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To dream of being sedating represents your wish to put a situation or relationship temporarily on hold. Avoiding responsibility, getting involved, or taking action for the moment. Not doing something you wanted just for interim. It may also reflect your wish to temporarily spare yourself or someone else of pain.


To dream of seduction represents enticement or captivation. Feeling that someone is trying to make you feel that changing your mind is a good idea. Opening your mind to a tempting idea.

Negatively, seduction may reflect feelings that a situation is too tempting or difficult to resist because it feels perfect. Feeling lured into something that you don't want to do. Feeling that you are risking giving up your power of choice. Feelings about being lured into an embarrassment with attractive lies.

To dream about yourself seducing someone else may represent your attempt to lure someone else or convince them to take a risk. Trying to persuade others to like your ideas. Corrupting others with attractive lies.

Seduction may be a sign that you are struggling with an addiction or your sexual desire for someone.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her ex-fiancee seducing a small child. In waking life she was having trust issues with her new relationship believing that her new man was abusing her vulnerable state after being humiliated by her ex-fiancee who called off her wedding and broke up her.

Example 2: A man dreamed of a beautiful woman trying to seduce him. In waking life he was having issues staying celibate.


To dream of unplanted seeds represents the potential for new opportunities, possibilities, progress, or personal growth. Your wish to start a new venture.

To dream of planted seeds represents initial steps being taken towards some goal in the future. The first steps being taken towards a new venture, experience, or habit.

To dream of seeds being spread of barren earth may be a sign that you are wasting your energy or resources.

Pregnant women or women trying to conceive a child often have dreams of seeds growing into plants.


*Please See Eyes

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*Please See Seeing

*Please See Eyes


To dream of a seesaw represents feelings about enjoying mutual sharing or caring. Give and take. Enjoying equality.

To dream of someone on a seesaw weighing too much to use the seesaw equally represents feelings about someone in a relationship getting too much and not giving back enough. Feelings about yourself or someone else being too important to share equally. Sensitivity about not being shared with equally.

To dream of someone falling off a seesaw represents feelings of embarrassment that you are no longer equal in a relationship. Feeling unable to enjoy a mutual arrangement anymore. Feeling that you are loser that doesn't matter as much.

To dream of objects, places, or structures acting like seesaws may reflect feelings about a situation you are experiencing being imbalanced or unstable. Feeling that a situation could "go either way." Power struggles. Fear of being unable to make a decision. Having trouble "picking a side."

Example: A woman dreamed of her husband outweighing a little girl on a seesaw and bumping the little girl off. In waking life she was heavily pregnant and was having issues accepting having to stop sharing financial responsibilities with her husband as she became too pregnant to work. Being bumped off the seesaw may have reflected her feelings of embarrassment that she was no longer equal financially in the relationship as her husband eventually had to take on the full financial load.

Sega Video Game System

To dream a Sega video game system represents feelings about about training or having challenging experiences to see how far you can take a situation where sharing isn't important because you are faster than other people while on your own. Feeling that needing other people isn't important to see how far you can challenge yourself with being good at something. Not letting other people hold you back from challenging yourself because you're better off on your own. Your inclination to test your abilities and see how far you can go in a situation where you prefer to not listen to anyone and go it alone. A challenging experience where you feel you are better at it and don't want to say anything about it.

Positively, dreaming about a Sega video game system might symbolize the enjoyment of personal challenges, self-sufficiency, or the thrill of mastering a skill or activity on your own. A conscious choice to focus on personal growth, self-reliance, and the satisfaction of overcoming challenges without external help. A period of self-discovery, where you are exploring your capabilities and pushing your boundaries.

Negatively, dreaming about a Sega video game system could represent feelings of isolation, competitiveness, or a lack of interest in teamwork or collaboration. An overemphasis on individual achievement at the expense of social connections or teamwork. Perhaps you feel disconnected from others, focusing too much on personal goals and not enough on shared experiences or cooperative efforts. A tendency to prioritize individual achievement over teamwork or cooperation because you feel better off going it alone.

Example: A woman dreamed of a virtual reality world that switched between Nintendo games and Sega games. In waking life, she had issues with how far should go to help a friend. In this case, Sega may have reflected her feelings about challenging herself to see how far she could go to test the boundaries of helping her friend changed from a more friendly inclusive experience (Nintendo) to having to test herself on her own without her friend (Sega) after her friend gave up and she was more skilled than her friend.


To dream of having an epileptic seizure represents extreme emotional sensitivity or anxiety. Possibly a sign that you are too emotionally invested in situation or dependent on an attachment.

To dream of seeing someone else having an epileptic seizure may represent surprise or shock with someone else's emotional sensitivity or anxiety.

To dream of property being seized by police or the government represents intervention. Feeling powerless to stop someone with more power than you. Waking life situations where you or someone else has to be stopped because they may be going overboard with unhealthy or negative behavior. Feeling that someone with more power than you doesn't want you to do something ever again.

Selena Gomez

To dream of Selena Gomez represents an aspect of yourself that is incredibler than other people with the combined qualities of believing in yourself completely, being safe, and testing yourself in ways that nobody ever has a problem with as long as you don't think you're better than anyone else. Believing in yourself all the time that doesn't have to think it's too impressive while never embarrassing anyone else with it. Being wonderful for never having a problem with embarrassing someone else by believing in yourself too much. Liking yourself being a safe person completely that doesn't see it as a problem as long as you don't make people ask too many questions.

Negatively, dreaming of Selena Gomez represents believing in yourself completely like you are not even important or never better than other people that hopes other people will not see it as a problem. Believing in yourself completely in public while privately putting up a front that's suppressing genuine emotions or concerns. Feelings of jealousy, insecurity, or inadequacy, particularly in terms of self-expression, acknowledgment, or personal development. Insecurities, comparisons, or anxieties about your own self-image or accomplishments. Enjoying yourself not minding annoying other people with being safe believing in yourself completely that might be taking it further than someone else wants.

Example: A woman dreamed of helping Selena Gomez walk down a hill in high heels. At the bottom of the hill she leaves Selena Gomez at a cafe where Selena is expected to meet a man. She uncomfortably says "I love you" to Selena who says it back to her. She was sad to walk away. In waking life, she was forced to sell off all her cryptocurrency to pay for a roofing repair bill. She had children and her husband had died years ago. In this case, Selena Gomez may have reflected her feelings about herself getting attention for being wise for investing in cryptocurrency as something new, believing in herself completely with feeling it was safe as long as she didn't own too much of it, with no risk to her family. She is sad to say goodbye to Selena Gomez because she doesn't feel good selling off her cryptocurrency due to how it made her feel or look for originally investing in it.

Example 2: A man dreamed of Selena Gomez in his bed, moving around on top of him while she was naked. Her actions annoyed him twice before he saw her naked in her entirety and felt compelled to take control of her body and have sex with her. In waking life, he experienced frustration while waiting for a new website design to be completed, accepting a pre-design as safe the way it was, until finally he couldn't stand ignoring enjoying setting up the new design, and finally took control of the project to force it to be safely set up. In this case, Selena Gomez may have reflected his feelings about his new website design needing to believe in himself completely with making the website work, make the website safe to use, while testing out the new design live carefully with no users having a problem with it.


*Please See Yourself


To dream of self-defense represents a sense of protection, empowerment, and the ability to assert oneself in challenging or threatening situations. It may symbolize a need to stand up for oneself, set personal boundaries, and defend one's rights or beliefs. The need to protect oneself and one's interests and values from those who may harm your reputation. A need to defend oneself against potential threats or attacks. A desire to protect yourself from harm or emotional pain. Take control of one's life rather than being a passive victim of circumstances. Maintain boundaries that protect them from unwanted or harmful interactions with others. It can also symbolize the need to defend one's beliefs, values, or principles, and to fight against injustice or oppression. It can also signify the ability to overcome challenges and obstacles by being resilient, resourceful, and determined.

Self-defense can also represent a strategy for dealing with conflict, either by avoiding or deescalating it or by confronting it directly. This metaphor can apply to a variety of contexts, including personal relationships, work environments, and societal or political issues.

Negatively, dreaming of self-defense represents excessive defensiveness or an unhealthy preoccupation with protecting oneself. It may suggest a fear or mistrust of others that prevents one from forming meaningful connections or taking risks. It can also reflect a belief that one is constantly under attack or that others are out to get them, leading to a defensive and confrontational attitude. This can result in a cycle of conflict and negativity that perpetuates feelings of fear and mistrust, and prevents one from finding solutions to problems or resolving conflicts in a healthy way.

Example: A young man dreamed of needing self-defense after his brother tried to attack him. In waking life the man felt betrayed by people. In this case the symbolism of self-defense may reflect the how the young man feels the need to protect himself and his interests from those who may harm him or his reputation. The dream may be highlighting a sense of vulnerability or a need to defend oneself against potential threats or attacks.


To dream of a selfie represents feelings about an impressive memory or impression you have of yourself that cares about social approval or acceptance. Feelings about self-image, self-presentation, and the desire for external validation or recognition. How you perceive yourself in the eyes of others. Feelings of having a memory or recollection that makes you look impressive for your experiences or who you met. Acknowledgment of your impressiveness that you can show to others. Thoughts about yourself or others giving an impression of favoritism or endorsement to other people.

Positively, dreaming about selfies may represent self-confidence, self-respect, and a healthy level of self-esteem in that whatever you are doing is impressive to someone else. A sense of empowerment and pride in your appearance, experiences, or achievements. Feelings about your uniqueness or accomplishments being impressive to others.

Negatively, dreaming about selfies could indicate insecurity, narcissism, or an over-reliance on external validation for self-worth. A warning about the potential for shallow or insincere relationships based on image rather than authenticity. Giving off a dishonest impression of favoritism or endorsement to other people. Assuming an impressive memory of yourself will help you. Not thinking of anything except that other people are impressed by you, your experiences, or who you know. External validation with impressive memories, even at the cost of safety. A need for validation or approval from others, indicating insecurity or a reliance on external affirmation. Perhaps you feel compelled to project a certain image that may not align with your true self, or you might be struggling with societal pressures related to beauty and success.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of taking a selfie of herself and posting it on Instagram. In waking life, she was trying to impress a boy she liked by telling him an impressive story about something she did by herself as a way to keep him interested in her. In this case, taking a selfie of herself may have reflected her feelings about trying to create an impressive memory or impression of herself that she believed would be socially approved or accepted by the boy she liked to keep him interested in her.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of someone asking to take a selfie with her and refusing it. In waking life, she was an employment recruiter who had to refuse someone who wanted special treatment by speaking about the meeting as confirmation of the dreamer's approval to make getting hired easier when speaking to someone else at the company with the power to make a final decision on hiring. In this case, the rejected selfies may have reflected her feelings about not wanting to give the impression of favoritism or endorsement to a potential job applicant. By refusing the selfie, it may symbolize her desire to maintain professionalism and impartiality in her role as a recruiter. The dream could reflect her concerns about how her actions and decisions might be perceived by others, especially in a professional context where her reputation and integrity are important.


To dream of selling something to someone represents your attempt to convince or sell someone on an idea. It may also reflect your attempt to convince yourself of something. Considering making a change. Offering others ideas.

To dream of someone trying to sell something to you may reflect your attempt to convince yourself of an idea or possibility. It may also reflect a situation or person that is interesting you
in making a choice.

Negatively, selling in a dream may reflect feelings of forceful convincing or pressuring someone to accept an idea. Manipulative attempts to convince or persuade others. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings of being pressured into making a decision that you don't want to make.

Example: A man dreamed of selling an object for which he had only one of and then looking for another. In waking life he was talking to a professional who was giving him free advice as long as the reason was serious and legit. He lied to the professional about a special need in order to continue to get the free advice, but then felt that he had run out of lies to tell in order to keep getting the free advice.

*Please See Salesperson


*Please See Sperm

Semi Truck

*Please See Tractor Trailer Truck (Semi).


To dream of something being sentient represents feelings about a situation you are experiencing happening all on it's own. It may also reflect feelings about not having to explain oneself or that something is easily understood. Observing others making decisions or expressing feelings when you have never experienced it before.

Negatively, a sentient being may reflect feelings that something you can't control is taken on a life of it's own. People or situations that you can't control because they seem to learn to avoid you. Difficulty respecting others feelings or independence.

Example: A man dreamed of having a discussion about sentient beings with someone. In waking life he was forced to let go of his adult son so he could have a new live of his own after having lived with him for almost 20 years. He had difficulty accepting his son being an independent person.


To dream of separation represents feelings about your life direction or relationship going in a different direction than other people. Focus is being drawn to the need for differences to be acknowledged. Conflict in your life. Experiencing anxiety about having to change. Anxiety about becoming unneeded or abandoned. Problems asserting yourself to avert an unwanted change.

Alternatively, a separation may reflect feelings about independence being gained. Two people usually working together moving in more independent directions in life. Business partners choosing to work separately. Feelings about being given the opportunity to prove yourself on your own.

To dream of a marriage separation represents unpleasant feelings about having to potentially never repeat or experience something ever again. Consideration of permanently discontinuing behavior or some area of your life. Negatively, a marriage separation may reflect unpleasant feelings about having to change your life in ways you don't like. Stopping something you've grown accustom to. Feeling embarrassed that old habits or predictable relationships aren't supportive of you anymore.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing people walking and separating into two groups for one last final moment before never seeing each other again. In waking life he was experiencing difficulties with changing his life in a more moral direction. He felt it was very difficult to experience himself having to completely separate from old bad habits.


To dream of September represents the overall feeling that the most dangerous or exhausting part is over with while you wait to move on with your life. Feeling signs or signals that moving on with your life is close at hand. Feeling that you don't want to do anything else accept wait for the end. Feeling that it's obvious that you are on the cusp of moving on. Overall feeling that no more romance is left, but the relationship is not over yet. An overall feeling that you are "not there yet", but will be soon. A serious end approaches and is repeatedly noticed ending. Feeling that you can't sop moving on. An overall or prolonged feeling of needing to move on and not liking it. Problems "letting go of summer time" in a situation in your life. Not liking needing to "go back to work" or "go back to school."

September 11th

To dream of the September 11th disaster may reflect waking life experiences that feel terrible witnessing a loss of free spirit. Feeling that something negative has permanently made you insecure or anxious. Feeling that an event has caused you to never get to enjoy your freedom again.

Alternatively, dreaming of September 11th may reflect disbelief or shock that someone is intentionally trying to permanently ruin a good thing. Facing the harsh reality that having success and freedom are far more difficult than you thought. Feeling that someone is more crazy and dangerous than you believed.

*Please See Terrorist

*Please See Terror

Septic Tanks

To dream of a septic tank represents feelings about your ability to effectively deal with problems that won't be perfectly fixed for prolonged duration of time. An imperfect manner of dealing with problems.

Negatively, a septic tank may reflect too much reliance on needing long term goals completing perfectly and successfully to have a healthy relationship. Taking risks with problem solving that requires a big perfect ending in order to work out.

To dream of a septic tank broken or exploding may represent repressed emotions reemerging. Feelings of disappointment about not having fixed a problem you believed didn't matter anymore.

Example: A woman dreamed of her septic tank exploding. In waking life a lot of suppressed emotions between her and her husband regarding issues with their child had came up in a huge fight.


*Please See Redwood

Serial Killer

To see a serial killer in your dream, represents people or situations that you feel are enjoying working against you. You may feel that a person is enjoying harming you or making you fail. You may have an enemy or competitor that is beating you and rubbing it in. A powerful fear of embarrassing loss or failure. A person that you feel is so terrible that want to enjoy you noticing your own failure.

Alternatively, a serial killer may reflect a problem that is influencing a lot of other areas of your life. It may also point to reckless belief system "killing off" plans or hopes you had. Positively, a serial killer may represent a serious attempt to deal with a lot of problems at once.

If you dream of a famous serial killer, then think about what stands out most about that killer to you and how that may apply to a loss or failure you are experiencing.

To dream of being a serial killer represents you enjoyment of making other people fail. You may be defeating an enemy or competitor and are enjoying rubbing it in. It may be a sign that you have issues with power trips.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a serial killer smashing down his door. In real life he was losing his looks. An arrogant better looking friend of his enjoyed making him notice that he wasn't better looking anymore and feeling as though no woman would want him again.

*Please See Killer


*Please See Snakes


To dream of a servant represents feelings about someone being used t make everything you like happen. Subservient behavior or feelings about being used. Someone or something that does whatever you want all the time like it's easy. Service or subservience that doesn't care about it' own feeling to help you with what you want. Feeling that you "don't have to lift a finger" yourself because someone else will always have to for you.

Negatively, dreaming a servant may reflect your own problems with total control or respecting people who work for you.

To dream of being a servant may represent feelings of being used or that someone is a control freak. A sign that you are too deferential or subservient to others. Feelings about yourself having to do whatever someone else tells you to do. Too much concern with thinking other people are important requiring listening, help, or working for them.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a woman being taunted with being called "servant girl." In waking life the man suspected that criminals he was investigating were criminally trying to use someone.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing someone temporarily behave as servant. In waking life he was having difficult feelings about witnessing this person have to behave friendly towards another person due to a temporary legal complication.

Example 3: A man dreamed of servant bringing him food. In waking life he was getting his own internet connection installed for the first time. The servant in this case may have reflected his feelings about his internet connection always being available to download things easily without ever needing to depend on a internet cafe again.


To dream of serving another person represents feelings of other people's needs being more important than your own. Strong love or respect that would do anything to help someone else.

Negatively, dreaming of serving another person may reflect feelings about a person or problem being too controlling over your life. Feeling that others needs are excessive. Feeling embarrassed that someone has more power than you do. Feeling humiliated to help or work for someone you don't respect. Feeling that you aren't being respected helping another person. Feeling like a slave to another person. Feeling like a slave to a problem. Problems standing up for yourself or behaving too submissive. Being too yielding to others. Feeling used. Physical attraction that makes it difficult to say no to someone.

To dream of being served by another person represents feeling of easy assistance or convenient help. Enjoying feeling loved and cared about. Enjoying special treatment.

Negatively, dreaming of being served by another person may reflect feelings about yourself being more important or powerful than others. Awareness of yourself abusing an authoritative role. Feeling that others are less intelligent or weaker than you. Problems respecting people who are helping you. Using people.

Example: A woman dreamed of a king having 2 servants. In waking life her boyfriend was auditioning for American Idol the TV show and she felt that she had to do whatever he told her because his audition was so important.

Example 2: A man dreamed of having a servant in his house. In waking life he had installed the Internet and was very surprised with how easy it made his life with all the information and research he could do without leaving the house.

Sesame Street

To dream of Sesame Street puppets represents feelings about behavior that's controlled by someone else "with a life of its own" while being friendly, educational, approachable, and non-threatening about experiencing interacting with first-time situations. Feelings about learning, growth, and transition in a nurturing and supportive environment. The process of acquiring knowledge, understanding, or insight in a way that is friendly, non-threatening, and accessible. Feelings about an educational moment, emotional intelligence lesson, and a comforting presence. Feelings about lessons learned about acceptance and the value of different perspectives. Experiencing a safe space to explore feelings, vulnerabilities, or challenges without judgment.

Negatively, dreaming of Sesame Street may represent a new learning experience that embarrasses you with being safer than you first thought it would be for why some experienced or intelligent authority is controlling it. Learning to let go of fear, anxiety, or the naive belief that a new learning experience was going to be dangerous because it's more supportive, accepting, friendly, educational, approachable, and non-threatening than you thought with someone intelligent ensuring it.

Alternatively, Sesame Street may represent the embarrassment that God is a safe teacher using symbolism while experiencing your first powerful hallucinogenic experience.

Children may dream of Sesame Street to reflect their feelings about adults, teachers, or friends erasing their initial fears or discomfort with learning something for the first time.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing of Sesame Street puppets looking at him with a white background. In waking life, he was experiencing 30 days of the most powerful hallucinations of his life while inside his home. Many of these hallucinations became living creatures that walked around or zapped him with electricity. He feared them at first but quickly realized that the hallucinations were holographic teaching tools about his own personality problems. The hallucinations were living symbolic language that communicated his bad habits without ever seriously hurting him. In this case, the Sesame Street puppets may have reflected his perception of the hallucinations as friendly, educational, approachable, and non-threatening spiritually despite their initial scariness as potentially demonic, similar to how Sesame Street characters are designed to teach and comfort young viewers. The Sesame Street characters may also reflect his feelings about God controlling the hallucinations as a non-threatening teaching tool.

Example 2: A female university student dreamed of working for drug-addicted Sesame Street characters. In waking life, she was enjoying baking while at university with the awareness that other people at school were heavily intoxicated or high on drugs. In this case, the drug-addicted Sesame Street characters may have reflected her feelings about other frat house-controlled students using her baked goods to make taking marijuana feel safer to ingest and explore for the first time than typical marijuana use with heavy smoking or bongs.

Set Up

To dream of being set up represents feelings of other people intentionally trying to embarrass you or trick you into giving them something. Ulterior motives are at work.

To dream of being set up on a date may reflect choices, ideas, or opportunities that other people feel are good for you. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are too concerned with pleasing someone else or too afraid to speak up about what you really like.

*Please See Trap


*Please See 7


To dream of raw sewage represents feelings about situations that are vile, objectionable, or force you to put up with unusually disgustingly negative behavior from other people. An extremely unhealthy relationships or atmosphere. A situation in your life that feels permanently spoiled.

Example: A woman dreamed of falling into raw sewage that she couldn't get herself out of. In waking life he was married to a man who had child that were rude, vicious, and arrogant towards her. Dreaming of being stuck in the raw sewage represented her feelings of being overwhelmed and trapped with family who treated her horribly. Feeling stupid being stuck around around terrible disrespectful assholes.

Example 2: A man dreamed of a sewage pipe being dug up. In waking life he was able to get a guilty person to accept the blame for a serious problem that he was originally blamed for.

Example 3: A man dreamed of sewage beginning to fill a river. In waking life he felt that people's attitude and behavior at a local community centre was becoming spoiled, rude, and selfish.

*Please See Sewer


To dream of a sewer represents issues or situations that you find most objectionable. A sense of how vile or putrid a problem or old relationship is.

Issues that you care about never having to think about again. Not wanting have to notice things you believe are over with. Negativity or problems you feel have been dealt with or are too old to be important.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing an evil person looking around a sewer. In waking life he was in therapy and being forced to examine negative events from his past that he didn't want to talk about. The therapist kept bringing up issues from his old journals that made him angry.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing his father sucked into a manhole going deep into the sewage. In waking life his father had died of a drug overdose. The sewer represented how objectionable and wasteful he felt his father's addiction was.

Example 3: A young virgin girl dreamed of walking through a sewer dripping with sewage. In waking life she had been forced to watch a boy ejaculate in front of her.

*Please See Sewage


To dream of sewing a rip represents your wish to amend a problem situation or relationship with a compromise. Sewing different fabrics together may reflect a compromise of ideas. Careful efforts to restore a situation or relationship to working order.

Sewing ripped clothes may reflect a mature or humble decision. Alternatively, sewing ripped clothes may represent personal growth, changing yourself, or making sure you never repeat a mistake ever again. Reversing personality changes that caused problems. Feeling that you've embarrassed yourself behaving like a jerk.

To dream of sewing an entire piece of clothing together may represent a new self-image you are working on. A lot of hard work to transform who you are. Working hard to improve your attitude.

To dream of a sewing machine represents feelings about being able to fix or restore a situation whenever you want. Negatively, it may reflect your confidence in fixing or restoring some area of your life that you never take seriously.

Negatively, sewing in a dream may reflect the restoration of amending of an area of your life that you don't want fixed. Restoring bad relationships. Restoring your ability to return to old bad habits.

Example: A young girl dreamed of being chased by a terrible bird with a sewing machine beak. In waking life her parents were trying to fix clothing she didn't like so she could go back to wearing it.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of another woman stealing her sewing machine. In waking life she discovered that a man she had been flirting with for 17 years was getting married. The stolen sewing machine most likely reflected her feelings about the other women robbing her of her ability to easy fix her desired relationship with the man whenever she wanted when she wasn't really seriously considering do so. She felt stupid for believing she could "amend" the unactualized relationship at anytime.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of sewing the back of a dress. In waking life she was concerned about having to amend or fix her behavior around a man she began dating to make him like her. She felt she was swearing too much around him and needing to stop that to prevent him from losing interest in her. The sewing in this case may have reflected her feelings about needing permanently fix her personality for the man she wanted to date.

Sewing Needle

To dream of sewing needles represents feelings about the ability to fix or mend a situation or relationship. The willingness to put in hard work and effort to make improvements in life and relationships. The ability to mend or fix problems with appearances. The idea of repair, consolidation, or unification. A need to stitch together a semblance of normality or stability.

Positively, dreaming about sewing needles can symbolize personal growth, maturity, and the willingness to compromise in order to mend a problem situation. It reflects the belief in the power of small, deliberate actions to bring about positive changes and restore harmony. Your ability to skillfully navigate complicated or delicate situations. Feelings about the meticulous or delicate process of bringing various elements of your life together.

Negatively, sewing needles in a dream can represent a sense of vulnerability or pain associated with the process of repair or integration. Fear of failure or worry that your attempts at reconciliation or problem-solving might worsen the situation. Feelings about the restoration of something that you don't really want to fix or mend. Feelings of being forced to mend relationships or situations that you are not genuinely interested in. It can also suggest the fear of confronting or addressing the underlying issues that need to be resolved.

Example: A woman dreamed that sewing needles were unobtainable. In waking life, she was returning to her life after 5 years of life-altering events such as losing her job, multiple deaths in the family, and having to help financially support her grandchildren. In this case, the sewing needles may have reflected her feeling of powerlessness or inability to easily mend or repair the different aspects of her life that had been affected by the various tragedies and challenges she had faced. The sense that the tools she needed to 'stitch together' a semblance of normality or stability were out of reach or unobtainable, highlighting her struggle to regain control and make things right again.


To dream about sex represents a positive and pleasurable experience in your waking life that feels exhilarating and as good as it can get. This enjoyable and thrilling experience is deeply personal and just for you. The person you have sex with in the dream represents a quality you recognize in yourself or a situation that you find fulfilling and enjoyable. Thinking of everything required to be safe to have a thrilling experience. A thrilling experience that you privately aren't telling anyone about being thrilling to you. A sense of disbelief that you are allowed to have such an enjoyable or thrilling experience, as it doesn't happen in all your usual encounters with people.

Whatever the thoughts, feelings, or memories that stand out the most to you about the person you have sex with represents what you are experiencing more of in your life.

For example, if you have sex with a celebrity it may symbolize a quality you see in that celebrity coming out of you or enjoying an activity you associate with that celebrity.

Alternatively, sex in a dream may reflect your most private thoughts about your own sex life.

To dream of being unable to find a safe place to have sex may represent challenges in expressing yourself, doing what you like, or pursuing your interests due to conflicting feelings or external complications. Interests or goals may be sidetracked by complications or conflicting feelings. You might be struggling to find a secure and comfortable environment to connect intimately with someone or to fully explore your desires and passions. Alternatively, it may reflect your inability to be close or intimate in your relationship.

To dream of having sex interrupted represents outside forces intruding on your private time, relationship, or ability to enjoy what you are doing. Your career, personal commitments, or other distractions may be interfering with your love life or your ability to focus on your passions. External elements are spoiling your special moment or your opportunity to shine.

To dream of having sex with a person who has something wrong with them may represent your enjoyment of feeling needed or superior in some way. An enjoyable or thrilling experience that is limited, less capable, or feels lucky to happen at all. A thrilling enjoyable experience that doesn't think of what average people do. Enjoying yourself in a way that can't be 100%, but still feels good anyway. You may also be enjoying the role of being more desirable, important, or interesting than someone else. Alternatively, it could also symbolize your enjoyment of an experience that has vulnerability or imperfections.

To dream of having sex with someone in public may represent attention you are attracting yourself with your personal interests or achievements. A thrilling experience where you don't care what anyone else thinks about it. Your private life being made public or other people speculating about your life. A fear of being exposed or judged by others.

To dream of having sex with a vanishing partner represents a thrilling experience that initially excites you but eventually loses its appeal or significance. Your confidence in the situation may wane, and you might feel that the experience wasn't as incredible as you initially believed. This dream could also symbolize a lack of commitment, an inadequate partnership, or feelings of insecurity in a relationship. It may indicate sexual or romantic frustrations and a sense of uncertainty about the connection or bond you once had with someone.

To dream of a having sex with a faceless person represents a enjoyable or thrilling experience that allows you to learn more about what really pleases you. Feeling good with something you are undecided about, enjoying being single or trying new things, and feeling free in not knowing what you really want. Exploring your desires and passions without the constraints of a specific identity or emotional attachment. An enjoyable or thrilling experience where you don't really know what someone thinks about you, or why something is the way it is.

To dream of having sex with yourself may reflect your enjoyment of showing off your skills or experience to others. Having a good time being the center of attention or showing off. An enjoyable experience where you feel you are the most important. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are going too far enjoying showboating or asserting yourself. Enjoying yourself thinking your more attractive or better than other people. Being so in love with yourself that you don't see it as a problem. This dream could serve as a reminder to maintain a balance between self-confidence and humility.

To dream of foreplay or sexual activity in a bedroom that never leads to full sex may reflect unfulfilled desires, hesitations, or insecurities in your waking life. It could signify that you are contemplating taking action on something enjoyable or thrilling but are unable to commit or follow through completely. Potential opportunities or experiences that are within your reach but remain unexplored. It might suggest that you are struggling to overcome personal barriers or external factors that prevent you from fully embracing these opportunities. You may need to assess your priorities and work on building the confidence and determination necessary to pursue your desires and passions more actively

To dream of chasing someone to have sex may reflect feelings of longing, desire, or frustration in your waking life that an enjoyable or thrilling experience alludes you or isn't achievable. Feeling that someone is making it difficult for you to like yourself the way you want to. Your feelings about other people never wanting to have a good time with you. A common dream for elderly people.

To dream of people watching you have sex may reflect feelings of vulnerability, exposure, or a lack of privacy in your personal life. It could also signify that others are judging or scrutinizing your intimate relationships or personal interests. Feelings about a person or situation making it difficult for you to enjoy yourself. Additionally, it may indicate a fear of being caught or revealing something you'd prefer to keep private.

See the themes section for sex for a more in-depth look at sex symbolism.

Example: A man dreamed of having sex with Oprah. In waking life, this man was a successful public speaker. Oprah to him represented excellent communication skills. In this case, the sex with Oprah represented how thrilling it felt to be so good at public speaking.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of having sex with an android. In waking life, she was having sex with someone she felt was socially boring and easy to control sexually. In this case, the dream was about her most private honest thoughts about her sex life.

Example 3: A man dreamed of having sex with himself and suddenly seeing himself yelling at himself. In waking life, he had embarrassed himself going too far showing off his skills to customers the point that his business partner had to lecture him on stopping it. In this case, the dreamer having sex with himself may have reflected his enjoyment of being the center of attention and showing off his skills to the customers

Example 4: A young woman dreamed of sexual foreplay in a bedroom that never leads to full sex. In waking life, she was considering asking a guy she knew to the prom, but couldn't get the confidence to ask him for real. In this case, the the prospect of sex that never happens may have reflected unfulfilled desires and hesitations about asking the guy to the prom that never allows a thrilling experience of going to the prom with the guy she had a romantic crush on.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of seeing a man having sex with a woman in front of her. In waking life, she was amazed at how easy a man she met could translate another language. She felt left out and stupid. In this case, watching someone else have sex in front of her may have reflected her feelings of being left out and witnessing someone else's thrilling experience or ability that she could not participate in or match.

Example 6: A man dreamed of having sex with multiple woman in which he described the incident as "banging chicks." In waking life, he was a police officer who was enjoying abusing authority to control people whenever he wanted. In this case, dreaming of sex with multiple women may have reflected the man's enjoyment of exercising his power and authority over others in his waking life, experiencing a sense of thrill and satisfaction in controlling people whenever he wanted.


To dream of sextuplets represents the beginning of a negative situation that you need to concern yourself with all the time. It may also indicate negative intentions, anger, or deceit that has become a problem.

Alternatively, sextuplets may reflect 6 different situation or problems that need to be addressed at the same time.

Sexual Abuse

*Please See Rape

*Please See Molestation


To dream of shackles represents your feeling of being bound or limited in your abilities. You may feel something in your life is holding back. Shackles may also be a sign that you are really unhappy with what you are doing in your life. You may feel bound to a problem. Unable to use your abilities or act in anyway.


To dream of shade represents feelings about some area of your life not feeling important to be noticed or have attention drawn to it. A less er priority.

To dream of something casting shade over something else may reflect a priority that is making something else less important to pay attention to. Feelings of being unable to get attention because someone or something is taking all the attention away.

To dream of avoiding the shade may reflect your wish to avoid being overlooked or not getting attention you seek. A wish to completely face relationship problems or guilt. Wanting problems "in the light of day." Avoiding being introverted or private. A wish to stand out.

To dream of sitting in the shade may reflect feeling of being comfortable not getting too much attention in a particular situation. Feelings about yourself or someone else being an expert that wants to avoid attention or stress.

Negatively, shade may reflect feelings of wanting to avoid fighting or guilt being drawn to you.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a tree cast shade over his recently deceased grandfather's grave. In waking life his parents divorce had become more of an issue in his family then his grandfather's death.

Shadow Boxing

To dream of shadow boxing represents feeling good thinking about proving yourself. A sign that you may not be doing enough to actually prove yourself.

*Please See Boxing


To dream of shadows represents situations or problems that can't be avoided. Issues that are always following you or coming up in conversation. A problem you can't help but think about. A darker aspect of your personality or life that you don't like about yourself. Feeling unable to escape your negative past. Shadows may also reflect feelings about your past coming back to haunt you. Something about yourself that you don't want to discuss with others.

To dream of standing in a shadow may reflect feelings that you are being constantly overlooked. You may feel diminished by someone else's abilities or accomplishments.

To see a shadowy figure in your dream represents a person or situation that you don't trust. Feelings about something that's deceptive or secretly working against you.

Example: A young girl dreamed of shadows that she was always trying to avoid. In real she was molested and was always trying to avoid thinking about it or having to discuss it with her mother.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a prison guard standing in a shadow outside his cell. In waking life he felt trapped in a bad investment with a stock broker he didn't trust anymore. He feared telling his wife about his bad investing while trying to change stock brokers.


To dream of a location shaking represents feelings about unexpected chaos, upheaval, or change. The normal state or status quo of a situation has been made unsteady. A lack of certainty or confidence. Stability has been affected in some manner. New ideas, innovation, or new developments making sudden unexpected changes to a situation that is usually quite stable. Feelings about change being necessary after first believing no changes would ever be required of you. Questioning whether or not you can afford something you first confidently believed you could. Confidence "shaken."

To dream of shaking a person with your hands represents an attempt to shake someone out of their complacency or to get them to see things from a different perspective. A desire to influence or affect someone else's thoughts or actions in a significant way. A forceful attempt to "wake someone up" and get their attention. A sense of urgency to get attention and think different. A feeling of urgency to draw attention to an oversight. Feeling that someone is not listening to you or that they are not taking your concerns seriously.

To dream of shaking an object with your hands may represent feelings of actively trying to control or influence a situation. Your attempts to grasp a problem or issue firmly and make a noticeable impact on it. Determination to change or adjust something. A wish to test the stability of something in your life with new ideas, options, or stress. Alternatively, it could represent feelings of frustration or impatience, as if you're trying to 'shake' the truth out of a situation or 'shake up' a stagnant scenario. It may also indicate a desire to test the stability, authenticity, or resilience of something in your life, whether it's a relationship, a plan, or an idea.

To dream of an object shaking on its own may represent feelings about feeling out of control or about something that is unstable or unpredictable. Feelings of anxiety, fear, or insecurity. External forces or unexpected changes impacting your life, causing instability or uncertainty. Feeling that you are at the mercy of events, or that you are powerless to change your circumstances. It could also symbolize the feeling that things are going to get worse before they get better. A situation or relationship that seems to be changing or becoming unstable without any direct influence from you.

To dream of a fence shaking represents feelings about boundaries or barriers becoming unstable. Preconceived notions about limits being tested or questioned for the very first time. Observing the potential for progress that has never been experienced before.

To dream of plane shaking represents feelings about a plan or project that you are involved in being unstable, uncertain, or unsteady. Insecurity about the stability of something you are involved in.

To dream of a car shaking represents feelings of confidence in the ability to control a situation becoming unstable or uncertain. Feeling that you might experience failure or embarrassment if you continue controlling a situation in the current style. New developments that cause a lack of confidence in your ability to control a situation. Anxiety that someone else will take control of a situation from you. Feelings about new ideas or unexpected changes make being in control of a situation dangerous.

Example: A woman had recurring dreams of her hands shaking. In waking life, she had an illness. In this case, the hands shaking may have reflected her feelings about illness negatively impacting her capability to manage daily tasks, control herself, or maintain her usual level of independence while living her life. The dream points out her physical limitations and the sense of vulnerability or frustration she experienced due to her illness.

*Please See Handshake

*Please See Shivering

*Please See Earthquakes


To dream of a shaman represents an aspect of your personality with superior knowledge, wisdom, and insight into confronting problems or resisting negativity. A shaman symbolizes guidance and experience that's focused on making negative situations into positive ones.

A shaman may reflect you or someone else giving advice on how to stay as positive as possible.


To dream of shame represents waking life feelings of guilt, embarrassment, insecurity, or low self-esteem. Powerful feelings of failure or letting others down.

Alternatively, dreaming of shame may reflect feelings that you weren't perfect in some way. You might be being too hard on yourself.


To dream of a bottle of shampoo represents a method of clearing your mind or improving how you think about a situation. Taking a different approach toward a situation or relationship. How you choose to go about clearing out bad ideas, bad habits, or ineffective thinking. Self-growth or a wish to make a new impression on others.

Alternatively, shampoo may reflect your attempt to clear your mind of frustrations or put yourself in a better mood.

Consider how the brand of shampoo makes you feel for additional meaning. For example baby shampoo may reflect a wish to avoid being to dramatic or serious about how you change your mindset as you try new things.

*Please See Washing Hair

Shape Shifting

To dream of shape shifting represents behavior that is noticeably adjusting itself in front of you. You or someone else that is obviously changing their behavior or intentions to keep doing whatever they want.

Negatively, shape shifting may reflect awareness of people lying about something and then clearly doing the exact opposite of what they lied about.

To dream that you are shape shifting may represent your constant need to change your story or intentions with others to suit yourself. Doing whatever you want no matter what.

Fans of David Icke may find it interesting that his theory of shape shifting reptilians may in fact just be a symbol for politicians that lie to the public while we consciously notice them making policies that are counter to our well-being. The people David Icke has interviewed who've claimed to see these beings may have actually only seen hallucinations that symbolize this transparent negative behavior.


To dream of only shapes may reflect empty logical thinking. Possibly a sign that you are too focused on using something for personal benefit without caring about the subtleties or deeper aspects of it. A lack of sensitivity towards something you only want to use. A straight forward mindset or result oriented attitude. A mindset that is avoiding emotional risk at all costs.

People who take ayahausaca commonly have visions that are specifically about geometrical shapes. This may reflect their logical and unemotional mindset about wanting to use the ayahausca experience for personal gain without wanting to participate in any self-reflection or personal improvement. It may also reflect their tendency to avoid the emotional risk of having to deal with their honest emotions which the ayahausca often encourages.

Refer to the themes section for shapes for a more in depth look at shape symbolism.


*Please See Stocks


To dream of sharing represents feelings about not needing to think of yourself first. Responsibility for others or concern for others feelings. Feelings about yourself or someone else sharing personal thoughts. Feelings about someone caring about you beside them. Personal revelations. Feeling good listening to and accepting other people with their problems. Feeling good that you're not alone. Feelings about shared experiences. You or someone that feels good being understanding. Feeling good being allowed to do something you can't do all on your own.

Negatively, dreaming about sharing represents feelings about excessive responsibility for other people. Feelings about a common problem. Too much concern for others feelings. Excessive or inappropriate revelations about yourself. Dangerously or excessively helping others. Feeling good listening and accepting other people with their problems when it may not be powerful for you. Feeling good not being alone with someone that may be holding you back. Division of problems or responsibilities. Feeling that you can only do something if you aren't being yourself or feeling that you are sharing an experience with a fake part of yourself.

To dream that you don't like sharing something represents feelings of jealousy of about limitations, compromises, or avoiding fighting. A dislike for needing to care about others feelings or be understanding to other people when you don't want to.

To dream of a sharing a meal may reflect a shared experience. Noticing yourself having an experience with an aspect of yourself based on the most obvious feelings about the food and person. Sharing food with a person or animal may reflect feelings about encouraging or assisting some area of your life.

To dream of sharing a bedroom with someone may reflect private thoughts you are having with an aspect of your personality based on whatever the feelings are strongest about the person. Negatively, it may reflect feeling stuck, enduring a problem, or privately noticing a situation is not changing when you want it to. Sharing a bedroom with a crush or attractive person may reflect holding secrets or problems telling a crush you like them. Dislike of sharing someone else's problem.

To dream of sharing information may reflect feelings about insights given or secrets revealed. It may also reflect feelings about becoming more aware than you were before. Understanding or believing in something made easier somehow.

To dream that someone is not sharing information with you may reflect feelings about lacking insights or understanding. Feeling unable to believe in something easily. Feeling ignored, excluded, or feeling "kept in the dark." Problems figuring out why something in your life is not doing what you want it to.

To dream of sharing wine represents a shared sense of celebratory accomplishment. Feeling good accomplished while noticing you were right (the person you share it with being an aspect of your own personality).

To dream of sharing a cigarette represents feelings of not being alone while enjoying being a jerk that isn't too risky. Splitting enjoying being a jerk. Feeling that you can't enjoy being a jerk that isn't too risky completeky the way you want. Feeling good noticing that someone lets you enjoy being a jerk without too much risk. Feeling good being allowed to not need to be a perfectly good person.

To dream of sharing a bill represents feelings about shared sense of responsibility or cost. Feelings about responsibility or personal cost not being a full burden. Feelings about a personal cost of a shared problem. Feelings about an aspect of your personality making a personal cost easier on you. Not liking sharing responsibilties or personal costs due to some aspect of your personality (your own habits behavior, or dislike of some other contributor you need to be costed.) Not liking not putting your own needs first.

Example: A young woman dreamed of being happy to share difficult truths about her boyfriend's personal life. In waking life she was having a long distance relationship with a boyfriend she couldn't see. The difficult truths she was happy to have shared with her may have reflected issues with feeling good listening and accepting the boyfriend's personal reasons of not being rich enough to see her in person doing the best he could to talk to her as an excuse to keep the long distance relationship going.

Example 2: A college girl living on her own dreamed of sharing a bedroom with her best-friend. In waking life she was lonely, wanted to call her friend, but private thought there was a problem so she didn't want to call her friend.


To dream of sharks represents terrifying vulnerabilities or feelings of impending doom. You may feel like you can't do anything accept wait for a negative event to slowly ruin you. Feeling very nervous about an outcome that feels dangerous or inevitable. Sharks are symbols that often appear when people are having very difficult life situations where they fear terrible consequences, are having doubts, feel that a problem is leading straight to failure while they can do nothing about it. "Troubled waters" in your life or expecting the worst. A wish to avoid a problem or confrontation at all costs. A sign that you are too hesitant or quiet about your problems.

Alternatively, sharks may also represent people or situations that you perceive to be relentless, or that have no remorse. It may also also represent your own drive to "have it all" at any cost.

To dream of riding on top of a shark may symbolize a remorseless person or situation that is helping you.

To dream of being a shark symbolizes your own uncaring drive to achieve. There is some area of your life where you have no remorse.

To dream of a dead shark represents terrifying vulnerabilities that have passed or come to an end. It may also reflect an unrelentless enemy failing. Alternatively, a dead shark may reflect your own unstoppable ambitions losing interest or being embarrassed into having to stop driven to destroy someone.

Examples: A young man dreamed of a shark swimming around him. In real life he had an illness that he felt was going to slowly destroy his life.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of riding on top of a shark. In real life she was in a divorce and in frequent contact with her lawyer who was trying to help her screw her husband over and "get it all."

Example 3: A young man dreamed of a shark off swimming closer to him. In real life he was considering suicide as his business was slowly failing.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of a shark biting her legs. In real life she had just been proposed to by her boyfriend and wasn't certain about how to respond. She felt scared that getting married would prevent her from ever feeling independent again.

Example 5: A small boy dreamed of shark trying to bite him. In waking life he was afraid of a bigger boy at school who had hit him for refusing to give away his toy. He feared being attacked again. The shark may have reflected is feelings about bully at school being cold, mean, and relentlessly controlling while also feeling he could do nothing about it.


To dream of something sharp represents your feelings about how divisive or dangerous a situation has the potential to be.

Alternatively, holding a sharp object may reflect how prepared you are to make a big change or remove a problem. Honed skills ready to go. Feeling that with your powerful or skilled self-defense something doesn't stand a chance.

*Please See Blades

*Please See Knife

*Please See Knife Sharpener


To dream of a sharpener represents feelings about preparation, refinement, self-improvement, or honing skills to ensure readiness and efficiency to start over being the best you can be. The process of improving your abilities, thoughts, or resources to better meet challenges or achieve goals. A wish to enhance your skills, knowledge, or abilities to achieve greater efficiency or effectiveness. A desire for precision, effectiveness, and excellence. "Sharpening" one's focus and clarity of purpose. A commitment to pursuing goals with concentrated effort and attention to detail.

Positively, dreaming about using a sharpener might indicate a proactive approach to personal growth, self-improvement, or readiness for upcoming tasks. A conscious effort to ensure that you are at your best, highlighting diligence, attention to detail, and a desire for excellence. A phase of learning, acquiring new skills, or embracing changes that enable you to navigate life more effectively. A proactive approach to personal or professional development. A willingness to sharpen your intellect, talents, or creative ideas to reach your goals.

Negatively, a sharpener in a dream could represent feelings of inadequacy, anxiety about not being prepared, or the pressure to perform to a certain standard. Feelings of frustration, aggression, or the desire to overcome obstacles. An obsession with perfectionism, fear of failure, or the stress associated with continuously striving to improve without acknowledging your current capabilities. Attempting to meet unrealistic standards or expectations. Alternatively, it could suggest a tendency to over-prepare or micromanage aspects of your life, potentially leading to burnout or frustration.

To dream of a knife sharpener represents a heightened readiness for conflict or separation. Preparing or improving your ability to confront conflict or remove obstacles in your life. The preparation to face difficult situations or people. Enhancing your assertiveness. Improving your ability "cut something out" of your life. A knife sharpener may also reflect your readiness to be meaner or more formidable with an opponent. A proactive approach to handling conflicts or obstacles. Determination to overcome adversity.

Negatively, dreaming about a knife sharpener may represent a tendency towards aggression or hostility. Readiness to engage in confrontations or arguments. Concerns about being attacked or feeling threatened by others, leading to a defensive stance or the need to fortify your defenses.

To dream of a pencil sharpener represents feelings about preparation, readiness, or the fine-tuning of your ability to adjust ideas, plans, or goals to be the best you can be. Your ability to avoid doing anything stupid or ineffective while believing that you could change your mind if you needed to. Concerns about making permanent decisions or commitments, preferring to keep your options open and avoid making firm choices.

Example: A young woman dreamed of using a pencil sharpener to try to sharpen a pencil for a nun. It didn't work and the nun refused to accept a new pencil. In waking life, she had broken up with her boyfriend while he wanted to get back together. In this case, the failed attempt to use a pencil sharpener to help a nun may have reflected her inability to accept herself as a perfect moral person about no sex before marriage that's open to adjusting that stance at a later time if the relationship was working well.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of her mother using a blade sharpener to bash holes in her brother's head, but it didn't hurt him or kill him. Her Dad kept watching TV as though nothing happened. In waking life, she was on holiday and didn't want to adjust her herself to prepare to go back to school, waking up early, and do homework. In this case, the blade sharpener may have reflected her feelings about nagging herself to prepare and refine her mindset to return to the disciplined school routine, which she found unpleasant and resisted.


To dream of something being shattered represents feelings of "brokenness" that feels dangerous. Being overcome with emotional trauma, losing hope, and experiencing disappointment and frustration. It can also represent a shattered sense of self, feeling completely broken, and losing a sense of identity. The complete breakdown or destruction of something that was once whole and intact. It can convey a sense of loss, trauma, or disappointment.

Positively, "shattered" can represent breaking free from limitations or obstacles, achieving a major accomplishment, and experiencing liberation and newfound possibilities.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing pieces of the moon break off and shatter all her windows. In waking life her son recently bought a book about the moon and then got served papers for a custody battle over her son by her separated husband. In this case the shattered the windows may have reflected her perspective of family life or worldview being "shattered" as well after feeling the shock of potentially losing custody of her son in a divorce. It may also reveal her insecurity, loss, and powerlessness in the face of the custody battle and the possibility of losing her relationship with her son.

*Please See Broken Glass

Shaved Head

To dream of a shaved head represents completely sacrificing the way you think. Major change to your regular habits or behavior. Giving up certain thoughts and behaviors, often negative personality traits. A shaved head is common when a person is changing their lifestyle.

Example: A woman dreamed of shaving her head. In waking life she was trying to be a vegetarian. The shaved head reflected her giving up her old non-vegan habits.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of having her head shaved and having the word "cancer" written on it. In waking life 3 weeks after the dream she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The dream may have been intuitive about the shock should experience in her near future about having to completely change he life to fight the disease.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing someone shaving their head. In waking life she was considering leaving her cheating husband and divorcing him. The shaved head in the dream may have reflected her feelings about completely changing how she thought about her lifestyle from married to single.


To dream of shaving your face represents altering your personality with changes, new ideas, or sacrificing bad habits. There are negative or unhelpful things you have been thinking and you are being objective or self-critical trying to change your ways and improve yourself.

To dream of shaving your head symbolizes making sacrifices in the way you think or giving up habits. A common symbol for people attempting to become vegetarians.

To dream of shaving your legs represents a loss of independence. To see someone else shaving their legs represents some aspect of your personality that is losing independence.


To dream of a shawl represents a display of self-respect or dignity to others. Feeling good knowing you will never lower yourself. Feeling comfortable projecting your sense of establishment or deserved power to others. Feeling good knowing that people can't embarrass you because you are too resourceful or protected.

Negatively, a shawl may reflect you or someone else that is too concerned with their dignity, accomplishments, or feelings of protection.


*Please See Scissors


To dream of skin shedding represents feelings about letting go of an unhelpful emotional state. Letting go of old habits, ways of thinking, lifestyle choices, or behaviours. Choosing to think or feel in a new way. "Shedding" the past, guilt, anger, or addiction. Letting go of your romantic feelings for someone.

To dream of a snake shedding it's skin may reflect feelings about something dangerous you are aware of about to change methods or do something different. Negatively or the potential for failure that is renewing it's efforts.


To dream of sheep represents conformity. It may be a sign that you are aren't thinking for yourself. It could also indicate that you are giving in to peer pressure or doing whatever you're told. Governing others or being governed.

Negatively, a sheep may reflect a fear of not doing what you are told. It may also reflect an arrogant abuse or exploitation of passive or docile people. Abuse of governing powers. Alternatively, it may be a sign that you don't like witnessing yourself fearing people or authority figures who are in a position to tell you what to do. Feeling like a loser because you have to do whatever someone else tells you to do.

Alternatively, a sheep may reflect people in your lifer who do whatever you tell them to.

To dream of a sheep with bulging googly eyes may reflect feelings of shock to your conservative or religious beliefs.

To dream of milking a sheep represents benefiting from conformity in some way. You may be using someone else's passivity or docile behavior to help yourself. Getting as much as you can out of someone else's conformist behavior.

To dream of sheep poop represents problems that have been created by being too conformist or too passive. Problems created because you were fearing authority too much.

To dream of holding a sheep represents how tightly you are holding on to your your faith. It may also reflect how important it feels to you to keep conformist belief during a difficult time. Negatively, holding a sheep may be a sign that you are scared of letting of a conformist belief. It may also reflect someone else's conformity or passivity that you are refusing to stop controlling.

Sheep commonly appear in the dreams of Christians to reflect their unquestioned faith or fear of not following the religious laws perfectly.

Sheep Milk

To dream of sheep milk represents conformist beliefs that balance you. Doing what your told or what others do in order to help yourself deal with a problem.

Example: A Christian believer dreamed of drinking sheep's milk. In waking life the person felt that they were being spiritually threatened while in an argument. The person was very stubborn about their beliefs while confronting the person they were arguing with. The sheep's milk reflected the conformist beliefs of the church that they recalled in order to stabilize themselves emotionally.


To dream of clothing being sheer may reflect enjoyment in experiencing other people being honest.

Negatively, a sexy sheer clothing may reflect feelings about yourself being too honest while others enjoy not having to be as honest as you are. Giving away too much power to people who don't respect you equally. Feeling too easily used or overlooked because of your honesty.

Example: A woman dreamed of her dress being too sheer. In waking life she felt that she was too honest and too open with her husband. She felt he never tried to be as open as she was. The sheer clothing may have reflected her feelings about herself be too open about revealing her honest feelings with a husband who never respected her enough to be open and honest with his.

Sheet Music

To dream of sheet music represents insight into how to create specific feelings. Setting a mood or doing what someone else wants to help them feel a certain way. Waking life situations where you are being directed or given instructions on what you others think feels best.

Positively, dreaming about sheet music may reflect communication between people that gives a partner insight into keeping them happy. Something learned about another person that makes them feel a certain way.

Negatively, sheet music in a dream may reflect a perfect method or advice on how to manipulate others emotions. It may also reflect your heightened sensitivity about needing to be perfectly considerate of others emotional state. Feeling that you are unable to be yourself because you need to comply with others emotional needs first.

*Please See Musical Notes


To dream of bed sheets represents comfort in knowing that your decisions or personal choices will not be noticed by others. Feeling good keeping a secret or private decision to yourself.

Negatively, bed sheets may reflect too much concern about your choices being noticed by others. Too much a concern for privacy or personal issues that may end up causing a lot of stress. Hiding the truth of your choices. Hiding your choices because you feel it will make you look like you aren't perfect.

Example: A woman dreamed of black bed sheets coming to life, taking the form of a person, and then overpowering her. In waking life she was concerned about personal choice not being noticed by others and eventually the issue began to morph into a problem that everyone she wanted to know about. She felt that she was preoccupied trying to hide the truth of her decision.

*Please See Bedspread


To dream of a shelf represents ideas or opportunities that are waiting to be used.

To dream of putting something on a shelf represents putting off ideas or opportunities until a later time.

Example: A man dreamed of picking up a bottle of liquor off a shelf. In waking life he began speaking to a girl he knew liked him and whom he wanted to have sex with. The shelf reflected he awareness of this girl waiting for him to talk to her so he could have sex with her whenever he wanted.


To dream of a shelter represents feelings of security or stability. Feeling good avoiding chaos or serious problems. Feeling good not being stranded or abandoned.

To dream of having no shelter may reflect feelings of chaos, being chaotically "in-between" states of security, feeling abandoned, or feeling left to deal with problems on your own. Feeling bad that nobody wants to help you.

Example: A woman dreamed of lots of moving in between shelters. In waking life she was "in between" having a stable home to live in while staying at someone else's home.


To dream of a Sheriff represents feelings about protection or authority in the face of danger or chaos. Protection and authority for what works and what doesn't. External support or intervention to help get through a difficult time. A need for support and guidance in dealing with challenges in their life, such as a difficulty letting go. Struggling to make sense of emotions and find a way to move on. A need for guidance or support in navigating complex emotional situations. A sense of safety or security during a time of chaos and crisis. A desire for stability or a need for someone or something to help maintain a sense of order and control during uncertain times. Making sure there is backup to avoid problems. Feelings about never giving up trying to impose control over a non-working situation. A need for outside intervention.

Negatively, dreaming about a sheriff represents an excessive need for authority to protect and intervene. You may feel oppressed by those in power or have a fear of authority. The dream may also symbolize intervention into situations that you don't agree with, or a dislike for intervention when you are the cause of a problem. Feelings of not protecting yourself enough.

To dream of a retired sheriff represents adopting a casual and nonchalant attitude towards what works and what doesn't, without giving it the importance it deserves.

To dream of a sheriff trying to clear your name may represent the need for someone in authority to intervene and help clear your reputation or image. This could suggest a desire for someone to step in and support you when you are feeling unfairly judged or criticized. It may also symbolize a need for justice and fairness in a situation where you feel that your character or actions have been misunderstood or misrepresented.

Example: A young woman dreamed of her Dad's friend who was a retired sheriff asking her what had happened to her dead brother. She said "All did was call on Jesus and it didn't work." In waking life the dreamer was having a hard time getting over a crush on a teacher. She felt that once she was emotional over the teacher than her feelings would come back. Praying didn't help her. In this case the symbolism of the retired sheriff" in the dream may represent the dreamer's approach to decision-making, where she may be adopting a casual and nonchalant attitude towards what works and what doesn't, without giving it the importance it deserves.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of problem situation with her friend that she felt needed the sheriff to be called, but she was told that the sheriff was in meetings all day. Her friend begged her not to call the authorities. In waking life the dreamer felt that her friend was wasting her time with an abusive husband and wouldn't separate from him in a healthy manner. In this case the sheriff may represent the dreamer's feelings about the difficulties of dealing with a friend's abusive relationship and the need for outside intervention.


To dream of a shield represents mental, or emotional protection. It symbolizes thoughts or habits that protect you, keep you away from trouble, or provide self-defense. You may be vulnerable, trying to preserve yourself or resisting negativity in some manner. Deflecting arguments or withstanding an attack. Fending something off. Defending yourself from criticism. Feeling that someone is attacking you personally.

If you see an evil or bad person with a shield this symbolizes negative thinking patterns or situations that are difficult to overcome. You may have bad habits, or personality flaws that are difficult to give up. You might also be dealing with a difficult person or situation that is resisting you. Alternatively, it may reflect defense of your own bad habits or bad intentions.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a shield being placed over his wife's belly. In waking life his wife had just given birth and he was very protective of her by keeping people away from her while he recovered.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of needing to shield herself from being splashed with blood from a girl who had committed suicide in real life. In waking life she was trying to emotionally shield herself from depression and thinking of suicide.


To dream of something being shiny represents feelings about some area of your life having nothing wrong with it. Impressiveness that has nothing wrong with it. Impressive newness. Perfect vitality. Perfect success.

Negatively, dreaming about something shiny may reflect awareness of dishonest behavior that never stops talking about itself as being impressive with nothing wrong with it.

To dream of giving something a shine may reflect feelings of needing to make some area of your life more impressive. Needing to talk about yourself in more impressive ways for the sake of appearances because it's more professional.

Example: A man dreamed of his father putting a thick layer of shoe polish on his shoes to clean them giving them a shine. In waking life he was unemployed and having trouble getting a job. The polish used to clean and shine his shoes may have reflected his awareness of needing to start talking about himself in a more impressive way in order to get a job.

*Please See Daylight


To dream of a large ship represents navigation or exploration of negative situations without risk. Uncertainty in your life that you are dealing with without feeling pressure, intimidation, or embarrassment. Experiencing uncertain or challenging circumstances, while maintaining a sense of security, control, or unassailability. Ships in dreams may reflect your ability or resources to 'sail' through difficult times, face adversity, or deal with emotional turmoil. You may be confronting issues or navigating through life's ups and downs without feeling pressured, intimidated, or embarrassed.

Positively, dreaming about a large ship might indicate that you have the necessary resources, support, or strength to handle problems or challenges that come your way. It could suggest resilience, perseverance, or the ability to maintain composure in the face of adversity.

To dream of a sinking ship may represent feelings about being overwhelmeed by uncertainty, a fear of failure, or a worry about not being able to handle the challenges or problems you're facing. It could symbolize a situation in your life that's falling apart, or a feeling of impending disaster.

*Please See Boat

*Please See Battleship

*Please See Aircraft Carrier


To dream of a shipwreck represents being or feeling curtailed. Problems arising or unforeseen distractions that take you off course while trying to confront a problem. Feeling stuck in a situation you don't want to be in. Feeling like a failure that can't do anything about it. Feeling stranded in life with no hope to begin confronting problems.

Alternatively, being shipwrecked in a dream may reflect feelings of having lost a sense of power or importance you felt with a serious problem you liked confronting. People with serious jobs they like who suddenly get taken off those jobs may experience a dream of being shipwrecked.


*Please See Topless


To dream of a shirt in a dream represents your personality style. The style and color of the shirt represent the way you are choosing to think or behave.

To dream of being shirtless or losing your shirt represents embarrassment or feeling forced to be honest.

To dream of a white shirt represents the personality being genuine, honest, or proper. Alternatively, a white shirt may reflect personality changes. A negative thinking pattern is being corrected or life is forcing you to change yourself.

*Please See T-Shirt

*Please See Sweatshirt

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