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To dream of a stream represents the need to "go with the flow" of life to reach your goals as you deal with minor uncertainties, challenges, frustrations, or responsibilities that you are encountering. Possibly associated with work, school, projects, or teaching others. You are moving through a phase of life that requires you to navigate small obstacles or hurdles.

Sitting by a stream may symbolize your acceptance and growing comfort with a temporary difficulty.

To dream of a stream turning into a larger body of water represents feelings about an uncertain situation that is evolving into something much bigger and more challenging than initially expected. The dream may indicate that the dreamer is feeling overwhelmed and unprepared for what is coming next. This type of dream imagery may also suggest that the dreamer feels they are losing control of a situation, and that events are taking a direction that they cannot predict or manage easily.

To dream of a frozen stream represents feelings of being stuck in a minor and stagnant situation you feel that you could manage, but with little hope of change or progress. A minor uncertain situation that doesn't scare you, but doesn't change. Feeling that a minor uncertainty that is stagnant will "thaw out" eventually.

To dream of jumping over a stream represents overcoming obstacles or challenges in your life with ease and confidence. A sense of freedom and liberation from constraints or limitations that have been holding you back.

People recovering from the loss of a loved one may experience a stream in a dream as they begin to accept the loss and let go.

Example: A woman dreamed of being near a frozen stream with her son and then experiencing the stream turn into a lake that left her and her son struggling to keep their heads above water. In waking life she was experiencing a divorce from a husband that she couldn't afford. In this case the frozen stream may have reflected her feelings of being stuck in a difficult and stagnant situation she felt she could manage, but with little hope of change or progress.

Example 2: A man dreamed of standing near a stream. In waking life his Dad had died. In this case the stream may have reflected need to go with the flow of life, accepting the inevitability of change and letting go of attachment.



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