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To dream of a skeleton represents feelings about something in your life that has been totally stripped of all power, vitality, or importance. Feelings about person, situation, or some area of your life where nothing is left. Mentally, emotionally, or spiritually "stripped to the bone." You or something in your life that has experienced complete change. Feelings about a serious loss or fearing a loss. Skeletons may also reflect a fear of death.

Negatively, dreaming of skeleton may also represent lingering memories about failures or unpleasant changes. Alternatively, a skeleton may reflect issues or situations that linger or that remind you of what used to be.

Positively, skeletons may reflect your feelings about problems or enemies that noticeably have nothing left to harm you. All that is left is a reminder of how terrible someone or something use to be.

To dream of seeing a skeleton in the mirror represents feelings about yourself being totally powerless, a total failure, or living a life that keeps reminding you of how much you lost. Living with the reminder of how good you used to be.

The skeleton may also be a metaphor for "skeletons in the closet." You may have something you are hiding that you are afraid to reveal to others. Something from your past that you want to keep hidden.

Example: A man had recurring nightmares about a skeleton of a young girl chasing him. In waking life he had accidentally allowed this girl to drown and couldn't escape the guilt of having robbed her of her life.

Example 2: A pregnant woman dreamed of going into labor and seeing that the baby's body was a skeleton. In waking life she was two days away from giving birth and fearing birth complications that may cause the baby to die.

Example 3: A man dreamed of being chased by a skeleton. In waking life he was overcome with guilt after the drowning death of his little sister.

Example 4: A young boy dreamed of seeing a train coming towards him with a skeleton face on it. In waking life he had an operation scheduled to get his tonsils taken out. He feared dying from the operation.

*Please See Bones



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