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Pool Table

To dream of playing pool represents a struggle or competition you are experiencing where you want to do everything you can to cancel out the opposition first.

Dining Table

To dream of a dining table represents situations in waking life that are unencumbered. An experience that can't be stopped or interrupted. Noticing yourself being totally confident about something or having total control over a situation. Not having to do anything you don't like.


To dream of a table that can be sat at represents a sense of openness and willingness to engage in a situation or experience. It may reflect your readiness to participate in an event or opportunity, and your acceptance of whatever may come from it. The dream may also symbolize a desire for connection and social interaction, or a need to establish a sense of community or belonging. Additionally, dreaming of a table that can be sat at may represent a willingness to listen to others and consider their perspectives, or a desire to have your own thoughts and ideas heard and valued. Getting true feelings out in the open or putting your feelings "on the table." A waking life situation where something significant has happened and you can't do anything except think or talk about what you're doing next. Hope for a resolution or closure.

Negatively, a table may reflect unpleasant feelings about openess or willingness to engage in a situation or experience. A sense of forced participation or social pressure to conform to a certain situation or group. Arguments. Feeling ignored by people who socially engage with each other while ignoring you. Unpleasant feelings about more than one person expressing their true thoughts or feelings out in the open. Not feeling good about socially engaging with people.

To dream of table filled with broken dishes and spilled food may represent a sense of openness or willingness to engage with others that is overshadowed by arguments and conflicts betweem family and friends. Chaos and disruption that was happening in his relationships. Feeling that too many people keep safely talking to you about not liking other people. Feelings of disappointment, failure, or chaos in a situation or relationship.

To dream of setting a table for a dinner party, but no one showed up represents feeling isolated and lonely, and struggling to make meaningful connections with others. Rejection and disappointment. A sense of openess and willingness to enagge in a situation or experience that embarrasses you with never happening.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing people sitting at a table. In waking life he was having anxiety about getting to know a girl he liked. The table may have reflected his sense of openness and willingness to engage with the girl he liked , despite his anxiety in an experience where him and girl got all their true feelings out in the open or putting their feelings "on the table."

Example 2: A man dreamed of laughing at a table. In waking life, his corrupt father, who had manipulated him out of all his life savings, had died, leaving him all the money in his will. In this case, the table may have reflected the man's sense of openness and willingness to engage with the situation brought by his father's death and the inheritance that followed. The laughing at the table may also represent his relief at the end of his father's manipulation and the start of a new chapter in his life.

Example 3: A man dreamed of sitting at a table with a woman he was in love with, who wanted to discuss a list with him. In waking life, the man began to realize that the woman he loved did not reciprocate his feelings as he noticed various clues that made it obvious. He was struggling to move on from her. In this case, the table may have reflected the man's desire for connection and social interaction with the woman, despite the unpleasantness of engaging with her about her true feelings towards him.

Example 4: A young man dreamed of sitting at a table with his fiance and his fiance's deceased father. In waking life he was having issues with wanting the approval of the fiance's dead father shortly before the wedding. In this case the table may have reflected the dreamer's openess or willingness to engage in conversation about his upcoming wedding plans while being distracted with oversensitivity about the dead father's approval.

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*Please See Dining Table

Periodic Table

To dream of the periodic table represents feelings about yourself or someone else being an expert at manipulating people or situations in order to get desired reactions. Awareness of all the options available to you in order to manipulate a desired reaction in a situation.

Fact: The Periodic Table Of Elements was invented by Dmitri Mendeleyev after he saw himself organizing elements on a piece of paper in a dream.

Picnic Table

To dream of a picnic table represents a relaxed or casual attitude about being noticed doing something. It may also reflect your wish to be purposely or intentionally noticed being involved in a behavior or activity. Your intentions or interests on display to others.

Negatively, a picnic bench may be a sign that you don't think there is anything wrong being noticed acting negative or talking about someone negatively.

Example: A man dreamed of sitting on a picnic bench. In waking life he was very unhappy with his life and was very vocal about wanting to kill himself.

Example 2: A man dreamed of sitting at a picnic table with an old acquaintance from elementary school that he didn't like. In waking life he was criticizing someone on a website thinking it didn't matter if the person saw it.


*Please See Swimming Pool

Pool Noodles

To dream of a pool noodle represents feelings about enjoying confronting problems on your own terms. An aspect of your life that feels good being adjustable while you problem solve. Enjoying feeling that problem solving is too easy.

Negatively, a pool noodle may reflect a lack of respect for someone helping you. Enjoying confronting problems as long as it feels good on your terms. Having difficulty confronting a problem and then deciding to completely focus on another problem because it feels better noticing that your not losing. Noticing God not fully helping you when you asked for his help and then asking for more of his help with something else.

Example: A woman dreamed of tripping on the side of a pool and then seeing blue pool noodles. In waking life she was trying to use dreams to confront her personal problems, but when confronting a personal problem didn't work out she began hoping her dreams would tell her about other problems she had instead of having to continue facing the first problem. The pool noodles in this case may have reflected her wish to enjoy dreams as a problem solving tool on her own terms.

Stone Tablets

*Please See Tablets

Swimming Pool

To see a clean swimming pool in your dream symbolizes comfort and acceptance of negativity or uncertainty in your life. You have come to terms with certain issues and they don't bother you if you have to think about them.

To dream of a swimming in a swimming pool represents enjoyment of a negative or uncertain situation. Liking to know what you are doing is wrong or gaining pleasure from easily confronting uncertain moments.

To dream of a swimming pool full of feces represents an awareness of negativity in your life and problems you have. You may also have an eagerness to deal with your problems.

To dream of owning a brand new swimming pool represents a new sense of control over some area of your life. Feeling good knowing you can easily navigate issues or easily deal with whatever problems may arise in way you couldn't do before.

Example: A man dreamed of standing beside a swimming pool. In waking life he had clarified to an old friend why he hurt his feelings when they were younger after their conversation quickly went sour after meeting again. The pool reflected his comfort speaking to the old friend now that old issue had been dealt with.

*Please See Swimming


To dream of tablecloth represents feelings of respectfully noticing everything that is possible. Doing whatever you can to respect other people. An attitude that respectfully encourages respecting a person or situation completely with all possibilities. Respecting yourself noticing no emptiness noticing a situation together with other people. Respecting social interaction, encourages ideas, or discussions. A belief in civility, kindness, respect, or patience while dealing with other people.

Negatively, a tablecloth may represents dishonesty or low morality that goes too far to respect a situation or person. Feelings of being stretched too far to respect keeping a relationship or situation going. Wasting time believing that civility, patience, or talking will help a situation. Feeling that other people are not trying as hard as you are to give a situation or relationship a full chance.

To dream of setting a white tablecloth may reflect a wish to create an honest or clean social atmosphere. Respectfully encouraging only honest ideas or discussions. Disliking other people wanting dishonest things from you in order to making a social or living arrangement respected.

Consider the color and design of the tableclothes for additonal symbolism.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing someone packing up tableclothes. In waking life she was finished trying to respect her marriage with her husband. She had decided it was time to move on from the marriage and move away. The tableclothes being put away in this case may have reflected the dreamer's feelings of being finished trying to respect her husband by making every possible attempt to respect every possibility to keep the marriage alive.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of putting down white tablecloths on a table and feeling that people were angry at her. In waking life she was uncomfortable with the idea of needing to have sex with someone in order to respect them allowing her live in side their home. The white tablecloths in this case being placed on tables with people angry at her may have reflected her feelings about trying to respect the person she was living with as much as honestly as possible without having sex with them as payment to live with them.


To dream of stone tablets represents feelings about ideas or beliefs being very important to remember. It may also reflect very strict rules or fundamental beliefs. Setting rules or a code of conduct for yourself that is "in stone,"

*Please See Pills

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To dream of an iPad represents a thinking style that is carefree, convenient, with openness towards new ideas while feeling different about being advanced or sophisticated. It could reflect your willingness to embrace change and adapt to modern ways of doing things. Adaptability and a forward-thinking mindset. A thinking style that feels comfortable, easy, and free of jealousy from anything difficult about an existing problem situation.

Positively, dreaming about iPads may represent efficiency, convenience, and believing in yourself with new ideas. A sense of empowerment and the simplicity of managing tasks or planning changes in a modern, streamlined way. An enjoyment of learning new things and applying them in a creative, innovative manner.

Negatively, an iPad may be a sign that you are spending too much time enjoying yourself thinking about all the easy aspects of a change you are considering with no focus on the negative difficult aspects. Thinking about a difficult situation with a mindset that is too easy, convenient, or open to new ideas to ever address a problem that requires a more serious, conservative, or typical style of thinking. Deluding yourself with a thinking style that believes everything you are doing is carefree, convenient, or openly accepted as different and more sophisticated. Not liking why other people are faster than you about thinking in a way that is carefree, convenient, with openness towards new ideas that are more different and sophisticated than you are used to. Overreliance on easy, unconventional solutions, which might feel sophisticated or different but could ultimately be impractical. The need for the dreamer to balance her openness to new, seemingly sophisticated methods with a more grounded, realistic approach to her situation, especially in crucial matters.

Example: A woman dreamed of using an iPad. In waking life, she was very focused on leaving her cheating husband. At first, she enjoyed how easy it was to have the courage to seriously plan to move, but then reverted back to a fearful serious mindset when she had to confront the reality of her husband trying to control her, stop her, to prevent her from taking any property with her when she tried to leave. In this case, the iPad may have reflected her initial feelings of empowerment and the simplicity of planning to leave her husband.

Example 2: A teenage boy dreamed of being shown a video on an iPad and then being accused of committing murder he didn't commit. In waking life, he had just written his SAT test. In this case, the iPad may have reflected his feelings about the ease and convenience of receiving feedback on his SAT performance, but also the shock or discomfort of confronting his weaknesses or mistakes.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of using a friend's iPad where the screen was stuck on a game which prevented her from connecting to the internet. In waking life, she was waiting for a response from a job she applied for. She had asked spirit guides to tell her what was happening. In this case, the iPad may have reflected her feelings about the perception of ease, convenience, and open-mindedness towards a thinking style that believed that spirit guides could advise her in a way that was different or spiritually sophisticated than other people.



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