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To dream of a bolt represents secure choices or commitments. Some area of your life that is not going to do anything except securely stay the way it is. A regime or feeling the need to securely "stick with something." Needing some area of your life to securely stay in place for the long term. Rigidly holding some area of your life in place for a period of time. Feelings about choosing long term commitment.

Negatively, dreaming about bolts may reflect anxiety about not being secure, rigid, or committed enough to achieve a goal. A fear of discontinuing a regime you feel is important. An excessive need to securely hold some area of your life in place.

To dream of bolts in the neck may reflect feelings about the security of relationships or promises. Proving absolute loyalty to others for the long term.

Example: A woman dreamed of man with bolts in his neck. In waking life her fiancee was trying to get her to have pre-marital sex by telling her that they were going to be married soon so it was stupid to have to wait until marriage since the relationship was obviously strong for the long term.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing useless bolts over the floor that needed to be put away. In waking life she was recovering from an injury and starting to feel safe enough to allow herself to stop being so rigidly careful about her recovery regime.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being served bolts inside her food at a barbecue. In waking life she was aware that a guy she liked had emotional issues preventing her from getting closer him. The guy claimed that a therapist would be sufficient to fix his problems, but it wasn't working. The bolts being served in the food may have reflected her feelings about having to accept the condition that the guy she liked was wasn't going to do anything except stay the way his was securely difficult to know.

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