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To dream of saliva represents feelings related to the discretion in behavior or speech, geared towards avoiding offense or exposure of private information. A conscious effort to moderate your expressions or reactions to maintain a certain image no matter what. Anticipation of every experience or communication being perceived as non-foolish due to your personal control in order to avert appearing ignorant or desperate. Your choice to temper your expressions of liking or disliking things to avoid seeming excessive.

Negatively, dreaming about salvia represents lacking discretion about things you say or do. Saying highly offensive or disgusting things without any concern for other people hearing it. Disdain or rejection that usually isn't talked about no matter what.

To dream of your mouth watering with saliva represents your eagerness, desire, anticipation, or obsessed focus with wanting to experience something. Feelings about personal discretion being difficult to hold back for much longer because something you've wanted

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing a lunatic standing on her bed with post-vomit saliva dripping out of his mouth. In waking life, she was afraid of drug addicts that lived and slept outside her apartment window that were arguing with each other. In this case, the post-vomit salvia may have reflected her feelings about how ignorant the drug addicts seemed after hearing them argue about personal issues without personal discretion.

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