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To dream of hearing loud noise represents feelings about yourself or someone else that may be drawing too much attention. Feeling that too many people are paying attention to you. An area of your life that you don't feel is appropriate to get too much attention with. A situation that is disruptive. Rude or obnoxious behavior. Anxiety about drawing attention to yourself. Unwanted distractions. Experiencing people who are not listening to you about problems, complaints, or the need to be responsible.

To dream of hearing a strange noise represents feelings about unexpected or suspicious behavior. Intuitive feelings that something wrong is happening. Fear of the unknown. Paranoia. Suspicion that your enemies are trying to make you look stupid. Anxiety about making a mistake while not paying attention.

To dream of hearing a scary noise represents fear of the unknown. Fear of being embarrassed while being unprepared or inexperienced. Fearing making a mistake. Fearing unverified problems. Fearing your worst nightmare coming true. Paranoia or feeling that something wrong is happening.

To dream of a noisy vehicle may reflect decision-making or ways of living that are noticed by other people. Making an obvious statement about what you are doing or how you are living your life. Feeling embarrassed that decisions or leading role you have is gaining unwanted attention.

Example: A woman dreamed of being embarrassed by the loud noise she made while using a garbage can to get rid of some garbage. In waking life she was embarrassed to draw too much attention to herself using the bathroom in a friend's house.



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