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To dream of a cobra symbolizes emotional hypnosis. You are "dancing to the tune" of another person or situation in your life. A cobra is a sign that you have allowed a fear or other issue to totally control your decisions and are too accepting of it. Feeling controlled by people or financial situations that scare you when you consider cutting them off. People that control you with sex that you fear losing if you anger them. Fear of leaving a religion you've lost faith in. Feeling forced to do something when it's obvious you don't really care about it anymore. Fearing leaving someone who controls you.

Example: A lesbian woman dreamed of a brown cobra snake in her house. In waking life she felt that her girlfriend didn't contribute to the household as much as she did while also fearing her girlfriend breaking up with her if she demanded more from her. The cobra in this case may have reflected her feelings about herself "dancing to the tune" of all her girlfriends wishes because she feared ending the relationship.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of trying to avoid 4 cobra snakes. In waking life she was having serious problems with fiances while trying to cut off expenses that other family members didn't want to discontinue. The cobra snakes may have reflected her feelings about fearing her family and doing whatever they wanted even when the finances were struggling.



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