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Coconut Tree

To dream of a coconut tree or palm tree represents feelings about an established sense of being allowed leisure or relaxation from responsibility. Feeling that working isn't important in some area of your life and being relaxed about it. An established feeling of doing whatever you want because you already can. Hard work or maintenance isn't your job. Feeling that life in some way is perfect with never even seeing anything wrong with no hard work all the time. Not feeling that you ever have to care about problems because it's allowed. Carefree success or leisure. Enjoying a laid-back atmosphere or relationship. The state of your sexual relationship.

Negatively, it may reflect a stubborn refusal to care about something you feel is someone else's problem. Excessive relaxation or pleasure. Ignoring maintenance or hard work. An issue that you believe is not your problem or concern and that someone else should care about it.

A sick or drooping palm tree may reflect problems with the state of your sex life. Issues with relaxing or enjoying your personal life.

Example: A woman dreamed seeing a drooping palm tree slowly come back to life and look vibrant. In waking life, she felt that the state of her sex life with her husband had improved considerably.

Example 2: A man had a vision of seeing a row of palm trees shrunk into houseplants. In waking life, he was beginning to experience his usually good LSD trip sessions as more difficult bad trips requiring a lot psychological work and self-reflection than usual. The palm trees turning into houseplants may reflects his feelings of established confidence to have leisure or euphoria while taking LSD being replaced with bad trips that required lots of maintenance of mental work.



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