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To dream of perfume represents your wish to make someone else feel good about your actions, ideas, or behavior. You may be saying something to someone that you want liking you. Wanting someone feeling good about you.

To dream of bad smelling perfume may represent something you or someone else is doing to be liked by others that isn't working well. A sign that new ideas are in order or that someone just isn't "getting it."

To dream of of cheap perfume may reflect feelings about yourself or others intentionally wanting to feel good making others jealous. Intentionally want to make people feel annoyed with your imperfect behavior. Feeling that others don't care about quality.

To dream of samples of cologne may represents an opportunity to try to make a new impression with someone. To experiment with something that may make others feel good about you.

Example: A woman dreamed of her child wearing cheap perfume. In waking life she was having trouble controlling her child's rebellious behavior. The cheap perfume in the dream may have reflected her feelings about her daughter feeling good doing everything her mother didn't feel good about with poor quality behavior.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of wearing perfume. In waking life she left her husband and wanted to feel good making him jealous of never being with her again.

Period (Menstrual)

*Please See Menstruation

Periodic Table

To dream of the periodic table represents feelings about yourself or someone else being an expert at manipulating people or situations in order to get desired reactions. Awareness of all the options available to you in order to manipulate a desired reaction in a situation.

Fact: The Periodic Table Of Elements was invented by Dmitri Mendeleyev after he saw himself organizing elements on a piece of paper in a dream.

Permanent Markers

To dream of permanent markers represents situations or choices that difficult to change. A choice or situation may be final once made. It may also reflect your perception of a situation being permanent.

Permission Slip

To dream of a permission slip represents beliefs you have about not being able to do what you want. If someone has to sign it then it means that you're feeling that someone else has the power to stop you from doing what you want. Religious people may dream of a permission slip to reflect their feeling that God may not agree with what they want.

Alternatively, a permission slip may mean that you are not sure if you should allow yourself to do something.

A permission slip may also reflect body language or a social indicator that you are waiting for from someone before you proceed in a relationship.


To dream of persecution represents your feelings of being unwelcome or singled out. You may feel that people never want to care about you again because of your different beliefs or opinions. Feelings about being abused or picked on without any way to rationally or reasonably defend yourself. Feeling that you have no choice other than to put up with abuse. Persecution may be a sign that you need to stand up for yourself more.

To dream that you are persecuting others may reflect your jealousy or that you're looking for a way to redirect blame.

Example: A woman dreamed of being persecuted. In waking life she was the victim of sexual abuse and nobody believed her. She felt she had to put up with the abuse no matter how bad it got.

Personal Space

To dream about your personal space being invaded represents feelings about being inappropriately bothered or spoken to. Feeling a lack of privacy. Embarrassed or annoyed that you need to discuss something you're uncomfortable discussing. Feeling that someone has stepped over the line of personal boundaries. The dream may be a sign that you need to speak up or tell someone to back off. You may be putting up with more than you should be.

Negatively, dreams about your personal space being invaded may reflect your heightened sensitivity about being nagged, reminded, or bothered at all.


*Please See Sweating

Pet Food

To dream of pet food represents thoughts or feelings about your ability to nourish or sustain something that brings you comfort, joy, or emotional support. Your understanding of what is needed to keep a certain aspect of your life 'fed,' encouraged, in balance, or well-taken care of. Pets are often symbolic of emotional or relational needs and the food may represent the emotional or psychological sustenance needed to maintain these relationships or aspects of yourself.

Positively, dreaming about pet food could symbolize a responsible attitude toward emotional needs or interpersonal relationships. You are aware of what needs to be done to nurture something or someone valuable to you. It may also signify that you are in a nurturing phase of life, giving attention and care to those who depend on you, including aspects of your own emotional well-being.

Negatively, dreaming about pet food may point to an emotional issue that is being exacerbated. Wasting your time saying you like something about your life in order to feel better about yourself. Wasting your time feeling good caring about someone ignorant or undeserving of that care in order to feel better about yourself. Feeling burdened or overwhelmed by the responsibilities of caring for someone else or keeping an aspect of your life balanced. You might feel like you are not up to the task, or perhaps that you're 'feeding' something that is not good for you, such as a bad habit or a toxic relationship.

To dream of cat food represents feelings about nourishing, sustaining, encouraging, or "feeding" illusions of confidence about something that isn't as tough as it says it is.

To dream of dog food represents feelings about nourishing, sustaining, encouraging, or "feeding" behavior that is emotionally protective. Encouraging emotional self-defense. Encouraging a loss of self-control over instincts and urges.

Example: A woman dreamed of buying herself a cat and always forgetting to feed it to the point of looking so skinny that she began to worry about it. In waking life, she was an unemployed stay-at-home mom experiencing relationship troubles. In this case, the neglected cat food may have reflected her feelings about forgetting to encourage herself to look for a job after telling her boyfriend she would because getting a job scares her that she'd have to stop taking care of her child herself and reenter the workforce after an extended period as a stay-at-home mom.

Refer to the themes section for animals for a more in depth look at animal symbolism.


To dream of flower petals represents feelings about a piece or part of something appreciated. Longing for something you admire, appreciate, or enjoying thinking about.

Negatively, dreaming about flower petals represents feelings about how terrible it is that you can't appreciate something fully for what it is. Feeling that you can't completely enjoy how special or beautiful a situation is. Longing to get married or have a relationship when you don't believe it to be currently realistic. Concerns about why something is never going to be nice enough for you to enjoy it.

Example: A woman dreamed of eating pink rose petals and chewing them. In waking life she thought it was amazing to have met a new man she liked, but ultimately believed the relationship was impossible. The petals in this case may have represented her feelings about being partly and not fully capable of enjoying having the relationship she desired as there were things in her life making the relationship impossible in her view.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing flower petals. In waking life she had recently attended a wedding and began longing to get married herself while not believing it to be realistic.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of lying on her back and needing flower petals to help her regrow new legs. The petals never helped her regrow new legs. In waking life she was trying to decide between advancing in her current job position or leave the current job position for a new job position. The petals never helping her to regrow new legs may have represented her feelings about the new job position never being attractive or nice enough with it's benefits to give her the confidence to leave her current job position.

Peter Pan

To dream of Peter Pan may reflect feelings about yourself or others that are showing off in a role where losing never happens. Feelings about enjoying acting roles. Feelings about how wonderful it feels to never lose no matter what. Issues with sharing or losing when showing off is important. Deluded beliefs about yourself deserving to show off in a perfect winning roles.

Example: A young girl had recurring dreams of Peter Pan. In waking life she was desiring to be an actress and was taking acting classes regularly. The Peter Pan symbolism may have reflected her feelings about being unable to show off her skills in the interesting fantasy acting roles that she wanted because other people got them first in the class.


*Please See Gasoline


To dream of a pet represents some aspect of yourself that has to be maintained or cared for. A person or situation that you feel responsible for or that you feel good caring for. A pet may also reflect good cause that you are managing.

Negatively, a pet may represent a bad habit that you are using for the purpose of manipulating a person or situation. Purposely caring about a person or bad habit for no other reason other than to feel good about yourself.

Alternatively, a pet may reflect a habit or defense mechanism that you are using to feel good with.

To dream of a neglected or starving pet may represent a part of yourself or area of your life that you feel is nonfunctional, wounded, or neglected.

Consider the animal for additional meaning.

Example: A woman dreamed of having a pet lion. In waking life she was having an extramarital relationship with a very dominating man who sometimes had to be financially looked after.

*Please See Dogs

*Please See Cats

*Please See Guinea Pigs


To dream of petting an animal or being petted represents nurturing or comforting oneself or others, a need for love or affection, or a desire for closeness and intimacy. Additionally, petting can signify gentleness, kindness, or an attempt to gain the trust of another person or situation. Feelings of liking someone or someone a lot. Feeling that there are no risks controlling or considering something.

Negatively, dreaming about petting may be a sign that you are too controlling or feel good about other people being too passive or compliant. A desire to manipulate or control others through emotional or physical means, such as through flattery or touch. It may also symbolize the act of seeking approval or validation from others or being too compliant or passive. Nurturing yourself thinking something dishonest or excessive is a good idea. Comfortably patronizing someone you believe you can control.

To dream of petting a rat may reflect feelings of nurturing underhanded behavior in yourself or others. It may also reflect her consideration of dishonest behavior as she "nurtures plans" to be underhanded.

To dream of petting a lion may reflect feelings of nurturing controlling behavior in yourself or others.

Consider what animal you are petting for additional meaning.

Example: A teenage boy dreamed of petting a dog he used to own. In waking life he had recently sent his dog to the animal shelter. In this case the petting may have reflected the dreamer's longing to be reunited with his former pet dog, and the desire to reconnect with the dog in a positive way. Petting the dog may also represent a sense of comfort and familiarity that the dreamer is seeking in his life. He may be experiencing jealousy that being close to the dog is no longer possible. The dreamer's recent decision to send the dog to an animal shelter may have caused feelings of guilt or regret, and the dream may be a manifestation of those emotions.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of petting a rat. In waking life she was struggling with financial problems and stated that she was almost homeless while trying to get her G.E.D. In this case, petting the rat may reflect her feelings of nurturing underhanded behavior, such as cheating or stealing, as a means to survive and pay her bills. The rat symbolizes the idea of sneaky and deceitful behavior that she may be considering or encountering in her current situation."

Example 3: A woman dreamed of petting an owl. In waking life, her boyfriend didn't want to get married again because he had already gone through a divorce, while the dreamer herself had been divorced before. Petting the owl in the dream may symbolize the dreamer's attempt to approach the situation with wisdom and discernment while comfortably patronizing her boyfriend's opinion preparing a way to gently guide him towards the idea of marriage again.


To dream of a church pew represents your openness or receptivity to important advice or answers to difficult life issues.

Positively, a pew may represent your readiness to listen to important advice. Feeling good knowing you're a good person.

Negatively, a pew may reflect fear of being lectured or told that you are no good.

To dream of sitting on a church pew alone may represent feelings about being hopelessly in need of answers to a very important problem. Feelings that nobody can help you or that there are no easy solutions to whatever difficulty you are facing. Feeling that your problems are your own. Nobody else understands your problem. Feeling empty while confronting a difficult crossroads or choice.

Example: A man dreamed of sitting on a church pew by himself and and saw evil looking girls on the pew in the next row. In waking life he was trying to leave behind a very negative past and start a new life with his girlfriend. He had trouble with this because girls he slept with from his past continued to reach out to him. He desperately wanted to feel like a good person with his new life, but felt telling his new girlfriend the truth about his dark past would destroy the relationship.

*Please See Church


To dream of a Pharaoh represents you or someone else that has unquestioned authority that must be looked up to and assumes more importance. Authority that always assumes it will get its way without question. Feelings about authority requiring perfect respect. Authority that doesn't even know what being ignored means with serious consequences if you do ignore it. Authority with an ego of excellence or godliness. Excellence that deserves everything it does respected with total control. Leadership excellence that never gets told no. Authority that isn't asking you and expects you to accept it anyway.

Negatively, dreaming about a Pharaoh represents tyrannical oversight that scares others that they made a single mistake or even spoke about it wrong. Tyrannical oversight that cares about nothing except its feelings respected. Control that never even believes it isn't a perfect authoritarian boss. Fear of a leader finding out that you didn't respect it. Feelings about an entire situation being "thrown in the garbage" if a leader doesn't like it.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing herself laying still and powerless while a Pharaoh had sex with her body. In waking life she was consulting a priest to perform multiple exorcisms on her. In this case the Pharaoh may have reflected her feelings about the priest having unquestioned spiritual authority over her which required her to look up to him as he assumed more importance.


To dream of a pharmacy reflects a situation with a requirement of proof of good advice and necessity in order to receive help with a serious problem. Feelings about expert advice that gives you permission to fulfill a 'prescription' for a course of action in your life to remedy a particular situation. It may be a sign that you feel embarrassed, under pressure, or untrusted. Feeling that people will help you solve a serious problem if your problem is legit, you already have a plan to resolve it, and talked to someone experienced about it. The need to find a reliable 'prescription' or plan to improve challenging real-life circumstances.

Example: A woman dreamed of driving around looking for a pharmacy to fulfill a prescription for pills, but finding that they were all closed. She then called her mother to tell her that she thought that the world was ending. In waking life, she was having serious financial problems. She wanted a new job and a change in her life. In this case, looking for a pharmacy to get prescription pills and being unable to find one may have reflected her feelings of desperation and the perceived unavailability of immediate solutions or expert advice for her financial problems.

*Please See Drugstore


To dream of being a philanthropist represents your generosity and giving nature. An area of your life where you are very focused on dealing with other people's problems. The dream may also readiness to share an important part of yourself or resources you have.


To dream of being in the Philippines represents a mindset that is concerned with putting others feelings first. You may feel that you need to notice others people's feelings all the time. Careful speech, sharing, making an effort to include others. Sensitivity that everyone is noticed.

Positively, being in the Philippines represents feelings of being surrounded by wonderful supportive people or situations. Feeling that everyone is trying their hardest to notice your feelings or include you.

Negatively, you may feel that you are risking angering people or making a situation worse if you aren't constantly considering other people's feelings. Feeling stuck with overly sensitive people or people that are too personal. Feeling that a situation has to feel wonderful. Being so concerned with your family that you can't do anything else.


To dream of studying philosophy represents appreciation for intelligent decisions in your past. Being aware of yourself having made good choices that are of benefit to you now. Feeling glad or relieved that you made preparations for something difficult you are now experiencing.

To dream of being in philosophy class at school represent anxiety or pressure you feel about maintaining the integrity of past intelligent decisions. Worrying that you may end up losing something you worked hard to prepare for.

Philosophy dreams may appear when you are dealing with a will or trying to collect on a insurance policy.


To dream of phlegm can represent a feeling of disgust or unease towards expressing something that might be considered unpleasant or offensive to others. It can also indicate a fear of being rejected or judged for expressing your true feelings or thoughts because they they might find it unpleasant or disgusting. Fear or disgust with what you intended to express to others. Not saying anything out loud that you privately think to yourself because it might be disgust other people. Last minute realizations that it isn't easy to say out loud what you feel privately feel to other people because it might be viewed as inappropriate or embarrassing. Reversing what you intend to say in private.

Example: A young man dreamed of being ready to make a report to his classroom, but then getting a cough and needing to go to the bathroom to cough up phlegm. In waking life he was thinking about his repressed feelings and numerous possibilities of love. In this case the phlegm may have reflected his feelings of fear or disgust with what he intended to express to others.

*Please See Mucus


To dream of having a phobia represents issues with confronting your fears. You may be allowing fear or insecurities to control your life or prevent you from trying something new.

Consider the specific phobia for additional meanings.

A fear of heights may reflect a fear of power, embarrassing yourself with power, or being in the spotlight. A fear of winning or success.


To dream of the mythical phoenix represents feelings about transformation, renewal, or rebirth in the face of total destruction or failure. The ability to rise from the ashes, to bounce back from adversity, and to recreate yourself when faced with insurmountable challenges. Your thoughts on overcoming difficult periods in your life, being resilient, or the notion that a part of you has to 'die' for a new part to be 'born.'

Positively, dreaming about a Phoenix may represent hope, spiritual growth, and the capacity for self-regeneration. Emerging from a difficult situation stronger, wiser, and more empowered. An optimistic belief in your own resilience and the possibility of new beginnings.

Negatively, dreaming of a Phoenix may represent a refusal to let go of the past or an unhealthy fixation on rebirth to the point where you're neglecting the present. An unrealistic or overly dramatic perspective on your challenges, where you feel the need to 'burn everything to the ground' to start anew, potentially causing unnecessary hardship.


*Please See Telephone

Phone Booth

To dream of a phone booth represents your interest in experiences that you don't want others knowing about. You want to do something privately.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a man walk into a phone booth. In waking life he was considering killing someone that threatened his life. The phone booth reflected his wish to kill the person without being caught.

*Please See Payphone

Phone Calls

*Please See Telephone

Phone Number

To dream of a phone number represents what is required of you to initiate a desired experience. A resource, ability, person, or situation that you need in order to make something happen.

Example: A woman dreamed that her work number had been disconnected. In waking life she had just returned to work after having a baby and was struggling to find a purpose to believe that work was more important than being at home with her child. The disconnected phone number represented her inability to make work feel important.

Refer to the themes section for numbers for a more in-depth look at number symbolism.

Photo Album

To dream of a photo album represents nostalgia or remembering something from your past. Thinking how things used to be. It may also reflect your impression about a big or complicated situation.

Example: A young man dreamed of looking at a photo album and seeing his ex-girlfriend getting married. She looked very happy next to a groom whose face he could not see. In waking life he was starting to flirt with his ex-girlfriend again and was remembering how she fell for someone else while they broke up.

Photo Booth

To dream of a photo booth represents your wish to purposely create silly or light hearted memories for a friend or child. Time being taken to make sure something is remembered in a non-serious way.

Negatively, a photo booth may be a sign that you are going of your way to restore "positivity" to a sour relationship before leaving. It may also reflect embarrassing yourself on purpose for someone else to feel better about remembering you.

Photo Shoot

To dream of a photo shoot represents your attempt to notice every single thing you like about an issue or situation. Remembering all this good or attractive about someone or something. It may also reflect a reexamination of everything you liked about a past memory.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a beautiful naked woman doing a photo shoot that he thought was a bit too old to be doing one. In waking life he was fantasizing about his ex-girlfriend from high school and thought it was inappropriate to do so after such a long period of time.


To dream of a photocopier represents the need to share or circulate of ideas with others. Getting the word out or telling everyone you know about something. Repeating yourself to a number of people. The ability to reproduce something that has worked successfully in the past.

Negatively dreaming about a photocopier represents copying or imitating someone else, lacking originality or authenticity in your thoughts and ideas. Being stuck or frustrated in the process of spreading your ideas.

Example: A man dreamed of using a photocopy machine. In waking life he was telling everyone he knew about his plans to move to another country.


To dream of a photographer represents feelings about being adept or intelligent about making anything remembered looking as good as possible. Expertise at projecting yourself or others in a positive light. Intelligence about lasting impressions. Intelligence about making lasting lifelong impressions. An aspect of yourself that is a lasting impression expert.

Negatively, dreaming about a photographer may reflect an aspect of yourself that is adept or expert at creating lasting positive impressions based on dishonesty. Intelligence about lying to look good or dishonestly make good impressions. Focusing too much on making good impressions instead of being yourself. Doing deed or favors for people so they will always remember you in a good light.

Example: A woman dreamed of using her real life photographer skills. In waking life she was very focused on trying to get a job. In this case the photographer symbolism may have reflected her feelings about her own ability to project or market herself with an excellent resume or make a lasting impression with a job interview.


*Please See Pictures


*Please See Doctors


To dream of a piano represents mastery or total control over your emotions. Feeling that a situation is absolutely perfect.

You may be practicing self-control or training yourself to give up certain feelings. A piano may also show up in a dream when you listening to certain types of music to control your mood. Sexual abstinence or reducing sexual activity may be an issue.

Consider the location of the piano to gain insight into how your emotions are being controlled. A piano in an office may point to emotional self-improvement and a piano in a bedroom may reflect emotional control over private or sexual issues.

Negatively, a piano may reflect too much confidence in your ability to master a problem. Superior mastery of a skill for immoral purposes.

Example: A woman dreamed seeing someone playing the piano. In waking life she was very confident in herself being perfectly faithful to God. She felt she had mastered her ability to make God happy with the large amount of persistent praying and good behavior.

Pick Pocket

To dream of a pick pocket represents feelings about yourself or others taking advantage of others status, power, or self-respect. Taking advantage of other people's honesty to achieve your goals. Feeling weary of being conned. Feeling that someone is not to be trusted. Feeling that you've been warned about someone else's untrustworthy behavior.

Alternatively, a pick pocket may reflect feelings about dishonest people who cleverly fooled you. Feeling that you "didn't see it coming" or could never suspect someone as dishonest.

Witnessing pick pockets at work in a dream may reflect issues with trusting people. Feeling that someone is trying to take advantage of you or use you.

Alternatively, pick pockets in a dream may reflect your negative feelings about people you feel want to borrow money from you and not return it. Feeling that someone is taking advantage of your stronger financial situation. Feeling that someone is trying to rip you off.

Example: A man dreamed of walking around a place where he saw pick pockets at work. In waking life he had lent money to someone whom he felt was not going to pay him back.


To dream of picking one thing over another represents feelings about choices or preferences. Awareness of yourself making a good or bad choice.

To dream of picking fruit represents feeling good making a responsible or beneficial choice. Picking a lot fruit may reflect feeling good sharing a responsible beneficial choice or many people all choosing to enjoy a responsible beneficial choice. Making choices to feel good for yourself or others.

To dream of picking at something with your finger represents "nit picking" or intentionally caring about every little detail of a situation. Pettiness. Rudeness that won't leave something alone. Wasting time making a situation worse by not leaving it alone.

To dream of picking on someone represents feelings about assertive behavior that cares about being noticed with never being able to get back at it. Bullying, criminality, or cheating that believes it can get away with it.

To dream of pick up something with your bare hands represents thoughts of taking responsibility or "carrying the load" in life, work, or a relationship. Picking up a person may reflect a burden on yourself or your personality. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings about a choice you are making.

To dream of picking up a person in a vehicle represents feelings about going along with someone else's decisions. Feeling helped with reaching your goals by going along with someone else's decisions. An aspect of your personality making it easier to reach a goal by accepting it as a priority. Negatively, it may reflect going along with decisions or situations that can't control that distract you.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing people picking yellow apples because there was a big celebration with God. In waking life she felt to it important to atone herself spiritually. In this case picking fruit may have reflected her choice to atone herself.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of picking up papers and putting into her bra. In waking life she was living with a man temporarily that wasn't her boyfriend in order to save money and didn't like feeling that she had inadvertently given the impression to the male roommate that she would sleep with the male roommate as a means to cover rent.

*Please See Decisions

*Please See Bully


To dream of pickles represents qualities of liking something more than you usually do in moderation and not overindulging. Feelings about nothing being unusual about saying to other people that you want a little bit of something once that doesn't have to keep doing it all the time. Feeling good not having to say something is problem because isn't excessive. Valuing moderation and finding joy in small experiences rather than overdoing it. Enjoying something a little bit, but not wanting to enjoy it all the time. Feelings about whether or not you have a healthy relationship with indulgences and prioritize balance in your life.

To dream of a dill pickle represents feelings about not being full of yourself having to have the right amount of something.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing pickles at Christmas time. In waking life she admitted that the dream happened after drinking way too much caffeine. In this case the pickles may symbolize a balance between enjoying coffee in moderation and not overindulging while liking it more than usual.

Pickup Truck

To dream of a pickup truck represents decision-making or control over a situation that involved hard work or fixing something. Feelings about your or someone else that "has a job to do." Behavior that is focused on fulfilling obligations or responsibilities. A direction in life that is centered on "getting the job done" or working hard to restore a situation. A hard work, effort, or labor mindset needed to deal with an issue.

Negatively, dreaming about a pickup truck may point to annoyance, frustration, or jealousy with needing to fix a problem instead of enjoying yourself. Feelings about hard work being excessive or that a problem will take a very long time to fix. Lots of work to do with nothing successful happening. Issues with relationships, work situations, or needing to pay bills. Financial instability that requires a lot of work.

Example: A woman dreamed of driving a pickup truck and then parking it. In waking life her car insurance expired and she decided to put off effort for getting new car insurance. The pickup truck in this case may have reflected her decision-making style to fix her car insurance expiration problem.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a black pickup truck driving along a road and then start driving up a hill at the end of the road. In waking life he was working hard to fix his business to meet customer demands after it became very successful.

Example 3: A man dreamed of driving a pickup truck over a bridge. In waking life he was very concerned with paying bills and financial difficulties being endured.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of a pickup truck towing her car. In waking life she was having difficulty getting an apartment due to continuing financial instability.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of people showing up at her house in a brand new black pickup trick. In waking life she had recently begun her divorce after 31 years of marriage. The new pickup truck may have reflected her feelings about all the effort it would take to work on her divorce to allow her to move on with her life.


To dream of having a picnic represents situations in waking life where is there is comfortable carefree indulgence. Having a wonderful time thinking nothing matters. It may also reflect an enjoyable open discussion. Feeling that there is nothing wrong at all with what you are saying or doing.

Negatively, a picnic may reflect being too comfortable believing that there is nothing to be concerned with. Being naive or stupid about thinking someone else isn't serious, angry, or, sensitive. It may also reflect your feelings about someone else being arrogant or insensitive about enjoying themselves during a serious moment.

Example: A young man dreamed of having a picnic with his girlfriend on a cliff and then getting kicked off the cliff by his girlfriend. In waking life he was openly and comfortably discussing an issue with his girlfriend who ended up not appreciating hearing his honesty and getting very angry at him.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of having a picnic when suddenly a big storm came. In waking life she was enjoying herself being heavily pregnant with her family when suddenly her water broke and she went into labor.

*Please See Picnic Table

Picnic Table

To dream of a picnic table represents a relaxed or casual attitude about being noticed doing something. It may also reflect your wish to be purposely or intentionally noticed being involved in a behavior or activity. Your intentions or interests on display to others.

Negatively, a picnic bench may be a sign that you don't think there is anything wrong being noticed acting negative or talking about someone negatively.

Example: A man dreamed of sitting on a picnic bench. In waking life he was very unhappy with his life and was very vocal about wanting to kill himself.

Example 2: A man dreamed of sitting at a picnic table with an old acquaintance from elementary school that he didn't like. In waking life he was criticizing someone on a website thinking it didn't matter if the person saw it.

Picture Album

*Please See Photo Album

Picture Frames

To dream of a picture frame represents a wish to remember something being perfect. Never caring about a situation having anything wrong with it ever again.

Black picture frames may indicate obsession with being perfect or a fear of not being perfect.

To dream of seeing an empty frame on the wall may reflect feelings about being happy you didn't accomplish something. Being proud of yourself for not doing something or reversing actions.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing an empty picture frame on his wall. In waking life he destroyed a very mean aggressive letter he was planning to send someone and was proud of himself for not starting an unnecessary fight.


To dream of a picture or photograph represents a memory or mental imprint of an experience you had. How a situation was remembered or is perceived by you after it has occurred. A lasting impression. Ensuring remembrance.

To dream of taking pictures may reflect the importance you feel on remembering current actions at a later time. A wish to remember yourself as having done the right thing.

Negatively, pictures may reflect a bad memory of yourself. Memories of yourself having made a mistake, not stood up for yourself, or having embarrassed yourself. A bad impression of our past behavior or actions. Remembering something bad. Trying to manipulate how an event is remembered. Alternatively, it may reflect an intentional choice to take actions so that something will be remembered in a negative way.

Look to the content of the picture for other symbolism to help you understand what kind of impression certain experiences left on you.

Alternatively, dreaming about pictures may reflect your interest in photography.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a picture of himself and feeling bad about it. In waking life he had made a really bad choice to ignore advice and now had to live with the memory of it.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing an old war photo. In waking life it was the 60th anniversary of V-Day and he had made a stupid remark to someone else while remembering the war.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of looking at photographs. In waking life she was trying to remember treasured memories with a friend.

Example 4: A young woman dreamed of looking at photographs on her computer. In waking life she was remembering seeing her favorite band live.

*Please See Painting


To dream of a pier represents a positive outlook about uncertainty in your future. Being unsure, yet enthusiastic about situations that you can't predict. A symbol you might see when feel upbeat about moving, starting school, or beginning a new job.

Negatively, a pier may represent your hope for death or something bad to happen before you ever have to face a problem. It may also reflect a naive sense of hopefulness about a future situation you are uncertain of working out perfectly.

Example: A young woman dreamed of standing on a pier looking into the ocean to see dead corn fields. In real life she was very enthusiastic about having just moved to another state, but was realizing that it wasn't as exciting as she had initially hoped.

Example 2: An elderly man dreamed of driving a car off a pier into the water, coming up for air, and then seeing people shaking their fist at him. In waking life he had been putting off surgery for a long time because he feared the possibility of dying from it. After he had the surgery and realized it wasn't that big of a deal he was angry with himself for not having had the surgery sooner.

Example 3: A woman had a nightmare about being out of control while moving down a hill and then crashing into pier. In waking life she was pregnant and fearing problems while going into labor. The pier she crashed into may have reflected her feelings about going into labor forcing her to "crash" into motherhood for the rest of her life.


To dream of a piercing represents something about yourself that you like being noticed for. Wanting attention for your strengths or something you like about yourself. It may also reflect something about yourself that you want to show off.

To dream of earrings or ear piercings represents a wish to be noticed for how nice or special you are.

To dream of a lip piercing represents wanting to be noticed for what you've said. Wanting your words to be thought of as special.

To dream of a nose piercing represents a wish to be noticed for how special you are for your intuition or sense of direction.

To dream of an eyebrow piercing may represent you or someone else that wants to be noticed for their dignity. A situation where you want your pride back or to show off how much better you are than someone else. Wanting recognition for how "positive" you were.

To dream of a piercing in your forehead represents a wish to be noticed for how good your judgment was.


To dream of pie in a dream represents feelings about an experience that feels good about nothing being wrong with deserving to care about it being easy and simple without anyone else thinking it's a problem either. Feelings of reward for hard work or good deeds.

To dream of a pumpkin pie may represent feelings about nothing being wrong with deserving to enjoy experiencing a strong sense of closure that's good for you to be easy and simple without anyone else thinking it's a problem either. Feeling that you deserve the reward of closure.

To dream of an apple pie may represent feelings about deserving to enjoy experiencing being rewarded for being a perfect example of maintaining values, family life safety, or never having done anything wrong with a sense of simplicity and ease without anyone saying it's a problem either. Feeling good with nothing being wrong with deserving to experience being rewarded for perfectly being right about maintaining values for all your hard work or not giving up.

Example: A man dreamed of a pie being taken away from him. In waking life, he was in a competition at work for a raise and lost at it. He felt he deserved the raise more than the other person who got it. In this case, the pie being taken away from him may have reflected his feelings about not deserving a job promotion to be have handed to him like it was simple and easy.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing pumpkin pie being eaten. In waking life, she wanted to end her marriage because her husband cheated on her. She was beginning to feel that she deserved a new life and closure in the relationship even though her husband was being difficult about it. In this case, seeing a person eating pumpkin pie may have reflected feelings about experiencing her husband cheating on her making her feel "a taste" of deserving to enjoy experiencing closure in the marriage with an easy divorce.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of having apple pie. In waking life, she felt that her life had been through a lot of brave leaps and uncertainty, but she remained resilient due to the support of her family. In this case, the apple pie may have reflected her feelings about being rewarded for her perseverance and maintaining her values through challenging times.

Pig Roast

To dream of a pig roast represents a positive ending to a very selfish or arrogant situation. Noticing yourself or others letting other people enjoy themselves after a long period of not doing so. A celebratory moment of sharing or giving back to others.

A pig roast may also reflect enjoying yourself after defeating an arrogant enemy. Tyrannical behavior or bullying has been dealt with.

Positively, a pig roast may reflect enjoying time with family or feeling good not having to notice anything arrogant with people you care about.

Negatively, a pig roast may reflect an arrogant controlling need to never allow friends or family to ever get to talk to you like they are bigger or more powerful than you.

Example: A man dreamed of having a pig roast. In waking life he was finally considering letting his son leave home after totally controlling his life.


To dream of pigeons represents the freedom to be safely resigned to accepting a situation the way it is. Feelings about an adorable person who does whatever they need to do while accepting themselves the way they are. Casually trusting people to talk to other people while they are already in love. A married person that is free to do whatever they want as long as they stay loyal. Feelings about other people need to see someone as married. Behavior that likes why something will safely work out, but doesn't have to be incredible about doing more than that. Safety that doesn't want to like too much else happening. Feelings about a person or issue that is safely around you not thinking it's a problem.

Negatively, dreaming about a pigeon may reflect your annoyance with someone else who is safely resigned to accepting a situation the way it is and never explains itself remaining that way. Feeling bothered or annoyed that an issue you feel is serious has been resigned to acceptance of safely never talked about. The potential for someone to talk behind your back or restart a fight that currently seems to be safely resigned to acceptance of the situation the way it is.

Example: A young man once dreamed of being attacked by pigeons. In real life he was having very strong feelings for a girl that didn't return his affection. In this case the pigeon attacks may have reflected his awareness of the girl he liked being resigned to accepting her current relationship while feeling free to talk to him.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of seeing a strange silver object in the sky turn into a pigeon. In waking life she actually did see a strange silver object in the sky the day before. In this case the silver object transforming into a pigeon may have reflected her feelings about the object in the sky safely not being a UFO making her feels resigned to accepting the UFO as ordinary.

Example 3: An older woman dreamed of dead roasted pigeon for eating scaring her with coming back to life. In waking life she was experiencing a work atmosphere of "behind the back snarkiness." In this case the dead pigeon may have reflected her feelings of initial confidence about speaking up to someone who was safely resigned to accepting a situation the way it was, because it worked. The dead pigeon coming back to life may have reflected her feelings about behind-the-back comments that are snobby to her after speaking up. She felt that someone who was safely resigned to accepting a situation the way it was had stopped that, but then surprised her with going back to old habits and insulting her behind her back.

Example 4: A young woman dreamed of seeing a pigeon. In waking life she was going to be working closely with a guy who had sexually abused her after not speaking to him for over a year since the sexual abuse took place. In this case the pigeon may have reflected her feelings about disliking the sexual abuse issue between her and the guy being safely resigned to acceptance as though talking about it never mattered like talking was pointless.


To dream of getting a piggyback ride may reflect feelings about you or others getting "carried" being supported in an exceptional manner. Feeling good being helped or having your life made easier.

Negatively, a piggyback ride may reflect feelings of jealousy that someone isn't perfectly supporting you or "carrying you" through a situation. Neediness or to too much concern with getting a free ride in life. A lack of concern for others feelings, energy, or stress levels. Using other people to achieve your goals. Too much dependency on friends or family. Issues with co-dependency.

To dream of giving someone a piggyback ride may reflect a supportive role you are playing or carrying the weight of others. Helping someone else get through a difficulty b doing all the work for them. Letting someone else feel good being supported. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are feeling overwhelmed having to be responsible for someone else.

For women piggybacking may reflect feelings about male chivalry and being perfectly supported by your partner. Feeling supported by a man or preferring to let a man do difficult things for you. Negatively, it may reflect too much dependency on a man.

Example: A woman dreamed of piggybacking on her boyfriend's back. In waking life she was prone to anxiety and often depended on her boyfriend to feel safe.


To dream of a pig represents feelings about behavior that is ignorant about deserving to thinking about itself without a problem and unapologetically not minding it. Behavior that is ignorant about greed and selfishness while thoughtlessly and unapologetically not minding it. Behavior that is arrogant about not being in trouble thinking about itself while minding it. Gluttony and lack of self-control. Behavior that is self-centered, often without concern for consequences or the impact on others. An attitude that is unconcerned with propriety or other people's feelings, focusing instead on personal satisfaction and indulgence. Consider the saying "selfish pig" in social situations you are dealing with.

Negatively, dreaming about a pig represents ignorant behavior that thoughtlessly sees what it's doing wrong, thinks about itself never being in trouble, and is unapologetic about not minding it. Arrogance. Sexist males or excessive sexual pleasure. Selfish thoughts and excessive indulgence that ignorantly doesn't think about it as a problem. Behavior that's ignorantly or arrogantly preoccupied with your own pleasure and gain that ignores other people's innocence, honesty, or patience. A disgusting lack of self-control that is inconsiderate of other people's feelings. Hesitation to trust someone that is selfish and thoughtless. An ongoing battle with indulgent, selfish, thoughtless behavior. Laziness or enjoying time off that thoughtlessly wastes other people's time supporting you.

To dream of the phrase "pigs" being used to refer to police may represent feelings about people with authority (or police) being ignorant about abusing power, ignoring respecting people, or refusing to listen to people while never thinking of being in trouble and being unapologetic about not minding it. Hesitation to trust police due to greedy, selfish, and thoughtless behavior.

To dream of a pig in mud may represent contentment in being involved in greedy, selfish, socially frowned-upon behaviors while unapologetically not minding it.

To dream of feeding a pig may represent nurturing or encouraging selfish or indulgent behavior in yourself or others. It might suggest that you are enabling bad habits or negative traits, either in yourself or someone else. This act could be a metaphor for 'feeding' the worse parts of one's personality or character, reinforcing behaviors that are greedy, self-centered, or harmful.

To dream of killing a pig may represent confronting issues of gluttony, selfishness, or indulgence and trying to put an end to them. A decision to stop harmful habits or behaviors that you see as greedy, excessive, or unhealthy. A powerful rejection of something that you find morally or ethically repugnant in your waking life.

Example: A young girl dreamed of a pig and wolf breathing down her neck and scaring her. In waking life, her parents were very angry at her. In this case, the pig may have reflected her feelings about her mother arrogantly agreeing with whatever her father said even when she knew her mother didn't really have an opinion of her own about the issue at hand.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a pig rolling around in mud. In waking life, he was having a lot of difficulty resisting watching pornography. In this case, the pig rolling around in mud may have reflected his feelings about his own behavior being ignorant about not minding watching pornography when he knew he shouldn't be.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a man with a pigface. In waking life, her ex-boyfriend had called her and was interested in dating her again while he was dating a new girl. In this case, the pigface may have reflected her perception of her ex-boyfriend as still being selfish and unapologetic in nature.

Example 4: A person dreamed of a pig. In waking life, they were trying to help their son do their homework and the son got really frustrated and gave up. In this case, the pig may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about their son being thoughtless and ignorant about selfishly ignoring their homework to enjoy playing.


To dream of pigtails represents you or some aspect of yourself that is completely subordinate or does whatever it's told.

Negatively, pigtails may be symbolic of never standing up for yourself or allowing others to tell you what to do.

Positively pigtails can symbolize some aspect of your personality that is totally under your control, or working in your favor.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a little girl with pigtails. In waking life he was sexually attracted to a girl whom he couldn't resist no matter how hard he tried. He felt completely subordinate to his attraction to the woman.


To dream of a pile of something represents accumulated tasks, responsibilities, or problems that the dreamer feels are overwhelming. A sense of burden, stress, disorganization, or the need to sort through one's thoughts and feelings. It may symbolize unresolved issues, procrastination, or the fear of confronting a daunting task. A call to action to start dealing with clutter, whether physical, mental, or emotional. Numerous small tasks or issues that need to be addressed.

Negatively, a pile may reflect feelings overwhelmed, overworked, or burdened. Feeling that it is impossible or difficult to deal with responsibilities or stresses. Work is becoming too much to handle at once. An excess in some area of your life. Feeling that a problem is never over with or impossible to talk about.

Positively, a pile of something may reflect a windfall, excess amount of power, or an area of your life that is plentiful resources. So much of a good thing that you don't know what to do with it.

To dream of a pile of garbage represents an excess of something in your life that is unwanted.

To dream of a pile of paperwork represents a backlog of administrative duties or responsibilities at work or home, suggesting feelings of stress or pressure to get things done.

To dream of a pile of clothes represents accumulated tasks or responsibilities related to personal care or appearance, which have been neglected or pushed aside.

To dream of a pile of dead bodies represents feelings about accumulated failures, mistakes, or guilt. Fears of being caught with failure or exposed for things you regret. This disturbing imagery may symbolize unresolved issues, a history of traumas, or the burden of past mistakes that weigh heavily on your subconscious. It's a strong indication that it might be beneficial to confront these emotions and seek professional help if they persist.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a pile of money under a tree that nobody else could see. In waking life, she was considering leaving a job she loved due to the mismanagement of the store she worked at. In this case, the pile of money under the tree may have reflected her feelings about the opportunity to potentially gain significant financial reward with better management of all the accumulated work problems at her workplace that nobody else understood.

*Please See Mound


*Please See Columns

Pillbug / Potatoe Bug / Sowbug

To dream of a pillbug represents shyness or introversion. Your feelings about a problem in your life that makes it difficult to be yourself around others.

Example: A young man dreamed of a crying pillbug crawling on his arm. In real life he was very shy with women and found it difficult to speak to them when he was around them.


To dream of pillows represents feelings of comfort that nothing is wrong with what you are choosing to avoid doing. What you tell yourself to feel comfortable not changing your mind. A wish to be comfortable being passive about a choice. Feeling comfortable and safe with your choices. Awareness of yourself not being desperate.

Negatively, pillows may reflect an excessive level of confidence that nothing you are doing is wrong.


To dream of pills or tablets represents issues that need to be accepted or ideas that need to be "swallowed." A person or situation may be forcing you accept a new rules, new facts, or challenging current beliefs.

To dream of blue pills represent truth that needs to be accepted. A person or situation may be revealing the truth to you that's may be difficult to accept.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing someone swallow a pill. In waking life he was having anxiety about having to tell a girl he liked something personal about himself and having her accept it.

*Please See Medicine


To dream of a pilot represents an aspect of yourself that is heading or directing a project or plan. You or someone else that is responsible for starting something new and keeping it going.

Negatively, a pilot may reflect someone else that is on control of a new experience that you have no say in. It may also reflect fear, guilt, or other negative thinking patterns that are keeping an unnecessary situation going. You may feel that you can't stop something or can't stop yourself.


To dream of a pimp represents a comfortable attitude towards exploiting advantages or resources. Feeling good or benefiting from using someone or something to win no matter what. Knowing how valuable something is and taking full advantage of it. Not caring about what anyone else thinks if it means winning.

Negatively, a pimp may reflect going too far exploiting an advantage or resource. A total lack of concern for standards or respect to keep yourself exploiting a situation. Pandering or the embracing the lowest standards to get ahead. It may also reflect forced exploitation.


To dream of pimples represents issues with low self-esteem and self-image. You may be self-conscious about something or hoping that a problem you have goes noticed. You may feel awkward or out of place in a situation or relationship. Insecurity that something is wrong with you. Feeling stupid that your appearances are not as perfect as you'd like them to be. Insecurity about appearances in public or to people close to you. You might feel foolish that others notice your problem and hope nobody mentions it, and feel immature for not discussing the issue when everyone can see it.

To dream of squeezing a pimple represents feelings of wanting to address or confront the worst aspects of issues causing your low self-esteem or self-image. Attempting to resolve the worst part of a self-image problem or minimize what is making you feel insecure. Forcing yourself to confront the worst part of an appearance issue so that you do not seem to be overdoing it, and others won't ask questions. Feelings about changing an embarrassing imperfection to a less noticeable mistake. Changing "blemish" that makes you feel like loser into a mistake or mishap. Negatively, squeezing a pimple may reflect feelings of looking like a loser with appearances made worse or more dangerous than needed.

Example: A woman dreamed of having pimples that needed to be popped. In waking life, she had issues with her finances that requiring being dealt with and were embarrassing to talk about. In this case, the pimples may have reflected her feelings of low self-esteem, insecurity and embarrassment surrounding her financial difficulties, and the desire to hide or avoid discussing them with others.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of having a pimple on his chin. In waking life, he was very insecure about living at home with parents and having to discuss it with friends. In this case, the pimple may have reflected his feelings of low self-esteem and insecurity regarding his living situation and the fear of being judged by his friends.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing her ex-boyfriend's face with a lot of pimples. In waking life, she was very insecure about her appearances to friends and family with her ex-boyfriend never returning to her as he had found another woman. In this case the ex-boyfriend's face with pimples may have reflected her feelings of low self-esteem, self-image issues, and insecurities surrounding her breakup and her ex-boyfriend moving on with someone else.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of having a pimple on her knee. In waking life, she had low self-esteem about her weight and her inability to resist overeating. In this case, the pimple on her knee may have reflected her low self-esteem and self-image about her lack of will power to resist poor eating habits.

Pin (Decorative)

To dream of a decorative pin represents something about yourself that you feel is important to be noticed by others. It may also reflect something about yourself that you are choosing to be noticed by others because it benefits you or makes others feel good about you.

Negatively, a decorative pin may reflect feelings about your lifestyle or your poor choices are on display for others.

Example: A man dreamed of having a decorative pin forcefully and repeatedly stuck to his feet. In waking life he felt forced to keep making people notice how serious his need for assistance was because of the homelessness he kept experienced. The pin reflected his poor choices or bad luck that resulted in homelessness that he felt was continually on display to others.

Pinball Machine

To dream of a pinball machine represents your feelings of distraction or preoccupation with challenging yourself with keeping multiple elements of an unpredictable situation going or "in play" to see how far you can take it. A challenging or competitive unpredictable situation with a sense of "losing it all" is possible if you don't keep it going or "in play." Being preoccupied with minor tasks or hobbies as a form of escapism.

Positively, dreaming about a pinball machine might indicate an ability to find brief moments of respite and enjoyment even when faced with chaos and uncertainty.

Negatively, a pinball machine in your dream may represent the triviality or futility of distracting yourself with multiple issues at once for as long as you can when confronting serious issues. It could represent an avoidance behavior or a form of escapism that distracts you from facing pressing concerns. Feelings about distraction, amidst life-altering or highly stressful situations.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing an enemy playing a pinball machine. In waking life, he was experiencing his enemy enjoying himself thinking it was awesome to keep a criminal situation going as long as possible that didn't hand it back to the dreamer yet when handing it back was inevitable. In this case, the pinball machine may have reflected the man's perception of his enemy enjoying the challenge and thrill of sustaining a complex, risky situation without yet facing any repercussions.


To dream of pinching someone represents intentionally making a situation uncomfortable or frustrating. An assertive reminder.

To dream of being pinched represents a person or situation that you feel is a nuisance or demanding your attention in an uncomfortable manner. An uncomfortable reminder of the reality of a situation.

To dream of pinching yourself may reflect your attempt to test yourself with realistic or objective beliefs. Feeling that something happening to you may be too easy, too unrealistic, or too good to be true. Using a challenge or difficulty to make sure mentally grounded.

To dream of pinching an object represents an attempt to test how sensitive a person or situation is.

Pine Needles

To dream of dried up pine needles represents unpleasant feelings about a situation or problem in your life that you feel is an unbearable waste of time to deal with. Unpleasant feelings about having to be meticulous about a problem that doesn't matter to you anymore. Feeling that it's easier to just let an issue go than confront it or speak up about it.

Negatively, dreaming of dried pine needles may reflect a heightened sense of passivity about confronting problems because it feels like it will become an unbearable amount of work or trouble. A concern about exhausting yourself with needless recurring arguments over the long-term.

Example: A woman dreamed that it was raining dried pine needles. In waking life she felt that housework was piling up to unbearable amounts while also suspecting that her husband was talking to another woman after smelling someone else's scent on his clothing. The raining pine needles may have reflected her feelings about how unbearable it felt to have to speak up for herself about issues she felt would lead to potentially unsolvable long-term recurring arguments.

Pine Trees

To dream of a pine tree represents an established area of your life that's impervious to change and never cancels no matter how terrible a situation gets, is reliable about honestly doing its job however it can, and doesn't mind itself not being important. Established feelings about family or parental support that is reliable about its role to help you while not seeing itself as important if you don't need anything from it. Feelings about behavior that has to be supportive, but never does more than it needs to.

Negatively, dreaming about a pine tree may represent an established area of your life that overdoes behavior that's permanently, honestly, and reliably supportive but doesn't have to do more than it needs to.

To dream of smelling pine represents feelings about an aspect of your life feeling like it has to be supportive, honest, and reliable about doing its job if possible, but never does more than it needs to. Honesty that feels reliable about being clean.

Example: A little girl dreamed of a pine tree in her backyard that refused to be cut down and put in the garbage no matter how hard she tried. In waking life, she was excited that her parents wanted to move, but after 6 months of their house being up for sale there were no buyers. In this case, the pine tree may have reflected her feelings about her parents home providing an established impervious reliable backup in case she needed a place to live, with a sense about her parents seeing their job as parents to do whatever they could to support her, while also feeling that her parents are comfortable with her being a grown-up that safely doesn't require their help.

Example 2: A young man dreamed about being in a mountainous terrain surrounded by dark pine trees. In waking life, he had just started college. In this case, the pine trees may have reflected his feelings about his teacher's role in college being reliable about doing their job as supportive instructors while not minding never bothering him about his school work or attendance if he chose to screw up.

*Please See Pine Needles

*Please See Evergreen Trees


To dream of a pineapple represents feeling guarded or defensive about how you handle a situation that allows you to enjoy no obligations. Something that you want to enjoy, but also feel a bit cautious or hesitant about. A situation or opportunity might feel good with no obligations, but requires the confidence to let your guard down or leave certain issues behind. The opportunity to experience no worries, no work left, or no obligations that also makes you feel a bit uneasy or uncertain beginning to experience it. The prickly exterior of the pineapple symbolizes the need to navigate potential obstacles or challenges that may arise as you pursue this no-obligation opportunity. You may feel like you need to be careful in how you approach letting go of obligations in order to avoid any negative consequences. Feeling comfortable, confident, or self-assured about deserving a life without obligations.

Negatively, dreaming about pineapple may be a sign that you are experiencing a situations where you feel guarded or defensive about taking time off or letting go of obligations. Feeling uptight or guarded about a situation feeling too easy with having no obligations. Discomfort about taking a vacation because you think it will cost you money taking time off. Overdoing being comfortable with no obligations when it's dishonest or selfish. Feeling guarded or uptight is difficult to get past to feel relaxed or comfortable wito no obligations.

Example: A college graduate dreamed of eating a pineapple. In waking life, his parents paid for his tuition and he refused to pay them back. In this case, yhe pineapple reflected his dishonest sense of being guarded about never deserving to have any financial obligation to his parents.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of wanting to buy her ex-boyfriend pineapple juice, but couldn't. In waking life she still loved her ex-boyfriend. In this case, the pineapple juice may reflected her feelings about desiring a comfortable no-obligations sexual relationship with her ex while also feeling uptight about bring it up because she felt that he had moved on and might end the friendly as well.

Ping Pong

To dream of ping pong represents feelings about an ongoing exchange, dialogue, or challenge that requires agility, focus, and quick-witted decision-making. Interpersonal relationships, intellectual debates, or even career-related challenges that require you to be quick on your feet. A situation that is dynamic, continually shifting, and demanding your full attention.

Positively, dreaming about ping pong may represent healthy competition, or the joy and exhilaration of being able to keep up with a rapid series of events or challenges. Self-assurance and competence in navigating situations that require swift actions and decisions. Enjoying a balanced and reciprocal relationship or dialogue with someone in your waking life.

Negatively, dreaming about ping pong could represent feelings of stress, anxiety, or being overwhelmed by constant demands. A situation that may be tiring you out mentally, emotionally, or physically. You may feel like you are unable to keep up with the pace or that you are continually on the defensive. The dream may be a metaphor for a relationship or scenario in which there seems to be no end to the demands or challenges, leaving you feeling drained.

Example: A man dreamed of playing ping pong with "Dwight" from the American TV show "The Office" during heavy wind. In waking life, he was under pressure to meet specific conditions at home with technology in order to qualify for a customer service job at home that didn't require coming into the office at his workplace. He was in in a rush to get a proper computer and internet connection before time ran out while having multiple meetings with his job superior. In this case, the ping pong may have reflected the man's feelings about the back-and-forth nature of meeting various conditions and expectations from his job within a tight timeframe.


To dream of the color pink represents lust. This can sexual lust or a powerful thoughtless desire to have something as soon as possible. Positively, pink may reflect motivation, drive, and ambition.

Negatively, pink reflects blind sexual desire or excessive need to attain what you want. An obsessive or unstoppable sexual appetite.

Pink may reflect a lack of caring about anything else except having what you want, most commonly for sex. You may be too eager to push aside obstacles or people that are in your way.

Pink can also be a symbol for girls, but this is not as common in dreams.

Example: A young man dreamed of being inside a pink void. In waking life he was obsessed with having sex with a girl.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a person wearing link clothing. In waking life he was noticing changes he made to his business making him more money and felt overcome with a drive to repeat the behavior to make more money as fast as he could.

Pinky Finger

To dream of a pinky finger represents your ability to trust or have faith.

To see your pinky finger injured or severed represents a loss of trust or faith.


To dream of Pinocchio represents your feelings about being unable to hide the truth or disguise your real intentions once it's uncovered. Noticing that it's impossible to lie or keep a secret. Embarrassment at having to see yourself lie. A sense of family life that doesn't see a problem with lying until it's embarrassed itself with being unable to hide it. Alternatively, Pinocchio may represents innocence that embarrasses itself lying.

Example: A young woman dreamed that she was Pinocchio and that her nose kept growing while talking to her father who wasn't listening to her. In waking life, she was aware of herself being dishonest, but decided changing her behavior wasn't important.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing Pinocchio. In waking life, he discovered that someone he just met had done some snooping on the Internet about him and discovered something he was thinking he could hide. In this case, Pinocchio may have reflected his feelings of embarrassment and inability to hide or deny the truth once it had been uncovered.

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