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To dream of pasta represents feelings about the qualities of an experience having comfort, familiarity, and flexibility about making it interesting. Making an effort to nurture a familiar comfortable relationship with a flexible attitude to make it work. Making an effort to find comfort and contentment in the familiar aspects of your life. Taking the time to talk about something interesting. You may feel that it's your responsibility to keep a situation interesting, engaging, or enjoyable.

Positively, dreaming about pasta could indicate that you are finding ways to make routine experiences more interesting or exciting. A balance between maintaining a sense of familiarity and pursuing novelty or interest. This could imply a successful effort in keeping relationships or normal circumstances lively, preventing them from becoming monotonous. Conversations with friends or family that are comfortable with the flexibility of not having too many rules.

Negatively, dreaming about pasta may represent a struggle to make repetitive or overly familiar aspects of your life more interesting. Striving to inject some excitement into your daily routines or relationships, and finding it challenging.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of eating pasta. In waking life, she introduced her friend to her Dad and they were talking about how her Dad seemed like her friend's Dad. In this case, the pasta may have reflected her feelings about talking to her friend about family and other areas of their life that felt comfortable, familiar, and flexible about having an interesting conversation.

*Please See Spaghetti



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