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Boa Constrictor

To dream of a boa constrictor represents feelings of being emotionally suffocated or restricted in some manner.

Example: A woman who lived in a religious community once dreamed of a white boa constrictor choking her. In real life she felt that the religious community she lived in was too conservative and was restricting her ability to enjoy herself or express her honest beliefs.

*Please See Snakes

Board Games

To dream of a board game represents your attempt to competitively take your time do something better than other people without cheating. Trying get ahead of others, gain leverage, or "winner take all." A desire to come out on top in social situations. A clear set of rules or guidelines to follow in order to succeed or achieve one's goals.

Negatively, dreaming about a board game represents a fear of losing, or a feeling of pressure to conform to certain rules or expectations in order to be accepted or successful. Additionally, it could represent a tendency to see life as a game or competition, which may lead to a lack of authenticity or deeper connections with others.

Board games are common to life situations where cheating happened and taking your time proving yourself with established rules and boundaries long term is important.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing someone playing a board game. In waking life he was feeling very competitive with other guy friends to be better looking and sleep with more girls. In this case the board game may reflect a sense of competition or a desire to come out on top in social situations, particularly in matters of attraction and sexual conquest. The dreamer may have enjoyed taking his time competitively trying to sleep with more woman than his friends according to a rule system that encourages no cheating.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a board game. In waking life she didn't trust her husband after he flirted with female friend in front of her. In this case the board game may reflect the woman's feeling of competition with her husband to maintain control in their relationship, as well as a desire to establish clear rules or boundaries to protect herself from potential threats. The board game may also symbolize the woman's sense of strategy and planning in navigating the dynamics of her relationship.

*Please See Chess

*Please See Monopoly

Boarding House

*Please See Rooming House

Boarding School

To dream of a boarding school represents social concerns, anxieties, or something you care about that you can't take a break from. You may feel like you're stuck with a problem.

*Please See School


To dream of a boardwalk represents your feelings about how wonderful it feels to not have to care about facing a problem. Awareness of yourself enjoying effortlessly enduring a problem situation while other people look stupid. Feeling good noticing that a problem situation doesn't matter at all. You may feel lucky or appreciative with how fortunate you are to avoid a confrontation. Feelings about yourself enjoying being a professional that gets to avoid serious involvement with confronting a problem. Feeling that it's easy to make people give you what you want. Situations where you feel you are easily respected.

The symbolism is based on beaches reflecting confrontation with uncertainty or negative situations.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing himself on a boardwalk and then choosing to turn off towards the right instead of choosing to walk down it. In waking waking life he had won the lottery and old friends whom he didn't like wanted to become friends again. He felt that the reconciliation would be very easy for him with all the old friends "kissing up" to him. He chose to make an excuse and leave the country instead.


To dream of a boar represents an aspect of your personality that is noticeably resistant or difficult. An obvious display of resistance. Behavior that is intentionally disagreeable. Purposely arguing or disagreeing with others beliefs.

Alternatively, you may be experiencing difficult people or situations that aren't interested in co-operating, embarrass you by not listening to you, or flat-out tell you that they don't agree with you.


To dream of a boat represents your ability to cope with negative emotions or deal with negative situations. How you are navigating negativity in your life. Your method of confronting problems or getting through difficult problems safely. Safely avoiding troubling situation.

Negatively, boats in dreams reflect feelings of risk associated with a higher degree of uncertainty or instability in your life. Feeling the potential to be overwhelmed by a problem. Feeling heavily involved with a problem that you can't easily walk away from.

Consider the condition of the waters and how it may mirror your waking life. Is it calm or violent? Clear or murky? Are you experiencing "smooth sailing" in a waking life situation?

Alternatively, a boat may reflect your readiness to confront problems or deal with negative aspects of yourself.

A sinking boat may reflect problems in waking life that have overwhelmed you or negative emotions that are too much to handle.

To dream of having missed a boat that was supposed to pick you up represents feelings about having lost an opportunity to safely get through an uncertain or negative situation. Feelings of having missed out on a favor or a chance to be supported with your problems. Missing a chance or missing an important opportunity. Feelings of frustration that you have to face a challenging situation the hard way.

Example: A woman dreamed of getting on a boat to avoid a shark. In waking life she was had changed her regular habits to avoid a man whom she felt was too sexually aggressive hoping that he would eventually just give up and go away.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of his boat tipping over. In waking life he was trying hard to save his relationship with his girlfriend after they had a big fight, but then the girlfriend broke up with him.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing his father in a boat with his leg over the side and saw an alligator come bite his father's leg. In waking life he was experiencing his father attempting to survive an illegal situation. The boat in this case may have reflected his feelings about his father using illegal behavior to endure or "sail through" an illegal situation.

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Bobble Head

To dream of a bobble head represents a tendency to go along with what other people think. Total agreement no matter what.

Negatively, it may be a sign that you need to start thinking for yourself.

Bobby Pin

To dream of a bobby pin represents pressuring yourself to think a certain way. Keeping your mindset focused in a particular way.


To dream of a bobcat represents behavior that is dangerous, intuitive, and tenacious about having to prove it isn't "little" all the time. An aspect of yourself that feels underestimated or overshadowed and is waiting for an opportunity to assert itself. Behavior that is dangerous about being underestimated, not liking being "little", and needing to prove itself serious all the time.

Positively, dreaming about a bobcat could be a manifestation of your self-confidence in overcoming obstacles, even when others underestimate your capabilities. A desire to break free from constraints and prove your worth. A need to prove your strength or seriousness, particularly if you have been dismissed as unimportant or "little."

Negatively, dreaming of a bobcat might represent your fear or annoyance at someone you initially considered unimportant but who is now assertively trying to prove their significance. Fear of someone you don't think is important assertively attempting to prove they aren't "little." A threat from a person or problem that you underestimated at first, but now view as potentially dangerous or serious. This dream may imply concern that the underestimated person or issue could cause more significant problems if not addressed properly.

Bobcat dreams appear to be common to people who have lost their jobs.

Example: A woman dreamed of a snow-covered field with a bobcat wearing a skirt approaching, causing her to feel very afraid. In waking life, she had recently separated from her husband and been laid off from work the day before. In this case, the bobcat in the skirt that she feared might have reflected her apprehension about her separated husband's new girlfriend encouraging her husband to become more aggressive about pursuing a divorce after initially underestimating the seriousness of their marital separation.

Body Bag

To dream of a body bag represents feelings about acceptance of some area of your life being failed or permanently changed. Respecting failure or permanent change while not feeling the need to discuss it. An indicator of some area of your life being officially over. Failures or permanent changes you feel are inappropriate to discuss at length. Accepting a failure as statistical, an inevitable tragedy, or the result of not listening enough. Feeling that there is no need to pursue, investigate, or speak about failure you are keeping secret.

Negatively, a body bag may reflect a wish to prevent failures or permanent changes from being discussed. Hoping that people will assume you are not responsible for a failure if you cover up your guilt with minimal effort. Faking permanent failure and trying to avoid talking about it to maintain the deception. Accepting yourself giving up too easily.

To dream of a body bag being unzipped may reflect feelings about an area of your life that you accepted as being over needing to be acknowledged again.

Body Builder

*Please See Weightlifter

Body Parts

See the themes section for body parts for a more in depth look at body part symbolism.

Body Piercing

*Please See Piercings

Body Slam

To dream of body slamming someone represents feeling good totally embarrassing someone else that you don't have to care about them or anything they are thinking at all. Making others feel that they are perfectly unimportant. Positively, body slamming may reflect feelings of enjoying yourself making problems or enemies feel pathetically unimportant. Feeling too big to care about problems.

Negatively, body slamming someone may be a sign that you are going overboard making others feel that they don't matter at all. Excessive use of power to make others feel like a total loser compared to your total superiority.

To dream of yourself being body slammed by someone else represents feeling of being embarrassed by someone's else superior power. Feeling too easily manhandled or written off.


To dream of a bodyguard represents you or someone else that is actively shielding others from failure or emotional pain. A person or situation that is "getting in the way" or making itself an obstacle. It may also reflect behavior that is risking itself to ensure stability or a desired outcome. A bodyguard may reflect insecurity to act alone. It may also reflect confidence that you nothing can get in your way.

To dream that you are a bodyguard may represent your protective nature toward a person or situation. Making sure someone else never fails. Risking yourself to put someone or something else first at all times.


To dream of bodysurfing represents negativity or uncertainty in your life that you are not taking any chances with while you always casually adjust to it. Being very careful while you "go with the flow" of a situation.

Example: A woman dreamed of bodysurfing before reaching scary waves. In waking life she was pregnant and getting closer to the time of birth.


To dream of a bog represents feelings of unbearable struggling to get through a problem. Unending difficulties. Feeling stuck in the middle of unpleasant situation that will never let you get away from it. Feeling forced into a "quagmire." A fear that there will always be another problem turning up to prevent you from making progress. Endless jealousy.

Example: A woman dreamed of falling into a bog. In waking life she had a broken arm misdiagnosed as a sprain, had to have the arm rebroken to correct improper healing, have surgery to correct the bone positioning, and then recover. He hospital stay felt endless with all the problems that kept coming up to achieve full healing.

*Please See Swamps


To dream of the bogeyman represents feelings of fear or anxiety about terrible behavior that nobody else notices. Feeling that people get to abuse you, pick on you, or scare you without anyone else witnessing it or believing it.

Negatively, the boogeyman may reflect frustration that nobody will listen to your worries or complaints about being tormented. A bully in your life that gets away with it in secret to your face.

Alternatively, dreaming about the boogeyman may reflect irrational fears based on unobjective assumptions. Fearing the unknown or something that is never proven.


To dream of a boiler may represent powerful negative emotions or uncertainty that is organized or intentional. Very powerful fear, anger, or danger at all times. Structured punishment, revenge, or negative behavior Shock at how dangerous and insidious something is.

Negatively, a boiler may reflect a purposeful wish to keep someone in a state of fear or danger while working hard to maintain it. Alternatively, a boiler may be a sign that you are confronting a powerful fear or sense of danger that feels too powerful to overcome. A powerful, experienced, and well established negative force in your life.


To dream of something boiling represents turmoil or aggravation. Negative emotions or intentions or worsening. A negative situation may be close to reaching an endpoint. Boiling may also reflect your preparation to release negative emotions or intentions on others. There is potential for anger or revenge. You may also be noticing how negative or dangerous a situation is all the time.

Alternatively, boiling may represent a constant state of readiness or power. Aware of yourself always being ready to take action.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing water boiling on a heater in his bedroom which he walked towards to turn off. In waking life this man was secretly thinking of firing an engineer who was giving him difficulty and at the last minute came to an agreement with the engineer. The boiling water in the bedroom represent the secret aggravated thoughts of the man as he grew closer to firing the engineer.


To dream of boils on the skin represents embarrassing issues with appearances that are obvious and beg to be dealt with. Feelings about a embarrassing problem with appearances being too dangerous to deal with. A disaster of appearances that can't be avoided confronting. Feeling that a excessive problem with appearances can be easily fixed, but that there might be lasting consequences.

*Please See Pimples


To dream of being bold represents feelings related to courage, confidence, assertiveness, and the power to take risks or defy normal constraints. A willingness to take risks, stand up for yourself, or express your ideas and desires without fear or hesitation. Self-confidence, initiative, or the bravery to stand up for what you believe is right. This dream might reflect your inner strength, daring attitude, or a phase of self-assertion and ambition in your waking life.

Positively, dreaming of being bold may indicate a strong sense of self-assuredness, a readiness to face challenges, and a belief in your abilities to overcome obstacles. It can symbolize your determination to pursue your goals and aspirations with confidence and vigor. Taking the initiative to seize opportunities in your waking life. A breakthrough in personal confidence or overcoming fears and limitations. A proactive stance, where you are taking control of situations, expressing your truths, or daring to go outside of your comfort zone to pursue what truly matters to you. Leadership, the willingness to face challenges head-on, or the courage to stand alone in your convictions.

Negatively, dreaming of being bold might reflect feelings of recklessness, impulsivity, overconfidence, taking unnecessary risks, or being overly assertive to the detriment of others or yourself. A need to temper your actions with more careful consideration or self-control. A desire to break free from constraints or limitations that have been holding you back, without considering that it's essential to evaluate whether you're respectful of others' boundaries. A confrontational attitude, a lack of regard for others' feelings or opinions, or making impulsive choices without considering the consequences. There may be a sense of arrogance, defiance, or going too far with your assertions, possibly leading to conflict or alienation.

To dream of bold text represents feelings about some area of your like needing to be paid attention to more than something else.

Example: A woman dreamed of needing to make a bold move by informing fellow employees at her workplace about unusual job tile changes, even if it meant risking getting fired. In waking life, she didn't trust a new director at work and felt that the supervisors weren't the best advocates for union workers. In this case, being bold may have reflected her willingness to take a stand for herself and her fellow employees, even if it involved taking risks or defying the norms of her workplace.


To dream of bologna sliced meat represents feelings of confidence that doesn't believe it's important to feel good. Sustenance or strength that you don't respect yourself having to tell anyone about. Confidence you have that isn't showing off feeling good richer than anyone else. Confidence that there is nothing special about or incredible about handling a problem on your own. Confidence that something is not special and doesn't need to be talked about. Confidence that you are not important, but still strong enough. A choice picked because you don't have to do anything else more important in the current moment. Confidence that doesn't need to reveal anything special about yourself. Nothing special type confidence on your own in the current moment and that you'll do something more important later on. A confident excuse that is only believable enough to help you in the current moment.

Negatively, bologna sliced meat may reflect feelings about confidence in dealing with a personal problem. Not liking someone and not telling them why. Confidence that doesn't have to be honest. Ridiculous untruths. Confidence with issues that are yours alone to deal with or that other people are not interested in caring about with you. Feeling that there is nothing incredible about believing in something. Lies that are strong enough to be believed short-term. Lies that other people notice as lies, but are still believed until you can perfectly disprove them. Cheap lies or cheap excuses. Dishonesty that technically gets away with it. Feelings about a scumbag that can technically get away with dishonesty that is obviously using a cheap excuse. Confidence about something not dangerous that doesn't listen to you.

Example: A man dreamed of throwing bologna sliced meat at a black angry dog. In waking life he had to tell an angry person an believable excuse to get them to calm down.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of her boyfriend's roommate throwing bologna at her. In waking life she felt that her boyfriend's roommate didn't like her and wasn't giving her an explanation for it. The bologna in this case may have reflected her feelings about her boyfriend's roommate being confident about not liking her without proving a reason.


To dream of a bolt represents secure choices or commitments. Some area of your life that is not going to do anything except securely stay the way it is. A regime or feeling the need to securely "stick with something." Needing some area of your life to securely stay in place for the long term. Rigidly holding some area of your life in place for a period of time. Feelings about choosing long term commitment.

Negatively, dreaming about bolts may reflect anxiety about not being secure, rigid, or committed enough to achieve a goal. A fear of discontinuing a regime you feel is important. An excessive need to securely hold some area of your life in place.

To dream of bolts in the neck may reflect feelings about the security of relationships or promises. Proving absolute loyalty to others for the long term.

Example: A woman dreamed of man with bolts in his neck. In waking life her fiancee was trying to get her to have pre-marital sex by telling her that they were going to be married soon so it was stupid to have to wait until marriage since the relationship was obviously strong for the long term.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing useless bolts over the floor that needed to be put away. In waking life she was recovering from an injury and starting to feel safe enough to allow herself to stop being so rigidly careful about her recovery regime.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being served bolts inside her food at a barbecue. In waking life she was aware that a guy she liked had emotional issues preventing her from getting closer him. The guy claimed that a therapist would be sufficient to fix his problems, but it wasn't working. The bolts being served in the food may have reflected her feelings about having to accept the condition that the guy she liked was wasn't going to do anything except stay the way his was securely difficult to know.

*Please See Nails


To dream of a bomb represents a waking life situation with the potential to be explosive, dramatic, sudden, or intense. Good or bad, a situation in waking life could be the source of a powerful change in your emotional state.

A bomb may suggest facing consequences, a situation worsening, or something in your life becoming a lot more powerful.

An exploded bomb symbolizes a waking life situation that has intensified.

Example: A young boy dreamed of feeling that a bomb was about to go off. In waking life he was fearing that his father was about to lose his temper and assault his mother.

*Please See Dynamite

*Please See Missile

Bomb Shelter

To dream of a bomb shelter represents caution or that you are carefully shielding yourself from a potential problem. You or someone else may be trying to avoid serious consequences or repercussions. Avoiding someone else's anger or staying away from others during emotional difficulty. Not wanting to be involved or associated with a troubling situation.


To dream of a bomber plane represents feelings about a personal mission to destroy someone else's plans, ideas, or choices that are contrary to your wishes. A personal project of humiliating others or surprising others with ruining their plans. Planning on delivering a "devastating payload" to someone else's life. A person mission to "take someone out" with a powerful destructive action.

Negatively, bomber airplane may reflect an excessive amount of time and energy being utilized to embarrass or hurt someone else. Scaring other people that you are getting ready to destroy someone or take powerfully destructive action.

To dream of a stealth bomber may reflect feelings about personal plans or projects to totally humiliate someone in secret. Making your personal mission to hide your plans or behavior while you get ready to devastate someone you don't like. Attempting to humiliate people without their knowledge. Humiliating people in ways that will never be discovered until it's too late.


To dream of being in bondage represents feelings of being a prisoner of your circumstances or being too tightly controlled. Confinement and restriction despite your will. Repression. An area of your life where you wish to be set free. Feelings about marriage, a new job, or a child curtailing your freedom. Feeling trapped in an obligation or debt.

Alternatively, bondage may reflect your submissive personality.

*Please See Chains


To dream of bones outside the body represents issues from your past that never go away. Things are that difficult to forget or let go of.

To dream of burying bones represents confrontation with some of your most difficult issues. You may be making some very big changes to your life or experiencing a period of very powerful personal growth.

To dream of digging up bones represents revisiting some of your most difficult problems or remembering something from your past.

To dream of bones inside the body represents underlying strengths and structure. A personality trait or area of your life that makes you who you are. Something that is difficult or impossible to change.

To dream of deformed bones inside the body represents fundamental personality flaws. A problem or issue that is ingrained into who you are.

To dream of broken bones in a person's body represents changes to fundamental aspects of your personality. and to who you are.

To dream of broken bones outside of the body represents a fundamental shift in your view of the past. New developments are allowing you to break free from difficult problems.

To dream of a dog eating a bone may reflect waking life situations where you feel you or someone else is wasting time advocating something that is never going to work.. Wasting time believing in yourself. Embarrassing yourself confidently asserting yourself. Pushing a dead issue.

*Please See Skeletons


To dream of a bonfire your passion for change. Not caring about anything except getting rid of problem or changing direction. Letting go of outdated ways of thinking. You or someone else that is very motivated to do something differently.

Bongo Drums

To dream of bongo drums represents feeling good noticing something happening nonstop all the time.


To dream of a bonnet represents an attitude or mindset that is focused on being noticed by others as perfectly honest and passive. Feeling good noticing yourself never doing anything wrong at all. You or someone else that is being perceived as a "perfect wonderful little angel" that is beyond reproach.

Negatively, a bonnet in a dream may reflect a mindset that is sheltered or too honest for it's own good. Choosing to be close-minded or sheltered. Too concerned with appearing honest or gentle. Behavior that is too old-fashioned. Fearing not being noticed as a perfectly honest passive person.

Bonsai Tree

To dream of a bonsai tree represents positive feelings about some area of your life that is "beautifully stunted." Being really good at something that you aren't an expert at. Talents that are impressive, yet undeveloped or unprofessional. Feeling good impressing others with how different or unique you are. Carefully cultivating a reputation or personality that is unique and original.

Negatively, a bonsai tree may be a sign that you are exploiting unprofessional talents, lying about being a professional, or showing off with something you aren't fully qualified enough with. Feeling good talking about yourself being an expert when you aren't because you can get away with it.

Example: A man dreamed of enjoying having a bonsai tree and then experiencing himself years later in the dream seeing the tree die without any concern for it. In waking life he was an novice researcher who was quite impressive, but unprofessional. He later gave up his novice research techniques for more professional ones.


*Please See Snot

Boogie Board

To dream of a boogie board represents a wish to avoid risking anything while you do everything possible to get through a problem. Keeping a low profile or simple attitude as you "ride the storm." Riding out difficulties one day at a time.

A boogie board may be a sign that you don't feel confident enough to simply brush a problem off or walk away from uncertainty like didn't matter. Getting through a problem carefully while avoiding attention or taking chances.


To dream of hearing booing represents disappointment is securing approval or affirmation from others. You or someone else that has embarrassed themselves or feels shamed. You may be experiencing rejection due to a failure to deliver a promise. It may also reflect a need for more consideration for someone else's feelings or wishes.

Book Bag

*Please See Backpack

Book Store

To dream of being in a book store represents your interest in trying something new for yourself. New talents, skills, or lifestyle choices you are considering integrating into your life. You may be interested in learning something new or improving yourself. A bookstore may be a sign that you want to increase your talents or skills in some way.

To dream of a school book store may represent your interest or drive to know absolutely everything in a particular area. A sign that you wish to be fully prepared or always have all the answers to potential problems.


To dream of a bookmark represents feelings about not wanting to embarrass yourself forgetting why an idea or action is important to maintain. Not wanting to lose your sense of purpose or certainty about yourself.

Alternatively, a bookmark may reflect feelings about needing to remember your purpose or arguments during social difficulties. Taking time off from a fight or argument and continuing where you left off as you confront your opposition again. Remembering why your integrity is always important to maintain. Remembering a reason why you are right for later on.

Negatively, a bookmark may reflect bitterness or jealousy you never want to let go of. Never forgetting why you never forgive. Always thinking you are right and never embarrassing yourself losing the chance to bring it up in a protracted conflict. Alternatively, a bookmark in a dream may reflect situations where you or others are not really serious about doing something from beginning to end. Wasting others time keeping opportunities ready for you.

Positively, dream about a bookmark may represent situations where you'd like to take a break and continue where you left off later. Not wanting to start over or wait for something all over again. Coping with interruptions or setbacks. Situations where you want to take your time.

A bookmark in a dream may be a sign that you are insecure about finishing a prolonged or chaotic situation. Anxiety about losing out on an opportunity if you get too distracted or have to attend to other business.


To dream of books represents ideas, information, insights, or answers. It may also reflect what you tell yourself to do when a specific situation or problem arises. Consider a book's title, subject, color for additional meaning.

To dream of books on a shelf represents ideas, information, or insights that you have yet to use. Answers or knowledge you can go to when needed. Ideas you have yet to discover or that you are beginning to explore.

To dream of an overdue book represents a feeling of responsibility or obligation to give someone else the answers they need. It may also reflect your sense of being late for a school project or work report. Alternatively, it may represent your anxiety about a deadline or need to return something to someone.

Example: A man dreamed of happily looking through a book where he saw someone being killed. In waking life he kept telling himself that if an enemy threatened him once more he could have him beaten up in certain ways. The book reflected the answer to his problem having carefully considered all his options.

Example 2: A female dreamed of a lot of old books, some of which were rotting. In waking life she was "lost in mind and thinking" possibly going over many old or outdated ideas.

*Please See Library

*Please See Dictionary

*Please See Encyclopedia


To dream of a bookshelf on it's own represents your plans for the future.

To dream of books on a shelf represents ideas, information, or insights that you have yet to discover or that you are beginning to explore. It may also reflect ideas, answers, or methods that you are waiting to try.

It may be a sign that you are looking for answers to a problems, studying something new, or that you need to acquire some information or knowledge in a situation before making decisions.

Example: A woman dreamed of her bookshelf becoming warped and separating. In waking life her marriage was coming apart along with all her future plans for the marriage.

*Please See Books


To dream of a boomerang represents expectations for something to return. Goals or outcomes you want returning to normal as soon as possible. Negatively, a boomerang may reflect a wish to cut off sharing or co-operation with others.

Alternatively, a boomerang may reflect the feeling that karma or intentions come back to you.

Booster Cables

To dream of booster cables represents a need for energy or resources to jump-start your goals. Getting something started or restarted. You or someone else that needs their plans or ideas to have power breathed into them. Booster cables may reflect a means to empower decision-making or a direction in life.

Boot Camp

To dream of boot camp represents feelings of being pressured into perfect discipline or compliance. Boot camp may also reflect a very big change in your life as you move into a new phase. A fresh start or new beginning while under intense pressure. Feeling that you have to succeed whether you like it or not. A lot of information or change in a very short period of time. Rigorous or intensive training to prepare for something. Pressure of hard work, discipline, and structure so you can succeed.

Example: A woman dreamed of being put through a boot camp test by tribe of people. In waking life she was starting a new job. The boot camp in this case may have reflected high pressure job training to make her prepared for her new job.


To dream of a bootlegger represents you or someone else that feels that are above the rules. It may also be a sign that you are enabling others when you know you're not supposed to.

Positively, a bootlegger may reflect cheating or underhanded tactics to avoid repression.


To dream of boots represents a bold position or a firm stance. You or some area of your life that does what it wants and gives up nothing. Moving forward despite all objections or opposition.

Negatively, boots may reflect situations that "give you the boot" or make you feel "walked over." You may feel compromised.

The color of the boots indicate intentions, feelings, or motivations.


To dream of a border of country represents a boundary of thinking or feeling. Awareness of change that is coming or that is possible. A transitional moment of your life or mindset. A border may also reflect your personal boundaries or limits with a person or situation.

To dream of crossing a border represents a noticeable change in your mindset. Entering a new phase or encountering new territory. A transition of feeling, attitude, or thinking style has occurred. Consider where you are and where you are going for additional meaning.

Negatively, crossing a border may reflect your feeling that a situation has crossed an acceptable limit.


To dream of the Borg from Star Trek represents a dangerous conformist presence in your life. An aggressive desire for conformity that you feel never stops once it's given power. Feeling that you risk losing your independence forever to a pointless system or group. You may feel that someone or something wants total conformity with no consideration for other possibilities ever again. Your fear of assimilating into situations that destroy your individuality if you acknowledge them. Feeling that someone else's choices are both controlling and unbearable.

You or someone else that wants to stamp out all diversity while spreading conformist ideas or values. It may also reflect a very aggressive and ambitious desire to for total conformity.

Example: A man dreamed fighting the Borg. In waking life he had avoided paying incomes taxes his whole life and finally faced the prospect of having to pay them. The Borg reflected his feelings about the government and paying taxes being an unbearable lifetime imposition on his independence that had to be resisted at all costs.

*Please See USS Enterprise


To dream of boring a hole represents feelings of effort or persistence in trying to create an opening or opportunity in your life. You may be attempting to break through obstacles or barriers that stand in your way. An efficient or streamlined approach to overcoming obstacles. Resourcefulness, determination, and problem-solving abilities.

Positively, dreaming of boring a hole may represent a proactive approach to overcoming challenges and carving out a path for yourself, even if it requires patience and effort. The importance of thoughtful planning and consideration before undertaking significant changes or decisions. Breaking free from a confining situation.

Negatively, dreaming of boring a hole may represent frustration, exhaustion, or a sense of futility in your efforts to make progress. You may feel like you are exerting a lot of energy without seeing tangible results, or you may be struggling to break free from a stagnant or confined situation. Feelings about "digging yourself into a deeper hole" or creating problems for yourself by persisting in a certain direction despite warning signs or obstacles. Boring a hole could also represent feelings of intrusion, violation, or overstepping boundaries that are intentional. A forced entry into a situation or area of life that should remain private or untouched. Concerns about taking actions that cannot be undone, the consequences of which could lead to deeper problems or complications. Feelings about someone else's persistence and efforts to break through obstacles to get to overstep a boundary.

Shallow holes may represent minor obstacles or challenges. Deep holes may represent more profound or complex issues that need to be addressed.


To dream of being bored represents feelings about nothing interesting, exciting, or new happening. Feelings of dissatisfaction, disinterest, or monotony in waking life. Experiencing a situation with a lack of excitement, stimulation, or engagement with your current circumstances or activities. An aspect of your life that is uninteresting or repetitive. Feeling unfulfilled or uninspired by your daily routine, relationships, or responsibilities. A situation that is too predictable, lacks challenge, or fails to stimulate your interest or creativity. A lack of engagement or enthusiasm in your waking life activities, relationships, or personal pursuits.

Positively, dreaming of boredom may represent a desire for change, new experiences, or breaking free from monotonous routines. A need for new opportunities that can bring more excitement and fulfillment into your life. A reminder to seek out activities, experiences, or relationships that ignite your passion and enthusiasm. An inner push towards finding more meaningful, stimulating, or engaging activities.

Negatively, dreaming of boredom may reflect feelings of stagnation, apathy, or a sense of being trapped in a dull or uneventful situation. Reluctance or resistance to break free from routines or habits that no longer serve you. A lack of motivation or drive to pursue your goals and aspirations. A sense of being stuck in a rut. Complacency or a lack of motivation to improve your current situation. The dreamer's feelings about their own life choices and the comparison to others' seemingly more exciting lives.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in New York where time was frozen still she was the only person who could move around. The dream felt very grey and boring. In waking life, she had outstanding legal matters related to her children to deal with. In this case, the dream feeling boring may have reflected her frustration with the slow pace and lack of progress in the legal proceedings.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being inside a quiet boring house with dark-colored walls. It was grey and cloudy outside. Suddenly, an enemy from his past knocked on his door and the whole world outside the door was a political disaster. In waking life, he was spending a lot of time ignoring a dangerous criminal situation involving famous people that eventually couldn't be ignored. In this case, the boring house may have reflected his feelings about his normal daily life feeling uneventful or monotonous while trying to avoid paying attention to the stressful and dangerous criminal situation while waiting for it to end.


*Please See Birth


To dream of borrowing something represents feelings of reliance on power or resources that aren't really yours. Feeling that you've been done a favor. Using other people's ideas.

Negatively, borrowing things in a dream may be a sign that you are relying too heavily on others resources or accomplishments.

To dream of borrowing things you don't plan on returning may reflect an arrogant attitude of using others or taking advantage of others good nature to get ahead. A lack of respect for others ideas, power, or accomplishments. Thinking you are better than others who have worked harder or are luckier than you.

To dream of not wanting to return something you have borrowed may reflect feelings of entitlement or being accustomed to a favor you were given. It may also reflect dependency you have developed on others power or accomplishments. Feeling stupid that you don't really know how to live up to the expectations you have set for yourself.

*Please See Lending


*Please See Breasts


To dream of a boss represents feelings about authority, leadership, or power dynamics in your life. It could symbolize the control, influence, or expectations that others have over you or that you exert over others. This dream could reflect your thoughts about your role in a professional environment, your understanding of hierarchy, or your ability to manage and make decisions. Decisions or obligations that can't be ignored. Feeling that a situation, problem, or relationship is "running your life" or "bossing you around."

Positively, dreaming about a boss might symbolize your capacity to take charge, assert control, and make decisive choices. It could reflect a conscious choice to embrace leadership roles, influence others, or handle responsibilities. It might also be indicative of your ability to set goals, manage tasks, and motivate yourself and others.

Negatively, dreaming about a boss could represent feelings of being controlled, limited, or pressured by an authority figure. It might symbolize struggles with power dynamics, overbearing expectations, or work-related stress. Perhaps you feel overworked, undervalued, or mismanaged. The dream might also indicate feelings of intimidation, inadequacy, or fear of failure in the face of high expectations. A sense of obligation with potential consequences or disciplinary action if you don't perform well in some way. A "super-ego or "top dog" mindset, ego out of control. A sign that you are allowing a person or problem to have too much authority over you. You or someone else that is too bossy or controlling.

Alternatively, having a boss may reflect work issues. An obsession with work or being a workaholic.

To dream of fearing a boss represents feelings of anxiety, apprehension, or a sense of inadequacy related to your capabilities or performance in a certain area of your life. This could be due to an authority figure's influence, expectations, or criticism. A fear of making mistakes, failing to meet goals, or disappointing those who rely on you. Fearing consequences if you don't perform well or follow orders properly. A fear of authority or problems standing up to authoritative figures. Alternatively, it might reflect an internal conflict between your desires and the responsibilities or expectations imposed upon you.

To dream of being a boss represents your authoritative or assertive personality. Awareness of a situation in waking life being totally under your control. Your ability to influence others, make decisions, or take charge of situations in your life. Your confidence in your skills, your comfort with leadership roles, or your desire for control or dominance. Your ability to set and achieve your goals, manage tasks, or balance responsibilities. Enjoy being in control.

Example: A man dreamed of his boss giving him a candy bar. In waking life, he wanted a raise, but his boss would only give him compliments about his good work. In this case, his boss may have reflected his feelings of frustration and under-appreciation at work he got from his boss. The candy bar in the dream could symbolize the compliments he was receiving, which, while pleasant, were not the substantial reward or recognition (the raise) he was hoping for.

Example 2: A man dreamed of his former boss whom he didn't like. In waking life, he got promoted and hated it. In this case, the former boss whom he didn't like may have reflected his feelings of frustration and dissatisfaction associated with his new responsibilities and pressures that came along with his promotion, much like the feelings he had when he was working under his disliked former boss.

Example 3: A man dreamed of having a boss. In waking life, he felt obligated to help his sister move homes. In this case, dreaming of having a boss may have reflected the authoritative role his sister had taken on, dictating his actions and decisions during the moving process while he felt obligated to her situation.

Example 4: A man dreamed of being a hotel manager that has to boss other people. In waking life, he had a number of sick relatives that he had to take care of all at once. In this case, being a hotel manager that had to boss other people may have reflected his feelings about the necessity of taking charge and making decisions for his ailing relatives. The boss role in his dream could represent the authority and responsibility he had to assume in real life to manage the care and well-being of his family members.

Example 5: A man dreamed of talking to his boss. In waking life, he felt it was important to take care of his wife's failing health because he feared she could die. In this case, the dreamer talking to his boss may have reflected his feelings of accountability and the pressure he was experiencing, given the critical nature of his wife's health. He may have that his wife's ailing health was "running his life" or bossing him around demanding that nothing be more important than taking care of her.


To dream of Boston represents social interaction with others that is focused on behaving yourself and doing what you're supposed to do. It reflects responsible behavior, loyalty, and keeping promises. Purposely staying out of trouble or sticking to a schedule. Thinking that other people are not doing enough.


To dream of a bottle of liquid or a drink represents an opportunity to do something whenever you want. Having a chance to do something your way, enjoy yourself, or quickly fix a problem.

To dream of an empty bottle represents a total lack of opportunity. You may have used up an opportunity or feel that nobody will give you one. Failure may feel inevitable. It may also reflect feelings of knowing you can do something whenever your want without knowing how you would.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a red empty bottle sitting on a shelf. In waking life he was suicidal without knowing exactly when or how he would go about killing himself.

*Please See Bottled Water

Bottled Water

To dream of bottled water represents a convenient and readily available emotional resource that helps you navigate challenging situations without experiencing jealousy or desperation. It symbolizes your ability to endure difficulties and maintain emotional well-being because you have access to something that sustains and supports you. This dream reflects your sense of security and preparedness in handling various life challenges. An emotional resource that helps you endure, feel sustained, avoid jealousy, or gets you through a situation as though it isn't difficult. Not worrying about experiencing or enduring a difficult, jealous, or desperate situation because you have something to keep you going. A resource or opportunity that you can utilize at your convenience to restore or maintain your well-being. The essential emotional resources you need to sustain yourself while you navigate challenges. Emotional backup to feel supported while never being jealous. Emotional and social support that never lets you feel jealous or desperate.

Positively, dreaming about bottled water signifies your ability to manage your emotional needs effectively. You may have established a reliable source of emotional support or coping mechanisms that provide you with comfort and reassurance. It represents your balanced approach to self-care, ensuring that you always have the resources needed to maintain your well-being. Comfortably and conveniently avoiding difficulty, jealousy, or desperation. Comfort, reassurance, or a sense of security provided by having easy access to resources or support. A conscious choice to maintain a source of renewal that you can turn to in times of need. A balanced approach to self-care, where you keep resources at hand to ensure your well-being.

Negatively, bottled water in a dream may represent an excessive focus on appearing composed and free from desperation to others. You may be overly concerned with not revealing your vulnerable emotions or showing signs of jealousy, even to your own detriment. This dream suggests that you might be making efforts to hide your true feelings and maintain a facade of emotional stability, possibly as a means of social survival. A desire for emotional resources in response to difficult or jealous circumstances. Not worrying about experiencing or enduring the worst thing ever because you have something to keep you going. Too much concern with needing to appear comfortable, paced, and without desperation to other people. Preparations you are making to fake that you are not jealous or desperate to someone else. Feelings about never saying anything about yourself jealous as a means to socially survive. Coping with uncomfortable emotions while maintaining her social facade. Controlling of emotions during new social interaction.

To dream of sparkling or carbonated bottled water implies that your source of emotional replenishment or support is more lively, exciting, or interesting than usual. A coping mechanism or resource that not only helps you endure challenges but also adds some level of excitement or vigor to the situation. A more lively or refreshing approach to handling difficulties or refreshing yourself emotionally.

Negatively, carbonated bottled water in a dream may represent a desire for more stimulating or exciting coping strategies or support systems, even if they are not necessarily beneficial in the long run. Your current means of emotional or psychological sustenance might feel dull, leading to a craving for something more exciting, even if it's not the most helpful or beneficial approach.

Example: A man dreamed of holding some bottled water. In waking life, he was having a problem meeting women and a friend told him he knew someone that would be perfect for him. In this case, the bottled water represented his feelings about preparing to behave in a way that appeared comfortable, paced, and never desperate while on a date with the woman he was being set up with.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of having pizza with her high school crush (male) and her best friend (also male). After collecting the pizza, she turned around to see her crush and best friend making out. She pretended she didn't see it and ditched them for other people. She never told anyone about her crush or her best friend, but at every mention of them, she felt like jumping off a cliff. The next day, she went to the vending machine and it only had sparkling water, which she hated. In waking life, she was angry at her best friend for embarrassing her in front of her crush. In this case, carbonated bottled water may have reflected feeling about needing to find new and more exciting ways (possibly lying or talking about liking someone else) to cope with her emotional discomfort and jealousy to endure the social embarrassment of having been embarrassed in front of her high school crush, yet being dissatisfied with the available options.

Example 3: A man dreamed of girls with bottled water chasing him inside a McDonald's restaurant. He avoided them, but they squirted the water bottle into the face of a stranger who walked by. In waking life, he didn't want to talk to his mother ever again because she gossiped or said negative things behind his back. In this case, the bottled water may have reflected his feelings about people who heard his mother's gossip having the emotional resources needed to keep laughing at him or making fun of him.

Bottomless Pit

To dream of a bottomless pit represents a situation that feels hopeless, pointless, or that never ends. You may feel like you are wasting all your energy, money, efforts on a problem.

An example life situation that may encourage a dream of a bottomless pit might be medical or financial problem that seems to waste all your resources or never ends.

*Please See Pit


To dream of a boulder represents a major obstacle or problem. A difficult issue or situation that requires all your focus or resources to deal with.

To dream of moving a boulder may reflect your attempts to overcome an enormous challenge or difficulty. Facing a problem that requires all your strength, power, or resources overcome. Feeling that you are stuck with a problem that nobody wants to help you with.

Example: A woman dreamed of having to move a giant blue boulder. In waking life she was close to death and had to plan her own funeral. The boulder reflected how exhausting and emotionally difficult planning her funeral was.


To dream of bouncing or something bouncing represents feelings of resilience, adaptability, and the ability to rebound quickly from setbacks or challenges in your waking life. Feelings about a situation "bouncing back." A capacity to overcome obstacles, maintain a positive attitude, and keep moving forward even when faced with difficulties. A buoyant attitude, optimism, and your capacity to spring back from disappointments or difficulties. Mental or emotional elasticity.

Positively, dreaming about bouncing may your ability to navigate through obstacles, rebound from failures, and keep your spirit uplifted. Possessing the energy and spirit to tackle life's ups and downs with ease. You are unafraid of taking risks and view setbacks as opportunities for growth. Your ability to quickly recover from emotional or psychological setbacks.

Negatively, bouncing in a dream may represent the ability for problems to rebound. Feeling that a situation doesn't "bounce back." A lack of stability, consistency, or commitment. Feelings of being unsettled, aimless, or experiencing fluctuating emotions. There could be a sense that you or someone else is not taking things seriously, avoiding responsibilities, or merely 'bouncing' from one thing to another without focus or purpose.

Example: A person dreamed of bouncing. As they bounced higher a crowd started to cheer them to go higher. In waking life, they felt like something was holding them down and believed it was time to move up in their professional life. In this case, bouncing may have reflected their feelings about not allowing insecurity and obstacles to get them down while talking to other people about the dreamer's own aspirations to improve, while the cheering crowd represents external validation or encouragement they might be receiving from others as they discuss or share their ambitions.

Example 2: A man dreamed of what he thought was a white dog falling from the sky, bouncing twice, before stopping still. He ran out to it and discovered it was a wolf that died from the fall. In waking life, he feared that his son would go to jail and that he would be prosecuted. In this case, the bouncing may have reflected his feelings about his son's lawyer losing the case, but making repeated attempts to change or reverse a situation through appeals, each bounce symbolizing a failed attempt to revive hope or opportunities.


To dream or being bound or tied up may reflect feelings of obligation that is beyond your control. You want free from a situation or relationship. It may also reflect of restrictions or limitations being put on you.

*Please See Bondage

*Please See Chains


To dream of a floral bouquet represents respect, affection, approval, admiration, and love. You may be undergoing a healing process or letting go of something. Consider the type of flowers and their colors for additional significance.

To throw a bouquet of flowers on something reflects honoring past accomplishments or people from your past. You may be nostalgic about something that is no longer around anymore.

*Please See Flowers

*Please See Roses


To dream of a boutique represents feelings about personal choices related to your identity that are protective of feelings of exclusivity, quality, uniqueness, refinement, and individuality. Feelings about high-quality special options or choices that other people don't have. Feelings about owning something that is out of reach for most people. Choices that make you look good being original or exclusive about respecting yourself. Your thoughts about the value of uniqueness, personal expression, and the careful selection of what you incorporate into your life. The importance you place on personal style, selective tastes, or the pursuit of distinct experiences. Your thoughts about the importance of standing out from the crowd and expressing your distinct identity. A desire for personalized experiences tailored to your specific tastes and preferences. Your desire to treat yourself or others with special care and attention. Struggling to find a balance between your desire to be unique and your desire to conform to societal expectations.

Positively, dreaming about a boutique may represent your appreciation for high-quality options and the value you place on maintaining a sense of individuality. It reflects your conscious choice to honor your distinct identity and adhere to selective tastes, making you feel special and refined. You may take pride in the exclusivity of your choices and the unique path you've chosen in life.

Negatively, dreaming about a boutique may represent feelings of being overly selective or exclusive to the point that it doesn't help you. A resistance to mainstream or mass-produced ideas, choices, or experiences. You may be struggling with a desire to distance yourself from common or ordinary things, possibly leading to isolation or elitism. Feelings about spending too much money. A tendency to make impulsive or extravagant purchases. A need to find a balance between your desire for luxury and her financial reality.

Alternatively, dreams about a boutique may reflect feelings about paying too much for clothing and regretting it afterward.

Boutique symbolism may be common to people having or attending a wedding.

Example: A woman dreamed of trying to dissuade her friend from trying to set up a boutique in New York. She felt that the boutique wouldn't survive the economy if she stuck with her plan to sell brownies and baked goods. In waking life, she was very focused on buying a wedding dress, her baby, and shopping the day after Valentine's Day. In this case, the boutique may have reflected her concerns about her wedding plans being too expensive for her guests to afford attending with current economic conditions.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of ordering a shirt from a boutique whose owner she knew in real life. The store sent her $1000 in clothes that she didn't really want. In waking life, she did order a shirt from a friend who owned a clothing store and felt that the purchase was a little bit expensive. In this case, the dream may be more literal as it mirrors her waking life regret of spending too much money at her friend's store.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of trying on a wedding dress in a boutique. In waking life, she was discussing changing her last name with her boyfriend. She felt that changing her last name would be a great way to leave everything behind associated with her last name and past behind. In this case, the boutique may have reflected her desire for a fresh start and a new identity with a sense of relationship exclusivity using her boyfriend's last name. She was playing with the idea of taking her boyfriend's last name like it an exclusive personal choice that only getting married could provide.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of shopping at a boutique and purchasing a pair of boots. After she bought them she wasn't sure how much they cost and found out that they cost $900. In waking life, she had spent too much money on her budget for the month. In this case, the boutique may have reflected the woman's recognition of overindulging in impulsive or extravagant purchases, and the high cost of the boots could represent the financial consequences of these behaviors.


To dream of seeing a bow represents feeling good noticing something being all yours. Enjoyment giving or being given something.

Bow And Arrow

To dream of a bow and arrow represents goals, plans, and preparations you are making or setting for yourself. Aiming for perfection or exactly what it is that you want.

If a bad or evil person uses a bow and arrow in a dream it symbolizes an aspect of your personality with goals, or plans that aren't in your best interest, or are counterproductive. It could also reflect someone you think is aiming to get you.

If a bow and arrow is used to brake a window it symbolizes your goals and plans that are making it difficult for you to understand your current situation or make intelligent decisions about the future.

Bowel Movement

*Please See Feces

*Please See Defecation


To dream of bowing represents acknowledgment of something greater or showing respect. It may also reflect humility, honor, and reverence.

Negatively, it may reflect being too submissive to other's wishes. Concerns that you will spend the rest of your life subordinate. Showing too much respect to people you fear. Fearing consequences for respecting yourself or being independent.

Example: A man dreamed of a man bowing to him. In waking life he had aggressively confronted his wife and a man he believed his wife may have cheated on him with. In the end both suspected people were afraid to not acknowledge his feelings as he refused to let the issue go.


To dream of a bowl filled with something represents preoccupation with an experience, feelings, or ideas that you want to have a lot of. Noticeably not feeling jealous at all because you have a lot of something. Not being able to think of anything except what is you are doing or dealing with. Indulging in one thing only or not wanting to do anything except "what's on your plate." Enjoying a lot of something or feeling that experiencing a lot of something is easy.

Negatively, a bowl may represent a tendency to think about doing something too much.

To dream of an empty bowl represent feelings about the potential to experience a lot of something easily.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing herself inside a giant bowl that she was happy about being inside of. In waking life she was lonely and felt that going to a spiritual retreat 4 or 5 times a year that most people only attend once in their life was a good idea. Dreaming about being inside the bowl may have reflected her feelings about herself needing to experience the spiritual retreat all the time to feel that she mattered.

Example 2: A man dreamed of having a giant bowl of soup that got spilled out on the floor leaving it empty. In waking life he was involved with a lot of money and financial decisions and was trying to use it to control his son's life and his son ended up embarrassing him by in front of the family to escape it.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing his wife's belly with a bowl in it. In waking life he wife was pregnant and he was very sensitive about protecting her. The bowl in this case may have reflected his feelings about watching his wife slowly grow more pregnant in a passive role.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing a green bowl with apples in it. In waking life she had an conversation the day before about why she was a better parent than someone else because she had more children they they did. The green bowl in this case may have reflected her jealous need to draw attention to the fact that she currently has more children than someone else.

Bowl Cut

To dream of a bowl style haircut represents your thoughts about an issue or situation that ignores quality, beauty, or feelings for function. An aspect of your personality that is systematic or has a one size fits all approach. Looking stupid for not being more concerned about appearances in some area of your life. Undesirable conformity. Feeling stupid about a situation where every single thing you don't want is happening all the time. Feeling stupid for not being original or not being treated special.

A bowl style haircut may appear in a dream when feelings or style is not considered as part of a choice or offer.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a kid with a bowl style haircut. In waking life she felt uncomfortable having to be supportive of her boyfriend when his ex-girlfriend died. The bowl cut may have reflected how stupid she felt she looked to other people having her life centered around a dead ex-girlfriend when she didn't know awhile also feeling that she ever got as much attention from her boyfriend. She felt stupid not being treated special or that she was "just another girlfriend."

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