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To dream of an intruder represents feelings of violation, unwelcome change, or the breach of personal boundaries that makes you feel you have to protect yourself or take action to counter it. A sense of intrusion into your personal space, whether physical, emotional, or psychological. A situation where your safety, security, or sense of control feels compromised requiring you to scramble to keep it. Unresolved issues or conflicts that are intruding upon your peace of mind. A violation of personal boundaries that is creating tension.

Unwanted changes at work or in relationships often bring dreams of intruders. Unwelcome stress in your life.

Example: A man dreamed of an intruder entering his house. In waking life, he was beginning to feel that an extramarital affair he was having was beginning to encroach on his relationship with his wife. He felt that getting caught was becoming a very real dangerous possibility after never believing that it would be. He felt suddenly threatened by the possibility of being caught. In this case, the intruder entering his house may have reflected his feelings about the possibility of getting caught having an affair becoming a real problem that threatened or "intruded upon" the stability and security of his personal life and relationship with his wife.

Example 2: A man dreamed of a man breaking into his house. In waking life, he was practicing abstinence for his religious studies and couldn't resist it anymore. In this case, the intruder reflected his awareness of himself not being as sexually abstinent as he was supposed to be while feeling that he was robbing himself of feeling as spiritually strong as possible by violating his own rules. He may have felt that his sexual desire was inappropriately violating or "intruding" into his sense of normal safety regarding controlling himself when it wasn't supposed to.

*Please See Burglar



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