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To dream of fire represents feelings about behavior that is passionately consumed and dangerous to meddle with. An intense passion or prolonged obsession that needs to be intelligently controlled for safety.

Positively, dreaming about fire may represent your passion, ambition, or creativity. A strong drive, motivation, and the burning desire to achieve your goals. The energy required to bring about significant positive change. Intense love. Enlightenment or hope.

To dream of something being on fire that's destroyed represents behavior that is dangerous about being passionately consumed by anger, intense bitterness, destructive jealousy, or dangerously going over the line to the point of nothing being left. Uncontrollable emotions or situations that are causing harm or devastation in your life. A temper that is out of control. The total loss of something. Consuming destruction. A problem in waking life that has gotten out of control. Fear of experiencing a loss that you can't control. Over-emotional reactions. Feeling about nobody liking you or someone else ever again. Permanently getting rid of someone else's happiness with anger, bitterness, or jealousy. Feelings about your happiness being completely lost due to anger, bitterness, or jealousy. Feelings about a loss that is dangerously out of control. Passionate hatred or snobbiness that destructively ruins something. A force that is out of control, leading to feelings of fear, danger, or helplessness.

To dream of something being on fire that's never destroyed represents feelings about behavior never being passionately destructive with anger, intense bitterness, jealousy, or dangerously going over the line to the point of nothing being left when you expect that it should. Feelings about an authority that's wiser than you being dangerous to not respect, listen to, and control yourself around because it might deserve to ruin your life if you don't handle it properly.

To see a house on fire represents a stable mindset or normal perspective on a situation being lost to the point of nothing being left. Security being lost to mistakes or careless oversights. A problem that consumes everything in its path until all is lost. Powerful emotions that totally overrun you. If the dream house gets rebuilt after the fire it may reflect your recovery from a serious problem or crisis.

To dream of a car on fire represents a loss of control or decision-making power in your life due to passionate emotions or destructive circumstances. You may feel that your ambitions, goals, or plans are being destructively consumed by a situation that is out of control.

To dream of setting things on fire represents your wish for total destruction or total failure of something in your waking life. You may be purposely trying to start a problem. It may also reflect your passion to start something. Angering people to get back at someone. Intentionally trying to ruin everything. Losing your temper or angry revenge that is getting back at someone without thinking about the destructive consequences.

To dream of a city on fire may represent relationships that are being destroyed by powerful emotions or conditions that are beyond your control. Social interaction of some sort that feels out of control with anger, bitterness, or being ruined to the point of nothing being left.

To dream of an evil fire that feels like it's alive may reflect feelings about how horrible a situation feels that seems to be purposely out to destroy you.

Fire dreams can sometimes reflect our anxieties about fire safety. Small children may have nightmares of having to rescue people from burning buildings if they are experiencing anxiety about fire safety drills. Fire dreams are also common to people who have experienced trauma from a fire, or small children who have experienced or witnessed a serious fire.

Spiritually, dreams of fire could reflect fears of eternal damnation. Powerful guilt or a tendency to be too hard on yourself with moral issues.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a field set on fire. In waking life, her friend criticized her and she was so angry about it she couldn't stop being angry at her all day long. In this case, the fire may have reflected her intense and consuming anger over the criticism.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of an evil fire that was alive and kept coming back to her neighborhood to burn other houses. In waking life, she kept discovering more of her losses each day after having experienced her home burning down. In this case, the fire may have reflected her feelings of persistent and unstoppable loss that felt evil about never stopping.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing her house on fire and burn to the ground. In waking life, she was caught having an affair and watched her marriage "go up in flames." In this case, the fire may have reflected her feelings about the total destruction of her marriage due to her actions and loss of stability in her life due to the affair.

Example 4: A woman dreamed about a fire she was having problems trying to control. In waking life, she felt that her strong attraction to another man was destroying her marriage. In this case, the fire may have reflected her intense and overwhelming feelings of attraction that were difficult to manage and threatened to ruin her marriage.

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