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Cellphone Games

To dream of playing a video game on your cellphone represents a challenge that is always on your mind. Something that feels important for you to try to overcome all the time.

Example: A man dreamed of playing cellphone games. In waking life he was spending a lot of time trying to see if he could get the city by-law officers to force each of his neighbors to make changes to their properties by writing them emails. The cellphone games reflected the challenge of writing the perfect letter to force a change to happen.

*Please See Video Games


*Please See Concrete

Cement Truck

To dream of a cement truck represents decision-making or a direction in life that is focused on creating permanence. Ideas or plans are being made "concrete."


*Please See Graveyard


To dream of a centaur represents feelings about something being wrong with getting ahead or using quicker advantages. The possibility or suspicion that using an advantage to get ahead is wrong. The combined characteristics of someone who is stubborn, aggressive. and intelligent about how to get ahead. People in your life that you feel don't care about anything except themselves in order to get ahead.

Negatively, a centaur may reflect behavior that is selfish driven to always want more for itself. A person that scares you that they never conform at all while trying to get ahead. Feeling that someone scares you that they would always prioritize winning before honesty. Feeling stuck in a relationship with someone that never wants to settle down. Money always coming before family because you or someone else is too busy enjoying success. Feelings about advantages or opportunities being immoral.

A centaur may also reflect people in your life that always have an excuse to not slow down. Someone you know is in love with themselves being a perfect winner before all else. Being too smart to ever have to do what you are told.

Example: A woman dreamed of herself and her boyfriend being chased by a centaur. In waking life she was afraid of having to accept her boyfriend as someone who refused to get married or go to church. She felt that her boyfriend was very driven to remain as someone who never conforms or settles down for a family. Running away from the centaur in this case may have reflected her feelings about wishing to avoid her boyfriend's wish to avoid church to work or enjoy himself. She may have felt that her boyfriend saw church as a waste of time that could be avoided to get life advantages of increased time for work and enjoyment.


To dream of a centipede represents feelings about annoying situations that are so scarily wacky that you'll do anything to avoid them. Annoying wackiness that you want to go away on its own. It may also reflect feelings about putting up with people you really don't like because they are too odd or unconventional for your comfort level. Feeling bothered by someone or something too unusual for comfort that is imposing itself on you. Feeling terrified of something ridiculous. Disbelief that something ridiculous likes itself the way it is and doesn't have to go away right away. Behavior that is scarily wacky which you feel doesn't need to do that right now. Scarily wacky behavior that has nothing else to say. Annoying behavior that doesn't think it makes a mistake while being creepy weird. Annoying behavior that creeps you out with wackiness that it thinks it matters. Annoying emptiness that thinks it looks good when it doesn't. Behavior that does't bother to think anything is wrong when it is and doesn't want to go away. Wacky behavior that thinks it's family when it isn't at all.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing dead and half-dead centipedes in a sink of water as she washed lettuce. In waking life she had an unwanted pregnancy which motivated her to get an abortion. The dream may have reflected her mixed feelings about thinking an abortion would make her look scarily wacky to friends and family.

Example 2: A young girl dreamed of an centipede that needed to be killed. In waking life her boyfriend broke up with her and told her that he never wanted to discuss getting back together again, but then later told her he may want to at a much later date. The centipede in this case may have reflected the girl feelings about her boyfriend's idea of getting back together being an annoyingly creepy ridiculous idea when she didn't think it was a good idea at all because she was completely over him.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing an enormous monster centipede that would charge at her, and then back off. In waking life she was having issues preparing to tell her parents about a marriage to a new man after having been previously married and divorced. In this case the centipede may have reflected her annoyed feelings about her parents overreacting to her getting married because she thought their reaction might be empty while she kept telling herself that she didn't need to tell them right this minute.

*Please See Millipedes


To dream of a CEO represents power, success, and control over every single thing that is happening making sure nothing goes wrong. Combined qualities of power, control, and authority that's more important than other people with a focus on winning. Feelings about making decisions that matter or come with risk. Feeling about everyone talking to you or someone else about whatever is happening in a situation. Ambition and leadership. Concerns about their own leadership abilities, and their desire to be seen as powerful and respected in their personal and professional life.

Negatively, dreaming about an CEO may represent fear of failure or inadequacy, as well as a fear of being dominated by someone in a position of power. Feelings about having to accept or live with the worst mistakes you ever made. It could also suggest a need to be more assertive and take charge of one's life. Additionally, it may represent the dreamer's belief that success and power are the only important things in life, potentially leading to neglect of personal relationships and other important aspects of life. Jealousy that someone else is a "rockstar" of everyone talking to them about whatever is happening in a situation. The dreamer's belief in the importance of hierarchy and structure in achieving success, as well as the pressure to conform to societal expectations of success and power. Feelings about abuse of power, control, and authority that thinks it's more important than other people about winning. Ignorance about being more important than other people to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Example: A man dreamed of the woman he was in love with getting ready to go on a date with the CEO from her work instead of him. In waking life he was unemployed and talking to the woman everyday. In this case, the CEO may have reflected the man's feelings of inferiority and insecurity in regards to the woman he was interested in. The CEO may have represented the man's perceived idea of the ideal man or the type of man he felt the woman would prefer over him. Feeling that someone is better than you at what you are doing.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of arguing with the CEO of record label company during a job interview and fighting to not get pushed off the roof of the building. In waking life, she had recently graduated and was experiencing anxiety about leaving her part time job so she could get a real full time job. In this case, the CEO of the record label she argues with may have reflected her feelings about arguing with the part of herself that is professional about everything happening in her life having to operate without a problem so that everyone she knows respects her and feels good about it. The argument with the CEO may also reflect her inner conflict about leaving her job being a mistake and the fear not being good enough in a new job. The CEO may also represent the pressure to prove herself and succeed in her career. The fighting to not get pushed off the roof may symbolize her fighting against the fear of failure and the pressure to perform.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of a big CEO man with a serious anger problem that was yelling at her for not doing her job. In waking life she felt needed to stop giving her ex-boyfriend any more chances because he would never change his temper problem. In this case, the CEO may have reflected the dreamer's perception of her ex-boyfriend as someone in a position of power and authority, who may have acted in a controlling or emotionally abusive manner towards her.


To dream of breakfast cereal represents your readiness to start a new situation. Wanting to get a new situation over with as soon as possible.

Consider the type of cereal and how it feels for additional meaning.

Negatively, eating breakfast cereal in a dream may reflect a requirement to feel that situation is easy or has to feel good in order to get started.

Example: A young man dreamed of eating a sugary children's Capt'n Crunch cereal. In waking life his trouble with the government made his controlling father decide to allow him to move to tropical country to avoid it. His life was centered around beginning to move to paradise.


To dream of a ceremony represents sensitivity about never wanting to embarrass yourself doing a single thing wrong for special or unusual events in your life. Feeling that positive behavior or fulfilling an expected role is of utmost importance. Feelings about an unusual transition being important and requiring perfect attention to detail or policies. Feelings about a situation being so dangerous that you must do every single thing perfect to complete it.

Negatively, a ceremony may reflect giving way too much importance to a special or unusual event. Wasting your time thinking that a change in your life is all important. Anxiety that you will become a total embarrassment or lose something for good if you don't act perfectly during a special moment or transition. Excessively requiring attention to every little detail in order to make a transition that might not be as big of a deal as you believe it to be. Being perfectly concerned with every single little thing you say being listened to.

Alternatively, a ceremony in a negative context may reflect a complete lack of concern for having to care about someone else's feelings during a special moment or transition.

To dream of a water ceremony may reflect your wish to perfectly maintain an uncertain situation in your life so that you never have to experience something unpleasant for real.

Example: A father dreamed of attending a water ceremony. In waking life he was experiencing difficulty giving his son a large sum of money so that his son could move away to another country to start a new life. He wanted his son to perfectly follow his banking and legal advice before getting the money when it was irrelevant advice. The ceremony reflected his need to feel good being perfectly respected and listened to like an expert before giving the money away to his son. He was having difficulty watching his son growing up and moving away and being his own person.


To dream of a certificate represents feelings of accomplishment based on your hard work or past experience. Feelings of deserving to be respected or validated. Feelings about yourself qualifying or proving your qualified. Feeling accepted.

Negatively, a certificate dream may reflecting feelings about yourself being unqualified. Feeling like a loser who isn't good enough. Feeling unable to prove yourself. A desire to be accepted. Feeling that you will always be a "little person" who is unimportant. Jealousy of someone else's proven achievements. Too much concern with needing to prove yourself or validate yourself for something that may not very important. Frustrating yourself or taking risks to prove yourself for no other purpose other than to impress others.

*Please See Diploma

*Please See Degree (University).


To dream of a cesspool represents excessive negativity or an accumulation of unresolved issues. A cesspool may be a sign that you need to begin a cleansing process in your life or that you need to learn to let go of problems that are holding you back.


To dream of chains represents feelings of bondage, confinement, or restriction. Feeling controlled or unable to escape something in your waking life. Feeling intentionally held back from your true potential. Feeling limited. Feeling like a victim, feeling used, hating your job, or disliking having decisions made for you. Difficulty freeing yourself from a responsibility.

Alternatively, chains may reflect your own attempt to confine or restrict someone else.

Positively, a chain may reflect solidarity or group support to get through serious problems. Strong bonds, friendship, or family ties.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a "human chain" being made by a group of people who were all lost in the ocean not knowing how to swim. In waking life she joined a support group for cancer victims.

Example 2: A man dreamed of his hands being chained and then a dark figure tugging on it telling him to get help. In waking life he was alone, experiencing serious health complications, and hoping for death to come. The dark figure tugging on the chain reflected his fear of death making him choose to live even though he didn't want to. The chain in this case would reflect his fear of death "chaining him" to life.


To dream of a chainsaw represents wanton, complete disregard for feelings, no remorse, or little concern for consequences. A chainsaw may also reflect total insensitivity to others feelings. Uncaring forcefulness.

A chainsaw used by someone else to harm you or scare you symbolizes your feelings about some issue in your life that's completely insensitive to your feelings, wishes, or life situation.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a scary looking man with a chainsaw. In waking life his business partner totally screwed him over and left him with nothing as though it didn't even matter.


To dream of a chair represents taking a position in life and "staying put" with a decision. Situations where you are aware of yourself not wanting to take action at all yet. Waiting or "sitting a situation out." Inactivity, preferring to relax, or passivity. Behavior you are comfortable with. An attitude that is stubbornly refusing to cooperate or accept insulting behavior anymore. Alternatively, a chair may reflect how you are taking time out to contemplate a situation before proceeding. The ability to take a break from a situation.

Negatively, dreaming about chairs may reflect feelings about not needing to accept a situation if you don't want to. Overdoing taking a position in life and "staying put" with a decision.

To dream of a red chair may reflect a negative or dangerous situation you are choosing to stick with. Awareness of yourself stubbornly or dangerously "sitting" on an issue. Feeling passionate about comfortably waiting for something.

To dream of no chairs may represent feelings about having no ability to secure or stabilize a situation. Feeling that there is no way relax or be comfortable with a decision. Anxiety or stress will not stop. Resting or taking break are not possible.

To dream of broken or unstable chairs may indicate a lack of stability or security in one's life or situation where comfortably taking a position or "staying put" doesn't work.

To dream of chairs arranged in a circle may represent a need for cooperation or group consensus.

To dream of empty chairs represents a sense of absence or a lack of seriousness about comfortably accepting a situation. A need for connection or community, as the empty chairs suggest that there is room for others to join you with an experience. People are not thinking of committing to accepting a situation or experience yet.

Example: A woman dreamed of two dogs attacking her dog and then being ready to kill both dogs by hitting them with a chair. In waking life she had been putting up with her fiance's vicious verbal attacks and was very close to lashing out at him to permanently stop him. In this case the using the chair to attack her fiance may have reflected the woman's feelings about fighting back against her fiance with threats of calling off the wedding. The chair reflects her willingness to comfortably remain engaged to her fiance until the wedding date.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of falling down a hill into chairs. In waking life she was worried that all her efforts to buy a house with her husband would fail. In this case, the chairs she landed on may represent the support of her friends and family who had not yet heard about her succeeding in buying a new home. The potential for friends and family to enjoy comfortably waiting for her to move in to her new home.

*Please See Seats


To dream of chakras represents emotional alignment or centeredness that makes you feel completely balanced as a person. Feelings about everything in your life being in balance because you don't worry all the time. Protectiveness of balance in every aspect of your thinking or being never being blocked or disconnected. Your search for understanding and restoring balance in your life.

Positively, it may reflect feelings of being more emotionally or spiritually connected.

Negatively, it may reflect some area of your life that feels emotionally or spiritually blocked or disconnected. Having a bad day because you feel blocked or disconnected from your usual self. Experiencing a lack of balance or harmony in her physical health.

Dreams of Chakras may be common to people who meditate or who are creative artists.

Example: A young woman dreamed of a silver light that came out of her mouth and she knew it was her throat chakra. In waking life, she was having a terrible time with her art. She didn't want to draw and hated everything. In this case, the throat chakra may have reflected her feelings about being disconnected from confidently speaking about herself due to her creative abilities feeling blocked.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing chakras explained. In waking life, she became very ill with hot and cold spells all night long with restless sleep. In this case, the chakras may have reflected her feelings of experiencing a lack of balance or harmony in her physical health. The explanation of chakras in the dream might symbolize her search for understanding and restoring balance in her life during her illness.


To dream of a chalk represents safely expressing new ideas, brainstorming, or noticing new ways to tackle a problem or challenge. An open or receptive attitude to trying new ideas, brainstorming, or figuring something out. The dreamer may be considering options, theorizing, experimenting, or trying to come up with creative solutions to problems. A desire or need for creativity, problem-solving, and open-mindedness. A sign that the dreamer is open to growth, change, and exploration. A willingness to learn and experiment with new concepts or approaches. Working towards finding an answer or solution, and being open to various possibilities. Safely not making other people angry for your new ideas or brainstorming. Safely talking to yourself about why something new might work or safely exploring new ideas without making others angry or frustrated.

Negatively, dreaming about chalk represents overdoing expressing new ideas, brainstorming or noticing new ways to tackle a problem or challenge. Believing that no new ideas you express are stupid when they might be.

Example: A man dreamed of himself using chalk on a chalkboard. In waking life, he thought he found a new way to predict lottery numbers. In this case, the chalk may have reflected his feelings about safely talking to himself about why his new system of lottery number prediction might work.


To dream of a chalkboard represents an open or receptive attitude to new ideas, brainstorming, or figuring something out. You may be considering options, theorizing, experimenting, or trying to come up with creative solutions to problems. A formal approach to learning or problem-solving. Seeking clarity and understanding in a particular situation, or that you are ready to impart your knowledge or ideas to others. A chalkboard is a sign that you're working towards an answer, or that you're open to a number of possibilities. Seeking a solution that would allow you to manage a sitution effectively. Efforts to weigh the pros and cons of different choices and brainstorm the best path forward.

Negatively, dreaming about a chalkboard may represent brainstorming or presenting ideas that you feel you have to think about or worry about. It may also reflect a selfish or jealous concern for brainstorming a problem. The need to be open to change, adaptable, and not to get too attached to specific outcomes or ideas.

To dream of a teacher that asks you to read something off a chalkboard may represent your feelings about seeing a problem directly in order to understand it, interest in solving a problem, or your sense of intuition that wants to you consider or reconsider options. Feeling of pressure to perform or meet expectations, as if being tested or evaluated by others. Learning or acquiring knowledge from someone who is experienced or knowledgeable in a certain field. Negatively, it could reflect a fear of being publicly called out for not knowing something or not being able to perform as expected.

To dream of a teacher that asks you write on a chalkboard represents your interest in solving a problem or your sense of intuition that wants to you begin brainstorming or working on solving a problem. Your need to demonstrate your knowledge or understanding to others. You may be put on the spot or feel pressured to perform in front of others.

To dream of a doctor writing on a chalkboard may represent an interest or your sense of intuition that is focused on figuring out a method of healing.

To dream of an chalkboard menu in a restaurant represents an experimental attitude or open-minded approach to options or choices available to you in a particular situation or relationship. Flexibility and changeability of choices in the current moment that won't last forever. Alternatively, the chalkboard menu may reflect your desire for something new or exciting, or your willingness to try something different. It may also indicate that you need to be more flexible in your thinking or approach to a situation.

To dream of green chalkboard represents your attempts to brainstorm, or experiment with problems that have to do with growth, new beginnings, or fresh ideas. It could also indicate a desire for a new approach to an existing problem or situation. Alternatively, the dream may represent your willingness to learn and try new things, or your receptivity to alternative ideas and perspectives.

To dream of a black chalkboard represents your attempts to brainstorm, or experiment with problems that are challenging, serious, or require a formal approach. Brainstorming new ideas for problems that are more serious, all important, personal, embarrassing, and difficult to accept.

Example: A man dreamed of a University professor writing lottery numbers on a chalkboard. In waking life, he had a hobby of trying to predict patterns with the lottery numbers and after talking to his son about dream symbolism for a strange dream, he had a renewed interest in trying to predict lottery number patterns. In this case, the chalkboard may have reflected his attempt to brainstorm ideas about winning the lottery by understanding his strange dream combined with his number pattern studies.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of seeing the names of several religions written down on the chalkboard, where most of them look faked. She says she's Catholic out loud in class and "Catholic" appeared on the chalkboard. In waking life, she's recently realized that science is better than religion. In this case, religions names being written on the chalkboard may have reflected her attempt to brainstorm and evaluate different religious beliefs and ideas in order to make sense of her new perspective on faith and science.

*Please See Whiteboard


To dream of a chameleon represents behavior that is focused on adapting or being versatile. It may also reflect the need to change your intentions or opinions around others in order to keep fitting in.

Alternatively, a chameleon may reflect your wish to be ignored or divert unwanted attention.


*Please See Wine


To dream of a chandelier represents feelings of impressiveness as though it were a normal state. Awareness of yourself or someone else that is being noticed by others as making perfectly impressive decisions as though it were normal. Feeling like a perfect winner that is always noticed by others that way. Feelings of yourself having high rank or high social importance. Projecting an impressive image to others that is unquestionable. Projecting an image of wealth to others. Projecting an image of the ease with which you can purchase something expensive. Feelings about your family being rich or successful. Feelings of grandeur or greatness. Confidence that you can never be embarrassed. Feelings of never being desperate.

Negatively, a chandelier may reflect self-absorption with how amazing you are. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings of being impressive to others when given power you are not used to. A sign that you may have issues with feeling little or small that switches to an over-inflated sense of being impressive when you're given power you are not accustomed to. Enjoying feelings of being richer than other people. An over-inflated ego about being better looking than others. Faking wealth to others. Delusions of grandeur or greatness.

Example: A woman dreamed feeling uncomfortable staying too long in a huge house with a beautiful chandelier because she didn't own the house. In waking life her husband was on duty in the army and left her with to make all the decisions regarding buying a car. The chandelier may have reflected her tendency to be too amazed with herself looking impressive to others while shopping for a car since buying a car was more expensive that anything else she had purchased.

Change Room

*Please See Dressing Room


To dream of chanting represents positive reinforcement. Feeling good know that what you're doing is working. It may also reflect an opportunity that lets you keep repeating it to succeed. Motivation to keep moving forward.

Example: A man dreamed of noticing nobody chanting for him. In waking life he was looking for a business opportunity that would allow him to keep reinvesting in his business to grow it and couldn't find any.


To dream of chaos represents feelings of being overwhelmed by confusion or instability. Not feeling certain about the outcome of a situation. Feelings about lacking organization or harmony. Lacking calm or "peace of mind" in a situation. A lack of leadership. Pandemonium. A lack of certainty following the end of a stable relationship.

Negatively, chaos may reflect feelings about the possibility of risky choices you've made not working out. Fearing that your enemies will succeed "when the dust settles." Feeling that you life is on the line. Feeling that potential to experience a major loss with no way to assert control in the current moment.

Paranoia or nonobjective worrying about events getting out of control for which you have no ability to control.

Example: A woman dreamed of experiencing chaos in a dream. In waking life she had just broken up with her boyfriend.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of watching tv and seeing chaos all over the world. In waking she was paranoid about the blood moon she had witnessed in the evening sky being a sign that Jesus had returned and the end of the world had arrived.


*Please See Church


To dream of charcoal remains from a fire represents your awareness or feelings about a situation being lost forever. A permanent destruction or loss. Feelings about yourself being too late to stop something terrible. Shock or surprise at how much of an jerk something was.

To dream of bbq charcoal represents a wish to keep an enjoyable or carefree situation going. Efforts to make sure that something you like doesn't stop. Negatively, bbq charcoal may reflect ignoring being told what to do so you can keep enjoying yourself.

Example: A young girl dreamed of seeing a city where there was nothing left except charcoal and ash. In waking life her grandparent had died and she felt sad that she could never talk to them again.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of quickly picking up a bible up from a barbecue and noticed it had charcoal on the cover. In waking life he was fearing getting caught having lied to his parents about something they told him to stop doing. He never got caught, but had to live the memory of having lied and gone behind their backs to enjoy himself.

*Please See Coal

*Please See Ashes


To dream of a chariot represents decision making that is focused on having others do everything for you. Control that is focused on delegating responsibilities or having everything you need brought to you. Using someone or something to get what you want as fast as you can.

Negatively, a chariot may be a sign that you are too controlling or too focused on letting others do everything for you. An arrogant controlling or "slave driving" mentality.


To dream of a charity represents feelings about making an selfless effort to help someone else. Extra efforts made to help someone else feel better about themselves. Feeling that helping someone is a good cause. Helping others making their lives easier. Generous gestures. Feelings about accepting help from people. An altruistic or selfless attitude. A willingness to help others as your own expense. A good cause. Sympathy to others misfortunes or hardship. Generous contributions.

Negatively, dreaming about charity may reflect feeling good helping someone that is never realistically going to help themselves. Feeling that someone else deserves to be more self-reliant. Not feeling good being pressured into helping someone. Not feeling good accepting help from others. Consider the term "charity case." Your preference to be self-reliant when other people are trying to help you. Feelings about yourself or someone else being a victim in need. Second-hand gestures to make life easier.

Example: A woman dreamed of giving old clothes to charity. In waking life she was concerned with avoiding or discontinuing discussing a recent death of a mother-in-law with other family members during Christmas holidays to make them feel better about themselves.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of running a charity. In waking life she was trying to help family members after her sister died, but the family members didn't want anything to do with her. The charity symbolism in this case may have reflected her eagerness or desperation to help her family out after the death.

*Please See Donation


To dream that you are being chased represents issues or situations that you are avoiding facing, or confronting. Something you may feel is impossible to overcome or defeat. You may feel stressed or threatened. It may also reflect something you don't want to acknowledge. You may have anxiety, strong fears, insecurities, or guilt. Situations you find emotionally dangerous.

Your actions in a chase dream parallel your waking life reactions to pressure, fear, or stress. Instead of confronting the situation, you are running away from the issue. Less serious dreams of being chased may reflect waking life situations where you are avoiding problems with friends, family, or colleagues.

Alternatively, being chased in a dream may be a sign that you feel pressured or driven by a sense of fear or failure. Avoiding embarrassment at all costs. It also reflect your desperation to avoid a serious illness.

To dream of being chased by your father may represent your inability to come to terms with doing what you know is right. It may also be a sign that you are avoiding a bad decision you've made.

To dream of being chased by an elephant represents your wish to avoid a person or situation that has the potential to become very upset with you. Doing everything you can to avoid anger, yelling, being fired, or being broken up with because you didn't do something. It may also reflect your desperation to cover something up that you know will upset someone.

To dream of being chased by a raccoon may represent you wish to avoid the consequences of bad behavior. You may have arrogantly broken rules you knew you weren't supposed to break and now wish to avoid getting caught. It may also reflect your wish to avoid someone who you know is breaking the rules or threatening you with something illegal.

To dream of being chased by a snake may represent your wish to total loss, total failure, or total embarrassment at all costs. It may also represent your wish to avoid someone you can't trust at all.

If you dream of being chased by a person , ask yourself what characteristics stand out the most about them. Hair, height, race, facial features, clothing, holding something? Do they subtlety remind you of something?

For a list of other animals see our animals themes section.

To dream that you are chasing someone or something else represents your attempt to get a hold on something. A goal that is eluding you or a difficult problem that you trying your hardest to get control over.

To dream of something vague chasing you may reflect anxiety about issues that are not yet clear to you that you are avoiding.

To dream of being chased by something big or enormous may reflect your avoidance of issues you feel are too powerful or overwhelming to confront.

To dream of being chased by something hairy may represent your avoidance of something unpopular, unsavory, or not to your personal tastes. Avoiding something that is excessive in some manner or not considerate of your preferences.

Example: A young man dreamed of being chased by a man with an alligator head. In waking life he was losing his hair due to an illness and was avoiding telling anyone at all costs because he feared they would laugh at him.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being chased by someone. In waking life she felt that she was avoiding her ex. She had promised to meet with him again giving him the impression that they might be able to date again when she had no interest in him anymore. She felt the need to avoid him with his constant calls.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being chased by monsters. In waking life she felt unable to escape unemployment after deciding to leave her old company due to hating her boss.

Example 4: A man dreamed of being chased like it was a game of tag. In waking life he quit his stable job and had to take a freelance job which required regulars fees. In this case being chased may have reflected his attempts to avoid his fees as long as possible before being required to keep up with them.


To dream of standing above a chasm may represent feelings about a challenge being too dangerous or too difficult to overcome. It may also reflect feelings about a dangerous "leap of faith" you need to take. Fear of getting too close to a situation with the potential to cause an enormous problem for you.

To dream of moving through a rocky chasm represents feelings about difficult moments where time and carefulness are important. Feelings about a situation being very critical to not make a mistake with. Difficult or dangerous situations that you can only carefully move forward with. Having no choice, but to move forward with a situation on terms that aren't decided by you at all.

To dream of having a house overlooking a chasm may reflect feelings about your life being stuck with a dangerous challenge or risk. Permanently living in fear of having to take a big risk to achieve your goals. Feeling that it's too hard or dangerous to move on with your life.

Example: A woman dreamed of carefully walking past a rocky chasm. In waking life she was in the late stages of pregnancy. The rocky chasm most likely reflected her feelings about how dangerous late term pregnancy could be and her wish to get through it without any mistakes at all.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her recently deceased son throwing heavy rocks into a frozen river inside a chasm which her home overlooked to break the ice. In waking life she was trying hard to recover from the loss of her son and "break the ice" of her "frozen heart."

Chastity Belt

To see or wear a chastity belt in a dream represents an over-protective attitude. Waiting for the right time or the perfect conditions before pursuing goals. The dream may also indicate that your thinking is outdated.

Alternatively, the dream may reflect a conservative or abstinent attitude towards sex.


To dream of a chauffeur represents you or someone else that is catering to someone else's goals. Helping others achieve their goals without them having to concern or frustrate themselves with anything except the outcome. An aspect of yourself that does all the legwork.

To dream of being driven around by a chauffeur represents your predominant focus on outcomes. Feeling that the leg work is being taking care of for you. Being more focused on the end result of a situation.

Negatively, a chauffeur may represent a sense of entitlement or dependency. Not feeling that you should have to do anything except win or get what you want. Feeling that others should do all the hard work or menial tasks.


To dream of cheating on your partner romantically represents impulsive choices, or doing something that you can't resist. Dreaming of yourself cheating on a partner can also represent a change of current beliefs or having different opinions that your partner. Feeling ashamed of yourself.

To dream of a partner cheating on you romantically represents bad choices that have consequences or dire repercussions. Turning your back on principles, integrity, or sacrifices you are making.

A partner cheating on you may also symbolize your feelings about your partner having different beliefs or goals from your own. Feelings about them no longer liking you after an argument. It may also reflect a sense of emotional abandonment as your partner pays more attention to a hobby or their job than they do to you. Paranoia, trust issues, expecting the worst, or suspicions you have. A lack of confidence.

Alternatively, cheating can reflect trust issues or anxiety about your partner who has cheated in the past cheating again.

Pregnant women often dream of their husbands cheating on them romantically. This is most likely a reflection of their insecurity about keeping their husbands interested in them sexually while they their bodies change during the pregnancy. Men with pregnant wives often dream of their wives cheating on them as well. This is probably a reflection of their expectations of unpleasant lifestyle changes when the baby comes as their wife cares for the child or feels that they baby is more important to them they are.

To dream of cheating (non-relationship) may reflect an awareness of lack of ethics, low standards, or behavior focused on "short cuts." Awareness of injustice. Feelings about yourself or others "having no shame" about how a goal achieved. Impulsive choices. Feeling ashamed or guilty of not being perfectly honest in your life.

Negatively, cheating (non-relationship) may reflect a lack of respect for rules or that you are better than others. Desperation to get achieve something by any means. A complete lack of concern for anything except getting what you want. Awareness of yourself not being good enough to achieve your goals or prove yourself honestly. A fear of be perceived as little or childish by others if you reveal incompetence or weakness. Violated trust with something you depended on.

Example: A woman dreamed of her husband cheating on her. In waking life she was jealous of her husband having a hobby that he wanted to enjoy on his own time..

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her husband cheating on her. In waking life she felt that her boss was intentionally embarrassing her with giving special treatment to other people at work that she felt didn't deserve it. The cheating husband in this case may have reflected her feelings about her job security.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed about her boyfriend cheating on her. In waking life she caught her boyfriend lying to her.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing her husband cheating on her. In waking life she relapsed after 7 years and took crystal meth again. The cheating may reflect her feelings about her impulsive choice to take drugs again causing her emotional pain. She was metaphorically cheating on herself.

Example 5: A man dreamed of seeing his girlfriend having sex with another man in his kitchen. In waking life his girlfriend was having thoughts of leaving him for a number of different reasons.

*Please See Tests

Checkerboard Patterns

To dream of a checkerboard pattern represents imbalance, insecurity, or instability. Never knowing what is going to happen next. Feeling of unpredictability or conflict that are ongoing. Experiencing an inability to maintain a normal or stable situation.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing checkerboard patterns. In waking life he was going blind and treatments never seemed work for very long. He lived never knowing when he might go totally blind.

*Please See Checkered Floors

Checkered Floors

To dream of checkered black and white floors represents an imbalanced theme or tone to a situation in your life. Never knowing what is going to happen or never feeling that something stays the same. A time where moments of stability and instability keep overtaking each other. Competition or conflict that never seems to stop. Always feeling on the edge. Safety, stability, or rationality seems to elude your waking life. Feeling unable to trust people with the path in life you are taking. Dualistic intentions or conflict in your life.

Example: A young man dreamed of walking on checkered floors down a hallway. In waking life he was trying to cure a serious health condition that would never go away. The state of his life always felt insecure or like his health could get worse at any moment.

*Please See Floor


To dream of a checkpoint represents feelings about needing to qualify to continue on with something in your life. Needing to prove yourself or meet certain requirements before your can move on. Feeling that you need to be perfectly meet others expectations to proceed with a transition stage.

Negatively, dreaming about a checkpoint may represent feelings of fear of not meeting expectations or qualifying. A test or challenge you may feel you can't overcome.

To dream of abandoning or choosing to turn away from a checkpoint may reflect feelings about giving up on your plans because you don't believe you will ever meet demands that you feel are too difficult for you. Not believing in yourself enough or giving up too easy. Not trying hard enough to prove yourself.


To dream of a check written out to you represents feelings about opportunities, progress, or power that is available whenever you're ready for them. Taking your time with opportunities, progress, or power available to you that you may not be ready for right this minute. A chance to do something else. Feelings about someone telling you that something will work out when you're ready for it.

Negatively, a check written out to you may represent feelings of not liking having to wait for opportunities, progress, or power to be available to you because they're on hold. Deserving to say you're going to do something else that you never will. Not liking opportunities, progress, or power available to you when you're ready because you might get in trouble. Not liking having to respect an opportunity, progress, or power available to you when you're ready because it doesn't do anything significant. Not taking advantage of an opportunity, progress, or power available to you because you don't really care about it. Lies being told to make it appear that an opportunity or power to do something else is serious. A chance to do something else when you're ready that you're afraid of, lying to yourself about, or that's fake.

To dream of a bounced check represents failed promises, plans, rewards, or expectations. Something that was supposed to happen didn't. Feeling that someone said something will work out and it didn't. Feeling that someone has failed to meet certain obligations or make good on a serious promise. Embarrassment that you or someone else has lied about a serious claim. A confident lie may have been exposed. Embarrassment that you or someone else has agreed to more than they can afford to.

To dream of a blank check represents big promises of unlimited support. Feelings of getting unlimited support to make something work whenever you're ready for it. A serious show of support that tells someone else to do whatever they think is best to make something successful. It may also reflect a powerful act of trust being placed in others to act independently. A lack of concern for anything except getting something done.

To dream of a check being lost may reflect feelings about careless actions or mistakes making someone else not want to fulfill a promise they made. Feeling that you don't get to do something again because someone won't let you. Feelings of having to talk to someone again in order restart or renew and opportunity, progress, or power.

The value of the check uses numerology to reflect what will soon happen.

Example: A man dreamed of a blank check being handed to him and being told to write in whatever cash amount he wanted while also being told the bank account had a $10 million dollar limit. In waking life the man was told by his bosses wife to start his own business since he isn't able to sit with pain at his workplace. In this case the blank check may represent the dreamer's feelings of a power opportunity with his bosses wife's support to start his own company available to him whenever he is ready for it himself.

*Please See Bills


To dream of a cheek represents awareness of how sensitive or insensitive you feel. Cheeks may also reflect your feelings about how caring or uncaring a situation feels all the time. How nice or awful a situation always feels to you. Consider how adorable, withdrawn, or ugly the cheeks are to determine the degree of sensitivity being felt.

To dream of red cheeks represents embarrassment that your true feelings or thoughts are on display to others.

Gentle cheeks represent innocence or high degree of sensitivity. Sculpted cheeks represent an unwillingness to be a treated like a loser, talked down to, or feelings of never being desperate. Withdrawn cheeks represent some aspect of yourself that doesn't care about feeling good again. Chubby cheeks may reflect sensitivity about always needing a lot of something.

To dream of a hole in a cheek represents a problem with maintaining a comfortable feeling about yourself. Feeling forced to be sensitive about a problem that is out of control. Feeling forced to feel losing.

To dream of being kissed on the cheek represents admiration, reverence, or respect. It may also reflect approval for one's actions.


To dream of cheering represents feelings of enthusiasm or encouragement. Someone or something that makes you feel that you are moving in the right direction or motivates to you achieve your goals. Feeling more self confidence or a stronger belief in yourself. Feeling that you can't lose.

Alternatively, cheering in a dream may reflect support you feel from friends or family.

Cheerios Cereal

To dream of Cheerios cereal represents easily starting a situation deserving to believe yourself being yourself like it's simple and accepted. Easily initiating a situation where you feel that being yourself is uncomplicated and straightforward. Beginning a situation where there's no pretense required, and you can comfortably and effortlessly exist in your truth being yourself. Beginning to talk to people who make you feel it's simple to believe in yourself being yourself.

Negatively, dreaming about Cheerios may represent a simplification of one's identity or interactions to the point of avoiding growth or depth in relationships and personal development. An overreliance on situations that require minimal effort on your part, thereby neglecting opportunities for more profound connection or learning.

To dream of Honey Nut Cheerios cereal represents easily starting a situation deserving to believe in yourself being yourself without deserving to stop liking whatever is happening right this minute like nothing more important.

Negatively, dreaming about Honey Nut Cheerios may represent behavior that's overdoing believing in yourself being yourself that won't shut off deserving to never stop liking whatever is happening in the present while not thinking of something more substantial for yourself for the future. Liking a basic humbled (or down-to-earth) experience too much that doesn't allow you to experience something more complex.

Example: A woman dreamed of craving Honeynut Cheerios and a male friend she talked to all the time went and got her a bowl. In waking life, she didn't like that her male friend was reducing the frequency of his phone calls from daily to a few times a week. She felt that this male friend was the only real person she could be 100% herself with. She also felt she lacked a personal life while thinking a lot about finding love. In this case, the bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios may have reflected her feelings about enjoying her male friend calling her everyday and talking to him in the way that her feel like she could enjoy being believing in herself being herself completely in the present moment, while knowing it would negatively affect her ability to move on and have a more serious relationship with a man that wasn't just her friend.


To dream of a cheerleader represents an aspect of your personality that is encouraging or motivational. You or someone else that is supportive of others goals. It may also reflect being happy for someone else success.

Alternatively, a cheerleader may represent self-encouragement or self-motivation. A sign that you are optimistic and confident. You are telling yourself that success is possible.

Example: A girl dreamed of a cheerleader at a sleepover. In real life her friend abandoned her when she got a boyfriend. The cheerleader at the sleep over reflected her attempt to be happy for her friend while being forced to notice her own single life.


To dream of cheese represents feelings about a situation being comfortably better off than being regular which feels easy as long as you control yourself or don't go overboard. The feeling of being a little bit better off than you already were with comfort or ease. Feelings about gains or profit. The nuanced balance between enjoying the easiness and maintaining self-control to avoid excesses. Easy and comfort that acknowledges the importance of moderation. Feeling comfortably better off than normal while not wanting to talk about it too much, keeping it to yourself.

Negatively, dreaming about cheese may reflect feeling about overdone comfort with being better off while experiencing easiness. Overdone feelings of easiness being special. Embarrassing yourself liking easiness when nobody else does. Excessive easiness that feels "cheesy" about thinking it's the best. Unwanted romantic advances that felt too comfortable and easy talking to you.

To dream of refined cheeses may reflect feelings of a situation being easy and enjoyable due to a heightened sense of sophistication, knowledge, or experience. Feeling comfortably better off that feels easy because you are professional about controlling yourself or experienced about not going overboard. A sense of professionalism or experience in balancing easiness of being better off with responsibility. An appreciation for quality, subtlety, and the finer things in life while still recognizing the importance of self-control and restraint.

Negatively, dreaming of refined cheeses may represent feelings of elitism, snobbery, or sophistication that doesn't have to be that important when it says it is.

Cheese may be a sign that you are experiencing financial gain, good luck, or benefiting from an investment.

Example: A young man dreamed of using telekinesis to make himself toast, but it messed up, and he ended up with toast with a few clumps of cheese on it which he had to settle for. In waking life, he was at home sick and resting. In this case, the clumps of cheese on the toast that he had to settle for may have reflected his feeling about getting help from someone else while sick which made him feel better off with an easier time while being sick, even if the help wasn't exactly what he preferred. He may have felt it was best to appreciate the help that made his life easier without being a snob about overdoing giving orders to the person helping him to change anything.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of leaving a house where a man who wasn't her boyfriend was inappropriately flirting with her. She then saw holes in the ground filled with macaroni and cheese that she had to walk passed. In waking life, she didn't like feeling that her boyfriend's friend was hitting on her or sending signals that he liked her even though she had a boyfriend. In this case, the cheese on the macaroni may have reflected her feelings about being inappropriately flirted with in a manner that was perceived as too easy.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of scooping out ruined feta cheese on spinach from a microwave to eat. In waking life, her boss told her that the company was considering not renewing her contract next year. In this case, the feta cheese may have reflected her initial feelings about how easily supported it would be to get her contract renewed without having to talk to her superiors about renegotiating it.

Example 4: An elderly woman dreamed of snacking on cheese with a group of people. In waking life, she was enjoying talking to a preacher over breakfast at a restaurant about nothing about faith or God. In this case, the cheese may have reflected her feelings about her informal social interaction with the preacher being slightly better than a typical interaction because she felt good knowing him as a person.

Example 5: A teenage girl dreamed of giving her friend a piece of cheese to put on a hamburger to make it a cheeseburger. In waking life, she bought her friend a skateboard for her birthday. In this case, the piece of cheese used to transform the hamburger into a cheeseburger may have reflected her feeling about giving her friend a gift to her feel good that she more than a regular friend on her birthday.

Cheese Strings

To dream of cheese strings represents an experience that feels easy about being comfortably better off than normal without being serious about letting you enjoy taking your time delaying it as long as possible to savor it. A situation that can be enjoyable about controlling taking your time delaying finishing it as long as possible. Savoring taking your time feeling comfortably better off than normal while enjoying yourself never thinking anything is wrong with it.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of a boy she had a crush on in high school bringing her white cheese strings that were broken into pieces. She took some pieces while feeling unsure if she was allowed to take any. In waking life, she felt unable to get close to her high school crush, but did on a rare occasion for short class assignment. In this case, the cheese string bits may have reflected her desire for more substantial interaction with her crush, but also the bittersweet nature of her longing to savor an easier experience of being close to her crush with a more serious class assignment where she could prolong and enjoy the moment.


To dream of cheesecake represents feelings about a special occasion that feels fantastic about being deserving, comfortable, and safe. Feelings about other people letting you deserve to feel comfortable and safe in the way you want. A situation in your life where you are indulging in deserving to feel good being safe and comfortable with other people.

Example: A man dreamed of not being able to eat a cheesecake. In waking life, he was a captive prisoner who failed his escape from prison. In this case, the cheesecake that eluded him may have reflected his feelings about the relief from prison life that eluded him, symbolizing a yearning for comfort, safety, and deserving freedom from prison that remained just out of reach because his escape wasn't successful.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of wearing a business suit skirt while sitting at a table with people where small cakes, truffles, cheesecakes, chocolate, and whipped cream were available. She got full from eating them. In waking life, she was very busy at work, but had concerns about keeping business contracts with clients. In this case, the cheesecakes may have reflected a sense of deserving comfort and safety with renewed client contracts for another year.


To dream of a cheetah represents problems or situations that can't be outrun. Issues that you're forced to think about or that you can't escape a confrontation with. It's often a recurring issue that bothers you or that you can't help but be reminded of.

Negatively, a cheetah may reflect a fear of being unable to "outrun" or get away from your problems. Feeling that your enemies or problems are too quick for you. A fear of enemies gaining on you too quickly.

A cheetah may appear in a dream when you are trying to move on in life and something keeps bringing you back to the problem.

Example: A man dreamed of a cheetah. In waking life she was going bankrupt and feared that his new business venture wouldn't take off quickly enough to stop him from losing everything he had. He feared being unable to "outrun" bankruptcy.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a cheetah in her house. In waking life he was in the middle of a lawsuit and felt that because of her lawyer's unwillingness to do what she wanted she couldn't escape serious financial losses that may occur id the person who was suing her wasn't stopped.

*Please See Tigers

*Please See Lions


To dream of a chef represents an aspect of yourself or someone else that is skilled, confident, talented, and experienced in their abilities to create, and control satisfying outcomes. Expertise in preparing or planning satisfying experiences. Mastery, skill, or self-assurance in handling complex preparations that must satisfy other people.

Positively, dreaming about a chef may represent confidence in taking risks, experimenting, or managing different aspects of your life to achieve a desired outcome. A desire to impress or please others through your competence and expertise.

Negatively, dreaming about a chef may represent feelings of pressure to plan, create, and control satisfying experiences for others. Feeling pressured to create something perfect without knowing how. An overreliance on external sources to provide an enjoyable or satisfying experience.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in a hotel with a chef and butler that set up her room for dinner service. She found the chef rude. In waking life, she was having an affair with a married man. In this case, the chef may have reflected her feelings about the married man she was having an affair with making private plans for their secret relationship that she found distasteful or poorly executed. She may have felt that the affair was being conducted in a manner that was not to her liking or that lacked finesse, reflecting her desire for more control, discretion, or respect within the relationship.

*Please See Chef's Hat

Chef's Hat

To dream of a chef's hat represents a mood or attitude that is adept, powerful or confident in your abilities. An aspect of your personality feels knowledgeable and talented enough to totally control a situation or direct outcomes.

Alternatively, a chef's hat may represent your projection of someone else that you feel is adept, experienced, and confident.


*Please See Cello

Chemical Weapons

To dream of chemical weapons represents a wish to sterilize competition beyond recovery. An unrelenting or shocking use of your opposition's weakness against them. A wish to make someone else lose no matter what. A calculated attempt to completely "poison" the success of competition without remorse.

Fighting or conflict in your waking life that is empty, lacks any concern for negotiations, or wishes to see permanent failure without sympathy. A cold-hearted wish to forcefully eradicate competition as though they were worthless.

Chemical weapons may also reflect uncomfortable feelings knowing that someone wants to unsympathetically permanently ruin you or embarrass you. Feelings about your enemies thinking you are worthless and wanting to perfectly sabotage forever.


To dream of a chemical represents a forced or guaranteed reaction. Feeling that if you do something or saying something to someone that a certain outcome is absolutely insured to occur. Perfect manipulation of a person or situation.

Negatively, a chemical in a dream may be a sign that you are risking going overboard or hurting yourself to make something happen.

To dream of mixing or combining chemicals represents a collaboration of ideas to insure a desired reaction from a person or situation. Creativity or intelligent manipulation. Negatively, mixing chemicals may reflect risky manipulation with things you are not experienced or prepared enough for. Being completely unprepared for the type of reactions you may get from people you are toying with.

Example: A woman dreamed of putting a chemical into a fire extinguisher to put out a fire and then realized afterwards that some people use this chemical to commit suicide. In waking life the woman had a fight with her boyfriend and wanted to fix it. She mentioned marriage to him to show how serious she was about fixing their relationship. She later realized that mentioning her wish to marry him was a bit dangerous because some people mention marriage to partners when they want the other person to feel uncomfortable with their neediness and break up with them.


To dream of chemistry represents feelings experimenting with forcing reactions from people or situations. Social experimenting. Emotional experimenting. Testing people reactions to learn.

Negatively chemistry may reflect knowledge or previous experience that allows to you easily manipulate people with forced reactions. Learning to manipulate people. Experimenting with people's emotions or jealousy. Testing people's reactions to understand how to better manipulate them. An insensitive or arrogant attitude how to intelligently make people do what you want. Social experiments with no concerns for the consequences.


To dream of chemotherapy represents a powerfully unpleasant ordeal that you must endure in order to free yourself from a difficult problem. Feeling subjected to a situation where nothing you like or want can happen at all in order to move on. It may also reflect a dangerous or humiliating risk you are taking to separate yourself from an ingrained problem.

Chemotherapy may reflect feelings about your life becoming a disaster in order to escape a problem like addiction or a troubling relationship. Having to grow up harder and faster than ever before. Knowing you could "lose it all" trying to get rid of a degenerating problem.

*Please See Skin Cancer


*Please See Checks


To dream of cherries represents self-indulgence. Helping yourself to a pleasurable experience. Cherries sometimes appear in dreams to reflect the occasional occurrence of sex.

Example: A woman dreamed of handing a cake to her boss that had cherries on it. In waking life she was offering sex to him. The cherries reflected her wish to offer sex that her boss could help himself to at any time.

Cherry Blossom Trees

To dream of cherry blossom tree represents situations in your life that are perfectly aligned to let you feel good. A perfect opportunity to be close to someone or spend personal time with someone special. An event in your life that allows you to have your perfect moment.

Example: A young girl dreamed of walking along a path of cherry blossom trees. In waking life she was having trouble with her siblings and was using it as a chance to spend personal time with her ex-boyfriend.


To dream of a cherub represents feelings about some aspect of your life being perfectly innocent. Alternatively, cherub may reflect your feelings about some aspect of your life being perfect for your needs or perfectly helpful.

Negatively, a cherub may be a sign that you have naive, non-objective, misinformed beliefs about something you think is a perfect solution to your problems.

Consider the type of creature with the wings for additional symbolism.

Cheshire Cat From Disney

To dream of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland represents feelings of uncertainty, mystery, and mischievousness about considering something intriguing when never believing in yourself enough to move on is the real problem. Unpredictable circumstances, situations that are hard to decipher, or people who are difficult to understand. A situation where you don't have to think of something at all if you don't want to as much as you are intrigued by the possibily of going through with it. A situation where you might be wasting your time respecting other people's feelings too much while being intrigued by a possibility that you can safely and legally move on from if you want to. When you're don't know what to do it's probably just best to believe in yourself moving on from a situaton just for safety. A family situation where everyone is irrational or impossible to understand so it's best to do whatever you want.

Negatively, the Cheshire Cat may represent feelings of confusion, frustration, or being led astray by someone or something. It could also signify that you are feeling deceived or manipulated by someone in your life who is not being honest or straightforward with you. Feeling that someone or something hasn't ruined you yet, while you safely consider it. Not knowing why you would want to think of something as safe when it never really wants you to think it is completely. Wasting time questioning why something might be safe when it wastes your time never proving that it is. Wasting your time believing that you have to think of something due to it's intrigue that might end up as a disaster.

Example: A man dreamed of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. In waking life, his father died while family members started to be jealous over property before a funeral could take place. He considered having a funeral, but eventually abandoned it because he felt jealous family would ruin it. He ignored people who were curious when the funeral would be and never had one. He wasted his time respecting the need for a funeral as important when it wasn't. In this case, the Cheshire Cat may have reflected his feelings of uncertainty, mystery, and mischievousness in navigating the family dynamics after his father's death. He was intrigued by the possibility of having a funeral but felt it might be a waste of time due to the jealousy among family members who might ruin the funeral. Like the scene of Alice In Wonderland, he has a moment of intrigue about the funeral before realizing he wasted his time not believing in himself from the beginning and abandoned the funeral plans.


To dream of playing chess represents carefully thinking through a situation before making a decision. Chess pieces reflect specific choices or situations that require careful thought.

To dream of losing at chess may represents meeting your match in love or in business. Failed strategies.


To dream of a male chest represents assertive or dominant power. You or someone else that's proving their powerful or showing power off. The size of the chest is indicative of how powerful you or some area of your life is.

A large sexually desirable male chest may represents how powerful or influential you feel. It may also reflect your difficulty resisting something powerful.

An Ugly or misshapen chest reflects the power of something you are experiencing that may not feel good. How strong an unpleasant aspect of your life is. Feeling yourself being powerful in a way that you don't like.

A flat chest symbolizes powerlessness. An area of your life that is ineffective or impotent. Feeling small in some way.

To have scars on a chest represents difficult events or life lessons that are hard to forget. Attaining power through great difficulties. Something unpleasant you had to endure to get where you are today. Difficult events or sacrifices made to gain power that are hard to forget.

To dream of a tattoo on a chest represents feelings about yourself or others being dangerous while showing off with power. It may also reflect your feelings about someone yo think is stupid to control their power or abuses power too much.

To dream of having a wound on your chest represents feelings about your ability to prove your powerful to others being negatively effected.

Dreams about your chest may also reflect medical problems with your breathing or lung disorders such as influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia, or severe colds.

Example: A young man dreamed of being shot in the chest by a gun he did not see. In waking life while asleep a friend's laptop was stolen and the friend attacked him for being be a terrible irresponsible person. He felt he couldn't prove his worthiness as a friend anymore.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing his chest with scars on it. In waking life he had just endured a traumatizing initiation experience into a secret club that he would never forget. He felt more powerful as a man for having gone through the ordeal, but he was bit bitter about it.

Example 3: A young boy dreamed of a man standing on his chest holding the whole world in his hands. In waking life the young boy was suffering from pneumonia and while sick felt that he had the "weight of the world" on his chest.

*Please See Breasts


To dream of a chevron military decoration represents awareness of superior experience or power. It may also reflect an awareness of pecking order.

To dream of a repeating chevron pattern represents situations where you can never reach your goals directly. Always feeling that things have to get worse before they get better or you always need to stand up for yourself before your get what you wanted. Never getting a direct response or easy solution.


To dream of chewing something represents assimilation of knowledge, ideas, feelings, or a type of experience. Consider what is being chewed for additional meaning.

Alternatively, chewing may represent how you are thinking an issue over or determining what to do.

*Please See Chewing Gum

*Please See Bubblegum

Chewing Gum

To dream of chewing gum in a dream represents feeling good thinking about something over and over again. It may also reflect feeling good repeatedly talking about something.

To dream chewing gum being stuck in your hair may represent how terrible it feels to never stop thinking about someone else enjoying talking negatively about you. Difficulty getting a rumor off your mind.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing evil people chewing gum and laughing at her. In waking life he was noticing people who hated her enjoying themselves spreading a rumor about her. The chewing gum reflected how enjoyable she thought the rumor about her was to the people spreading it.

*Please See Bubblegum


To dream of Chicago represents social interaction with others that's safe about not wasting it's time doing something that isn't realistic or the right way. Thoughtful about not having to repeat itself about doing something that isn't the right way. Realistic is what people have to see amongst each other no matter what. Not willing to be guilty for choosing wasting time or being unrealistic. A social encounter that feels totally safe, but doesn't respect you if you don't look realistic. A reminder that being honest, straightforward, and realistic is essential in navigating difficult social situations and maintaining healthy relationships. Feeling about being realistic about affording paying for things.

Negatively, dreaming about Chicago may represent social interaction that overdoes being safe not wasting it's time doing something the right way. Anxiety about whether you are wasting your time being realistic doing something the right way or not. Safe straightforwardness that's ignorant about how mean it feels to other people telling someone else they aren't realistic. Behavior that is aware of itself safe telling someone the truth that doesn't even think of how mean it felt. Safety that doesn't even worry it just told you that you look stupid never being successful. Not willing to look desperate about wasting your time. Criminality that is desperate to avoid being laughed at looking like it wastes other people's time being unrealistic. Corruption that doesn't want to be laughed at for needing to stay looking realistic or not wasting time. Feeling that having to talk about yourself as realistic is more important than morality.

Chicago dreams appear to be common to people with employment issues or affording things.

Example: A man dreamed of trying to get to the Chicago airport. In waking life, he was giving himself a time limit to finish writing his book. In this case, the Chicago airport may have reflected his feelings about social interaction with others, such as publishers or readers, that he would face once his book was completed. These interactions would be focused on ensuring that his work was done in the right way and not wasting time on ineffective approaches. The dreamer may have been cautious about setting a safe realistic deadline for writing his book so he didn't waste any time.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of his cousin considering studying at a Chicago University and wanting the cousin to live with him if he did. In waking life, he was considering whether he wanted to pursue a masters degree, but wasn't sure if it was the right choice for him. In this case, the Chicago University may have reflected his feelings about the social interactions and expectations he would face if he pursued a master's degree. The dream may highlight his concerns about the realistic aspects of pursuing the degree, such as the time commitment and financial considerations, and whether it would be a worthwhile investment.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of walking into a room and deciding to eat Chicago-style pizza. In waking life, he was stressing out about a work project that required a lot of revising other people's work. When he told the people about the revisions they easily accepted it. In this case, the Chicago-style pizza may have reflected his his initial concerns about the realistic aspects of making these revisions, such as the time and effort required, but the ease with which his coworkers accepted the changes highlights the importance of being straightforward and realistic in his approach.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of her mother dying and that the funeral would be held in Chicago. In waking life, she felt guilty about not talking to her mother during Thanksgiving and not having enough money to buy her a christmas gift. In this case, Chicago may have reflected her concerns about not wasting time in mending her relationship with her mother because it wasn't realistic financially to buy her a gift yet.


To dream of a chickadee represents fragility. There may be something special or unique occurring in your life that requires careful attention.

Chicken (Food)

To dream of eating chicken represents a situation in your life that gives you confidence. You may be overcoming a fear or anxiety you had. Overcoming cowardice. Pride in yourself for having stood up to something that scares you.

To dream of fried chicken represents confidence gained in situations that you overcome by perfectly humiliating someone. Confidence that is regained easily. Laughing at problems or bullies after humiliating them. Feeling good being a confident jerk with ease. Standing up to a problem that leaves you feeling confident that the problem is noticeably impossible to become a problem again. Confidence in being able to eat whatever you want without gaining weight.

Negatively, fried chicken in a dream may reflect feelings about enemies or competition in your life gaining advantages over you with stunning ease. Awareness of yourself being confident while being excessively mean to people. Respecting yourself too much. Confidently resting on your laurels or passed accomplishments that may eventually cause a problem. Naively believing you deserve to be overconfident. Too much confidence in being rich being able to solve all your problems. Delusions or misguided beliefs about how easy something is.

To dream of raw chicken feelings of confidence about situations that are dangerous, careless, or unpleasant. Confidence about situations that don't need to look good. Overcoming a fear or bully in a reckless manner. Overcoming cowardice in an ugly or
pleasant manner.

To dream of enemies or evil people eating chicken in a dream may reflect jealousy of your enemies becoming more confident than you. Feelings about losing confidence in being able to overcome problems or challenges. Feeling that other people are becoming confident about never needing to respect you. Certainty in why you deserve to lose confidence. Fear of your enemies or competition becoming better than you.

Alternatively, dreaming of evil people in a dream eating chicken may reflect awareness of yourself becoming confident in a very dishonest, immoral, or arrogant manner. Awareness of yourself being enjoying being a jerk to someone. Confidence that you feel while being mean to people.

To dream of chicken wings represents feelings about enjoying confidence in a situation with a challenge being too easy. Enjoying confidence with something that is easier than you thought. Confidently having a good time.

To dream of hotwings or chicken wings with hotsauce represents feeling of enjoying confidence with a dangerous situation being too easy. Confidently having a good time getting away with something dangerous or risky.

Example: A young girl dreamed of sleeping on a giant piece of friend chicken and then falling off of it and breaking her legs. In waking life she was too confident in being able to eat whatever she wanted without gaining weight and then when she gained weight she didn't like having to go on a diet and exercise regularly.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of seeing her grandfather making fried chicken. In waking life she had done very poorly on a school exam and felt that she had to study perfect from that point on so she could be perfectly confident about her future school performance. The fried chicken in this case may have reflected her confident beliefs about getting perfect grades if she pushed herself harder at school...something she may not have genuinely had the motivation to do.

Example 3: A man dreamed of eating chicken wings with hot sauce. In waking life he was running an illegal pornography business and never got caught. He felt felt good being confident making lots of money without worrying about how dangerously illegal what he was doing was. He was shocked at how easy it was to run his illegal business.

Chicken Coop

To dream of a chicken coop represents something you know you can always rely on or use whenever you want. A person or situation that always provides confidence when you are insecure.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing chicken coops she didn't trust. In waking life she just had a baby and didn't feel comfortable calling anyone to babysit for here.

Chicken Pox

To dream of chicken pox represents a problem you are experiencing that can only be solved with inaction or patience. You may be experiencing a negative situation where you have to "bite your tongue", sit it out, or impotently experience a problem from beginning to end without being able to act against it lest you aggravate it. Chicken pox may be a sign that you need to put priorities first or that enjoyment needs to be placed on hold for more serious matters.

Alternatively, chicken pox may reflect a serious problem you believe only has to be confronted once.


To dream of a chicken represents insecurity, cowardice, or a lack of confidence. There is something that makes you insecure or unsure of yourself. You may also have a lack of willpower. Situations in waking life where you are aware of yourself being easily frightened away from something.

Chickens in a dream may be a sign that you are aware of your own fear of standing up for yourself. A fear of confronting your problems. Choosing to run away or allow others to easily scare you. Allowing yourself to believe that you don't matter as much as other people. Allowing people to get away with intimidating you with ignorance or total arrogance. You may benefit from speaking up or trying to gather friends to take a stand with you.

Positively, dreaming chickens may reflect your ability to intelligently attack your enemies without ever having to confront them directly in person. An intelligent fear of people who may be too dangerous or arrogant to bother taking risks with.

To dream of chicks or baby chickens represents feelings about childish insecurity. Childish shyness or fear. Helplessness to stand up for yourself. The possibility for a problem to make you look like a coward at a later time if you don't address it immediately.

Negatively, baby chicks in a dream may reflect problems with standing up for yourself that are creating additional situations for you to fear or shy away from. Accepting fear as something you will never stand up to. Alternatively, it may reflect situations where you are overbearing with control over a younger or less experienced person than you. Controlling parenting that doesn't allow children to build confidence.

Example: A man dreamed of a coin with a chicken on it. In waking life he discovered an incredible idea about how to totally embarrass dangerous criminal people who humiliated him and to do it without them ever knowing that he was behind it. He feared any confrontation with these people directly because one of them was previously charged with attempted murder.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her brother get into a car accident, have his head severed, and then see his head turn into a chicken head. In waking life the woman was fearing getting a coronary bypass operation. She believed that it was her bad habits that caused this health problem while she also fearing the necessary operation.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being called a chicken. In waking life she was experiencing nausea from her pregnancy and didn't want to leave work yet. Her husband told her that he could easily afford to financially support her and that the only reason she doesn't leave work is because she was too scared to.


To dream of chickpeas represents situations in waking life that feel good noticing a change occurring. Boredom driving you to do something else or an interest in trying something new.


To dream of baby birds may reflect feelings about new confidence in overcoming problems or overcoming unwanted control in your life. New ideas that encourage you to stand up for yourself. Confidence developing that encourages you to stop listening to people who want to control you or stop you.

Negatively, baby birds in a dream may reflect feelings of jealousy that someone else is starting to overcome challenges that you don't want them to overcome. Enemies getting new ideas or starting to free themselves from restraints.

Consider the type of bird for additional meaning.

*Please See Chickens


To dream of a chihuahua represents emotional protection that isn't crazy while enjoying feeling good about itself. Emotional protection that feels good deserving to safely like itself the way it is. Enjoying independence as a good person or good girl. Emotional protection that notices nothing is wrong with being small while looking around to enjoy doing something else. Feeling good being a nice person all the time when other people might not be. Nothing scares you that you are liking yourself the way you are. An protective attitude that feels it's not your job to do anything except like yourself the way you are. Emotional protection that feels that its responsibility is to do nothing except like itself the way it is. Protectiveness of being adorable. Defensiveness of children's behavior.

Negatively, dreaming about a chihuahua represents emotional protection that is excessive concerned with feeling good about itself while little. Enjoying thinking of enjoying doing something different in your life while feeling too small to do anything powerful. Emotional protection that confidently gets away with dishonesty by claiming the behavior is just adorable and walking away. Emotional protection that feels good liking itself the way it is while rich or spoiled. Behavior that may like itself the way it is without concern for serious responsibility. Emotional protection that feels good being a good person never having to listen to anyone else ever. Enjoying independence as a good person or good girl that may always be at risk of others bad influences.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a dirty man holding a chihuahua. In waking life she was frustrated with her roommate on an issue regarding her children. She felt that sometimes her roommate was not in agreement about issues related to her children.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of picking up her Chihuahua, enduring police attacking a criminal, and then trying to protect her dog. In waking life she was very disappointed with her life and resented her boyfriend for not going to school or having a job for 10 months. In this case the Chihuahua may have represented her wish to emotionally protect herself thinking of safely enjoying doing something different in life without her boyfriend as though it wasn't a problem. The final dream scene with the criminal and trying to protect her dog may have reflected her feelings about trying to protect her independent choices from the bad influence of her boyfriend.

*Please See Dogs

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