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To dream of a scar represents pain, struggles, or a negative experience that you can never forget. Negative emotions or memories that linger. Never being able to forget how bad something was for you.

Negatively, you may be living too much in the past or allowing it to influence your present life.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing scars on a man's back. In waking life she was afraid to ask his wife for sex because she was very sensitive about past sexual trauma.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing an enormous scar on a man's back. In waking life he had endured a very powerful spiritual test that was so traumatizing he could never forget it.


To dream of a scarecrow represents an attempt to scare others without effort.

Negatively, a scarecrow may reflect impotence that tries to scare others. Positively, a scarecrow may be a sign that you are facing a fear that is all image with no substance.


*Please See Fear


To dream of a scarf represents your unwillingness to allow an unpleasant situation to embarrass you at all. Going out of your way to ensure you stay comfortable during a problematic situation no matter what. Feeling above a situation or another person. Never allowing yourself to feel like a loser.

Negatively, a scarf may represent feelings of being too good to "get your hands dirty" or lower your standards.


*Please see Smell


To dream of a scepter may reflect feelings about importance with wielding power that needs to be listened to. Noticing your capable of being respected or listened to without question. Wielding power that absolutely can't be questioned. Not needing to do anything except be noticed as important wielding power. A sense of absolute importance with noticing yourself wielding power over someone else without question. Wielding authority or the power to dictate with appearances that give you the confidence to never need to repeat yourself. Awareness of yourself having unquestioned appearances that give you power to wield over others. Confidence that problems with health give you the power to tell people parents, teachers, or employers that you need time off getting their absolute respect.

Feelings of being noticed by others never needing your power questioned. Not needing to talk about why your decisions are important. Wielding the power to make decisions that must be noticed respected by someone. Situations where you simply indicate your decision and expect it to be respected. Noticing you don't have to do something if you don't want to.

Negatively, a scepter may reflect wielding power for appearances only. Annoyance with someone who wields power that is unquestioned. Impotence to do anything except being noticed wielding power. Feeling that someone is intelligently vain, arrogant, or lame about being noticed wielding power. Awareness of dishonestly having unquestioned appearances that allow power to be wielded over others. Feeling that someone is too special about their appearances while wielding power. Annoyance that someone can claim something is wrong and wield power to take time off.

Scepter symbolism is commonly accompanied by other symbolism for royalty.

Example: A man dreamed of holding a scepter. In waking life he had a second baby with a woman other than his wife and this woman depended on him for financial support for the newborn second child. The scepter in this case may have reflected the dreamer's feelings of importance of holding or wielding power over his own money in regards to financial support for the newborn child. He may have felt that he was powerful enough over the second woman to control her with a sense of importance and power in regards to his capability to pay her bills.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of being warned about the potential for a stolen scepter. In waking life he was forced to take the day off from school due to a high fever while having concerns that he would get in trouble for it. The scepter in this case may have reflected his feelings about his fever giving him absolute power to notice himself important without question to his parents and school until he was better. Concerns about a stolen scepter may have reflected concerns about being forced to go back to school.


To dream of a scholarship represents advantages you have during times of stress or anxiety. Special benefits or support you've gained through a close relationship. A scholarship may be a sign that you have more resources or opportunities than others.

To dream of wanting or working towards a scholarship represents a desire to feel special or be supported in difficult times.


To dream of a school most often represents social concerns, insecurities, or anxieties. Worrying. Anxiety about how well you are being perceived by others, or how well you are performing in life. There is something happening in your life that you are sensitive about, or that's very important to be to careful about.

Schools symbolize a state of mind when you are caring about what you are thinking. You may have issues at work, or other areas of your life that are weighing heavily on your mind. You are concerned about something.

Positively, schools may reflect your concern with work or long term projects being perfectly accurate. Carefully thinking about what you are thinking. Enjoying learning something difficult. Learning about your problems, your past, or how to improve yourself. A school dream may also appear if you are an expert at something and are very concerned about potential mistakes. Analyzing written work, theories, or ideas.

Negatively, dreams about schools may reflect heightened levels of anxiety or prolonged periods of fear. An unbearable problem that you can't stop worrying about. Worrying or having second thoughts about how other people will react to negative comments you made about them. Second guessing yourself. A worried attempt to come up with excuses or "get your story straight." Feeling stupid that you aren't perfect.

The level of difficulty of an institution, or the grade you are in may reflect how serious or emotionally taxing an issue is. Where as elementary school may simply reflect caring about an issue, university may reflect a more serious concern that requires your full and constant attention.

Attending specific classes in a school may represent the manner in which you are thinking. For example, history classes may reflect the reexamining of your past and math classes your attempts to solve a difficult unforgiving problem that requires a perfect solution.

To dream of a school hallway represents anxiety or a concern about something that is important to you during a transitional moment. You may be concerned or worried about a change that you are making.

School hallways may also carry personal symbolism for current emotions based on memories you have had at specific spots inside the hallway. For example if someone hurt your feelings or made you concerned about what they thought in a certain location (hallway, doorway, or back of a room) in a dream it may reflect your concerns about what other people think.

Examples life situations that may encourage school dreams may be nervousness about dating someone, anxiety about work, or caring deeply about how others will react to a project you are working on or plans you've made.

See the themes section for school for a more in depth look at school symbolism.

Example: A man dreamed of being in school. In waking life he was very concerned about his book being very accurate. He was spending a lot of time reviewing his past work for mistakes.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of hiding in a classroom. In waking life she was very nervous about what to say to someone she angered and was carefully thinking of an excuse.

Example 3: A man dreamed of standing on stairs inside a school looking at a shirt made of good material but looked like poor material. In waking life the person received some rather harsh criticism. The school may have reflected their concern about what other people thought about them or anxiety that what they were doing in life was wrong.

Example 4: A young woman dreamed of seeing a little girl at school get dismissed from school. In waking life she was very jealous of her ex-boyfriend breaking up with her for her friend and then experienced him breaking up with the friend. The school in this case may have reflected her feelings about having to care seriously about jealousy all the time.

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School Bag

*Please See Backpack

School Bus

To dream of a school bus represents a prolonged learning process that is preparing you for a more difficult situation. Getting prepared to concern yourself with something more serious. Preparing for a difficult or worrisome situation that is approaching.

Positively, a school bus may reflect a responsible long term attitude about being ready for situations that could be dangerous or serious. An attitude that doesn't waste time learning all it can to be prepared for a problem that is still a long time away.

To dream of missing a school bus represents feelings about a missed learning opportunity.

Example: A young girl dreamed of getting on a school bus. In waking life she bought something at the mall and knew that her bigger older sister would force her to let her borrow it for a week before ever getting to enjoy it herself. The school bus reflected her emotional preparation to care about noticing her sister getting her way no matter what.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of being on a school bus. In waking life she had just gotten pregnant and felt a lot of pressure to learn to be a good mother for when the child was born.

Example 3: A man dreamed of his son refusing to get on a school bus. In waking life he didn't want to sign begin a divorce settlement with his wife because it would lead to a single life that he was not comfortable having again.

Example 4: A man dreamed of being on a school bus and eagerly grasping for coins before he got off the bus. In waking life the man was very concerned about life being a lesson that he had to be as perfect in as he could before he died. The school bus in this case may have reflected his anxiety or serious thinking about life as it slowly proceeded from year to year before death arrived.

School Credits

To dream of school credit represents experience or accomplishments you are building up in some area that is important to you. Having school credit reflects what you have already achieved or what you've been through.

To dream of not having enough school credits to graduate represents feelings of lacking experience or accomplishment to achieve a goal or make progress. Not having what it takes to get to the next level of your career, relationship, or lifestyle. This type of dream is common to people who secretly feel their talents or accomplishments are flukes. You may not be giving yourself enough credit for what you have achieved.

School Gymnasium

To dream of a school gymnasium represents anxiety or concern about being the best at something. Anxiety or concerns about not achieving an accomplished status. Awareness of yourself taking risks of embarrassment to achieve a goal that is better than you anything you have experienced before. A serious attitude about winning or achievement. Feeling that it may be dangerous to risk to be the best at something. Feeling pressure to excel at something you fear failing at.

Example: A young man dreamed of being in a school gymnasium. In waking life he was trying his best to grow the biggest marijuana plant he had ever grown in his life while worrying about the police catching him.

School Shooter

To dream of a school shooter represents feelings of extreme conflict, aggression, or a drastic measure being taken in response to an issue that you feel prevents you from taking your time to think about your problems safely. A situation where you feel under threat, attacked, or aggressively opposed while attempting to safely deal with issues, cope with anxiety, or think about your problems. Fear of losing control, experiencing violence, or dealing with extreme anger either from someone else. The manifestation of fear or conflict in your life. Feelings of wanting to retaliate against others for not allowing you to handle your problems peacefully. Behavior that retaliates against people for being bullied, overlooked, or denied thoughtful consideration. Repressed malice, rage, envy and hatred.

Negatively, dreaming about a school shooter could represent feelings of being overwhelmed by anger, frustration, or resentment. Feelings about other people having a lack of control over impulses or that a situation is spiraling out of control. Perhaps you are struggling with feelings of powerlessness, fear, or revenge from other people in your waking life. A fear of unexpected violence, betrayal, or extreme measures being taken by someone around you. Tensions, conflicts, or feelings of aggression that need to be addressed or resolved in a safe and healthy manner.

Example: A woman dreamed of a school shooter. Some people escaped and some people didn't. She was asked to stand up to the shooter by following a man to confront the shooter directly. In waking life, she recently decided to separate from her husband. In this case, the school shooter may have reflected her feelings about her husband retaliating against her for choosing the separate instead of spending more time figuring out how to reconcile their troubled relationship.

Additional Keywords: Conflict Resolution, Aggression Management, Fear of Violence, Powerlessness, Retaliation fear, Emotional Coping, Crisis Response, Betrayal, Anger and Frustration, Repressed Emotions, Safety and Security Concerns, Bullying, Navigating Tensions, Assertiveness vs. Aggression, Emotional Health and Well-Being.

School Shooting

To dream of a school shooting represents you or someone else in your life that is taking out their frustrations on others in big way. Feeling fed up having to care about a problem ever again. Being unwilling to be accept being undermined or embarrassed ever again with issues that cause you anxiety. Exacting revenge on people who refuse to let you be yourself, solve an issue your own way, or understand your unique concerns.

School Trip

*Please See Field Trip

School Uniform

To dream of a school uniform represents your personality always being worried or concerned about something. Alternatively, it may reflect a very studious mindset that you or someone else has. Awareness of yourself or someone else being very concerned with learning new things. The personality that is very focused on learning everything it can about a particular person or subject.

Negatively, a school uniform in a dream may reflect excessive feelings of anxiety or fear that you are not good enough at something. Taking a passive role while you try to understand a situation or study other people's behavior. Never feeling that you are good enough to achieve your goals. Anxiety or worrying that causes you keep learning new ways to adapt. Jealousy of appearing less intelligent than someone else.

To dream of seeing people you want to date wearing a school uniform may reflect your concern about never embarrassing yourself around them. Wanting to learn what they like and dislike because your are focused on the goal of dating them. You might see a school uniform in a dream when you are going for a job interview or constantly trying to maintain a good impression with someone you feel the need to learn to understand so you can please them.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a girl he liked in a school uniform. In waking life he was very self-conscious whenever he was around her.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a boy in a school uniform. In waking life she was talking to an expert who was learning from her.


To dream of science represents situations in your life that are experimental about problem-solving. Trying out new ideas, new habits, or new methods of dealing with problems. Experimenting with whether or not something will work. A learning process involving trial and error. You are learning from new experiences or methods. The dreamer's curiosity. The experimental nature of problem-solving in the dreamer's life. Situations where you are applying rationality, logic, and critical thinking to problems or decisions.

Positively, dreaming about being in a science class may represent an open-minded approach to life's challenges, a willingness to learn from mistakes, and the enjoyment of discovering new knowledge or insights.

Negatively, dreaming about science may represent behavior that is overdoing to being risky about experimental ideas. Situations with uncertainties about how to navigate complicated issues or decisions.

To dream of a science class may represent serious thoughts, concerns, or anxieties about trying new things. A fear of failure or making mistakes while experimenting with new ideas or approaches. Feelings of frustration with the trial and error process, fear of trying something new, or doubts about one's ability to find solutions.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing science equipment in a giant lab and then noticed a scary invisible monster running around the lab. In waking life, he was experimenting with different ideas to commit suicide while being afraid of death.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being in a science class at school. In waking life, he was having anxiety about living separately from his wife who "just wanted to see what would happen" if they separated. In this case, the science class may have reflected his feelings of serious concern about his relationship confronting an "experimental moment" with his wife trying to see if she would be happier without him.

Example 3: A teenage girl dreamed of being in science class at school. In waking life, she wanted to date a boy she had a crush on but didn't want to ruin the existing relationship. In this case, the science class may have reflected serious thinking and anxieties about how to test out ways of getting closer to her crush without ruining the existing relationship.


To dream of scientists represents as aspect of your personality that is experimenting or trying new ideas. You are exploring new territory in some manner. You may be trying express yourself to others differently, taking new approaches to life situations, or trying new things just to see what happens.


To dream of scissors represents decisiveness, emotional separation from issues, or getting rid of something. You may be making a choice, or cutting something out of your life. It may also reflect some area of your life being severed.

Negatively, scissors in a dream could reflect a fear of being cut off or quickly "severed" from an area of your life. Fearing being fired too easily or broken up with by your partner without any discussion. A decisive action that is not in your best interest. Alternatively, from a negative perspective a pair of scissors in a dream may reflect your own insensitive actions to severe ties or relationships you don't want anymore. A lack of consideration about other people's feelings when you quickly take things away from them.

Example: A woman dreamed of being chased with scissors. In waking life she was having anxiety about being accused of stealing from work and getting fired for it even though she knew he was innocent. She feared the quick decisive action of her employer to fire her without question.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of scissors. In waking she was concerned about a breakup with her boyfriend. The scissors in this case may have reflected her feelings about the choice to break up or "cut ties" with her boyfriend.


To dream of being scolded or scolding someone in a dream represents feelings of criticism, reprimand, judgment, or disapproval in your waking life for your actions, words, or behavior. Your own guilt or remorse for something you have done or said. Authority, self-critique, or the internalization of others' expectations. Inner conflicts, personal standards, or emotional responses to perceived failure or wrongdoing.

Positively, dreaming of a scolding may represent self-improvement or personal growth. Recognizing your mistakes or bad habits and being willing to learn from them. A need for guidance or advice from someone more experienced. An understanding of consequences and the need for responsibility in certain areas of your life. This type of dream could also represent your conscience, guiding you to reassess your actions and consider the feelings or perspectives of others.

Negatively, dreaming of being scolded or scolding others may represent feelings of shame, inadequacy, or being unfairly judged. Unresolved conflicts or disagreements in your waking life. Low self-esteem, or anxiety about not meeting the standards set by yourself or others. Alternatively, it could represent inner criticism or self-blame for your actions or decisions. Feelings of guilt or remorse over actions taken. An overly critical attitude toward yourself or a fear of authority and judgment. This dream could also represent lingering effects of past traumas, negative reinforcement, or harsh parenting styles you experienced.

Example: A woman dreamed of having to repeatedly scold her young son for not staying close to her. In waking life, her ex-husband lost all rights to visit her son due to being abusive. In this case, the scolding of the son may have reflected her need to repeatedly reprimand her young son about not contacting the father to ensure her son's safety by setting strict boundaries because he was too young to understand.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of scolding her friend's husband. In waking life, the woman's friend was having marital problems. In this case, the scolding may have reflected her own feelings of frustration or disapproval toward the friend's husband's behavior, possibly a sign she was too emotionally involved in her friend's relationship problems.

Scooter (Foot Powered)

To dream of a scooter represents easy or steady progress. "Breezing" through a situation or problem.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing someone using a scooter. In waking life she felt trapped by a controlling husband and that doing what he wanted made life easier. The scooter reflected her perception of her life being easier to get through if she stayed with her husband.


*Please See Hot


To dream of a scoreboard represents feelings about how well you are doing in life or how well you are comparing to others. Attention that is being drawn to whether or not you measure up.

Consider the numbers of the score for additional meaning.


To dream of a scorpion represents the expectation for pain or hardship. A lingering possibility for bad news or an altercation. A potential for retaliation or a threat that keeps you on edge. It may also reflect an expectation of painful news or an unpleasant situation. A feeling of not knowing when a suspected problem is finally going to rear it's head or when a "death blow" will strike. Feelings about a bad or untrustworthy person inevitably turning on you. Arrogant people who are fully aware of themselves never doing anything they promise to do.

To dream of being bitten by a scorpion represents the realization of pain or hardship that you were expecting. Something bad happened that you were hoping wouldn't happen.

Example: A woman dreamed of a scorpion sitting on her shoulder. In real life she was having a long distance relationship and constantly feared her partner would grow bored and end it. The scorpion reflected her constant feeling that a painful breakup was always possible.

Example 2: An employee dreamed of seeing a customer turning into a scorpion. In real life the employee hated dealing with this customer and was constantly on edge because they always knew the customer might return and ruin their day.

Example 3: A man dreamed of desperately trying to kill a scorpion. In waking life he was struggling to find ways to fight off a stubborn infection his child had while hoping it wouldn't return.

Scotch Tape

To dream of scotch tape represents casual feelings of maintaining a situation with temporary measures. Not believing you need to be an expert to control a situation in the interim.

Example: A woman dreamed of scotch tape being used to tape a pen to a feather. In waking life she was insecure about expressing her feelings openly on a facebook post. She ended up deleting the post. The scotch tape may have reflected her temporary insecure state about feeling free to express her true feelings.


To dream of being in Scotland represents a mindset that insensitively notices itself being better or stronger than someone else. Noticing a number of people around you always thinking they are superior to you. You or others that are meanly or rudely arguing over who is "stupider." Feeling competitive with people who think they are better than you. Feeling the need to prove you are smarter than someone else. Feelings about yourself or other people behaving boldly.

Negatively, being in Scotland may reflect a waking life situation with people in a argument about who is "positiver", smarter, or more deserving. It may also reflect people that are arrogantly refusing to accept a loss or concession no matter the cost to avoid their own embarrassment. Feeling surrounded by people who think they are better or smarter than you. Watching people arguing with each other over who is bigger loser,

Example: A man dreamed of being in Scotland. In waking life he was witnessing two members of his family in a bitter lawsuit for control over an inheritance.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of being in Scotland to study. In waking life he was the webmaster of website in a competitive field and felt he had to work harder than usual because his competition was starting to embarrass him that they were smarter than he was.

*Please See Scottish People

Scottish People

To dream of a Scottish person represents an aspect of your personality that is insensitive about the truth so embarrassment never matters. Insensitive truth that notices why it's not stupid or ripped off. Insensitivity that helps you out. Respecting intelligence. Boldness. Having a stronger idea than someone else that thought about it longer. Not fearing an insensitive idea. A mindset that is insensitively aware of itself avoiding being used or disrespected. Boldness that can't lose because it thought about something too much when other people didn't think about it enough.

Positively, Scottish people may reflect you or someone else that is insensitive about drawing attention to a priority. Insensitive truth that is wiser. Acts of generosity that completely embarrass other people. Insensitively laughing at a problem. A wiser idea about why your problem doesn't need to matter. Permanently noticing why something stupid is never going to happen again because it was thought about completely. Behavior that is wonderful to you as long as you aren't treating it stupid. A long-term outlook that's smarter or more powerful than a short-term outlook based on the difficult truth. Behavior that is so wonderful it makes sure nobody else needs to be afraid or unsafe again. Behavior that is careful about respecting itself avoiding anything embarrassment. Thriftiness or frugality with money. Laughter that you can't lose because you thought about something too much.

Negatively, a Scottish person may reflect a mindset that overdoes insensitive truth that never embarrasses itself. Insensitive truth that doesn't have face embarrassment while it never gives power back while it thinks you don't matter. Insensitive truth that feels like doesn't have to let go because it just tells the truth. Feeling that someone is bigger than you and it's allowed because their honesty can't be overruled. Exploiting someone because you're honest about reality. Insensitive truth that makes you or others feel "like a wimp." Behavior that's insensitive about the truth that might make someone else cry. Insensitively never having to do anyone a favor because you don't have to. Arrogance that insensitively notices it's too strong, smart, or rich to stop.

Scottish people may appear in a dream during bitter arguments. They are also common during lawsuits or court cases. Rivalry that proudly discusses others weaknesses or flaws out in the open.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a Scottish man talking to him. In waking life he was fantasizing about what it would be like to be rich and notice a girl he liked totally broke so that she'd have to be with him. The Scottish man in this case may have reflected his fantasy to exploit the woman's financial situation due to the insensitive truth of having more money than her would make her life easier and difficult for her to choose to leave him. The man's fantasy is insensitive about the truth that notices embarrassment to himself can't happen.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being afraid of a Scottish man with black eyes. In waking life he feared that his father would laugh in his face if he ever told him about a problem he had. In this case the Scottish man with black eyes may have reflected the dreamers feelings about being laughed at for the rest of his life for being stupid if he ever revealed his problem because it would give power to his father to insensitively tell the truth to never think he mattered again. He may have felt that insensitive truth that doesn't have to give power back or respect you first.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of having a Scottish accent. In waking life she was boycotting a certain bus company to use another company because the bus fares were 50p cheaper. In this case the Scottish accent may have reflected her feelings about herself being insensitive about the truth about saving money on bus fares. She wasn't embarrassed by being thrifty or frugal.


To dream of playing scrabble represents a struggle of competing ideas. Wanting your take on a situation to be stronger. It may also reflect competing rhetoric. You may be fighting or at odds with someone about what to define something as.

Example: A woman dreamed of playing scrabble. In waking life the doctors told her that he father had no chance to recover from his coma. She didn't want to accept this and believed it was better to give her father time to recover. The scrabble game reflected her competing view with the doctor about how to define death.


To dream of a scrapbook represents your memory of what life or others have done to you over the years. Old feelings and memories that you've forgotten. An event or situation in your life that makes you "walk down memory lane." A scrapbook may show up in a dream when you are visiting locations from your childhood or spending time in places where something happened that you can't forget. Reliving things you've put behind you. Perhaps, you've ever seen someone from your past.

Negatively, a scrapbook may reflect problems letting go of the past or feeling stuck in a rut. Feeling unable to move forward. A sign that you need to try harder to start a new life for yourself.


To dream of getting scratched by a person or animal may represent feelings about people not liking you. Feeling that someone's hostility or unfriendliness is intentional. Someone in your life that you believe wants to you feel unliked or hated. Feelings about being unable to leave a situation unscathed. Bitterness. Wounding comments. A situations that is acrimonious. An angry person in your life.

Alternatively, a scratch in a dream may reflect feelings about a minor problem or conflict that has the potential to get worse.

Negatively, being scratched may be a sign that you feel stupid for having ignored someone else's hostility or warnings. Jealous conflict in your life that is beginning to feel serious or dangerous. Feeling that someone jealous wants to erase what you have created or achieved.

To dream that you are scratching someone else may reflect jealousy, bitterness, or anger at being ignored. Hostility or making insulting comments.

To dream of a scratched object may reflect situations where you feel terrible that something will never be perfect again. Perfection or innocence lost. Unpleasant feelings about having to remember a stupid mistake you made.

To dream of scratching an itchy body part may reflect feelings about minor irritations, annoyances, or frustrations.

To dream of scratching something valuable may reflect feelings of something terrible happening that ruins being perfect. Nothing is perfect anymore. A mistake that ruins a good situation. A situation to terrible it never stops making you remember something perfect or important being ruined.

Example: A man dreamed of fearing being scratched by a tiger. In waking life he was fearing having to speak to a very aggressive woman who was hostile to him.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her fiancee badly scratched by a lion. In waking life she had experienced her fiancee getting into a very bitter angry fight with her daughter.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing someone drive a minivan and very close to scratching the minivan against a telephone pole. In waking life the man was trying to repair an old friendship when he got very close to experiencing a mistake that would all attempts to repair that friendship.

Scratch Lottery Ticket

To dream of a scratch lottery ticket represents feelings about taking chances with luck by intentionally not treating something special. Hoping that if you compromise, ignore, or are purposefully reckless with something that you might get lucky with something you desire.

Negatively, a scratch lottery ticket may reflect intentional carelessness that hopes to get lucky with something bad happening to someone else.

Example: A woman dreamed of scratching a scratch lottery ticket. In waking life she was hoping that if she behaved in a certain manner that her boyfriend would break up with her so that she didn't have to break up with him. She was afraid to break up with him and hoped to get lucky with an easy way to make sure she broke up with him.


To dream of screaming represents a desperate need for attention or expression of strong, overpowering emotions that are not being acknowledged or heard in waking life. Feelings of fear, anger, stress, or frustration that you are unable to express openly or effectively. This dream may be a call for help or a release of pent-up emotions that you are having difficulty conveying in your waking life.

Negatively, screaming in a dream may suggest that you feel unable to express yourself adequately in a situation or relationship, or that you are experiencing high levels of stress or anxiety. Feeling ignored, overlooked, or not listened to by those around you. Shock or disbelief at how negative a situation in waking life is. A scary situation that has taken you by surprise. A desperate need to address a problem. Your sense of helplessness and frustration with some situation.

Dreaming of screaming may also reflect your perception of someone else's desperate need for help.

To dream that you can't scream represents mixed feelings of desperation and futility. Feeling that nothing can help you. Feelings of being trapped, powerless, or unable to express your true feelings or concerns. A situation where you feel you are not being heard, your opinions are being overlooked, or your pleas for help are being ignored. A deep sense of frustration or fear that you are unable to vocalize or express. Feeling silenced or unable to assert yourself in a situation that requires your voice.

Example: A young man dreamed of hearing a terrifying scream. In waking life, he was shocked to realize that he was losing his hair which at the time was beautiful. In this case, the terrifying scream may have reflected his own internal shock and despair at noticing his hair loss.

*Please See Yelling

Screen Door

To dream of a screen door represents emotional or psychological filtering. Something you like thinking about, but don't wish to expose yourself to for real. A sign that you want to enjoy something, but don't want to deal with the reality of actually doing it. A screen door may also reflect situational protection. Taking in the good and ignoring what you don't like.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a beautiful girl behind a screen door. The girl was someone desirable, yet had family and friends the dreamer didn't like. The screen door reflected his wish to fantasize about her while ignoring the unpleasant reality of her friends and family.


To dream of a screwdriver represents feelings of purposeful adjustments being made in a waking life situation. There may be need to utilize a person, skill, or resource to make a situation customized to your needs.

Negatively, screwdrivers may reflect procrastination about undoing a change or temporarily modification made to your lifestyle. Alternatively, it may reflect insecurity that is driving to make too many adjustments to some area of your life.

Screwdrivers may reflect the use of drugs or health devices to adjust a medical condition.

Example: A woman dreamed of discovering a screwdriver that she felt was junk that needed to be sorted. In waking waking life she had recovered from an injury to her ankle and felt it was time to adjust herself from her recovery focused mindset (drugs, rest, passive lifestyle) to a recovered mindset by changing her habits back normal living.


To dream of loose screws represents feelings about the option to adjust an area of your life secured. Feeling that you could secure an area of your life in the current moment and adjust it later if you wanted to. Issues with keeping a relationship secure with room for adjustments. Excessive concerns about needing to make secure adjustments to others people's problems or lives.

To dream of something held with screws represents feelings about some area of your life intentionally holding strong, but adjustable. An area of your life that is secure and don't want anything else to happen with it in the current moment. Something held with screws may also reflect temporarily secured changes or a temporarily secured problem that you are working on a permanent solution for. Security that is customizable or adjustable.

To dream about a secured screw in an unusual location may reflect feelings about "screwing" yourself with a secure decision you are maintaining.

To dream of hitting a screw into something similar to a hammer and nail may represents feelings about not listening to the need to make slow or intelligent adjustments in a situation. Forcing a situation to be held secure due to anger or frustration that may not work.

Example: A man dreamed of holding a drill and screws, but never using them. In waking life he had just experienced a big breakthrough at work on a major problem. The screws in his hand in this case may have reflected his first feelings about needing to secure his changes with adjustability before realizing his breakthrough worked.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a field covered in screws. In waking life she had a big argument with his fiancee that nearly broke up their relationship. The screws in this case may have reflected her feelings about all the problems brought up in her fight with her fiancee needing some adjustment to secure their relationship from further conflict.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a screw stuck in her son's head and kept looking at it. In waking life the dreamer and her husband were both sick choosing to stay in a hotel waiting for the illness to pass believing it was a good idea. The screw in the head in this case may have reflected her feelings about how unusual it was to remain secure in a hotel while having an illness. She may have felt that she was "screwing" herself deciding to remain in the hotel.

*Please See Screwdrivers

*Please See Bolts


To dream of scribbled writing may reflect feelings about being unable to be certain about a "message" or "sign" you feel you are getting. Difficult to "read" signals.

Negatively, scribbled writing may reflect feelings about other people being too hasty or ambiguous with communicating a message or signal to you. Feeling that someone was not careful enough communicating to you. A sign that you need to ask for clarity. Anxiety about speaking up and demanding more clarity on an issue.

Alternatively, scribbled words in a dream may reflect feelings about ideas that aren't being taken seriously. Ideas that aren't carefully cared about.

Scribbled words in dream are common to people who believe that God is giving them a message or sign in life that is difficult to decipher.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing scribbled words on a door. In waking life she was very religious and was uncertain about whether or not God was giving her a message about whether or not it was a good idea to leave her cheating husband.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing scribbled words stand up and run away from her. In waking life she had ideas for her future of which she never seriously pursued and then experienced opportunities for those ideas "walk away from her."


To dream of scripture represents feelings about wanting salvation or that salvation will come if you rigidly stick to rules. Feelings about specific wisdom, guidance, and moral values that are important to listen to. Feelings about specific fundamentals of a belief system that feel important to listen to. Feeling that if you do something all the time that you will never have a problem.

Alternatively, dreaming of scripture may reflect the dreamer's religious or spiritual beliefs, and may reveal their level of commitment or doubt towards their faith. A search for spiritual or philosophical answers and insights, or a desire for divine inspiration and protection. A search for meaning, purpose, and a sense of connection with something greater than yourself.

Negatively, dreaming about scripture may represent an attitude that is too serious about the rules" and not open to questioning or interpretation, leading to rigidity and inflexibility in your beliefs and behaviors. It may also suggest a fear of being judged or punished for not adhering to certain religious or moral codes, leading to feelings of guilt or shame. Your belief that religious dogma doesn't make sense or doesn't apply to your life. Feelings about seeking salvation being a waste of time. Questioning why bad things happen to you in waking life when you feel it's not supposed to, while feeling you need an explanation. Naively believing that if you do something all the time that you will never have a problem.

Example: A woman dreamed of reading scripture with God talking to her, but never being able to remember what God is saying. In waking life she wanted salvation. In this case the scripture may have reflected her uncertainty or doubts about finding the answers she was looking for, despite her strong desire for spiritual fulfillment.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being lectured by his mother about scripture related to homosexuality. In waking life, he had recently deleted all the porn off his computer and was trying to overcome his addiction to it. In this case, the homosexual scripture from the Bible may have reflected his feelings about fundamental morality regarding porn that views it as difficult to accept immoral behavior. In summary, he felt that porn was metaphorically "gay" to keep watching if he believed in himself as a good Christian and need to be serious about sticking to his values to stay away from it.

*Please See Bible


To dream of a paper scroll represents feelings about the power or authority to dictate. Feelings about not needing to think hard about or second guess judgment as important. Fundamentals or rules that dictate. Feelings of importance associated with having something that ensures you won't ever need to look stupid. Authority to dictate terms or rules. Feelings that judgement or authority is so important that it's a requirement to listen to it.

Negatively, dreaming of a scroll may reflect feelings of jealousy of others authority or power to dictate. Jealousy of losing power or authority to dictate to others. A dislike of listening to others dictating power or authority. Assuming judgment, authority, or dictation.

To dream of a scrolling motion represents feelings about skipping anything except what you think is important. Feeling in control of skipping things that are not as important as what you feel is most important. Skipping behavior to avoid wasting time. Bypassing with a focus on importance. Not wasting time on anything except what you think is important.

Scuba Diving

To dream of scuba diving represents close observation of a negative or uncertain situation while doing nothing about it.

Positively, scuba diving may reflect your attempt to notice everything you can about a problem before doing something about it. Delving deep into a problem for answers before taking action.

Example: A man had a recurring dream of scuba diving. In waking life he was constantly putting up with his wife's snoring and not doing anything to wake her or talk about it with her.


To dream of a scythe represent conflicting feelings about the ending of a situation being too easy. Fear of change you are not prepared for. Fear of failure being unavoidable and imminent. Fearing death when you are not ready for it. Feeling forced to into having to do something that you can't stop.


*Please See Ocean

Sea Glass

To dream of sea glass represents how good it feels to notice something in your life never being dangerous ever again. Feeling good noticing that the worst part of a situation is over for good. It may also reflect relief or enjoyment that the worst of a problem has been dealt with for you.

Sea Lion

*Please See Seals

Sea Otter

*Please See Otters

Sea Shore

*Please See Beach

Sea Turtle

*Please See Turtles

Sea Urchins

To dream of a sea urchins represents feelings about contained fears or controlled problems surprising you by actualizing. Something you think is calm or innocent that shocks you that it isn't. Experiencing your worst fear unexpectedly coming true "out of nowhere." Feeling that a sensitive issue doesn't matter and then being shocked that it actually does.

Example: A young man dreamed of fearing sea urchins. In waking life he was afraid that something guilty he had done and got away with would be suddenly discovered and humiliate him with his guilt.

Example 2: A man dreamed of fearing sea urchins. In waking life he feared that his dying mentally unstable father would change his will at the last second to embarrass him.

Example 3: A man dreamed of fearing sea urchins. In waking life he thought going to the dentist was a good idea that wouldn't cost a lot of money. He had low income with a lot of savings in the bank and feared that the dentist would shock him with a lot of unexpected work that would wipe out his savings.


To dream of eating seafood represents situations in your life where you feel you can't lose or fail ever again. Feeling that negativity or uncertainty is banished or gone for good. Noticing all your problems going away on their own permanently. A "feast" of winning or progress.


To dream of seagulls represents acceptance, grace, and understanding to save oneself from uncertainty no matter what. Resilience and adaptation to save oneself by doing whatever needs to be done while living with uncertainty. Not listening to anything except saving oneself when uncertainty is what you have to live with. Not listening to anything except doing what you feel you have to do while living with uncertainty. Acceptance of yourself not being a little kid by adapting and doing whatever you need to do when new uncertainty might be for the rest of your life. Freedom during unpredictable uncertain times. Resilience and adaptation to uncertainty with family life listening.

Negatively, dreaming about seagulls represents resilience and adaptation that's annoying that it uses people. Family or friends that don't see themselves wearing out their welcome while using you to save money. Permanently choosing to accept living with new uncertainty in your life instead of figuring out how to move on with your life. Not believing in anyone else's problems while surviving your own.

Seagulls typically appear in dreams when a person completely open to confronting problems, keeps a cool head about negative and uncertain situations, or is totally fearless about asking for help.

Example: A young girl dreamed of gigantic seagulls. In waking life she was witnessing her family having financial problems. In this case the gigantic seagulls may have reflected her feelings about her family having to be resilient about living with uncertainty in a new reality of financial difficulty.


To dream of a seahorse represents feelings about behavior that impresses you that it doesn't have to do anything except do what you don't expect. Unusual unexpected functioning situations. A seahorse may also reflect situations where you are overwhelmed by uncertainty and still find your life unexpectedly functioning in a way that impresses or surprises you.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a turtle that looked more like a seahorse. In waking life she lost her apartment, was forced to live in client's home, and couldn't believe her life was working at all while always insecure about irritating her client to prevent getting kicked out. The seahorse symbolism in this case may have reflected the unusual and unexpected functioning homelife she had.


To dream of seals represents behavior that is wonderfully clever about dealing with uncertainty that doesn't have to listen to you if it doesn't want to.

Negatively, dreaming about a seal represents a wonderfully clever aspect of your personality that leads you astray. Seemingly adorable that consistently cheats you or lures you in the wrong direction. Feelings about someone who is happy to be themselves, but doesn't need you. Feelings about good people or potential customers that are just as interested in you as they were at first.

Example: A woman dreamed of a scary looking seal. In real life she feared marriage because she believed it might ruin her career and take away her happiness. The seal reflected her belief that marriage lures you with desire and then makes you unhappy with children.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a seal. In waking life he was finding consulting work for business startups difficult to retain customers and chose to pursue established business owners instead. The seal in this case may have reflected his recurring sense of speaking to potential customers that feel that they will convert into real customers, but don't.


To dream of a seaplane represents feelings about the trajectory or momentum of plans, ideas, or projects that you wish to "get off the ground" under conditions that require never thinking of uncertainty as a problem. Your ability to handle and adapt to uncertain or unpredictable situations while maintaining progress. Never having to stop thinking of yourself getting something done in a situation that never stops being uncertain or unpredictable. Thoughts about getting a "rescue mission" off the ground for other people who need help getting their lives back to normal. A mindset of rescuing people from problems on an ongoing basis.

Negatively, dreaming about a seaplane represents feelings about overdoing plans, ideas, or projects that you wish to "get off the ground" under conditions that require never thinking of uncertainty as a problem. Too much concern with rescuing people from problems on an ongoing basis.

Example: A person dreamed of being in a seaplane going down a waterslide that never takes off. In waking life, the person was planning to purchase useful goods to give away to homeless people but hadn't gotten around to it yet. In this case, the seaplane never taking off from the waterslide may have reflected the person's feelings about their charitable project needing to navigate the uncertainty and unpredictability of homeless people's lives on the streets with an attitude that never thought about it as a problem and never being motivated beyond enjoying talking about it being fun and easy.

Search Warrant

*Please See Warrant


To dream of searching something represents a need to find something missing or needed in your life. A reflection of your waking life search for love, spiritual enlightenment, peace, or a solution to a problem. Looking for a hidden meaning to something or trying to find a quality you want in your life that is not currently present.

To dream of being searched may reflect your concern about someone else discovering a secret or personal information about you. Feeling that you can't hide anything from someone.

To dream of performing a search on someone may reflect your interest in discovering a secret or finding the truth. Examining a person or situation. Having high standards.

To dream of searching yourself may represent your feelings of being on the spot or looking to do whatever you can for the moment. Alternatively, it may reflect your attempt to prove yourself to someone.

To dream of searching for someone may represent waking life feelings about an aspect of your personality that no longer works socially. Trying to find out why certain behaviors or social skills aren't helping you anymore. Trying to find out why someone is mad at you or you are unexpectedly experiencing bad luck. Wondering why you can't do something anymore that you are used to or confident about.

Example: A woman dreamed of being nervous that she might be searched. In waking life she was nervous about her boyfriend finding out that she was going to a concert on her own.

Example 2: A man dreamed of searching through the clothes in his closet for the perfect outfit. In waking life he was trying to discover how he could appear more intelligent to others.

Example 3: A man dreamed of searching out all the exits of a building. In waking life he was trying his hardest to be prepared for any criticism he may get. The searching reflected his wish to discover handy excuses for criticism he got or to avoid the people who were giving it to him.

Example 4: A man dreamed of searching for underwater treasure. In waking life he was in therapy trying to understand why he was so anti-social. He felt that if he learned about himself more that he might find a way to improve his social skills.

*Please See Searchlight


To dream of a searchlight represents an attempt to understand or notice something that isn't doing what it's supposed to. A person or situation may be acting suspicious or out of character and you may want to investigate it for yourself.

Alternatively, a search light may reflect a person or situation that is suspicious of you. It may also reflect investigations into complaints about you.

*Please See Flashlight


To dream of sea shells represents positive feelings about becoming aware of people you don't like losing power or protection from trouble. Feeling good noticing people you don't like being totally uncared about or desperate.

Negatively, seashells may reflect an excessive amount of hope or enjoyment in believing someone else is weaker without confirmation. Naively believing someone else has lost power or protection. Enjoying seeing someone innocent lose their guard or become desperate.

Alternatively, a seashell may reflect feeling good noticing dangerous problems no longer having a way to shield themselves from being overcome.

To dream of listening to a seashell may reflect your enjoyment of remembering, thinking about, or discussing how terrifyingly jealous someone you don't like became. Enjoying remembering how an enemy or someone you don't like lost all their power or confronted the worst moment of their lives.


To dream of being seasick represents feelings of wanting to do nothing except get a negative or uncertain situation over with. Regretting having decided to try to confront a problem. Having a lot of difficulty confronting your honest emotions as you face an issue. Feeling uneasy about having to endure uncertainty.

Feeling that you can't deal with uncertain situations anymore because it's too unpleasant, uncomfortable, or unbearable. Regret or rejection of wanting to deal with uncertain situations anymore.


*Please See Chairs

Seat belt

To dream of a seat belt represents precautions you are taking with your decisions. A need for insurance in case you make a mistake. Something you do or tell yourself "just in case" as you take on new challenges or explore new things. Being safe or intelligent with your decisions. An unwillingness to take any risks while you are in control of a situation.

Example: A woman dreamed of wearing a seat belt. In waking life she was having serious financial problems and felt the need to be overly cautious with the remaining money she did have to protect her family.


To dream of a single seat represents comfort accepting a situation in order to make it work for whatever it is you are doing. Comfort of taking on a situation independently and being self-sufficient. Preferring to handle things on your own without any external interference or input. This dream may reflect a need to be in control and take responsibility for your own decisions and actions, rather than relying on others. Comfortably tolerating a situation.

To dream of sitting in a seat represents comfort accepting a situation in order to make it work for whatever it is you are doing. Comfort staying the way you are.

To dream of sitting in a seat a few seats away from someone else may represent feelings about being comfortable the way you are waiting until a situation is over while having a different position or role than someone else. Social distancing from a person while comfortably accepting a situation. Feelings about experiencing a situation as it is with other aspects of your personality. Dislike of having to be near someone you don't like or get along with.

To dream of group seats represents a sense of community, belonging, and social interaction while comfortably accepting a situation as it is. Feelings about experiencing a situation as it is with other aspects of your personality. It may also reflect the need or desire for teamwork, cooperation, and collective efforts to achieve a common goal. Alternatively, it could represent feeling uncomfortable in a particular social setting.

To dream of colored seats represents a more specific or customized experience with choosing to comfortably accept a situation. See dream themes for colors for additional meaning.

To dream of a car seat represents comfort accepting that controlling decisions are being made in order for a situation to work or make progress. It can also symbolize a sense of safety and security while navigating through life's journeys. Additionally, dreaming of seats that aren't the drivers seat may indicate the dreamer's willingness to take a passive role and trust in the expertise or judgment of others to guide them towards their destination.

To dream of a bus seat represents comfort accepting that a situation will take as long as it needs to in order to eventually end up at the desired destination or goal. The seat may also symbolize the ability to relax and trust the process, letting someone else take control and lead you towards your destination.

Example: A man dreamed of sitting on a bus a few seats away from someone he didn't like. In waking life he felt subjected to patiently waiting for a difficult legal situation to end in stages while having to endure being near an enemy while waiting. In this case the seats may have reflected the man's need to tolerate a difficult situation while being in close proximity to someone he disliked.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of sitting on a bus with a guy she liked. In waking life she didn't like being single or waiting to meet the perfect man. In this case her seat on the bus may have reflected her feelings about having to accept tolerating waiting for the right man to appear in her life.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of seeing people in a movie theatre in that didn't like him sitting down in their seats. In waking life he had experienced a holiday with people whom surprised him with snobbery. In this case the seats may have reflected the dreamer's sense of comfortably accepting a similar situation, such as the vacation, from a different perspective as the snobby people.

*Please See Bleachers

*Please See Chairs


To dream of seaweed represents prolonged dissatisfaction with something you are currently doing. You may not be happy with where you are in life. Putting up with something you don't want to do or be involved with at all. Feeling that a situation is never going to be as good as you want it to be. Feelings about a situation being impossible to experience as incredible.

Example: A man dreamed of coming out of a river with seaweed on him. In real life he had to just finished looking for a job and felt that the new job kept him away from what he really wanted to do. The seaweed may have reflected his feelings about his life never being as happy as he would like it to be if he stayed in his current job after discovering it was possible to have a better job.

Second-Hand Store

To dream of a second-hand store may reflect your consideration of old ideas, ideas others are bored with, or getting involved in a relationship with someone that someone you know has already been in a relationship with. Considering making a choice to try someone else's idea or a "second hand" idea. Considering trying an idea that someone else doesn't have time for.

Negatively, second-hand store may reflect your dislike for having to do something unoriginal. Feeling like a loser because you have acknowledge someone else as the source of your accomplishment. Feeling that an old idea isn't an interesting as a new idea that you are considering.

Example: A woman dreamed that she was shopping in a second-hand store. In waking life she was considering a business idea that she had gotten from someone else whom didn't have the time or resources to try the idea themselves.

Secret Admirer

To dream of a secret admirer represents feelings about signal your desire, love, or interests without being open about it. Showing off that you think a person or situation is awesome without revealing yourself. Spending a lot of time and resources being near your desires and not enough of taking action to achieve them for real.

Negatively, dreaming about a secret admirer may reflect issues with secretly desiring people or outcomes that are not possible. Choosing desire while playing with signals that may not be working. Wasting time sending signals about people or things you desire. Wasting time and resources not being open about your love, desire or interests. Feeling that you are wasting your time showing someone you like them. Enjoying noticing your not desperate to someone who doesn't even know who you are.

Example: A woman dreamed of person with a secret admirer. In waking life she was having difficulty telling the man she had a crush on that she liked him while spending a lot of time near him.

Secret Agent

To dream of a secret agent represents stealth, infiltration, or false pretenses. Doing whatever it takes to secretly get a job done or fail something without being noticed. Pretending to like someone or keep up false appearances in order to stop something.

Alternatively, a secret agent may reflect lying or cheating being done to help someone else.

*Please See Spy

*Please See Agent

Secret Rooms

To dream of a secret room represents feelings about hidden aspects, undisclosed information, or unexplored potential in your life. A sense of privacy about personal boundaries. A part of your life that doesn't usually talk about itself. Facets of yourself or parts of your life that you have yet to discover, confront, or integrate into your conscious understanding. The dream may serve as an invitation to deeper self-reflection and discovery, suggesting there is more to know or reveal, either to yourself or to others.

Positively, dreaming about a secret room might symbolize the richness of the inner self, untapped potential, or unknown talents and abilities. It may indicate that you possess knowledge, skills, or emotions that you've kept private, but that could be beneficial if explored or exposed. There may be a sense of excitement or thrill related to the possibility of self-discovery and personal growth. Realizing undiscovered aspects of yourself. Feeling good learning something originally hidden or undisclosed.

Negatively, a secret room in a dream could represent areas of your life or personality that you are deliberately keeping hidden due to fear, shame, or insecurity. Issues you are avoiding, repressed memories, or taboo thoughts that you're not willing to confront. Feelings of being trapped by something that you wish to keep hidden, perhaps indicating guilt or a fear of exposure. Feeling ripped off or embarrassed that important information was previously withheld from you.

Example: A young man dreamed of finding a secret room in his father's basement with valuables in it. In waking life, he was worried about making an expensive purchase to replace something he owned, but then soon realized that what he already owned wasn't actually broken after he cleaned it. In this case, the secret room may have reflected his thoughts about the unexplored potential or hidden insight of cleaning his equipment that nobody told him about that made him feel it was an advantage to save money.

Example 2: A man dreamed of finding a secret room with a depressed clown in it. In waking life, he realized that his depression may actually be related to a big embarrassment from his youth after spending years not understanding why he was depressed. In this case, the secret room may have reflected his subconscious mind, where he had locked away unresolved emotions and past experiences that contributed to his ongoing depression.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being unable to find a secret hidden room in her house. In waking life, she felt she was unable to have private quality time with her boyfriend anymore. In this case, the secret room may have reflected the secret room may have reflected her feelings about a private and special aspect of her relationship that she felt was increasingly elusive or inaccessible.

Example 4: A young woman dreamed of being in a secret room. In waking life, she felt that her family and culture were subversive to everything she believed in. In this case, the secret room may have reflected her personal thoughts and experiences as secretive or hidden, due to their stark contrast with her surrounding societal and familial norms.


To dream of a secretary represents feelings about a social proxy. Using friends, family, or technology to deal with people for you. Feeling that you need to go through someone in order to get to the person you really want to speak to. Socially delegating to others.

Negatively, a secretary may reflect feelings about using friends, family, or technology to avoid people you don't like. Putting up some kind of social proxy between yourself and others. Using answering machines to breakup with people or avoid people. A wish to avoid direct social contact. Feelings about yourself being too important to deal with people directly. A lack of confidence in yourself speaking to people directly. A lack of confidence in yourself asserting yourself in a relationship to the point of being the social manager for someone else. Feelings about yourself being a social manger for your family while the other spouse delegates.

Example: A woman dreamed of wanting to use a secretary to call 911. In waking life she was unhappy with a man she began to date so she left a fake message on his answering machine to make having a relationship appear impossible to continue with.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being a secretary and sitting around a table with other secretaries when her boss walked passed her. In waking life she was discussing her uncertainty about her relationship to her friends while they all felt like the men in the lives delegated responsibilities in the family to them.


To dream of secrets represents feelings about hidden or undisclosed information, suppressed emotions, or unresolved issues. Inner fears, guilt, or aspects of your personality that you are not ready to confront or reveal to others. Elements of your own identity that you're keeping concealed. Personal mysteries, uncertainties, or aspects of your life that are not yet fully understood or revealed.

Positively, dreaming about secrets might symbolize a part of you that you keep guarded or undisclosed due to its special or sacred nature. It may also suggest the thrill of mystery, discovery, or personal exploration. Secrets can represent intimate knowledge or a deep understanding that's not readily shared with others.

Negatively, dreaming about secrets could represent feelings of fear, guilt, shame, or regret linked to something hidden or suppressed. Denial, avoidance, or fear of confrontation. Fear or anxiety about something hidden "coming to light." Perhaps you're keeping a secret that's causing you stress, or you're hiding something about yourself due to fear of judgment or rejection. Secrets in a negative context can also symbolize deception or manipulation.

Alternatively, a secret in a dream may reflect a fear of angering someone if you are honest with them. A fear of arguing with someone about what you really think. Keeping to yourself or being introverted. Having a wilder side that you feel you can't express.

To dream of having a secret represents hidden power or insight. Knowledge or information that you are intentionally keeping hidden from others. Feelings of guilt, shame, or a sense of responsibility regarding this concealed information. Struggling with the weight of your hidden truths and the impact they might have if revealed. Wanting to prevent others from knowing something or getting any leverage over you. Feeling it's important to keep others excluded or unaware. Feelings about the importance of having quality time with a person or personal interest.

Negatively, having a secret may reflect a fear of your weakness being revealed to others. It may also be a sign that you are withholding something in order to give yourself an advantage. Problems or weaknesses you are keeping to yourself. Feeling suspicious of someone.

To dream of having your secret revealed against your wishes may represent feelings of vulnerability, betrayal, or exposure. You may feel that your trust has been broken. It could indicate that you feel you have lost control over information or aspects of your identity that you wanted to keep private. There may be fears or anxieties related to the consequences of this exposure, such as damaged reputation, loss of relationships, or other negative outcomes. Unpleasant feelings about something special in your life being intruded on. A fear of having private issues or weaknesses revealed or exposed to others. Feeling embarrassed into discussing something uncomfortable. Feelings of isolation, embarrassment, or humiliation. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings about being caught being dishonest or losing an exclusive advantage.

To dream of hearing secret information represents feelings of gaining privileged insight or becoming aware of something that is not commonly known. This could relate to insider information, confidential matters, or hidden aspects of situations or relationships. It may suggest that you feel you've been granted access to valuable knowledge or have been made a confidant in some area of your life. Feelings of exclusivity, being "special", or discovering something that gives you an advantage. You may have encountered something unexpected or that you were not intended to encounter. It may also reflect the pressure you feel to keep something to yourself.

Example: A woman dreamed of people having a secret that they didn't want to share. In waking life, she believed that doctors had misdiagnosed her broken arm and was keeping her feelings to herself because she didn't want to upset the doctors or argue with them. In this case, the secret may have reflected the belief that the doctors were keeping information from her to allow a proper diagnosis of her arm.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her boyfriend keeping a secret from her. In waking life, she was suspicious of her boyfriend not telling her the whole truth of a matter.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being unable to find a secret hidden room in her house. In waking life, she felt she was unable to have private quality time with her boyfriend anymore. In this case, the secret room may have reflected the secret room may have reflected her feelings about a private and special aspect of her relationship that she felt was increasingly elusive or inaccessible.

Example 4: A young woman dreamed of being in a secret room. In waking life, she felt that her family and culture were subversive to everything she believed in. In this case, the secret room may have reflected her personal thoughts and experiences as secretive or hidden, due to their stark contrast with her surrounding societal and familial norms.

*Please See Secret Rooms

Security Cameras

To dream of security cameras represents feelings of being monitored, or scrutinized. You may also be concerned about what other people think you or something you're doing.

Alternatively, it may reflect a close observation of someone you are interested in or don't trust.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing security cameras filming him while he was in a music store trying to buy a cd. In waking life he was becoming annoyed with his employers at work because they were starting to watch every single thing he did at work which prevented him from enjoying his breaks.

*Please See Hidden Cameras

Security Guards

To dream of a security guard represents caution or carefulness that your actions stay within certain bounds. Making sure you don't go to far with something. It may also reflect someone in your life that is acting as a chaperone or supervisor. A person or situation that's maintaining boundaries.

Example: A young man dreamed of talking to a security guard. In waking life he had an argument with someone and was being very cautious about not speaking to them again. The security guard reflected how careful he was being about avoiding the other person.

Security Lights

To dream of outdoor security lights carefulness or a concern for stability. A wish to be safe or prepared during difficult moments. A heightened sense of desired safety. Wanting to feel secure or have solutions to possible problems at all times.

Example: A man dreamed of his outdoor security lights coming on. In waking life he was worried about Hurricane Katrina and taking precautions.

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