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Apple Juice

To dream of apple juice represents feelings about the effortlessly being a perfect example healthy influence to other people. Feeling that it's easy for nobody to get back at you for what you are doing because it's based on a good influence. Feeling good that nobody says anything is wrong with you all the time. The ease of demonstrating that you are a perfect example of something without being questioned. An experience where there are no question that what you are doing is helping you out healthily. Easily showcasing yourself as a healthy influence for others to see and that you are satisfied with the perfectly healthy choices you've made. The ease with which he was able to feel like a healthy influence on others through church or volunteer work. Attending church for its positive influence and enjoying the unquestioned support it provides. Effortlessly providing a healthy influence and support to people during a difficult time. Effortlessly showcasing commitment to better habits.

Negatively, dreaming about apple juice may represents overdoing believing that nothing is wrong with a perfectly healthy choice. An excessive "thirst" or jealous craving to be a perfect a example good person as you can be because you are liking it too much. Enjoying being a positive person to the point of excess, fighting, or looking bad. Feeling stronger than someone else as a perfect example influence that might become a problem. Being "drunk" on being looked up to for being a good influence. Initial feelings of satisfaction in being a healthy influence, but then realizing that you've been overdoing it.

Example: A woman dreamed of being fed a lot of apple juice and then realized it had alcohol in it which might make her drunk if she kept drinking it. In waking life, she was a divorced police officer and highly focused on giving her life away to God full time. In this case, the apple juice combined with alcohol may reflect the woman's previous law enforcement experience combined with her renewed interest in the church making her enjoy how easy it felt to be a perfect example of being a good influence in the church until indulging in talking about herself or spirituality began to feel excessive.



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