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To dream of hair represents a thinking style that is noticeable or observable. Awareness of how you or someone else is thinking. Awareness of yourself thinking in a completely different way than you usually do. The color, length, and style of the hair represent the manner in which you are thinking. For example, organized hair reflects a systematic or methodical thinking style while messy or tangled hair reflects self-critical or hysterical thoughts.

To dream of red hair (color red, not "carrot top") represents a passionate, dangerous, or negative thinking style. A thinking style that is passionately persistent, completely obsessed with doing something all the time, disregards safety limits, or feels dangerously risky about "everything being on the line."

To dream of orange hair (redhead, ginger, or carrot top) in a dream represents a thinking style that is powerful, important, hard to avoid noticing, or that nothing is stronger than it. Beliefs, ideas, or thoughts that carry a sense of power, strength, or importance. A thinking style that is difficult to ignore. A thinking style that stands out. A thinking style that is overpowering your focus, can't go unnoticed, or has to come first. A thinking style that has assertiveness, confidence, or a strong desire to be heard and acknowledged. Orange hair could also indicate a bold, creative, or innovative approach to problem-solving, where you might be unafraid to challenge the status quo or take risks in order to achieve your goals. Negatively, orange hair may reflect a preoccupation with wanting to be strong or outrageous behavior that is impossible to ignore. A thinking style that is so strong that it might be too strong or isn't safe. Beliefs, emotions, or situations that are impossible to stop or avoid.

To dream of darker green hair represents a selfish thinking style. Jealousy, arrogance, greed, or preoccupation with the notion that you are a loser. A mindset driven by envy or self-centeredness, where you may prioritize your own interests above others' needs and well-being. Dark suicidal thinking.

To dream of light green hair represents feelings about thinking about yourself is important. Proactive, progressive, or mindset focused on healing. This type of thinking suggests that you are actively working on self-improvement, personal growth, or seeking solutions to challenges in your life. Striving to overcome obstacles and make the necessary changes to better yourself and your circumstances.

To dream of light purple hair represents thinking patterns that are neutral, indifferent, laidback, easy, or carefree. Not having a lot to worry about.

To dream of dark purple hair may represent thinking patterns that are heavily focused on neutrality or not minding what is happening. Negatively, purple hair may reflect a darker thinking style of neutrality or being dangerously unconcerned. Dark and uncaring thinking style that isn't concerned about it. Total powerlessness that accepts it.

To dream of light blue hair represents positive or thoughtful thinking patterns. Sensitivity, thoughtfulness, or truthfulness. A focus on good intentions, kindness, and safety. This type of thinking embodies an open-minded and considerate approach to life, with a strong desire to avoid negativity or harm. A nurturing and supportive thinking style, where you actively seek to uplift and encourage those around you. It suggests that you prioritize understanding, empathy, and emotional intelligence in your interactions with others.

To dream of dark blue hair represents insensitive, cold, or all business-style thinking patterns. Thinking that feels that rules and the truth must be completely adhered to.

To dream of black hair represents thinking that is professional, excessive, or causes fear. Dark, depressed, negative, thoughts.

To dream of white hair represents a thinking that is wise, experienced, or enlightened. White hair may also reflect a thinking style focused on purification or needing to be perfectly honest. It may also signify purity, spirituality, or a focus on higher ideals. Possibly a sign of self-improvement or positive change. Negatively, white hair may reflect issues with needing to maintain perfect thinking after improving yourself or making positive changes.

To dream of grey hair represents thinking that has wisdom, maturity, experience, and learned from past situations. Long-term experience, cynicism, professionalism or subject matter that has to be thought about a lot. Wisdom gained and applied. Feeling wiser than other people. Respecting yourself or others for being accomplished. Grey hair suggests that you prioritize stability, practicality, and emotional intelligence in your interactions with others. Negatively, grey hair may represent thinking that is outdated, obsolete, or no longer relevant in a particular situation. It may also suggest a fear of aging or mortality, or feeling like you have lost your vitality or passion for life.

To dream of having someone else's hair represents your thoughts or your style of thinking be based on whatever qualities, feelings, or memories stand out most about that person. It may also reflect similar a style of thinking to that person.

To dream of eating hair may represent feelings of disgust or embarrassment that you have to experience or think about someone else's problem. Revulsion towards a person's way of thinking or mental habits. Aversion towards certain mental patterns or behavior of others. An attempt to internalize or assimilate someone else's thoughts or ideas, even if they are unpleasant or unpalatable. It could indicate a need to distance oneself from someone who thinks differently or to change one's own way of thinking.

To dream of bugs in your hair represents annoyances, frustrations, or undesirable situations that interfere with your own thinking or thinking style. Feeling unable to stop thinking of something annoying. Annoyances that are distracting you from your goals or causing you anxiety. Feeling annoyed with small details that undermine your mental well-being.

To dream of hair being on fire represents thinking that is consumed by loss or the threat of loss. A feeling that your current way of thinking is unsustainable, a strong sense of urgency, or a need for rapid change or transformation in your thought processes. Preoccupation with a very serious situation. Dreams of hair being on fire may turn up when you or someone you know is faced with a terrible crisis such as the death of a loved one. A situation in which you feel powerless to extinguish the negativity and chaos consuming your mind.

To dream of smelling someone's hair may represent feelings or intuition about how you feel about a different thinking style. Sensing what someone else's type of thinking is doing. Liking smelling hair may reflect your approval or attraction to someone else's ideas. Not liking smelling hair may reflect your disapproval or disgust with someone else's ideas.

To dream of someone you are romantically interested in touching or playing with your hair may represent feelings of being teased, tantalized, or romantically interested in the person. Romantic tension or seduction. Feeling that someone is making you like them.

To dream of a single piece of loose hair represents feelings about lingering doubts, worries, or loose ends related to a specific aspect of your life. It could signify a minor concern or unresolved issue that is bothering you. The loose hair in the dream may symbolize an isolated problem or a detail that requires your attention.

Refer to the themes section for hair for a more in-depth look at hair symbolism.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a scary lady with green hair. In waking life, she was very jealous that her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend was more attractive and a better lover than she was. She couldn't stop thinking about it. In this case, the scary lady with green hair may have reflected the woman's jealousy and preoccupation with her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend's abilities. It may also have reflected the dreamer being jealous that the ex-girlfriend was able to think of herself as a more confident lover.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of a guy touching and playing with her hair. In waking life, she had a romantic interest in the guy, and spending time with him was creating romantic tension. In this case, the guy touching and playing with her hair may have reflected the emotional and mental impact of their budding romantic relationship on her thought processes.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of discarding a single thick long hair from her purse. In waking life, she was in the final process of desperately trying to sell her home. In this case, the single piece of hair that she wanted to discard may have reflected her desire to eliminate any lingering doubts, worries, or loose ends related to the sale of her home. Plucking the hair from her purse symbolized her meticulous approach to resolving any potential issues or obstacles in the selling process, indicating her determination to complete the sale successfully and move forward in her life.

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