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To dream of a hedge represents behaviors or attitudes that is intentionally secretive or hiding something by design. An own attempt to conceal information or a problem you have. A distraction or barrier you use to prevent others from noticing things you prefer to keep hidden. The dreamer's own attempt to conceal or distract others from the information or problem they have. Behavior that makes sure people don't say or see something about you until it's the right time. Professionally withholding transparency in order to appear more attractive or likeable. Precautions you take to ensure people don't discover certain things about you until the timing feels right.

Negatively, dreaming of hedges may represent manipulative behavior, where there's an intention to exert control over others without making it apparent, all while maintaining a facade of innocence. A person or situation that is withholding information from you or preventing you from understanding something. A hedge may also reflect some sort of platform or "smoke screen" being used for deception. People who, while seemingly amenable to your ideas, secretly harbor contrary intentions. The dream may highlight your discontentment with situations where individuals are not forthright about their true thoughts or feelings. Your discontentment with situations where individuals are not forthright about their true thoughts or feelings.

To dream of very tall hedges represents the extent to which a person was going to maintain a deception or a significant barrier the dreamer has to face to uncover the truth.

To dream of hedges positioned to the side of a sidewalk represents hidden intentions are not directly obstructing the dreamer's path, but are nevertheless present and affecting their situation.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing very tall hedges far off to the right side of a sidewalk. In waking life, a family member was dishonestly agreeing with him about his future plans when it reality the family just wanted the dreamer to like him while wasting time. In this case, the tall hedges might have reflected the family member's behavior of intentionally concealing their true thoughts and intentions.

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