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To dream of tennis represents feelings about a back-and-forth issue you are competitive about. Thoughts about the importance of strategic engagement, back-and-forth dynamics, and sustained focus in your personal, professional, or emotional life. A back-and-forth conflict over who has a better advantage. Conflict over issues that you are arguing over whose problem it is. A back-and-forth conflict or argument. Fighting back and forth over the superiority of different agendas. Fighting over "whose ideas are better." A respectable conflict between two people trying to avoid jealousy. "Serving" someone the jealousy of a problem or cost that they fight back and forth over. Competitiveness back and forth that leaves the issue "in their court" to respond to you. Legal arguments over divorce or litigation.

Negatively, dreaming about tennis could represent feelings of being caught in a relentless back-and-forth situation or conflict. An exhausting competition, relentless argument, or a situation in your waking life where you constantly have to be on your toes. Perhaps you feel trapped in a cycle of reciprocity that seems endless or draining. Snobbily noticing you are better than someone in a back-and-forth faceoff.

To win a tennis match indicates overcoming a back-and-forth challenge. Successfully navigating a complex situation or conflict, demonstrating your competence and resilience. This could signify a boost in self-confidence, the attainment of a goal, or the successful resolution of a dispute.

To lose a tennis match represents feelings about "losing ground" in an ongoing back ad forth conflict or discussion. Feeling outmaneuvered or outstrategized in a back-and-forth dynamic, potentially leading to feelings of inadequacy, frustration, or being ill-equipped to handle the situation. It may also reflect a loss of competitive advantage or momentum in some area of your waking life. Not being able to compete or put up a fight with a back-and-forth issue. A back-and-forth argument you weren't strong enough to win. Accepting jealousy that someone else had a better idea or advantage than you did.

Example: A teenage boy dreamed of walking toward tennis courts that were illuminated. In waking life, he was trying to get serious about weightlifting and kept forgetting. Whenever he missed his weight training session, people at the weightlifting training room would mention it. In this case, the tennis symbolism may have reflected a back-and-forth dynamic of proving he's serious about striving for better performance at the weightlifting room and dealing with comments from others when he missed his training sessions.

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