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To dream of a birthday represents a special occasion that feels lucky or all about you. Feeling that others need to respect you as most special or lucky for a special occasion. An occasion all to yourself or someone that that you feel is deserving of special treatment. Special treatment that feels like you need to give it to others or that it needs to be given to you.A time where you or some aspect of yourself is experiencing the realization of wishes or desires feeling special or lucky. A time where you feel lucky or successful. Plans or preparations you are making to treat someone else special. Feelings about yourself or your existence being celebrated.

To dream of someone else having a birthday represents some aspect of your personality feeling lucky or getting what it wants.

Negatively, dreaming about a birthday may reflect jealousy of someone else getting special treatment or more special attention than you. Jealousy of other people enjoying special treatment or being liked by a lot of people easily. Jealousy of other people getting more special treatment than you. Feelings about a rare unpleasant occasion for others that is very lucky to you such as the death of a rich relative that brings you an inheritance. Excessive need for special treatment all the time. Nonobjective views about special treatment lasting forever.

Example: A man dreamed of a birthday party that was about to happen. In waking life his rich abusive father was about to die. The birthday may have reflected the dreamer's backwards happiness to see his abusive father die like it was a special occasion for inheritance.

Example 2: A woman dreamed seeing he friend having a birthday. In waking life the dreamer's friend was pregnant. The birthday in this case may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about the friend's pregnancy being a special occasion worthy of special treatment by everyone she knew.

Example 3: A woman dreamed that it her birthday. In waking all she could report was being in love and happy with her boyfriend. The birthday symbolism in this case may have reflected her feelings about being in love like every meeting with her boyfriend was a special lucky occasion.

Birthday Cake

To dream of a birthday cake represents a special occasion that makes you feel lucky or special. A special occasion that is shared with others. Something good has happened that is just for you. You may be getting exactly what you wanted. A wish may have been realized. Feelings about the specialness of pregnancy and socializing about it. Feeling that others need to notice and respect a situation being all about you.

If you see a birthday cake with blood on it may reflect a negative situation that overshadows your good luck or special occasion. It may also represent guilt you have with something negative you did to achieve your good fortune. Something bad has happened to overshadow or ruin socializing about a special occasion. A loss of some kind ruining a special occasion.

A pink birthday cake may reflect good fortune that you are obsessed with. Something good has happened and you want to experience it all the time. It may also reflect sexual favor during a special event. Someone may be flirting with during a special moment.

A cake with no candles may represent feelings about the specialness of a situation where you feel nobody is going to like you "making your wish" or choice.

Example: A woman dreamed that it was her friend's birthday and people showed up to ruin her birthday cake. In waking life the dreamer's friend was pregnant and the father was barely around to help her with the pregnancy. She felt she was never going to like having a child. The birthday cake being ruined in this case may have reflected feelings about the specialness of being pregnant or socializing to friends about it being ruined by the father of the pregnant woman not supporting the mother.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a birthday cake with no candles on it at the birthday party of a guy she liked. In waking she was single and liked 3 guys. The birthday cake with no candles on it may have reflected her feelings about the specialness of being lucky enough to pick from 3 guys that liked her while also thinking that 2 of the 3 guys wouldn't like her final decision or "making a wish" to be with one of the guys.

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Birthday Gift

To dream of a birthday gift represents a special moment of good luck or good fortune. Wish fulfillment in your life. A lucky or special occasion that feels like a gift. Feeling special or lucky without having to ask for it. Enjoying a pleasant surprise. Something good happened that you wanted. Something that you wanted happened. Feeling honored or respected in a thoughtful way.

To dream of a birthday gift that you don't like may reflect feelings about being respected without it being thoughtful.


To dream of a birthmark represents awareness about how unique something about yourself or someone else is. Feelings about being born to do something. A life purpose.

Negatively, a birthmark may reflect a problem or burden that you notice only effects you. Feeling that some area of your life is stained or cursed by fate.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a pastor with a birthmark on his back who didn't know the birthmark was there. In waking life the man felt his local pastor didn't respect how special his life purpose was as a leader of the church because the pastor was too concerned with miracles and materialism and not enough with responsible messages about charity and hard work. The unseen birthmark reflected the man's view of his pastor not being able to see how important his own life's purpose was.


To dream of biscuits represents feelings of enjoying knowing you are well behaved or that nothing you do is wrong. Enjoying thinking you are good person or are guilt free. Biscuits may be a sign that you are participating in activities that make you look like a good person or make you feel good about being a good person.

Negatively, a biscuits may reflect too much focus on telling yourself that you are a good person. Fearing looking guilty or that people think you are bad person. Fearing thinking that God doesn't think you are good person. Anxiety about thinking you are perfectly good person. Excessive need to prove you are a good person. A willingness to look stupid or waste money if it means you will be told you are good person. Giving up happiness in order to feel like a good person.

Example: A man dreamed of having picnics with biscuits he would butter. In waking life he was a devout born-again Christian who was making extra efforts to feel like a good person by doing as many Christian activities as he could.

Example 2: A man dreamed of eating biscuits. In waking life he was accused of something serious and was quite persistent in defending his innocence.

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To dream of a bisexual person may reflect conflict between masculine and feminine qualities. An aspect of yourself that is both sensitive and insensitive, passive and assertive, or controlling and compliant. It may reflect you or someone else that is playing both sides of a situation.

Alternatively, a bisexual in a dream may represent you or someone else that desires to "have it all." It may also reflect an openness to all possibilities or choices. You or someone else that likes everything.

If you are straight and find yourself attracted to a person of the same sex it may simply reflect how nice something feels or how desirable a situation is. Ask yourself what one thing stands out the most about the person you were attracted to and how that quality may apply to your life.


To dream of a bishop represents an aspect of your personality that is a moral authority above other moral authorities. A moral authority that can't be disagreed with without consequences. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings of authority in your church with the power to oversee progression. Feelings of respect or power in your church towards you or others.

Negatively, a bishop may reflect feelings about a person with the power to influence you into making immoral choices because they have too much power over you. An authority figure that is arrogantly making you trust it.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in the house of a bishop. In waking life she felt pressured by her boss and employees into infidelity to destroy someone else's marriage. The bishop symbolism in this case may have reflected her feelings about her boss having moral authority over managers to influence her into a relationship to destroy someone else's marriage.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing the Bishop of her church. In waking life she felt that her pastor wasn't allowing her to move forward in the ministry. The Bishop in this case may have reflected her feelings about her achievements in the church making her deserving of forcing her pastor to help her move forward in the ministry.


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To see a bite in a dream represents a negative influence or problem that may have gotten to you. Something corrupting your happiness or good intentions. A person, problem, or bad habit has "gotten to you." The severity of the bite reflects how effective or devastating this influence or problem was.

To dream of being bitten represents your vulnerability to negative influences or bad habits. You may have succumbed to temptation or bad habit. You might also be pestered by a problem or obstacle. The dream may be indication that you have bitten off more than you chew or that you've finally gone over the line. Perhaps you need to be more responsible or careful.

A non-serious bite may represent a person or situation that has attempted to negatively influence you or lure you. Alternatively, it may reflect a close call you've experienced due to a bad habit.

To dream of being bitten by a vampire represents a person or situation that you feel is parasitic to your wellbeing. You may feel used or that this negative influence is too powerful to overcome. A sign that you need to stand up for yourself in some area of your life.


To dream of something that tastes bitter represents situation in your life that is doesn't feel good. It may also reflect a situation that's becoming difficult to accept or tolerate.


To dream of BitTorrent represents feelings about a situation where you are waiting for all the bits and pieces of knowledge or resources from a diverse group of sources to come together in order for it all to make sense or be utilized. A situation or experience in your life that involves sharing, collaboration, or collective effort. Patience and determination to piece together information bit by bit, relying on a diverse range of inputs and learning to adapt to a new field.

Positively, dreaming about BitTorrent may symbolize your ability to collaborate with others effectively, harnessing collective efforts to achieve a common goal. The efficient acquisition of knowledge, skills, or resources from a diverse group of people. Your skill in navigating complex systems to access valuable information or opportunities. The power of collective effort, where everyone contributes a small part to achieve a larger goal.

Negatively, dreaming about BitTorrent may suggest feelings of guilt, illegality, or unethical behavior related to accessing or distributing information or resources without proper authorization. Feelings of uncertainty or risk associated with sharing or collaboration. Concerns about the potential consequences or risks associated with your actions in seeking shortcuts or exploiting others' efforts for personal gain. Feeling wary about the intentions of others in a collective project, or you might be struggling with the fear of losing individual control or credit in a collaborative effort. Alternatively, it could indicate a fear of being overwhelmed by a flood of information or resources beyond your capacity to handle.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a BitTorrent software program running with 3 separate torrent files downloading. In waking life, he was trying to make a new life for himself that required learning an entirely different field of knowledge to his current skillset to start a new business after walking away from his old one. He had to slowly learn whatever he needed in small pieces of numerous sources while waiting for life to go back to normal. In this case, BitTorrent may have reflected his patience and determination to piece together information bit by bit, relying on a diverse range of inputs and learning to adapt to a new field.


To dream of the color black represents imbalance or excess. A negative thinking pattern or negative situation that is noticeably beyond normal limits. Black most often reflects negative feelings such as fear or behaviors where there is a lack of moderation. Black may also represent a situations in your life where there is "nothing positive" happening at all.

Positively, the color black represents perfect focus on professionalism or thinking of nothing except yourself for your own benefit. Noticing that it's intelligent to think of nothing except yourself in a particular situation.

Black may show up in dreams for people who are afraid, suicidal, depressed, desperate, doing too many drugs, or having too much sex. An imbalanced mindset, mood, or behavior. It may also reflect your own awareness of yourself being terrible to other people.

Black in dreams is often accompanied by the color red. When both colors are combined this most often reflects powerful fear or strong negative intentions. Fearing the worst thing you've ever had to confront in your life.

To dream of being surrounded by blackness represents feelings about having no clear solutions to a problem. It may also point to feelings of fear, being lost, or feeling totally alone. Fearing the unknown.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a someone with black eyes. In waking life he was fearing serious punishment and being totally controlled by his abusive father if he got caught trying to escape him.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a porn star sitting on top of a black horse. In waking life he was having difficulty overcoming an addiction to pornography. The black horse may have reflected his feeling about excessive sexual drive and masturbation.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of seeing vicious black dog. In waking life he was extremely angry at a friend and calling her the most terrible names he could think of.

Example 4: A man dreamed of seeing someone dressed in black. In waking life he felt that his stockbroker was losing an excessive amount of his money and wanted to change stock brokers.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of seeing a black horse leaning on her. In waking life she feared losing a lot of business because of angering a friend whom she felt was very competitive and bossy.

Black And White

To dream in black and white (not necessarily a photograph) represents situations that feel that they are not as interesting as they could be. A life situation feels like it's just going through the motions and not enjoying the beauty of it.

To dream of seeing a black and white photograph represents your memory of a situation before a big change occurred. Remembering how simple life used to be. Feelings about memories being really old. Memories of a simpler time. Feeling that a memory of something dishonest you did is too old to be seriously concerned about any more. Nostalgia. Appreciation for how simple, honest, down to earth, or moral a situation used to be.

Negatively, a black and white photograph represents your memory of how good life used to be before something bad happened or before you were forced to change your negative behavior. Remembering life in the present as more realistic or sophisticated than the present.

Example: A young man dreamed of being shown a black and white photograph. In waking life he got caught committing a crime and was trying to recall his behavior right before he got caught. The black and white photograph in this case may have reflected his memory of his dishonest behavior not being serious to him because it was "old news" to him. He felt his guilt was important because it was "in the past."

Example 2: A man dreamed of a black and white scene of himself running away and being attacked. In waking life he was focused on remembering trauma from his past too much. The black and white symbolism may have reflected his awareness of his past not being as serious as it used to be while he still thought it about too much.

Black Eye

To dream of getting or seeing someone with a black eye represents a conflict of views or ideas. Evidence or embarrassment that someone else doesn't like what you are thinking. Social proof that your ideas, views, or past actions are opposed. It may also reflect punishment for your ideas or noticeable consequences of an argument over conflicting beliefs.

Black Hole

To dream of a black hole represents a obstacle in your life that you feel is all-consuming, destructive, and heartless. You may feel that there is no stopping a destructive or wasteful presence in your life. A hopeless disaster that is unstoppable. A hopeless waste that is unstoppable. Feeling that a destructive force in your life will overcome you.

Example: A man dreamed of a black hole. In waking life he believed that his illness was impossible to recover from and that it would overcome him.

Black Magic

To dream of black magic represents obtaining your wishes through underhanded tricks. Giving away all your integrity or morality in order to manipulate others. Getting what you want through deception, evil, and treachery.

To dream that you are performing black magic may be a sign that you are too willing to sacrifice all that good in yourself to achieve your goals. Leaving behind your integrity as a means to an end. A willingness to "sellout" for the long-term in order to get short-term power.

Black People

To dream of a Black person represents an aspect of your personality with a mindset that respects itself surviving without a problem. It may also reflect thinking that respects itself proving itself never being little. Surviving whatever happens while not believing that losing should happen again. Surviving nothing else losing. Powerful strength to hang on. Powerful motivation to remain as you are or stand your ground. A powerful need to remain hopeful. A militant attitude about surviving disaster. Feeling good believing in yourself and doing whatever it takes to stay that way. Placing a priority on keeping happiness or avoiding jealousy before all else. Surviving liking your life the way it is. Fighting to keep safe liking your life. Preferring to feel good surviving emptiness because there is a purpose to it.

Positively, Black people represent keeping hope alive in dangerous or terrible situations. Surviving a bad situation by "keeping on keeping on." Surviving or calm thinking being under high pressure. Risking everything to stay safe as though nothing else mattered. Rising above when everything is on the line. Keeping something wonderful away from an "asshole" at all costs. Laughing at a bad situation because you have nothing left to lose. Feeling good already being passed someone that doesn't deserve to compare to you. Having a sense of humor when nobody else does. Dangerously staying feeling good because it's all you have left to believe in yourself. Believing that you should feel good about something at all when nobody wants to. Believing that fearlessness isn't a mistake. Feeling that it's smarter to lie to avoid wasting time getting in trouble by uptight or overly conservative people. Intelligence about shortcuts or conveiniences. Not liking deserving to be uptight. Doing every last thing to be competitive. An intelligent or sane attitude about "telling it like it is" that doesn't mind that it's difficult.

Negatively, Black people represents overdoing respecting yourself surviving without a problem. An excessive need to prove yourself never being little. Mean, ignorant, or excessive about the winning parts only. Dishonestly proving yourself. Dishonest shortcuts about achieving a goal. Dishonestly or ignorantly refusing to give up in an argument when you know you are wrong because you just don't want to look stupid. Feeling that being ahead of other people is all that matters. Excessive need to be seen by others achieving, being successful, or living with excellency. Noticing the noticing of who is best without saying it outloud. Laughter that is ignorant or mean. A mean attitude about "telling it like it is." Overconfidence that looks at itself too much or hurts other people's feelings. Respecting oneself believing in oneself without a valid reason. Jealous spitefulness or getting back at people to prove yourself.

Additionally, from a negative perspective black people may represent preferring to survive a problem enjoying yourself as a priority before having to take a serious situation perfectly serious. Proving yourself that makes other people jealous. Hasty or dangerous choices because you are too concerned with getting ahead or liking something. Pleasure seeking that is dangerous or risky. You or someone else that is taking a big risk to escape a problem. Desperation to avoid being laughed at. Feeling the cost of never giving up once. Never thinking of the proper way to get achieve a goal except to focus on winning part. Not a grown up about feeling good all the time that's a problem. Ignoring long-term goals or planning to enjoy short-term living. Too much concern for not being a loser or needing show off to a lot of people that you aren't. Feeling that you need to be excellent or nobody will like you. Ignorant assertive emotionality. Desperation you or someone else has to avoid jealousy. Selfishness that does all it can to avoid losing the #1 spot.

Black people can also represent aspects of the personality if they are personal friends or celebrities that you associate qualities with.

Black people may also on rare occasions reflect the cultural pride that a black person feels about themselves if race is a serious issue to them.

To dream of a bald black person may reflect feeling good surviving at all costs with no concern for others feelings mattering or how you look to others. Proving onesself that has no concern for others feelings or appearances. Feeling that nothing matters ever again just to survive. A serious conservative attitude about not caring about anyone else's feelings with decisions. Negatively, dreaming of a bald black person may reflect powerful insecurities about losing while you do everything you can to hold on. Feeling that nothing in life cares about you at all and that hope is all you have left.

To dream of a black woman represents passively surviving without a problem. Passively proving yourself. Passively never giving up. Passively feeling someone should have to do something for you because you talked about it agreed on it already. Feeling that it's interesting to talk about every last option to address a problem. Taking care of other people is the reason you never lose. Doing every single thing yourself the hard way is why you'll do better than other people. Patience is the reason you never worry about anything.

Negatively, dreaming a black woman may reflect having to hang on passively when nobody helps you out. Surviving a problem situation while being overlooked. Feeling that you must endure problems with nobody listening to you. Wasting your time feeling good for an desired outcome when nobody needs to give it to you. Not liking seeing a problem all the time and having to put up with it. Feeling that you have to spend all your time earning all you have the right way because nobody will make it easy for you. Not getting to prove yourself the strong way because someone won't help you or do what they said. Not feeling successful if you didn't do every single thing yourself the hard way. Ignorantly being passively difficult towards someone else. Ignorantly never stopping "telling it like it is" to demean someone when you don't have to do anything yourself.

To dream of having sex with a black person may represent a waking life experience where you are enjoying proving yourself or being unstoppable that's easy. Enjoying never having to care about other people's problems. Enjoying like yourself feeling easy being laid back. You may be enjoying a moment of exceptional confidence where you feel proven and unbeatable, and have no fear of embarrassment. Enjoying respecting yourself mattering without a reason. Enjoying being seen by other people as better at something. Enjoying respecting yourself being good at something. Enjoying not having to think about what your problems are. Enjoying seeing that you are enjoying yourself. Having the best time feeling proven already so nobody ever embarrasses you. Exceptional moment of enjoying yourself never having to lose by staying the way you are. Enjoying never caring what other people think about you because you don't lose on your own.

If you dream of sexually attractive black people this can symbolize your strong preference to look good surviving a problem or feel good proving yourself without jealousy. Enjoying proving yourself or observing someone else prove themselves in an interesting way. Feeling good about not being a wimp that will survive a problem no matter what happens. An area of your life that is exceptionally desirable to you for its ability to keep you comfortable when comfort is difficult. Feeling that not thinking of other people problems for the rest of your life is an option.

To dream of being robbed by a black person may represent feelings about how proving yourself or choosing to feel good staying the way you are in a difficult situation may have negative consequences that "cost you." Losses experienced because of someone else's need to prove themselves. It may also reflect feelings of loss due to someone else trying something first, taking bigger risks than you, being more assertive, being more competitive than you, or who are better at feeling good than you. A sense of regret or frustration about missed opportunities or convenient options that you didn't take. Feeling that someome else has proved themself better than you did. Overall, the dream suggests a situation where staying the same or feeling good has serious consequences.

To see a very muscular black person may represent an aspect of your personality that is strong about proving itself or surviving any challenges to itself. A strong ability to prove oneself or show off to someone's face. A powerful wish to feel good remaining as you are. A strong ability to feel good despite challenges. Difficulty overcoming someone else's strong jealousy of you. Might is right that proves it over and over. An ability to stand your ground even in difficult situations. Fear of someone who proves themself better than you do.

For a black person to dream of a black person it may simply reflect an aspect of their personality where appearance and clothing are more important symbols. Dreaming of people of your own race is not always significant unless other races are present or the dream speaks about it being important. Facial features, clothing, or the feelings you get from the dream people are more important.

Historically, black people in dreams have been bad omens and often appeared before bad luck or tragedy would strike. This is because they reflect the dreamers careless sense of being proven already that prevents them from seeing the danger or risks ahead. An example would be of black people appearing in dreams of historical figures going to war before losing the war. The black people in this case may reflect the leaders feeling good overconfident surviving a battle they aren't prepared to deal with being different.

Example: A woman dreamed that a black man shot her in the chest. In real life the woman's daughter died in a car accident and she was grieving over her death when the funeral bill came. The black man who shot her may have reflected her wish to socially survive and prove herself to all her friends and family as a very loving respectful mother at all costs by paying for the funeral on credit when she couldn't afford it. Being shot reflected the shock she felt with getting the bill for the funeral.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing black men that she was very attracted to. In real life she was having difficulty getting the dream job and boyfriend that she wanted. The black men in this case may have represented her desire to prove herself powerfully to friends and family with a successful life and boyfriend that everyone sees.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of seeing an insecure looking black man leaning against a wall. In waking life he was financially broke while doing everything he could to keep financially stable without wanting to embarrass himself asking for help. In this case, the black man may have reflected the man surviving feeling good maintaining respect by not telling anyone he was broke. He was putting up with hard work and hiding details so he enjoyed respecting himself not being criticized.

Example 4: A young girl dreamed of a black girl signalling her to not tell an elderly man about how she drank tequila. In waking life, the young girl had told her mother about smoking marijuana. In this case, the black girl may have reflected the dreamer's conscience originally choosing to passively respecting herself surviving never being in trouble by withholding the truth, before telling the truth anyway.

Example 5: A man dreamed of an ugly black woman sitting close to him that wanted to have sex with him. In waking life he was experiencing a woman (not black) he wasn't interested in being assertive and persistent about trying to date him. He felt that woman was exhausting all her time hoping to date him and was not giving up on it easily while he preferred to be kind about ignoring her. In this case, the ugly black woman may have reflected the man's feelings about the woman aggressively never giving up proving herself or surviving rejection.

*Please See Africa

Black Widow

To dream of a black window represents feelings of being trapped in a sensitive, volatile, and unforgiving situation. You may feel that there will be permanent or hostile consequences that you will be powerless to stop if you make a single mistake.

Alternatively, a black window may reflect your own sensitive hostile intentions towards someone else. You may be ready to exact harsh revenge or consequences on someone else if they upset you in any way at all.

Example: A woman dreamed of having black windows under her skin. In real life she has a volatile relationship with her daughter and was ready to give her up to social services if her daughter got out of line at all. The black widows under her skin reflected how frustrated and ready she was to exact harsh punishment on her daughter at a moments notice.

*Please See Spiders


To dream of blackberries represents positive feelings about a dangerous situation. Liking knowing the worst is upon you or feeling good facing a problem.

Example: A woman dreamed of eating a lot of blackberries. In real life she was pregnant and was enjoying herself getting ready to give birth knowing it may be difficult and painful.


To dream of a blackbird represents a lack of motivation or a loss of interest. You may not be utilizing your full potential or simply don't want to spend any time focusing on something.

The blackbird species should not be mistaken for a black colored bird or crow. Black colored birds are more symbolic of bad luck or unpleasant developments. Crows most likely point to annoyances in your life.

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*Please See Chalkboard


To dream of a blackhead represents embarrassing feelings about yourself that you hope nobody else notices. Embarrassing things about yourself that you prefer to deal with privately hoping no attention will be drawn to it.

Dreams about blackheads may appear when you are insecure about some area of your life being looked at too closely or made fun if someone sees it. Feeling annoyed that you can't stop caring about what other people think if attention is drawn to something you are insecure about.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a woman with her nose filled with blackheads. In waking life he went broke and had to rebuild a new business. He hoped nobody he knew in the past who experienced him being rich would learn of his new found need to start over financially. He was embarrassed by his poverty and hoped to rebuild without anyone from his past seeing it.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of seeing a nose with blackheads. In waking life he was realizing that every time he purchased something from a controversial company that he was always insecure about other people noticing him being associated with that company if they ever noticed the logo.


To dream of being blackmailed represents a situation in your life where you feel you are at the mercy of a negative situation or someone else's bad intentions. A constant threat of loss or failure if negativity isn't respected. An ultimatum. You may also feel that if you don't keep doing something you may lose something important to you. Fearing negativity or embarrassment from your past coming back to haunt you and/or desperation to prevent it.

To dream that you are blackmailing someone represents an ultimatum you are making for someone else. You may be planning to cancel or stop something if certain conditions aren't maintained. It may also reflect issues with power and domination. You may be overly competitive. Exploitation of others past or secrets.


To dream of a blackout represents a situation in your life that completely stops you or distracts you. You may feel completely unable to function in some way because something important was stopped or removed. Something fundamental to your life, work, or relationship has stopped.

You may be frustrated or experiencing failure with something that you are attempting to do.


To dream of a blacksmith represents expertise in serious matters. You or someone else that has knowledge or skills that others think is dangerous. Confidence or competence in something risky.


To dream of a blade represents separation or the parting of ways.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing someone with a huge blade being held over them. In waking life he was close to telling his abusive controlling father that he landed a good job that would let him move out.

*Please See Knife


To dream of being blamed for something represents the realization that you may not have done everything you could have. It may also reflect guilt or a growing sense of responsibility for something that happened. It may also represent your projection of other people who you feel are angry with you. It may be a sign that you are being too hard on yourself or that you are in denial about your actions.

To dream of blaming others represents you feeling that something isn't fair. It may also reflect your feeling that someone else hasn't been 100% honest or has been irresponsible.

To dream of your father blaming you may represent the realization of guilt or the acceptance of responsibility. Your conscience may be trying to come clean or you are trying to be more honest with yourself.


To dream of a situation being bland represents feelings about a situation being uninteresting or unexceptional. Boring or a lack of excitement. A lack of fun. Feeling that fun or excitement is being intentionally withheld from you. Nothing exceptional going on in your life. Mandatory boredom or enforced patience.

Negatively, something bland in a dream may reflect issues with accepting a boring or uninteresting situation the way it is without end. A possible sign that you need to take action or make a change. Feeling that it's simply easier to not bother making a change or forcing change.


To dream of a blanket represents feelings of comfort, security, warmth, and emotional protection. It can represent an attempt to protect oneself from feelings of vulnerability or insecurity, and a need to feel safe and cared for. Not letting something bother you because you can feel good a different way. Habits that allow you to feel better about yourself or more comfortable with a difficult situation. Feeling cosy. Warmth of feeling yourself being cared about. It may also reflect sympathy you or someone else is getting.

Negatively, a blanket may reflect a reluctance to confront or deal with difficult emotions or situations, and a preference for remaining in a state of emotional comfort and safety. Your wish to cover some situation or circumstance in your waking life to feel better about yourself. Feeling sorry for yourself. Personal hurt that needs to be addressed with sympathy. You may be seeking some form of shelter from the outside world or a relationship. Feeling the need for comfort after a breakup.

To dream of a wet blanket represents a situation or person that takes away feelings of comfort, security, and emotional protection with negative emotions. This could be a person who consistently dampens one's mood or enthusiasm, leaving them feeling uncertain, embarrassed, or insecure. The wet blanket could represent negativity or pessimism that prevents one from feeling cozy and warm, or habits that do not allow them to feel better about themselves or comfortable with a difficult situation. A wet blanket may also reflect a lack of sympathy or emotional support that makes feeling comfortable useless.

To dream of a dirty blanket represents a need to cleanse or purify oneself, one's environment, or a particular situation to regain a sense of comfort and emotional safety. A situation or relationship that feels contaminated or polluted, and therefore cannot provide the desired comfort and security.

Example: A young man dreamed of wrapping a blanket around a lizard. In waking life he feared losing his friend and was telling himself that everything would be OK and that it wasn't that serious. In this case the blanket may have reflected the dreamer's attempt to comfort or protect himself from the fear of losing his friend, as he may have been struggling with feelings of insecurity and vulnerability in their relationship.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a dog being covered up with a blanket. In waking life he was forced to comply with a restraining order to not speak to someone. The blanket in this case may have reflected his feelings about the person who sent him the restraining order feeling comfortable or protected by the restraining order, possibly a sign that the dreamer didn't respect the restraining order.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of wrapping herself in a blanket. In waking life she had lost her marriage and was feeling sorry for herself. In this case the blanket may have reflected her desire for comfort and security that she gave to herself during a time of emotional vulnerability and turmoil. The act of wrapping herself in a blanket symbolizes her need for warmth, protection, and emotional support that she feels she has lost due to the end of her marriage.


To dream of a blazer represents proper conduct or an appropriate attitude. A concerted effort to carry yourself responsibly or to behave yourself. You may have a heightened interest in not embarrassing yourself with someone important to you.

Example: A girl dreamed of a guy she liked wearing a blazer. In real life she felt very self-conscious about saying anything stupid or embarrassing around this guy.


To dream of bleach represents a time of powerful healing and cleansing of personal issues. You may be trying to mend past hurts or resolve unexpressed emotions. A sign that you are undergoing big change, personal growth, or doing a lot of self-reflection.

Negatively, bleach may represent situations that you feel impose or pressure you into changing your bad habits. Self-control, respect for others, or bad habits that you feel you have to change.


To see or sit on bleachers in a dream represents a spectator or observer view of a confrontation, competitive struggle, or jealous situation. Your awareness of a confrontation of some sort. You may also be reflecting on the progress of your goals. Observing a situation where "the best" is being determined. Observation rather participation. Feeling that people at school or work are witnessing you competing for something with another person such as dating someone or a job.

Negatively, dreaming about bleachers may reflect feelings about being powerless to be involved in a conflict or struggle. You can only observe others confront their troubles. It may also reflect enjoying a spectators view of two opposing sides. Vanity of yourself confronting a challenge that is public. Ignorant or mean spectator perspective of a situation that would rather watch than be involved. You may be noticing yourself struggling with a problem.

To dream of empty bleachers may reflect feelings about why a situation in your life isn't a competition yet.

Alternatively, bleachers may represent a struggle or confrontation you are witnessing with someone else.

To dream of sitting on empty bleachers may reflect your anticipation of a power struggle or confrontation with a problem. It may also symbolize your belief that other people are not interested in confronting a problem.

Example: A woman dreamed of standing beside bleachers in a school gymnasium. In waking life her felt powerless to help her son with a serious legal problem while hoping for the best. The bleachers in this case may have reflected her feelings about having a spectator view of the situation with her son while being powerless to do anything to help him accept hope for best.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of seeing her crush sitting on the bleachers talking to his friend and eventually seeing him walk away. In waking life she jealous she hadn't seen her crush in a month while being aware of his 1 year anniversary with his current girlfriend. In this case the bleachers may have reflected her feelings about people not seeing her competing with her crushes girlfriend to date him yet.

Example 3: A teenage girl dreamed of seeing bleachers. In waking life she liked a guy whom she heard inconsistent reports from friends about liking her. The bleachers in this case may have reflected her feelings about all her friends watching her confront whether dating the guy she liked was possible or not.


To dream of bleeding represents some area of your life that is losing strength, vigor, and vitality. The body part that bleeds represents the area of your life that is losing strength.

To dream of bleeding that won't stop may reflect a traumatic experience that you have difficulty getting over.

To dream of bleeding from your leg represents awareness of your independence being lost. Your ability to do things for yourself is slowly being weakened.

*Please See Blood


To dream of a blender represents a method of making difficult situations smoother or ideas easier to accept. The option to make your problems less difficult to experience.

To dream of blending different foods represents a mixing or blending of different aspects, ideas, or emotions within oneself or in a situation to make them more acceptable. Merging of different aspects of your life to make it more enjoyable or convenient. Your attempt to merge various ideas or factors into a more harmonious whole. Your ability to smoothly integrate various aspects of your life, embrace complexity, and find harmony and balance. Your attempt to find common ground with someone else or to find an acceptable compromise. A conscious choice to blend different influences, skills, or resources to create something new and easier to accept.

Negatively, dreaming about blending different foods may represent feelings of confusion, chaos, or being overwhelmed by too many influences or demands. A fear of losing distinctiveness, individuality, or control as things are mixed or merged. Feeling forced to blend in with others or conform to expectations that don't align with your personal values or goals. Conflict or tension as you attempt to combine incompatible elements. A struggle to find clarity or to make sense of a complex situation. Embarrassing yourself believing that mixing different aspects of your life will ever be easy or enjoyable.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a baby pink-colored liquid inside a blender. In waking life, she was a musician that was pregnant while trying to grasp being pregnant while working. In this case, the blender may have reflected her attempts to smoothly integrate her pregnancy into her career as a musician. She may have been exploring ways to blend her responsibilities as an expecting mother with her professional life, hoping to make both aspects more harmonious and enjoyable.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being at a bachelorette party and having a drink made with sausage and vegetables that was mixed in from a blender. In waking life, she was planning a bachelorette party. In this case, the sausage and vegetable drink that was mixed in a blender may have reflected her feelings about her attempts to blend a fun bachelorette experience with a male stripper combined with respect for healthy relationships of the women attending that respected the bride.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of a blender that she didn't realize that she had. In waking life, she was planning to move in with her boyfriend in a month. In this case, the blender may have reflected her feelings about the potential to combine or merge different aspects of her life with her boyfriend's. The discovery of the blender in the dream might symbolize her realization of the possibilities or challenges in blending their lifestyles, habits, or values in a shared living situation.


To dream of a blessing represents acceptance by others or being recognized for your growth, progress and understanding. Feeling free to move ahead with some endeavor. Others approving of your actions.

Alternatively, a blessing may reflect your self-acceptance or self-approval with an issue.

To dream of a holy blessing may represent a very high degree of acceptance or approval. Total forgiveness you are feeling or desiring to have.


To dream of a blimp may represent a plan or project getting "off the ground" that is big and empty.

Positively, dreaming about a blimp may reflect feelings about success or maintaining your level of status based on unsubstantial gestures. Feeling that it's easy to succeed by "talking big", but using very little resources.

Negatively, a blimp may reflect the realization of goals that are based on empty promises or a lack of substance. Getting something in your life to work based on a lack of substance, integrity, or an unusual degree of deception. Successful plans or projects based on "a lot of hot air" or lies. Keeping power, money, self-respect, or other people's loyalty with methods that are uncaring. Saying whatever needs to be said in order to keep your goals "floating."

Example: A woman dreamed of using a blimp to travel with a bunch of Las Vegas card dealers. In waking life she was taking a chance with her business to keep customers by using free pen gifts to entice her customers to renew their contracts to keep her business running. The blimp may have reflected her feelings about how big and empty the gesture of free gift pens to her customer felt to her in order to keep her business "floating."


To dream of being blind represents you or someone else that lacks the ability to notice something directly. A total inability to easily size up a situation or see the truth. A limited or handicapped ability to directly understand a situation.

Blindness in a dream may reflect a heightened need to use body language, gestures, or trickery to test people's reactions to feel their real intentions out.

Negatively, blindness in a dream may be a sign that you are aware of yourself being too deep into a difficult or important situation with no real way to understand it. It may also be a sign that you are uncomfortable lacking direct information.

Example: A man dreamed of walking with a blind person. In waking life he was trying to talk to people he thought were liars and had to speak to them carefully in order to feel out their real intentions.

Blind Date

To dream that you are on a blind date, represents enthusiasm for something new you are trying. You may be taking a chance with a new idea, attitude, or possibility. New experiences you are choosing to have without knowing exactly what will happen. Possibly a sign that you fully committing to plans or suggestions that you don't know a lot about.


To dream of a blindfold represents intentionally lacking the ability to notice something. Willful blindness or purposely believing what someone else tells you just because they told you.

To dream of being forced to wear a blindfold may represent feelings of being forced to believe whatever you are told. It may also reflect feelings of being cut off from any way of discerning the truth.


To dream of seeing blinds represents discretion being used in revealing information or the truth. Choosing how much you want others knowing. You or someone else that is controlling what others are allowed to notice.

Negatively, blinds may represent insecurity or jealousy about letting others notice your flaws or weaknesses. Only letting other people notice the good stuff.

*Please See Curtains


To dream of blinking represents a lack of concern for being perfect all the time. Letting your guard down for a short moment.

Negatively, blinking may reflect a small oversight or feeling stupid for not being perfect.


To dream of a blister represents situations where you have been involved in excessive behavior or too exposed to something that has gone overboard. You may now be realizing the consequences of "playing with fire" or being obsessed.

Alternatively, a blister in a dream may be a sign that you are trying too hard at something. You need to slow down.


To dream of a blizzard represents terribleness or harsh conditions that take all your strength or resources to get through. You may be experiencing a very unpleasant change or cleansing experience that you have to give your all to survive. You may feel excluded and left out. Emotional coldness and indifference to your feelings. It may also reflect a lack of love or warmth within a relationship.


To dream of being bloated represents your discomfort with not noticing anything you like. Nothing is working the way you want it to or you don't feel confident about yourself. Living with negativity or uncertainty that is out of your control. Not having a way out of an unpleasant situation.


To dream of a blob may represent feelings about some area of your life being disgusting with no concern about it.

To dream of a giant living blob monster may reflect feelings about people who scare you with how lazy, selfish, and disgusting they are. Feelings about how terrible someone is who doesn't want to try new things while complaining and ruining everything you want to enjoy. Sloth or laziness that is totally arrogant about how it's effecting other people's lives. A mindset that is focused on getting more for itself while arrogantly refusing to let go of any negativity at all. Lazy jealous people in your life playing the victim role who interfere with your happiness.


To dream of being physically blocked represents feelings about obstacles or interference with your goals. Feelings of obstruction. Feelings about a person or situation getting in your way. Feeling intentionally kept away from your goals or desires. Feeling that someone doesn't want you to do something. Progress impeded. Problems that keep you away from safety. Jealousy of something or someone interfering. Alternative decision or options forced on you. Feeling that someone or something wants to stop you. Feelings about blocked access, opportunity, or change in your waking life. Feeling annoyed by others safety concerns for you.

To dream of yourself blocking someone or something represents feelings of needing to interfere, protect, or avoid jealousy. Not wanting to help. Interfering with someone or something you don't like. Trying your best to stop something. Intentionally trying to be difficult or create obstacles. Asserting yourself not wanting to listen to something. Blocking unwanted emotions, thoughts, or experiences. A strong need to stop something happening in your life.

Negatively, blocking someone or something may reflect naively wasting time trying to avoid something inevitable. Impeding others goals or desires. Overprotective overbearing attitude about safety.

To dream of blocking someone or something on the internet represents feelings about protecting yourself or avoiding jealousy. Avoiding having unpleasant, undesirable, or dangerous experiences. Preventing creating further unwanted experiences. Excessive need to have perfectly safe experiences or relationships.

To dream of being blocked from going home may reflect feelings about something in your waking life interfering with your ability to make your life feel normal again after having to deal with a problem or distraction.

To dream of stairs being blocked represents feelings about being unable to incrementally increase or decrease the power of the situation. Feeling stopped from getting ahead at work or get promoted. Feeling unable to tone down a situation. Feeling unable to slowly improve or reduce a situation. Feeling unable to safely get to the bottom of a problem situation or work your way up in a situation.

Example: A woman dreamed of being blocked from going home. In waking life she felt the need to take care of a mentally ill family member while being unemployed and single. The feeling of being blocked from going home in this case may have reflected her feelings about the mentally ill family members being an obstacle to her goals of getting a job, moving back home with family, and starting a new life.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of Satanists blocking her car. In waking life she wanted to restart physically training with her coach, but felt it wasn't a good idea because she previously had a sexual relationship with him and he started to dislike her afterwards. The car being blocked in this case may have reflected her feelings about her ability to control her life or decide how to live her life being stopped by her past sexual relationship with her coach never being forgotten.

Example 3: A man dreamed of blocking an attack. In waking life he was trying to ignore unpleasant thoughts.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of stairs being blocked. In waking life she was frustrated that she didn't have the influence to make wanted changes at work.

*Please See Roadblocks


To dream of building blocks represents the fundamentals or ingredients to achievement. A sense of vision or intuition about what it takes to achieve or create something. Noticing a goal or plan slowly unfolding before your eyes. Observing each aspect of a project or plan doing what it's supposed to.

Using toy blocks in a dream may reflect a non-serious attempt to "go through the motions" of everything required in a plan or project. Theorizing or brainstorming. Your enjoyment of making something out of nothing. Liking what you are doing or creating.


To dream of a blog represents a personal account of a situation. It may also reflect sharing of personal details or opinions.

Blonde Hair

To dream of blonde or yellow hair represents a thinking style that is being noticed. What you are thinking or how you are thinking being obvious to others. Awareness of yourself or someone else thinking in a certain way.

Alternatively, blonde hair in a dream may reflect actualization of thoughts. Awareness of your ideas "coming to life." Seeing your ideas happen for real. Feeling good noticing something you are thinking happening. Thinking it's fantastic to watch your ideas come to life.

Negatively, blonde hair may reflect fears coming to life or embarrassment of your thinking style being obvious to people who don't respect you. Fearing offensive ideas being noticed by people with authority over you. Jealousy of enemies laughing at your ideas or honesty.

To dream of beautiful people with blonde hair may reflect pleasant feelings about life experience where you are noticing your dreams or desires happening for real. Positive attention to your ideas or comments.

Example: A woman had recurring nightmares of herself having blonde hair. In waking life she was fearing that highly controversial statements she was making in public would be discovered and get her in trouble. The blonde hair in this case may have reflected her feelings about her controversial political opinions causing her an excessive amount of attention.


To dream of blood represents energy or vitality. It reflects how healthy or strong some aspect of your life is. Blood outside the body is generally symbolic of a loss of strength in some area of your life, while blood inside the body symbolizes strength and energy.

Negatively, blood reflects some aspect of yourself or area of your life that is losing energy or vitality. Either emotional pain, upsets, or situation caused by excessive drives or behavior. This usually appears in dreams as bleeding, seeing pools of blood, or being covered in blood. Feeling like a loser for having lost something. Negative remarks made that cause others pain. Feeling that you don't matter. Illness or the painful loss of a relationship. Serious damage to your confidence.

Positively, blood reflects vitality, strength, and success. You are confronting problems, getting ahead, or feeling strong. This may appear in dreams as the blood of enemies, blood pumping through your veins, or wounds that don't bleed.

To dream of bleeding represents some area of your life that is losing strength, vigor, and vitality. The body part that bleeds represents the area of your life that is losing strength. To dream of bleeding that won't stop may reflect a traumatic experience that you have difficulty getting over.

To dream of being covered in blood may represent conflict in a relationship or social setting. The blood on you reflecting the results of fighting, viciousness, or attacks on others as you attempt to assert yourself. Being covered in blood may also represent your sense of loss, either your own of someone else's.

To dream of feet bleeding represents some issue in your life that is effecting your moral foundation, or principles.

To dream of having blood on your hands reflects feelings of guilt or responsibility for your actions.

To dream of blood being totally drained from the body represents some issue in your life that is totally draining you of power, strength, or confidence.

To dream of blood on the walls represents lingering feeling about a loss or failure. You may be be unable to stop thinking about a difficulty that you overcame or a traumatic experience you've endured. Negatively, you may be unable to get your mind of your involvement in a bad situation.

Alternatively, dreams about blood may reflect issues with women's menstrual periods. It's not uncommon for women to dream of messy blood scenario's when they have accidental bleeding. Women may also dream of bloody rivers while having their periods.

Example: A young woman dreamed of winning a sports competition against another woman who seemed afraid of blood. In waking life she had overcome her fear of telling her parents that she had failed her second year of university. The fear of blood in the dream may have reflected her fear of making her parents angry about her failure at school.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being annoyed to see blood coming out of a garbage bag with a dead body she just chopped up. In waking life she bothered by having having to care about her ex-boyfriend's feelings after having broken up with him.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of seeing two sharks fighting and one of them made the other bleed. In waking life he manipulated two friends into attacking each other verbally and noticed one friend got his feelings hurt.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing herself bleeding. In waking life she had just broken up with her boyfriend. The bleeding may have reflected her feelings of pain of losing someone she loved. Feeling like a loser for having lost her boyfriend.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of being covered in blood. In waking life she had cancer and felt that her life was doomed.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of blood splattered all over a road. In waking life she was frustrated about losing a friend at work who was originally very nice to her, but then stopped being nice. The blood splattered on the road may reflect the dreamer's feelings about how dangerous losing a friend at work felt as they tried to get ahead in the world.

Example 7: A woman dreamed of seeing a baby with no blood. In waking life she felt that her plans were dashed because she had no money and no job. The bloodless baby in this case may have reflected her feelings about her life and plans lacking vitality because she lacked money and a job.

*Please See Bleeding

*Please See Menstruation

*Please See Bloody Hands

*Please See Transfusion

Blood Pressure

To dream of blood pressure represents how well you are able to cope with current life situations. How exciting, thrilling, or challenging your life is.

High blood pressure reflects too much stress, anxiety, or responsibility. A situation may be emotionally overwhelming. You may need to seek help or slow down.

Low blood pressure represents boredom or a slow paced lifestyle. You may be lacking excitement or need a change.

Blood Tests

To dream of a blood test represents feelings of evaluation, scrutiny, or assessment regarding your vitality, strength, or ability to safely do things with issues that don't easily communicate your status. A thorough self-examination or evaluation of your status for health, behaviors, or decisions. Concerns about discovering problems or issues that require attention. Anxiety about the outcome of a situation where you are being tested on your vitality, strength, or ability to safely do things. A desire for validation or confirmation that everything is okay or that you are on the right path. Concerns about being found lacking in some way.

Positively, dreaming about a blood test may represent a proactive approach to monitoring your vitality, strength, or ability to safely do things with potential problems before they escalate. Preventative measures to maintain a balanced life or lifestyle. A willingness to confront and address any underlying issues or challenges affecting your overall well-being.

Negatively, dreaming about a blood test may represent fears of discovering something wrong with you or your life. Feelings of vulnerability, uncertainty, or insecurity about your vitality, strength, or ability to safely do things with issues that don't easily communicate your status. You may feel exposed or under pressure to address health concerns or make necessary lifestyle changes. Anxieties about potential illnesses, hidden flaws, or personal shortcomings being exposed.

Alternatively, dreaming about a blood test may represent anxiety about illness, disease, or potential health problems that need attention.

Example: A woman dreamed of getting a blood test to determine if she was pregnant and found out that she had AIDS. In waking life, she felt stuck in an abusive relationship that prevented her from moving away to a better life. In this case, the blood test may have reflected her thoughts about assessing her own vitality, financial strength, and ability to safely move away as a person who is capable of living independently from her husband. The pregnancy test revealing she had AIDS instead of being pregnant may reflect her feelings about being stuck with or having sex with her abusive partner that could only ruin her life staying the way she was instead of having a viable future with him.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a man getting a blood test that discovered he was on drugs. In waking life, she didn't like that the father of one of her children wasn't capable of paying any child support. In this case, the blood test may have reflected her her thoughts about evaluating the father's ability to support his child financially and discovering his unreliability or incapacity to contribute due to irresponsible behaviors or choices.

Blood Transfusion

To dream of a blood transfusion represents feelings about attempting to reinvigorate the energy in a situation, relationship, or your own efforts into a problem. A need for renewal of energy. A need to renew vitality in some manner.

Negatively, a blood transfusion may reflect honest feelings about yourself not feeling as passionate about a situation or relationship as you want to. Feeling that you need a miracle to make a relationship work.

Example: A woman dreamed of needing a blood transfusion. In waking life he was planning to get married to a man she wasn't fully in love with. She was trying to force herself to fall more deeply in love with the man for the sake of her kids.


To dream of a bloodstone represents a constant reminder in your life of a failure. Positively, it may reflect a constant reminder of how you aggressively overcame a hardship and difficulty. Negatively, a bloodstone may reflect a lingering reminder of a violent act or conflict. It may also symbolize arrogance that never lets you forget a failure or mistake.

Bloody Hands

To dream of having blood on your hands reflects feelings of guilt or responsibility for your actions.


To dream of a blouse represents the personality being sensitive about being respected or appearing professional. Insecurity or being easy to upset when it comes to proving yourself.

Example: A man dreamed about hearing someone talking about a blouse he owned. In waking life he was very eager to do business with something who kept embarrassing him by ignoring him.

Blow Drying

To dream of blow drying hair represents a wish to make your thinking style perfect. Getting your ideas or story straight. Perfecting ideas that others will hear.

Negatively, blow drying may reflect an excessive need to be perfect or make a good impression. Spending too much time fixing something or changing your ideas. Caring too much about what someone else may think of you or your ideas.

*Please See Hair

Blow Torch

To dream of a blow torch represents total discrimination or prejudice. An area of your life where specific requirements have to me met and anything less isn't good enough. It may also represent rejection for anything less than perfect.

A blow torch may be a sign that you are demanding more of yourself, raising standards, or simply not interested in anything that is exactly what you want. It could also reflect a person or situation where negotiations or compromises are not possible.

Example: A young man dreamed of a blow torch with a blue flame. In real life his parents were very strict about who he was allowed to date. The blow torch reflected the high degree of discrimination his parents had over his romantic life and their insensitive attitude toward anyone they didn't approve of.


To dream of a blowfish represents overindulgence. Being mentally or emotionally engorged. You may be doing something a lot more than is usual or feel that you've done something way too much.

Negatively, a blowfish may reflect embarrassment at having done something way too much.

Example: A woman once dreamed of having a pet blowfish. In real life she was expected to perform oral sex on her partner a lot more than he was ever expected to return the favor. The pet blowfish reflected her need to keep him happy by satisfying him whenever he wanted.


To dream of a tire blowout represents unexpected obstacles, delays, or disappointments toward your goals. A sudden disruption or loss of confidence and self-esteem. The unexpected failure of a plan, goal, or relationship that you have been relying on. The feeling that progress has been halted or that a part of your life has suffered a significant setback or failure. Situations where the dreamer's progress or plans are derailed and their confidence is shaken. A sense of frustration, delays, or unexpected challenges that hinder their ability to move forward or achieve what they desire.

Positively, dreaming about a tire blowout might indicate a need for resilience and adaptability in the face of unexpected setbacks. It can symbolize the importance of remaining determined and finding alternative paths to reach one's goals

Negatively, this dream could suggest feelings of frustration, discouragement, or a blow to one's self-confidence. A fear of failure or a lack of control over the circumstances that hinder progress. A need to evaluate one's goals or approach, as the dreamer may be facing challenges that require adjustments. You may feel that your journey has been abruptly interrupted, and you're left dealing with the unexpected consequences. Feeling that you have been pushing yourself too hard. An indication of a lack of preparation or a warning that you are on a precarious path.

*Please See Car Tires


To dream of light blue represents feelings about positivity, thoughtfulness, truth that doesn't embarrass anyone, sensitivity, kindness, not being mean, or feeling that a situation cares about you. Thoughts, emotions, or behaviors that are healthy, helpful, genuine, and honest. Feelings about a very positive situation or positive choice.

To dream of dark blue represents feelings of insensitivity, professional honesty, cold facts, or brutal honesty that's good for you while feeling mean. Feelings about a very difficult situation that is in your best interest. Thoughts, comments, or situations that feel cold and uncaring while being completely honest. Something positive that lacks concern for other people's feelings. Situations where you or someone else is being cold, blunt, or harsh. Authority or parents who embarrass you with their strict safety policies that feel unfair. Honest jerks. Being mean to people because it's in their best interest. Being mean to people who aren't listening to your feelings.

To dream of royal blue represents feelings about deserving to believe in yourself with authority and confidence that everything you do is working out as long as everything you do respects the truth. Deserving honesty without a problem. Professionalism about believing in the truth as the reason you don't have problems. Feelings about not deserving problems because you tell the truth all the time. Confidence and professionalism about getting ahead.

Example: A young boy dreamed of falling into a scary basement where he saw his father turn on a blue light. In waking life, he was having problems dealing with his temperamental father who had returned from military service, but one day his father started to treat him nicely and their relationship became a lot more family-oriented. In this case, the color blue of the light may have reflected the positive change in his father's behavior, symbolizing newfound kindness and sensitivity.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of standing inside a light blue void. In waking life, he was experiencing a powerful spiritual awakening that made his entire life feel better. In this case, the light blue color of the void may have reflected his feelings of positivity, peace, and believing that God loved him without a problem.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing someone wearing blue clothes. In waking life, he was surprised to find this person helpful to him with a serious problem. In this case, the blue clothes may have reflected the person showing sensitivity and kindness in assisting with the issue.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing royal blue stained glass windows at a church. In waking life, she was trying hard to improve her relationship with God. In this case, the royal blue stained glass windows may have reflected her feeling about herself feeling good not having to worry about reestablishing her spiritual standing with God as long as she was committed to truth and integrity.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of seeing a man wearing a royal blue and beige shirt. In waking life, she was progressing at a very fast pace at work. In this case, the man wearing a royal blue and beige shirt may have reflected her feelings about confidently moving forward in her career while maintaining a sense of balance and professionalism.

Blue Jay

To see a blue jay in your dream, represents an aspect of your personality that draws attention to itself. You or someone else that is easily noticed. You may feel that people notice everything you say or do.

*Please See Bluebirds

Blue Jeans

*Please See Jeans


To dream of bluebells represents a positive experience in waking life that is noticeably not arrogant. Feeling how nice it is that someone is purposely trying to not embarrass you. Sensitivity about letting others feel good not being embarrassed.

Feeling good noticing that nothing draws attention to your problems or negativity on purpose.


To dream of blueberries represents feeling good about something that you realize isn't perfect. Enjoyment of something that you have a sobering opinion of. Enjoyment of something you are accustomed to. Enjoying something you feel could be better.

Often a dream symbol appearing to parents or expecting parents to reflect their feelings about the joys of parenthood being filled with constant headaches or hard work. Blueberries may also reflect the enjoyment of sex for the purpose of conceiving where enjoying the sex isn't a priority.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a blueberry tree covered in blueberries that hadn't fallen yet. In waking life she was trying to conceive and hadn't yet. The blueberry tree may have reflected her feelings about constant sex with her husband that wasn't perfectly enjoyable because she didn't care about anything except having children.


To dream of a bluebird represents feelings about a situation being perfectly safe and happy. Feelings about a situation or behavior being "lovely." Feeling good loving everyone else. Feeling good having nothing to hide. Feeling good about never having fake anything in life. Feelings about some area of your life perfectly transcending dishonesty and social disharmony. Feeling that everything happening in a situation is wonderful with no danger whatsoever. Social happiness and resolution. Enjoying feeling that you know and get along with everyone around you. Enjoying a situation where you never have a reason to be nervous. Confidence in situations where everything feel free and wonderful. Happiness gain through old fashioned values.

Negatively, bluebirds may reflect a refusal to be involved in anything that isn't perfectly safe and happy even if it hurts others because it risk losing your own happiness. Naive optimism. Feeling annoyed by happy people. Sadness about how happy and easy life used to be. Jealousy of others having happier functioning relationships. Feeling that you are the only person in a situation that is genuinely being themselves. Feeling like a fake or poser around people that aren't.

Dreams of bluebirds commonly appear sitting on a shoulder. This may reflect feelings about believing yourself as an honest happy person being important to be noticed by others. Showing off to others with a happy attitude. Feeling that nobody can stop you from enjoying strong support from good friends and loving family. Refusing to listen or accept a situation that isn't supportive of happiness or strong relationships.

Note: The bluebirds symbol should not be mistaken for blue colored birds. The bluebird is an actual species of bird most commonly with a blue top, orange chest, and white underbelly.

*Please See Blue Jay

*Please See Birds


To dream of blueprints detailed pre-planning or a perfect plan of action. Careful planning about how to achieve a goal or improve a relationship. Alternatively, blueprints may be a sign that you need to put more effort into your plans or goals.

Negatively, blueprints may be a sign that you are too concerned with planning an outcome or believing that relationship should be perfect.

Example: A woman dreamed of finding blueprints. In waking life she was trying to come up with a perfect plan to get her boyfriend back and keep the relationship happy.

Blunt (Marijuana)

To dream of a blunt represents an overwhelming or very powerful experience in a relaxed nature. A powerful experience of yourself or someone else being laid back. People being exceptionally "cool" or comfortable with you when you feel most other people aren't at all. Situations of a laid back nature that are in serious contrast to the tension you would normally expect.

Example: A man dreamed of meeting a man who smoked a blunt marijuana joint with him. In waking life he was speaking to someone about his guilty actions who did not judge him at all and gave him calm objective advice. He found this unusual as many people were very angry at him.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of smoking a blunt. In waking life she had just taking a restraining order off her ex-boyfriend. They had a big fight which required a restraining order and then made up in a very dramatic contrast to the fight.


To dream of something being blurry represents your feelings of uncertainty about something. A lack of clarity. Confusion. Not being totally sure what to think of a person or situation in waking life. Not being able to form a solid opinion about something. Feeling a need for more information before making a decision or coming to a conclusion.


To dream of blushing represents awareness of impotence being noticed by others. You or someone else that is noticing that they've had their weakness revealed. Alternatively, the dream may reflect an embarrassing situation or your dislike of having been embarrassed.

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