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To dream of an otter represents behavior that is concerned about being effortlessly prepared. Always being ready for any difficulties you cross. It may also reflect a need to prove yourself or show someone else that you are more than capable of handling yourself with whatever problems arise. Not wanting to look crazy or incompetent during uncertain moments.

Negatively, an otter may reflect your insecurity about appearing to others as needy, dependent, or unable to handle your own problems.

Otters are common symbols for expecting parents to reflect their wish to be totally prepared for their new child.

Example: A man dreamed of an otter biting his hand while reaching for something. In waking life he was given multiple job offers after having temporarily left his old job due to an office fight. After considering going back to his old job he realized that his new job opportunities were too good to ignore. The otter biting his hand may have reflected his feelings about not wanting to look desperate to his old employer by returning to his old job because he could easily handle himself by getting a better job.



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