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To dream of a lock represents a sense of restriction, confinement, or security in a situation or relationship. It may symbolize boundaries, obstacles, or the need for control and privacy in certain aspects of your life. A lock can also indicate the feeling of ownership or protectiveness over something or someone.

To dream of locking something may represent restrictions you are making for others or your attempt to shut off others completely. Alternatively, you may feel that certain demands must be met emotionally or situationally by someone else. You feel a sense of ownership over something. Establishing boundaries or a need for control and privacy.

To dream of unlocking may represent new opportunities or a sense of liberation from previous restrictions and limitations. You may be experiencing newfound freedom in a relationship, career, or personal growth. Unlocking can symbolize overcoming obstacles, solving problems, or gaining access to previously inaccessible resources or information. It might also indicate a shift in your mindset, allowing you to explore new perspectives, ideas, or ways of thinking that had been previously unavailable or unattainable. Feelings about someone giving you permission to do something they previously didn't.

To dream of being locked out represents feelings of exclusion or being left out. You may feel that your freedom or independence is being limited by external circumstances, such as policies or regulations, or by internal factors like fear or self-doubt. You may feel cut off or kept away from something. You may also feel unable to see something. An obstacle, boundary, or impossible requirement feel imposed on you. A lock could also reflect someone else's sense of ownership. Alternatively, you may feel that you're unable to see someone else's hidden motives.

To dream of being locked in represents feelings of entrapment, confinement, or powerlessness within a situation or relationship. You may feel stuck, unable to make progress, or unable to escape a certain circumstance. This could also indicate a perceived lack of control over your own life or decisions. Being locked in might symbolize a need to confront your fears, reevaluate your choices, or seek help in order to regain your freedom and sense of autonomy. It can also reflect feelings of helplessness and a need for change or intervention to break free from the constraints that are holding you back.

To dream of your key not working on a lock may represent feelings of frustration, helplessness, or inadequacy in finding a solution to a problem or obstacle in your life. You may be experiencing difficulties in accessing something important to you, or you might be struggling to make progress in a situation. This could also symbolize a need for change, adaptability, or exploring alternative approaches, as your current methods or mindset may not be effective in addressing the challenges you are facing. A need to find new answers or insight into your problems. You may have to try something new to find a solution.

To dream of picking a lock represents your desire to defy boundaries, rules, or expectations placed upon you. It may symbolize your determination to access something that is off-limits or restricted, or your unwillingness to accept limitations in your life. Picking a lock in your dream could also indicate your resourcefulness and creativity in finding unconventional ways to solve problems or overcome obstacles, asserting your independence and personal power in the process.

To dream of being unable to lock something may reflect feelings of insecurity, vulnerability, or a lack of control in a situation or relationship. It could indicate that you are struggling to establish boundaries, protect your privacy, or maintain a sense of ownership over something or someone. This might also symbolize a fear of intrusion or the inability to keep unwanted influences at bay. Alternatively, it could represent feelings of incompetence or inadequacy in safeguarding what you value or care about, prompting you to reassess your priorities or seek more effective means of protection and control.

Example: A woman dreamed being unable to lock a door and feeling unsafe. In waking life, she feared that her husband's sex addiction couldn't be stopped and that it would ruin their marriage. In this case, being unable to lock a door may have reflected her feelings of powerlessness and insecurity in her relationship, as well as her inability to establish boundaries or protect her emotional well-being from her husband's addiction.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being locked in her apartment. In waking life, she was unhappy in her marriage and days later began discussing separation with her husband. In this case, being locked in the apartment may have reflected her unpleasant feelings about being trapped in her relationship or living situation with her husband.

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