that it's inappropriate for your partner to be friends with someone of the opposite at sex.

Negatively, dreams about the spleen may be a sign that you need to lighten up and making a big deal out of a small issue.

To dream of having your spleen removed may reflect your inability to stand up for small issues of respect, courtesy, or tradition. Uncontrollable annoyance or jealousy with a seemingly innocent situation that you feel is harmless, but still inappropriate. Sensitivity about details requiring to be absolutely perfect in order to be feel respected or powerful.

Example: A man dreamed of having his spleen removed for an experiment. In waking life he allowed his wife to eat dinner out with a younger male student of hers. He thought it was inappropriate even though it seemed harmless. He couldn't control his jealousy after the having allowed the dinner date to occur.


*Please See Sliver


To dream of an object something being split in half through damage represents feelings about an imperfect or dangerous division. Objects splitting in unusual ways may also reflect unexpected flaws or problems. Fear or disappointment of some area of your life no longer working normally.

To dream of pants splitting in the rear end may reflect feelings of embarrassment about discipline being too uptight or strict.

To dream of a tree split down the middle may reflect feelings of division in some established area of your life. Family division. Relationship division. Employment insecurity.

To dream of doing the splits in the style of gymnastics represents feelings about an exceptional feat of independence. Fearlessness that you could ever be stopped. Scaring other people with how comfortable you are with dangerously extending yourself to maintain stability. Feelings about being dangerously capable. Feelings about being exceptionally comfortable in an unusually demanding situation. Being an expert that does't fear one thing stopping you. Enjoying doing something comfortably that other people think is too dangerous.

*Please See Crack

*Please See Breakup

*Please See Banana Split


To dream of sponge represents feelings about absorbing a problem. Your ability to integrate or accept a problem into your life.

Positively, a sponge may reflect receptivity to learning or knowledge.

Negatively, a sponge may reflect a tendency to absorb to much negativity from others. Putting up with too much poor treatment.

Example: A woman dreamed of smelling an orange sponge. In waking life she had confronted her husband about potential cheating and was trying to feel how bad the effects of the confrontation were. The sponge in this case may have reflected her feelings about herself having no choice, but to put up with the potential cheating. As a house wife she felt she had no choice, but to "absorb" her husbands bad behavior.


To dream of a sponsorship or that you are sponsoring a cause represents feelings about about noticed by others as supportive. Wanting to look good being supportive.

Negatively, dreaming about a sponsorship may reflect bad or false intentions behind supporting others. Wanting to be noticed by others as supportive only because it benefits you. Wanting to look good to enemies or appear to be more caring or sympathetic than your enemies.


To dream of spooning represents feelings of comfort, closeness, and supportiveness. A desire for connection, affection, or a sense of security and protection. Thoughts about the importance of emotional bonding, shared warmth, and tenderness in a relationship. Close bonding that feels good being supportive that doesn't have to think about anything being wrong with it at all. Listening or caring about someone else's feelings when nobody else ever would. Listening or caring about someone else that feels good never getting back at them.

Positively, dreaming about spooning might symbolize the experience of mutual understanding, emotional support, or a loving and caring relationship. A conscious desire to nurture and be nurtured, to give and receive affection, and to feel emotionally safe and secure. A deep and intimate bond between you and another person.

Negatively, dreaming about spooning could represent feelings of emotional dependence, vulnerability, or a fear of being alone. A need for reassurance, comfort, or validation from others. Feeling an over-reliance on your partner for emotional support, or you might be experiencing a fear of rejection or abandonment. It can also indicate feelings of being smothered or crowded in a relationship. Feelings about someone being unafraid to be close to you, but never wanting to pursue it further.

To dream of being the person spooning the other person from behind represents feelings of wanting to provide comfort, support, or protection to someone else. Your readiness to provide emotional support, security, and affection to others. It may reflect your nurturing nature or a sense of responsibility and protectiveness over someone.

To dream of being the person who is being spooned from behind represents feelings of being cared for, supported, or protected. It might signify a yearning for emotional connection, affection, or a sense of security and protection from someone else in your life. This could be a reflection of your desire for emotional closeness, shared warmth, and tenderness in a relationship.

To dream of spooning sex represents feelings of exhilaration with an experience of comfort, closeness, and supportiveness.

Example: A man dreamed of spooning a woman he had just met. In waking life, he was sharing his artwork with this woman over the Internet and she always had something good to say about his art. In this case, the spooning may have reflected his feelings of emotional connection, warmth, and mutual understanding with this woman, as they shared and appreciated each other.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being in bed spooning with a man who never got sexually aroused. In waking life, she had just met a man and was uncertain about his feelings because they had bonded, but he said he had to get his finances in order before choosing to be in a serious relationship. In this case, the spooning may have reflected her feelings of emotional closeness and intimacy with this man, while the man's inability to be sexually aroused points out the uncertainty and vulnerability she felt due to his reluctance to fully commit to the relationship due to financial concerns.


To dream of a spoon represents special treatment. Areas of your life that you want to protect or be careful with. Alternatively, it may also represent privileges. You or someone else is being given special treatment.


To dream of sports represents issues that you are struggling with. The opposing teams represents mental or emotional conflict between positive and negative aspects of your personality. The ball represents the a specific issue.

To dream of playing sports at school represents anxieties or personal issues that you are struggling with. You have concerns or interests that are presenting challenges to you in your life. You may have anxiety or concerns about being the best that you can.

The different kinds of sports all symbolize different perspectives of a struggle mentally or emotionally.

See the themes section for sports for a more in depth look at sports symbolism.

Sports Bra

To dream of a sports bra represents feelings of protecting yourself passive in order to competitively deserve to matter without explaining it. Confidence in not being cheated out of doing things the same as other when being assertive because you are usually passive. Protecting yourself not looking stupid being assertive when being passive is more normal for you. Passive behavior that is protective of itself never embarrassing itself being a flopper - someone who fails to deliver on their promises, and your determination to never undermine your worth or give up being doing what you said you'd do. A sense of protection or security in your ability to stand up for yourself when you usually don't. Not having to say anything to someone about protecting yourself thinking your better than them. A sense of not being vain about believing you matter when someone wants to tell you that you don't. Supporting yourself by reassuring yourself by being more aggressive than you usually are about not back down from something assertive you did.

Positively, dreaming about a sports bra may represents a newfound realization that being assertive isn't problematic. Feeling undeterred by the fear of being perceived as less than others, particularly when being assertive is an unfamiliar terrain for you. The fierce independence of a woman and her refusal to shy away from asserting her rights or defending her stance. Emotional resilience and readiness to assert independence.

Negatively, dreaming of a sports bra could symbolize the fear of being perceived as weak or vulnerable about backing down from assertive claims or behavior. A defensive stance or the need to shield oneself from potential emotional harm or scrutiny. A competitive attitude or a tendency to be overly serious or focused on outperforming others. Feelings about women being too competitive for your comfort level.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of wearing a sports bra. In waking life, she had recently ended a relationship with her boyfriend and was constantly having to remind him to respect her decision and leave her alone. In this case, the sports bra may have symbolized her emotional fortification, signifying her readiness to assert her independence and protect her emotional well-being by believing that she doesn't need to her ex-boyfriend because she'll probably meet someone else soon. It reflected her refusal to provide further explanations for her decision to end the relationship and her willingness to pursue other dating opportunities competitively, all while trying to avoid emotional embarrassment of ever thinking of dating him again due to talking to him.

Example 2: A man dreamed of a vampire woman wearing a sports bra. In waking life, a woman he was dating broke up with him. He trained her to be a competitive weightlifter. He felt that she was a hateful, vindictive, and mean person. In this case, the vampire wearing a sports bra may have reflected his feelings about the ex-girlfriend using him for sports training while being aggressive about thinking she's better than him to the point of not wanting to date him.

Sports Car

To dream of a sports car represents your decision making or self-control while feeling free or powerful. Easily getting ahead of other people in a situation. It reflects your attempts to get what you want in life while feeling in control, capable, and experiencing little resistance.

Negatively, dreaming of a sports car represents feeling good getting away with arrogant behavior. Feeling faster in life than weaker, less intelligent, or innocent people.

To dream of a red sports car is symbolic of passionate, arrogant, or dangerous decision making that feels good being faster than other people. Successfully doing what you want with little regard for being held back or told to stop. Negatively, a red sports car may reflect feeling of decision-making that feels good getting away with being immoral or dishonest. Getting ahead at all costs.

To experience an accident with a sports car may reflect a problem or difficulty that is making you feel less powerful or less in control of your life. It may also point to arguments, poor decisions, or arrogance. Getting away with something dishonest that came to terms with someone honest. A problem or oversight that has reversed an attiude that feels it's faster than other people. Feeling caught with a crime after believing it would be easy.

Dreaming about a sports car is common to rich or successful people. It's also common to people making important business decisions.

*Please See Lamborghini

*Please See Ferrari

*Please See Porsche

Sports Star

*Please See Professional Athlete

Sports Trading Cards

To dream of sports trading cards represents your interest in having or acquiring something. You may want to ensure that you don't miss out on feeling a certain way or having a certain type of experience.

Seeing a lot of trading cards or boxes of trading cards may reflect your wish to have all of something. You don't want to miss something or lose out in any way.

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To dream of a spotlight represents preoccupation with noticing one issue. All your attention is on one goal only. Drawing all attention to one person or situation.

To dream of having a spotlight on you represents feelings of being the centre of attention. Everyone is noticing you, what you're saying, or what you're doing.

Example: A man dreamed of turning off lights and then walking over to a spot light and turning it on. In waking life he had stop looking around for possible career choices and found one specific field he wanted to focus all his attention on.


To dream of animals having spots that are unusual for that specific animal to have may reflect a comfortable attitude with non-stop dangerous behavior. Repetitive dangerous threats. Feeling good being dangerous or enjoying threatening people. Enjoying the power to freely embarrass whoever you want. Fear of something that repeatedly draws attention to itself.

To dream of having spots on your skin represents awareness of yourself never feeling perfect. Excepting yourself as feeling flawed. A reflection of your feelings in situations that you can't do anything to change.

To dream of seeing unsightly dirt spots on fabric represents feelings of embarrassment of your flaws. Unpleasant feelings that something wrong with you or that you look stupid in some manner. Feeling unprofessional. Embarrassment or insecurity about not being perfect in a way that is important to you. Excepting yourself in a less attractive role than you would like. Spots may also reflect feelings about a problem being dangerous to be noticed by others.

To dream of a snake with spots may reflect repetitive threats of total failure. Feeling that an enemy or serious problem is overly casual with repeat threats. Consider the type of snake and color of the spots for additional meaning.

Example: A woman dreamed of cleaning her house and then getting black spots on her clothes that needed to be cleaned out. In waking life she was trying to fix her resume to get a job, made a change that was too successful sounding, and was overly concerned with tweaking the change to make it as perfectly honest as possible to avoid looking stupid exaggerating her skills.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of seeing a dark green fish with black spots flying around his bedroom. In waking life he was threatening to kill himself wherever someone threatened him with serious losses if he didn't comply with their blackmail. The black spots may have reflected his repetitive tendency to feel good threatening to kill himself because it was an easy escape from the illegal threats and humiliate the person threatening him.

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To dream of a spray can represents feelings a high level of ease or convenience to alter a situation to your liking. Feelings about your usage of a convenient tool to make a unpleasant or undesirable situation change.

To dream of bug spray represents feelings about a convenient tool or resource used to make an annoying situation go away. Negatively, it may reflect an insensitive or mean opinion about how easy it is to make an annoying person stop bothering you.

To dream of spray paint represents feelings about a convenient tool or resource used to change the mood or theme of a situation. A quick way to change moods, intentions, feelings, or themes.

To dream of spraying water on a person represents feelings about intentional embarrassment. Intentionally making someone insecure, uncertain, or feeling bad about themselves. Intentionally embarrassing someone with unpleasant facts they don't want to hear.

To dream of spraying water on a fire represents a wish to reverse or stop a dangerous situation that is getting out of control. A wish to reverse overly emotional situations that are getting out of control.

To dream spraying rubbing alcohol on something may reflect your wish to easily sanitize a problem situation. Ease of convenience of making a situation problem-free or guilt-free.

To dream of being sprayed with urine represents feelings about being easily embarrassed by people who are quickly relieving themselves of a problem. Embarrassing other people by reliving yourself of your problems by offloading it on them in an insulting manner.

Example: A woman dreamed of using bug spray on bugs. In waking life she was attempting to discourage her ex-boyfriend from contacting her by insulting him and blocking his phone number.


To dream of spring represents new beginnings, hope, or feeling that a problem doesn't matter anymore. Renewal of some kind. Creativity, warmth, virility or fruitfulness.


To dream of a lawn sprinkler represents a wish to avoid being noticed losing or avoid notice yourself losing. Something you are doing to maintain appearances, good impressions, or a measure of your success. Being noticed winning no matter what.


To dream of eating something with sprinkles on it represents a wonderful situation where you feel that there is nothing wrong at all. Joy, pleasure, satisfaction. Appreciation for how well your life is proceeding at the moment. Really enjoying something that is happening to you.


To dream of a spy represents an aspect of your personality that is secretly sabotaging other people. Pretending you care about someone while having ulterior motives. You or someone else that is trying to stop others plans by acting as their friend. It may also reflect an attempt to study other people so that you can stop them or make them less successful at something.

Example: A single father dreamed of Russian spies. In real life he feared his son would leave home so he tried to look for things wrong with his son's new home so that he wouldn't leave. The spies reflected the father's attempt to secretly sabotage his son's plans with any problems he could find.


To dream of a square represents an issue or situation that is balanced or stable no matter what you do about it. A situation feels or looks as though it will stay the same no matter how hard you try to change it.

A square often appears in a dream to symbolize the removal of a negative situation that you can't change.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a square. In waking life he was experiencing an enormously difficult financial situation requiring starting a new business that wouldn't change no matter what he did to avoid total bankruptcy.


To dream of squash represents feelings about situations being intentionally boring or unattractive. Choices that are good for you, but don't feel good. Social situations where you feel people are being kinder to you on purpose. Parenting.

Negatively, dreaming about a squash represents feelings about having to care about people when you don't like to. Love, family, or a giving friendship that doesn't feel good for you. Putting up with someone else's problem because you have no choice.

Example: A woman dreamed of being offered a squash. In waking life she had talked to a guy whom she had an argument with and felt that he was being kinder to her on purpose to avoid angering her again.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of having squash in her vegetable garden that was covered in bugs and rotting. In waking life she was having feelings about herself being an inadequate parent.


To dream of something being squeezed represents feelings about a lot of pressure being applied. Feeling forced into a situation or problem. Feeling "squeezed in" or a "tight squeeze." Financial cuts or financial pressure. Pressuring someone or something to stop.

To dream of being squeezed to death represents feelings about unbearable pressure that may cause serious embarrassment or failure.

To dream of "squeezing past" someone may reflect a wish to avoid an issue to a bare minimum. Feeling that you have to run into a person or issue and want to do so as little as possible. Feeling good that nothing is a disaster because you can avoid something. Issue with not being able to make time.

To dream of squeezing something too hard may reflect thoughts about placing too much pressure on something. Too much pressure being placed on you for results or to conform. Feeling that someone is trying to hard to get something out of you. Your own attempts to get something out of someone that may be excessive. Getting every last little thing you can out of a person or sitaution.

To dream of squeezing something into a tight space represents thoughts about a "tight squeeze" to make a situation work with the bare minimum. Forcing something to happen or financial cuts. Feelings about physical contact.

Example: A man dreamed of squeezing past someone. In waking life he felt he had a fear of confrontation with a friend he had a fight with. He may have wanted to keep any potential run ins with this friend to a bare minimum.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of squeezing through a room quickly. In waking life she was concerned with making time or "squeezing in time" for prayer.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of squeezing a worm out of her nose, but a piece of it was left in her nose. In waking life she felt her husband was only with her to avoid getting a job. In this case the squeezing may have reflected her attempts to cut her husband off from using her, but not being able to do it completely.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of squeezing into an room past a plywood door. In waking life she was very busy and barely had time for herself. Squeezing into a room in this case may have reflected her feelings about making time for some area of her life with a bare minimum.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of "squeezing the life out" of a snake saying she would never allow it to get to her son. In waking life she was very concerned about her son's drug habit. In this case the symbolism of squeezing the life out of a snake may have reflected her attempts to apply pressure to her son's drug problem to stop it from killing him.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of squeezed her way through a room. In waking life she had hours reduced at work and was barely paying all her bills.

Example 7: A man dreamed of squeezing into the room of a vacant building. In waking life he felt that he was barely able to make time for his father who had Alzhiemer's.

Example 8: A woman dreamed of trying to squeeze a snake to death. In waking life she was trying to pressure her son to avoid evil while praying to God for help him avoid the devil.

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To dream of a squid represents clinginess, possessiveness, or total control that is intentional and hidden. Purposely wanting to take control of every little thing someone else has without it noticed. Selfish control on multiple areas that is covert and assertive.

Alternatively, a squid may reflect acceptance of yourself having to control something big or sophisticated when you don't want to. Disliking power that makes you the center of attention.

Negatively, dreaming about a squid may reflect feelings about yourself or other people that are getting away with a lot of bad behavior. A strong dislike or powerful jealousy of having your activities noticed at all. Aggressively wanting your negative activities to remain private. Organized criminal behavior that wishes to remain private or discrete.

*Please See Octopus

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To dream of a squirrel represents an aspect of your personality that is faster than everyone else and keeps everything to themself. Reflexive avoidance. Hoarding or keeps everything to itself.

Positively, a squirrel represents reflexive self-preservation or hoarding resources for an important goal.

Negatively, a squirrel reflects selfishness or not wanting to share. Desperate or anxiety based avoidance. Behavior that quickly scares if you bring a topic up. Fearful people who owe money or want to avoid responsibility. Dealing with people who seem to instantly react in an scared or selfish avoidant manner.

Example: A woman dreamed of a man saying his house was filled with squirrels. In waking life she got pregnant with a man's baby and 5 months into it he didn't want to have a serious relationship with her because he moved on to another girl. The squirrel in this case may have reflected her feelings about the father of her unborn child being quick to avoid her and keep all his money to himself with his life with his new girlfriend.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of squirrels fighting a big bird. In waking life she was having stress about finances related to buying a house or going to school. The squirrels fighting the bird in this case may have reflected her feelings about hoarding money for a home in conflict with her wish to afford studying at school represented by the bird.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of a dog killing a squirrel. In waking life she had a very annoying avoidant sister who tested her patience to the limit forcing her to get very angry at her sister to the point of cutting her out of her life.

Squirt Gun

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St. Bernard

To dream of a St. Bernard represents protective rescuing. Either your own need to rescue someone else or your projection of another person who is trying to rescue you. A St. Bernard may be a sign that you or someone else feels helplessly overwhelmed by a problem.

To dream of rejecting a St.Bernard's help may be a sign that you have too much pride to allow others to help you. You may be too concerned with solving your own problems.


To dream of being stabbed represents feelings of being hurt, attacked, betrayed, or that something is getting back at you. Feeling wounded by someone else's actions or remarks. Feeling attacked with separation conflict or jealousy. Feelings about others retaliating against you. Conflict or jealousy over an issue that makes you feel that doing something a second time is a mistake. Feeling attacked for not listening. Feelings of being intentionally hurt or witnessing someone trying to cause you pain or loss. Feelings about people turning on you. You may be experiencing feelings of inadequacy. Feelings about someone taking out their anger, resentment, or frustration on you. Feelings about ignorant people or situations that want you to separate yourself from involvement in something that makes them jealous. Unresolved issues that need attention. Your emotional response to a perceived threat or act of aggression in your life.

Positively, dreaming of being stabbed may represent your awareness of a situation where you need to defend yourself or take action to protect your interests. It can serve as a warning signal to address conflicts or threats in your waking life before they escalate.

Negatively, dreaming of being stabbed could represent feelings of vulnerability, fear, or emotional trauma. Feelings of injustice, being backstabbed by friends, or suffering from deceitful actions of others. Unresolved conflicts, lingering mistrust, or emotional scars from past experiences. It could also highlight your own feelings of guilt or regret over actions you've taken against others. Feelings of fear, powerlessness, or victimization in the face of real or perceived betrayal.

To dream of stabbing someone else represents your defensiveness, anger, resentment, or frustration towards someone. Taking out your anger on someone. You're own betrayal of someone else. A wish to restore your independence in a relationship or situation. Your own separation jealousy or getting back at someone. Wanting to feel others pain or to know that you are hurting them in some way. Attacking someone for why you never want them to repeat a certain behavior ever again. Telling someone you don't like them or don't want them near you again. Your attempt to retaliate against someone who has wronged you or prevent them from continuing a certain behavior.

Alternatively, stabbing may reflect feelings about threats of physical harm or botched surgical procedures.

Consider the area of the body being stabbed for additional meaning.

To dream of being stabbed in the neck represents a conflict with commitments that have been made. You may feel that someone or something is challenging your ability to stay committed or attacking your dedication. Feeling attacked for your commitments. Feeling that someone doesn't want you to like something ever again or wants to you give up in some way. If you are trying to stab someone else in the neck it may be a sign that you are very jealous or angry about someone else's commitment to something.

To dream of being stabbed in the leg may reflect conflict with independent choices. Feeling attacked for wanting to do something on your own. If you stab someone else in the leg it may reflect your wish to stop a person or situation from becoming independent.

To dream of being stabbed in the hand represents feelings about conflict with capability. Feeling attacked for your abilities or skills. Feeling jealousy from someone that you are capable or good at something. Feeling that someone or something is trying to turn you into a loser who can't perform well on your own. To dream that you are trying to stab someone else in their hands may reflect your attempt to attack a person or problem that is performing at a competent level that is uncomfortable for you. Jealousy that someone is doing something better than you.

To dream of being stabbed in the foot represents feelings about your principles, moral foundation, or things you stand for being wounded by someone else's actions or words. Jealousy or conflict is negatively affecting "what you stand for." A situation or person that never wants you to stand your ground ever again.

To dream of being stabbed in the chest represents feelings about personal power (assertive or passive) being wounded by someone else's actions or words. Feeling attacked for your ability to assert yourself without question. Power that assumes it's an authoritative role or listened to easily feels under attack by jealousy or conflict. A situation or person who never wants you to exact personal power ever again.

To dream of being stabbed in the eye represents feelings about observation, judgment, or consciousness being wounded by someone else's words or actions. Feeling that how you see a situation is under attack by jealousy or conflict. A situation or person who never wants you to observe or cast judgment in the same way ever again.

To dream of being stabbed in the head represents feelings about intellect or decision-making being under attack by someone else's words or actions. Jealousy or conflict negatively affecting control. A situation or person that never wants you to control yourself or make conscious decisions.

Example: A woman dreamed of experiencing herself stabbing her sister all over her body. In waking life, she was very angry at God for the death of her sister and went into her bedroom while alone and cursed God for killing her sister. In this case, stabbing her sister may have reflected her feelings of intense anger, frustration, and emotional turmoil directed towards God for the loss of her sister. The sister's image in the dream could symbolize God's responsibility for the tragic event itself, rather than the sister as an individual, reflecting the dreamer's struggle to cope with the loss and make sense of the situation.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of being stabbed with a butcher knife. In waking life, she regularly had to undergo surgeries. In this case, being stabbed with a butcher knife may have reflected her feelings that the surgeries were invasive," abrupt, and harsh, feeling almost like a violent assault on her body with scars that made her remember each operation. She may have felt that the surgeries were not being conducted with care for appearances and were more focused on medical necessity. She may have also felt that the surgeries get back at her each time she gets one done by creating unattractive scars making her feel less motivated to have more surgeries.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of almost being stabbed, but avoiding it. In waking life, she was avoiding being helpful to people she thought were ungrateful and didn't want to offer them further assistance. In this case, the almost being stabbed may have reflected her feelings of avoiding the negative experience of being cheated with losing money or wasting time on people who didn't appreciate or deserve her help.

Example 4: A woman had recurring dreams of being stabbed by people. In waking life, she was having recurring issues with jealousy of being betrayed by these people. She felt that whenever she allowed people into her life they turned on her.

*Please See Knife


To dream of a stable represents responsible control over your drives, urges, or instincts. Managing or control your drives or urges for an mature adult purpose.

Negatively, a stable in a dream may be a sign that you feel that you can't enjoy yourself, pursue goals as aggressively as you want to, or that you don't like slowing down sexual activity.

To dream of a horse stable represents self-control over your drives or ambition. Keeping your aspirations at bay until it's more appropriate. Taking a responsible break from your goals. Fine tuning or doubling your efforts before you get serious about your goals again.

Alternatively, a horse stable may reflect self-control over sexual urges. Taking time off during a highly sexual period of your life. Sexual activity that is only focused on pregnancy and not pleasure.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing pigs in a stable rolling around in the mud. In waking life he was trying to stay abstinent for a religious test and was finding it too difficult to control his sexual urges. He felt very selfish about it.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of horses having sex inside a stable. In waking life she was trying to get pregnant with her husband.

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To dream of sitting in a stadium represents your spectator perspective on a problem that is being confronted. Noticing what you are trying to achieve or noticing what someone else is trying to overcome. It may also reflect your supportive nature towards a problem or conflict. Negatively, you may feel like an outsider who is only watching.

To dream of playing in a stadium may reflect other people who you know are aware of you confronting a problem. It may also reflect how supportive you feel other people are being towards you as you face a problem.

Example: A man dreamed of sitting in a stadium. In waking life the man's wife was pregnant and making a lot of preparations to give birth.


To dream of employing people as part of your staff represents feelings about your decisions being supported at all times. Expectations about your decisions being supported or carried out with delegation. Feelings about yourself or others delegating decisions. Feeling reassured in your ability to manage or lead. Expecting others to do everything for you. Feeling that people should "answer to you." Feeling that people are obligated to do with you tell them. Feelings about yourself being a better manager or delegate than other people.

Alternatively, dreams about staff may reflect feelings about waking life situations where people are required to serve you. Feelings about servants, employees, city workers, contractors, or people whose job it is to help you in some way. Frustrations or honest feelings you have about these people.

Negatively, dreams about hired staff may reflect too many expectations from others supporting you. Delegation that is excessive or asks too much of others supporting you. Ego that expects subordination or has a low view of people beneath you in status. Overworking or taking advantage of people who support you. A naive belief that people are going to support you the way you asked them to. Expectations that others will follow orders flawlessly. Negatively expecting everyone else to do everything for you. Feelings about yourself controlling a relationship. Feeling that nobody cares about a problem as much as you do.

To dream of yelling at staff may reflect frustrations or impatience with others not being as supportive of a situation as you'd like them to be. Frustrations or impatience with people you believe are obligated to your decisions. Frustrations with people being lazier than you. Proving to others that you are more competent then they are. Frustrations with people who don't listen.

To dream of a magical staff represents powerful feelings about how easy it is to change something or cause something impossible to occur. Scaring other people with a highly skilled abilities to change something. Feelings about being an authority in incredible feats. Feeling that other people need to respect your powerful abilities.

To dream of a staff used as a weapon represents feelings about other people needing to respect your ability to be dangerous or experienced in conflict.

Example: A woman dreamed of yelling at hospital staff to hurry up and deliver a baby before seeing her grandmother in the corner of the room. In waking life she was eager for her boyfriend to help his girlfriend deliver her baby in the hospital so that her secret relationship with him could continue. The symbolism of the hospital staff being yelled at is this case may have reflected her initial supportive instructive attitude towards her boyfriend on the telephone pushing her boyfriend to be more intelligent about demanding the hospital staff do more, while her grandmother in the corner of the room may have reflected her intuition about the situation feeling that the relationship was never going to be what she wanted it to be.

*Please See Coworker


To dream that you are on a stage represents a presentation of yourself to others. How your beliefs, ideas, or attitude is being shown to others. You or someone else that is on the stage of life or the current center of attention. An area of our life or an aspect of our self that is being prominently watched by others.

Negatively, a stage may reflect a desire to show off or have attention. It may also reflect a heightened sense of pressure to succeed or perform well under pressure. Caring about what a lot of other people think of you or your abilities. Feeling that you need to "shine" at an important moment. Insecurity about embarrassing yourself in front of others or not performing incredibly in front of others. Possibly a sign that you need more practice or preparation to be at your best. Anxiety about your level of readiness.

To dream of missing essential equipment or instruments while on stage may reflect feelings about being deficient or lacking in something. Feeling that you need something or depend on something to be confident.

Actors or famous people often have bad dreams of being on stage and forgetting their lines.

Example: Senator Joe Lieberman dreamed of seeing a deceased failed democratic senator taking the stage. In real life he was just about lose the democratic nomination in an election. The stage reflected his public performance as he was about to concede the nomination.

Example 2: Actor Sean Penn had nightmares about his fingers being unable to find the strings of his guitar while we was on stage doing a guitar solo. In waking life he was in the middle of filming a movie where he played the role of a jazz guitarist. The dream most likely reflected his fear about his looking competent enough to play his part.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing woman in pastel colored dresses on stage. In waking life she felt that a lot of legal work she had completed was about to become the center of attention in a court room as she scheduled a court date.

Stained Glass Windows

To dream of stained glass windows may reflect a positive attitude about the future that you can't see. A positive attitude about something in the future that requires blind faith.

Negatively, stained glass windows may be a sign that you are putting too much blind faith into a problem instead of moving on. Thinking it's a beautiful thing to be faithful for the future for problems that are hopeless or repeatedly prove they are impossible to fix. Trusting someone too much for their future potential.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing stained glass windows in a church. In waking life she was having serious marital problems and trying hard to have faith in the future of the relationship while feeling that she could never really be certain about her marriage surviving.


To dream of a stain represents feelings about an obvious or noticed embarrassment that ruins something from being perfect. A situation isn't perfect due to an accident. Feelings about something in your life being ruined. Difficulty forgetting something bad that happened. Feelings about a situation forever never being a good as something else. Feelings about yourself or someone else that permanently remembers never listening properly.

To dream of something stained with blood represents feelings about some area of your life being ruined by loss, hardship, or suffering. Ruination caused by the ugliness of unforgettable jealous conflict.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a blood stain. In waking life she was involved in a court case where someone had embarrassed her with a lie.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her lips looking like a blood stained rose. In waking life she was having difficult feelings about her boyfriend not liking having her daughter live with them.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of a black stained gold coin. In waking life her boyfriend broke up with her and she wished she could have him back. In this case the black stained gold coin may have represented feelings about only being friends with her boyfriend because she could never forget what she did to make him break up with her.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing blood stained footprints behind her on a path she walked. In waking life she was ready to advance in power within her church and had endured a lot of conflict, manipulation, and people leaving the church. In this case the blood stained footprints may have reflected her feelings about all the problems and losing that had to occur before she could get a stronger leadership role in the church. She may have felt that the potential for a new role in the church was ruined because she had to remember past problems.


To dream of stairs represents slow or incremental progress in a situation. It may also reflect an increase or decrease in your confidence, awareness, or intelligence. Making progress in some way.

Negatively, stairs in a dream may reflect unpleasant feelings about the need for responsible growth or having to wait to grow up before you can do something more serious or adult, or a slow hard learning process.

Going upstairs often represents improvement, achievement, or reaching higher levels of awareness and understanding. You are making progress emotionally, spiritually, or materially. If you have problems going up stairs it may symbolize trouble being unable to make progress in your life. Going upstairs may also symbolize a struggle or challenge you must endure to reach a higher level of understanding, success, or power. Improving "one step at a time. Slow learning process.

Going downstairs often represents emotional regression or a situation that is getting worse. For example, walking into your basement may symbolize regressing into darker aspects of your unconscious thoughts. Possibly a waking life situation is becoming more stressful or unpleasant to deal with. Walking down stairs may also symbolize the easing of conditions as a challenge or struggle ends. You may be slowly dealing with challenges to reach a bigger problem.

To dream that you walk up or down the stairs of your home towards another floor symbolizes a new mindset or emotional state. Deciding to do something different. The stairs themselves in this case may not be as relevant as where it is you are going. For example, moving from your bedroom down the stairs to the kitchen may reflect your readiness to do something different about a very private issue you have been keeping to yourself.

To dream of very long stairs in the front of a house may reflect feelings about a lot of effort required to experience something. A lot of work, effort, or improvements are required in order to achieve stability with a goal.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing children going up and down stairs. In waking life, he was blind and experiencing recurring cycles of her eyesight getting better and then worse.

Example 2: A man dreamed of moving from his bedroom, downstairs, and then going into the kitchen. In waking life, he was preparing to face his biggest fear which was revealing a very dark personal secret.

Example 3: A young girl dreamed of her mother turning into an angry octopus while standing on stairs that were behind her. In waking life, he felt that her mother was aggressively trying to stop her from dating boys. The stairs behind her in the dream may have reflected her feelings about her mother's view of her not being grown up enough and having to return to a slower process of growing up before she should date boys while she felt she was "past that growing up phase."

Example 4: A woman dreamed of beautiful oak stairs. In waking life, she was pregnant and aware of herself being very close to giving birth.

Example 5: A man dreamed of being led upstairs by a girl with a perfect body. In waking life, he was slowly improving a situation.

Example 6: A man dreamed of walking downstairs and at the end the stairs have water on them and begin to crumble. In waking life, he had a 22-year-old daughter whom he felt needed a lot of growing up to do. Walking down the stairs with water and crumbling at the end may have reflected his feelings about his parental role slowly becoming easier with age and then suddenly feeling like he's accomplished nothing when he discovered how childish his 22-year-old daughter still is.

Example 7: A woman dreamed of trying to walk up a new never before used staircase and was having trouble doing so. In waking life, she was diagnosed with diabetes and was having trouble improving her health by maintaining an exercise regime.

*Please See Spiral Staircase


To dream of something stale in a dream represents feelings about waking life situations becoming boring or less vibrant. Relationships losing their excitement or interest. A dull experience or relationship. Feelings about needing more excitement or needing to "shake things up." A need for a situation or relationship to be refreshed. Feeling a lack of passion in some area of your life.

Example: A woman dreamed of stale food. In waking life she felt that her relationship with her boss was slowly becoming more nasty and unfriendly. She felt that she would have to overcome the hostility to refresh the relationship with her boss.


*Please See Joseph Stalin


To dream of being stalked by someone represents persisting troubles, reminders of bad memories, or unwanted relationships you can't avoid. Something negative in your life that feels like it notices every single little thing you're doing. Recurring invasion of your personal boundaries. Feeling that something is coming after you in a threatening way. A

Alternatively, being stalked in a dream may reflect feelings of being carefully watched or copied. Feeling others jealousy that any opportunity will allow you to be a winner.

To dream of a stalking killer may represent fears about persistent troubles, negative events from your past, or soured relationships causing you total humiliation or failure. Terrifying reminders of negative things that won't go away. Blackmail you fear being open about or feeling your personal life being played with.

To dream of yourself stalking someone else may represent your insecurity about missing out or not watching a situation closely enough. Carefully watching every single thing someone does. Jealousy of everything single thing allowing someone else to be a winner.

*Please See Chased


*Please See Horses


To dream of a stampede represents behavior that you feel can't be stopped. Feeling overwhelmed by other people who are impossible to control. Other people's opinions, wishes, or goals that you feel trample all over your own. Succumbing to a mob mentality. A high demand situation. An overwhelming group overreaction.

A stampede may also reflect your fear that once something starts it can't be stopped. Powerlessness to prevent yourself from being overpowered or brushed aside. Feeling that it's dangerous to assert yourself.

Alternatively, a stampede may reflect a sudden shock to you or someone else that has been procrastinating.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing horses and donkeys stampeding into a sand dune. In waking life he felt that he was going to lose his job and partly felt an urgency to rush and find another job while also feeling that it may end up being an overreaction that leaves him without any job.

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