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Bubble Bath

To dream of a bubble bath represents feelings about how wonderful it is to get rid of a problem or improve yourself. Feelings of pleasure in dealing with problems. Feeling very comfortable dealing with issues, difficulties, or things that you were worried about.

*Please See Bathtubs

Bubble Wrap

To dream of bubble wrap represents something in your life you desire to protect, preserve, or keep intact for later. Something you may choose to wait for.

Alternatively, you may also be shielding yourself emotionally.

Example: A young girl dreamed of a boy she likes in bubblewrap. In real life she had never kissed a boy and felt it was something she would have to wait until she was older to experience.

Example 2: A girl dreamed of a boy she was interested in wrapped in bubble wrap. In real life she felt the boy was so important to her that she was willing to abandon her own plans or interests to keep him interested in her. The bubble wrap reflected her attempts to "bend over backwards" to keep the relationship going.


To dream of bubblegum represents feelings about how enjoyable it is to noticing yourself having a good time without anything serious. Alternatively, it may reflect jealousy of other people having exceptionally enjoyable easier lives than you have.

Negatively, bubblegum may reflect preoccupation with thinking your better than someone else or feeling good bragging about your good luck to someone you don't like. Gloating, conceit, or enjoying feeling more successful than other people. Arrogantly enjoying believing that you are smarter than other people because something you are doing is easier while being difficult for others.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her ex-husband's new girlfriend turning into a piece of bubblegum of which she tried to mix dirt into. In waking life she was in her view a perfect Christian who was very jealous that her ex-husband could cheat on her and be happy with a new girlfriend while enjoying an easier life, while she got stuck having to start her life over from nothing on her own. She was jealous that God was not punishing her ex-husband for his wickedness while he enjoyed a much easier life.

*Please See Chewing Gum


To dream of bubbles represents hope, enthusiasm, or expectations. Feeling good believing that wonderful things are possible.

Negatively, a bubble may reflect the vulnerable state of your self-esteem or a project. A delicate area of your life that can be easily damaged. Consider the phrase "having your bubble burst" in regards to a disappointment. Unrealistic expectations

To dream of bubbling liquid represents lingering hope. A persistent state of hoping that something you desire is happening. Negatively, bubbling liquid may reflect lingering hopes for bad things to happen to others.

Example: A woman dreamed of being pregnant with a bubble inside her that kept deflating. In waking life she was hoping to get pregnant, but it never happened.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing brown bubbling liquid on her ceiling. In waking life she was taking drugs to solve a problem and it wasn't working. The bubbling liquid on the ceiling may have reflected her lingering hope that the drugs were working while not seeing any results.

Example 3: A 9 month pregnant woman dreamed of being in the delivery room and seeing herself as a baby inside a bubble that never popped before all the doctors went home. In waking life she was having anxiety about something wrong happening with the birth and never getting to become a mother or "be born" into an adult.

Example 4: A teenager dreamed of seeing a brown bubble get bigger then burst. In waking life he developed a rare disease which caused his hair to fail out and destroyed his youth just as he was beginning to get popular.


To dream of a bucket with something in it represents efforts made in waking life to carry a situation forward. It may also reflect a burden you are carrying for something more important later on. What you have "put in" to relationship or situation to carry it forward. Doing something to carrying forward to the next phase.

Consider what is in the bucket for additional symbolism.

To dream of an empty bucket represents a lack of effort for something later on. You are not doing enough or haven't started your preparations yet. It may also be a sign that you are not doing enough to care about the future. Empty relationships with weakening future prospects.

Example: A man dreamed of someone telling him that a bucket was empty. In waking life he was required to fulfill certain obligations to prepare for a the next stage of a work cycle and failed to fulfill those obligations.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of an empty bucket being banged with a pole. In waking life she felt that her sex life was empty and had a sole purpose of keeping the marriage going.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of reaching for a bucket before falling into a well. In waking life she was pregnant and feared that going into child labor was going to be complicated. Reaching for the bucket may have reflected her feelings about the efforts of using her Lamaze class skills to help carry her through the labor.


To dream of Buddha represents an aspect of yourself that is understanding or compassionate. You or someone else that is being a "bigger person." You or someone else that is enlightened.

The Buddha reflects wisdom, insight, compassion, or patience while confronting problems or difficult people. Buddha also symbolizes a lack of pettiness or taking a long view of problems. A part of you that's totally at peace with themselves or the world.


To dream of having a budget represents limitations on power or your ability to do what you want. It may also reflect emotional limitations with problematic people or situations. You or someone else that can only take so much.


To dream of a budgie represents behavior that notices it isn't an expert, but is so wonderful it keeps looking around for anything it can to help. Feelings about a nice person who doesn't stop talking to you about anything it can. Inexperienced honest behavior that scares itself that it needs to never give up trying to find an answer. Worried socializing that keeps asking for any help it can. Wasting your time not talking to an expert.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a budgie. In waking life her husband was worried about losing his business and she observed him listening to inexperienced friends about any possibility to help him fix his business problem that he could. The budgie in this case may have reflect the woman's feelings about her husband wasting his time not talking to an expert.


*Please See Flower Buds

*Please See Marijuana


To dream of Budweiser beer represents feelings about the qualities of an experience that doesn't have to talk about itself being accomplished or best when while never having to stop relaxing until it's absolutely finished relaxing. A sense of satisfaction and ease with an experience that doesn't need validation or approval from others. It embodies the feeling of being the best without having to brag or prove oneself. An experience that doesn't have to prove itself as the best because it already is while staying relaxed. Feeling comfortable being a winner that doesn't have to talk about it while you relax. Being comfortable relaxing better than someone without ever needing to talk it. Deserving to be a jerk if someone doesn't let you relax because you already took care of the problem they are complaining about. Absolutely on top of your own life while you quietly don't think other people are.

Negatively, dreaming about Budweiser may represent relaxing that feels it's better than someone because you already did more than them while not talking about it. A jerk attitude that doesn't speak about why your time off is better than someone else's. Feeling relaxed being the best that doesn't need to explain it while feeling that other people are a loser if they don't accomplish something themself.

Example: A woman dreamed of finding an Budweiser beer can in her fiance's hand and being upset because he wasn't a drinker in real life. In waking life she was having a fight with her fiance about the finances when she was unemployed and he was employed. In this case the Budweiser beer in her fiance's hand may have reflected her perception of her fiance's attitude of being comfortable and relaxed in his position of financial stability, without having to prove himself or worry about financial difficulties. Overall, the dream may reflect the dreamer's frustration with her fiance's perceived lack of empathy or understanding towards her financial struggles due him having a job when she didn't. She may have felt the snobbery from him about deserving to relax because he's accomplished paying bills because he has a job while she hadn't paid any bills because she didn't have a job.

*Please See Beer


To dream of a buffalo represents procrastination or taking one's time to confront an issue that might become a big problem once it is too late. Behavior that is very instinctual about never admitting it has a significant problem until it's too late, and then suddenly reacts aggressively or urgently to address the issue. A situation or decision that seems unimportant initially, but becomes substantial and demanding when the time comes to face it. Pushing through last minute changes, plans, or oversights. Wasting time waiting until the last minute to do something that is more aggressive than you thought. Buffalo dreams appear to be common to people who have issues with needing to move their home or work.

Negatively, dreaming about a buffalo represents overdoing procrastinating or wasting your time thinking something isn't important until it's too late. The ignorance of never handling a problem until the last moment. Last minute pushiness to overlook a deadline that has arrived. Feelings about jerks who waste all their time and then become aggressive at the last minute. An area of your life where you or someone else is putting off dealing with a problem until it becomes serious. Not liking experiencing yourself being mean or reckless with people due to your own procrastination. A dangerously ignored issue that doesn't have to say it's dangerous right now.

To dream of a buffalo charging represents a serious attitude towards a neglected issue. You or someone is finally being forced to deal with a problem. Rushing something that has been put off.

To dream of a buffalo poop represents a problem that may have been created due to procrastinating for too long.

Example: A woman dreamed of being told that "Buffaloes are not at home in California." In waking life, she wanted to move from California to another state to change her life and felt she had been putting it off for too long." In this case, the reference to Buffaloes not being home in California may have reflected the woman's feelings about her own reluctance and procrastination in making the decision to move.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a man disguising himself as a water buffalo. In waking life, she was about to experience her entire workplace move to a new location within days. In this case, the man disguised as a water buffalo may have reflected feelings about herself pretending not to be concerned with procrastinating until the last minute to move her office to the new location. The water buffalo symbolizes her internal struggle with delaying the task, while outwardly appearing calm and unconcerned, as if the upcoming move was not a significant issue for her.

Example 3: A man dreamed of a buffalo knife. In waking life, he was deeply concerned with needing to move to the West Coast very soon while currently living in the Mid-West and experiencing financial difficulties. In this case, the buffalo knife may have reflected his ability to control people or sever ties to help himself move on, once the procrastinated situation became more urgent.


To dream of buffet represents a situation where you expect everything to be the way you want it all the time. Assuming things should always be your way.

Negatively, it may be a sign that you expect too much.

Example: A woman dreamed of someone eating at a buffet. In waking life she had a lot of permanent changes she was demanding from her mother before ever forgiving her. She expected "all that she wanted" from her mother to ever resuming the relationship.


To dream of a bugle represents you or someone else that is making others feel the call of expediency. Making others feel that there is something important at hand. A call to attention or to hurry up.


Bugs and insects in dreams are almost always hinting at people or situations that really annoy you. Irritations. Situations that annoy you that you have to put up with them. The dominant characteristics of the bugs in your dream are usually reflect what type of situation or behavior that annoys you.

Dreams with bugs or insects infesting the home commonly appear when a person has physical health issues. Waking state aggravation or infection. If the dreams are recurring it may be a sign that you should get a checkup or see a doctor.

Bugs dreams can point to health problems, people doing irritating things near you, inconsiderate remarks, or bad memories.

Example: A woman dreamed of her home being overrun by bugs. In waking life she had been diagnosed with fibromylagia. The bugs reflected her constant state of annoyance with being unable to do anything she wanted because we always always so tired or depressed.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being stung by a black bug. In waking life she had some annoying pain in her hand after having recovered from a serious injury.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of having bugs crawling on her. In waking life she was experiencing a lot of annoyances related to living with her pregnancy.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of bugs being all over her mother-in-law's floor. In waking life she was experiencing repeat situations with her mother-in-law saying things to her that she found annoying.

Refer to the themes section for bugs for a more in depth look at bug symbolism.

Bugs Bunny

To dream of Bugs Bunny may reflect embarrassment through quick-wittedness or fast thinking. You or someone else that is making a fool out someone by always outsmarting them.

Alternatively, ask yourself what qualities stand out the most about Bugs Bunny and how they may apply to yourself or your life at the current moment.


To dream of a building represents a perspective on a situation. How you view a situation. Consider the purpose or design of the building for further meaning.

The levels of the floors of the building may use dream numerology to reflect your mental state or intentions. For example, a 5th floor may reflect situations where change is occurring and the 9th floor may reflect an ending of some kind. Higher floors may represent higher levels of understanding and lower floors may reflect lower levels of understanding, stress, or fear.

To dream of jumping off a building represents a choice being made in waking life to never think in a certain way ever again. Purposely abandoning a view or idea.

To dream of falling off a building represents mistakes or accidents that have forced you to change the way you think or look at a situation. Losing control. An unstoppable reduced sense of achievement or consciousness.

To dream of a building that is damaged or in ruins represents an outlook or perspective on a situation that isn't as strong or confident as it used to be. Significant changes may be occurring in your life. Feeling that you can never go back to your old ways. It may also reflect damage to your confidence or self-image. Feelings that change is necessary.

To dream of a building collapsing represents feeling that a situation in your life is coming to an end on it's own. A situation is "falling apart." An unstoppable loss. It may also reflect feelings about the ending of a situation being inevitable. Shocking disappointment.

Example: A man dreamed of being driven up the side of a building. In waking life he was in therapy and was being made to discuss a problematic outlook on life he had.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being in a building that was collapsing. In waking life she had a terrible altercation with a family member that made her feel like all of her family life was impossibly ruined.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing an incomplete building. In waking life she felt she never had enough money to complete her goals in life.

*Please See Apartment Building


To dream of a bulldog represents an emotionally protective attitude that chooses to intentionally ignore whatever it don't like. Ignoring people to their face. Awareness of yourself ignoring people on purpose. Choosing to ignore listening to people if you don't like them or don't like what they say to you. Ignoring people who don't treat you strong. Projecting an image to others that you are too big to be told what to do.

Negatively, a bulldog may reflect an ignorant or childish attitude about ignoring advice you don't like. Showing off to people to show them that you don't need to listen to them if you don't like what they say to you. Not listening to people if they don't make you feel good agreeing with you. Ignoring people with good advice if the advice makes you feel small. Ignorantly choosing to ignore professional advice because acknowledging the advice will make you feel weaker than the professional. Embarrassing yourself believing you are too big to listen to someone else tell you what to do.

Example: A woman dreamed of walking a bulldog on a leash. In waking life she was intentionally and carefully ignoring a professional's advice because it interfered with her religious faith. The advice made her feel stupid so she choose to intentionally ignore it.


To dream of a bulldozer represents decision-making that is focused on totally clearing away a situation or problem. Wanting to clear away the clutter of your life. Getting something undesirable out of the way.

Alternatively, a bulldozer represents views or goals that are being pushed or through. Forcing an experience to happen.

Negatively, a bulldozer may be a sign that you or someone else is being inconsiderate or forceful as a goal is being pursued. You may feel helpless or bullied.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing people driving a bulldozer. In waking she had gotten an abortion.

Bulletproof Vest

To dream of a bulletproof vest represents preparation or insurance against undesirable outcomes or decisions. Being ready for a person or situation that wants to fail you. Believing in yourself.

Negatively, you may be overprotecting yourself from emotional hurt or a loss of some kind.


To dream of bullets represents the potential power of decisions or actions to control or direct a situation that feels dangerous about being real. Bullets can also symbolize aggressive, destructive, or penetrating thoughts, ideas, or influences. They may represent assertiveness, strength, or the capacity to influence others. Emotional ammo. The ability to defend oneself, stand up for one's rights, or assert oneself effectively. Your strength to resist or fight something.

Negatively, bullets in a dream may represent negative influences or harmful intentions that may feel dangerous about being final or real. Conflict, aggression, or the potential for harm. Feelings of vulnerability, fear, or the potential for danger. Unresolved issues, harmful thoughts or ideas, or destructive behaviors. Awareness of dangerous choices that are being considered. Feelings that people that don't like you or are preparing to hurt you. Feeling that people have "ammo" to get back at you. Negative choices used for control.

To dream of bullets used against you may represent feelings of being targeted or singled out, feeling the brunt of other people's negative decisions or harmful intentions. Feelings of vulnerability, helplessness, or the fear of becoming a victim. Feeling attacked or criticized, either mentally or emotionally. A tense situation or conflict in your waking life. Bad decisions turning against you or feelings about other people trying to stop you.

Dreaming of bullets without a gun or in boxes of ammunition may reflect the dreamers resources or motivations to face conflict. Feelings about potential power you may hold. Alternatively, it may reflect your expectations or fears about competition in your life.

Bad or evil people with bullets may reflect bad or harmful intentions that have the potential to cause harm. This could represent fears about others who have the means to hurt you, either physically, emotionally, or mentally. It could also reflect your own negative or harmful intentions, or fears about causing harm to others. Feelings about enemies that are resourceful.

To dream of unused bullets may reflect the potential to hurt someone. Confidence about getting back at someone if you need to.

Consider how the bullets appear in the dream for additional meaning.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing bullets on a desk lined up in a orderly fashion. In waking life, she was thinking about how to restore her stagnating on and off relationship with her ex-boyfriend by repeatedly trying to have unprotected sex to get pregnant. In this case, the bullets may have reflected her thoughts about the potential power of her decisions to consciously try to get pregnant, seeing each instance as a 'bullet' or opportunity to achieve her goal.

*Please See Guns

*Please See Shooting


To dream of a bullfight represents manipulation of someone else's instincts or anger. Using someone else's anger or instinctive behavior against them. You or someone else that so clever you embarrass a more primitive person in front of others.

Alternatively, a bullfight may reflect a struggle between your instincts and your intelligence or spiritual side.

*Please See Matador


To dream of a bullfrog represents feelings about a situation not working out the way you hoped because someone or something is stronger than you want about never having to listen. Feelings about someone else's arrogance, ignorance, or overbearing personality being obscene about choosing to not listen or cooperate when it's important to allow a situation to work out. Behavior that feels ignorant or scary making sure a situation doesn't work out.

Negatively, dreaming about a bullfrog may reflect feelings of overdoing acceptance of something that's stronger than you like about never being cooperative when it's dangerous. Wasting your time talking to people that are obscene about not listening to any way to make a situation work out. Behavior that is not a grownup, but forces to you accept its uncooperative ignorance, arrogance, or obscene laziness. Feeling that something you want from someone is simply not going to happen by being nice or asking politely. Stupidity that's obscenely ignorant about not doing anything different about choosing to make a situation not work out.

Example: A woman dreamed of her son being up to his neck in a mud-filled pond and then getting out with a rope. As he was getting out of the mud-filled pond he was confronted by a bullfrog. In waking life, the woman's son had a lot of problems including unemployment, and felt his life would never work normally again. In this case, the bullfrog may have reflected her feelings about her son's challenges being exacerbated by someone or something in his life that he felt was overbearing and uncooperative, making it difficult for him to move forward.

Example 2: A young Christian woman dreamed of a bullfrog attacking the foundation of a home. In waking life, she discovered that her boyfriend had gotten drunk and cheated on her which made trusting him again very difficult. Shortly after he broke up with her and she was having trouble getting over him. In this case, the bullfrog may have reflected her feelings about her relationship with the ex not working out while feeling that his behavior was disgusting arrogant about being unfaithful, ungodly, while being uncooperative about resisting any reconciliation to make the relationship work out. She may have felt that he was ignorant about choosing to not be cooperative when it wasn't the best way for him to handle the situation.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of her boyfriend carrying a bucket with several bullfrogs. When she looked into the bucket the bullfrogs jumped out in a frenzy and her dog ate them all up. In waking life, her boyfriend wanted to have children, but she was afraid to because of past experiences with the government coming after her children. In this case, the bullfrogs may have reflected her fears about having children not going to work out because the government might be too strong and obscene with being ignorant about not listening or cooperating with her.

*Please See Frogs


To dream of a bull represents an aspect of your personality that is stubborn or headstrong. You or someone else that is obstinate. An unyielding desire to have what you want and have your way.

A bull can be a sign that you are dealing with powerful instinctual urges like lust, sexual desire, or anger. A personality trait that is "bullheaded." You may need to learn to compromise or practice restraint in a situation.

To dream of a black bull may reflect your fear of someone who is too stubborn to reason with. Feeling that an aggressive person is dangerously unyielding in an excessive manner. Fear of being unable to control your own powerful addictions or urges. A aggressive ignorant person who will never accept you controlling them. Fear of a person or situation that you can't easily assert yourself over.

Example: A man dreamed of an angry bull inside his house ramming his door to get outside. In real life he was attempting to endure a long cycle of sexual abstinence that was very difficult to stick with. The bull may have reflected his powerful sexual desire that was difficult to control as his urges became too strong.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a bull safely approaching her. In waking life, she had met a man who claimed to have strong willpower and faith, but his actions did not seem to match his words. She believed that God was giving him a chance to change and live rightly. In this case, the safe bull may have reflected her feelings about the man's headstrong approach to his faith, while lacking control over his instincts.


To dream of a bullseye represents your attempt to reach perfection or perfectly reach a goal. Your inability to think of anything except doing something perfectly.

Negatively, a bullseye may represent feelings of pressure to be perfect. The risk of embarrassment. Feeling that you will be noticed weak or incompetent if you don't perform perfectly in front of others.


To dream of a bully represents people or situations that you feel are intentionally keeping you down or threatening you for doing what you like. It may also reflect a person or situation that you feel is too difficult to confront.

Not standing up to a bully represents you backing down from a threat or challenge.

If you do stand up to a bully it symbolizes confronting problems, and overcoming fear. You may have finally gotten to the courage to do something.

To dream of being a bully represents arrogance or feelings of being invincible. You may have a fear of losing control. It may also reflect a lack of respect for others.

Example: A young man dreamed of bullies threatening him. In waking life his parents had threatened to call the police on an employer if ever tried to get a job with them.


*Please See Homeless Person


*Please See Bees

Bumper Cars

To dream of a bumper car represents situations when you are risking everything you have to harm someone else. Putting everything on the line to embarrass someone else while being fully aware that you can be embarrassed just as easily.

Negatively, bumper cars may be a sign that you don't take a risk seriously or are too willing to risk losing everything you've worked for to get what you want. Taking a big chance that makes you just as vulnerable to loss or embarrassment as the person you want to get back at.

Example: A man dreamed of a bumper car ride that was close to packing up and moving. In waking life he was risking his job to sabotage a co-worker in order to get a promotion and believed that his opportunity to do so was lost for good when that worker began to change his habits at work.

Bun Hairstyle

To dream of long hair tied back into a bun represents a thinking style with self-discipline and control over your thoughts, emotions, or personal expression while maintaining a sense of orderliness, organization, and composure. Discipline, professionalism, and formality. Consciously choosing to appear more reserved or composed in a particular setting, perhaps to maintain a professional image or to conform to social expectations. Dreams involving such a hairstyle could represent a desire for control, elegance, or simplicity in one's life. A choice to present oneself in a more contained, professional, or mature manner.

Positively, dreaming about hair tied back in a bun may represent feelings of confidence, clarity, or sophistication. It could indicate a sense of being well-prepared, organized, or in control of a particular situation or aspect of your life. The dream may suggest that you are approaching a task or challenge with a clear mind and a strategic plan. It might also represent an acknowledgment of the need for restraint and decorum in certain settings, and the maturity to act accordingly.

Negatively, a dream of hair in a bun may represent feelings of restriction, repression, or self-imposed limitations that aren't helpful. A fear of letting loose, a hesitation to fully express oneself, or concerns about being judged or criticized for stepping out of line. Feelings of being confined or held back by societal standards or self-imposed rules. A thinking style where professionally restricting yourself, maintaining composure, or pretending nothing is wrong isn't going to help you.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing long hair tied back into a bun. In waking life, she was experiencing a very unfortunate life event and chose to see the situation through a lens of "glass half full" to change her perceptions of a negative situation. In this case, the long hair tied back into a bun may have reflected her feelings of needing to maintain composure and orderliness in the midst of chaos.

Bungee Jumping

To dream of bungee jumping represents a carefree attitude towards risk taking. Taking a chance on something with no obligations or consequences. An opportunity or situation where you feel you have nothing to lose.

Bungee jumping may also reflect a perfect excuse, alibi, or a guarantee that allows you to avoid all responsibility or blame.

Example: A man dreamed of being forced into bungee jumping. In waking life he feared that moving out into his own apartment would be a very expensive risk even though he had ample income and savings.

Bunk Beds

To dream of bunk beds represents inaction on an issue from multiple perspectives or having more than one reason not to change how you think. It may also mean that you have two issues that you are simultaneously avoiding changing.

Alternatively, bunk beds may reflect you and someone else that are both unwilling to change. Facing a similar issue as someone else at the same time. Negatively, it may reflect shared fears, guilt, jealousy, or laziness.


*Please See Bomb Shelter


*Please See Rabbits

Bunsen Burner

To dream of a bunsen burner represents your attempt to discover how dangerous or focused you need to be in order to get a desired result. Experimenting with how far you need to take something or how serious you need to be in order to get a specific reaction out of someone. A private experimentation with limits.

Negatively, a bunsen burner may reflect a private attempt to experiment or discover how much of an asshole you will need to be in order to screw someone over.


To dream that you are dealing with bureaucracy represents a need to constantly conform or compromise in order to achieve goals. Feeling that consistently doing things one way or having perfect compliance is very important. A "rules are rules" mentality.

Negatively, bureaucracy may reflect your feelings about how pointless, needy, or wasteful something is. Putting up with something you feel is unnecessary or following rules simply to satisfy someone else. You can't believe all the "crap" you have to put up with in order to get something you want done. You may also feel that a situation lacks a personal touch or you can't be listened to as an individual.

Alternatively, a bureaucracy may reflect situations where you are aware of how stupid it is to witness the "left hand" never being aware of the "right hand" in a situation you are experiencing.

Burger King

To dream of Burger King represents feelings about an awesome situation that isn't perfect, but good enough to work out. Supportive situations in your life where you're feeling good that nobody is laughing at you never needing to be professional. Enjoying feeling respected not needing to be professional or a perfect person. An experience that you are simply confident is going to work out. Enjoying a competent confident experience where nothing is ridiculous before you even "walk into the door."

Negatively, dreaming about Burger King represents feelings about being a scumbag lowlife that is getting away with something without anyone complaining. Feeling good overlooking professional oversights to enjoy yourself anyway. Feeling good that nothing is crazy about dishonestly getting away with something dishonest. Dirtier or low standard awesome experiences. Adulterous experiences where you don't get caught or are made easy because someone else is fighting. Dishonesty or criminality that feels easy like "taking candy from a baby" with your conscience aware of it.

To dream of working at a Burger King Restaurant represents feelings about being supportive of others enjoying awesome unprofessional or non-serious experiences that work out. Negatively, dreaming of working at Burger King may reflect encouraging others to enjoy getting away with dishonesty or adultery.

People who work at Burger King may have dreams of Burger King if they are experiencing issues with work or coworkers. Also consider how certain locations inside the building at work feel and how they may mirror waking life situations not related to work.

Example: A police officer dreamed of having difficulty parking a van in the parking lot of Burger King. In waking life he was waiting to attend court to confront criminal charges along with other people officers. The Burger King parking lot in this case may have reflected his feeling stuck waiting for court to start while he and the other accused police officers went over their stories for court feeling confident with stories that would overlook their lapses in professional judgement. Alternatively, the symbolism for Burger King may have reflected his feelings about feeling good thinking it's awesome to lie about his unprofessionalism to confidently get off his criminal charges.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being in a Burger King with her boyfriend where his boyfriend's ex-girlfriend was the manager. In waking life her boyfriend was going back to his ex, but then the dreamer got pregnant and he boyfriend decided to return to the dreamer. Burger King in this case may have reflected her feelings about enjoying not needing to be a full-time or "professional" girlfriend to her boyfriend while she was having an adulterous sexual relationship. The adulterous relationship wasn't perfect or serious because of the other woman, but felt good to her anyway.


To dream of a burglar represents feelings about an aspect of your personality that is both dishonest and sneaky while you are not paying attention. Feelings about being taken advantage of, robbed, or deceived because you weren't paying attention to something all the time. Feelings of alarm or shock that an oversight would cause power or stability to be taken from you. Fear of how easily something secure in your life can be taken away if you aren't careful. Feelings of vulnerability to loss or unwanted changes due to not being proactive enough.

Positively, dreaming about a burglar may represent a heightened awareness of potential risks or dangers in your life, prompting you to take proactive measures to protect yourself. Your awareness of threats or negative influences that you are ready to confront and eliminate from your life.

Negatively, a burglar could represent feelings about dishonest or sneaky behavior that may reoccur if you aren't proactive. Awareness of deserving to be robbed of power, status, and resources because you were irresponsible about oversights or failing to pay attention. Guilt or remorse over past actions or decisions that have compromised your integrity or security. Your own dishonest attempt to sneak power or resources away from someone else when they aren't paying attention.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a burglar walk into his home at night to rob him. In waking life, he had ignored some serious school work and got a serious "wake-up call" when he got a failing grade that had serious consequences for his final grade. In this case, the burglar may have reflected his feelings about consciously robbing himself of stable academic success by choosing to ignore or not pay enough attention to his schoolwork.

*Please See Burglary

*Please See Robbed

*Please See Intruder


To dream of being the victim of a burglary may represent your regret at having been unable to say no to something. Purposely having made a bad choice that had consequences.

It may also reflect your feeling of being powerless to control your life. You may feel that a person or situation gets to keep taking your power away.

*Please See Robbed

*Please See Burglar

*Please See Intruder


The color burgundy represents situations that have the potential to become negative. Something you are thinking, feeling, or doing that has the potential to become a problem or go overboard.

The reason why burgundy represents potential negativity is because it's close to red, but not quite. So it's symbolically almost negative.

Example: A man dreamed of being inside a burgundy construction garbage bin. In real life he was planning on killing himself. The burgundy garbage bin reflected the potential he had to actually carrying out his suicide.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing his cousin in all burgundy. In waking life his cousin has agreed to buy the dreamers broken BMW SUV if certain repairs were possible and the dreamer found that the BMW dealership was making the likelihood of those repairs impossible. In this case the dreamer's cousin in all burgundy color may have reflect his feelings about a potential problem with selling the vehicle that he perceived with his cousins conditions.


To dream of a burial represents some aspect of your life that you are noticing is ending. A last moment to live or think in a certain way. Letting go of something.

Positively, a burial may reflect your awareness of bad habits or negative situations that are being let go of. Freeing yourself. Negatively, you may feel disappointment or regret for having to give up something you like.

*Please See Funeral

*Please See Headstone

*Please See Graveyard


To dream of burying something represent feelings some area of your life that you want to "put to rest." Wanting to be completely finished with a problem, situation, or relationship.

To dream of being buried up to your neck may represent feelings of being total overwhelmed by work or responsibilities. Jealousy of being tied down or held back while others enjoy themselves freely. Feeling unable to function in a situation the way you want because you are "buried" by other peoples problems.

To dream of being buried alive may represent feelings of being trapped in a permanent dead end situation, such as a unhappy marriage.

Example: A man dreamed of being buried alive. In waking life he felt trapped in a loveless marriage that he felt was destroying all hopes to enjoy his life ever again. He felt that he was experiencing himself put his hopes and dreams away for good.

*Please See Burial

*Please See Funeral


To dream of seeing something burning in your dream represents intense emotions or passionate feelings. A total lack of concern for something. Intentionally being harsh, hurtful, or insensitive. It may also reflect emotional burned out or be a sign that you need to relax.

To dream of burns to the skin represents embarrassment, unpleasant consequences, or hurtful acts that linger. A person or situation has left you a reminder that your actions are forever unwelcome or not to be repeated. A harsh or painful reaction in a social situation. Someone may have disagreed with what you are thinking.

To dream that you being burned alive represents feelings of never being cared about ever again. Despair. Other people rubbing in their neglect, abandonment, or ill will towards you. Insensitivity you feel from others. Bleakness, hardship, or something a situation that devoid of all freedom.

To dream of other people burning alive may represent how consumed you are by your own ambition. Intentionally neglecting or killing some area of your life off. Watching a situation or area of your life go up in smoke, intentionally waste away, or get consumed by another passion. Experiencing an area of your life that is empty, bleak, or filled with hardship. Sensitivity about giving up something important forever.

To dream of a house burning represents a perspective on a situation being intentionally abandoned or harshly neglected. It may also reflect intense anger or spite towards someone else.

To dream of a city burning may reflect feelings about social activity being destroyed or ruined. Feelings about the end of friendships, relationships, or being able to speak to people ever again.

To dream of clothes being burned may represents feelings about people or situations that terrify you that you can never like yourself or believe in yourself ever again. Passionate anger from others that ruins your ability to be yourself. Alternatively, it may reflect dangerous situation or dangerous actions that have resulted in permanent embarrassment. Feeling forced to behave differently because you or someone else went too far with something. Excessive behavior that has forced you to change your ways. Having no sense of humor about a situation or problem that got out of control.

To dream of money burning may reflect feelings about experiencing power or resources being wasted. Intentionally sabotaging other people's ability to use their power or abilities as they choose. Wasting your own power. Negative feelings about yourself or others having too much power.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing his friend with burn marks around his neck. In waking life this friend had killed himself and the man was beginning to understand the despair the friend felt about his life that motivated him to kill himself.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being burned with a fireplace poker. In waking life he husband had cheated on her.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of a snake spitting burning venom on her. In waking life she felt that her sister was a bad influence and sad very lasting painful things.

Example 4: A man dreamed of seeing someone being burned alive. In waking life he felt that his wish to be a psychologist was being completely consumed by his ambition to succeed in another field.

Example 5: A young man dreamed of seeing a burned child and being afraid. In waking life he was fearing that using a Ouija board would destroy his life and future if he summoned up a demon.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of trying to escape a burning building with a guy she was dating. In waking like she felt that the guy she was dating was losing interest in her and that the social life she was building for herself was falling apart.

Example 7: A man dreamed of seeing a home burning with smoke coming out of it. In waking life he was having anxiety about serious financial problems.

*Please See Fire


To dream of burns on the skin represents sensitive feelings about how uncaring a person or situation was to you. A sensitive subject, bad memory, emotionally painful experience, or embarrassment. Memories about something dangerous that happened to you.

Feeling the consequences of someone who intentionally wanted to permanently harm you or living with the effects of a risk you took. It may reflect memories of a dangerous mistake or irresponsible action.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing man with serious burns on his body. In waking life she had been told by her angry boss that she was the biggest failure at the company.

*Please See Burning


To dream of burping represents proving yourself and not caring about it anymore. Comic relief.

Positively, burping may reflect a breakthrough in a personal struggle or feeling good about overcoming a problem. Noticing that a problem or challenge doesn't matter anymore or being vocal about how easy something was. Showing others that there is nothing to worry about.

Negatively, burping may reflect a lack of appreciation or showing off.


To dream of a burqa represents an aspect of yourself that is noticeably repressed or silenced. Never coming first or being noticed important. A burqa may also reflect feelings of having given away your personal power for good.

Alternatively, a burqa may reflect feelings that it's very important to not draw attention to yourself at all.


To dream of a burrito represents feelings about an experience or option where you feel good believing in yourself accepting yourself exactly the way you are without thinking other people matter. Believing in yourself accepting yourself as being right and not feeling the need to change it for anyone else. Not thinking that you are better than anyone else while being tough staying the way you are without other people changing you. Self-acceptance, authenticity, and the potential for conflict or stubbornness in the face of external pressures. Feelings about social belonging. Quickness and convenience about needing to accept yourself exactly the way you are with other people in situations where you feel the need to matter or be included as well.

Negatively, dreaming about a burrito may represent feelings of overdoing believing in yourself accepting yourself exactly the way you are without thinking other people matter that doesn't mind being a jerk about it. Believing in yourself accepting yourself exactly the way you without thinking other people matter when you don't want to because it might cause a fight. Believing in yourself accepting yourself as not being a fake that might irritate someone else.

Example: A man dreamed of Taco Bell offering a new Presidential Burrito that had a red and blue dyed tortilla. Donald Trump and Joe Biden were advertising the new food product. He thought the presidential candidates were Artificially Intelligent (AI) fakes. In waking life, the dream occurred towards of the end of 2023 as the candidates got closer to a serious election. In this case, the Presidential Buritto may have reflected his feelings about being encouraged to believe in himself accepting himself picking a political side in a conversation about the election when he thought it was pointless because both sides were perfectly fake.


To dream of burying something represents a wish to never think of something ever again. It may also reflect progress in letting go of the past or difficult issues.

Negatively, burying something in a dream may represent your attempt to hide your true feelings or cover up an issue. Removing evidence of embarrassment from your life.

Burying a dead body in a dream may reflect your attempt to move on from failures, mistakes, or losses. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are trying cover something wrong you done to someone.


To dream of a bus represents a situation in your life that feels unpleasant or unbearable to have to be patient with. A situation that isn't working out the way you wanted it to or feeling that some area of your life is taking too long. A bus may reflect unwanted disappointments or delays as you move towards your desired goals. Feeling that you have to be patient with a situation you are waiting for. Complaints about how long a goal is going to take to complete.

To dream that you are waiting for a bus represents an awareness that delays, setback, or a long wait is at hand. You are waiting or preparing for an experience that you don't really want to have.

If you miss a bus it represents missed opportunities to deal with problems that require patience. You may missed an opportunity to get started on a problem that takes a long time or work to finish off.

To dream of chasing after a bus may be a sign that you are pushing yourself too hard to achieve short-term gains for a long term project or plan. Unnecessarily pressuring yourself with something that you know will take a long time to finish.

To dream of a luxury bus represents feelings of comfort as you feel forced to patiently wait for something in your life to happen. Enjoyable distractions as you put up with a long wait.

Consider how close or far you are from the driver for additional meaning.

Example: A girl dreamed of yelling at a guy while riding a bus. In real life she felt rejected and frustrated with a guy she liked that wasn't responding or "getting" her signals. The bus reflected the unpleasant feelings she had about how long it was taking to meet someone she could fall in love with.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of getting on a bus and being told she was disgusting. In waking life she had just been diagnosed with cervical cancer. The bus represented the unpleasant feelings associated with waiting patiently to treat her illness.

Example 3: A man dreamed of standing in line to get on a bus and then watching the people in front of him get shot with a gun. The bus left, and he was uninjured. In waking life he was waiting to undergo important long-term testing at work and witnessed his co-workers getting fired for incompetence before the testing began. The dream reflected his fear of being caught incompetent and realizing that he had to temporarily delay his long-term testing to save his job.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of chasing after bus. In waking life she caught the flu while working at a magazine that was set to release it's first magazine in a week. The dream may have reflected the dreamers anxiety about catching the flu making her lose out on a long-term opportunity at the magazine if they didn't finish the first magazine on schedule.

Example 5: A man dreamed of being on a bus and seeing homes outside the bus being submerged with water, but he felt he had to stay in the bus to remain protected. In waking life he was an immigrant in the USA waiting for a full permanent visa. He felt bad for having to avoid family problems in his African home, because getting the VISA was a top priority to help his entire family with their finances. The bus in this case may have reflected his feelings about the long drawn out wait for this American VISA.

Example 6: A man dreamed of sitting at the front of a bus. In waking life he was turned down for a promotion, but was told he could wait for the position to open up again for reconsideration.

Example 7: A woman dreamed of being on a bus. In waking life she was waiting to move to another country which required her to slowly get her legal affairs in order before the move took place. The bus in this case may have reflected the slow process of getting everything she needed to move ready.

Bus Driver

To dream of a bus driver represents an aspect of your personality that is "driving you" on an undesirable or unpleasant experience. Choices that you've made or some area of your life that forces the least desirable option on you. A bus driver may reflect mistakes, failures, or consequences that are the main focus of your life. You may also feel that you are going around in circles and showing little progress. You can't stand to think about how long something is taking.

To dream that you are a bus driver represents unpopular decisions you've made effecting others. It may also reflect responsible decisions that override more enjoyable options. You are guiding or controlling a situation that doesn't feel good or isn't a priority for you. You may be leading a situation that focused on fixing a failure or dealing with the consequences of a mistake. You may feel responsible for making others impatiently wait for something.

*Please See Bus

Bus Stop

To dream of waiting at a bus stop represents an unpleasant or long drawn out experience you are expecting to happen. Waiting for a situation to occur that you don't believe will feel good being patient with.

Example: A woman dreamed of being at a bus stop and saying goodbye to one of the two men she was dating. In waking life had chosen to stop seeing this man and continue seeing the second man. The bus stop symbolism may have reflected her feelings about how unpleasantly long it feels to wait to discover if the second man she was dating was marriage material while she feels certain the first man was not. In this case the the bus stop reflects her sense of knowing what she wants in a man and not liking having to date men for a long time to discover if they qualify.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of standing at a bus stop. In waking life she was waiting for a new job opportunity. The bus stop may have reflected her feelings about being in between jobs.


To dream of a single bush may represent feelings about some area of your life doesn't do anything at all except be noticed.

Negatively, dreaming of a bush may represent feelings about something in your life that's presence bothers when you feel it doesn't need to be present. A boring or annoyingly useless obstacle. A person or situation that bothers you that it doesn't do anything at all.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing bushes on the side of a road. In waking life she was beginning to suffer from hallucinations that doctors couldn't figure out. The bushes may have reflected her feelings about the hallucinations being present in her life while having no meaningful purpose.

*Please See Hedges


To dream of a business represents a situation in your life where you are very organized or adept about everything required to do something all the time. Expertise or a professional attitude. Very motivated to do something very well all the time. A businesslike attitude about something you are doing. Attempting to "profit" from an experience in some way.

To dream of conducting a business deal may reflect an opportunity in waking life to try to prove yourself. Alternatively, it may reflect your wish to persuade others or make compromises to achieve a goal.

Example: A young man dreamed of starting a new business. In waking life he found himself suddenly swamped with friends computers that he had to fix. He had to take an entire day off to fix the computers.

Business Cards

To dream of a business card represents resources or opportunities that are always available to you. Something or someone you can "call" or use whenever you want it. A person or situation that you feel is always available to you if you're interested.

To dream of giving someone a business card represents your wish to be available to someone else whenever they want.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a business card. In waking life he felt a girl was making a gesture that made him feel he could sleep with her whenever he wanted.

Business Meeting

To dream of a business meeting represents feelings about an opportunity for change in some area of your life that is very serious, organized, or professional. A gathering of different ideas in an area of your life that is serious. An "all business" mindset about merging or co-operating different aspects, functions, ideas, or people. A situation where you are experiencing a "coming together" situation about something serious to you. Feeling mature working together with others.

Alternatively, dreaming about a business meeting may reflect feelings about waking life meetings, conferences, or gatherings that you consider very serious or require an "all business mindset."

Example: A woman dreamed of a business meeting. In waking life she was heavily involved in serious spiritual conferences in her church and thought it was a very serious situation that required a professional attitude to attend.

Business Partner

*Please See Partner

Business Person

To dream of a business person represents an aspect of yourself that is well organized, adept, or an expert in thinking a certain way. An area of your life where you are well read, serious, or capable of being very sophisticated.

Business Suit

To dream of a business suit represents organization and expertise. A very serious preoccupation with a subject or area of your life. You or some aspect of yourself that's very organized, knowledgeable, or focused on a particular issue. You or someone you know that's heavily involved in a subject area.

To dream of a white suit represents feelings of organization or expertise that is honest. A very serious preoccupation with being honest, genuine, or clean. Negatively, it may reflect feelings about the end of an organized or expert area of your life. Dangerous organized dishonesty coming to an end. Being an expert at removing negativity.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a gorilla in a business suit. In real life he was an author of conspiracy theories. The gorilla in the business suit reflected his expertise on topics that were outrageous or over the top.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing men in brown suits. In waking life she was old and living in a nursing home when her best friend had suddenly died. The brown suits may have reflected her feelings about God being very serious about death and possibly taking her next.

Business Trip

To dream of a business trip represents distractions that must be attended to because you feel it's in your long term best interest. Taking time away from what you really want in order to attend to problems you want to get over with.

Negatively, a business trip may be a sign that you are having difficulty trying to relax or are feeling pressure to deal with unwanted distractions. Feeling overwhelmed. Having to put up with an unpleasant distraction because it may benefit you.


*Please See Bra

*Please See Lingerie


To dream of someone else being busy represents feelings about being too focused on something to pay attention to someone else. Feeling eager or anxious to do something, but feeling it's not a good time. Feelings about other people that are not wasting time. Other people that you feel have a full life or busy relationships. Some area of your life that you feel doesn't have time for you. Negatively, dreaming about someone being busy may reflect feelings about enemies or problems that waste no time getting worse.

To dream of yourself being busy represents dislike for hard work or a frantic work life. A tendency to be lazy. Feelings or frustrations about schedules. Distractions. Feeling overworked or exhausted. Potential to overlook something important, dangerous, or dishonest. Concerns or fears of wasting time. Lots of work to do. Very professional mindset about work needing to be done. Experiencing chaos in your life.

To dream of a busy street with people or cars moving quickly may reflect your awareness of other people in your life or in a situation doing a lot. Feelings about people in your life having a busy life with family, jobs, and social lives. Jealousy of other people having busier and involved lives than you have.

To dream of a busy city represents feelings about social interaction with other people that is fast busy, focused on having a life, focused on a professional life, or focused on family and friends. Lots to do with other people. Your feelings about other people having lots to do with other people.

To dream of a busy road represents feelings about a path in life or sense of direction you have towards a goal that feels many other people share. Feeling that lots of competitors, different people in your life, or different agendas need to be respected while you focus on a specific path in life. You are not the only person or your views are not the only views while you works towards a goal. Lots of other people are doing what you are doing.

To dream of not being busy represents issues with idling, wasting time, or wanting to work when you can't. Negatively, dreaming about not being busy may reflect a workaholic state of mind that is jealous of not working more.

Example: A man dreamed of not being busy at work sitting around with nothing to do. In waking life was a bit of a workaholic used to a fast paced work life.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being busy with a tight schedule. In waking life he thought of himself as a lazy person who didn't like hard work.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being busy and then hearing a scream followed by seeing a snake. In waking life she was annoyed by her husband's ex-wife stealing from him.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing a man walking away from her across a busy street with cars and people. In waking life she was 47, single, and had been introduced to the man by her sister to date him. In this case the symbolism of a busy street and seeing the man walk away from her may have reflected her feelings about other people having busy relationships while her short opportunity to be with the man she was introduced too was slowly lapsing.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of a busy city. In waking life she had number of legal matters to attend to regarding her children which were worrying and frustrating. In this case the symbolism for being busy may have reflected her feelings about the legal matters being a lot of work while dealing other people.

Example 6: A woman had a dream that she said was very chaotic and busy. In waking life she was unemployed, frustrated about bills, with lots of distractions in her life.


To dream of a butcher represents an aspect of yourself that is indifferent to pain, suffering, or feelings. You or someone else that doesn't care about how someone else feels at all. Intentionally ruining something or totally destroying something despite others feelings.

Butcher Knife

To dream of a butcher knife symbolizes conflict that is severe, drastic, or totally uncaring. A problem person or situation that wants it all while giving nothing back. A problem that wants your absolute failure and nothing less. Unyielding beliefs or a total unwillingness to compromise with issues you are struggling with.

You may feel someone is out to get you and leave you with nothing. Alternatively, it may reflect your own attempt to cut someone off completely.


To dream of a butler represents an aspect of yourself that is subservient. You or someone else that is completely supportive of other people's needs or goals. Assisting others without question. A butler may be a sign that you are too demanding or dependent on others. You need to be more independent and tend to your own needs.

Alternatively, a butler may reflect feelings that you are under-appreciated, being used, or too submissive.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a butler trapped in a room. In real life the man felt his boss was too demanding and didn't believe he could do anything about it.


To dream of butter represents a factor or situation that makes things better than without it. Something is not as good if you don't have it. An improvement, enhancement, or easement. It may also represent something make a situation run smoother.

Negatively, butter may reflect a bribe.

Butter Knife

To dream of a butter knife represents conflict without pressure. Smoothly or easily putting yourself first. Smoothly thinking of something your way that doesn't need to think of someone else. Easily overlooking another person who made feel stupid. Smoothly or easily erasing a problem.

Negatively, dreaming of a butter knife represents conflict with an issue that embarrasses you, or makes you look like you aren't powerful. It reflects impotence to compete, put up a serious fight, or intimidate. Passive gentle conflict. Conflict that isn't serious because pleasure overrides it. Problems breaking up a relationship because too much sex is involved. Difficulty saying mean things to people while attacking them. Feeling that someone else easily overlooks you or smoothly avoids you. Not liking getting back at people who easily get back at you because you care about them or have romantic feelings.

To dream of being attacked by a butter knife may represent feelings about being attacked, cut off, or emotional pain from something that feels too easy. Smooth separation that puts someone else first.

Example: A young woman dreamed of holding a butter knife. In waking life she was having fights with her boyfriend and found it difficult to say mean things to him while trying to break up with him because the sexual relationship was too good.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being attacked in her chest by a butter knife by a guy she had a crush on. In waking life she felt that this guy was going to easily overlook her for another girl hurting her feelings.

Example 3: A teenage girl dreamed of being attacked by her boyfriend with a butter knife. In waking life her boyfriend cheated on her. She felt that the cheating as a mistake, but didn't trust her boyfriend questioning whether to give him another chance. In this case the butter knife stabbing may have reflected her feelings about how easy it was for her boyfriend to cheat on her without any concern at all for her feelings.


To dream of a butterfly represents issues that are special or important to you that you are sensitive about losing. It may also reflect a fear of loss. You might be sensitive about having to change something you like. Butterflies generally represent personal interests or relationships that we don't want to give up or change. Alternatively, a butterfly may represent something you feel you need to be perfectly careful about or that you don't want to scare away.

To dream of a butterfly flying away from you represents having to let go of something special or important to you. It may also reflect a change you feel forced to make.

Butterflies commonly appear in the dreams of people who have experienced a death of a friend or family member. The butterfly reflects their sensitive feelings about having to let go of the loved one.

Butterflies tend to show up in dreams when something you are emotionally invested in is threatened or criticized. You don't want to give something up or be embarrassed away from something you love. You may have a passion, interest, or person that you feel is important to keep. A butterfly can also point to criticism of things you enjoy, or caring about what other people think.

Example: A man once dreamed of seeing a yellow butterfly. In waking life, he was taking vitamin supplements that he didn't want his doctors to find out about because he feared they'd make him stop taking them. The butterfly reflected the importance he gave to these supplements for improving his health and the fear of losing these benefits if the doctors found out about them.

Example 2: A young girl dreamed of her house being filled with butterflies. In waking life, she had a hobby that she loved that was being criticized. The butterflies represented her sensitive feelings about her hobby being criticized. She didn't want to change anything she was doing.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a butterfly coming out of a cocoon. In waking life, she had been released on medical probation after being declared legally insane. She was required to take medication as part of her probation release and was sensitive about having her medical probation revoked.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing a butterfly. In waking life, her Dad had died. In this case, the butterfly may have reflected her sensitivity about keeping her Dad alive while experiencing hospital health complications.


To dream of butterscotch represents your enjoyment of noticing people liking you. It may also reflect feelings that everyone likes you. Enjoying always being the most attractive or popular person in a situation.

Negatively, butterscotch may reflect feeling that other people have to like you no matter what.


To dream of a buttock or bum represents how interesting something is to you.

To dream of a beautiful and sexually attractive butt represents something you desire to have or wish to experience that's presenting itself to you in your life. A nice butt may also reflect how sexually attractive someone is to you.

Negatively, dreaming a beautiful or sexually attractive butt may be a warning against desiring something that may embarrass you. Allowing yourself to be tempted into something dangerous.

To dream of someone having an ugly butt represents a lack of interest. An undesirable situation or person.

To have an ugly or misshapen butt reflects your insecurity or belief that you are not interesting to someone else.

To see a butt fall off represents a loss of interest. You or someone else may have lost the ability to interest someone else in something you were thinking.

To dream of wiping your butt with toilet paper may reflect your attempt to respectfully rid yourself of a problem. A wish to clear yourself of responsibility to deal with a problem any further. Carefully making sure that a problem is not your problem anymore. Intelligently protecting yourself from being blamed for something.

To dream of wiping your butt with toilet paper in front of other people may reflect an embarrassment you have experienced with having to clear yourself of responsibility for a problem in front in others. Ridding yourself of unwanted relationships or problems in public view. Yelling at incompetent people in public. Feeling embarrassed at having to look unprofessional about dealing with your problems.


To dream of a push button represents feelings about how easy something in your life is to access or initiate.

Negatively, dreaming about a push button may reflect feelings about how easy it is to harm others when you choose to. The ability to abuse someone or something on command. Anxiety about something you can easily access being dangerous.

To dream of buttons for clothing may represent feelings about carefully or intentionally keeping something responsibly under control. Intentionally refraining from certain behaviors.

Negatively, a dreaming about buttons on clothing may reflect a need to "let loose" because you are too uptight.

To dream of unbuttoning clothing in a dream may represent feelings about opening yourself up to others mentally, emotionally, or sexually. An intentional release of self-control.

Example: A woman dreamed of a poisonous push button that was installed on the side of her car. In waking life she was heavily pregnant and feared using drugs to make the delivery easier. The poisonous push button may have reflected her feelings about how easy drugs would be to get continuously during labor while also having anxiety about how dangerous the drugs could be for the baby.


To dream buying something represents acceptance of an idea, condition, or situation. Choosing to initiate something. Choosing to integrate something in your personality or lifestyle. Choosing to be serious or committed to something in your life. Consider what item you are buying for additional meaning.

Alternatively, a dream about buying may reflect your attempt to define yourself or find an acceptable role to portray to others.

To dream of buying a car represents your commitment to an important decision. Deciding on a direction in life to take. Deciding on a long-term role. Deciding on how best to take control of a situation. Deciding to how best to lead others. Negatively, buying a car in a dream may reflect the choice to take control of a situation in a dishonest manner.

To dream of buying a house represents your commitment to integrating something into your life. Choosing to make something be normal for you. Alternatively, it may mean that you have worked really hard to earn something. Negatively, buying a new house may mean that you'd made a mistake that you're stuck with.

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