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To dream of parking your car represents feelings about taking time off from decision-making. Deciding to temporarily stop focusing on a goal. Putting your ambitions aside. Resting or taking time off. Negatively, dreaming of parking a car may reflect feelings of being forced to wait on delays or stop your goals to please others. Punishment that delays you.

To dream of a parking lot represents an issue or situation in your life that you are stuck in. It reflects an inability or unwillingness to move on or overcome a problem. Feelings about choosing to stay "parked" with a situation or that progress is intentionally not being chosen right now.

To dream that you are walking through an empty parking lot represents problematic area of your life that you are slowly getting through.

Example: A woman dreamed of fearing being attacked while she stood in a parking lot. In waking life she was considering leaving her husband because of physical abuse. The parking lot reflected her inability to make a final decision on the issue of leaving her husband.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of standing in a parking lot. In waking life she was waiting for her husband to return home to live with her after he moved out with another woman and had a child with the other woman. She was having issues believing the relationship was over. Her feelings for her husband were "parked" or "staying put" loving him no matter what.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being told to park her car instead of driving it home. In waking life she choose to discontinue reversing a failing idea that was negatively effecting her business. She choose wait for something to happen while losing a lot of money instead of reversing the situation.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing her car parked in a parking lot. In waking life she felt that she had to put off her personal projects for other people.

Example 5: A woman dreamed being in a parking lot without wheels on her car. In waking life she single and didn't like it. She felt stuck being unable to find a suitable partner.

To dream of a parking structure represents delays, setbacks, or situations where progress is noticeably not occurring. Other people may be noticing nothing happening with your life, or you may be noticing other people not doing anything different in their lives. A lack of progress that is noticeable to others. It may also reflect embarrassment that what you claimed would happen is not.

You may feel like you are going in circles in some area of your life or that you can't get anything to work.

To dream of being unable to find your car in a parking structure may reflect your feelings of being lost and unsure how to progress in a situation. Confused about how to move forward or feeling that your opportunity to change is gone. You may feel stuck with people that aren't doing as much as you'd like.

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