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Energy Ball

To dream of an energy ball represents feelings about something in your life that feels powerful and safely doesn't change itself no matter what. Little effort on your part for why something powerful won't go away. Power that is safe no matter what it does. Feelings about all your decisions work out no matter what happens. Feeling that mistakes never matter because life always seems to correct itself towards your advantage. Perfect successful that thinks of every mistake or problem as unimportant because they can all be integrated into success with adjusted plans no matter what. No escaping successful despite your own attempts to screw something up. It doesn't matter what you do because you will always win.

Negatively, an energy ball may reflect feelings about something in your life that is dangerous, mean, or evil that safely never goes away. Showing off to your face that can't do anything about it. Feeling that something powerful is are powerless to change anything else for you, but it keeps doing something that notices it's strong.

To dream of a purple energy ball with yellow electricity may represent feelings about something that safely never changes, feels powerful in ways that lets you see it, but never does precisely what you want. God's presence that's listening in a neutral state, but not doing exactly what you think he should be.

Alternatively, an energy ball may represent God or your feelings about God's prescence.

Example: A man dreamed of a blue energy ball with yellow electricity. In waking life he believed he was experiencing God give him daily visions for years on end.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a white energy ball that was slightly translucent. In waking life he had a near death experience with a dream that he felt was God experiencing the universe to him. In this case the white energy ball may have reflected his feelings about God's presence in near death experience. The translucent nature of the energy ball may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about God letting him "see through him" with clarity to understand him with nothing to hide.

Example 3: A man dreamed of a purple energy ball with yellow electricity. In waking life he was experiencing upto 20 visions a day while waking up and going to sleep that had no apparent meaning. He believed it was God refusing to speak in English while communicating in metaphorical language. The purple energy ball represented God in neutral state while the yellow electricity represented his feelings about God's power giving him so many visions.



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