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Swimming Cap

To dream of a swimming cap represents a wish to maintain composure or objectivity while facing a negative situation. Not allowing uncertainty to influence your mindset. Keeping unemotional or focused. Not letting problems you are facing to get to you.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing people with swimming caps on. In waking life he was preparing to make a lot of money that he knew he had to hide from a greedy family member. The swimming cap represented his wish to never allow his success to influence him at all so that he could keep the secret away from his greedy family member by pretending nothing had happened.

Swimming Pool

To see a clean swimming pool in your dream symbolizes comfort and acceptance of negativity or uncertainty in your life. You have come to terms with certain issues and they don't bother you if you have to think about them.

To dream of a swimming in a swimming pool represents enjoyment of a negative or uncertain situation. Liking to know what you are doing is wrong or gaining pleasure from easily confronting uncertain moments.

To dream of a swimming pool full of feces represents an awareness of negativity in your life and problems you have. You may also have an eagerness to deal with your problems.

To dream of owning a brand new swimming pool represents a new sense of control over some area of your life. Feeling good knowing you can easily navigate issues or easily deal with whatever problems may arise in way you couldn't do before.

Example: A man dreamed of standing beside a swimming pool. In waking life he had clarified to an old friend why he hurt his feelings when they were younger after their conversation quickly went sour after meeting again. The pool reflected his comfort speaking to the old friend now that old issue had been dealt with.

*Please See Swimming


To dream of a swimsuit represents an aspect of your personality that is totally focused on confronting uncertainty or a negative situation.

The symbolism is based on water reflecting uncertainty or negative situations. The swimsuit then reflects your personality as it deals with this.

The color of the bathing suit is very important. Blue represents a positive outlook, red is negative, and white symbolizes purification or genuine intentions. If you see polka dots on a swimming suit it reflects awareness of yourself dealing with a problem all the time.

Example: A man saw a woman in a blue polka dot swimming suit by the beach. In real life he was confronting a life threatening health condition. The polka dot swim suit reflected his personality constantly struggling to confront his problem. Something he had to do all the time to improve his health.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of trying on bathing suits she was considering buying. In waking life she had gotten pregnant and was considering the best way to tell everyone.

*Please See Bikini


To dream of swinging represents a back and forth attitude. A back and forth decision. Negatively, it may reflect problems making a final decision.

Positively, a swinging may reflect happiness or satisfaction with your ability to quickly change decisions. Feeling that you have nothing to be desperate about.

*Please See Swingset

Swing Sets

To dream of a swing set represents feeling good not having to make a final decision. Enjoying playing with a possibility or big decision. Liking talking about how you might do something without ever having to. Enjoying not having to care about something other people do. Feeling satisfaction with your freedom of choice. Liking not having to be desperate or jealous at all.

Negatively, a swing set may reflect arrogance that is using the possibility of something happening to play with someone else's feelings.

Alternatively, dreaming of seeing others on a swings-set may reflect your jealousy of someone "back and forth" attitude about a subject that makes you jealous. Experiencing someone play with your feelings about something that you don't like. An area of your life that switches from total confidence to total jealousy.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her boyfriend and a girl from a class at his school on a swing set in the distance. In waking life she was jealous of this girl and the stories she heard from her boyfriend about the friendship he had with the girl. The swing set may have symbolized her jealous feelings reverting back and forth when hearing stories about the female friend having a good time with her boyfriend while believing it could lead to a romance that could end her relationship.


To dream of a switchblade represents conflict with an issue in your life that wants to be noticed for how dangerous it is. A problematic person or situation that demands attention to it's seriousness.

Example: A girl dreamed of men with switchblades wanting to kill her. In real life she was experiencing enormous pressure from school. The switchblades reflecting her teachers and deadlines that were always reminding her about the possibility of failure.


To dream of Switzerland represents a mindset that is feels enthusiastic about nothing being difficult. Feeling that you are surrounded by confident enthusiastic experts. Feeling that you are repeatedly being confidently told that you worry too much or that you are too easily choosing to lose. Enthusiasm for alternatives that nobody else is choosing or hasn't thought of yet. Confidence that something difficult most people is actually easy.

Positively, Switzerland may reflect feeling about being surrounded by responsible confident people who think feeling good is very important. Expertise at feeling good. Feeling that it's important to responsibly never get angry or let people be afraid.

Negatively, Switzerland may reflect a mindset that is enjoying getting away with doing things that other people don't like. Feeling good about being untouchable or beyond the reach of a disciplinary action. Embarrassing authority figures or controlling people that you can still do whatever you want and like it. Feeling good using people who are responsible to get away with bad behavior. Living with a clear conscience with something you know you are guilty of.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in Switzerland with her dead cousin. In waking life her cousin had died and she wanted to help his 2 kids that were left without a father. Switzerland in this case may have reflected her wish to project confidence to the children their lives can still be enjoyable even if their father is dead by helping them and doing nice things for them.


To dream of a sword represents strength, empowerment, willpower, and protection. Aggression, power, courage, and struggle. A sense of valor. The ability to persevere in the face of opposition, or to stay competitive. The strength of your integrity. The ability to defend oneself or others, assert boundaries, or confront challenges with courage and determination. Your readiness to face challenges, defend your beliefs, or cut through obstacles and problems in your life. Swords often appear in dreams when you are fighting for something important, standing up for your values, or needing to assert yourself in a situation. A sword in a dream may also represent a righteous cause or the pursuit of justice, suggesting you are fighting for what you believe in with honor and integrity. A struggle with internal conflicts or moral dilemmas.

To dream of a sword fight may represent a conflict of integrity, willpower, or moral strength.

To dream of a broken sword symbolizes losing strength, empowerment, or willpower.

To dream of an evil or bad person with a sword may represent the strength and protectiveness of a negative aspect of your personality, an enemy, or a bad situation. Confrontation with a bad habit that you feel may be stronger than your willpower.

To dream of an evil or bad person with a broken sword symbolizes triumph over negative thinking patterns or a negative situation. Integrity and willpower have overpowered a negative aspect of your life.

Example: A woman dreamed of having a sword fight, enjoying it, and telling herself that she should have more sword fights more often. In waking life, she was practicing arguing her points with someone and was considering whether to go to law school. In this case, the sword fight may have reflected her readiness to engage in verbal battles or debates about upholding the law.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing someone holding a sword. In waking life, she was having an extra-marital affair and strongly considered ending the relationship even though her enjoyment of the sex made it incredibly difficult to do so. In this case, the sword may have been a sign that she knew that respecting her marriage and ending the relationship was important to consider.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing himself preparing to stab an intruder in the stomach with a sword, but felt it may be too difficult to have the willpower to carry the stabbing out. In waking life, he inherited a lot of money and noticed that a beautiful girl from his past was trying to seduce him for the purpose of stealing his money. He felt that the girl may be too beautiful to rudely reject. In this case, the sword may have reflected his desire to maintain his integrity and boundaries while resisting manipulation.

Sylvestor Stallone

To dream of Sylvester Stallone represents an aspect of the personality that is more incredible than other people (or gets the most attention) for behavior that believes in itself handling itself doing whatever it takes to be as tough as it needs to be. Feelings about resilience, strength, overcoming challenges, or being an underdog who rises against adversity through sheer determination and willpower. Feelings about not liking anyone saying you didn't try your best to be as tough as you need to be. A situation in your life that's highlighting the theme of courage, perseverance, and the will to succeed against all odds. An aspect of your personality with qualities like Rocky and Rambo.

Negatively, dreaming about Sylvester Stallone may represent feelings of aggression, competitiveness, or the need to constantly prove oneself in order to gain recognition or respect. Overdoing needing attention or showing off for being embattled, constantly fighting, or struggling to keep up with the challenges life throws at you.

Example: A man dreamed of Sylvester Stallone giving him advice about dealing with successful people who cared about absolutely nothing in his best interests by saying he had to be tough about believing in himself deserving to put himself first no matter what. In waking life, he received advice about surviving a financial and legal disaster during a very public situation by never putting up with anyone successful who didn't believe it was important to respect him putting himself first. In this case, Sylvester Stallone may have reflected his feelings about having received advice that encouraged him to believe in himself handling himself needing to be as tough as he needed to be during a very public situation.


To dream of symbols represents feelings about the perception of meaning that doesn't have to say what it is. Meaning that doesn't need to be talked about. Feelings about needing to figure out the meaning of something on your own. Meaning about something when you don't know exactly what that meaning is. Feeling that something is telling you something without wanting to. A sense of purpose that must be figured out on your own. Hints that don't want to tell you directly. Feeling that something doesn't have to tell you what it means.

Negatively, symbols may reflect feelings about the perception of meaning from something that scares you, is dangerous, harms you, or doesn't like you. Perception of negative meaning that doesn't need to be talked about. Feeling that someone or something doesn't like you while needing to figure it out on your own. Something is dangerous, but you can't figure out exactly what it is. Feeling that someone or something doesn't want you to figure out something important or serious means. Feelings of someone thinking they are better than you without having to say they are.

To dream of strange symbols on a door may reflect feeling that something might be warning you about what to do with a choice. Feelings about not being sure if you should try something or not. Figuring out whether or not it's a good idea to try something.

Weird, alien, or unusual symbolism that you have never seen before may best to feel out and try to match your feelings about the symbol's design with waking life situation. Consider how the direction or shape of the symbol.

For dreams of symbols such as shapes (triangles, rectangle, etc) please see the themes section for shapes.


To dream of a symphony represents harmony and cooperation in a situation or relationship. A special moment where everything is coming together or working in tandem. People you know are all doing their part to make something special happen.

A symphony may also reflect your sensitivity that a number of people or situations are working together perfectly.


To dream of a synagogue represents an area of your life where you need to feel like everything you are doing is perfectly positive. A situation may motivate you to make a good impression, or follow rules exactly.

*Please See Church

*Please See Mosque


*Please See Keyboard Synthesizer

Syrian People

To dream of Syrian people represents aspects of the personality that are passionate about being safe respecting itself without a problem. Passionate about respecting yourself safe with finality. The importance of safety and self-respect, and it is often associated with a strong sense of personal integrity and pride. Passionate about being perfectly safe about never embarrassing itself around other people. Never believing you should say something about yourself that isn't safe about respecting yourself around other people. Choosing to be safe while respecting yourself around other people no matter what happens. A mindset that is mindful about being as safe as can be with keeping their self-respect. Safely respecting yourself while other people are with you. Passionate about being safe about respecting yourself with other people as well. Believing in yourself as being first safely with someone. Respecting yourself with everyone listening while mattering together. A strong awareness of personal integrity. Pride in that everything you do isn't talked about stupid. A strong desire for safety and self-respect that values maintaining a positive image and a strong sense of personal integrity. A sense of pride about being successful that can't be spoken about as not being safe.

Syrian people may represent aspects of the personality that value safety and self-respect above all else. It symbolizes a strong sense of pride and a desire to maintain a positive image in front of others.

Negatively, dreaming about a Syrian may represent a mindset that is overdoing being passionate about being safe respecting yourself. Behavior that is too serious about never giving back anything ever again because respecting oneself safe is required first. Not minding what happens to other people if it means you are not safely respecting yourself without any problems first. Behavior that respects itself safer than someone else and you are in total disbelief that it would choose that. Being passed someone who helped you and safely never bringing it up when it's important because you won't respect yourself again if you did. A refusal to lose dignity or lower yourself if it means you aren't safely respecting yourself without a problem. A Syrian person may be a sign that you are very concerned about all your actions being viewed as respectable to other people. Very concerned with never being viewed as weak, stupid, or irresponsible because other people are watching. Going to enormous lengths to hide your faults to maintain a respectable image. Underhanded or selfish behavior to avoid looking bad. Too concerned with your pride and how people view you. Feeling that being respected safe without a problem is more important than caring about reversing yourself. Concealing your personal life and struggles in public despite feeling sad, weak or vulnerable. Safely talking to someone who is owed a debt like they are not a fake, but never repaying the debt yet. An excessive concern with maintaining the pride or personal integrity of a respectable image while concealing one's weaknesses or faults, often at the expense of others.

Example: A man dreamed of an evil Syrian man, which may reflect his frustration and resentment towards a friend who owed him money. In waking life, the dreamer had risked everything to lend money to this friend, who was defaulting on his mortgage. However, the friend, who had now achieved success and financial stability, avoided repaying the debt. The dreamer felt that the friend was deliberately refusing to pay him back because he didn't want to lose his successful and accomplished image. Repaying the debt would mean admitting to financial instability and reducing self-respect. In this case the evil Syrian man may have reflected the dreamer's feeling about friend always respecting himself as safe, successful, and accomplished prioritized his own self-respect and image, refusing to acknowledge the debt repayment and passing on the responsibility.


To dream of a syringe represents feelings of being influenced by something or emotional immunization against weakness or dependency. A person or situation has the power to influence your choices, beliefs, or feelings. Positive or responsible changes that bring out positive change. Changes made that "immunize" you from problems, blame, or anxiety. A desire to heal, improve, or transform oneself.

Negatively, a syringe may reflect feelings of unwanted influences. Feelings of being forced to do something you don't want to do, or being subjected to a situation that feels unpleasant or invasive. Responsible or positive changes that scare you. Feelings about parents or authority figures forcing change on you. Alternatively, a syringe may negatively reflect bad influences or exploiting people's weaknesses to change their minds. Actions taken to "immunize" yourself from blame or responsibility.

To dream of syringe injections that don't work may reflect ineffective attempts to change your life or influence people. Feeling that nothing you do works as you attempts to fix a problem you have.

To be injected with a syringe represents a person or situation that is influencing your choices, beliefs, or feelings. Feeling that a change being made reverses or alters your thinking style. Feeling spared from difficulties or that your life has been made easier in some way. Feeling "immunized" from your troubles.

To dream of being injected with a clear fluid represents habit or situation that influences a more transparent outlook. Something or someone is making you see a situation clearer. Feeling "immunized" from troubles due to a better understanding of a situation.

Example: A man dreamed of his ex-girlfriend injecting him with a syringe. In waking life, he was struggling to move on from his current relationship and found himself frequently thinking about his ex-girlfriend. In this case, the syringe may represent his attempt to numb or escape from the emotional pain of the breakup by indulging in memories of his past relationship. In this case the syringe reflected the emotional influence that thinking of his ex had over him as he tried to get over his romantic feelings for his current girlfriend.

Example 2: A young girl dreamed of her dog needing a shot from a syringe. In waking life, she was feeling frustrated with her parents' constant interference in her hobby and their insistence that she always behave perfectly responsibly. In this case, the syringe shot may have reflected her need for a responsible influence from her parents' to help her keep up with their expectations.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of seeing someone sitting around with a pile of syringes that didn't work. In waking life he felt that he had exhausted himself trying to fix an embarrassing health problem and restore his life to normal. He felt that nothing did worked. In this case the pile of syringes that didn't work may have reflected his frustration and disappointment with various attempts and methods that did not seem to bring any positive influence on his health issue.


To dream of syrup represents a wish to make everything feel good. Wanting the entirety of a situation to be pleasurable or light-hearted. Wanting every single thing you are doing to be enjoyable or fun. No compromises when it comes to feeling good.

*Please See Pancakes

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