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Scottish People

To dream of a Scottish person represents an aspect of your personality that notices why it's not stupid or lazy. Insensitivity to wackiness. Respecting intelligence. Boldness. Having a stronger idea than someone else. Never caring about anything else with a situation again if it means being told your stupid. Not fearing an insensitive idea. Feeling good being strong or smart enough to never need anyone else at all. Proudly doing more than someone else. A mindset that is insensitively aware of itself avoiding being used or disrespected. Behavior that proudly and boldly "never gives a shit" no matter what anyone thinks or feels about it. Insensitivity that makes you or others feel "like a wimp." Behavior that arrogantly never wants to care about someone weaker's feelings at all aware of itself noticing it is.

Positively, Scottish people may reflect you or someone else that is insensitive about drawing attention to a priority. Acts of generosity that completely embarrass other people. Insensitively laughing at a problem. A wiser idea about why your problem doesn't need to matter. Permanently noticing why something stupid is never going to happen again. Behavior that is wonderful to you as long as you are treating it stupid. A long-term outlook that's smarter or more powerful than a short-term outlook. Behavior that is so wonderful it makes sure nobody else needs to be afraid or unsafe again. Behavior that is careful about respecting itself avoiding anything unintelligent.

Negatively, a Scottish person may reflect you or someone else that feels good noticing someone having less than you. Enjoying someone else's weakness, vulnerability, or naivety. Feeling good talking to someone like they are stupider. Arrogance that insensitively notices it's too strong, smart, or rich to stop. Telling someone to their face why they are stupider. Fearlessness about making someone else feel pathetic. Enjoying exploiting someone else's weakness to their face. You or someone else that feels good being mean about your advantages or superiority. A terrifying insensitive attitude to people or situations that insult it. Making insensitive comments to enemies that you will enjoy watching them stupider than you. Jealousy or embarrassment of noticing oversights. Insensitivity that scares people that aren't listening perfectly. Fearless insensitive laughter. Insensitively notices itself being smarter or stronger than something else. Feeling that behavior is dangerous, reckless, will laugh at you, or cheats you permanently if you give it an advantage. Embarrassment that arises in your life from overdoing an advantage or enjoying feeling smarter too much.

Scottish people may appear in a dream during bitter arguments. They are also common during lawsuits or court cases. Rivalry that proudly discusses others weaknesses or flaws out in the open.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a Scottish man talking to him. In waking life he was fantasizing about what it would be like to be rich and notice a girl he liked totally broke so that she'd have to be with him. The Scottish man in this case may have reflected his arrogant wish to exploit the woman's financial situation to enjoy feeling smarter than her.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being afraid of a Scottish man with black eyes. In waking life he feared that his father would laugh in his face if he ever told him about a problem he had. In this case the Scottish man with black eyes may have reflected the dreamers feelings about being laughed at for the rest of his life for being stupid if he ever revealed his problem.



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