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To dream of a stomach or abdomen represents your ability to process and digest the experiences or situations in your waking life without anything bothering you. A reflection of how well you can accept and deal with emotions, situations, or information that you are confronted with. Your level of sensitivity or insensitivity about accepting criticism or difficult situations. How vulnerable you are to having your feelings hurt or allowing something to upset you. The state of the stomach in your dream can reflect your level of comfort or discomfort with the way life is taking you.

Positively, dreaming about a stomach may represent a good ability to cope with or accept new situations. Confidence with your ability to accept criticism or what life throws at you in a healthy manner. Resilience and the strength to face challenges without being overwhelmed. Confidence about your abilities or appearances that isn't afraid to talk back to other people about having less confidence than you do. Confidence about yourself not being a lazy undeserving person.

Negatively, dreaming about a stomach problem may represent difficulties in dealing with life's challenges. Emotional issues that are hard to digest or accept, feelings of unease or unrest with a particular situation, or the inability to process and move past negative emotions. This dream could also highlight fears, insecurities, or a sense of vulnerability in facing what life throws at you.

To dream of a perfect stomach or perfect abs represents a confident carefree attitude about accepting and dealing with various situations in life without anything bothering you. Perfect confidence about never being a loser no matter what anyone said about you. Imperviousness to criticism or insensitive comments you receive.

To dream of a potbelly represents feelings about excess, overindulgence, a lack of self-discipline, laziness, or unhealthy habits while not minding what it looks like. Problems with believing in yourself being perfectly confident. Sensitivity about criticism or insensitive comments you receive.

To dream of your stomach or abdomen being attacked, injured, or sick may represent feelings about experiencing difficulties in processing and dealing with certain situations, leading to feelings of discomfort or unease. Vulnerability, insecurity, or distress related to your currently accepted choices and beliefs.

To dream of having a dog attack your stomach may reflect your heightened sensitivity about issues you feel other people are criticizing you about. Feelings of insecurity or vulnerability regarding your beliefs or choices, especially if they are being challenged or criticized by others. Feelings about someone protective attacking you for your comfortably accepted beliefs or choices because they don't believe that you are safe. Vicious personal attacks on issues that make you very sensitive. Fear that something is wrong with you.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing an enemy with a disgustingly obese potbelly. In waking life, he experienced his enemy being caught committing a crime and telling disgustingly obscene lies to explain the situation as though nothing was wrong with it that looked stupid being confident. In this case, the potbelly may have reflected the dreamer's perception of his enemy as morally corrupt who was grotesque with excess and dishonesty.

Example 2: A woman had recurring dreams of a vicious dog attacking her stomach (belly, not organ). In waking life, she felt her family and work life were more important than a medical check-up which she suspected she needed. When she finally did get a checkup she was diagnosed with stomach cancer (organ, not belly) and died three months later. In this case, the dog attacking her stomach may have reflected her feelings about someone protective (family, medical reminders) emotionally attacking her decision to comfortably accept her job and family as more important than her health.

Example 3: A teenager dreamed of seeing himself and his friend with their shirts off revealing their perfect abs. In waking life, he was having issues comparing himself to his friend about who was better looking and didn't mind insensitive comments about comparisons. In this case, the perfect abs may have reflected his feelings about the confidence and carefree attitude about his and his friend's physical appearance despite the comparisons.



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