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To dream of a test represents a challenging situation in your life. You may be having an experience that you've never had before, facing competition, or finding yourself in a situation with no guarantees. A situation may require you to demonstrate your abilities. A test could also reflect a fight, an ordeal, or a sense of pressure. A situation that you feel is testing you or placing your self-respect on the line.

To dream of failing a test represents a challenge, fight, or ordeal that you were unprepared for, gave in to, or choose to walk away from. You may not have done everything you could have to solve a problem or confront a challenge. The dream may also reflect your fear of failure.

To dream of doing well on a test represents your confidence, feelings of being ready, or that you ready to prove yourself. Feeling competent or proud of your outstanding performance in some area of your life. Negatively, performing well on a test may reflect arrogance or insensitivity towards others while you perform exceptionally at something. Preoccupation with nothing except proving yourself to be a winner at the expense of others feelings. Issues with bragging too much. No sense of humor about losing.

To dream of being late for a test represents challenges you were unprepared for or were too distracted to deal with. It may be a sign that priorities are not straight, or a lack of responsibility.

To dream of cheating on a test represents a lack of concern for ethics, honesty, or earning something on your own. It may also reflect a lack of respect for a situation that requires integrity. it may also reflect waking life situations where you are not afraid of breaking the rules if you need to. Low standards. Cutting corners.

To dream of being caught cheating on a test represents feelings of being forced to stop dishonest behavior. It may also reflect embarrassment, shame, or having done something with low standards. Being caught acting unprofessional.

To dream of having trouble finding a room the take your test in may reflect feelings about wanting to prove yourself, but not knowing how to go about it.

To dream of running out of time while taking a test may reflect a heightened sense of pressure or having an inadequate amount of time to prove yourself in a waking life situation.

To dream of having to take a test that you haven't studied for represents feelings about being unprepared to meet a waking life challenge. Confronting an unfamiliar challenge.

Example: A young man dreamed of cheating on a test. In waking life he felt he was taking a lot of shortcuts with an important challenging work project to save time that he felt was reducing quality of the work.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being nervous about taking a test. In waking life he was a lawyer about to have his first criminal trial in court.

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