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To dream of hands represents capability, competence, and the ability to do what you want. The ability to execute certain behaviours or skills on your own. The capacity manifest your choices. Feelings of empowerment, control, or effectiveness. You may feel that you have the skills, resources, or abilities needed to influence your environment, achieve your goals, or express your creativity. Hands in dreams can reflect feelings of freedom, agency, and self-sufficiency. They might also symbolize communication, connection, or offering help to others.

To see two hands holding on to each other symbolizes partnership.

To wash your hands represents ridding yourself of a problem or rejecting a sense of responsibility.

To see a hand beckoning you represents an area of your life that is drawing you towards it. Choices, beliefs, or situations that are tempting you. Negatively, it may reflect feelings about immorality that is beckoning you or tempting you.

To dream of losing a hand represents your feelings of being robbed of your capabilities. Feelings of powerlessness, incapability, or limitations. It might symbolize a perceived lack of skills, resources, or autonomy needed to achieve your desired outcomes. Feeling unable to execute your choices or manifest your skills. You can't do something you want or have something you feel you deserve. Feeling diminished or impotent and being unable to do anything about it.

To dream of cutting your hand represents conflict or personal struggle that negatively impacts your capabilities. Feeling hampered or that your skills are being held back by problems. Alternatively, a cut hand may reflect your skills, talents, or abilities being harmed by a negative influence or conflict. Temporarily being unable to do what you want.

To dream of hands reaching outwards towards others hoping they'll take your hands represents feelings of desire for the capability of connection, support, or mutual aid. It could suggest an attempt to reach out for help, companionship, or understanding in a difficult situation. You may be seeking validation, acceptance, or just a listening ear from those around you. Negatively, dreaming of hands reaching out with no one to grasp them may symbolize feelings of loneliness, rejection, or being ignored. It could reflect a situation where you feel your attempts to connect or communicate are being overlooked or dismissed.

Example: A woman hand a recurring dream of having both her hands cut off. In waking life, she felt totally reliant on her husband and felt she could do nothing for herself. In this case, her hands being cut off may have reflected her perceived inability to execute her choices, control her life, or act on her own capabilities due to her over-reliance on her husband.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her boyfriend being in a car accident and missing his hands. In waking life, she got into a big argument with him and feared that her boyfriend couldn't do anything in life without her. In this case, the boyfriend missing his hands may have reflected her belief that her boyfriend lacks the necessary skills or resources to handle life's challenges on his own.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing his hands being invisible. In waking life, he was frustrated with computer he couldn't get access to because he didn't remember the password. In this case, the invisible hands may have reflected his feelings of powerlessness and frustration regarding his inability to use his skills or capabilities to access to the computer with the password.

Example 4: A man dreamed of holding a rotting tomato and apple in his hands. In waking life, he was beginning to doubt his capability of being a healer to his sick daughter.

Example 5: A woman had recurring dreams of seeing a hand beckoning her from the opposite side of a river where the river got progressively narrower with each dream. In waking life, she had terminal cancer and was close to death. In this case, the hand may have reflected her feelings about being capable of dying if she let go of struggling to survive. The progressively narrowing river in this case may have reflected her changing feelings about the temporary state of pain or discomfort required to cross through in order to successfully die.

Example 6: A man dreamed of seeing both his hands reaching outwards hoping someone would grab them, but nobody ever did. In waking, the man tried everything to offer assistance to criminals to change their ways, but in the end it was for nothing and they had to be arrested. In this case, the ungrasped hands could reflect his feelings of frustration and disappointment about his failed attempts to connect with and help those who refused his aid.



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