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Nail Clippers

To dream of nail clippers represents the choice or possibility to improve your standing or keep yourself looking like a respectable person. Nail clippers may reflect management of your physical appearance, self-improvement, polishing your reputation, or actively maintaining responsibilities that have some bearing on how others perceive you. Helping yourself or others to feel that they deserve to be respected.

Negatively, nail clippers may reflect feelings of being forced to be a respectable person. Fear or frustration that you have no choice but to polish your appearance in ways that are scary or unpleasant. Feelings that positive changes required from you go too far. An excessive concern with keeping up appearances.

*Please See Fingernails

*Please See Toenails

Nail Gun

To dream of nail gun or power nailer represents the ability to effortlessly keep a situation staying put. It may also reflect the ability to easily keep multiple people or problems permanently under control.

Negatively, a nail gun may represent a heavy handed approach to preventing a person or situation from getting out of control. Going overboard or the risk of going overboard preventing change.

Example: A man dreamed of firing a nail gun. In waking life he sent a very scathing email to two relatives who were disrespecting him behind his back to get them to stop. The nail gun reflected the ease with which he set his family straight.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing another man shot at him with a nailgun. In waking life the dreamer was involved in litigation demanding a settlement while the person that injured him was quickly trying to control the legal conflict with delays and obstacles to prevent progress with litigation.

Nail Polish

To dream nail polish represents feelings about self-worth being attractive about what you can accomplish. The need or desire to enhance a particular aspect of one's self-image or to present oneself in a more polished and confident manner. A focus on enhancing or beautifying one's self-worth or accomplishments. Feelings about self-worth in connection to having an impressive personal style, identity, or appearance. Enhancing your self-image or emphasizing a particular aspect of your personality. A heightened sense of attention to detail in one's appearance. Feeling more valuable than other people for what you can do.

Negatively, nail polish may reflect vanity or conceit about self-worth. Superficial efforts or tools that are ineffective for the deeper, more serious challenges.

To dream of chipped or peeling nail polish may symbolize feelings of disappointment or dissatisfaction with your self-image, or that you are not living up to your own expectations or those of others. It might also reflect feelings about the loss of your individuality or failing to maintain the image you want others to see.

To dream of removing nail polish suggests that you may be feeling a need to "bare yourself" or be more genuine in your interactions with others. Alternatively, it could indicate you are trying to hide or downplay aspects of your personality that you have previously emphasized. Frustration and dissatisfaction with your self-image when talking about yourself.

Example: A young woman dreamed of hiding and wherever she hid she saw nail polish she wanted to steal. In waking life, she broke up with her ex-boyfriend and was fighting with him while she mentioned the new girl he was with. They met the next day, had sex, and then argued again. In this case, the nail polish may have reflected her attempts to regain her self-worth by telling lies to appear more attractive or desirable to her ex-boyfriend.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of constantly trying to get the nail polish of his hands. In waking life, he was a heavily interested in lucid dream techniques and would constantly look at his hands before he went to sleep as required by his lucid dreaming technique. He notices he never becomes lucid in the dream with this technique. In this case, constantly removing nail polish from his hands may have reflected frustration and dissatisfaction with his self-image when talking about himself as an experienced lucid dreamer.



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