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To dream of a baseball game represents competitiveness to prove you're good enough that nothing can stop you while other people help you. Feeling challenged to outperforming a problem or other person with other people's doing things with you. Feeling challenged to prove nothing can stop you with why other people collaborate with your ideas or goals. Working hard, showing skills and being strategic with other people in order to succeed. Conflict between insecurities and ambition with why other people agree with you. Feeling that you're tough on your own because other people agree. It can also represent belief that collaboration with others is required to be successful. Trying to "cancel out" a problem with support from friends and family.

A mental or emotional struggle to cancel, stop, or eliminate something while feeling backed up by other people. A metaphor for conflict over an opportunity to get rid of a problem or unwanted situation with the collaboration of other people agreeing with you. You may have the chance to "deal a blow" to a problem or your opposition with confidence of other people supporting your stance. Talking back to someone who doesn't want you confidently moving on about an issue by mentioning other people's names being with you in spirit.

To dream of players in a baseball game represent both positive and negative aspects of yourself believing that collaboration with other people is required in order to stand up to a problem. Negative competitors may reflect fears, guilt, jealousy, or unwanted outcomes that stand in your way. Jealous people or problems that don't want you getting away from them by collaborating with other people.

To dream of the actual baseball (physical ball) represents an opportunity that must be taken advantage of in collaboration with other people in order to get ahead or move on. A need to prove oneself to be unstoppable while collaborating with others.

To dream of dream of hitting the baseball represents taking advantage of an opportunity in collaboration with others to overcome challenges or obstacles and to prove oneself as unstoppable. The chance to "deal a blow" to opposition or jealousy with other people backing you up. The physical act of hitting a baseball represents feelings about being be successful through hard work, skill, and strategy in collaboration with others.

To dream of striking out at bat in a baseball game may represent failing to take advantage of an opportunity to prove you're unstoppable in collaboration with others, leading to feelings of defeat or disappointment. It may also symbolize being unable to confront or overcome a problem or opposition, due to a lack of support or the influence of negative aspects of yourself such as fear, guilt, or jealousy. This may result in feelings of insecurity or a sense of being unable to prove your abilities with other people backing you up.

To dream of baseball field represents the mental or emotional arena in which one is striving to prove oneself, show skills, and overcome problems or opposition in collaboration with other people. The field represents the physical setting in which the struggle between competitiveness, insecurities, and ambition plays out. It also represents the requirement of collaboration with others in order to be successful, and to get ahead or move on from a problem or situation.

To dream of a baseball field under construction represents the groundwork for proving that nothing can stop you that is developing in your life. Certain factors or situations are coming together that will lead to confronting a problem. The construction process may symbolize the effort and hard work required to transform the situation or circumstance into a positive outcome. Alternatively, it could also reflect a sense of uncertainty or insecurity about the outcome, as the field is not yet completed or fully functional.

To dream of being at bat symbolizes confrontation with a problem. You have an opportunity to overcome something. A dislike of someone telling you that you can't do something while you try to prove you that nothing can stop you. The action of standing at bat represents a manifestation of competitiveness to prove that you are good enough and that nothing can stop you, as you work hard, show skills and use strategy with other people in order to succeed.

To dream of baseball base's on a baseball diamond reflect how far you or some aspect of your life is progressing with their problems. First base is a beginning phase, second is conflict, third is near closure, and home plate reflect counting as much as you could with renewed sense of being good enough that nothing can stop you.

Example: A woman dreamed that the child that she had miscarried at 6 months was all grown up and playing baseball. In waking life she was finally able to confront her trauma and embarrassment of the miscarriage by talking about it with friends and family. Baseball in this case may have reflected her feelings about proving she is strong enough to get over her trauma with the support of other people. With friends and family by her side she could prove she was strong enough to never allow her trauma to hold her back in life.

Example 2: A man dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player. In waking life he was dedicated to finding a girlfriend after being single for a long time. Baseball in the dream may have reflected his struggle to overcome single life by successfully wooing a girl on a date or "hit a homerun." Baseball may have also indicated his support from friends or family to help him meet a woman and "cancel out" being single.



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