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To dream of the color pink represents feelings about behavior that cares about other people's feelings all the time. Behavior, people, or situations that allow you to feel safe having your feelings cared about. Feelings about people surprising you with being nice to you or liking what you are doing.

Negatively, pink reflects lust or strong sexual desire. An obsessive or unstoppable sexual appetite. It can also reflect an obsession with needing to attain what you want because it cares about everything you need to believe in yourself for the rest of your life. A lack of caring about anything else except having what you want as fast as possible, most commonly for sex. You may be too eager to push aside obstacles or people that are in your way to obtain something you're desperate to have as quickly as possible. A powerful thoughtless desire to have something as soon as possible.

Pink can also be a symbol for girls, but this is not as common in dreams.

Example: A young man dreamed of being inside a pink void. In waking life, he was obsessed with having sex with a girl. In this case, the color pink may have reflected his overpowering lust for a girl.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a person wearing pink clothing. In waking life, he noticed changes he made to his business making him more money, and felt overcome with a drive to repeat the behavior to make more money as fast as he could. In this case, the color pink may have reflected his obsession or "lust" for making more money as quickly as possible.

Pinky Finger

To dream of a pinky finger represents your ability to trust or have faith.

To see your pinky finger injured or severed represents a loss of trust or faith.


To dream of Pinocchio represents your feelings about being unable to hide the truth or disguise your real intentions once it's uncovered. Noticing that it's impossible to lie or keep a secret. Embarrassment at having to see yourself lie. A sense of family life that doesn't see a problem with lying until it's embarrassed itself with being unable to hide it. Alternatively, Pinocchio may represents innocence that embarrasses itself lying.

Example: A young woman dreamed that she was Pinocchio and that her nose kept growing while talking to her father who wasn't listening to her. In waking life, she was aware of herself being dishonest, but decided changing her behavior wasn't important.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing Pinocchio. In waking life, he discovered that someone he just met had done some snooping on the Internet about him and discovered something he was thinking he could hide. In this case, Pinocchio may have reflected his feelings of embarrassment and inability to hide or deny the truth once it had been uncovered.


To dream of colored straight pins (sewing pin) represents feeling that it's special to notice exactly what something is. Feelings about noticing something being specially kept exactly the way it is. Feelings of being held back or made to stay put in a safe way.

To dream of all metal uncolored straight pins represents feelings about something being kept exactly the way it is because it's intelligent or seriously needed. Feelings about being held back or making something stay put.

To dream of a holding pin represents feelings about something being unsupportive if not kept the way it is for function.

To dream of seeing something pinned to a surface or held pinned in place represents intentionally wanting something to not stop doing what it is currently doing. Intentionally keeping something the way it is as long as you need it to. Effort or care to intentionally not allow something to change. Feeling stronger than something while keeping it the way it is. A serious or insensitive decision to keep something the way it is.

To dream of colored straight pins on a map represents the awareness or importance of remembering different ways of thinking.

Example: A woman dreamed of having straight pins in her mouth making it difficult to speak and having problems pulling them out. In waking life she was in a foriegn country unable to speak the language while frustrated with needing to.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of pulling pins out of the bottom of her feet until she was left with red spots covering her feet. In waking life she had parents who were very mean to her which forced her to stop visiting them, stop communicating with them, and otherwise cut them out of her life. Removing the pins from her feet may have reflected her feelings about removing a sense of being "held back by her parents.

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To dream of a pioneer represents a chaotic beginning. Charting new territory. Starting something new and never knowing what to expect. You may be looking for a new way to express yourself and expand your horizons.

Pipe (Smoking)

To dream of smoking a pipe represents contemplation. Feeling good noticing what you are doing is intelligent. Feeling too intelligent to have to worry. It may also reflect your attempt to show others that you are capable of acting like an adult about something dangerous.

Negatively, smoking a pipe in a dream may reflect a preoccupation with not wanting to look stupid. A concern about other people thinking you are always making smart decisions.

Example: A woman dreamed of wanting to show her father a smoking pipe. In waking life she wanted to show people she knew that she was adult and perfectly mature about having to discuss her father's recent death. The smoking pipe may have reflected her her feelings about being relaxed and intelligent about the dangerous topic of her father's death.

Pipes (Plumbing)

To dream of pipes represents your ability to steer and control something in the direction you want.

Leaking pipes represent problems that are derailing progress or causing delays.

To dream of using a pipe as a weapon symbolizes conflict in your life over controlling outcomes.

To dream of a pipeline represents unquestioned progress. Streamlined success. No fighting. Anxiety, concerns, or jealousy of your competition having access to a competitive advantage that makes their lives too easy for your comfort level. Some kind of unstoppable progressive situation in your life. Powerful productivity. Never taking a break. Expecting something in your life to be easy.

Example: A woman dreamed of feeling forced to sit on a hot pipe by a "disease demon." In waking life she was experiencing anxiety about taking time off work to deal with painful inflammation she was feeling in her bladder. The hot pipe may have reflected her feelings of putting up with the pain of her bladder inflammation in order to keep her responsibilities at work running smoothly.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of using a pipe as a weapon. In waking life he felt the need to defend himself against an overbearing father who was trying to control his life.

*Please See Plumber


To dream of a piranha represents an issue or problem that "eats away" or destroys everything it's exposed to. People or situations that could ruin or negatively influence all that you have. Areas of your life that may be totally lost because of a single failure or embarrassment.

Example: A woman once dreamed of a piranha trying to eat her. In real life she feared embarrassing information being revealed about her that could destroy her relationship and the life she'd built around it.


To see a pirate in your dream represents an aspect of your personality that likes to take advantage of others, or exploit weaknesses for your own benefit. Taking advantage of passivity. A lack of concern for exploiting innocence. Social hijacking. Dominating a social atmosphere.

Negatively, dreaming about pirates may reflect casual feelings about dishonest or criminal behavior. A casual attitude about taking if there is nothing to stop you. Concerns about copyright infringement.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a pirate skeleton arm holding a sword. In waking life he was running an illegal business that was beginning to lose out to other criminal competitors.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a pirate ship sailing towards her. In waking life he was expecting her mother-in-law to visit whom she felt was a very dominate person who would always unfairly get her way.

Pirate Hat

To dream of a pirate hat represents you or someone else that is in the mood to take advantage of others. If you are wearing the hat it may reflect your interest in exploiting others weaknesses. If someone else is wearing the hat it may symbolizes your feelings about a someone that is taking advantage of you.


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To dream of a pit represents feelings about a situation or relationship being pointless or useless. Feeling a sense of hopelessness about a situation you are experiencing. It may also reflect the feeling about being stuck experiencing the worst possible outcome in a situation. A problem that feels permanent or without an end in sit.

Alternatively, dreaming about a pit may reflect your feelings about something in your life being worthless to you. Something to be used and never cared about again. Abandonment and neglect. Feeling "tossed aside", used, and having to fend for yourself.

To dream of climbing out of a pit may reflect overcoming abandonment or neglect by someone else. It may also reflect feelings of overcoming a "rock bottom" situation.

To dream of falling into a pit may represent fear or anxiety about never getting yourself out of a problem.

Example: A woman dreamed of falling into a pit. In waking life she accidentally spit open a broken bone she was healing from.

*Please See Bottomless Pit


To dream of a pitbull represents emotional protection that is projecting a sense of danger for any misgivings. A strong show of assertiveness to keep others in line. Making boundaries and the consequences of violating those boundaries very clear. A constant sense that "if you f*ck with me I will kick your ass." Making it understood that jealousy will never be tolerated and embarrassment will occur if someone doesn't listen to you. Confidence that doesn't scare at all.

Negatively, a pitbull may reflect tendencies to be overprotective. It my also represent your feelings about someone who you feel is more powerful than they are intelligent. Alternatively, it may reflect your own arrogance that keeps others feeling threatened to keep them in line.

Example: A woman dreamed of a pitbull trying to help her defend herself from an attacker while she personally felt unable to scream or speak. In waking life she was a grandmother that was having arguments with her daughter-in-law over getting to spend time with the grandchildren. She tried to get aggressive in the arguments chastising the daughter-in-law for not respecting family enough, but it didn't work.


To dream of a drink pitcher represents feelings taking your time doing something easily if you want to. Readiness about convienienty serving replenishment or something easy. Feels good that it's listening that your life or situation doesn't need to do anything difficult. Feelings about easy opportunities that are ready to given to you. Readiness to serve or help with no desperation. Not having to worry about looking or feeling desperate for something if you don't want to. Access to resources, money, people, or sex without desperation. Talking or interviews before you decide to make a decison.

Negatively, dreaming of a drinkin pitcher may reflect feelings of being helped easily never being enough. Feeling that someone liked you, but it wasn't enough. An easy opportunity that doesn't listen to your feelings. Being arrogant about not being desperate. Abusing easy access to resources, money, people, or sex.

To dream of a baseball pitcher represents feelings about insensitively trying to embarrass someone with not getting an opportunity. Your own attempts to embarrass someone that they don't do anything properly. Making an opportunity to fix a problem too difficult. Feeling that someone or something is intentionally making getting ahead difficult or impossible. A dishonest or dangerous opportunity that may embarrass you if you don't "hit it" right. A professional or jerk that wants to embarrass you with an opportunity being too fast or clever to deserve it.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing two drink pitchers. One orange one and one green one with instructions to rinse with mouthwash first. In waking life he was trying to get a new job. The pitchers in this case may have reflected his feelings about how easy it would be to get a new job or second interview if he was careful about what he said. The orange pitcher reflecting feeling of power getting the job easily and the green pitcher reflecting feeling the jealousy of the ease of getting a second job interview.

Example 2: A man dreamed of a woman with drink pitcher on his left side and a woman talking about his penis on the right side. In waking life he had just had his third date with a woman the previous night. The pitcher held by the woman on his left side may have reflected his feelings about the woman he was dating being ready to give him an easy chance for another date if he wanted to.

*Please See Baseball


To dream of a farmer's pitchfork represents self-sufficiency or doing things for yourself. Feeling that a problem isn't going to go away on it's own.

Negatively, a pitchfork may reflect anger directed towards you for interfering in someone else's life. It may also reflect unpleasant feelings about having to do too much work. A fear of having to do something all by yourself. A fear of doing something by yourself to keep something embarrassing hidden.

To dream of Satan's pitchfork may reflect feelings about yourself or someone else who is eager to keep others down. A protective mindset about keeping others in a negative state. Scaring others to stay away from positive choices or hope to improve themselves. Alternatively, Satan's pitchfork may reflect concerns that you are intentionally choosing negative choices or permanently screwing yourself over with negative behavior. Awareness of yourself being bad. A fear that your actions will send you to hell.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a young girl knock on his door holding a pitchfork. In waking life he was uncertain about whether or not he should return to his old job which was in different US State. The pitchfork may have reflected his concern about the process of moving back to his job job being too much work, both to make the move and go out of his way to see his family.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being chased by her sister with a pitchfork. In waking life she was considering getting an abortion, but couldn't face the reality of it for moral reasons. The pitchfork may have reflected her feelings of fear of having to make the choice by herself to get an abortion.


To dream of pixelation represents your awareness of a waking life situation not doing what you want. Something is not working the way you expect it to. Feeling that something is wrong or that something you are experiencing is not normal at all.

Pixelation may be a sign that you don't like caring about a setback or annoyance. A situation isn't as beautiful or wonderful as you'd like it to be.


To dream of whole pizza in a dream represents situations where you are casually enjoying a satisfying and customizable experience hanging out with other people that meets your expectations effortlessly. Taking time off to casually enjoy nothing being a problem with whatever is happening with a customized experience. Happy light hearted shared experiences. Hanging out with people having fun that turns out exactly as you expected.

Negatively, dreaming about pizza may represent options or situations that are too casual and indulgent about customization like it's simple that neglects the need for being special. Casual enjoyment or hanging out with people is ruining having more serious experience by yourself.

To dream of a single slice of pizza represents feelings of enjoying not being better than other people while you hang out enjoying and share a customized experience that meets your expectations effortlessly.

To dream of pizza that takes too long to be delivered represents feelings of frustration and disappointment when reality does not meet your expectations. It could indicate a situation where you are not getting what you want in a timely or casual manner,despite your demands or requests.

Example: A young woman dreamed of ordering pizza that took forever to be delivered and then sat in her car without gas eating her portion of the pizza while the rest went cold. In waking life, she broke up with her boyfriend because he couldn't sexually please her. In this case, the pizza may have reflected her feelings about wanting a satisfying romantic relationship that caters to her needs without a problem.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of a pizza that grew too big until it became a problem. In waking life, he had visited Las Vegas with friends. In this case, the pizza that grows too big may have reflected his feelings about wasting his time in Las Vegas or finding it too expensive when he expected to have a fun time hanging out with friends.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of eating pizza with her boss. In waking life, she was employed as an Assistant Director of a day camp for kids. In this case, the pizza may have reflected her feelings about her her casual and cooperative working relationship with her boss as they spent the day hanging out planning and customizing the camp experience for the children.

Example 4: A young woman dreamed of eating a pizza that she found little and odd. In waking life, she was putting up with the covid pandemic and trying to stay sane. In this case, the pizza that was little and odd may have reflected her feelings about trying to find small moments of normalcy and enjoyment in casually hanging out with friends in an otherwise challenging and uncertain time. They may have enjoyed an unusual customized experience that was more limited than they are used to, symbolized by the small odd pizza.

Example 5: A man dreamed of someone cooking him a black pizza. In waking life, his Dad wanted to move away with him to paradise and he found the idea excessive while not telling his Dad what he really felt. In this case, the black pizza may have reflected his enjoyment of sharing discussion about moving to paradise while simultaneously harboring unease or negative feelings about the idea with his Dad.


To dream of a placenta represents the dreamers connection to life-giving and nurturing aspects of new ideas, new beginnings, or new relationships that aren't needed once the desired outcome has been achieved.

Negatively, dreaming about a placenta may represent the dreamer's connection to something new that was nurturing or helped development that no longer matters anymore. A need to let go of something old and embrace something new. A sense of dependence or the feeling of being "tied down" to something or someone, even if it is no longer serving the dreamer's best interests. Concerns about your relationships, responsibility, and self-worth. Feelings about not being given enough support to start something new.

Example: A woman dreamed of being told that she was giving birth and wondering why she wasn't in pain. She was also told that her placenta could be seen. She couldn't see it herself. In waking life she felt sadness, tired, and unloved with no sense of direction in life. In this case the inability to see the placenta may suggest a lack of clarity or understanding about the sources of nourishment and support in her life in the process of starting anew.


To dream of a specific place in a dream represents your mindset. If you know the location consider your personal memories or feelings about that location. If you have never been in a place before consider the feel, the appearance, color, or culture of the place.

Refer to the countries themes section for a more in-depth look at country symbolism.


To dream of a plague represents broad issues that negatively effect a lot of people around you. A decision or situation has had large-scale negative consequences. Shared suffering or a problem that nobody you know ever seems to find a solution for. A sense of hopelessness that nothing can be done about a problem.

Alternatively, a plague may represent different areas of your life that are negatively impacted by the same problem that has no solution in sight.

Dreams about the plague may also reflect your feelings about other people being hopelessly impossible to help. Feeling that it's better to abandon people than to succumb to a problem yourself. Fearing losing every single thing you have worked for to an unstoppable problem. Guilt for abandoning people you can't help during a crisis moment.

To dream of becoming infected with the plague may represent feelings about yourself being hopelessly failed or that you can do nothing except make a problem worse. A fear of your hopeless problems contaminating other people's lives.

Plaid Clothing

To dream of plaid represents the personality being focused on working hard or feeling that it's important to be noticed working hard. Feeling good working hard. Alternatively, plaid clothing may reflect the personality wanting to look good being noticed as a consistent person.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her daughter wearing a plaid coat. In waking life her daughter was in the hospital in a coma and she was eager to stay by her side 24 hours a day. She didn't want to look like she wasn't a perfectly caring mother.


To dream of something plain represents feelings of something in your life being ordinary, simple, that nothing is unusual. Not believing that anything is wrong with something. Not believing that other people do anything interesting. Feeling that nothing else is happening. Feeling that something is uninteresting. Feelings about something being predictably what you'd expect. Something isn't a loser, but isn't doing anything fun. Feelings of not standing out or not being special. Nothing is unusual about why you need to behave a certain way. A situation that works, but nothing fantastic is happening. A normal or boring situation where you can't believe it's ever going to stop doing that. Feelings of not being physically attractive.

Example: A woman dreamed of plain white walls. In waking life she was experiencing nothing except moving on with her life as she felt the need to move on from her ex-husband whom she lived with.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of laying down in a plain white bright area on the ground with her boyfriend who was touching her sexually while she didn't pay attention to it. In waking life she was in relationship therapy working to improve their relationship. The plain white may have reflect her feelings about the relationship not getting to do much interesting except work on improving it.

Plane Crash

*Please See Airplane Crash

Plane Hanger

To dream of a plane hanger represents plans or projects that are either on hold or temporarily waiting to be initiated. Waiting for something to happen before you get started with something bigger.

*Please See Airplanes

*Please See Landing


*Please See Airplanes


To dream of a planet represents an issue that you feel your entire life revolves around.

To dream of leaving a planet may reflect a dramatic change in in how you are living your life. Beginning a strange situation or highly unusual circumstances. Leaving "life as you know it" behind. Alternatively, it may reflect leaving a highly unusual situation in your life as you transition back to normal.

To dream of strange planets may reflect your feelings about entirely different ways of living. Different cultures or lifestyles that are completely foreign to what you consider normal.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a copper colored planet in the sky. In waking life he felt his entire life revolving around his desire to be healthy because his disease was ruining every aspect of his life. The color copper symbolized his desire for the health he felt he couldn't have and the planet reflected how this desire was the central focus of his life.

Refer to the themes section for planets for a more in depth look at planet symbolism.


To dream that you are walking the plank represents a lack of choice or feeling that you are being forced into something. Forced to accept a fate or alternative choice that you don't like. Facing a problem whether you like it or not. It may also reflect your worst fears becoming a reality. Feeling pushed into failure or an unpleasant ending.

Example: A woman dreamed of feeling forced to walk a plank. In waking life she was very happy in her career, but due to her pregnancy she felt forced to have to accept maternity leave and risk losing the opportunity to keep building her career.


To dream of planning may mirror waking life feelings of planning or expectations. Clear ideas of how you think something should happen or will happen. Thinking a situation or future event through from beginning to end. An issue or experience you care about ensuring happens as expected. Forward thinking. Feelings about the future.

Negatively, dreaming about planning may reflect naive assumptions or unrealistic expectations. Intentional dishonest or criminal maneuvering. Conspiring. Feelings about other people conspiring against you. Feeling that actions you are taking now are causing future problems or turning against you. Deliberate and intentional attempts to get back at someone.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her parents make wedding reception plans. In waking life she was a newly wed barely married for a year thinking back on all her preparations and expectations before she officially got married.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing other people making plans against her. In waking life she was dating a married man and believed that eventually all her current plans to date this man would turn against her.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of a witch planning to release rats into her home. In waking life the dreamer felt that her mother was intentionally behaving difficult and impossible to cause annoyance. The dreamer felt that her mother was conspiring against her attempts to be happy.

*Please See Map


To dream of plantains represents feelings of about an experience that is not satisfying an urge the way you want it to because it requires work or preparation to fulfill your needs. An experience that is behaves safer or more serious than you think it does and takes work to get something out of it. An experience that is not as enjoyable as you think because it requires putting work into it to get something out of it. An experience that doesn't have to be pleasurable, but requires work to make it worth it. A thinking style that is not crazy about too much pleasure.

Negatively, dreaming about plantains represents feelings about an experience that fools you all the time that satisfying an urge is easy because it takes work to fulfill your needs. Being unsatisfied with an experience that doesn't meet your needs or desires, despite your initial expectations. Disappointment for indulging in something you like without care or proper preparation. An area of your life is always "never ripe enough" to enjoy easily. Feeling stupid for thinking of doing something fun without carefully planning or thinking about it first. A sign that some area of your life that is pleasurable requires some care, forethought, or planning. A problem that is more work than you thought in order to easily move on from it.

To dream of cooked plantains may reflect feelings of enjoying something you took special care for or properly planned for. Responsible safe planned sexual behavior with your husband whenever he asks so you can get pregnant.

Example: A woman dreamed of eating cooked plantains. In waking life, she was trying to get pregnant, but found that having lots of sex to have a child required some quality planning to make the effort worth it. In this case, the cooked plantains may have reflected dreamer's effort with the process of trying to conceive, and her willingness to plan and prepare for a successful outcome.


To dream of planting something represents ideas, plans, hard work, or a relationship you have decided to develop. You are getting started on something that you know will take a long time realize. Something you feel is worth waiting for. Laying the groundwork for something bigger.


To dream of a plants represents a slowly progressing development in your life. Ideas, plans, or hard work that will take time to realize the full potential of. Something you are patiently waiting for. Self-improvement or personal growth.

People who are experiencing slow or long term healing often dream of plants. Parents may dream of watering plants to reflect nurturing their growing children.

Women who are trying to conceive or have recently gotten pregnant may dream of a plant.

To dream of a plant drying up and dying may reflect your feelings about neglecting an aspect of your life that is slowly developing. Feelings about neglecting children. Water a plant may reflect some area of your life that you are nurturing or encouraging.

To dream of potted plants represents feelings about something pleasant or beneficial to your life that requires occasional attention. Maintenance that benefits you. Enjoying slow progress from regular.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing baby plants in the ground. In waking life he was beginning to write a book.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of over-watering her mother's houseplants. In waking life she was pregnant and having anxiety about being a terrible mother when the child was born.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of watering plants and then feeling that because she spent too much time on it that she allowed another plant to shrivel and die. In waking life she felt she was neglecting her youngest child because she was paying attention to her older children.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing a plant in her home that had dried up in real life looking vibrant and perfectly taken care of. In waking life she was experiencing an improvement in her sex life with her husband.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of seeing her potted plants go missing while trades men came into the home to fix her property up. In waking life she owned rental property that she was having difficulty renting. The stolen potted plants in this case may have reflected her sense of losing her ability to enjoy comfortably profiting from rental property which required occasional maintenance to keep tenants happily paying her. The combination of the stolen plants and trades men working on the home may have reflected her awareness of herself having problems renting the rental home whole procrastinating having the rental home fixed up for future renting knowing that it might require it to interest people in renting it.


To dream of plaster represents feelings about maintaining or fixing appearances that nothing is wrong in a situation. Efforts to sustain the integrity, appearance, or functionality of a situation in your life by covering up problems, flaws, or imperfections. Attempts to cover up flaws, mask imperfections, or hide vulnerabilities. Thoughts about the importance of upkeep, restoration, or managing appearances in some area of your life.

Positively, dreaming about plaster might symbolize resourcefulness, resilience, or a proactive approach to addressing issues or damage. A conscious choice to repair, restore, or maintain appearances. A focus on healing, recovery, or maintaining stability.

Negatively, plaster in a dream may reflect feelings of temporary fixes, concealment, or superficial solutions in your waking life. A fear of facing the reality of a situation, choosing instead to patch things up superficially. Feelings of merely covering up problems without addressing the underlying issues. A superficial or temporary fix to a more profound problem. Perhaps you feel that you or someone else is putting on a facade or not dealing with the core of an issue, leading to a need for constant maintenance or repair. Perhaps you feel compelled to pretend everything is fine, even if it means masking genuine emotions or concerns.

To dream of plaster crumbling off the wall represents feelings about having to confront the reality of problems, flaws, or imperfections that have been concealed or ignored. Issues and imperfections in a relationship that can no longer be ignored or covered up. The disintegration of a facade or superficial situation, revealing underlying issues that need to be addressed. Feeling that you are no longer able to maintain the pretense that everything is fine, and you are being forced to confront the truth about a situation or relationship. A sign that you are ready to make some difficult changes in your life, or that you need to have a more honest and open communication with someone. A reminder that you cannot escape your problems by pretending they don't exist. The deteriorating state of a relationship and the facade of happiness that is no longer sustainable.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in a kitchen with severe water damage where the walls had plaster crumbling off. In waking life, she was planning to leave her boyfriend because he wouldn't give her the kind of relationship that she wanted. In this case, the plaster may have reflected the disintegration of her relationship with her boyfriend and the breakdown of her pretense that everything was okay.


To dream of something being made of plastic represents your view of a person or situation being unimportant. Something makes you feel that it doesn't matter. Your perception of something being powerless or not a priority.

Positively, plastic may reflect your feeling that someone or something is non-threatening or insignificant. Nothing to be worried about.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a plastic person. In waking life he realized that a threat to his business wasn't really a threat after all. He could finally move on with his business without worrying about anything.

Plastic Bags

To dream of a plastic bag represents casual feelings about choices or problems being easy to "carry around" with you for the interim. Casual feelings about having made a choice or decision that you haven't implemented yet. A casual attitude about never believing changing your mind matters with a choice you've made. Choices you've made that are easy to wait for. Feeling that it's easy to wait until you are finished doing something before implementing a choice.

Negatively, a plastic bag may reflect feelings about decisions or problems being easy to "carry around" with you. A casual attitude about serious choices you haven't implemented yet. Expecting nothing bad, dangerous, or conflicting to happen with a casual choice you've made. A casual attitude about "carrying around" choices or problems that bother other people. A dangerously casual attitude about choices you are expecting to implement not having consequences.

Plastic bag dreams with the color pink may reflect a casual decisions about waiting to have sex with someone.

To dream of a discarded plastic bag represents feelings that acquiring or working towards implementing goals no longer matters. Feeling that you can't casually believe in waiting for choices you've made. Feeling stupid that you believing waiting for something was going to be easy.

Example: A young man dreamed of having feces kept in plastic bags and then trying to get rid of them slowly. In waking life he was casually "carrying around" problems that he had decided to not deal with previously until it more convenient.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a plastic bag with pink running shoes in it. In waking life he began to realize that the separation from his wife was real and that she was very likely having sex with someone else. The plastic bag in this case may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about his wife casually having decided to have sex with another man, effectively ending the dreamer's relationship, instead of waiting to reconcile.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a pink plastic bag. In waking life she felt that people in her church had made very immoral casual decisions about her needing to have a martial affair with someone in order to ruin another person's marriage.

*Please See Shopping Bags

Plastic Surgery

To dream of plastic surgery represents feelings about deliberate changes, improvements, or altering your identity or appearance in some way. A wish to enhance your self-image or confidence. Feelings about deliberate changes to your personality or beliefs so that people have to like you better all the time. You may be rebuilding your self-esteem or attempting to redefine yourself. Changing how you are perceived by others. A significant shift in personality or behavior to improve your public image, self-esteem, or acceptance in a social or professional setting. The desire for a new beginning, or transforming aspects of yourself that you feel are holding you back. Concerns about physical attractiveness, self-esteem, or how others perceive you.

Positively, dreaming about plastic surgery may represent a desire for self-improvement and personal transformation. A commitment to making positive changes in your life or boosting your self-confidence. Your willingness to invest time and effort into becoming the best version of yourself. Changing yourself as quickly as possible so that people have to respect you for the rest of your life.

Negatively, plastic surgery may be a sign that you are not being yourself, are trying too hard to impress people, or that you don't like yourself. Feelings of vanity, superficiality, or a reliance on external validation. An unhealthy obsession with appearances, fear of aging, or a lack of acceptance. Concerns about being deceptive or inauthentic in how you present yourself to others.

Example: A woman dreamed of getting plastic surgery for a tummy tuck and liposuction on her legs. In waking life, she was getting a divorce. In this case, the plastic surgery may have reflected her feelings about a divorce helping her to redefine herself as independent from her husband. It could also signify her desire to rebuild her self-image and regain confidence following the end of her marriage.


*Please See Dishes


To dream of a platform represents thoughts about an outlet to express or present yourself. Opportunity to speak about an issue seriously when you previous couldn't. Situations that make you feel like you have an opportunity to be listen to or noticed. Using an outlet or opportunity to encourage thinking about something is important to notice all the time. An opportunity or capability to feel that changing or discussing something is important to notice all the time. Using a situation or moment as a means to get attention, state a case, or be important. Feeling more important than people in the current moment. Using something to be notice that ever single thing you are doing is important. Feeling secure being important enough to be listened to.

Negatively, dreaming about a platform represents feeling that an opportunity is being used to draw attention or encourage discussion in ways that you don't want to. Feeling that an issue is permanently being used by a partner to discuss options or changes that you don't like.

Example: A young man remembered dreaming of seeing platforms over an abyss. In waking lived he currently felt that his family didn't care about him beyond being a child while having estranged relationships with his parents. He felt he was an observer in life rather than a participant. The platforms over an abyss appearing in his dreams in childhood may have reflected his feelings about the emptiness of his family life while still feeling a sense of supported in childhood to matter or express himself.

Example 2: A man dreamed of a blue dragon sitting on a platform on the ocean. In waking life he was arguing with his girlfriend who had recently had a miscarriage. The platform may have represented his feelings about his girlfriends miscarriage giving her an opportunity to discuss breaking up or not having children because the pregnancy was encouraging stress in their relationship.

*Please See Stage


To dream of a platter represents feelings about a situation that easily caters to you. Feelings about a situation that intentionally does everything for you easily. Feeling good about a problem or uncertain situation being easily served to you fixed. Feeling that it's easy to have what you want served to you like a winner.

Negatively, dreaming about a platter may represent feelings about a situation being too easy or excessively enjoying a situation being given to you easy. Enemies being served platters may reflect jealous feelings about how easy life is for others. Feelings about competition having a much easier time than you do. Evil or bad people in a dream may reflect your own arrogance or bad intentions enjoying how easy a dishonest situation is. Feeling served honesty "on a platter" to abuse.

Example: A girl dreamed of a bunch of shellfish served to her on a platter. In waking life she was about to experience her first date with a boy in her life. The platter symbolism may have reflected her feelings about how nice it felt to have a date with a boy she liked who pays for her.

*Please See Tray


To dream of a platypus represents feelings about yourself or some area of your life that is noticeably casual about being unusual. Feelings about your self having to look weird and cause other people who constantly question you. Putting up with weird situations as though they normal. Not caring about what anyone else thinks no matter how weird or uncomfortable it feels. Behavior that is openly unconcerned with social acceptability.

Negatively, a platypus may be a sign that you are putting up with very unusual behavior that you don't need to. Choosing to live with noticeably weird or uncomfortable social situations when you don't have to. Doing something all the time that you feel will be laughed at or talked about behind your back.

Dreams of a platypus commonly appear with symbolism of a forest. This may reflect feelings about your unusual behavior being noticed by others while you hope for a way out of an uncomfortable situation.

Example: A man dreamed being in a room with a platypus. In waking waking life he had been asked by his boss to take an unusual temporary leave of absence from work in order to quell an office conflict. While taking time off he got other job offers, but was still curious about going back to his old job even though he knew his returning to the job would make him look unusual and possibly cause him to be laughed at.

Example 2: A man dreamed of going hiking with a platypus. In waking life he went hiking with his new wife and 3 step-children. The platypus most likely reflected his feelings about how unusual it looked and felt to have 3 step-children that weren't his own all the time.

Play (Theatrical)

To dream of attending a play represents an experience in life where you are noticing people doing everything possible to fake or appear to be doing something for real. A lot of effort being taken to project fake opinions, ideas, or situations to others. Feeling that someone else is too concerned with you believing something that you feel isn't true. Carrying on a role or persona.

Negatively, attending play may be a sign that you are kidding yourself that a relationship or situation will ever work. It may also be a sign that you feel someone in your life is putting too much effort into pretending that something is ever going to happen.

Example: A woman dreamed of attending a play and seeing her ex lover. In waking life she was with a new man that she didn't like as much as her ex-lover. The play reflected her attempt to put on a show for herself and her ex-lover that she didn't really care about him more.

*Please See Acting


To dream of a playground represents a situation in life where you are doing as you please or being carefree. It feels wonderful to do whatever you want. Few restrictions or limitations. You may be experiencing a situation that allows you to exploit it for your own benefit, or that allows you to enjoy yourself.

To dream of not being able to go on a playground may reflect your desire to be more carefree.


To dream of playing or playful activity represents feelings of unrestricted creativity, no obligations, or unlimited access. Doing what you like without having to notice any problems.

Negatively, the dream may be a sign that you are not taking a situation seriously enough. Choosing to hide from responsibility. You need to face reality.

Playing Cards

To dream of playing cards represents strategizing in some area of your life or trying to outsmart someone.

Diamonds reflects success or knowing you can get away with something.

Clubs reflect confidence that you'll never fail ever. Knowing that something is already yours.

Hearts reflects confidence is showing someone else what's you're doing or thinking. You don't think what you're doing to someone is a problem.

Spades reflects troubling times and disappointments. A total lack of concern for someone else's feelings. Making someone do something you want that you know they don't want to.

Example: A woman dreamed of playing cards. In waking life she was trying to strategize which monthly bills she could temporarily avoid paying while she looked for a new job in order to keep her life stable.

*Please See Casino

*Please See Gambling

*Please See Ace

Playing Chicken

To dream the car challenge game called "Chicken" represents risking everything prove you're not a coward or that you have more "balls" than someone else.

Negatively, playing the chicken game may reflect risking too much to prove yourself. Too much ego to see what matters most. To much arrogance to just walk away and tell yourself something doesn't matter. Terrifying your friends or family that you'd risk everything you have to look stronger or braver than someone else.


To dream of pleasure represents satisfaction, enjoyment, or a sense of fulfillment in waking life. It can also symbolize a desire for pleasure or the pursuit of happiness.

Alternatively, it may represent the need for self-care or giving yourself permission to take time to enjoy yourself. A desire for more pleasure in one's waking life, such as seeking new experiences, adventure, or intimacy. Feeling bored and unfulfilled with your daily routine and are seeking excitement and adventure. A need for self-care and enjoyment, despite feeling guilty about it.

Negatively, dreaming about pleasure may represent excess or indulgence, and may indicate a need to be more mindful of one's actions and behaviors. Fear of indulging too much. Excessive viewing of pornography. Enjoyment of something you think you shouldn't or that you might get in trouble for. Conflicted feelings about giving up a habit. Conflicting feelings of pleasure and shame.

Example: A young woman dreamed of her ex-boyfriend making her feel strong pleasure every time he touched her. In waking life she had a hard time leaving her ex-boyfriend, but was glad she did. In this case, the pleasure in the dream may have reflected the woman's inner conflict about remembering the relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Despite the problems in the relationship, there were still aspects of it that brought her pleasure, making it difficult for her to let go.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of shaking with pleasure while being touched by a guy she was involved with. In waking life, she was having an on and off relationship with a man, but she felt that he only wanted to use her for sex. In this case, the pleasure may have reflected her desire for physical pleasure and connection, even if it meant being used by the man she was involved with. The dream may have been highlighting her conflicted feelings about the relationship, as she felt both pleasure and discomfort. It could also indicate a need for more fulfilling and respectful relationships in her life.

Pleco Cleaner Fish

To dream of a pleco cleaner fish represents feelings about diligence, responsibility, and the importance of maintenance and cleanliness. Pleco cleaner fish are known for their role in aquariums as diligent scavengers, helping to keep the environment clean by consuming algae, leftover food, and even dead fish. This dream might symbolize your role or efforts in maintaining cleanliness, order, or health in your own environment or life. Uncertainty about having to keep being aware of yourself in a perpetual state of cleaning like it was the point of your life without knowing if it's appreciated or understood.

Positively, dreaming about a Pleco cleaner fish could symbolize the satisfaction or rewards of performing essential, often overlooked tasks. It might represent the quiet pride in providing a crucial service or taking care of details that others may not notice or appreciate. This dream may reflect a conscious choice to embrace responsibility, the importance of diligence, and the value of hard work in maintaining balance or health.

Negatively, dreaming about a Pleco cleaner fish could represent feelings of being undervalued or taken for granted. It might symbolize a sense of being overburdened with tasks, or feeling that your contributions are unseen or unappreciated. Perhaps you're struggling with feeling like you're constantly cleaning up after others, or that your efforts to maintain balance or harmony are not recognized.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing an aquarium with an unusual brown pleco cleaner fish. In waking life, he was an author trying to rewrite internet based dictionary and clean up sections users may have found difficult to understand without knowing if it was appreciated or understood. In this case, the pleco cleaning fish may have reflected his perception of his ongoing responsibility to refine and clarify complex information in his dictionary for his readers, akin to the diligent cleaning role of the pleco fish in an aquarium.


*Please See Conspiracy


To dream of plowing represents your quick pace through something difficult. Getting your problem out of the way as fast or as powerfully as you can. Wanting to make a fresh start or change.

Negatively, plowing may be a sign that you are rushing an issue.

To dream of plowing snow represent the fast pace at which you are trying to move on from something. A purification or renewal has occurred and you may be in a rush get on with your life.


To dream of plucking represents feelings about removing, extracting, or getting rid of something specific considered unnecessary, bothersome, or problematic. A desire to eliminate certain thoughts, habits, situations, or relationships from one's life. Plucking might also reflect a meticulous or detailed approach to resolving issues. Your ability to selectively choose or remove elements that are no longer serving you or that you find undesirable. Refinements.

Positively, dreaming about plucking may represent clarity, purification, or the act of refining something in your life. It may reflect a proactive stance in facing issues or the need to clean up certain areas of your life. Plucking can also indicate taking time to address small problems before they grow into larger ones, showing diligence and care. The capacity to eliminate negative influences or thoughts, allowing you to maintain a sense of order and harmony.

Negatively, dreaming about plucking could represent feelings of discomfort, irritation, or being overly critical of oneself or others. A preoccupation with imperfections or a fear of being judged. There may also be underlying feelings of inadequacy or a belief that one is not good enough unless certain "flaws" are removed.

To dream of plucking fruit or vegetables from a tree or garden may represent an effort to harvest or gather the results of your hard work, efforts, or investments. Taking advantage of opportunities, enjoying the fruits of your labor, or benefiting from previous decisions or actions. Your readiness to incorporate certain qualities, knowledge, or experiences into your life.

Negatively, plucking fruit or vegetables may suggest that you are rushing into seizing an opportunity or reaping rewards without considering the consequences or the effort required to achieve them. A fear of scarcity or a feeling that you need to take what you can before it's too late.

Example: A man dreamed of his mother telling him to pluck his eyebrows. In waking life, he felt that his mother still treated him like a child. In this case, plucking the eyebrows may have reflected his feelings of discomfort and irritation about his mother's attempts to adjust or criticize his appearance and decisions, making him feel like he needed to refine or improve himself to meet her standards of maturity or wiseness.

*Please See Eyebrows


*Please See Electrical Outlet


To dream of a plumber represents an aspect of your personality that deals with blockages or backlogs. A person or action that restores progress. A plumber in a dream is a sign that there is an area of your life is "clogged." There's a problem in your life that's holding back progress. Issues that are stagnating.

A plumber in a dream reflects a need to deal with issues that may be building up. You may need to turn to a friend or professional in order to deal with your problems effectively.

Example: A man dreamed of talking to a plumber. In waking life he was being overloaded at work and a colleague had to take over.


To dream of a plum represents feeling good noticing that something doesn't have to be perfect.

A plum in a dream may be a sign that you like something that others wouldn't choose first. A plum may also reflect your enjoyment of thinking someone else isn't around anymore to make you feel like you're not good enough. Finally getting to relax not having to be perfect for someone else.

Negatively, a plum may reflect awareness of yourself not being perfect, but also liking others never getting to be perfect either. Preferring to stay in mediocrity because you are too scared or insecure to try anything else.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing moldy plums. In waking life she was going through menopause and felt that a hot flash was close at hand. The moldy plums may have reflected her feelings about having wasted the opportunity to enjoy herself during the duration of time she knew she would be free from caring about her hot flashes.


To dream of a plunger represents your attempt to force progress. Making absolutely sure a problem is dealt with. A backup plan to ensure closure.

Negatively, a plunger may be a sign that you feel a person or problem is causing more issues than you expected. A fear of embarrassment. You may feel something is hindering your progress and preventing you from moving on with your life.


To dream of the planet Pluto represents your entire life revolving around feeling that nobody has to respect you. Limited social contact. Feeling mostly excluded, but that people still know you. Feeling that people only speak to you because they have to. Life revolving around unimportance or feeling ignored. Impending death, impending destruction, elderly age, or your entire like feeling pathetic. Feelings about the potential to be completely ignored because you are not interesting, fun, or beautiful to others people anymore. Feeling like a has-been. Feeling that your life revolves around dying or irrecoverable illness. Feeling that your life revolves around being empty, cold, unpopular, or unloved. It may also reflect your awareness of an ending you know will happen, but can't care about right now. Caring about impotent, elderly, or unhappy people because it feels moral to do so.

Negatively, Pluto may reflect too much focus on impending failure and not enough time living in the moment. Feeling that your life is empty or boring. A last chance to be respected or acknowledged. Limited social contact that gives your life any meaning at all.

Positively, dreaming about the planet Pluto may reflect feelings your life revolving around enjoying not needing to be important or preferring to be an outsider.


To dream of plywood represents readiness for something else. Waiting for something better to happen. Feeling that you have just enough to function.


To dream of pneumonia represents a situation in your life where you don't feel good feeling the potential to experience a big loss if you aren't perfectly careful. A risky or dangerous "timeout." A threat of total failure if you don't take time off or recuperate.

Pneumonia in a dream may be a sign that you are displeased or disappointed at having to hold yourself back until conditions improve because of a serious issue.

Pocket Knife

*Please See Knife


To dream of a pocket represents feelings about how easy it is to experience or use something whenever you need it because it's always available. Feelings about something being perfectly easy or easily available for use. The ability to do something whenever you want because it's easy.

To dream of having something in your pocket represents confidence that a resource or ability is easy. Feelings about being an expert at something.

To dream of empty pockets pulled inside out represents feeling that a situation has been made obviously hopeless. Feelings about total honesty that nothing is being concealed or harbored. No hidden alternative choices available. Appearances to others that feel silly being reversed from an easy state. Feelings about being poor.

Negatively, having something in a pocket may reflect the ease with which a negative experience can be requested. Ease of negative resources being utilized. Harboring something evil, dishonest, or negative with ease towards others if you want to. Feeling that something is too easy that others may not like you thinking is too easy. Fear of the potential for someone to do something scary to you with ease that you don't like.

To dream of a cell phone in your pocket may reflect feelings the ease with which you can utilize connections and resources. The ease with which you can make experiences happen if you want to.

To dream of a hole in a pocket represents feelings of impotence to achieve confidence in making something easy. Embarrassment that you can't achieve confidence in making some part of your life easy. Feeling unprofessional or held back from being a professional. Feeling weaker than other people on a professional level.

Example: A young woman dreamed of being pursued by a man with a knife in his pocket. In waking life she felt that her boyfriend was ready to breakup with her at anytime due to her sexual history.

Example 2 : A man dreamed of seeing a girl with her pockets pulled inside out. In waking life he felt that the girl was making subtle gestures to signal that she wasn't easy sexually.


To dream of a podium represents speaking or thinking about issues that are important to you. You may wish to communicate or be clear about something. You also wish to convince others, or make a point.

To be nervous at a podium represents difficulty is communicating about issues that are important to you.


*Please See Poetry


To dream of a poet represents an aspect of your personality that are inspiring and idealistic. A poet in a dream is a part of you that wants to find a better way, or dreams of changes in their life they would like to see.


To dream of poetry represents inspiration and idealism. Your beliefs or wishes for a better way. A beautiful idea. Wanting someone else to feel good about what you are saying.

Example: A man dreamed of hearing a poem that said "If you travel, you will unravel." In waking life he was beginning to see that his idea of an ideal career change from a lawyer into a travel agent was not going to be as wonderful as he first thought it would.

Pogo Stick

To dream of a pogo stick represents feelings of challenging yourself to keep doing something difficult in your life for as long as you can. Trying to stay resilient for as long as possible.

Negatively, a pogo stick may reflect a belief that a challenge in your life that's continually increasing in difficulty will never become impossible. Believing you can do something difficult forever.

Pogo sticks are common dream symbols for pregnant woman who don't want to take time off work or be dependent on anyone else until they feel that they absolutely have to.

Example: A woman dreamed of being on a pogo stick that was flying too high in the air. In waking life she was pregnant while trying to manage her job and the home until she felt she couldn't manage it all on her own anymore.


To dream of pointing at someone or something represents a wish to draw attention to a situation or certain behavior. You or someone else that is making a suggestions. Pointing in a dream may be a sign that you need to pay more attention to a situation or your own actions.

Alternatively, pointing in a dream may reflect a solution to a problem that is being shown to you.

To dream pointing a gun represents assertive or aggressive suggestions. Telling someone what to do or being told what to do. It may also reflect a powerful fear or personality flaw directing your choices.


To dream of poison represents situations, patterns, or people that contaminate our sense of self. Emotional toxicity from interacting with people or situations that are incompatible with you. Any type of exposure to energy that is antithetical to your own, or violates your principles. Feelings about your life or relationships being intentionally contaminated by others.

Real life situations that may encourage a dream with poison may be time spent with "warped" family members or when introverts are forced to socialize with extroverts.

To dream of poison gas represents feelings about the situations or relationships being too easily contaminated or negatively altered.

Example: A young boy dreamed of his friends dying in a room with poison gas. In waking life he had moved homes and felt that the move was too easily destroying his old friendships.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being in a grocery store and seeing shelves of baby food that were contaminated with poison. In waking life she was having issues with being too protective and responsible for her unborn baby.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing her mother poison her unborn child. In waking life she was pregnant and felt that some of her choices for the baby had been careless and she was fearing having harmed the baby.

Poison Control

To dream of calling poison control represents a desire to do whatever you can to get rid of something in your life that is causing you distress. You want to urgently correct a bad decision you made.

Poison Ivy

To dream of poison ivy represents feelings about situations being so dangerous that you don't risk getting close to them at all.

To dream of getting poison ivy on your skin represents embarrassment or surprise that something normal you did in waking life has ended up having such unbearably frustrating consequences. Feeling stupid that you didn't consider how dangerous something you were doing was. Feeling angry with yourself for not being more careful about a big problem you feel stuck with.

Alternatively, poison ivy in a dream may reflect issues with intense itching.

Example: A woman dreamed of having poison ivy all over her body. In waking life she had contracted chicken pox. While the itching symbolism is obvious, the poison ivy symbolism may also reflect the woman feeling stupid for having not thought being near the the chicken pox infected person wasn't dangerous.

*Please See Poison Oak

*Please See Ivy

Poison Oak

To dream of poison oak may represent feelings about yourself or someone else being embarrassed by something that you don't understand at all.

To dream of getting poison oak on your skin represents lingering feelings of embarrassment or annoyance about yourself being stupid for not thinking clearly. Feeling stupid about getting involved in a situation that you are had no foreknowledge about. Possibly a sign that you have lingering feelings of humiliation about a situation you couldn't have possibly prevented.

Poison oak commonly reflects feelings about embarrassments caused by old relationships with people you wish you had known better before getting too involved with.

Example: A woman dreamed of having a poison oak wound on her skin and that was being cleaned out by her tears. In waking life this woman had been humiliated years earlier by her ex-fiance when he left her days before the wedding. She was now currently getting married again to someone else and felt that this marriage might restore her dignity after having been made to look stupid in front of all her friends and family about the previous failed wedding.

The poison oak may have reflected her lingering feelings of stupidity for never knowing her ex-fiancee better as a person before embarrassing herself with a failed wedding.

*Please See Poison Ivy


To dream of Pokemon symbolism represents feelings about expanding your social circle with specific types of friends. Feelings about expanding your social circle and doing something better than other people get to. Wanting specific friends that aren't losers or have traits valuable to you. Collecting friends that tell you that you're a winner no matter what. Feeling that it's awesome that you met someone and now get to be better than someone else. Feeling that everything isn't impossible if you get as many friends as possible to do something awesome. Showing off how awesome everyone in a social can be when they do it together. Having a good time getting back at someone with friends. Thoughts or having more fun with your circle of friends than someone else's is with their circle of friends.

Different Pokemon characters may reflect everyone in a social circle with different character traits.

Negatively, Pokemon may represent arrogantly collecting friends to tell yourself your a winner no matter what. Being too focused on collecting friends to feel like a perfect winner to get back at people. Gathering friends to teach people how to get back at other people. Feeling that a social circle might get back at you if you reject them. Feeling that your friends don't have anything to do except think they are awesomer or bigger winners than other people. Issues with better better than someone else feeling hooked up socially. Competing with an ex-partner to see who is more socially hooked up to get over the other person faster.

Alternatively, dreams about Pokemon may reflect issues with obsession or even losing interest in Pokemon.

Example: A young man dreamed of being attacked by people who threw Pokemon cards at him as he ran away before finally meeting up with the girl he wanted have a serious relationship with. In waking life the man was debating with himself if he was mature enough to be in a serious relationship. In this case the Pokemon cards may have reflected his feelings about friends who embarrassed him with the need to socialize with people he didn't trust in childish ways such as getting back at people and telling him he wouldn't be cool if he didn't. He may have felt these people held him back from a more serious relationship with a girl.

Example 2: A young girl dreamed of Pokemon characters during a Thanksgiving/Christmas theme event. In waking life she was losing interest in Pokemon. In this case the combination of Pokemon and Thanksgiving symbolism may have reflected her feelings about respecting herself believing that her current Pokemon collection was enough, possibly not wanting to talk about Pokemon to anyone.

Example 3: A young boy dreamed of playing the video game Pokemon before changing to the videogame Silent Hill which made him scared and required help from his older brother to pass the game. In this case the Pokemon videogame that he played confidently before being scared of playing Silent Hill may have reflected his feelings about his brother being part of his social circle to help him overcome the scary parts of videogames.

Example 4: A young woman dreamed of seeing painted Pokemon cartoons while walking around outside. In waking life she was longing to have a best friend that was female. In this case the Pokemon cartoons symbolism may have reflected her feelings of how easy it was for other people to expand their social circle by picking their friends when she specifically wanted a female best friend.

Example 5: A young man dreamed of playing Pokemon videogame before being taken to his first driver's license test by a friend. In waking life was trying to pass his driver's test and failed. In this case the Pokemon video game symbolism may have reflected his attempts to gather as many friends as possible before his drivers' license test to get practice to pass his test and feeling good being cooler or more hooked up as a young person who can drive.

Example 6: A young woman dreamed of playing Pokemon with a young man whom she had romantic interest in and then gave up playing it and walked away. In waking life woman having difficulty getting over the young man who lived in different country than her. In this case the Pokemon video game she played before giving up may have reflected her attempts to get over her romantic interest faster than he could get over her by trying to use her friends to meet another guy or look like she was having more fun than him so she could appear too busy for him. Like the videogame she walked away from, she may have gave up trying to look better than the guy talking to other people.

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