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To dream of a sports ball represents feelings about competition or competitive thinking. A situation where you feel the need to keep things "in play" and not let them fall apart. Issues Issues that may involve emotional struggles, conflicts, feelings of inferiority, or standing up for yourself. Awareness of having thoughts that remain competitive, conflicted, or challenged. You may sense that someone might not want the same things as you or that you need to fight competitively to make progress. A challenge for the rest of your life over something that important to you, choices that have both good and bad consequences, or beliefs that result in positive or negative outcomes. Conflicts over issues you want to resolve.

Red balls may represent negative or passionate thoughts. Blue balls may represent positive or insensitive thoughts.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing blue and red colored balls flying upwards into the air while a voice said "Isn't it incredible to see your thoughts coming to life?" In waking life, the man experienced 30 days of the most powerful hallucinations of his entire life where confronting them caused them to fade away. The hallucinations seemed to be reflections of his own personality coming to life. In this case, the blue and red balls may have reflected his feelings about experiencing his own positive or negative thoughts of his own personality like it was a competitive struggle to learn about himself to make the hallucinations go away.

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