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To dream of being topless represents feelings about the true character of a person or situation revealed. Negatively, seeing a shirtless person may reflect feelings awareness of someone not respecting you for the very first time.

Alternatively, dreaming about being topless may reflect feelings of power, strength, and capability that has been revealed or exposed. Skills, intellect, or "clout" may be obvious to others. Surprise at how powerful your own abilities are. The hidden strength of a person or situation being revealed. Freely displaying your own power to others. A new awareness of something being too easy.

Negatively, it may reflect feelings about an obvious insensitive display of power. A situation in your life that has revealed how much of a jerk someone is. Enemies revealing how strong they are. A problem that is revealing how dangerous it is. You or someone else has had their character revealed as dishonest. Hidden weakness revealed.

To dream of someone else being topless represents an aspect of your personality that is revealing their true character or hidden power. It may also reflect your projection of someone else that you think is powerful. Fearlessness of revealing power. Feeling surprised by the hidden power of a person or situation.

To dream of being topless and not liking it may reflect feelings of unwanted attention focused on your strengths and capabilities. Embarrassing details about you may have been revealed. Feelings about private aspects of yourself or life being revealed. Feelings about your true strength or true character being revealed to others.

To dream of a topless man represents assertive power being revealed or exposed. Fearlessness of being an assertive jerk. Revealing power that requires action, anger, or expertise. A nice person may have revealed how mean they truly are. Bad friends revealing unpleasant traits.

To dream of a topless woman represents represents passive power being revealed or exposed. Easy power revealed. Embarrassing others with passive power that is easy to use and can't be stopped. Revealing power that doesn't require action, anger, or expertise. Accepting yourself as powerful with ease. Awareness of something dishonest being too easy. Negatively feelings about someone who is trying to force you to like something.

To dream of a beautiful woman topless may reflect pleasant feelings about gaining or witnessing easy power. Easy power revealed. Feeling good being unstoppable without effort. Negatively, it may reflect dangerous desire that you can't resist.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a woman take her shirt off and shock evil people. In waking life he hired a security team to deal with criminals that were giving him a hard time. The criminals became very scared. He was shocked by how easy to was to control the criminal with the hired security force. The topless woman in this case may have reflected his feelings about revealing his passive ability to employ a security force to deal with the criminals.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing 2 topless woman. In waking life he was not sexually satisfied with his wife and became aware of how easy it would be to cheat on his wife. The topless women may have reflected his feelings about becoming aware of the women revealing their sexual interest in him and how easy that would solve his sexual needs.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing her boyfriend topless wearing a towel around his waist. In waking life they were having a lot of fights about finances and she was thinking of ending the relationship for the very first time. The topless boyfriend in the dream may have reflected her feelings about her boyfriend revealing himself to be a big jerk for the very first time.



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