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To dream of Brazil represents a state of mind that values humility, family life, and a balanced perspective, where arrogance is discouraged. Feeling that no matter what you do it's not a good idea to show off or think you are better than other people. Listening to what other people say once is always a good idea. Repeat experiences of feeling that nothing ever wants you to show off. The importance of socializing authentically as real people together. Feeling that you have to think of family while never getting to think of being better than other people.

Negatively, dreaming about Brazil may represent feelings of regret for trying to show off, realizing that boasting doesn't work, or feeling that life pushes back when you think you're better than someone else. Situations that are humbling and remind you that others matter too. Feeling that being bigger or better than others doesn't work, and finding it difficult to be arrogant or think highly of yourself because you are surrounded by people who readily diminish your ego or refuse to engage with you again. A reminder to let go of any arrogance or self-centeredness. Feeling that life never lets you do anything except take care of other people while you never get to think you are better than someone else.

To dream of an attractive person from Brazil may reflect feelings about a person that is better than other people, but humbled by life for some reason. Feelings about an attractive single parent.

Example: A man dreamed of his son moving to Brazil. In waking life, a real estate deal that he thought was guaranteed suddenly failed. In this case, the son moving to Brazil represented the real estate deal going sour and embarrassing him a more humble attitude in front of people with whom he talked about all the money the easy sale was going to make him.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of being in Brazil. In waking life, he had high expectations for his career, but discovered that too many people were jealous of him to ever help him get ahead. He felt that he had to adopt a more humble attitude and earn his future career through alternative longer-term means. He felt that other people's jealousy impaired his ability to make progress. In this case, Brazil may have reflected his feelings of being forced into a more humble mindset and prioritizing genuine connections with others instead of focusing solely on his own career ambitions.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of being in a Brazilian forest. In waking life, she was worried about being left out in the cold with her relatinships. In this case, the Brazilian forest may have reflected her feelings about being lost in a state of mind that required humility, balance, and the importance of nurturing relationships without trying to be the center of attention. She may have felt the need to let go of any arrogance or self-centeredness and instead focus on building genuine connections with others while navigating her relationship concerns.

*Please See Brazilian People



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