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To dream of a python represents feelings about situations or relationships that constrict or 'squeeze' you slowly. It could symbolize suffocating circumstances, restrictive influences, or a slow drain on your resources or energy. A python in your dream may reflect your perception of a threat that is not immediate but slowly growing, or a fear of being gradually overwhelmed. Feeling that a person or situation will permanently "put the squeeze" on you if you give them any leverage at all.

Positively, a python may reflect your attempt to slowly "squeeze" or overpower enemies or problems. "Squeezing" the competition. The python may also represent your capability to handle pressure and stay resilient in the face of restrictive situations.

Negatively, a python may reflect abuse of superior power or a tendency to dominate others. A reluctance to let go of control or people you wish to dominate. A reliance on superiority and a fear of relinquishing power, even when it becomes detrimental to your relationships or well-being. Feeling that once someone or something gains power over you, it is difficult to escape its grasp. Fear of total failure or losses from pressure that you can't escape. Feelings about enemies, competition, or dishonest people who may cause failure by overpowering you with pressure.

Example: A man dreamed of fighting with a python. In waking life, he was struggling against debt collectors that he felt were going to slowly bankrupt him or "squeeze him dry" if he cooperated with them at all.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of seeing a python get placed into an aquarium that was attacking or eating other animals. In waking life, she felt indifferent to her friends beginning to not like her as she tried to do well in school while having a part-time job. In this case, the python snake attacking other animals may have reflected her feelings about stronger academic focus "strangling" her social life.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a python on his bed that didn't seem lethal like it was thinking about him. In waking life, he was accepting of his business failing and slowly "putting the squeeze" on his finances while this financial squeeze slowly encouraged him to think of starting a new business.

*Please See Boa Constrictor



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