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To dream of a bedroom represents private thoughts, or issues that you don't feel comfortable discussing with other people. It's often pointing to sexual issues, personal problems, or things you find embarrassing. Relationship issues.

To dream of your bedroom door opening may represent a willingness to discuss to deal with private issues. A bedroom door closing may represent you decision to keep certain issues private or no longer discuss something openly.

To dream of looking out your bedroom window represents your perception of the future on personal or private matters. What's coming later in regards to your relationships or secrets.

To dream of cleaning your bedroom may represent your choice to be more conservative or objective about a personal or private matter. Alternatively, it may reflect how you are getting your personal or private matters in order. You may have been overwhelmed by a personal problem.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing the ceiling and walls in his bedroom cracking. He feared the ceiling falling on him. In waking life he had recently broke up with a long time partner and feared never being good enough to fall in love like that again. In this case the bedroom may have reflected a private and intimate aspect of the dreamer's life or self. The cracking ceiling and walls may symbolize the dreamer's fear of the instability and uncertainty of his emotional and personal life following the breakup.

Example 2: A young boy dreamed of seeing his cat staring at him like it was evil on the foot of his bed. In waking life he didn't like having to put up with the cat attacking him and felt that the cat was mean . He may have had issues with keeping the cats assaults to himself or privately choosing to not tell his parents about the cat's behavior.

Example 3: A man dreamed of being in his bedroom sitting down looking towards the bedroom door. Suddenly, a former friend he didn't like came into the bedroom and he started insulting the former friend until the former friend left uncomfortably. In waking life, the dreamer had privately held negative thoughts about the former friend but had not expressed them until an opportunity arose where he could perfectly express his lack of respect to the former friend without being seen or heard by others. The bedroom in this case represents the dreamer's private thoughts and feelings about the former friend that had not been revealed to others yet.

Example 4: A man dreamed of his parents invading his bedroom. In waking life he had revealed very personal secrets to his family and his parents found out. In this case the bedroom with the parents invading may have reflected a feeling of invasion of privacy and personal space by the dreamer's parents.


To dream of a bed represents an issue you are not interesting in doing anything about. Situations you have chosen to accept, live with, or do nothing about. Making the choice to metaphorically "sleep on it."

Sitting on a bed may be a sign that you are thinking about taking action with a situation you have accepted for too long. It may also reflect hesitance or fear of standing up to a problem.

To dream of an unmade bed may reflect indecision or unfinished progress. A made bed may reflect a final decision or a conclusion to an issue you've done something about. Feeling content that nothing else needs to be done with an issue.

To get out of bed symbolizes an effort to fix a problem, or make a change.

If you are waking up in a different and/or unknown bed it may reflect a new awareness of yourself. It could also reflect motivation to deal with issues in ways you've never thought of before.

If you find yourself sitting in someone else's bed then it represents inaction, or acceptance of an issue through a perspective based on whatever qualities stand out the most about that person.

Having sex in a bed symbolizes a positive or enjoyable experience you are having and don't want to change.

To dream of being forced onto a bed or feeling held down on a bed may reflect feelings about wanting to a make a change in your life, but feeling that something stops you.

To dream of two people in bed together without sex symbolizes two aspects of your personality that are inactive or not doing anything about an issue. Ask yourself what qualities or feelings about the people stand out the most and how those qualities may apply to waking life situations where you are comfortable keeping a situation as it is or feel comfortable not doing anything about a problem.

To dream of having no bed represents feelings about lacking an ability to keep a situation secure or stable. No way to rest on an issue or permanently be at ease.

Example: A young boy dreamed of pushed down on his bed and being unable to breathe. In waking life he felt forced to experience his father being abusive to his father with no way to stop it. He felt powerless to speak up and forced to accept the abusive situation.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a girl he knew sitting on a bed. In waking life he felt that the girl was unintelligent and could never leave home while the girl's parents never choose to responsibility encourage her to grown up. The bed in this case may have reflected his feelings about how the girl was choosing to waste her life accepting herself living at home.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being afraid as she was stuck to her bed unable to get off her bed. In waking life she was unable to find a new job and feared that she would be stuck living at home for the rest of her life.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of sitting in bed with a strange woman sitting between her and her husband. In waking life she was aware of a problem she had accepted as never being confronted and hadn't made enough effort to deal with.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of herself and others in bed and then suddenly being shot to death by someone. In waking life she was very worried about hurricane preparation not being completed by other people while a hurricane was forming.

Example 6: A young woman dreamed of being in a bedroom with two single beds, which seemed strange to her. In waking life, she was experiencing her boyfriend of four years being unusually upset with her, and she suspected he might be considering leaving her. The two single beds may have represented her feelings about both her and her boyfriend feeling separated in their personal and sex lives, and having to accept it that way.

*Please See Mattress


To dream of a bedspread represents total comfort and acceptance with a situation. Being accustomed to certain beliefs or situations. Knowing that you don't want to make a change or take action with a problem. It may also reflect you or someone else that really likes things the way they are.

Alternatively, a bedspread may represent something that gives you reassurance or confirms your beliefs.

Example: A woman dreamed of a red bedspread. In real life she had become accustomed to believing that no man would ever be give her a loving relationship due to consecutive unsuitable partners. The red bed spread reflected her growing comfort with the idea that a relationship was not possible.


To dream of beef represents feelings about sustenance, strength, or the foundational aspects of life that are both filling and sustaining. Desires or concerns relating to meeting basic needs, fulfilling responsibilities, or confronting situations that require strength and stamina. A substantial solution, fulfilling, or 'meaty' action to improve a situation. A proactive approach to seek out the resources or means to address your problems effectively.

Positively, dreaming about beef may symbolize feelings of capability, strength, or sustenance. It may indicate that you are fulfilling your responsibilities successfully, feeling competent, or 'filled up' by your achievements. The dream might also signify your ability to confront challenges head-on, and that you have the 'meat,' or the substance, to handle what life throws at you.

Negatively, dreaming of beef could symbolize problems or difficulties related to the foundational aspects of your life. Issues with providing for yourself or others, struggling with responsibilities, or lacking the strength to confront challenges. Feelings of being 'beefed up' against or engaged in conflicts that you find draining or overwhelming.

Beef dreams appear common to people struggling to pay their rent and maintain a stable home life.

Example: A woman dreamed of raw beef that was ready to cook being put in the refrigerator for later. The family requested that the meat be cooked. She changed her mind and didn't want to cook the meat because she didn't have mushrooms to make the sauce so that everyone could enjoy the beef. In waking life, she was unemployed while fearing being evicted and losing all her possessions. In this case, the beef may have reflected her feelings about the potential for sustenance and stability with paying her rent (the beef ready to be cooked) that she felt she couldn't fully capitalize on (not cooking it) due to missing components (the mushrooms for the sauce). The meat in the fridge could symbolize the untapped resources or opportunities she had to sustain her home life with basic needs, which she felt unable to utilize to her advantage due to her circumstances.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of going to the market to buy beef. In waking life, she was trying to find a way to overcome a negative situation with her life and marriage. In this case, the beef may have reflected her feelings about the need for a substantial solution or 'meaty' action to improve her life and relationship.

*Please See Steak

Beef Jerky

To dream of beef jerky represents feelings about sustaining yourself in a long-lasting, tough way, with a sense of being convenient or straightforward easy. Your perception of challenging experiences that you believe will require endurance, resilience, and the ability to sustain energy or enthusiasm over a long period without needing to think about it too seriously. Life situations that demand long-term resourcefulness or tenacity, but in a way that feels second nature or not overly burdensome to you.

Positively, dreaming about beef jerky may indicate that you feel well-prepared with a straightforward attitude for the long haul, whether that's a project, relationship, or any endeavor requiring sustained effort. It may symbolize the feeling of being 'tough enough' to get through whatever life throws at you, armed with resources that won't spoil or fade quickly.

Negatively, dreaming of beef jerky could represent feelings of a situation being a slog or a struggle, requiring you to continually tough it out with a sense of being an unimportant or easy person who doesn't mind it. It may suggest the perception that your current challenges aren't just a 'quick fix' but rather demand ongoing resilience while you might not be respecting yourself with current methods. You might also feel that the only available means of sustenance or progress in your life currently are far from luxurious or enjoyable.

Example: A man dreamed of sprinkling strips of dried beef with ground black pepper for a new beefy jerky product he was releasing. In waking life, he was preoccupied with avoiding wasting time and his perception of himself as being too masculine and confident. In this case, the product release of dried beef jerky may have reflected his feelings about offering advice to people professionally that was convenient and straightforward, yet effective for long-term challenges.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of being caught under a bed by her boyfriend's father's girlfriend and being insulted by her saying "What's this beef jerky doing here?" In waking life, she was insecure and had doubts about enjoying going away on vacation with her boyfriend in the coming summer vacation and being accepted by his family. In this case, being insulted as beefy jerky may have reflected her insecurities about being perceived as some desperate easy girlfriend who embarrasses herself being tough with readiness to endure a whole summer with her boyfriend's family without being a burden to them.


To dream of a beehive represents a person or situation that is dangerous to disturb. It may also reflect a risky pleasure.

*Please See Bees

*Please See Honey


To dream of a beekeeper represents you or some aspect of your personality that is being very cautious and careful. Your focus is positive, but you want to resist a situation that is potentially dangerous.


*Please See Pager


To dream of beer represents relaxed attitude that feels good not needing to care about about issue. Psychological relaxation on an issue such as taking a break from a serious issue or telling someone a secret you've been keeping. Choosing to reduce the seriousness of a situation. Being laid back about an issue. You or someone else may be very comfortable with the way things are. Choosing to not work very hard. Laziness or taking time off. Insensitively believing you deserve to relax. An attitude that says "thank goodness I don't have to care about someone else's feelings making me stressed out anymore" while you relax on an issue. Feeling that you deserve to relax because you are already confident about winning. Gestures made to calm to relax issues that improve socializing. A prelude to positive or negative social change. A relaxing influence.

Negatively, dreaming about beer represents a relaxed attitude that feels good not needing to care about anyone else's feelings. Insensitively taking time off an issue. Not wasting any time relaxing that is insensitive to others. Leisurely taking time off that is dangerous or reckless. Leisurely attitude about a non-serious sexual relationship. Being overconfident about deserving to relax. Opening up about secrets or guilty issues.

To get drunk off beer represents excessive pleasure, or enjoyment. You may be "overdoing it" in some area of your life. You are so interested in something that it clouds your judgment or ability to focus on other issues.

To dream of attacking someone with an empty beer bottle represents not feeling good believing that time was wasted on thinking nothing was serious.

To dream of a light or lite beer may reflect feelings about respecting yourself not being too serious about taking time off or relaxing on an issue.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing the daughter of a man at her workplace she was interested in dating drinking a beer and smoking. In waking life she was disappointed by the guy she wanted to date when she found out he was only interested in dating her because a girl he was more interested in dating at her workplace was dating someone else. The beer in this case may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about the man she was interested in dating having an insensitive attitude about leisure romantic time spent with her while he waited for the woman he actually wanted to date to become single.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of holding a beer that she didn't drink. In waking life she was preparing to tell a friend a secret that might hurt the friend's feelings. The beer in this case may have reflected her feelings about needing to be insensitive about herself emotionally relaxing about the secret needing to be told to her friend.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of not wanting a light beer in a can and preferring it in a glass. In waking life she didn't like drifting apart from several relationships she had. In this case the light beer can that she didn't want while preferring a glass may have reflected her attitude about relaxing about accepting the loss of a relationship. She may not have wanted to feel empty about respectfully distancing herself from someone (can) and preferring to let the relationship go more respectfully (glass).

*Please See Beer Mug

*Please See Wine

*Please See Budweiser

*Please See Corona

Beer Mug

To dream of a beer mug represents breaks or vacationing that's free from complications. Hard work, preparations, or planning that ensures a relaxing experience. Feeling confidently carefree. You may want to avoid problems or mistakes that could ruin a good time or spoil a break.


To dream of bees represents hard work and industrious behavior. Hard work that you are involved with or that you feel will be required of you. Busy thoughts or feeling frantic. Feeling stuck with big job or large amount of work. Fearing getting a lot of work or being stuck with a scary job. Feeling stuck helping others. Annoyance at a person that likes working before your feelings.

Positively, bees may reflect a wish to catch up on work or work harder.

Bee dreams are common around moments with large social expectations like weddings, funerals, college selection, and childbirth. It may also reflect feelings about being overloaded having to help others with their health problems.

To dream of being stung by bees represents conflicting feelings about hard work that is excessive or that you really don't want to do. Feeling that someone or something has left you with big job that you don't want to do. Feeling annoyed work that is required of you may be unfulfilling, boring, or will take too long to finish.

To be stung on your hands may symbolize feelings about being stick with a large load of hard work that ties you down, hampers success, or prevents you doing what you really want to do.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a bee riding on the back of a lizard. In waking life he was annoyed with having to work overtime with a very scary job.

Example 2: A young girl dreamed about her mother being stung in the chest by bees and dying. In waking life she discovered her mother having serious chest pains and needed to be taken to the hospital. The bees stinging and killing her mother may have reflected how annoyed she felt with having to deal with the stress of taking her mother to the hospital while also fearing her mother dying.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing bees. In waking life he felt he was being lazy and needing to increase his work load to catch up.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of an angry bee. In waking life she felt she was under attack by a family member.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of a bee on her foot. In waking life she was annoyed that she might have to get a job that so that she could avoid dropping out of college.


To dream of beetles represents thoughts and feelings of something in your waking life being compromised or ruined.

Negatively, a beetle may reflect lingering annoyances or bad memories of someone who totally disregarded your feelings. Long-term exposure to a memory of someone who made you feel like a loser.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a beetle on his couch. In real life he had experienced his father throwing a sharp object at the couch ripping a hole in it.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing someone eating beetles. In waking life she felt forced to live in a dirty home with obnoxious neighbors who kept disturbing her sleep.


To dream of beets represents feeling about experiences of feeling good that you don't have to like yourself in order to do something. A situation that is wonderful about why you have to do every single thing on your own without knowing what is going to happen next. Nothing exceptional is happening while needing to do everything yourself. A situation where nothing exceptional is happening while only feeling that it could be dangerous. Feeling that it's unusual that you'd have to safely do something dangerous looking. Feeling that an experience could be dangerous about needing to do everything yourself, but never is. Feeling good that nothing is fake, but you have to do everything yourself. A situation that feels good working or functioning because you have to do everything yourself.

Negatively, dreaming about beets may represent feeling good about self-defense that never needs to be violent. An healthy experience that notices no violence, while thinking about it. Jealousy of always needing to do things yourself in order to have a good time or feel safe. Nothing exceptional about why you have to do every single thing yourself in order to get something to work at all. Disliking being a professional when you don't want to be. Feeling exhausted in order to make a situation feel good working. Not wanting to lose something so you simply just keep on going.


*Please See Beggar

*Please See Homeless Person


To dream of begging represents neediness. You may be experiencing desperation, a lack of self-worth, dependence, or insecurity. You may have an inferiority complex or abandonment issues. It may also reflect difficulty accepting failure. Begging could also represent feelings of powerlessness or helplessness. Feeling totally cut off something you care about. Feeling denied something. Trying your hardest to get any kind of reaction, support, or sympathy from others. Desperation or longing for forgiveness.

Negatively, begging may be a sign that you are having difficulty moving on from something or accepting a change. It may also reflect a spoiled attitude about needing to earn something after having something too easy. Feeling that you deserve something when nobody else believes that you do.

Alternatively, begging may represent a fear of poverty, of your partner leaving you, or being inferior.

*Please See Homeless Person


To dream about beginning something represents the start of new ideas, habits, or experiences. A beginning in a dream may be a sign that you've had a change of heart. You may have decided to stop procrastinating or delaying something you've been planning.


*Please See Decapitation


To dream that you are behind someone, suggests that you are offering your support and encouragement for someone. Alternatively, it refers to emerging unconscious thoughts and feelings.


To dream of beige represents objectivity. Beige clothing reflects views, opinions, or habits that are objective. It may also reflect your neutral or unbiased position on some matter. Feeling objective.

Positively, dreaming about the color beige may reflect an objective view of someone else's dishonesty. See the truth for what it really is. Feeling that it's important to use facts to make your decisions. Being perfectly honest to people who are naive or less aware of facts than you are.

Negatively, dreaming about beige may reflect your intelligent awareness of criminal behavior or an intelligent awareness of what needs to be done to get away with criminal behavior. Being rude to people that are less experienced than you are. An insensitive attitude about losing due to stupidity or oversights. Making permanent or dangerous decisions because it's in the best interest of the future. A complete lack of concern for other people's feelings due to impatience or fearing looking stupid. Thinking you need to make an important decision when it may not be that important.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a beige carpet. In waking life he was slowly beginning to objectively see the criminal controlling nature of his father who was lying to him about important financial issues.


*Please See Burping


To dream of Belgium represents a mindset that likes noticing its own ideas first. Purposely not listening to others or pushing your own ideas first no matter what. Belgium may reflect social difficulties or arguments. You or someone else that is preoccupied with thinking they are better than someone else.

Negatively, Belgium may be a sign that you are stubbornly putting your ideas first at all costs. It may also be a sign that you are too critical, too interested in giving orders, or too concerned with having your way.

Example: A man dreamed of being in Belgium. In real life he was pushing his advice on someone even when it turned out to be bad advice. Belgium reflected his constant need to notice his own ideas first.


To dream of a bell represents a warning or a call to order. The ringing of a bell signals an issue that needs attention. If a bell never stops ringing then it may reflect a high degree of anxiety. Some area of your life isn't getting the attention it needs.


*Please See Stomach

Belly Button

To dream of a belly button represents awareness of yourself not having to notice anything wrong with yourself, someone else, or a situation you are experiencing. No noticeable problems. Feeling good being perfect or carefree in some manner. Negatively, a belly button may reflect sensitivity that something is perfect at all times.

To dream of a outie belly button represents awareness of yourself having to notice something wrong with yourself, someone else, or a situation you are experiencing. Difficulty getting your mind off noticing a problem.


To dream of feeling that you belong somewhere represents feelings of connection, family, or that you are liked. Feeling that you have a purpose. Feeling accepted. Feeling welcomed. Brotherhood. Feelings of deserving what you have.

To dream of feeling that you don't belong represents feelings of having no connection, that you are not important, feeling awkward, or lonely. Feeling rejected or that people don't accept you. Feeling that you deserve better treatment or that you don't deserve a negative experience you are currently having.

Example: A young woman dreamed that she was told by a blonde blue-eyed child that "The likes you don't belong here at all." In waking life she was living in Nazi Germany and was having anxiety about her physical appearance making her look too Jewish to be accepted by the Nazi's.


To dream of a belt represents support or help. How a person or situation is being secured, insured, or held up. It may reflect how you or someone else is helping or "carrying" another person. The color of the belt can indicate intentions.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a woman he liked wearing a pink belt. In real life he was only helping this woman because he sexually lusted after her. The pink belt reflected the his lustful intentions that drove him to help or support the woman.


To dream of a park bench represents a positive attitude or mood about something you are choosing to wait for. Casually doing nothing about an issue or situation. Casually waiting.

Negatively, a park bench may reflect a preference to procrastinate or take passive role. Feeling good not having to take any initiative. Feeling comfortable doing nothing. Playing with other people's feelings by casually leading them on with false hope or promises when you have no serious intentions. Feelings about needing to wait longer for something than you would like.

To dream of a backless bench represents a comfortable attitude taking a passive role or listening to something interesting while also being eager to do something else as soon as you can. Momentary passive role because you feel you have to. Discomfort being passive for too long.

Example: A man dreamed of a beautiful girl he had just met sitting with him on a park bench. In waking life he was comfortable not making any moves on the girl because she had a kid and he was more interested in enjoying being her friend. He was happy to just causally know her while being aware of her waiting for him to make a romantic gesture.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing an obscure girl sitting on a bench in the distance and slowly walking up to the bench to see her. In waking life he was told by a friend that a girl from his past was single and waiting to date him and didn't believe it. He eventually met up with the girl and was shocked to learn that what he heard about the girl's feelings for him were true. The bench in this case may have reflected his feelings about the girl from his past waiting to date him.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of sitting on a bench. In waking life she was waiting for her next date with a man she was dating.

*Please See Pew


To dream of bending can have various metaphorical meanings, such as being flexible and adaptable, making concessions or compromises, or being able to adjust to changing circumstances. The dream may also reflect a willingness to change one's beliefs, attitudes, or actions. Alternatively, bending can indicate a sense of submission or surrender, or the need to be more humble and less rigid in one's thinking. Depending on the context and feelings in the dream, bending can have positive or negative connotations. Adjusting to new challenges.

To dream of bending a metal bar can symbolize the idea of exerting strength and willpower to overcome a challenge or obstacle in life. The metal bar represents something rigid and inflexible in the dreamer's life, and the act of bending it represents the dreamer's ability to alter or change that situation. This dream may also indicate that the dreamer has the ability to reshape their own destiny through determination and perseverance. Alternatively, bending a metal bar can represent feelings of frustration or anger towards a situation, and the desire to take control and change it.

To dream of being over backwards represents feelings about sense of submission and surrender to demands, as well as a willingness to do whatever it takes to keep someone happy. Doing too much that is asked of you. Not standing up for yourself due to increased demands. Not respecting yourself telling people that you don't need to do conform. Feeling overworked and underappreciated.

Example: A woman dreamed of a tree bending and the leaves turning purple. In waking life she was laid off from her job. In this case the bending tree may have reflected the dreamer's feeling of being flexible and adapting to the change brought by the job loss. The tree may reflect the woman's feelings about being "rooted" or established with financial security and the tree bending may reflect unusual and unexpected changes at work that forced her to accept needing to get a new job.


*Please See Mourning


*Please See Army Beret


To dream of berries represents a situation that feels good to choose. Enjoyment of choice you are making. Liking be able to decide something. Alternatively, it may reflect how nice it feels to have all that you like picked out for you.

*Please See Strawberry

*Please See Blueberries

*Please See Blackberries

*Please See Raspberry

Best Buy Store

To dream of the store Best Buy represents a situation that noticeably doesn't want to waste your time or resources becoming as sophisticated as currently possible. Surviving never being behind or less sophisticated than other people. Feeling that you are back "with it" because you talked to someone that made sure you aren't a loser lagging behind anymore. Options or friend that feel protective of easily making a decision to do something more intelligent than before. Your easiest option to help you easily catch up with your level of sophistication.

Family life that that always wants you to easily advance or live more intelligently, but doesn't pressure you. Feeling that someone is listening to every single thing you are feeling about smarter options, but never telling you that you have to do anything. Feeling that nothing scares you about why you can easily do something more intelligent if you want to. Confidently ignoring people making you feel you can't "catch up" with sophistication if you want to. Awareness that you are not a genius at something new, but you can easily ask someone more intelligent and experienced how to be good enough.

Example: A woman dreamed of getting a Best Buy gift card from her mother to buy an iPhone. In waking life she was worried about someone breaking into her home to hurt her and her family. In this case the Best Buy gift card symbolism may have reflected her feelings about respecting herself easily talking to someone about improving her home security technology to feel safer upgraded at a later time if she wanted to.

Best Friends

To dream of a best friend may represent behavior or life situations that are always supportive of feeling good or success. Ideal situations or a preference you have. An ideal opportunity. It may also reflect skills or resources that make your life easier. Feeling that everything in life is falling into place.

Negatively, a best friend may reflect your last hope in a difficult situation. A sign that you may be isolating or limiting yourself. It may also represent a powerful negative influence or a bad habit that feels good.

Alternatively, a best friend in a dream may reflect positive social interaction with other people. Getting along well.

Example: A young girl dreamed of having a best friend that she didn't recognize. In waking life she had 3 guys competing and desiring to date her. The best friend that she didn't recognize reflected her good looks and how new it felt to her to be constantly desired by so many men.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being warned by his best friend. In waking life he was learning new skills that he ended up feeling weren't going to allow him to enjoy his life.

*Please See Friends

Best Man

To dream of the best man at at wedding represents awareness of yourself or others assertively or insensitively giving support to make a choice permanent. Doing whatever someone else needs, even if it's uncomfortable to insure that they "have it all" or that a goal is secured. Noticing whatever someone else wants to support their choices because it's all about them. Standing up for someone or protecting someone to insure that nothing gets in their way pf securing a goal. A wonderful or incredible gesture of selflessness to support someone else's choice. Doing whatever it is your are asked to make someone else's success feels good being easy.

Negatively, a best man may reflect feelings of being asked to do too much to support someone else's achievement. Feelings embarrassed standing up for someone or feeling embarrassed supporting someone. Alternatively, a best man may negatively reflect bad intentions or underhanded behavior to make sure a choice is made permanent. Lying to someone that you don't really care about their choices.

Example: A young woman dreamed of getting married to her ex-boyfriend's friend and he ex-boyfriend was the best man who objected to the marriage. In waking life she was trying to make her ex-boyfriend jealous by dating his best friend so that he would want her back. The ex-boyfriend being the best man reflected the woman's feeling about the ex-boyfriend being aware of the new romantic relationship and trying to show that he didn't care about it.


To dream of having bestiality sex may represent waking life situations where you are enjoying yourself doing something that is not in someone else's best interest. Knowing you can do whatever you want to someone without consequences. Consider the animal for additional symbolism.

To dream of getting caught having bestiality sex may reflect total embarrassment that you were being arrogant, controlling, or selfish. Feeling that your reputation is ruined forever due to selfish or negligent behavior.

To dream of reading bestiality porn may represent your desire to freely use someone else with consequences. Daydreaming or fantasizing about exploitative behavior that you can't experience for real.


To dream of betrayal represents feelings of disappointment or being let down. Having wasted your time trusting someone. Unexpressed or "bottled up" feelings about being deceived.

Negatively, betrayal may reflect a heightened degree of suspicion you feel for a person, relationship, or situation. Insecurity about major commitments.

Alternatively, betrayal in a dream may reflecting feelings about self-betrayal due to bad choices. Feeling that you gave into temptation. Giving into last minute temptation after expecting to be impervious to temptation. Self-pity or feeling sorry for yourself.

Example: A woman dreamed of being betrayed. In waking life she was on a diet and gave into temptations to eat junk food. She felt that she had betrayed herself and was disappointed in herself.


To dream of someone being better than you represents feelings of inadequacy. Alternatively, it may reflect jealousy of yourself not being as intelligent, attractive, or talented as someone else. Feelings about other people's ideas or advice being superior to your own.

To dream of yourself being better than someone else represents feelings of superiority over other people. It may also reflect heightened feelings of confidence over your problems. Some area of your life where you may be preoccupied with other people's mistakes or inadequacies.

Example: Elvis Presley dreamed of being on stage and seeing his twin brother being a better singer than he was. The dream may have reflected Elvis Presley's conflicting feelings of inadequacy after experiencing himself become a better musician after following someone else's advice. He may have been sensitive about thinking of himself as not being a perfectly original talented star.


To dream of making a bet represents a sense of risk you are taking in a relationship or work situation. It may also reflect a decision you've made during a time of uncertainty.

Negatively, dreaming of making a bet may be a sign that you need to use better judgment and proceed cautiously. You may be taking too big of a chance or making unwise choices.

Alternatively, a bet in a dream may reflect a higher degree of experience than others. A confident guess that a new situation has odds in your favor due to a past experience.

*Please See Gambling

*Please See Casino


To dream of a beverage represents situations that are easy and replenish you. Taking a situation in without concern or difficulty. It may also reflect a situation that you can take your time with.

*Please See Drinks

*Please See Milk

Beyonce Knowles

To dream of Beyonce represents an aspect of your personality that incredibler than other people about natural presence that is effortlessly well-liked and accepted wherever you go, simply for being yourself. You have a natural presence with confidence and charm that makes people laugh and enjoy being with you, which makes you unstoppable in the face of challenges. Showing up is better than other people because you like everyone never seeing anything is a problem. Natural presence that likes everyone never seeing anything is a problem as the reason you'll never have a problem. Acceptance wherever you go because your incredibler presence is likable for simply showing up. Showing up laughing never questioning anything is the reason why everyone likes something about you. Natural presence that doesn't deserve to have a problem because it isn't listening to anyone saying there is a problem. You are able to adapt to any situation with ease and are well-liked simply for showing up. Laughing that everyone is with you is why nothing can stop you.

Negatively, dreaming about Beyonce represents a sense of being overshadowed or outshined by someone else's because is too good at adapting to any situation with ease and being well-liked simply for showing up. Overdoing natural presence thinking it's easy to be adapt or be well-liked. Thinking everyone likes you only requires you to stay that way. Natural presence with confidence and charm that effortless gets away with dishonesty with nothing attacking them.

Dreams of Beyonce commonly have Jay-Z.

Beyonce being famous may also reflect the dreamer's confidence about deserving getting attention or talking about themselves in way that mirrors Beyonce's qualities.

Example: A teenager dreamed of seeing Beyonce singing under a tree. She waited to talk to her. Eventually Beyonce disappeared. In waking life the dreamer wanted to leave the country legally instead of illegally sneaking on a freight ship. In this case Beyonce may reflect dreamer's idealized self-image of having natural presence and charm, adaptability to any situation with ease, being well-liked, and having a positive mindset that never believes in problems, making leaving the country the legal way to see her family seem effortless.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of taking a pregnancy test, getting pregnant, suddenly wearing a beautiful gown, and then walking to a door to speak to Beyonce. In waking life she was having a serious problem getting a job. In this case the Beyonce may have been the dreamer's desire for a sense of confidence and effortless charm in her job search. The dream suggests that the dreamer wants to be able to show up to job interviews with a natural presence and likability, without having to try too hard. Beyonce, as a symbol of natural charm and likability, represents the dreamer's desire to possess these qualities in her professional life. The dreamer may be looking for a way to embody this confidence and charm, and sees Beyonce as a symbol of these qualities.


To dream of the bible represents your moral standards or fundamental belief system. It may also represent your sense of truth. A fundamentalist mindset or attitude about something happening in your life. Confronting major or "biblical" changes that you find difficult. Finding strength in fundamental beliefs or moral structure. A fundamental structured plan for your life. Seeking comfort that you are doing the right thing. Feeling that it's important to stand by your morals. A person or resource that you feel has all the answers you need. Struggling to be a responsible adult when something difficult happens to you. Answers or codes of behavior that you always have faith in.

Alternatively, dreaming about the bible may reflect your heightened sensitivity about behaving or living as God intended. Fear of God. Feelings about religion being too serious. Fear you aren't reading the bible enough.

Negatively, dreaming of the bible may reflect naive assumptions about something being unquestionably right. Unquestioned blind faith that doesn't help you. A casual approach to powerful fundamental solutions. Alternatively, it may reflect beliefs or fear of not living your life honestly. A tendency to preach to others about morality or how to be perfect.

To dream of a person damaging or ripping the bible may represent some aspect of your personality that is turning it's back on fundamental beliefs or moral standards. It may also reflect a person or situation that doesn't share your beliefs. Feeling that someone is insensitive about your standards or values Feeling fed up with being perfectly honest.

To dream of a red bible represents a passionate need for honesty or to adhere to certain beliefs. Passionate attitude towards fundamental beliefs. A passionate attitude towards believing in God. It may also reflect a disingenuous use of moral dogma. Alternatively, it may reflect an ugly attitude about strict beliefs in God.

To dream of a "biblical" type war may reflect feelings about challenges or conflict in your life that is too important to back down from. Feeling that your life or future in on the line. Feeling that too much is at stake to give up.

To dream of a Bible on fire represents a crisis or sense of urgency related to your fundamental beliefs or values. You may feel pressured to give up your faith or sense of structure, and your beliefs may be challenged or threatened. The burning of the Bible can symbolize a situation that is dangerously out of control, jeopardizing or compromising your beliefs and values. It may also indicate a need to reassess or reexamine your beliefs in the face of new or challenging circumstances. This dream may be a warning to pay closer attention to what you hold as essential, as neglecting your fundamental beliefs or structure can lead to danger and instability. Dangerously never thinking of fundamental beliefs or structure ever again.

Example: A man dreamed of a biblical type war. In waking life he was confronting a very serious illness that he thought was going to destroy his life. In this case the bible may have reflected his faith in God and spirituality that helped him cope with his illness and the difficult situation he was facing.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being in a church with her ex-boyfriend and trying to solve math equations based on bible chapters. In waking life her ex-boyfriend was getting married and she was struggling to find a way to deal with her jealousy of never having him ever again. She needed some kind of way to help her accept her ex-boyfriend's new life and make a structured plan to move on with her life as well.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of a bear demanding that she give him her bible and then ran away from the bear. In waking life her boyfriend was very controlling and wanted to her to give up her plans for her life to be with him and she decided to break up with him him and follow through on her life plans. The bible in this case may have reflected the girl's fundamental views about how her life should be lived.

Example 4: A teenage girl dreamed of reading the bible while demons were around her. In waking life she felt like she had committed a sin. In this case the bible may have reflected her beliefs or values about right and wrong, and the demons may have reflected her fears or guilt about having done something wrong or sinful. The dream may have been an expression of her inner conflict or struggle to reconcile her actions with her moral beliefs.


*Please See Arguments


To dream of a bicycle represents psychological or emotional balancing. Your attempt to fix a problem all by yourself. An attempt to stabilize your life or restore normalcy to your life all on your own. You may also be trying to adjust to a situation. An issue in your life where you are trying balance yourself or avoid a problem. A reflection of your attempt to master a situation or maintain composure. Trying to prevent yourself from "falling off" or losing stability. Returning to your life after experiencing a setback. Choosing to do something all on your own because nobody else wants to do it with you. Attempting to remain optimistic when nobody else is helping you.

If you have problems riding a bicycle, it symbolizes trouble, worries, or bad habits that are making it difficult to maintain a positive state.

Negatively, a bicycle may reflect an attempt to rebalance a negative or dishonest aspect of your life by yourself because positive influences forced you to change your ways. Struggling to stabilize a failing relationship. Struggling to keep hopeful in an obviously impossible situation. Struggling with your work by yourself. Struggling to live the single life.

To dream of a BMX bicycle represents feelings about nothing surprising you while being daring to fix your problems on your own if you need to. Fixing your problems on your own by trying something dangerous or risky. Believing that fixing your problem on your own isn't that big of a deal and trying something daring to see what happens. A short adventurous moment to attempt to fix a problem. Risking a short window of time to fix a problem. A boyish attitude about experimenting with chances to fix a problem to see if you can get away with it. Taking chances on your own to get through a situation on your own.

Example: A man dreamed of driving a bicycle through a forest. In real life he was suicidal and trying his best to stay optimistic and find purpose to live.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of riding her bicycle with a very happy optimistic attitude with shouting with joy. In waking life she was overconfident about being able to restore her failed relationship with her ex-boyfriend. She felt it would be too easy to get her ex-boyfriend back if she simply made a lot of effort to make him jealous. The bike in this case may have reflected her feelings about being single.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing her and her husband driving green bicycles with broken chains. In waking life she felt that it was impossible to get personal time with her husband and that the relationship was now struggling because of it. The bicycles in this case may have reflected her feelings about struggling to restore her relationship with her husband to normal.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing himself struggling to ride a bike over a long distance. In waking life she was struggling with a long-term work project that she had to complete all on her own.

Example 5: A man dreamed of seeing himself and his ex-girlfriend driving bikes in different directions. In waking life he recently broke up with his girlfriend and found the new single life to be difficult to adjust to. The bikes in this case may have reflected his feelings about struggling with the single life.

Example 6: A man dreamed of seeing someone riding a bmx bike and fall off. In waking life he was trying to improve his life by getting a better job while still working at his old job. The BMX bike symbolism may have reflected his feelings about being daring enough to taking a day off work or using his lunch hour to go to a job interview to try to fix his life on his own.


*Please See Sizes

Big Dipper

To dream of the big dipper (asterism, not true constellation) represents feelings about some incredible and complex preparation for a new experience that requires explanation or instructions. Instructions or guidance that prepares you for something significant you've never done before. Complex and detailed preparation for something you never thought was possible.

Example: An older man dreamed of seeing the Big Dipper in the sky. In waking life he had a leg injury and trouble walking. He was preparing for an MRI scan. In this case the big dipper may have reflected the dreamer's thoughts about preparations for surgery for fixing his leg that might be a possibility as explained to him by a doctor. Alternatively, the Big Dipper may reflect instructions to prepare for surgery that made the man believe retirement or insurance payments might be something he needs to prepare for as well.


To dream of bigamy may represent two serious commitments or obligations in your life. Feeling emotionally "married" or tied to two situations or important relationships.

Negatively, bigamy may be a sign that you are being two-faced or playing two sides of situation. Making promises to "other people" that you shouldn't be because it makes your life easier. It may also reflect an inability be serious committed to one project or situation. Problems getting your priorities straight or respecting what is most important in your life.


To dream of bigfoot represents shock or surprise that you are seeing something. You may be in disbelief that someone elusive has appeared in your life. It may also reflect situations or news that takes you by complete surprise. You are metaphorically pinching yourself or having trouble accepting something amazing that has happened.

Biggie Smalls

To dream of Biggie Smalls represents an aspect of personality that is more incredible than other people (or gets the most attention) for behavior that is notorious for feeling good being arrogant about liking believing that "living large" is for life no matter what it's doing. Feeling good with the power of people listening to you being showing off respected "living large" notoriously dangerous or criminal for friends or family. Embracing a larger-than-life persona that nobody else can even think of doing better than. Feeling good showing off arrogant being as "large as it gets" that's untouchable or above the law. Feeling good that nothing is a joke about your largess while feeling good that people are around you.

Negatively, dreaming about Biggie Smalls may represent feelings of arrogance, egotism, or a belief that you are above the rules or consequences. Overconfidence that doesn't believe that "living large" will ever stop. Engaging in risky behavior or believing that nothing gets back at you because you are "living large." A tendency to overlook potential consequences due to an inflated sense of self or belief in one's invincibility. Feeling the pressure to show off while living up to an unrealistic standard or image of "living large." An inflated sense of self-importance and a desire for recognition and attention. Believing that you can get away with anything because of your status or abilities. Enjoying arrogance that shows off that the cost doesn't bother you once.

Rap Stars in general may symbolize arrogance, toughness, or showing off about proving yourself that will never lose or give up. A rap star may also reflect behavior that likes to show off talking back to people with an attitude that other people can't do anything about.

Example: A young woman dreamed of hearing the song "Warning" by Biggie Smalls. In waking life, she was dealing with a delayed domestic violence court case against a man who had attacked her. In this case, the Bigger Small music may have reflected how she felt good enjoying feelings of empowerment, assertiveness, and largess when talking to other people about facing her attacker because she felt that she was better at getting back at him no matter what he did since the law was on her side and other people were looking out for her.


To dream of seeing motorcycle gang bikers represents feelings about experiencing situations where you feel excluded or "pushed out" by other people who are too big to confront. Feelings hopeless about problems being too big to overcome. Feeling "pushed around" by problems in life. Feeling that life is intentionally picking on you and keeping you powerless while other people enjoy power to your face. Feeling that someone in intentionally keeping you powerless and enjoying it. Arrogant bullies in your life that are too big to boss around. An arrogant stubborn attitude about power that doesn't care about family life. Mean people with more power than you who never do what they are told. Having no leverage to force someone bigger than you to listen to you. Feelings about bullies that are resourceful and organized.

Alternatively, bikers in a dream may reflect your own corrupt bullying attitude about enjoying power while not caring about anyone else's feelings at all. Showing to others that you are too big and powerful to be forced to act honest. Full awareness of yourself being arrogantly unfair to someone weaker than you. Enjoying getting away with corrupt power. Never doing what you are told no matter what. Enjoying thinking other people are weaker losers who can't stand up to you.

Example : A man dreamed of being in a giant house that had bikers living inside of it. In waking life he felt hopeless about fixing a serious health problem. It felt like no matter what he did God was intentionally humiliating him with never being able to recover. He felt that that God was impossible to make listen to him and intentionally avoiding listening him.


To dream of a bikini represents you or some aspect of your personality that is totally focused on confronting uncertainty or a negative situation. The feminine aspect of the symbol may be a sign that you feel powerless or out of control as you confront problems.

The symbolism is based on water reflecting uncertainty or negative situations. The bikini then reflects your personality that is dealing with this.

The color of the bathing suit is very important. Blue represents a positive outlook, red is negative, and white symbolizes purification.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a girl in a bikini at the beach. In real life he was confronting a serious health crisis in which he believed he was going to die. The girl in the bikini symbolized his sense of powerlessness to cure the problem while confronting the uncertainty of death.

*Please See Swimsuit


To dream of a billboard represents a person or situation that is giving you an obvious "sign" or signal. It may also symbolize a person or situation that is trying very hard to draw your attention to a positive or desirable quality about themselves.

A billboard common reflects people who are flirting with others or trying to draw attention to how attractive they are.

To dream of being unable to read a billboard may reflect your feelings of being left out of the loop. You didn't "get" a signal, fact or bit of information that other people picked up easily. It may also be a sign that you are too distracted or have tunnel vision in current project. Missing a billboard may also reflect problems picking up social cues or reading body language.

To dream of missing a billboard may be a sign that that you need to take note of in your path toward your goals. Consider what advice the billboard is trying to convey to you.

Example: A woman dreamed of driving past a billboard offering her a product. In real life she was talking to a man on the phone who was describing himself as being very attractive while hitting on her.


**Please See Wallet


*Please See Pool Table


To dream of a billionaire represents behavior that's resourceful about never having a problem ever again. Resourceful behavior that is so concerned with the future it notices nobody else can catch up to it. Resourcefulness that embarrasses other people with never having a problem. Resourceful behavior that shocks you that if it doesn't like listening then it simply won't. Behavior that is too resourceful to stop or be told no because it doesn't want to. Feelings about behavior is too resourceful to do anything about stopping. Behavior that notices there is never a problem at all. Feelings about lots of people never wanting you or someone else to ever lose because of significant resourcefulness that they depend on or fear losing.

Negatively, dreaming about a billionaire represents feeling that you can't ignore yourself feeling stupid that someone else could keep doing something else whenever they need to to keep getting away with embarrassing you. An enemy who knows too many people, is too experienced, and fearless about lying all at once in order to waste your time. Resourcefulness that happily wastes all it's time and resources wasting your time and resources. Annoyance or fear of someone who simply says they don't like something to stop it. A problem person in your life that is too resourceful and hooked up to other people to easily deal with them. Enemies that can always do something else to you that may feel endless.

Alternatively, dreaming about a billionaire may reflect feelings about people with money that surprise you with never believing any expense is problem when you think it might.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing his Uncle being described by another person as "embarrassing himself believing he is a billionaire." In waking life the man was experiencing his alcoholic Uncle being exceptionally capable at avoiding being evicted from a family home because he didn't like being told to leave.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing very thin sensitive Chinese man whom he suspected was a billionaire. In waking life the dreamer had an interested buyer for a home he was selling and the buyer never flinched or fussed about any of the price increases the dreamer made for the final sale price. In this case the billionaire symbolism may have reflected the dreamers feelings about the home buyer being rich enough to never notice a single problem at all with increasing house price offers that felt unusual.


To dream of bills you have to pay symbolizes obligations, responsibilities, or promises you have to keep. Things you may have neglected, or don't enjoy having to do. It may also reflect a need to return a favor or consequences for your actions.

*Please See Checks

Billy Club

To dream of a billy club represents combative and resistant thinking. It may also reflect feelings about a problem or resisting behavior you want to assertively set straight.

Negatively, you or some aspect of your personality doesn't want to change, and is putting up a fight to prevent it. You may be very resistant to alternative views or opinions. It may also reflect an authoritarian mindset that believes it needs to "beat down" anyone that is not behaving the way it likes.

To see police with billy clubs symbolizes feelings about a need for heavy handed discipline. Change that is going to require some assertive control or aggressive interference.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a man holding a bully club in both hands. In waking life his friend had said some very strong homophobic remarks.


To dream of bingo represents your hope that a situation will work out perfectly. Waiting for something to perfectly align in your favor.

Negatively, it may be a sign that you are too hopeful about something turning out perfect that may be far-fetched. Risking everything on a big uncertainty. Too much patience for something that may never be perfect.


To dream of binoculars represents your interest in the future. Looking ahead or being very concerned about what might happen.

Example: A man dreamed of having binoculars coming out of his shoes. In real life he was totally preoccupied with the prospect of a future job and it's effect on his life. He couldn't stop thinking about everything that might happen in the future if he got the job.

Biracial People

To dream of a biracial person represents an aspect of yourself that is a mixture of two mindsets.

Negatively, biracial symbolism may reflect an area of your life that you feel has been spoiled or ruined. Feelings about not being as perfectly deserving to respect yourself as genuine as you'd like to. Alternatively, it may reflect an inner struggle to reconcile different aspects of their personality.

Consider both races of the biracial symbol for additional meaning.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a biracial person. In waking life he felt that he had wasting time enjoying himself which left him feeling he didn't deserve to respect himself as perfectly as he could have if he taken the situation more serious.

*Please See Mulatto People

Bird Poop

To dream of bird poop represents feelings about unwanted problems or something unneeded to maintain the freedom to transcend problems. Leaving problems behind so you are not held down or kept away from freely doing what you want. Feeling about you or someone else that doesn't need something in order to keep doing whatever they want. Problems or disgusting wastefulness caused by freedom. Freedom loving people in your life that you feel "shit on you" or don't appreciate freedom. Enjoying your own freedom and not caring about how other people feel while while you do.

To dream of being pooped on by a bird represents feelings about other people embarrassing you with their problems. People embarrassing you with delays that help them remain free to avoid being held down.

Example: A man dreamed of walking through a forest and being pooped on by birds on the tree tops. In waking life he his workplace had not paid him for 7 months and he felt they could keep avoiding paying him by giving him more problems and delays.

Bird's Nest

*Please See Nest


To dream of a birdbath represents a mindset that is supportive or encouraging of overcoming negativity all the time. Feeling good being noticed by others overcoming negativity or problems all the time. Experiencing a lot of cleansing or a powerful positive change. Experiencing a lot of progress.

Alternatively, a birdbath may reflect your preoccupation with helping others feel good overcoming their problems.


To dream of a birdcage represents feelings of confinement, restraint, or limitations that doesn't mind it. Feelings about freedom having died off keeping you trapped choosing to stay the way you are while not minding it. Feelings about other people are observing you choosing to limit yourself. Your perceived inability to express yourself freely or to break free from specific constraints in your waking life. The bird, often symbolizing thoughts, desires, or freedom, is trapped within the cage, reflecting restrictions or barriers that are preventing you from realizing your full potential or fulfilling your aspirations. Never fighting for your future because someone has to feel safe seeing that you don't.

Positively, dreaming about a birdcage might represent a need or desire for structure, safety, or protection. It could symbolize a conscious choice to contain or manage certain thoughts, emotions, or desires that may be dangerous or disruptive if left unchecked. It may also represent a self-imposed limitation that you believe is for your own good or the good of others.

Negatively, dreaming about a birdcage could indicate feelings of frustration, entrapment, or suffocation in certain areas of your life. You may feel like your creativity, individuality, or personal growth is being stifled. It might symbolize fears of speaking out, the inability to escape an undesirable situation, or the sense that someone else is controlling or limiting your choices and possibilities.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a man dressed in all black inside a birdcage walking towards him. The man in the birdcage moves towards him and then the man inside the cage disappears, leaving on the cage. In waking life, he was experiencing emotional turbulence due to a bad relationship breakup that made him feel trapped. In this case, the birdcage may have reflected his feelings about feeling trapped by choosing to see himself staying single due to the emotional turbulence of his recent breakup.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of a growing canary in a birdcage. In waking life, she was planning to move out of his mother's house because her mother was emotionally abusive and had a "negative hold" on her. In this case, the birdcage may have reflected her longing for independence and freedom but feeling unable to break free from her mother's influence, thus choosing to stay within the confines of her current situation.


To dream of a birdhouse represents feelings about free or cheap support for other people's freedom or independence. Feeling good that other people are never jealous. Enjoying seeing other people be free. It may also reflect your support of others overcoming or transcending their problems. Giving others the opportunity or free time to develop themselves. Enjoying others thriving. Feelings about people being encouraged to freely do whatever you want without jealousy. Possibly a symbol for support from family.

To dream of an empty or unused birdhouse may represent feelings about offers, ideas for, or standing by to support others people never being jealous. Free offers to draw attention to yourself not currently being utilized. Free offers or offers of support to others that are not attractive enough or aren't interesting to anyone.

Negatively, a birdhouse may represent feelings that if you don't offer something for free that other people will not want to talk to you or that you'll lose your only way to generate opportunities of yourself if you don't offer something for free. Wasting your time feeling good making sure people are never jealous that is waste of your time and resources. Supporting other people's freedom when they don't appreciate it. Using parents or other people who support your freedom.

Example: A young man dreamed of a birdhouse. In waking life he was desperate to pay his bills and hoped that easy free offers with his skills he was making would attract interested people in giving him opportunities. The birdhouse in this case may have reflected his feelings about his attempts to offer free or cheap services supportive of other people.


Birds in dreams are symbols for transcendence and liberation. Escaping boundaries and limitations. A symbol for progress towards wholeness and harmony. They are your goals, aspirations, and hopes. The type and color of the bird is very important in decoding the meaning (e.g. black birds or vultures are not positive symbols).

Alternatively, birds can reflect a person's feelings about being spiritually free or clean.

To dream of baby birds represents the potential for transcendence and liberation. Plans or preparation for overcoming something. Being very careful as you work towards goals that give you freedom.

To see dead or dying birds represent disappointment and failures. Killing birds may reflect intentionally souring an inspiring idea or someone else's freedom.

To dream of feeding birds represents encouragement, inspiration, or supporting the idea of trying to overcome problems. Feeding the idea of freedom or transcendence. Encouraging yourself or believing in yourself. Alternatively, consider the type of bird you are feeding. For example, crows and vultures may reflect more negative thinking or behavior being encouraged.

To dream of bird eggs represents goals, aspirations, and hopes that are developing and will take time to be realized. The opposite is true if the eggs are from a species of bird that isn't positive.

To see a flying bird represents transcendence and liberation. A weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you are experiencing a sense of freedom.

To see a caged bird represents a desire for freedom or liberation. You feel confined and restricted in some area of your life.

To see a blue colored bird in a dream symbolizes positive transcendence over negativity. It represents the power of positive thinking, truth, and doing what you know to be right taking a more powerful role. It is also an indication of purification and resolution to conflicts in your life.

To dream of a white bird represents a wish to transcend or rise above a negative situation that is being renewed. Finally deciding to escape a bad situation after avoiding it being kept down. A white bird may also reflect a belief that escaping a bad situation is a good idea.

To dream of a red bird represents freedom or transcendence that you are aware of being negative or dangerous. Getting your freedom back through violence, fighting, or with no concern for others feelings. Possibly a reflection of attaining freedom through dishonest means or cheating others to help only yourself escape a restrictive situation. A red bird may a reflect corrupt attitude about getting ahead of others in business. A red bird may also show up in the dreams of people experiencing corruption in communist countries that allows one to get more privileges than other people by serving the state.

To dream of a black colored bird may represents feelings of emptiness, loss, depression, death, or unpleasant change.

To dream of cutting a birds wings may reflect a wish to stifle someone or prevent something in your life from succeeding. A wish to stop transcendence from occurring. Keeping someone as a loser who can't win. Jealousy of someone better than you succeeding. Controlling someone by reducing their ability to be independent or successful.

People who suffering from Charles Bonnet Syndrome often have hallucinations of birds sitting on top of people's heads. This may actually be a waking vision symbolically reflecting the CBS sufferers feelings about themselves looking stupid enjoying their hallucinations or visions which they feel stuck with. Transcending boredom indulging in hallucinations they can't do anything about.

Refer to the themes section for birds for a more in depth look at bird symbolism.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a white bird. In waking life he felt his life was over, but then had a powerful spiritual experience that made him want to fight his problems and overcome them.

Example 2: A very elderly woman dreamed of enjoying seeing white birds fly around her windows while being very careful not to let the birds out the door. In waking life she was enjoying thinking about what life would like after death and didn't want to bring the topic up with her family.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of walking into a kitchen to see a birdcage with the door wide open and bird choosing to stay inside the bird cage. In waking life she was having problems adjusting to American freedom after having come from a communist country.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing a white bird outside her car leading her as she drove. In waking life she was very spiritually focused in her decision making.

Example 5: A man dreamed of being scared to feed a bird. In waking life he was fearing supporting his wife while they were separated because she began dating another man. He feared that continuing to support her choice to live independently from him would help her to move on from him for good and leave him no chance to be with her again.

Example 6: A man dreamed of seeing blue colored birds which he wanted to take home with him. In waking life he was considering 2 ideas to help him fix serious financial problems that were holding his business back. The two blue birds may have reflected how he had two very good ideas to overcome his financial problems.

Example 7: A woman dreamed of seeing black birds on a tree. In waking life she was annoyed that her granddaughter wouldn't break up with her boyfriend.

Example 8: A young woman dreamed of seeing dead birds and being blamed by their owner, even though she didn't kill them. In waking life, she desired to quit her job and pursue a career in cartooning, but felt guilty about asking her parents to fund her education. In this case, the the dead birds may represent the death of her own dreams and aspirations.

Example 9: A male doctor, who fell ill with COVID-19, experienced vivid hallucinations while in his hospital room. He saw birds filling the room and flying about. In this case, the birds might reflect the doctor's feelings of transcending or being temporarily freed from the obligations of his usual responsibilities of caring for patients due to his illness.

*Please See Yellow Bird


To dream of feeding birds with birdseed represents hope, inspiration, and motivation. You may be nourishing your higher, spiritual qualities.

Alternatively, birdseed many reflect insufficient rewards for your efforts.


To dream of giving birth represents the beginning of a new situation, relationship, or phase of your life. It may also reflect new ideas or projects. A change has occurred in the dreamer's life. People who are graduating, starting a new career, starting or ending a relationship or moving often dream of giving birth. Ask yourself what is new in your life?

Alternatively, dreaming about a birth may reflect an awakening or new era of your life. Graduating to a new level of responsibility.

Negatively, giving birth may reflect the beginning of a new problem or fear. A negative situation is coming to life. Feeling powerless to stop yourself from making a situation worse. Growing pains.

Example: A woman dreamed of having an unpleasant birth. In waking life she started to chastise her teenage son for his growing disrespectful behavior and it began to blow up in her face. The unpleasant birth reflected her feelings about herself graduating to a higher level of motherly responsibility as her son grew into an unpredictable teenager requiring more tough love.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of giving birth to baby. In waking life she fell in love with a new man after years of being divorced.

Example 3: A a woman dreamed of worrying about a birth that ended up surviving, but wasn't important. In waking life she was having issues with worrying about impressing people at work with an idea she had, but ultimately her idea wasn't a priority for her boss.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of giving birth to a baby and then preparing to give birth to a second shortly after. In waking life she was working on to get a good job while also preparing to earn a civil service certificate.

*Please See Baby

*Please See Pregnant

Birth Certificate

To dream of a birth certificate represents feelings of deserving to identify yourself with certainty in a certain area of your life as a proven person. Feelings of deserving to be identified as a proven person that "belongs here."

Negatively, dreaming about a birth certificate may reflect feelings of jealousy that you can't prove yourself further in a way you've identified yourself with. Feelings of deserving respect for something you can't take further action with.

Example: A man dreamed of someone showing him a birth certificate. In waking life he had the most amazing experience proving himself to others and was annoyed his experience didn't allow him to change his life quicker for 2 years after.

Birth Control

*Please See Condom

*Please See Contraception


To dream of a birthday represents a special occasion that feels lucky or all about you. Feeling that others need to respect you as most special or lucky for a special occasion. An occasion all to yourself or someone that that you feel is deserving of special treatment. Special treatment that feels like you need to give it to others or that it needs to be given to you.A time where you or some aspect of yourself is experiencing the realization of wishes or desires feeling special or lucky. A time where you feel lucky or successful. Plans or preparations you are making to treat someone else special. Feelings about yourself or your existence being celebrated.

To dream of someone else having a birthday represents some aspect of your personality feeling lucky or getting what it wants.

Negatively, dreaming about a birthday may reflect jealousy of someone else getting special treatment or more special attention than you. Jealousy of other people enjoying special treatment or being liked by a lot of people easily. Jealousy of other people getting more special treatment than you. Feelings about a rare unpleasant occasion for others that is very lucky to you such as the death of a rich relative that brings you an inheritance. Excessive need for special treatment all the time. Nonobjective views about special treatment lasting forever.

Example: A man dreamed of a birthday party that was about to happen. In waking life his rich abusive father was about to die. The birthday may have reflected the dreamer's backwards happiness to see his abusive father die like it was a special occasion for inheritance.

Example 2: A woman dreamed seeing he friend having a birthday. In waking life the dreamer's friend was pregnant. The birthday in this case may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about the friend's pregnancy being a special occasion worthy of special treatment by everyone she knew.

Example 3: A woman dreamed that it her birthday. In waking all she could report was being in love and happy with her boyfriend. The birthday symbolism in this case may have reflected her feelings about being in love like every meeting with her boyfriend was a special lucky occasion.

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