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To dream of a cantaloupe represents feelings of familiarity that feels good safe being accustomed to it. Familiarity of feeling safe that doesn't have to speak about it. Feeling accepted by what you are familiar of. Familiarity of feeling grownup that doesn't have to speak about it. Familiarity that's good for you to be accepting of it. Familiarity that feels good not being at war with anything because you're grown up. Enjoying a situation where nothing feels wrong because someone or something "knows you." Familiarity that feels good that it's always safe, always there, and already thinks of you as family. The dream may also be about feeling good respecting yourself and avoiding anything fake. It could indicate the comfort and security of a stable marriage or relationship. Feeling good respecting yourself never needing to do anything fake. Feeling good that your marriage or relationship has no surprises for why it's always there for you. Feeling good being adult about not having to say anything about an issue. Feeling that listening to you is something that a person you're close to will always do. Familiar feelings of happiness and safety 2 people feel in each other's company. Comfort and security felt in a relationship after resolving a problem without conflict.

Negatively, dreaming of a cantaloupe may reflect overdoing the avoidance of discussing anything wrong with a situation or someone's behavior because you are close to that person. Feelings of disliking a situation that is too comfortable or familiar with the way things are. Overindulging in the familiar which could lead to complacency or a lack of growth within the relationship or situation. Fear of confronting difficult issues or the unwillingness to change, despite knowing that it may be necessary for personal growth or the improvement of a relationship. Feelings of familiarity and comfort without needing explaining you have with an ex-partner that bothers you can't get over them because nobody feels the same.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a cantaloupe place in the center of a table by a kidnapper of a child. In waking life, the man was experiencing ransom demands being made for someone else's child. In this case, the cantaloupe may have reflected the hostage taker's attempt to offer a sense of familiarity and family-like comfort that would feel good and be accepted once the demands were met, ultimately leading to the return of the child.



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