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To dream of the beach represents a time in your life when you are confronting negativity or facing uncertainty. It may also represent a transition from a familiar setting to an unfamiliar one. Confronting a current difficulty. Confronting a hard reality after first believing you wouldn't have to.

Negatively, dreaming of the beach may be a sign that you are a confronting a serious crisis moment in your life. Possibly a sign that you are not doing enough to take a serious problem or crisis seriously enough.

Example: A man dreamed of standing on a beach facing the water. In real life he was experiencing a heath crisis and almost died.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a beach. In waking life he was facing the most serious crisis of life which required him to stay away for 4 days straight with no food or water to survive it.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being at the beach and loving it. In waking life she finally decided to have an affair with a man she had been talking to for a while. The enjoyable beach setting may have reflected her awareness of herself going through with the affair while she knew was wrong. Confronting the uncertainty of risking her current relationship by enjoying herself cheating with another man.

Oddly enough, the man whom the woman had the affair with had the same beach dream as her on the same night. This would make sense because as they were both confronting the uncertain prospect of being caught cheating. The beach scene in both their cases reflected the confrontation with emotional risk of the knowing that were acting out their adulterous fantasies.

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