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To dream of a pterodactyl dinosaur represents feelings of fear or terror of other people enjoying thinking it's easy to make you feel stupid. The terror of truth, facts, or problems easily catching up to you. Fear of something that has no problems finding you. Fear of starting something with consequences of explaining. Fear of avoiding something that ignorantly believes it understands you when it doesn't. Fear of flying.

Example: A woman dreamed of a pterodactyl giving her an egg. In waking life she was fearing flying to a another country to take part in a very foreign type of spiritual ceremony. She was afraid that both the cost of the unusual trip to the foreign country and the spiritual ceremony would make other people have an easy time laughing at her.


*Please See Bar

Pubic Hair

To dream of pubic hair represents sexually desirous thoughts.

Shaving public hair may reflect abstinence or a loss of sexual interest.

Public Bathroom

To dream of a public bathroom represents feelings about limited privacy or discretion while getting rid of or moving on from problems in a social or public setting. Not wanting to discuss what you are doing to get rid of your problems while other people may be aware of it. Feelings of exposure or vulnerability in a social or public setting while trying to move on from problems. Not wanting other people thinking about your handling of problems more than they need to. Feelings of discomfort or awkwardness in social situations where personal matters or struggles are exposed or discussed. Feelings of pressure to conform to social expectations or norms when dealing with personal problems or challenges. Concerns about how much of your personal life you are forced to share in public or professional contexts.

Positively, dreaming about a public bathroom may represent a willingness to confront and address personal issues or emotions openly and honestly, even in the presence of others.

Negatively, dreaming about a public bathroom may represent feelings of shame, embarrassment, or discomfort about revealing intimate details or personal struggles to others. A fear of being judged or criticized for your vulnerabilities or shortcomings, leading to a desire to keep them hidden or private. Fears of exposure, embarrassment, or lack of privacy. Feeling that your personal boundaries are being invaded or that you are forced to deal with private issues in ways that make you uncomfortable. Struggling with the lack of privacy or control over personal matters.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of being inside a stall in a public bathroom. In waking life, she had recently broken up with her boyfriend. In this case, being in the public bathroom stall may have reflected her feelings about wanting discretion while getting over her breakup with all her friends at school aware of it.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being in a public bathroom. In waking life, she was having marital issues. In this case, the public bathroom may have reflected her feelings about wanting to avoid discussing her marital problems while she handled them without discussing the situation with friends or family.

*Please See Bathrooms

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*Please See Toilets

Public Humilation

To dream of public humiliation represents feelings about being exposed as ill-prepared, incompetent, or deserving of shame. Feeling that you are fully exposed to other people in an unacceptable way. Fears regarding preparedness or being discovered with your dishonesty.


To dream of pudding represents
situations where you are noticing how good something is. You may be noticing how good something feels.


To dream of a puddle represents a minor setback, disappointments, or nuisance that you want to avoid. You may be experiencing a situation that slows you down. Issues or problems you want to "walk around." Potential embarrassments are mindful to avoid. Feelings about having a bad day.

Negatively, puddles may reflect an excessive concern for avoiding imperfect behavior. Disappointing yourself if you aren't behaving perfect. Over-sensitivity about potential problems. An uptight personality about a single minor setback. An overly-avoidant personality. An arrogant attitude that diminishes significant problems. A small view of a serious issue. Feeling that a major action that disrespected someone is not important to address because it will slow you down with your own achievements. Sensitivity about acknowledging small problems.

To dream of stepping in a puddle may represents feelings of accidentally creating a problem. Feeling that you weren't as careful about problems or respecting other people feelings as you should have been. Disappointments about not behaving perfect. Feeling embarrassed that you weren't as attentive as you could have been. Embarrassing yourself insulting someone and then telling yourself that "they should just get over it on their own."

To dream of jumping in a puddle and laughing may represent feelings about not taking disappointments or setbacks seriously. Laughing at yourself during a setback or disappointment. Laughing at petty people for being too upset or strict. Laughing at petty issues that you think are stupid.

To dream of a puddle of blood may reflect feelings about evidence of failure, over-aggressive behavior, or criminal actions that you wish to avoid.

Example: A man dreamed of trying hard to avoid puddles. In waking life he was trying very hard to behave perfectly moral and faithful for God. The puddles may have reflected his feelings about the potential to let himself down if he wasn't living a perfectly faithful life for God. Potential disappointments to himself if he didn't maintain his perfect honest behavior. The dream may have been a sign that he was too concerned with avoiding dishonest behavior that he felt might embarrass God.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her baby son jumping in puddles and laughing. In waking life she was worried about her fiance spending money on their baby son when they were already having financial problems.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a puddle of blood. In waking life she was considering getting back surgery for a second time after her first surgery almost killed her. The puddle of blood in this case may have reflected her feelings about how evidently dangerous back surgery was from her last experience and her wish to avoid dying from the surgery.

Puerto Rican People

To dream of Puerto Rican people represents aspects of your personality with a mindset that controls itself and believes in itself without a problem, while respecting family life. You are not easily intimidated by disasters or difficulties, as you understand the importance of family support. A mindset that "Isn't terrified of why anything is a disaster that has to notice family life. Insensitive about what being said because people have to do things together or not waste time fixing the problem. Behavior that is controlling itself believing in itself with family life. A thinking stye that doesn't mind every single that's happening because it confident about family support without a problem. Controlling itself passionate about believing in itself with family honesty. Arguments aren't a problem, but what has to be said has to be said. Realistic responses are what you want to hear when you have an argument.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in Puerto Rico with a Puerto Rican person with a sense of effortless communication while while running over hills and swimming together. Eventually, she lost track of the man and went down a path of dangerous lions. In waking life, she was experiencing stress at work, family problems, and had recently gone through a painful breakup with her boyfriend who quickly moved on to someone else. In this case the Puerto Rican symbolism may have reflected her feelings about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend having previously made talking away problems with other people easier with a "nothing is a disaster family life" feeling. Now that she was single, she may have found that people didn't have to like her the same way.

Puff Daddy

To dream of Puff Daddy "Sean Combs" represents an aspect of your personality that is more incredible than other people about being experienced being "badder", more assertive, or more arrogant than someone else with managing people so everything has to feel good working out excellent for other people so that nobody even believes that success isn't what happens with you all the time. Success, ambition, and the ability to navigate and succeed in competitive environments. Feeling good you are not in trouble while managing people with a personality that is "badder" or more arrogant than other people. Feeling about not embarrassing anyone bad or arrogant once so everyone feels good that everything works out successfully. Your aspirations for success, recognition, and influence, as well as your relationship with power and wealth while being aware of yourself being "badder" or arrogant about it. Feeling required to do whatever is necessary while managing an arrogant feeling situation so that it will feel good working out successfully. A strategic mindset to relationships where people may feel dangerous or arrogant about needing to respect themselves so that everything feels good working out successfully. Having to see why nobody saw a problem is what your life is about.

Negatively, dreaming of Puffy Daddy may represent "badder" or arrogant behavior can't trust anyone while professionally keeping everyone happy so nothing looks bad being unsuccessful. Feelings about embarrassing yourself once might be the worst thing you ever did because people might feel that being safe about managing "badder" or arrogant people can't be completely trusted when you said it would be. Showing off successful while managing other people that scares you that you need to all the time. Feeling that it might not be safe managing arrogant people while attempting to make a situation work out successfully.

Example: A man dreamed of hearing Puff Daddy music while seeing cars shift places on the highway with customized license plates. In waking life, he chose to play it safe by allowing an Uncle to keep living in his inherited family home to keep the family feeling good to avoid a family backlash. He was aware it might be a dangerous idea if his Uncle couldn't even afford to but gave the idea a chance once so he didn't look like a jerk first before ever having to sell the place afterward if family relations deteriorated. In this case, Puffy Daddy may have reflected his feelings about confidently navigating a complex family situation with assertiveness and a focus on maintaining harmony.


To dream of a pug dog represents emotional protection that is mature and experienced, and doesn't need to explain itself, yet still manages to be endearing. Emotional protection that wants you to like being a grown up that doesn't think anything about it being awful. Emotional protection is grown up or older than you thought about what it's saying and doesn't want you to take anything personal. Emotional protection against an argument with someone more experienced or mature, who wants you to enjoy something and act your age, while being kind to you. This emotional protection wants you to listen to its advice and not to hold any grudges against it. Emotional protection that wants you to see what you are doing isn't grown up, listen, and not hate anything about it.

Negatively, dreaming about a pug may represent overdoing emotional protection that is mature and experienced, and doesn't need to explain itself, yet still manages to be endearing to the point it causes a problem or is ignored.

Example: A young woman dreamed of a dog coming close to her face, but it was called away by a woman who said it was a mix of a pug. In waking life, she had a disagreement with her theater teacher and was planning to discuss class conduct with other teachers. The pug in the dream may symbolize the dreamer's feelings about confronting her teacher face-to-face, while the teacher is protective of their professional identity and does not want the dreamer to feel terrible. The teacher may want the dreamer to enjoy theatre class while accepting the harsh truth about rules or class conduct.

Example 2: A young person dreamed of seeing a pug that they felt the need to rescue. In waking life they felt bad that they couldn't rescue a german shepherd the day before from wandering near train tracks. In this case the pug dog may have reflected their feelings about themself trying to rescue the dog as an experienced dog owner while trying to explain the need to help the dog to others as though they should accept it as the grownup thing to do to they take care of the dog themselves. The dream may also reveal how the dreamer was so focused on rescuing the dog that they didn't consider how most people may not be willing or able to take care of a stray dog.


*Please See Vomiting


To dream of pulling something represents feelings about insisting on having your way. Not believing you should need to ask to get what you want. Making an effort to help someone. Making an effort to make someone consider your views. Persistently trying to prevent something bad from happening. Alternatively, dreams of pulling in may reflect feelings of naturally gravitating towards certain ideas or situations.

Negatively, pulling something or someone in a dream may reflect an insensitive attitude about forcing someone to go along with your views. Struggling to make someone do something you way. An excessive level of insistence on getting your way or having your views respected. An excessive need for others to "pull you away" from your routines or bad habits. Desperation to help others or fearing that you can't help them.

To dream of being pulled represents feelings of being carried through a situation or responsibly helped. Authority figures in your life insisting you go along with certain behavior or choices. Allowing someone to do all the work for you.

Negatively, being pulled in a dream may reflect feelings of having no choice in a situation. Feeling that you can't stop a disaster or worst case scenario. Feeling pressure to give up or stop doing something. Feeling embarrassed that you have to go along with what someone else wants. Unstoppable urges or addictions. A natural tendency to gravitate towards bad influences or negative situations.

To dream of being pulled upwards may reflect feelings about someone in your life insisting on responsible behavior or choices. Feeling that you are being helped to improve or live better. Someone else's efforts are slowly making your life more responsible or positive. Feelings about parents, friends, or authority figures doing all the hard work for you to help you. Feeling that you are being helped by someone when you can't help yourself.


To dream of pulp represents feelings about an issue being exhaustively dealt with or reduced as much as humanly possible. Problems that have been "reduced to a pulp."

Example: A man dreamed of stirring dark purple pulp. In waking life he was aggressively investigating whether or not his wife had cheated on him. He couldn't let the issue rest no matter how much he couldn't find guilt on wife's part. he had investigated the issue to the point where he couldn't investigate any further.


To dream of a pulpit represents feelings about a using a situation or opportunity as a platform to strongly preach or moralize. Feelings about being an authority on morality or honesty. Professing love or the morality of the relationship publicly to friends, family, or fellow church goers. Using a situation as a platform to profess how serious you are about an issue. Using a situation to publicly or loudly be heard proving you are more honest than someone else. Listening to something as though it's "your calling" in life.

Negatively, dreaming of a pulpit may represents feelings about ego, arrogance, or showing off that uses a situation to prove that other people are respecting listening to them. Scaring other people "with a strong voice" that dishonesty needs to be addressed. Feelings about being annoyed that someone thinks they are an authority on moralizing to you. Fear or anxiety created by listening to your religious leader too much. An excessive need to exploit a situation to brag, prove yourself, or be overheard being more honest than someone else. Naively listening to something being your "calling in life."

To dream of being unable to find a pulpit may reflect feelings about not seeing proof that someone else would want to publicly discuss an important issues. Not seeing someone publicly professing their love to friends, family, of fellow church goers when doing so may be a sign of honesty.

Dreams of pulpits are common to people heavily involved in their churches or very faithfully "listening to God" with their faith. Negatively, spiritually a pulpit in a dream may point to spiritual obsession or listening too much to whatever a preacher says to the point of being unhappy. A dislike of listening to your Church leaders. Thinking a lot about your calling to do God's work. Scaring yourself or making yourself unhappy thinking that you are not listening enough to a "calling from God" that may not really be what you want in life. Fear of not "saving enough souls" to prove yourself to your church.

Example: A woman dreamed of her husband being proud of a pulpit that was purchased. In waking life she was experiencing her husband having problems ordering furniture up and see her husband become very angry about needing to resolve the issue by making sure the furniture company was listening to him properly.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being unable to see the pulpit in her church. In waking life she received a marriage proposal from a dishonest man in her church who already had a child from a previous marriage and eventually went back to his first wife. In this case the pulpit she couldn't see may have reflected her
feelings about not see proof of the proposal being genuine because the man who proposed to her never proved he was serious by telling the church or people he knew. The pulpit unseen represented the opportunity to profess love publicly that was never witnessed.

Example 3: A man dreamed of walking from his church pulpit to greet people. In waking life he was a part of a travelling church ministry.


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Pumpkin Pie

*Please See Pies


To dream of a pumpkin represents feelings about a strong sense of closure or needing to move on that benefits you. The realization that a good time is over and that it's good for you to choose to move on. The end of a phase, relationship, or situation where you feel it is healthy or appropriate to let go and embrace new beginnings. The recognition that it's time to move forward. A pumpkin may show up in a dream when you know a relationship may be nearing its end or you feel that a loved one is close to dying. "Time is up" or feeling it's running out in a waking life situation.

Positively, dreaming about a pumpkin may represent feelings of acceptance, readiness, and optimism about letting go of the past and embracing new opportunities. The relief and clarity that comes with acknowledging that it's time to move forward. An emotional readiness to release old bonds or conditions in favor of new opportunities.

Negatively, dreaming about a pumpkin could represent feelings of sadness, loss, or reluctance over the inevitable endings or transitions in life. Grief associated with saying goodbye or the fear of the unknown as one phase ends and another begins. Perhaps you are struggling with letting go, or you feel rushed into a new phase without proper closure from the past.

To dream of a carved jack-o-lantern pumpkin with a scary face may represent feelings of being confronted with one’s fears or anxieties about it not being safe to experience closure or moving on.

Example: A girl dreamed of pumpkins falling from a tree. In waking life, she was having an affair with a man who told her he didn't think their relationship was going to work. In this case, the pumpkins may have reflected her feelings about both the men she was having romantic relationships with signaling a strong sense of closure about her relationship with them being over.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being given a pumpkin by a friend. In waking life, she started a relationship that she felt could hurt someone else. In this case, the pumpkin may have reflected her recognition of the need to move on from past relationships before fully committing to a new one as being beneficial.

*Please See Pies


To dream that you are punching something represents feelings about getting back at something directly or wish to get back at something directly. Lashing out, frustrations, or anger you are feeling. An aggressive mood. Tension about an issue that you need to release. You may be aggressively surprising someone with a different belief or opinion. Forcing a different belief, unpleasant view, or completely opposite idea to someone else. Aggressively lashing out at your own ideas.

To dream of someone punching you may reflect anger or aggression you feel from someone else. Unpleasant news or surprises that hurt your feelings. "Taking a hit" emotionally. Feeling that a person or situation gets back at you directly. Feelings about being lashed out at by someone with a different belief, idea, or agenda. Frustrations or anger you feel from others. Feeling that you are the target of someone else's tension.

If you are punched in the stomach it may reflect anger or aggression that is making you feel sensitive about something you don't like. Someone may have hurt your feelings by lashing out at you. Feeling surprised with upsetting news that makes you sensitive.

To dream of being unable to throw a punch suggests that you are feeling helpless or powerless express anger. Feeling powerless to lash out. You may have issues with self-esteem, confidence, or speaking up for yourself.

To dream that you are drinking punch represents social ease. Making an effort to get along or not notice other people's problems.

Example: A young man dreamed of punching his father after his father was hugging him. In waking life he was having difficulty forgiving his father for past abuse. The punching in this case may have reflected his need to privately or verbally lash out at his father after trying to forgive him.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her ex-boyfriend punching her in the arm. In waking life she watched him take another woman home for Christmas and it hurt her feelings.

Punching Bag

To dream of a punching bag represents a person or situation that you are taking out your anger or frustrations on. You may also be looking for a safe outlet to express your frustrations. Alternatively, the dream may mean that you are feel like someone is taking out their anger or frustration on you.


To dream of punishment may represent feelings of harsh treatment that you or someone else believes is deserved. Believing that behavior needs to be corrected. Feeling that you or someone else needs to "pay the price." Harsh treatment towards yourself or others for something felt to be inexcusable. Feelings of shame or guilt over a transgression that is real or imagined. Feelings of "punishing yourself." Intentionally being make difficult for yourself. Feeling that someone deserves to be treated worse than other people. Feeling that someone is acting too harshly towards you or someone else. Feeling that poor treatment towards you is unfair. Feelings about be forced to work beyond reasonable expectations by your boss. Awareness of poor treatment towards others and not speaking up about it. Memories of physical or emotional abuse you endured. Feeling that life is unfair and that God is punishing you.

Negatively, punishment in a dream may reflect your wish to get revenge or "get even" with people who did bad things to you. Desiring God to punish people you don't like.

Alternatively, punishment in a dream may reflect feelings about the need for strict rules and severe consequences for not following them.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a man being punished in a dungeon. In waking life he was aware of himself enduring horrendous working conditions without taking action to stand up for himself.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of fearing being punished for not doing what her husband demanded. In waking life she felt that her husband didn't love her or her kids anymore and would leave her and make her life financially difficult if she didn't live the way he wanted.

Example 3: A man dreamed of being punished by a large man whom was too big to defend himself against. He could only avoid the large man and run away. In waking life he had a serious health problem that made living his life unbearable.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of being punished by her father. In waking life he felt that she was "paying the price" for deciding not to leave her husband with whom she felt her marriage was now too unpleasant to remain married in.

*Please See Death Sentence


To dream of a puppeteer represents feelings about controlling or manipulative behavior. Feelings of being controlled or manipulated by external forces or individuals in your life. A sense of powerlessness or the perception that someone is pulling the strings and making decisions on your behalf. The act of influencing or directing others' actions or decisions from behind the scenes. Manipulative intentions or awareness of someone else trying to manipulate you. Thoughts about the power dynamics in relationships or situations, the influence one has over others, or how control is exercised subtly. This dream may reflect your thoughts about the importance of autonomy, independence, and free will.

Positively, dreaming about a puppeteer might symbolize leadership, guidance, and the ability to harmonize various aspects of a situation to work towards a common goal. It may reflect a conscious choice to take charge or to orchestrate a series of events successfully. It could also indicate the skillful management of resources or people to achieve a positive outcome. Professional manipulation of management skills while feeling that the people being controlled need to prefer it or think of it as though it isn't a problem. Your ability to recognize when someone is trying to manipulate you or take control over your actions. Your awareness of external influences and your determination to maintain your individuality and make your own choices. This dream could also indicate your desire to break free from someone's control and regain your independence. Your perception of parents, teachers, or authority guiding you in a direction that feels right for you.

Negatively, dreaming about a puppeteer could represent feelings of being manipulated or controlled by someone else. Being caught in a situation where you feel you have no agency or autonomy. A fear of losing one's sense of self to the will of others, or you might be struggling with the ethical implications of controlling or being controlled. Feelings of vulnerability or victimization. It may suggest that you are allowing others to dictate your actions or make decisions for you. You might feel that someone is exerting undue influence over your life, and you may need to assert yourself to regain control and autonomy. Powerlessness and frustration with your boss controlling you in a work environment. Your perception of parents, teachers, or authority guiding you in a direction that doesn't feel right for you.

Example: A young man dreamed of making comedy by using 2 puppets while being the puppeteer. In waking life, he was using humor to control people to make them accept him. In this case, being a puppeteer may have reflected his feelings about deliberately using humor or wit as a means to manipulate people's perceptions, emotions, or responses toward him.

*Please See Puppets


To dream of "puppets" represents feelings about control, manipulation, or being influenced by external forces or influences. A lack of autonomy, feeling that your actions are directed by someone else, or that you are unable to assert your own will. Your perceptions of being merely an actor in someone else's scenario, without the power to make significant decisions for yourself.

Positively, dreaming about puppets may represent feelings about a "hidden hand" that is teaching a lesson or guiding one's actions for a greater purpose. It could symbolize an unseen guidance or a higher power that orchestrates events in your life in a way that might seem out of your control but is intended to lead you toward growth, learning, or self-discovery. Divine intervention where certain experiences and interactions are perceived as part of a bigger plan. Controlling people with humor.

Negatively, dreaming of puppets can represent a sense of powerlessness or feeling like you're being controlled by others. Feeling that you're not in control of your own life and are subject to the influence or manipulation of someone else. This dream could also reflect a fear of being used or manipulated by others for their own purposes. Fear or anxiety about standing up for yourself, asserting your independence, or breaking free from manipulative influences.

To dream of a string puppet represents you or someone else who is "pulling the strings" from behind the scenes. Witnessing the mechanism through which the control dynamics occur or "manipulation at play." A clear delineation between the influencer and the influenced, and suggesting a potential for liberation from control.

To dream of a hand puppet may represent a more subtle form of control or influence that feels closer and more personal. Influence, manipulation, or control that does it to your face if it wants to. Perhaps you feel like you or someone else is not expressing themselves authentically or directly, but instead putting up a front or a persona. It could indicate a situation where you feel that someone is putting words in your mouth or that you are unable to voice your true thoughts and feelings without some form of filter or mask. Manipulation that feels patronizing, deceptive, or condescending.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing Muppets from Sesame Street. In waking life, he experienced powerful hallucinations of creatures walking around his house. The voice of God told him that the creatures were negative entities that represented negativity in his life that he had to figure out by seeing them as symbolism. In this case, the Muppet Puppets may have reflected his feelings about the hallucinated creatures being controlled or influenced by a greater force (i.e., the voice he identified as God) to teach him a lesson.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of making comedy by using 2 puppets. In waking life, he was using humor to control people to make them accept him. In this case, the puppets my have reflected his feelings about deliberately using humor or wit as a means to manipulate people's perceptions, emotions, or responses toward him.


To dream of a puppy represents strong feelings of emotional protection towards a new situation, new area of your life, or new relationship. Someone or something very dear to you. Strong feelings of emotional protection for something you are very sensitive about. Loyalty or devotion that makes you happy.

Puppies can also reflect feelings about sensitivity about a protective area of your life that is slowly growing stronger. Protecting investments that will become stronger at a later time. Fearing or caring deeply for friends or family that will eventually have the ability to protect you. Developing a winning strategy that is not fully powerful yet.

Positively, a puppy may reflect your attempts to do everything you can to defend yourself or believe in yourself. It may also reflect how wonderful it feels to fall in love or pursue a playful love interest. Flirting.

Negatively, a puppy may reflect feelings that everyone else is a loser if they don't like something that you like a lot. Jealousy of anyone getting in the way of something you really like a lot.

To dream of a white puppy represents feelings about how honest, genuine, or perfectly clean a developing protective aspect of your life is. Developing a winning strategy that is perfectly honest or clean. Developing methods of success that are intentionally honest or perfectly focused on cleaning. Alternatively, a perfectly white puppy may reflect a developing protective aspect of your life that is ending or being removed from your life.

To dream of a black puppy represents feelings about how scary or excessive a developing protective aspect of your life is. Developing a winning strategy that scares others or is noticeably excessive. Developing methods of success that intentionally scary or excessive. Growing anger at someone. Excessive sexual interests. Feelings about a friendly person being scary or excessive.

To dream of a caramel colored puppy represents feelings about how wonderful or pleasing a developing protective aspect your life is. Developing a winning strategy that makes your life very easy. Developing methods to be successful that are not fully grown yet.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a puppy. In waking life he was facing financial ruin and only had a hobby he loved left as a way to make money. The puppy reflected his deep love and protective feelings for his hobby which he was forced to be very serious about developing into a business.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of giving birth to a puppy and thinking it was mistake. In waking life she pregnant and didn't really want to have the baby. She had actually considered having an abortion and failed to produce a miscarriage with negligent behavior. The puppy she thought was a mistake probably reflected her disinterest in caring for a child and her second thoughts about avoiding an abortion.

Example 3: A man dreamed of puppies choking. In waking life he was very upset about having to kill mice in his home as he could hear them dying in traps while he was in bed sleeping.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of having a black and white puppy in her car as she was driving. In waking life he was falling in love with a guy, but was uncertain about why he was having difficulties telling her how he felt.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of cute puppy that was actually a wolf. In waking life she was talking to her ex-boyfriend and then realized it was a bad idea and cut off all communication with him.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of seeing two puppies. In waking life she was having conflicted feelings about whether or not she should stop flirting with a guy.

Example 7: A woman dreamed of calling a puppy that would never appear. In waking life she lost her cat and kept expecting it to be found.

*Please See Dogs


*Please See Buying


To dream of something being pure represents your feelings about some area of your life being uncontaminated or perfect. Alternatively, it may reflect innocence or virtue.

Dreaming of something being pure may also reflect an experience in waking life that is exactly the way you wanted it to be. Experiencing no degradation, interruptions, embarrassments, or inconveniences of any kind.

Negatively, dreaming of something being pure may reflect excess, going overboard, or experimentation with something dangerously powerful. Going too far with being perfect.


The color purple in a dream represents neutrality, or powerlessness. Something that is uncaring, unbiased, or totally powerless.

Positively, purple can symbolize having no bias, or situations that are open. This will usually be represented by lighter shades of purple.

Negatively, the color purple reflects powerlessness. You are totally unable to respond, react, or do what you want. Impotence in some form. This will usually be represented by darker shades of purple.

When you see purple in a dream it can represent a negative situation that has been "neutralized" by a positive situation, or a positive situation that has been neutralized by a negative situation.

The symbol for purple is metaphorically based on the mixture of blue and red which is waking life create purple when mixed. Since blue symbolizes positivity and red symbolizes negativity you get neutrality with purple.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing someone wearing a purple shirt. In waking life he felt powerless to stop an enemy.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a purple house. In waking life he felt completely unconcerned with someone else's problems.


To dream of a purse represents your identity or sense of self. Thoughts, feelings, or life situations that give you confidence, power, or make you feel complete as a person. A purse can also reflect emotional dependency, or things you need in order to feel complete, whole, or confident. Feelings about your identity.

Losing your purse may symbolize losing touch with who you are, or giving up habits or life situations that make you feel confident, or complete as a person. A loss of identity. Women who are dealing with unfamiliar situations that make them feel insecure often dream of losing their purses.

Example: A woman dreamed of returning to her church to pick up a purse that she had forgotten. In waking life she had for years given up certain privileges in her church to make time for family and had only recently had her church privileges reinstated. The purse reflects her sense of identity and emotional needs associated with having the extra responsibility in the church.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of leaving her purse inside her finance's car trunk. In waking life she felt that moving in with her fiance was robbing her of her ability to feel that she had an independent identity. She felt living with him only allowed her to be independent under his terms since it was his house.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a red purse that was so heavy it required two men to carry it. In waking life she was having sex with two men and was just starting to have her period. The red purse may have reflected her feelings about her feminine identity being that of being a sexually attractive woman who had to make her men wait for menstrual period to end before continuing to have sex with them both again.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of losing her purse. In waking life she had lung disease and felt that she was losing her identity to the illness as her health and finances got worse fighting the illness.

*Please See Handbags


*Please See Chased


To dream of pus represents feelings about a situation in your life that is festering, getting worse, or needs to be addressed with a sense of embarrassment at having potentially ruined yourself. A need to confront and deal with unresolved issues or hidden problems that are causing distress or discomfort that you may have ruined yourself without being aware of it. Feelings about something unhealthy or unproductive in your life is festering, requiring attention, action, or release. Unresolved issues, or toxic situations that need to be addressed.

Positively, dreaming about pus may represent a desire to rid yourself of harmful influences, toxic relationships, or emotional baggage that is weighing you down. Your readiness to confront difficult truths or face challenging situations in order to achieve emotional healing and growth.

Negatively, dreaming of pus could represent feelings of disgust, revulsion, or discomfort with certain aspects of yourself or your life. Avoiding dealing with unpleasant emotions or difficult situations, allowing them to fester and worsen over time. Feelings of shame, guilt, or embarrassment about something that you find unpleasant or unacceptable that is festering or noticeably getting worse. A fear of confronting painful truths, acknowledging personal flaws, or dealing with the consequences of your actions. A problematic situation that is worsening or spreading negativity in your life. Holding onto negative feelings or experiences that are festering beneath the surface, causing emotional discomfort or turmoil.

To dream of forcing pus out of your body represents a need to confront festering unresolved issues. Proactively dealing with issues head-on rather than allowing them to fester and continue to cause harm. Feelings of taking active steps to purge yourself of negativity, discomfort, or emotional pain that has been festering within you. A conscious effort to confront the unpleasant situation and actively seek solutions to alleviate the stress and discomfort it has caused.

Dreams about pus appear to be common to people experiencing financial problems that are getting worse.

Example: An older woman dreamed of forcing pus out of her finger. In waking life, she was experiencing financial problems which put the fate of her business and mother's medical care at risk. She was unable to pay her bills. In this case, the pus squeezed out of her finger may have reflected recognition of the urgent need to draw attention to, proactively address, and resolve the festering financial problems she was facing so that they couldn't get any worse while hoping she hadn't ruined herself already by staying quiet about them.

Example 2: An elderly woman dreamed of seeing pimples on her face with pus. She found it unusual because she usually never gets pimples. She was deciding whether or not to pop them. In waking life, she had tried to help her son improve his life but ended up with $6000 in debt on her credit card which she could only pay the interest on. In this case, the pus in the pimples may have reflected her feelings about the festering embarrassment of interest payments on her credit card debt caused by her son making her look bad as a parent with a financially hopeless adult child.

Example 3: A man dreamed of removing yellow claw-like things from his fingers and seeing pus come out of the puncture holes. A fingernail fell off. In waking life, he was experiencing work stress and lost clients. He felt personal growth was reduced. In this case, the pus may have reflected his feelings about a festering embarrassment at work that needed to be addressed to prevent further client losses while having a sense of potentially ruining his personal growth at work.


To dream of pushing something represents feelings of forcefulness or insistence. Abrupt changes. Effort made to force change. Pressuring someone.

Negatively, pushing something in a dream may reflect feelings of being confrontational atmosphere. An aggressive situation. Frustration. Rejection. Not liking something being in your way. Acting too abruptly in a situation. Cheating to get your way. Pressuring others.

To dream of pushing something heavy could reflect feelings about how stressful it is to make a change occur. Desperation or obsession to force change. Feeling like a loser who has to do something without any help.

To dream of being pushed may reflect feelings of being forced into a situation or forced to change. Feelings forced to confront something even if you don't want to. Feeling that someone in your life is "pushing you around." Feeling pressured into doing something. Feelings of unfairness.

To dream of being pushed out of the way represents feeling feelings of being unimportant. Feeling rejected or that someone doesn't like you. Feeling that you aren't being respected. A competitive atmosphere. Feeling powerless.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a dog push it's way into a house. In waking life he felt pressure from his family to have an arranged marriage.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of seeing a mutant being pushed off a cliff. In waking life he had a facial disfigurement and felt pressure from his father to do something better with his life even though he felt it was impossible to do with his disfigurement.

Example 3: A man dreamed of being pushed. In waking life he felt pressured by his wife into talking to her about his infidelities.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of pushing people around. In waking life she was frustrated by a number of people who were disagreeing with her and not giving her what she expected to get from them.


To dream of the word "Pussy" in a sexual context may represent feelings about easy sex that doesn't care about respect for a relationship. Feelings about being offered easy or immoral sex.

Alternatively, the word pussy may reflect low respect for using someone or something that feels good never noticing being used. Feelings that someone lets you easily have a good time when nobody else does confidently. Ignorantly noticing why something is feels good being easy. Not respecting why you get something easy all the time. Enjoying yourself in an interesting way aware that you don't have to care about it forever.

To dream of the word pussy in the context of someone being a wimp represents feelings about being a coward or not standing up for yourself when it's normal that you should. Losing like it's easy when you say you don't. Not being man enough. Not liking being laughed for not being strong enough or never thinking of being strong.

Example: A man dreamed of yelling at people sarcastically for offering him "pussy" feeling that they were unintelligent. In waking life he had to confront 2 women who offered him sex as a way to confront a legal problem. In this case the word pussy may reflect the dreamers feelings about easy or immoral sex being offered to him like it didn't matter at all.

Example 2: A man dreamed of having sex with a perfect woman from behind and being told it was "pussy" when he thought it was fake. Then a invisible man beside him changes the woman to real and tells him "no, it real." In waking life a man was enjoying a return to his health with a new health treatment and didn't believe it would continue to improve and then a second treatment it became more confident than ever that getting his health back was easy.

*Please See Vagina


To dream of a jigsaw puzzle represents a multi-faceted challenge or problem that you need to solve in your waking life. Trying your hardest to slowly get something to work or make sense.

To dream that pieces are missing in the puzzle may reflect a waking life situation where you don't have all the facts needed to make an informed decision. Feeling that something doesn't makes sense yet, or that you are missing something. Waiting for an answer that makes sense.


To dream of a pyramid shape represents ascension of consciousness, elevation, progression, or working your way to the top. You are aware of your own progress, or a situation is allowing you to rise to a higher level. Personal growth, learning, ascent, or a system of hierarchy. Consciousness reaching toward spiritual illumination. A strong foundation while yearning for growth and self-actualization. Foundational values and the pinnacle of their ambitions.

Negatively, dreaming about a pyramid shape may represent feelings about an excessive focus on hierarchy, power, or control. Feeling that it's difficult to establish yourself at first. Feelings of being overshadowed by a legacy or an insurmountable history. Feelings about something that is so established that challenging it is impossible. An oppressive hierarchy or power structure in which you feel trapped. A rigid or authoritarian mindset that lacks flexibility or adaptability. Foundational issues that don't let you have opportunities. Confinement, oppression, and overwhelming challenges.

To dream of a pyramid with the top part or capstone missing may represent feelings of incompleteness, a lack of achievement, or a perceived inability to reach your full potential. It could symbolize unfulfilled goals, missed opportunities, or a journey that has been interrupted before reaching its climax. There may be an aspect of your life where you feel you've built a strong foundation but are still missing the final piece that represents the culmination of your efforts or beliefs. This might also reflect a leadership void, where there is no guiding force or principle driving your ambitions or unity within a group.

To dream of climbing a pyramid represents progress or the achievement of a goal through perseverance. Your effort, struggle, or journey toward self-improvement, enlightenment, or mastery. You may be undergoing a transformative experience, striving to overcome obstacles, and reaching for your highest goals or aspirations. Your ambition to advance in status, power, or recognition within a social or professional hierarchy. The pursuit of higher knowledge, spiritual enlightenment, or significant accomplishments.

Negatively, dreaming of climbing a pyramid represents a fear of failure, over-ambition, or becoming so consumed with your goals that you neglect other aspects of your life. The climb could feel endless or perhaps you are pursuing goals for the wrong reasons, such as desiring status or power for its own sake rather than personal fulfillment. Overcoming a rigid hierarchy. You may feel that your efforts are not being adequately rewarded or that you are constantly striving to reach an unattainable goal.

To dream of a red capstone on a pyramid represents intense energy, passion, or focus at the highest level of personal achievement or hierarchy. Red is often associated with passion, urgency, or significant action, suggesting that this aspect of your goals or experiences is marked by a profound sense of importance or culmination. Negatively, it may represent a higher level of achievement or knowledge that is becoming dangerous or corrupted.

To dream of Egyptian pyramids may represent an authoritative perspective of higher consciousness that wastes its time seeing itself as mattering anymore. Feelings about someone with authority at one time led you or gave you advice, but you waste your time talking to them anymore because you've learned to move on. A belief system, legacy, or knowledge that, despite its historical significance and grandeur, feels increasingly obsolete or disconnected from relevance in the present moment. Perhaps these are old successes, past ideologies, or even 'peak experiences' you've had, which now seem like distant, dusty memories rather than active, living parts of your present life. Such dreams might be inviting reflection on how you value your past, your achievements, and whether you consider them 'expired' or still capable of contributing to your present and future life. You may feel that certain authoritative or 'elevated' aspects of your life, such as career achievements, social status, or even spiritual accomplishments, no longer carry the weight or importance they once did. Acknowledging that some aspects of your past no longer serve you and it's time to build new edifices of meaning and purpose in your life.

To dream of a Mayan pyramid represents advancement or progression where nothing is fake about needing to take your time with effort or earning. A journey of growth that is both authentic and hard work. The monumental task of achieving real, authentic understanding and mastery in earned stages. The layers of learning and stages of progress needed to undergo. Feelings about the journey to knowledge and self-improvement is not a hasty one, but a gradual process requiring genuine commitment, step-by-step learning, and a solid foundation built on sincere effort and integrity.

To dream of standing on top of a Mayan pyramid represents achievement, fulfillment, and the wisdom gained through experience. You may be experiencing a sense of accomplishment, knowing that you've attained a new level of understanding, mastery, or awareness that was only possible through authentic and consistent effort. A new level of personal insight, spiritual enlightenment, or self-actualization. Realizations or achievements that were hard-earned and built upon a multitude of previous efforts or learnings. A culmination of your journey, experiences, and the wisdom you've gathered along the way.

To dream of climbing a Mayan pyramid represents working towards goals or achievements that require your unwavering authenticity, effort, and step-by-step progression.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing the all-seeing eye above the Pyramids of Egypt shining a light down on top of them. In waking life, he had experienced an ayahuasca retreat for the first time, met God, asked him to talk to him permanently, and then traveled back home. He went home, missed the ayahuasca experience, but began to experience permanent hypnagogia. In this case, the Pyramids of Egypt may have reflected his feelings about meeting God though the hallucinogenic retreat experience not being as important anymore because he could hypo.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a 4-sides pyramid that was missing the top part. In waking life, he was a former US Marine who took measures to stop himself from dreaming. He only recently began to consider figuring out his dreams again. In this case, the pyramid that was missing the top part may have reflected his sense of incompleteness about ever having psychologically figured himself out completely.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a Mayan pyramid with a beautiful woman holding hands with a man standing at the top. In waking life, he had to spend a lot of time learning what dream symbolism meant with the highest standards of honesty possible before deserving to begin writing his own dream dictionary website. In this case, the Mayan pyramid may have reflected his feelings about the monumental task of achieving real, authentic understanding and mastery of dream interpretation. The pyramid's structural ascent might symbolize the layers of learning and stages of progress he needed to undergo.

Pythagorean Cup

To dream of a Pythagorean Cup represents feelings about embarrassment of being left with nothing if something becomes excessive. Being left with nothing once you become greedy to set limit. Awareness of yourself getting away with something as long as you remain within certain limits. Awareness of having to learn a lesson in total embarrassment if you don't stay within perfect set limits. Total embarrassment that follows believing that something is perfectly easy.

Example: A man dreamed of a broken Pythagorean Cup. In waking life he believed that it as going to be easy to move away for a new job while breaking up with his girlfriend as long as he did it quickly. The dream may have reflected his doubts about being insensitive to his girlfriend in order to get ahead in life on his own believing the breakup may have consequences financially if she believed he was planning the breakup for a long time and using her to prepare to move away.


To dream of a python represents feelings about situations or relationships that constrict or 'squeeze' you slowly. It could symbolize suffocating circumstances, restrictive influences, or a slow drain on your resources or energy. A python in your dream may reflect your perception of a threat that is not immediate but slowly growing, or a fear of being gradually overwhelmed. Feeling that a person or situation will permanently "put the squeeze" on you if you give them any leverage at all.

Positively, a python may reflect your attempt to slowly "squeeze" or overpower enemies or problems. "Squeezing" the competition. The python may also represent your capability to handle pressure and stay resilient in the face of restrictive situations.

Negatively, a python may reflect abuse of superior power or a tendency to dominate others. A reluctance to let go of control or people you wish to dominate. A reliance on superiority and a fear of relinquishing power, even when it becomes detrimental to your relationships or well-being. Feeling that once someone or something gains power over you, it is difficult to escape its grasp. Fear of total failure or losses from pressure that you can't escape. Feelings about enemies, competition, or dishonest people who may cause failure by overpowering you with pressure.

Example: A man dreamed of fighting with a python. In waking life, he was struggling against debt collectors that he felt were going to slowly bankrupt him or "squeeze him dry" if he cooperated with them at all.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of seeing a python get placed into an aquarium that was attacking or eating other animals. In waking life, she felt indifferent to her friends beginning to not like her as she tried to do well in school while having a part-time job. In this case, the python snake attacking other animals may have reflected her feelings about stronger academic focus "strangling" her social life.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a python on his bed that didn't seem lethal like it was thinking about him. In waking life, he was accepting of his business failing and slowly "putting the squeeze" on his finances while this financial squeeze slowly encouraged him to think of starting a new business.

*Please See Boa Constrictor

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