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Snake Skin

To dream of snake skin represents you or someone else that projects the feeling of corruption, contamination, or threats of total failure. Feelings projected about the possibility of corruption, ruination, or failure. Suspicious feelings about others trying to corrupt or ruin you.

To dream of wearing snake skin clothing represents an aspect of your personality that feels as though it's corrupting anything not listening to it. The personality that chooses to get back at people with corruption or total failure for not listening.

To dream of shedded snake skin represents feelings about behavior not longer needing to think of a previous way of corruption, insidiousness, or being subjected to the fear of total failure. Feelings of corruption that are not important or serious anymore. Immorality or corruption experienced as a past issue.

Example: A woman dreamed of eating shed snake skin. In waking life she had interest in a man, but her strong religious father and personal faith made her feel that considering it even in passing may be immoral.


To dream of a poisonous snake represents feelings about corruption or contamination. Snakes in dreams also tend to reflect a person's fear of total failure or serious losses. Feelings about a person or problem totally permanently ruining you. A dangerous or tricky problem you want to avoid.

Areas of your life that spoil everything associated with them. People that can't be trusted or that you feel are dangerous to not avoid. A snake could also reflect your own lack of integrity or deceptive behavior. Noticing yourself being an "evil asshole." A snake may also represent a bad influence or a person that you don't like. A person with no family values.

Often snakes point to situations that are difficult to resist, morally troublesome, or have traps that you wish to avoid. Snakes may also reflect bad habits, people, or situations that sour your mood, spirit, or good intentions. An addiction that is difficult to resist.

To dream of being bitten by a snake represents feelings about having succumb to negative influence or feelings of total failure. Feelings of corruption that have overwhelmed you. Giving in to addictions to bad influences. Suffering a loss of some kind.

To dream of fearing being bitten by a snake represents your fear of losing something important or a fear of total failure. You may fear losing power, control, safety, or your integrity.

To dream of a dead snake represents overcoming a corrupting or negative influence in your life. It may also reflect a threat of total loss that is dissipating.

Black snakes usually represent a fear of total failure. It may also reflect your feelings about the potential for corruption or excessive losses. A fear of enemies getting to control you or ruin you. Alternatively, a black snake may represent your full awareness of yourself being a liar or bad influence. Organized planning to steal or destroy other people's integrity.

A copper colored snake represents a fear of losing an opportunity to get something you are desperate to have. Fearing total loss of something you are hopelessly striving for. Allowing your desire to scare you. A fear based on a delusional belief that if you lose something special that you will lose everything you have. Alternatively, copper colored snake could represent your own hopeless or desperate attempts to scare others with total failure. Risking everything you have to corrupt others that only embarrasses you. It can also point to hurting people, lying, cheating, stealing, or disrespecting others because you can't have what you want. A light brown snake is often mistaken for a copper colored snake so consider both colors for your dream.

A light brown snake represents a fear of loss or total failure due to an improvement in your life. Fearing that fixing something will make your life worse. A positive opportunity to improve yourself that scares scares you. Powerful insecurity or a fear of embarrassment if you achieve your goals. (e.g A boy you like finding out you're a bad kisser or a virgin if you end up dating him, or fearing the government demanding more money from you if you are honest with your taxes). A copper snake is often mistaken for a light brown snake so consider both colors for your dream.

To dream of a dark brown snake may represent a fear of an improvement in your life spoiling other areas of your life. Fearing getting rid of a problem because it will make your life worse. Fearing getting rid of something important to you and becoming a failure because of it. Alternatively, a dark brown snake may reflect your own deceptive intentions to force someone else to get rid of something they don't want to get rid of.

A white snake represents a fear of total loss caused by a requirement to be perfect. Good intentions that cause others total failure. Something genuine or positive in your life that corrupts or contaminates everything else around it. Something with good intentions that has no tolerance for alternative choices. A white snake with blue venom may represent consequences that are in your best interest, but don't feel good. A fear of maturing or having to be honest. A "total evil asshole" in your life that demands perfection that you feel is excessive.

To dream of a light blue snake represents a positive person or situation that scares you with losing all you have if you don't behave positive. A fear of total failure if you are caught doing a single thing wrong. It may reflect something in your life that is being guarded or that demands total adherence to specific rules. Alternatively, a light blue snake may reflect a positive person or situation that is antagonistic to your goals. A good person that undermines you.

A dark green snake represents a corrupting influence that is selfish, arrogant, or greedy. Selfish thoughts or habits that undermine other more positive areas of your life. A strong need to put yourself first or powerful insecurities that derail a genuine endeavor. Selfishness that corrupts all else. A fear of total failure due to someone else's selfishness.

To dream of riding on the back of a snake represents feelings about something dangerous you are using to scare people away from you. Enjoying making people feel you are dangerous. Feeling that it's easy to scare people with severe losses if they get in your way. Alternatively, it may reflect a feeling of safety you get from being able to make other people feel you are too dangerous.

To dream of a being choked by a snake may represent feelings about a negative influence that is preventing you from expressing yourself.

Females often dream of snakes when they fear sex, getting pregnant, or losing their virginity.

Example: A girl once dreamed of a poisonous snake that seduced her and was impossible to resist. In real life she was dealing with an extremely attractive man that was pursuing her that she didn't trust. The snake reflected her view of this man being a "player" and just telling her whatever she wanted to hear in order to sleep with her.

Example 2: A woman dream of a white snake. In waking life she lived in a strict religious community. Due to the religious laws of this community she was unable to express herself or do anything that wasn't approved by the community. The white snake reflected her feelings about the strict morality laws of the religious community corrupting all her happiness.

Example 3: A man once dreamed of running through a forest trying to avoid snakes. In real life he was confronting a number of dangerous problems at once.

Example 4: A woman once dreamed of being choked by a snake. In real life she was resisting revealing her sexual desire for a co-worker out of fear that she'd be fired. The snake reflected her fear of being fired that was preventing her from expressing her feelings.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of being threatened by a number of dark brown snakes. In waking life her husband threatened to leave her and not talk to her again. The dark brown snakes reflected her fear of losing her husband that could spoil her family life forever.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of a grey snake chasing her. In waking life she was having anxiety about the COVID-19 virus destroying her business and harming her daughter. The snake in this case may have reflected her anxieties about COVID-19 corrupting or ruining all her hopes for her business and family.

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To dream of Snapchat represents feelings about social interactions or communication that are casual, fleeting, or lasting a very short time. An awareness of information or experiences that are quickly coming into and fading out of your life, mimicking the application's feature of disappearing messages. A focus on the immediate present moment, prioritizing spontaneity, or highlighting the fleeting nature of certain experiences. Interaction with others that doesn't allow appearances to be embarrassed because nothing matters for long.

Positively, dreaming about Snapchat might symbolize an appreciation for temporary, unique moments in life. A desire to live in the moment, enjoying experiences for their impermanence. Acceptance and celebration of change, impermanence, or the dynamic flow of life. The dream could also suggest a form of communication that is direct, quick, and devoid of unnecessary complexities.

Negatively, dreaming about Snapchat could represent feelings of frustration or anxiety about missed opportunities, unrecorded moments, or the fast-paced nature of certain experiences. Feelings about dishonest social interaction, such as relationship cheating, where evidence is quickly erased. A fear of forgetting important moments or a struggle to keep up with rapidly changing circumstances.

Example: A woman dreamed of being suspicious of her husband and decided to check his phone. She found messages on Instagram and Snapchat of him exchanging flirtation and nude photos with other girls. In waking life, she felt the urge to go through her husband's phone to address her insecurities, but controlled herself instead. In this case, seeing her husband use Snapchat to send flirtatious messages and nude pictures may have reflected her feelings about potentially discovering evidence of her husband's casual, short-lasting, and possibly dishonest interactions with other women. The fleeting nature of Snapchat messages in the dream might symbolize her fear of infidelity, her insecurities about the stability of their relationship, and the perceived difficulty of obtaining concrete evidence due to the transient nature of such interactions.

Snapping Turtles

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To dream of trying to sneak into a building or sneak past someone may reflect an awareness of yourself trying to bypass someone else's concerns. Doing something behind someone's back without them knowing about it. Bypassing something to secure an opportunity. Avoidance.

Alternatively, sneaking in a dream may reflect feelings about yourself or other people being up to no good. Concealing true feelings.

Negatively, sneaking may reflect feelings of taking a risk when you know you should be more passive. Risking cheating yourself. Feeling that you have something to hide. Taking risks to avoiding losing an opportunity.

Example: A young man dreamed of trying to sneak into an airport. In waking life he had a fever and was risking making it worse trying to do his homework.

Example 2: A man dreamed of trying to sneak past someone. In waking life he was trying to avoid a woman he had sexual relations with.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of having to sneak off to hide his bowel problems from friends. In waking life he was actually having bowel problems and was trying to casually hide this problem with new friends he met.


To dream of sneeze represents heightened sensitivity to a situation or problem. Showing weakness or flaws. Embarrassment that something is too strong for you. Sneezing may also reflect feelings that you are wimp or too sensitive to an issue. Sensitivity about losing anything at all.

To dream of faking sneezing represents waking life situations where you are faking weakness, oversensitivity, or embarrassing yourself on purpose.


To dream of a sniper represents stealthy and precise decision-making. It may reflect your attempt to completely embarrass someone without being noticed. Secretly trying to stop something. Trying to stop a person or problem without being caught. Getting back at someone behind their back. Hidden aggression. You or someone else that may need to find a way to express anger in a more constructive manner.

Alternatively, a sniper may reflect your feeling that people are secretly working to fail you or embarrass you.

To dream of killing a sniper may reflect waking life situations where you have headed off a potential embarrassment or confronted someone who was working against you behind your back.

Snoop Doggy Dog Rapper

To dream of Snoop Dog the rapper represents an aspect of personality that is more incredible than other people (or gets the most attention) for behavior that's notoriously feeling good being more arrogant than someone else about being laid back and having a good time no matter what happens that nobody thinks is a problem either. An aspect of your personality that stands out for its cool, laid-back demeanor, and perhaps a hint of arrogance in its self-assurance about nothing being a problem.

Positively, dreaming about Snoop Doggy Dog may represent feelings of coolness, confidence, and the ability to navigate life's challenges with a laid-back attitude with nobody getting back at you.

Negatively, dreaming about Snoop Dogg could represent an overemphasis on appearing unfazed or too laid-back no matter what, to the point where it might come across as careless, dismissive, or bad influence.

Rap Stars in general may represent arrogance, toughness, or showing off about proving yourself that will never lose or give up. A rap star may also reflect behavior that likes to show off talking back to people with an attitude that other people can't do anything about.

Example: A man dreamed of a Snoop Dog concert behind a CVS/Walgreens store. In waking life, he was experiencing the lingering impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. In this case, Snoop Dog may have reflected his desire for a carefree and enjoyable experience, even in challenging times.

Snoopy The Cartoon Dog

To dream of Snoopy The Cartoon Dog represents feelings about an aspect of your personality that is ridiculous about repeatedly seeing itself with behavior that likes thinking it's never difficult to think about itself however it wants to like it's awesome without ever considering the most important part. An aspect of your personality that is whimsically confident and carefree that embarrasses itself never considering how serious the most important part is.

Negatively, dreaming about Snoopy could suggest that you are avoiding responsibilities or not taking important matters seriously enough. A tendency to escape from reality or a reluctance to face difficult situations head-on. A need to strike a balance between your playful, carefree nature and your obligations and commitments. Perhaps you feel that your playful, carefree attitude is being misunderstood or is inappropriate in certain situations, leading to conflicts or misunderstandings with others.


*Please See Sleeping


To dream of snoring represents feelings about embarrassing obliviousness to others feelings or to what is happening around you. Annoyance that someone or something is completely oblivious to you or so concerned with their own feelings they don't even think listening to you matters. Obliviousness that looks stupid not paying attention. Obliviousness from others that interferes with your focus or comfort.

Negatively, dreaming about snoring may reflect feelings about obliviousness of others you feel you can bypass or be dishonest with. Obliviousness that doesn't
believe it looks stupid. Obliviousness that thinks you have a temporary moment of time to get away with something.


To dream of seeing snot represents a wish to hastily or permanently be rid of something that disgusts you. Feelings about something that is disgustingly embarrassing to be associated with. Someone or something that you would be very happy to never see again.

*Please See Nose


To dream of snow on the ground represents an unpleasant, cold, or terrible situation you have to put up with until it completely goes away on it's own. A situation that feels unforgiving until it's finished. A situation that feels so cold that nobody does anything for you. Suffering with delays or no progress. A lack of momentum in your life. Not liking having to wait. Harsh and difficult times.

Positively, dreaming about snow may reflect a fresh start in some area of your life that happens all on it's own. Never believing that problem would fix on it's own and discovering that it did. The emptiness of one situation ending bringing a pleasant new beginning to another situation. A new feeling of security or a second chance because you have to. Experiencing something that has come to an end because it had to. Alternatively, snow may symbolize spiritual peace, tranquility or a new sense of clarity because something else took over.

Negatively, snow may reflect how harsh or cold a cleansing experience is. A very unpleasant new beginning or feeling as though you're being punished. Emotional isolation. Feeling "out on the cold" or like you got a "cold shoulder." A loss, a breakup, or an unpleasant ending of some kind. Coldness of a relationship where you are not getting along or talking to each other that may take time to pass. Keeping someone else "out in the cold."

Dreams of snow may also reflect your feelings about putting up with snowy weather in your waking life.

Melting snow represents obstacles or fears that are dissolving. Delays ending and progress beginning.

To dream of playing in the snow represent enjoyment or relaxation after a troubling experience. Alternatively, the dream is a sign that you are taking advantage of an opportunity that feels unfair, cold,, or where nothing is happening. Feeling good that other people are ripped off and you're not.

To dream finding something in the snow represents the discovery of hidden talents or abilities within yourself. Discovering what you can do when nothing good is happening. You may have discovered a new opportunity. It may also reflect new feelings of acceptance or forgiveness after a difficult experience.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing light snow beginning to fall from the sky on to the street. In real life he had solved a nagging health problem because it went away on it's own. The snow falling reflected the "beautiful emptiness" of his health problem improving on it's own with nothing helping him.

Example 2: A man dreamed of walking out of his yard into the street to find it cold and covered in snow. In waking life he felt that he was all on his own to deal with personal problems that would take a long time to go away on their own.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing the ground covered in snow with a dove bird flying in front of him. In waking life he felt his old immoral life never mattered again, but had to endure waiting for a lot of work to finish before he could make money again.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of snow outside. In waking life she felt that her relationship with her friend was cold and distant. In this case the snow may have reflected the cold feelings in her relationship with her friend that she felt would take a long time to go away on their own.

Example 5: A person dreamed of snow. In waking life they couldn't use their camera because there was no way to get any film yet. In this case the snow may have reflected the unpleasant feelings of having to put up with waiting for the film to arrive to enjoy the camera.

Snow Globe

To dream of a snow globe represents pleasant feelings or comfort in noticing yourself not having to deal with a problem. Feeling good only thinking about finishing something off for good.

Negatively, a snow globe may be a sign that you are not serious enough about dealing with a problem or are procrastinating too much. You keep telling yourself that you'll do something, but you never do.

Snow Shovel

To dream of a snow shovel represents your attempt to reduce the severity or harshness of an experience. Giving yourself space or making things easier during an experience that you feel is terrible. Trying your hardest to dig your way out of a problem that's swamped you.

Alternatively, a snow shovel may reflect trying your hardest to move on after a negative experience is over.

Snow White

To dream of Snow White may represent feelings about innocence, purity, and goodness that is overcoming envy or jealousy that must remain dormant until someone with good intentions saves you by approving of you. Virtue, beauty, and grace under pressure. Being "woken up" or inspired by a perfect person in your life.

Negatively, Snow White may reflect represent feelings of being kept inactive, unable to voice your thoughts or take action. Feelings of being helpless, passive, or dormant in a situation waiting for rescue. It may also reflect a feeling of being sidelined or overlooked despite being innocent, pure, or good. Alternatively, it could signify unrealistic expectations about "waking up" from a difficult situation only through the intervention of someone else.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing Snow White inside a cave wearing a yellow dress. In waking life, someone incredibly successful needed his help to fix a problem that required him to remain perfectly passive about the problem for a few months. In this case, Snow White may have reflected his feelings about himself being the 'savior' or the good-intentioned person who was needed to save the day, while having to remain patient and passive until the right moment came. In this scenario, the dreamer saw himself in the role of the 'prince' who could awaken the virtue (or solution) from its dormant state.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of Snow White. In waking life, she felt that her second husband woke her up to true love. In this case, Snow White may have reflected her perception of her own innocence and purity in her new relationship, embodying virtue, beauty, and grace, having overcome previous jealousy or envy from her past.


To dream of throwing a represents testing someone with saying something terrible just to see what they will do. Childlike relations through verbal assaults. Feeling good like family being mean to each other. A seemingly small inconsequential action that may lead to significant consequences.

To dream of a snowball that grows as it goes downhill represents a problem situation that is growing larger, gaining momentum, and becoming difficult to stop. A "snowball effect" may reflect a small change that leads to a significant change.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing children throwing snowballs. In waking life she had experienced herself adult friends relating to each other as children do.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a snowball rolling down a hill to becoming very large and dangerous. The scene eventually transformed into a perfect field of snow as far as the eye could see. In waking life the dreamer was observing Alex Jones from Infowars involved in a litigation that kept getting worse until it was impossible to control with ridiculous penalties and nobody ever seemed to force liquidate his business to pay it off. A smaller lawsuit turned into an outrageous larger settlement for damages.


To dream of snowboarding represents feelings about enjoying not having to be responsible. Partying or enjoying yourself during the holidays. Situations that are "perfectly fixed" or "finished" and allow you to let loose. Enjoying showing off with family during holidays. Feelings about being an expert at showing off during time off or holidays.

Negatively, a snowboard may reflect feelings about recklessly doing whatever you want when you don't need to. Excessive partying or drinking during holidays. Showing off in ways that ignore family life after work or serious situations are finished. Immature or irresponsible behavior. Wasting a good opportunity to show off.

Example: A young man dreamed of losing his snowboard and then finding it again. In waking life he was having an argument with his girlfriend about his excessive drinking during the holidays.


To dream of snowflakes represents feelings about a new start, balancing, purification, or peace. A sense of a troubling situation settling. Feelings about witnessing a new start or troubling situation balancing. Negatively, it may reflect feelings about a sense of a new start to a problem that could potentially become terrible.

To dream of a single snowflake represents feelings about how unique or special a new start, balancing, purification, or sense of peace is.

*Please See Snow


To dream of a snowman represents feelings about temporariness that doesn't mind not listening to why it won't last forever. Situations or plans that may not last forever.

Example: A woman dreamed of her husband trying to pack his snowman into the back of a SUV. In waking life she was experiencing her husband wanting to take Monday off work after he slept the weekend away because felt he had missed out on the weekend. In this case the snowman may have reflected her feelings about her husband not accepting the why the weekend wouldn't last.


To dream of a snowmobile represents a take charge attitude during terrible conditions. Forging ahead with power and courage during tough times. Getting the job done despite how bad things have gotten.


*Please See Blizzard


To dream of a snowsuit represents the personality being ready to confront terrible emotions at any time. Readiness to face a problem at any time. A situation where you are totally preoccupied with having to start your life over. Feeling that you are "head deep" in having to start over or redo some area of your life. A constant state of confronting your hardest limitations.

Negatively, a snowsuit may reflect feelings that nothing is helping you with a problem related to starting over. Feeling that you are always "head deep" in starting over with a situation making no real progress, Feeling that you are constantly needing shield yourself from terrible hurt or very unpleasant emotions.

Example: A woman dreamed that her daughter was wearing a padded snowsuit that protected her from injury as she was struck by a car. In waking life this woman's daughter was killed when she was struck by a car. The woman was having issues dealing with the loss of her daughter and having to discuss her daughter's death. The padded snowsuit may have reflected her feelings about being more emotionally prepared to talk or think about her daughter's death and the effects of it on her life.


To dream of snuggling represents feelings of comfort, safety, and emotional warmth in relationships or situations. A desire for closeness, intimacy, affection, and a sense of belonging. Affectionate bonding with others. Your current need for emotional support or your wish to provide such support to someone else. A deep connection with someone in your waking life or a longing for a more intimate relationship.

Positively, dreaming about snuggling may represent feelings of contentment, love, and acceptance within your relationships. A harmonious bond between you and someone else, signifying trust, love, and mutual respect. A reflection of your satisfaction with the emotional support and security you are currently experiencing. Longing for security, reassurance, and nurturing interactions with loved ones. A sense of belonging, trust, and mutual appreciation is shared between you and those closest to you.

Negatively, dreaming of snuggling may represent dependency issues, fear of loneliness, feelings of isolation, or longing for emotional intimacy if you currently lack meaningful connections or supportive relationships in your life. An excessive need for comfort or reassurance from others, pointing to vulnerabilities or insecurities in your emotional life. Escapism or a desire to avoid confronting problems, symbolizing a retreat into comfort as a means of avoiding challenging situations or emotions. Unmet needs for affection, understanding, or companionship

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a boyfriend and girlfriend snuggling up together after witnessing a scary alligator lose its teeth. In waking life, her father-in-law had a medical emergency after falling down and was now recovering. Her husband was about to get released from jail. In this case, the boyfriend and girlfriend snuggling may have reflected her feelings about having a wonderful reason to talk to her husband about his father's recovery giving them both a sense of comfort, safety, closenss, and emotional warmth in their relationship.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her boyfriend snuggling with another woman. In waking life, she was insecure about unknowns at her boyfriend's work life. In this case, the boyfriend snuggling with another woman may have reflected her fears and insecurities about her boyfriend's new sense of closeness to his job and the possibility of emotional or physical infidelity due to the unknown aspects of his work life.


To dream of soap represents a conscious decision to cleanse your life, beliefs, or your past. A healthy or proactive decision to make a change. Choosing to get rid of something negative or unpleasant about yourself or your life. You may feel emotionally dirty or guilty and want to wash away the shame. Perhaps, you need to confess something. Discussing your feelings and openly allowing frustrations to come out.

Alternatively, soap may represent a situation that gives you the ability to fix or rid yourself of problems on your own.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a porn star naked on a bed bent over with soap coming out of her vagina. In waking life the dreamer was experiencing himself seeing a beautiful girl he knew on Facebook break up with her boyfriend. He felt the girl was unintelligent about the boyfriend using her for sex and was surprised to see the girl breakup. The soap coming out of the vagina may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about the beautiful girl deciding to never have sex with her boyfriend again and cleanse him from her life by permanently breaking up.

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Soap Opera

To dream of a Soap Opera represents a very dramatic experience or very overly dramatic behavior.


*Please See Flying


*Please See Crying


To dream of soccer represents competitive thinking about not cheating with being perfectly capable of doing things on your own. An attitude of "hands off easy" while competing with others over doing things on your own the hard way. Competition where choosing easy options to avoid difficulty or quick fixes aren't allowed. Proving yourself all the time that you can do things the hard way. Feeling fine that you don't have to "hands things to yourself easy" while being competitive. Competition where it's important to prove yourself never asking for anyone's help.

Negatively, dreaming of soccer may indicate competitiveness in which you don't want to say to others why something is difficult to do easily on your own. Competitiveness that doesn't mind leaving people behind doing things the difficult way. Feeling that nobody is talking about why doing something difficult isn't difficult while you feel you can't keep up.

Example: A man dreamed of walking onto a soccer field. In waking life he was having an argument at work with a co-worker about which method was best to get a job done. In this case the soccer symbolism may have reflected the dreamers feelings about being competitive with his co-worker about being capable of solving a difficult work problem on his own without cheating anything. The soccer field was a new competitive playing field at work where people show off that where difficult work is easy to never cheat with.

Example 2: A 17 year-old teenage male dreamed of seeing a professional soccer match lose. A young woman he knew that gave him sexual tension sat on his lap during the game. In waking life he was jealous of experiencing his friends have girlfriends of the appropriate age while the girl he liked was 14 and age inappropriate. Watching the soccer match in this case may have reflected his feelings about being a spectator to his friends being competitive for girls and all capable of having girlfriends of appropriate ages while he felt like a cheater with sexual tension for someone too young for him. He felt "hands off" for the girl he liked because she was too young while his friends didn't have that problem.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing his son in white shirt and shorts playing soccer on a field with one other person. In waking life it was the 1 year anniversary of his son's death. In this case soccer may represent the man's feelings about the competitive nature of life and his need to prove to himself and others that he can continue to face life's challenges even after the loss of his son.

*Please See Soccer Ball

Soccer Ball

To dream of a soccer ball represents an issue where you feel competitive attitude about never cheating at something difficult you are capable of doing on your own. Competition where doing things on your own is important to do with no shortcuts. Competitive issue where proving yourself without asking for help is important. Competitive feelings about no cheating at school or work doing things the hard way.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing a small boy with a deflated soccer ball on his head with bees swarming around his face. In waking life, the dreamer was ignoring her school work for days before the dream appeared. In this case, the deflated soccer ball may reflect the dreamer's "deflated" competitive attitude about getting school work done without taking shortcuts.

Social Media

To dream of social media represents feelings about managing interactions with others that seem more consequential than usual, as though everything you say or do is closely monitored or considered. A heightened sense of power or importance as you perceive others paying close attention to your status or activities. Your awareness of other people's attention to your thoughts and actions, embodying social validation, attention, or recognition. How you feel about your social influence, reputation, or connections.

Negatively, dreaming about social media could represent feelings of managing impersonal interaction with other people that notices status and everything you say or do is closely monitored or considered. The stress of maintaining impersonal interactions that revolve around one's status or the ongoing affairs of others. Social connections that feel distant or detached. An unhealthy preoccupation with online validation, a fear of negative judgment, issues of self-comparison, or discomfort with the idea of keeping up with others' interest in you. Insecurity, loneliness, or the fear of missing out. Longing for more personal and intimate connections, rather than superficial interactions. Pressure to make others believe that everything in your life is progressing perfectly or working out great.

Example: A young woman dreamed of the older sister of her ex-crush text messaging her about her crush not accepting any messages on social media, which made the dreamer mad. In waking life, the woman was currently arguing with her mother. In this case, refusing to accept messages on social media may have reflected her feelings about her mother arguing with her about an issue she felt was too socially impersonal to be involved with.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of wanting to use social media apps with someone, but they refused. The person wouldn't even talk on the phone to her, preferring personal contact when the time was right. In waking life, the woman was very depressed about her appearance and mental capacity. In this case, the social media apps being refused may have reflected her feelings about her inability to connect with others or present herself positively in a social context due to her depression and recent disappointment.

Example 3: A teenage girl dreamed of her friend saying that the boy she had a crush on was on social media with her, but couldn't to him herself. In waking life, she lost her phone and was unable to talk to her crush and didn't want him to think she was ignoring him. In this case, the friend talking to her crush on social media might have reflected her feelings about keeping up to date with the social activities and relationship status of her crush in an impersonal way.

*Please See Facebook

*Please See Instagram

*Please See Snapchat

*Please See Twitter

*Please See WhatsApp

*Please See Youtube


To dream of socks represents comfort, confidence, ordinariness, or what you have become used to about yourself. Carefully thought out ideas within your own mind about you belief is right.

Black or red socks may point to arrogance, overconfidence, resting on your laurels, or the abuse of power.


To dream of Socrates may represent your wish to have fairness or be respected. You may feel that you are not being treated equally or given a fair shot. You may worried that all your hard work was for nothing. It may also reflect your concern that you have not done anything wrong.

Soda Pop

*Please See Soft Drinks


To dream of sodomy represents feelings of violation of social norms about believing in yourself liking who you are. Discomfort, taboo, shame, guilt, or humiliation related to activities or choices that are perceived as unconventional, taboo, or against social norms of what other people think about you. Anxieties or struggling with concerns about being ostracized or punished for defying social norms. Internal conflict, confusion, or self-judgment regarding one’s identity, preferences, or behaviors that are perceived as deviant or unacceptable. Feelings of control, vulnerability, or agency in the dreamer's waking life.

Negatively, dreaming about sodomy could represent feelings of fear, rejection, or condemnation for believing in yourself liking who you are in non-conforming ways. Conflict over preferences that you believe are not widely accepted. Internalized shame, self-criticism, or self-hatred due to perceived abnormal behaviors. Feelings of being torn between what one has been taught to believe and one's true feelings.

Example: An older woman dreamed of a man standing in court facing criminal charges for sodomy of her disabled schizophrenic son. She felt pain and wanted to grab a knife. In waking life, she felt bad about not taking care of her disabled schizophrenic son enough and it made her mad at herself. In this case, the man facing sodomy charges may have reflected her feelings of violation against her own principles or societal norms due to her perceived neglect or inability to provide adequate care for her disabled son, leading to feelings of deep shame and self-blame. She may have perceived herself as immoral for not caring enough about a disabled person as much as she usually does in order to enjoy her personal life more.


*Please See Couch

Soft Drinks

To dream of a soft drink or soda pop represents a convenient choice that feels good noticing you don't need to waste time. Feeling good noticing that not wasting time is easy. Not needing to be successful in order to enjoy a situation working quickly. Enjoying easy answers or easy solutions to problems. An easy or pleasant option available to avoid wasting time jealous. Feeling good noticing you are not jealous at all because you can quickly cancel something.

Negatively, a soft drink may reflect a lack of respect for someone else with how quickly or easily you can cancel something that makes you jealous. Dishonest use of quick and easy options to cancel out jealous. Being too accustomed to the easy quick solutions that are unhealthy long-term. Lacking appreciation for how easy it is to embarrass someone else with a quick choice.

To dream of Coke or Coca Cola represents a convenient choice that feels good not wasting any time jealous while being original and honest. Feeling good being original without dishonesty or crime. Enjoying being original or having easy access to something original. Feeling good knowing you never have to compromise or explain yourself. Enjoying a classic option. A choice that feels good never wasting any time while nobody thinks anything is wrong with it.

To dream of Pepsi Cola represents a convenient choice that feels good not wasting time jealous while being more hip or "with it" than someone else. Wanting to feel good conveniently subverting something terrible with a new idea. Wanting to quickly fix a problem or relationship with ideas that are hipper or less boring than what is currently being experienced. Enjoying experiencing a situation or choice that is more "hip", progressive, or less restrictive than the status quo. Feeling good about not needing to be original or feeling that being original is boring. Enjoying doing things different than everyone else. Feeling good being "hipper" than someone older than you.

To dream of Orange Crush Soda represents a convenient choice that feel good not wasting any time being powerful like it's easy. Feeling good being power without wasting time because everyone else thinks it's a good idea too.

To dream of a soft drink delivery truck represents decision making that is focused on making life enjoyably easier for other people. Decisions involves doing all the hard work for others so they can simply feel good having an easy time. You or someone else that is enjoying others feeling good having it easy. Negatively, a soft drink delivery truck may reflect anxiety or jealousy that other people will given advantages that you believe are too easy or dangerous. Enabling easy advantages to people who don't appreciate them.

To dream of a soda or soft drink advertisement represents an attempt to interest others in choose an easy option that feels good not wasting any time. Feeling good that there is nothing wrong with choices that don't waste time making some area of your life a lot easier. Enticing or trying to convince others to try a much more easier, enjoyable, quicker way of doing things. You or someone else that is offering others the chance to make life easy and laugh about it.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing birds in a cage swimming in a pool of Coca Cola. In waking she was experiencing some very positive changes that she couldn't act on yet. Her first or original choice in a matter was easily available to her again after first being rejected.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of carefully holding Coca Cola in her hands swishing around as a car drove hastily in reverse to get onto the highway. In waking life she was desperately holding on to a lucky opportunity to get her dream job and first choice for a career after first believing it was impossible to have. In this case desperately holding on to bottle Coca Cola may have reflected her feelings about needing to carefully protect an easy option to have her dream job.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being jealous that her boyfriend was going to drink Orange Crush soda. In waking life her boyfriend was thinking of breaking up with her after seeking counsel from other people.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing Pepsi Cola in her fridge thinking it was her mother's can. In waking life her boyfriend was thinking of breaking up with her and she was hoping God would carry to her a new way to be happy with her boyfriend so she could keep him.

Example 5: A young girl dreamed of having no more Pepsi Cola left and telling people that they can get some later. In waking life was she felt very sad and was living depressed. Having no more Pepsi Cola left may have reflected her inability to quickly try new things or make progressive choices that left her depressed.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of seeing a little boy in the backseat of a car drinking a 2 liter bottle of Coca Cola and then reluctantly having to go to the bathroom to pee. In waking life she was looking for ways to restore he marriage and was having problems finding a working solution.

Example 7: A young woman dreamed of a white truck filled with Coca Cola and coconut rum, but then feeling frustrated and confused. In waking life she was in college, but feeling frustrated about what to do after college.


To dream of the sport softball represents an mental or emotional struggle to cancel, stop, get back at something, or opportunity to "hit a homerun" with a problem that feels easier than most. Softball may symbolically be more focused on getting away with something than on stopping it because the challenge is easier. An opportunity to change something, the past, or confront a problem that is feels more easily handed to you and more difficult to get away with than to confront.

*Please See Baseball

Software Programs

To dream of software represents your personality traits, behaviors and habits. A way of thinking. Consider the type of software. Installing or downloading software onto your computer may represent adapting to a new way of thinking of a different way of doing things.


To dream of soil represents a solid foundation for progress or productivity. The groundwork for growth and fertility in your life. Having everything you need to flourish. A reflection of how stable or lucky you feel while trying to build something for yourself.

If the soil is hard and dry, then it may be a sign that you feel limited or lucky to have any opportunity at all. Some kind of replenishment or support is needed to thrive. Feeling that life is unfair or harder for you.

*Please See Dirt

Solar Eclipse

To dream of a solar eclipse represents feelings about a temporary situation being ominous about danger or bad things about to happen while you think about what it is more than usual. Experiencing a temporary interruption to your life that is foreboding or brings you discomfort. Certain aspects of your life or your sense of self are temporarily obscured or overshadowed by uncertainty, confusion, or challenges.

Positively, dreaming about a solar eclipse may represent the potential for growth, renewal, or rebirth that can emerge from periods of darkness or uncertainty.

Negatively, dreaming of a solar eclipse may represent feelings of fear, anxiety, or powerlessness in the face of change or interruptions. A sense of loss, endings, or the disruption of stability and security. The interruption of happiness by unexpected events. A period of confusion or a loss of faith in the natural order of things. A fear of progress being halted.

Alternatively, dreams about a solar eclipse may reflect your actual feelings about experiencing a solar eclipse such as a heightened sense of fear of the unknown or superstition.

Solar eclipse dreams may appear in dreams with symbolism about the end of the world, possibly to reflect temporary feelings about a major life change being dangerous or having ominous feelings about bad things to come.

Example: A young woman dreamed of looking up at the sky and seeing a solar eclipse with a thin red outline of the sun. In waking life, she had a mini-stroke and lost vision and speech with numbness for 45 minutes. She believed it was due to smoking and had been meaning to quit. In this case, the solar eclipse may have reflected her feelings about her mini-stroke being an ominous sign or interruption of her regular life that motivated her to quit smoking. She may have feared the potential consequences if she continued this harmful habit.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of seeing a solar eclipse forming with blood red outline. In waking life, she recently stopped attending church after attending for more than a decade. She decided to start praying at home. In this case, the solar eclipse forming may have reflected her temporary feelings of foreboding guilt and discomfort about missing her first Sunday at church.

Solar System

To dream of the solar system represents insight or awareness into why everything around you is functioning the way it is. Intricate knowledge. See the themes section for planets.

*Please See Universe

*Please See Outer Space


To dream of a soldier represents an aspect of your personality with a rigid mindset. You or someone else that is doing everything possible to confront a problem or maintain a belief. A part of you that is disciplined, rigid, and stubborn in the face of opposition. They symbolize a part of you that's sacrificing everything to resist unwanted thoughts, emotions, or negative life experiences.

Alternatively, a soldier means that you are preparing yourself to defend your beliefs, values and opinions. Negatively, a solider may be a sign that you are imposing your views on others.

If you see evil soldiers, or soldiers from an opposing side (e.g. Russian soldiers in an American citizens dream) this represents aspects of your personality that are rigid in a negative or oppressive manner.

To see a retired solider in a dream represents an aspect of your personality that has finished or overcome a period of confrontation. You no longer have to try so hard or be so stubborn about something.

*Please See Army


To dream of a Mexican sombrero represents a mood or attitude that thinks everything happening is amazing. Having a very good time accepting yourself the way you are. An attitude that doesn't feel it's outrageous to have a good time all the time.

Negatively, dreaming about a Mexican sombrero represents an attitude that respecting itself enjoying itself without any concern at all for how awful for dangerous it may be for others. Outrageous festive attitude or showing off celebrating. Ignoring how dangerously famous you are for upsetting people. Protecting yourself from lots of negative attention while enjoying respecting yourself. Dangerously ignoring people during a bad situation because you won't feel good about yourself helping them.


*Please See People


To dream of a somersault represents feelings about a temporary setback or embarrassment that is quickly overcome with renewed confidence. An attempt to regain balance and confidence in the face of rejection or uncertainty in a situation. Feelings about "saving the day" like you didn't think a temporary setback or moment of embarrassment was problem. The ability to return to one's former self without putting on a false front. Embarrassing other people with never having to say that a problem is a problem. Behavior that terrifies you that it cares about everything reckless, but didn't. Temporary losing control or feeling reckless that doesn't mind it.

Negatively, dreaming about a somersault may reflect problems with saying a temporary embarrassment isn't a problem when it is the problem. Overdoing saying something doesn't matter when it does.

To dream of crashing a vehicle into the back of another vehicle causing the rear-ended vehicle to somersault in the air before landing damaged represents embarrassing someone else with a temporary setback with lasting problems.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a man doing somersaults. In waking life she was trying to date a man she met off an online dating app whom she felt was losing interest in her. She felt embarrassed for telling him that she felt that he was losing interest in her. He would always respond quickly to her texts, but not her calls. In this case the somersaults may reflect her feelings about the man making her feel that his interest in her is 100% restored after a temporary embarrassment of feeling that he didn't.


To dream of a son that you don't have represents an emotional investment or hope for the future in a situation where you are dominant, assertive, or insensitive. Determined protective feelings. Doing everything you can to maintain control over a situation. Being stuck with a decision where you have a leading or controlling stake. Deciding to assert yourself or be aggressive and now living with the consequences or responsibility of that decision. A developing masculine aspect of your personality or life.

To dream of a son you actually have in waking life may represent a situation you hope to see succeed or thrive. If you have more than one son in real life then each son will represent a different aspect of yourself based on your most honest feelings about then. Ask yourself what qualities or feelings stand out the most to you about your son and try to see how that may apply to a situation in waking life.

Alternatively, dreaming about your son may reflect your waking life relationship with him.

Evil sons symbolize negative or corrupted aspects of your personality that you are encouraging. It may also point to a bad situation or problem that you are supporting. You may feel that your own aggression or assertiveness has turned on you.

Example: A man dreamed seeing his dead son. In waking life he had lost his eligibility for home insurance, which worried him a lot. The dead son represented the lost home insurance which the man cared about getting back.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing his older son as a child. In waking life his was experiencing his son moving out of the house for the first time. The son being little reflected the man's projection of his son doing something new with his life.

*Please See Children

*Please See Daughter


To dream of sonar represents trying to feel your way around a situation. Testing people subtly to feel them out by projecting certain emotions. Discovering what's really going on with people or situations by testing their emotional responses. Testing people's emotions without personal involvement.

Positively, dreaming of sonar may reflect your attempt to feel people out before making a serious move. Being careful about your next move because you feel it should be perfectly inline with others emotions.

Negatively, dream of sonar may reflect manipulative behavior or testing people's emotional responses to save yourself trouble. Faking or lying about things to test people's true emotions.

Song Writing

To dream of song writing represents your hope that other people will share your feelings about an issue. It may also reflect your hope that other people will like something you are creating or that that they will feel good about your ideas.

Alternatively, writing a song may reflect you wish to express your feelings.


*Please See Music


To dream of something being sonic represents thoughts about feelings and intuition based on skill and experience that takes action being quicker than anything else that is happening without having to say anything about it. An aspect of your personality that is quick, responsive, and capable of making rapid decisions or adjustments based on intuition and experience. Being in tune with your instincts and intuition that allows you to navigate through challenges with confidence and precision. Feelings of heightened awareness, intensity, or impact in a situation. Feelings and intuition that's quicker to take action to fix a problem without needing to talk to people. Feelings about skillfulness and experience that's quicker than anything else happening and doesn't have to talk about itself while other people have no idea what they are doing.

Positively, dreaming of something being Sonic may represent a sense of mastery and expertise that allows you to handle situations efficiently and effectively. Trust in your instincts and confidence in your ability to make quick decisions that lead to positive outcomes. A remarkable ability to act swiftly and effectively in various situations without the need for extensive deliberation or discussion. A skillfulness and adeptness in managing tasks or solving problems quickly, showcasing a level of competence and mastery that sets you apart from others.

Negatively, dreaming about Sonic may represent feelings of jealousy of other people's intuitive skill and experience that takes action quicker than anything else without having to talk about it. Feelings of rushing through a situation making hasty decisions without considering the consequences. A warning against neglecting meaningful connections and communications in favor of speed, emphasizing the importance of balance between quick action and thoughtful consideration.

*Please See Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog

*Please See Video Games

Sonic The Hedgehog

To dream of Sonic The Hedgehog video game represents feelings of challenging yourself to push the limits of a situation, even if it may embarrass or surprise others due to your speed, assertiveness, or ability to navigate through changes swiftly. Confidence in asserting yourself and navigating through challenges with speed and agility, potentially catching others off guard. Your readiness to tackle complicated situations or long-term challenges, occasionally relying on high pressure or rapid movement to surpass obstacles or move ahead. Challenging yourself to see how far you can take a situation that embarrasses other people with high speed or rushing as a weapon or tool. Feeling good asserting yourself to "roll through" changes. Innocently surprising people with "too much too fast" as a weapon. Insensitivity or being more assertive than someone else as a weapon to steamroll changes quickly. A complicated situation or long-term challenge that occasionally uses high-pressure or high-speed tactics to embarrass other people into getting out of your way or "moving past" them.

Positively, dreaming about Sonic The Hedgehog may reveal your determination to excel in fast-paced environments and your ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances.

Negatively, this dream could suggest that you may sometimes come across as insensitive or overly assertive, potentially embarrassing or overwhelming others with your rapid approach to situations. A sense of urgency or the need to speed through challenges without considering the consequences. Being mean to other people by doing things highspeed whenever you need to. Rushing or forcing other people out of your way by caring about absolutely nothing they are feeling as much as possible to see how far you can take it.

Example: A young woman had recurring dreams of Sonic The Hedgehog. In waking life, she was a student living at school in the dorms. In this case, Sonic The Hedgehog may have reflected her attempt to challenge herself to see how far she could push passed other students whenever she needed to because dorm life was so hectic or busy.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of running on top of the Titanic back and forth like Sonic The Hedgehog trying to dodge the water as the ship sank. In walking life, she got caught doing something prohibited and was kicked out of her home. In this case, feeling like Sonic The Hedgehog while running may have reflected her feelings about challenging herself to push past other people as fast as she could without listening to anyone in a last-minute attempt to get away with her prohibited behavior and avoid being kicked out of her home. Combined with the symbolism of the Titanic, the dream may reveal her awareness of her last-minute defenses being a waste of time.


*Please See Ultrasound Test

Sony Playstation

To dream of a Sony PlayStation video game system represents feelings about challenging yourself to see how far you can take being completely immersed in an experience. Life situations in which you are testing yourself that require imagination, escapism, and being immersive. Training for professional advancement that doesn't deserve to be distracted.

Example: A teenage boy dreamed of seeing a PlayStation video game scene for Tiger Woods Golf 2004. In waking life, he was questioning whether to exclusively focus on training to play baseball or golf for the rest of his high school term. He was giving it serious thought. The Playstation video game scene of golf may have reflected his feelings about himself being totally immersed or focused on training to play golf to see how far he could improve his golf skills.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a sale on for Sony PlayStation 3. In waking life, she was enjoying a friend's Tarot card reading regarding her relationship with her husband which encouraged her. In this case, the Playstation symbolism may have reflected her feelings about Tarot card readings allowing her to challenge herself to be completely immersed in Tarot card mysticism helping her to improve her marriage and life.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of seeing a game played on Sony PlayStation. In waking life, he was employed as a camp counselor taking care of campers and camp activities. In this case, the Playstation videogame symbolism may have reflected his feelings about the camp experience being something requiring people to challenge themselves inside various immersive experiences on the campgrounds.

*Please See Video Games

Sophia Vergara

To dream of Sophia Vergara represents an aspect of your personality that has perfectly self-assured incredible confidence that doesn't have to see why the rest of your life doesn't keep doing that. Laughing at yourself that perfectly self-assured incredibleness is always going to be the result. Self-assured confidence and security in being passive works out for you no matter what. Confidence and comfort financially liking the rest of your life. Humor of always feeling like things will work out, despite any obstacles. Not having to say anything about yourself because something about you is already incredible.

Negatively, dreaming of Sofia Vergara may reflect jealousy and envy towards someone who exudes self-assured confidence and a carefree attitude. It may reflect a sense of inadequacy or frustration with your own ability to exude confidence in the same way. Feelings of being overshadowed by someone else's perfect confidence that feels like it deserves to have more than you ever could. An area of your life so rooted in self-assured confidence you might embarrass yourself not respecting it kept that way.

Sofia Vergara being famous may also reflect the dreamer's confidence about deserving getting attention or talking about themself in way that mirror Sofia Vergara's qualities.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing Sofia Vergara swimming naked in the ocean and diving under water, revealing her naked lower body. In waking life the man was in the middle of a long, expensive business process. He felt confident that his plans would work out, but was temporarily unsure of the exact outcome. In this case, the image of Sofia Vergara in the ocean may symbolize the man's feelings of self-assured confidence and security, despite uncertainty about the exact outcome of his financial plans.

*Please See Celebrities


To dream of a sorcerer represents adeptness at manipulation of others. A lack of concern for anything except making others do what you want.

Negatively, it may be a sign that you are always looking for new ways to manipulate or control others. It may also be a sign that you lack a conscience.


To dream of your body feeling sore represents how worn down you feel by a waking life situation. Physical, mental, or emotional exhaustion. A sign that you need time away from someone or something. Consider where on the body you are sore for additional meaning.

To dream of having sores on your body represents lingering pain or resentment about a situation or relationship. You may not be quite ready to forgive or move on. A sore may also reflect a waking life reminder of a mistake you made.


*Please See Depression


*Please See Apologize


*Please See Organize


To dream of a soul represents feelings about the permanent nature of the personality or character traits. Who you really are. Feeling like a whole person. Feeling like a good person.

To dream of lacking a soul or losing your soul may reflect feelings of emptiness. Not feeling like a whole person. Feelings about yourself others "selling out." Feeling permanently unforgivable. Feeling that you have permanently lost all respectability as a person or professional. Feeling that you lack creativity. Feeling that someone else owns you. Feeling unloved or that you aren't special. Feeling that you are a bad person.

Positively, souls in a dream may reflect feelings about natural love, the true honest character of a person, or natural talent.

Negatively, dreaming about souls may reflect feelings about bad things you or someone else has done being a permanently unforgivable. A bad reputation or act of selfishness that can never be overlooked. Guilt about something you feel is permanent.

Alternatively, dreaming about souls may reflect issues with your spirituality. Anxiety about your spiritual status with God or how deserving you are ti go to heaven.

To dream of running away from evil souls may reflect issues with avoiding situations where you feel you can never be forgiven every again. Avoiding bad people in your life that you feel are hopelessly negative. Avoiding being drawn back into negativity from your past. Telling yourself "that is not who I am anymore." Fearing confronting your negative past or guilt.

To dream of a soul being corrupted or turned evil may reflect feelings about yourself or other people choosing immorality. Corrupting bad influences.

To dream of seeing a soul leave a body may reflect feelings about having completed your purpose in a situation. Feeling that there is nothing left for you to do in a situation as your goals have been completed. Feeling perfectly happy with your achievements and wishing to move on.

Negatively, it may reflect guilt, shame, or fear at witnessing corruption. Experiencing yourself or someone else choosing to be corrupt or immoral. Permanently jealousy or emptiness.

To dream of saving someone else's soul may reflect feelings sacrifices you are making for someone else. Making difficult choices for someone else's best interest. Being a protector and mentor to someone. Savings others from their own negative or careless behavior.


To dream of a soulmate represents feelings about a relationship or some area of your life that is meant to be. Feelings about getting back together with some area of your life that was meant to be. Belonging. Someone or something that makes you feel whole. Feeling that some area of your life is meant to last and can't lose. Trust, love, or passion that never dies away. Feeling trust that you never can be cancelled. A relationship or area of your life that is wonderfully all you'd ever want. Feeling that you are doing what you were meant to do in life.

Negatively, dreaming about a soulmate may reflect problems letting go of something that isn't meant to be. Issues with thinking something needs to be "meant to be." Dependency on something or someone to feel whole. Too much focus on fate in a situation that isn't realistic. Worries or obsession with what you were meant to do in life.

Alternatively, dreaming about your soulmate may reflect your desire to be in love or questioning when you will ever fall in love. Feelings about spiritual connection to someone.

Example: A woman dreamed of a soulmate. In waking life she was questioning her marriage and what she was meant to do in life.


To dream of a sound represents what you feel or intuitively sense about a situation. Sounds in dreams are often a reflection of feelings.

Consider the type of sound for additional meaning.

*Please See No Sound

*Please See Music

*Please See Noise


*Please See No Sound


To dream of soup represents your feelings about a situation that you don't want to lose a good feeling about. Concern about keeping the warmth or pleasantness of something alive. Feeling good that a situation that is emotionally warm to you needs to stay that way.

Negatively, dreaming of soup may reflect feelings about being comfortable maintaining a dishonest situation to your benefit by feeling good "warm" only for yourself.

Consider the kind of soup for additional symbolism.

Example: A woman dreamed of eating pepper soup that later revealed weird pieces of plastic in it. In waking life she was having relationship issues. The soup symbolism in this case may have reflected her wish to keep the relationship feeling warm and interesting before noticing it was having odd complications.

*Please See Tomato Soup


To dream of liking tasting something sour represents the enjoyment of a challenge or difficulty. Liking knowing that something should be harder or not feel good.

To dream of not liking tasting something sour represents feelings that a situation is too hard or too concerned with not feeling good. Resentment. It may also reflect feeling that a situation or relationship is has something wrong with it or is getting worse.


To dream of south represents a situation in your waking life that is becoming more dangerous, irrational, or increasing in negativity. A more dangerous mindset. Things not doing what they're supposed to do with more problems. Something going "awry."

South America

To dream of South America represents a mindset where it's important to notice everyone else is believing in themselves. Situations where it's expected that everyone needs to feel respected mattering. A sense of importance about feeling good believing in yourself around other people.

Positively, South American may reflect pride and believing in yourself for what you've earned on your own. A mindset of friendship or family life sticking closely together to believe in themselves

Negatively, dreaming about South America represents situations that feel like nobody has to cares about you while they enjoy respecting themselves mattering. Little resources with nobody doing you a big favor when you need it the most. Feeling that other people are always making you need to prove yourself mattering. Earning everything on your own or not having anyone that will do you a favor. Feeling that it's dangerous to not respect other people believing in themselves. Feeling a persistent attitude from others that you are stupid to believe you deserve too much help. Feeling that nobody cares about you believing in yourself if they are believing in themselves as well.

Dreams of South America with lots of poverty or angry people may reflect feelings about waking life situations where you have to handle your own problems while respecting other people handling their own. You may feel you deserve to believe in yourself more than you currently are, but don't know what else to do to improve a situation.

Example: A man dreamed of being South America. In waking life he was broke and having a really hard time trying to cheaply promote his website. Nobody would give him a chance. South America in this case may have reflected his mindset of feeling that other people were so concerned with nobody wanting help him believe in his website for free if they were believing in themselves deserving to get paid.

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