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*Please See Condom


To dream of signing a contract represents your readiness to commit to a long term relationship or project. It may also reflect habits you are convincing yourself to stick with. Devotion to religion or spirituality. Honoring agreements. Loyalty to a relationship or cause.

A contract in a dream may also reflect your anxiety or concerns about business dealings.

Example: A man dreamed of his ex-wife coming into his house and ripping up contracts. In waking life he was having anxiety about his ex-wife showing up after he fixed his business to steal his money and ruin his success.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of signing a contract with a salesman. In waking life she was a devote religious person who believed God wasn't doing enough to give her a husband. In this case the contract may have represented her feelings about being devoted to her religion.


To dream of feeling in control represents feelings of being able to direct outcomes, have control over a situation, or having control over your emotions. Confidence that you can stop a problem from getting out of the hand.

To dream of someone else being in control represents feelings about having an observational or subordinate role. Feeling that someone else's ideas overpower yours. Feeling authority figures, parents, or other people controlling a situation. Problems or bad habits that are too powerful to change. Feeling that it's impossible to speak up, stand up for yourself, or remove yourself from a situation. Forced respect. Feelings about others having the power to control your emotional state.

To dream of losing control represents feelings about problems getting out of control. Feeling unable to assert yourself or lead. Feeling overwhelmed by a problem. Feeling overwhelmed by chaos or opposition. Feelings about losing leverage in a situation.

To dream of feeling controlled may reflect feelings of someone in your life being manipulative or overbearing. It may also reflect feelings of being powerless or unable to challenge something. Feelings about not being in control of your own life.

To dream of controlling robot may reflect feelings about controlling a person in your life that you find very rigid, unemotional, or logical. Feeling that you have the power to manage or stop a very logical unpleasant decision that has already been made if you wanted to. To dream of being unable to control a robot may reflect feelings about very logical unpleasant decisions that can't be reversed or stopped.

To dream of controlling a snake represents feelings of having the power to cause total failure to others. Manipulative power to scare others with total failure. Feeling that it's easy to get back at someone. Attempting to manipulate something dangerous.

To dream of having control over the flow of water represents feelings about being able to control your emotions during problems. Directing the outcomes during negative emotional situations. Control over how a problem is addressed.

Example: A women dreamed being able to control the flow of water into a bathtub. In waking life she felt able to control her emotions during a big problem.

Example 2: A man dreamed of trying to control a snake. In wake life he had embarrassed himself thinking it would be easy to get back at someone.

Example 3: A man dreamed of being controlled by a parasite. In waking life he felt that a fungal infection was controlling and destroying his life.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of having lost control over a situation to someone else. In waking life she felt that someone annoying was able to easily manipulate her emotions when she believed it shouldn't have happened.

*Please See Driving

Convenience Store

To dream of a convenience store represents your attempt to find easy solutions to a problem. A resource, person, or habit that makes problem solving easier. Spontaneous ideas, decisions, or interests.

Negatively, a convenience store may symbolize an unwillingness to try anything new or difficult. Always reaching for the easiest solution. Spontaneous interests that are not well thought out before hand.

To dream of having to cross a street to go to a convenience store may reflect a need try something new, difficult, or what other people aren't doing in order to try getting an easy solution to your problem.

To dream of convenience stores that are closed or not in business may reflect feelings about easy solutions to problems not being available to you.

Example: A young man dreamed of going to a convenience store that required crossing the street. In waking life he got a spontaneous idea to buy a large number of books to help him change the way he studied a hobby.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing two convenience stores where one was close and one was across the street. In waking life he was deciding whether it was best to solve a problem easy the usual way or to make an effort to solve it easily with a newer option.

Example 3: A man dreamed of knowing the owner of a convenience store that rushed to get him a product. In waking life someone had offered to help him fix a problem easily multiple times without any serious need until finally a serious presented itself.


To dream of a convent represents total dedication to the sacrifice of your desires, wishes, or goals. You may be trading your enjoyment or aspirations for a sense of security.

You may feel restricted from fully expressing yourself. It may also reflect a life situation where you are willingly isolating yourself from other people's opinions or a situation that you perceive to be the lesser of two evils.

Alternatively, the dream may reflect your feelings about a situation being your last chance, or only opportunity.


To dream of having a conversation with someone represents feelings about life situations where you are carefully thinking about every single detail of a situation that is important to you. Carefully going over ever detail of a problem. Carefully considering new ideas. Considering repeating old behavior or ideas that have helped you the past and carefully considering if it's a good idea to do so in a current situation.

Negatively, dreaming of having a conversation represents awareness of yourself carefully considering dishonest behavior. Awareness of the possibility of getting into trouble and carefully considering every detail to avoid it.

To dream of having a conversation with your father may reflect situations where you are carefully considering different choices. Carefully considering whether being honest is important in a situation you are experiencing. Carefully weighing the consequences of your choices. Awareness of yourself being dishonest or criminal and trying to get away with it.

To dream of having a conversation with your mother represents your careful consideration of choices that will impact your future. Carefully going over details about to stop a future problem. Negatively, having a conversation with your money may reflect preparations to get away with something dishonest in the future.

To dream of having a conversation with an Aunt, Uncle, or In-Laws may reflect careful consideration of alternative choices you are making.

To dream of having a conversation with God may reflect your careful consideration of every aspect of a very serious decision. Carefully considering the consequences of a life-changing choice. Carefully considering the consequences of making a very dangerous choice or risking your life. Considering the consequences of murder, leaving a long-term relationship, fighting someone dangerous, leaving your job, getting back at someone to wronged you, or some other life-changing decision.

Alternatively, having a conversation with God may reflect careful consideration of your life in spiritual terms. Anxiety about God loving you or approving of your life. Fearing God hating you.

Example: A man dreamed of having a long conversation with his mother. In waking life he was carefully thinking over ever detail of a problem he had to stop his wealthy son from leaving the country so he could use him for retirement. He felt he had to carefully plan for a specific future moment to get leverage over his son's life.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of seeing a woman having a conversation while he happily watched from a distance. In waking life he was socially distanced from a girl he liked due to religious differences while he enjoyed thinking about her a lot.


To dream of original style converse shoes represents an approach to life that feels good thinking anything is happening. Disliking emptiness or restlessness. Feeling that it's fantastic that you have to think of something new happening. No concern for being a perfect example person, you just want to do something at all. Never letting anyone tell you that you can't try to do something different. Never being willing to tell anyone you are stopping doing something you enjoy.

Negatively, dreaming about orginal style converse shoes may represent an approach to life that is wasting time feeling good making anything happen. Wasting time enjoying training to be an expert in your spare time. Feeling good being a professional that doesn't have to do anything else serious about it. Wasting time being good enough because you aren't able to do anything better. Wasting time do anything else besides listening to a more conservative expert.

Example: A woman dreamed of enjoying wearing a worn pair of Converse shoes. In waking life she felt that her life was empty while wanting to move on from her current career towards a new career as a professional writer. The worn converse shoes in this case may have reflected her approach to life feeling good writing all the time hoping it would lead to something different in her life. The converse shoes may have also reflected her feelings about being persistent with writing making her feel good that anything at all else was happening in her life.

*Please See Talking


To dream of a convertible car represents feelings of enjoying having nothing to stop you with your decisions or choices. Loving being in control of your life all the time. Enjoying being in control of the direction a situation is taking. Feeling good about nobody ever saying no to you. Feeling good about your life always doing what you want. Feeling good being boss or a leader.

Alternatively, dreaming about a convertible car may represent enjoyment of your lifestyle choices.

Negatively, a convertible car may reflect enjoyment of your life that is going overboard or being inconsiderate of others feelings. Enjoying being in control too much. An inconsiderate attitude about other people being more passive or less of a winner than you. Not concerning yourself with putting family first.

Dreams of convertibles may show up when you are doing well at work or enjoying dating.

A red or black convertible is symbolic of negative or excessive enjoyment of your life. Your choices or goals may be easily realized, but your intentions may not be genuine or balanced. Abusing freedom or control.

Example: A man dreamed of his convertible car running out of gas. In waking life he was dying of AIDS. The dream may have reflected his feelings about the disease draining his financial resources or hampering his ability to keep his usual freedom loving lifestyle.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being on a convertible airplane. In waking life he was experiencing a lot of success at work and was debating whether or not to take a promotion in another city.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of driving in a convertible with her ex-boyfriend and hearing him tell her that it was okay to let him out of the car. In waking life she broke up with her ex-boyfriend a year earlier and was beginning to enjoy dating again while also struggling emotionally to move on from her ex. In this case the convertible may have reflected her feelings about enjoying the freedom to start dating again and feeling confident about it.

Conveyor Belt

To dream of a conveyor belt represents a situation that doesn't have to stop doing what it's doing like it's empty about just not being mean. The same kind of situation keeps repeating itself over and over and doesn't have to stop. A situation that doesn't have to stop noticing what else needs to be processed. A situation that doesn't have to stop without a reason because it's not supposed to. Feeling that something doesn't need you to do something over and over.

Positively, it may reflect unimpeded progress or nothing stopping you as you get ahead with your goals. Succeeding all the time. Making lots of money all the time that you don't really think is special. Feeling good that something isn't listening to why winning happens all the time.

Negatively, a conveyor belt may reflect a problem that seems to overwhelm you without a challenge. Something wrong that "just keeps coming." Empty feelings of experiencing something boring over and over. A situation that doesn't have to stop over and over and doesn't need to stop. Feeling that someone is distracting you with something over and over again. Repetitiveness that doesn't let you do anything except say that's why it does.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a conveyor belt in front of him move from the right to the left with a large assortment of objects with a sense that they were other people's belongings. In waking life he was unexpectedly forced to endure hearing about other people's' problems over and over like it didn't have to stop.

*Please See Factory


To dream of a convict may reflect guilt, embarrassment, or regret for your past actions. It may also represent your distrust of someone who has done something wrong in their life.

*Please See Prisoner


To dream of a cooker represents the ability to prepare or process something with focus on efficiency, productivity, multi-tasking, and the ability to handle pressure while not minding it. Preparing for a new situation with behavior that is under high pressure, but not feeling that it's serious. Feelings of being under intense pressure to get your life back on track such as needing to stay sober and avoid temptation. Preparation for a new situation by being more efficient with time and personal energy than you usual.

To dream of throwing a cooker in the garbage may reflect feelings about high pressure methods to fix your life that aren't working. Feeling that it's not worth it to undergo high pressure to resolve problems or straighten your life out.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a new high pressure cooker in her mother's house. In waking life she was trying to stay sober while unemployed. In this case the high pressure cooker may have reflected the woman's feelings of being under intense pressure to stay sober and avoid temptation while being unemployed so she could get her life back on track.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed throwing a throwing a cooker in the garbage. In waking life she felt that her life was ruined and all her attempts to make progress in life failed. In this case the cooker may have reflected her feelings about high pressure attempts to fix her life never working.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of a new cooker in her kitchen. In waking life she was undergoing major renovations to her home. In this case the cooker may have reflected her feelings about high pressure deadlines for contractors doing work on her home.

Cookie Cutter

To dream of a cookie cutter represents monotony and sameness. You may feel that everyone is doing the same thing or not being original. A lack of originality or thoughtfulness. The dream may be a sign that you need to try something new or do your own thing.

Cookie Monster

To dream of the Cookie Monster represents a lack of restraint or self-control that feels good. Embarrassing yourself with an addiction or something that is difficult to resist.

Negatively, the Cookie Monster may be a sign that your enjoyment of something is so strong you don't care about anyone else once an opportunity to have it arises.


To dream of cookies represents feelings about behavior that is so adorable you can't believe that there is anything wrong with it. Not listening to anyone tell you that you can't enjoy something innocent if you want to. Feeling good enjoying something innocent without needing a reason.

Negatively, dreaming about cookies represents situations where you are feeling good not getting into trouble, but feeling you might. Difficulty resisting something enjoyable that feels that it might cause a problem. The potential to be greedy enjoying yourself or get caught enjoying yourself too much. Difficulty rejecting or avoiding something adorably enjoyable that presents itself to you. People in a serious relationship taking advantage of their partner for sex.

Cookies may reflect trouble resisting temptation that feels innocent. Feeling childish for enjoying an indulgence.

Cookie dreams are common to woman who have husbands whom they don't trust with sex or flirting. Feelings about indulging in marital sex.

Example: A man dreamed of a giant cookie. In waking life he was religiously practicing abstinence and having trouble avoiding masturbation. In this case the large cookie may have reflected his feelings about being childish when couldn't resist sexual temptation anymore after remaining abstinent for long periods of time.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of making her husband the oatmeal cookies he's always liked. In waking life she had left him and was now planning to return to living with him after her husband made some significant changes to his behavior. In this case the oatmeal cookies may have reflected her feelings about returning to her sex life with her husband after moving back into with him with the awareness that it might cause problems with her husband not respecting her if she wasn't conservative.


To dreaming of cooking represents an experience or situation that is being prepared. You or someone else that is getting ready to do something. The potential for something to happen. You may be making plans or organizing something. Careful planning.

Example: An older woman dreamed of cooking a baby and trying to hide it. In waking life she was preparing to leave her husband and didn't want him finding out about it.

*Please See Frying Pan

Cooking Oil

To dream of cooking oil represents your wish to avoid hassles as you prepare for a waking life situation. Making efforts to smoothly or quietly get something done quickly. Wanting to get a fast paced project or plan off the ground quickly without any complications to hold you back.


To dream of a ice cooler container represents feelings about keeping some area of your life feeling good ready and easy. Feeling good that something is being kept the way you like it. Nothing special about using something to not worry, "keep your cool", or prolonging enjoy yourself. Feeling about a good time that has been "keep on ice." No explaining needed about why you are having a good time. Maintaining a mindset that nothing needs to matter despite whatever problems or stress you might be enduring. Feeling good keeping your mind of your problems. Maintaining a pleasant relaxed mood.

Alternatively, a ice cool container may represent feelings about loving someone being casually "kept on ice." It may also reflect feelings about keeping a good mood going during a party or social gathering. The readiness to get intoxicated in a social setting.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing a guy carrying a huge ice cooler container. In waking life she was trying to help her boyfriend's fraternity after a big loss. A friend had showed up to try to make everyone in the fraternity happier. The cooler in the dream may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about seeing the friend arrive with a plan or method to keep everyone in the fraternity in pleasant relaxed mood.


*Please See Photocopier


To dream of copper represents desire. Believing that you can't ever have something or noticing that something never works out for you. When you see copper in a dream it means that you are having desirous thoughts of attractive people, or material things that you don't believe you can ever really have.

Copper can also mean that you are putting your desires, fantasies, and interests before the needs of others. You care more about what you want then you do anything else including other people. Negatively, copper may be a sign that you would lie, cheat, or steal from someone else.

The reason copper color represents desire is because copper is close to gold in color, but unlike gold is worthless.

Example: A young man dreamed of being inside a copper industrial complex. In waking life he had an illness that he could never cure. He was spending all his money to try to find a cure, but never could no matter what he tried. He felt that his entire life was being wasted trying to find a cure to his illness.


*Please See Police


To dream of a copy represents feelings about behavior that does something exactly the same as other people. Repeating what someone else is saying or doing. Alternatively, a copy in a dream may represent the dreamer's desire to replicate or recreate something they have experienced in the past. Feelings about yourself being original and that other people are copying, repeating, or mimicking your behavior.

Negatively, dreaming about a copy may represent conformity or feeling that it's unusual that people aren't thinking for themselves. Feeling unoriginal or that you are mimicking someone else's behavior or ideas. Not liking why you can't be original because other people won't let you.

Example: A young woman dreamed that someone had stolen her copy of the book 1984 by George Orwell. In waking life she was behind on reading the book 1984 for school and needed to read it before a deadline or she would fail. In this case the copy of the book may have reflected her feelings about needing to read the book just the same as everyone else in her class.

*Please See Photocopier

Coral Reef

To dream of a coral reef represents feeling about a stable area of your life that is "always there" during uncertain times, but must be respected the way it is. Talking to someone during an uncertain moment that requires respect. Behavior that protects itself, but lets lots of other people use it if they need to. A stable area of your life during uncertain times that you've heard that lots of other people use. Something you feel good noticing helping lots of people in uncertain times, but don't want to waste time with. Feeling that it's better to respect something the way it is to get the most benefit out of an uncertain situation.

Negatively, a coral reef may reflect feelings about a stable area of your life that is "always there" in uncertain times for anyone to use, but you feel it's too easy to use it or that you don't deserve to use it.

Damaged coral reefs in a dream may reflect feelings about permanently losing stability or protection you've always assumed would help you. An "end of an area" to stable family life or protection during uncertain times.

Example: A woman dreamed of searching a coral reef. In waking life she was talking to police about amending criminal charges on her daughter's abusive husband. The coral reef in this case may have reflected her feelings about noticing she could talk to the police if she needed to amend criminal charges, but felt the police best to let be.


To dream of a cork represents issues that need to left aside for the right moment. Keeping a secret or certain information until the right time. It may also reflect plans you are keeping on hold until the time is right.


To dream of a corkscrew represents feelings that certain information is ready to be expressed or certain plans are ready to be experienced. Feeling that a long wait is over. No longer feeling that being patient is important. Feeling that the right time to do something is now. It may also reflect a desire to celebrate.

Negatively, a corkscrew may reflect conflict getting something you want to do done. Waiting too long or continuing to put something off that you really want to do.


To dream of corn represents abundance or plentifulness. So much of something that you don't care about it anymore or don't believe that it will ever end. No concerns with running out of something. Feelings about financial opportunities.

Negatively, corn may reflect wastefulness or wasting resources you don't appreciate. Naively believing that something good will last forever or never get used up. Wasting money that was easily earned or given to you. A lack of concern about wasting money. Excessive freedom that doesn't respect others. Promises of abundance that you can't keep. Lying about abundant opportunities or large sums of money.

To dream of cooking corn represents preparation for a plentiful or abundant situation. Getting ready to experience a situation in your life where you have so much of something that jealousy is impossible. Making a concerted effort to make sure there is too much of something.

Corns dreams are common to people dealing with money issues, thinking about how to get more money, or who experienced receiving a large sum of money.

Example: A man dreamed of an ear of corn that smelled like coconut inside, but then found out that the corn was not edible. In waking life he believed he can run into an opportunity that would allow him to pay for his retirement, but then was disappointed that the opportunity wasn't possible. The corn in this case may have reflected his feelings about the potential financial opportunity being plentiful or financially abundant.

*Please See Corn Field

Corn Field

To dream of a corn field represents feelings about the unending abundance or plentifulness of a situation. A development phase that seems to have no end and allows you to "throw away" your problems afterwards. Feeling comfortable that making a mistake never matters ever again because there is always something else you can use.

Negatively, dreaming about a cornfield may reflect feelings about being lost or overwhelmed by abundance.

To get lost in a corn field represents being lost in the enormity or plentifulness of a situation. You may have lost your purpose, bearings, or original intentions. You might be overwhelmed by possibilities, opportunities, or options. You may feel that there is too much of a good thing.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in a corn field that was on fire. In waking life her marriage was ending. The corn field may have reflected her feelings about the abundance of love, support, and financial investment planning in the relationship that she felt would never end.

Example 2: A man dreamed seeing his father standing beside a cornfield. In waking life had been expecting a new discovery to lead to profitable business and give him the ability to "throw away" his problems. He didn't know what decisions to make next for this business.

*Please See Corn

Corn Pops Cereal

To dream of Corn Pops cereal represents beginning a situation where you are enjoying embracing the unexpected because it showed up. Confidence about liking doing something for the first time that wasn't your first choice, but someone else chose it so you accept it and enjoy it anyway. A welcoming unexpected element in life with open arms and finding that you might even prefer these unexpected elements over what you initially wanted. Surprise that you are enjoying starting something that you don't usually do. Corn Pops in a dream could represent situations in life where you are forced to adapt or accept something that wasn't your original plan. These are situations where, even if things don't go exactly as you'd imagined, you're willing to make the best of what you have. Corn Pops may symbolize the ability to see the positive side of unexpected situations, and to find happiness in them.

Negatively, dreaming about Corn Pops may represent a need for reconciliation or finding common ground in a situation where there was conflict or misunderstanding. It could indicate a desire for resolution and harmony in your relationships or personal life, highlighting the need to stay open-minded and adaptable in dealing with unexpected events or people in your life.

Example: A woman dreamed of grocery shopping with a guy she liked and considering buying a box of Frosted Flakes which had Corn Pops mixed in. In her waking life, she was a single mother contemplating the idea of dating a man who would not only love her but also her children. In this case, the Frosted Flakes may have reflected her desire to start enjoying a new relationship that felt confident and straightforward. The Corn Pops mixed in with the Frosted Flakes may have reflected her feelings about adjusting her children to the new man with his unexpected visits with something to enjoy doing together so that they would grow to accept each other.


To dream of a corner with a turn represents the possibility to "turning" a situation around. The potential to change or go in a new direction. Hope that you can improve your life by doing something different. The potential a situation to get better or worse.

To dream of a corner of a wall represents feelings of being trapped or that you have no options left. A situation you can do nothing about. Negatively, you may feel forced into a decision. Feeling that a situation as "taken a turn for the worst." A fear of being discovered as a liar which you feel you can't hide anymore. Feeling that someone is out to get you.

Example: A man dreamed of being cornered in a spot by police. In waking life he felt he could no longer avoid disciplinary changes at work.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a corner around the edge of a wall. In waking life he was aware of himself having to begin making serious changes in life to restore his spiritual happiness.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing the corner walls of a room that were orange. In waking life he was experiencing a small delay with a work project that he couldn't do anything about except to wait for it to clear on it's own. The corner in this case may have reflected his feelings about all options for progress being blocked.

Corner Store

*Please See Convenience Store

Corona Beer

To dream of Corona brand beer represents a relaxed attitude or taking time off from a situation that demands professionalism, measuring yourself, and being in control of yourself in order to avoid being too serious about overdoing it because you don't want to leave anything to chance. Behavior that likes every person you are talking to not witnessing you as a disaster of overdoing relaxing. Professional attitude about relaxing that enjoys itself never doing anything excessive. A professional and responsible attitude towards taking breaks without going overboard because you set limits for yourself from the beginning. Feeling that unwind without feeling guilty or concerned about overindulgence is what you're supposed to be doing. Feeling comfortable that nothing can be a disaster for why you are relaxing from an issue because you are measuring yourself. Relaxing that is in control of yourself while not embarrassing yourself overdoing it. Enjoying every moment without getting caught up in excess. Controlling yourself by taking time off that isn't dangerous about overdoing it. A mindful and measured attitude towards enjoying life without neglecting responsibilities or overlooking potential consequences. A preference for presenting yourself as composed and not risking appearing excessive while enjoying a relaxed state. The desire to relax and the pressure to maintain a professional demeanor. Small increments and measuring oneself to avoid embarrassing yourself while relaxing.

Negatively, dreaming about Corona brand beer represents feelings about overdoing believing that a professional attitude about measuring yourself and being in control of yourself while relaxing won't eventually result in overdoing it. Concerns about embarrassing oneself by not being able to strike a balance between work and leisure. Choosing to measure yourself while relaxing about an issue by choosing to do it slowly or incrementally to avoid overdoing it that eventually leads to being excessive. Disliking having to measure yourself while being in control of yourself because due to concerns that you'll embarrass yourself if you don't go back to work. Not wanting anyone to think you are an idiot who went overboard while taking time off.

*Please See Beer


*Please See Dead Body

Correctional Officers

*Please See Prison Guards


*Please See Hallway


To dream of a corvette represents decision-making or control of a situation with an attitude that boldly doesn't look back if it doesn't want to. Showing off never regretting anything you do. Decision-making or control style that is assertive and showy. No fear of insulting someone or telling someone off while you enjoy your own life. Getting away with nobody getting you back for telling them off. Feeling yourself to be or projecting yourself to be the "top of the game." Believing that nobody can ever tell you what to do without a good reason. Enjoying ditching people or ditching bad friends.

Negatively, a corvette may be a sign that you or someone else is being a bit too assertive and showy. Being a jerk that demands to come first. It may also reflect another person that is arrogantly putting themselves first at all times. An arrogant attitude about talking back to people and never regretting it. Arrogantly telling a friend, partner, or spouse that you don't need to respect them ever again if you don't want to.

Example: A woman dreamed of beating up a guy driving a corvette. In waking life she broke up with her boyfriend who arrogantly invested all her money in a failed oil business.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her husband sitting in a black corvette that she felt was too small for him. In waking life she felt she had a bad marriage. The black corvette in this case may have reflected her feelings about her husband getting away with being a jerk that didn't regret anything he said or did to her.

Example 3: A teenage boy dreamed of seeing a lime green corvette with a pretty girl near it. In waking life a friend ditched him. In this case the corvette may have reflected his enjoyment of enjoying the rest of his life leaving a terrible friend behind.

*Please See Cars


*Please See Makeup


*Please See Price

Costco Wholesale

To dream of Costco Wholesale represents feeling supported with exclusive "bulk options" for quality time experiencing something or the easy safe ability to experience a lot what you want without problems. Wanting an exclusive ability to spend a lot of quality time with a person you have romantic interest in. Exclusive bulk access to situations, experiences, or people. Joining something in order to enjoy bulk options or plentiful access. Professionally not wasting any time or resources in order to do something a lot.

Negatively, dreaming about Costco may represent your tendency to waste time or resources jealousy unable to obtain an exclusive ability to experience something "in bulk." Feeling that you are wasting time trying to spend a lot of quality time with a romantic interest because they always elude you. Wasting time joining something in order to get exclusive quality time with a situation or person. Awareness that you are able to get quality time with a person or situation without substance to the experience. An professional attitude about getting bulk quality access to a situation or person that doesn't respect you.

Dreams of Costco Wholesale are common to people with romantic crushes on people they are eager to try to spend a lot of time with and make use whatever resources they can to maintain the ability to easily spend lots of time with the person.

Example: A high-school girl dreamed of losing her Costco membership. In waking life she was jealously trying to get an opportunity to spend a lot of quality time with a boy she had a crush on when she found out her friend was dating him.

Example 2: A high-school girl dreamed of a boy she had a crush on standing in line at the cashier at Costco. In waking life she had a crush on a boy for over a year. In this case Costco may have reflected her feelings about wanting an exclusive ability to spend lots of quality time with her crush when he seemed to be choosing to spend a lot of exclusive quality time in other ways.


To dream of a costume represents a false or deceptive persona you present to others in waking life. You might be putting on a show or pretending to be something you are not. A costume may also reflect bluffing or lying.

It may also reflect a temporary persona you display to others to fulfill a certain role (e.g. acting a certain way around only one person).

*Please See Halloween Costume

Costume Party

To dream of a costume party represents a situation where you or others are enjoying yourself "posing" as something you're not. A pleasant experience lying, bluffing, or not being yourself. You may be trying to escape from the demands of real life or make yourself feel better by living a lie.


To dream of a cot represents temporary measures to keep something in your life staying the same. Feeling that something in your life has to stay the way it is just for now. Purposely not being concerned with feeling good maintaining a decision to get through something difficult. Temporarily reducing your comfort level because there are bigger priorities at stake.

A cot may reflect emergency type thinking. Keeping strong for the short term.


To dream of a cottage represents your perspective on a situation being centered around escaping problems or responsibilities. You are taking a break from your problems or would prefer to not to deal with them right now. Feeling good or enjoying yourself while avoiding doing something that you know may be serious or important. There may be a need for quiet or simplicity during a difficult moment.

*Please See Cabin

Cotton Balls

To dream of cotton balls represents feelings about using something in your life as a temporary imperfect solution to a problem. Making a problem less serious while not being concerned with fully solving it.

Negatively, cotton balls may reflect your dislike of having to temporarily change some area of your life that doesn't perfectly resolve your problems.

Example: A woman dreamed of holding cotton balls in her hand. In waking life she was thinking of her options to leave her cheating husband. She felt that she could move away to a family members home to temporarily solve her living arrangement problems with her husband and start a new life after.

Cotton Candy

To dream of cotton candy represents total preoccupation with how wonderful, fun, or pleasurable something is. Not thinking about anything except how good it feels to feel good. Not wanting to stop noticing yourself feeling good.

Negatively, cotton candy may reflect your sensitivity about losing something that feels good.


To dream of a couch represents total comfort with an issue or situation. You are comfortable, bored, or lazy about something. You may feel that nothing is wrong at all with a particular issue. A comfortable or laid back attitude about a situation you are experiencing. It may also reflect a relaxed attitude about accepting a particular situation as it is.

Negatively, a couch in a dream may be a sign that you are too comfortable with certain beliefs, ideas, or situations you are experiencing. A casually attitude about overlooking a serious or potentially dangerous problem A comfortable attitude about accepting a problem the way it is. Risking your integrity because you feel being proactive or taking action in some way is asking too much of you. So comfortable with an issue or problem that you don't think it's a problem.

To dream of sitting on a couch with another person represents total comfort with some aspect of your personality based on whatever qualities stand out the most about that person. It's common to dream of sitting on a couch with people that you feel are lazy or sleazy as it reflects your awareness of yourself being too casual or laid back with a problem that needs to be addressed.

To sit on a couch with a crush or romantic interest may symbolize a high degree of comfort with sexually desiring that person. A sign that you need to stop daydreaming about them and do something about initiating a real relationship.

Example: A woman dreamed of sitting on a couch with a man she thought was sleazy. In waking life she had an embarrassing lapse of judgement by too casually overlooking a problem that angered her neighbor.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a person whom he felt was a really lazy person whom annoyed him. In waking life he was being pressured into working an excessive amount of overtime by his boss whom was making him feel like he was lazy if it didn't want to work too much.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of her friend keeping her deceased mother on a sofa while not expressing her feelings to the friend. The couch in this case may have reflected her feelings about the friend being so comfortable with discussing her dead mother or being depressed about it as though it wasn't a problem that it was starting to bother the dreamer.

Example 4: Albert Hoffmann, Ph.D (inventor of LSD), experienced a waking vision in which he saw himself dead on a couch. In his waking life, he had accidentally taken LSD for the first time, which overwhelmed him and led him to question whether he had damaged his brain from an overdose. In this case, the couch may have symbolized his comfort in not revealing his accidental overdose at work due to experimenting with drugs. His lifeless body represented his temporary belief that he had died or ruined his life, while simultaneously feeling comfortable with the decision to keep his LSD intoxication a secret by choosing to go home.

*Please See Living Room


To dream of a cougar represents intuitive aggression, ambition, or doing everything you can to realize a goals.

It's awareness, keen perception, paying very close attention to someone or something in your waking life. Often something or someone you don't trust. You may also be observing or hunting for weakness before you make a move.

Cough Drops

To dream of cough drops represents a need for coaxing in order to discuss an issue. There is something holding you back or making you hesitant to speak up. You or someone else needs to be pushed or convinced to speak or take action.


To dream of coughing represents dissatisfaction or irritation that you can't control something that may indicate that something is wrong. Feeling that something is wrong that can't be controlled. Unpleasant feelings about having to appear dangerously out of control to other people. Problems with appearances that something you're saying or being observed doing isn't safe. Embarrassment with an oversight that has to be noticed.

Positively, coughing that is controlled may reflect a wish to signal that something forgotten or wrong has been overlooked. Feeling that something that doesn't embarrass one person, but may embarrass another. Feelings about subtle obvious suggestions being made undetected.

To dream of seeing someone else coughing may mirror waking life feelings about wanting to distance yourself from a person or situation who has something wrong with them that can't be controlled.

To dream of coughing something out may represent unpleasant feelings about needing to confront or discuss things about yourself that you can't control. Whatever you cough out of your body may reflect a reversed choice or experience that feels dangerously out of control to other people. Feelings about everything you'd already told people looking stupid or dangerous uncontrollably.

To dream of a dead person coughing may reflect unexpected embarrassment that failure wasn't diagnosed properly or was spoken about too soon. Feeling silly for speaking about a situation being forever over or hopeless. Feeling that something is dangerously wrong with accepting something labelled as failure.

Example: A woman dreamed of coughing up an adult frog and then coughing up a young frog. In waking life she experienced two situations with her ex that made her believe she couldn't be with him anymore. First she felt her life was in danger and then later she felt he was playing mind games. Coughing up the frogs in this case may have reflected her feelings about being noticed by other people as having an embarrassingly dangerous relationship after discussing it like it to others as though it didn't matter.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of coughing up rocks. In waking life she was having difficulty getting a job and may have felt embarrassed for talking to other people about her education making certain job opportunities sounds "solid" and easy.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of needing to turn in a report and then feeling the need to cough. In waking life she was considering guys she wanted to talk to other people about dating and then felt she might be embarrassed talking about them because they were taken. The need to cough without coughing might have reflected her feelings about thinking she might be noticed by other people as having something wrong with her if she discussed potential love interests that were already taken.


To dream of a Counselor represents a need for support and direction. You or someone else in your life may be inexperienced or looking for reassurance. Wanting or giving actionable answers. Wanting to feel that everything will be alright. Positively, a counselor may be a good sign that you are finally willing to seek help with a difficult problem you have been hiding.

Negatively, a counselor may be a sign that you are uncomfortable talking about your problems. Experiencing anxiety or hesitance about having to confront a problem. Not liking the advice you are being given.


To dream of things sitting on a counter represents possibilities or experiences that are always available to you. It may also represent an experience that is being offered to you. Alternatively, it may reflect beliefs or experiences that you feel are more important than anything else.

To dream of putting something on a counter represents an interest in experiencing something right now. It may also reflect beliefs, feelings, or experiences that you are currently choosing for yourself.

To dream of an empty counter represents a lack of interest or lack of options. You may not be interested in doing something or are having a hard time being convinced that something is important.


To dream of a counterclockwise direction represents your feelings about a situation proceedings as you would expect it to. Significant accomplishment reversing.

Positively a counterclockwise direction may reflect a reversal of bad expectations. Getting a second chance to correct something you thought you lost.


To dream of counterfeit money represents feelings about you or someone else pretending to be something they are not in order to achieve a goal. Faking abilities to convince others to agree with you or give you access to resources. An intentional intelligent attempt to fake something in your waking life. Fooling others or feeling fooled by imitations. A lack of genuine intentions. Pretending to be something you are not in order to achieve goals. Not respecting the spirit of rules or intentions. Feeling that you can skip over some rules or regulations in order to get what you want.

Negatively, using counterfeit money in a dream may reflect an dishonest arrogant belief that other people are stupid. Exploiting others preoccupation with appearances to help yourself. Cheating. Feeling that you are unworthy to achieve a goal honestly. Laziness or sloth that motivates you to deceive others. Feeling that it's not important to perfectly keep your end of a bargain in order to complete a deal. The power to easily fool people by dishonest means. Guile.

To dream of being caught with counterfeit money may reflect feelings of embarrassment or shame of your dishonesty. Rejection for not perfectly complying with rules or expectations while trying to access a resource. Embarrassment for not trying hard to keep your end of a bargain. Feeling caught for trying to disregard your flaws.


To dream of counting objects represents feelings accountability. It may also reflect an attempt to gain certainty about how difficult or easy a problem is.

To dream of a countdown represents feelings about limited time and a possible inevitable closure event. Sensitivity about time running out or losing out on an opportunity. Desperation to complete something in your life. Feeling of pending disaster or crisis. Concerns about losing out on a short lived opportunity.

To dream of counting numbers in increasing order represents feelings of attentiveness to each and every moment mattering as a situation increases in intensity. It may also reflect feelings of attentiveness to the slow worsening of of a problem. Attentiveness to the increasing level of danger in a situation. Experiencing an inevitable increase of some kind. Feeling that a situation is hopelessly getting worse. Observing problems getting worse.

To dream of counting numbers in decreasing order represents attentiveness to each and ever moment mattering as a situation decreases in intensity. It may also reflect attentiveness to each and every moment mattering as you experience a decreasing level of danger in a situation. Experiencing an inevitable reduction. Feeling that time is hopelessly running out. Feeling that a situation is hopelessly losing power or leverage. Experiencing a lessening or worsening of some area of your life. Observing problems slowly being reduced.


Countries in dreams symbolize a state of mind based on stereotypes or the generally perceived personality of the country. A specific mindset.

Refer to the themes section for countries for a more in depth look at country symbolism.

Country Club

To dream of being in a country club represents your status or belonging to a special group. Feeling good noticing yourself around important or powerfuller people. Being a part of the "in crowd." Alternatively, it may reflect a sense of exclusivity you feel.

Country Music

To dream of country music represents emotions expressed that "feel good nothing in life is for free while feeling good nothing is wrong with that." Emotions of contentment and acceptance of life's challenges and obstacle with a belief in finding happiness amidst difficulties. It represents a belief that despite difficulties, one can still find happiness and a sense of fulfillment. The music reflects a down-to-earth and straightforward approach to life, embracing its ups and downs without complaints. Feelings about a down-to-earth and straightforward approach to life.

Negatively, dreaming about country music represents overdoing feeling good that nothing in life is free while feeling good nothing is wrong with that" to the point that other people might be annoyed by it. An excessive optimism or naivety about feel good about life's challenges or being down to earth. Feeling good being down to earth or confronting life's ups and downs isn't what other people like.

Music symbolism in general may reflect feelings expressed in a way that isn't the best way to feel in the current moment or annoyance that someone else feels that way.

Example: A man dreamed of talking to a country musician who was frustrated with his career. In walking life he was trying to get a better job either through a promotion or new job elsewhere. In this case the country music musician may have reflected his feelings about himself as a professional provider for his family that despite all life's difficulties or shortness on money that he wanted his family like their life anyway while good good about him doing that for them.


To dream of the countryside represents your awareness of social interaction with someone not being important anymore.

Example: A young man dreamed of being in the countryside. In waking life he was having trouble getting over his ex-girlfriend whom he was no longer speaking to.


To dream of a couple represents the solidity of a decision or situation. How happy a couple is reflects how content you are with something happening in your life. The relationship of the couple reflects your psychological or emotional connection to a habit or situation. How you feel or act as you experience something or notice yourself behaving in a certain way.

*Please See Marriage

*Please See Boyfriend

*Please See Girlfriend


To dream of coupons represents feelings of saving something by using something. Using something that will allow you to reduce a personal cost or burden. A mindset that is frugal, maximizing resources, or focused on conserving resources. Feelings about a free advantage. Exploitable advantages that are time sensitive or require something of you. Feelings of being responsible about never wasting time or resources.

Negatively, dreaming about coupons may reflect feelings about yourself being poor or needing other people's help in order to afford a burden. Feelings about depending on handouts to survive a situation. Feelings about yourself being a needy or desperate person. Using people to make a situation easier. Wanting or hoping to get something for free without caring about the cost to someone else.

To dream of an expired coupon represents feelings about the ability to use something to save something no longer being viable. Wasted opportunities to reduce personal costs.

To dream of a expired coupon that you want to use anyway represents feelings about wasted opportunities that you want to take advantage anyway. Tricking someone or asserting yourself in order to save yourself something.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing coupons. In waking life she was interested in going to college or university, but was concerned about not being able to afford it. The coupons in this case may have reflected her desire to have a scholarship to help her reduce the total cost of a higher education.


To dream of having great courage represents your confidence or willingness to confront problems head on. You may know that something will be difficult or scary and are going through with it anyway.

Alternatively, you may be very secure as you accept the worst in yourself or face fears. Telling yourself that it's better to face your problems then put up with them.

Court House

*Please See Court Room

Court Room

To dream of a court room represents an issue in your life where you are concerned about fairness or being judged. Feelings of accountability for your actions.

To dream of being in court facing charges against you represents issues with guilt. A situation in your life where you feel that you're being judged in some way and need to defend yourself. Alternatively, you may have been accused or feel responsible for a problem.

To dream of walking towards a court house building represents your expectation of justice or being judged.

To dream of walking out of a court house building represents feeling vindication, guilt, that you have to take responsibility for something.

*Please See Trial

*Please See Verdict

*Please See Judge


To dream of a court-martial represents feelings of consequences for disloyalty or getting off track. Fallout, embarrassment, or feeling you will be hated if you don't keep certain ideas, values, or goals.

Example: A man dreamed of fearing being court-martialed for a murder. In waking life he was thinking about leaving a real estate business he had built with his brother.


To dream of a courtyard represents feelings of waiting for something else to happen in your life with a sense of openness, relaxation, and space. Feelings of never being in trouble or embarrassed with looking like anything wrong is happening in your life while waiting for something else to happen. A sense of anticipation or preparation, combined with a relaxed and open attitude. Your thoughts about being in a transitional phase, comfortably poised between action and inaction, or between public exposure and private retreat. Respecting yourself never being told you're stupid while you wait for something else to happen in your life. Finding a harmonious middle ground between nothing happening and something happening. A tranquil moment in life where you can patiently await developments or changes.

Positively, dreaming about a courtyard may represent comfort, tranquility, and a sense of balance during periods of waiting or anticipation. A conscious choice to embrace a calm and open mindset while preparing for future events or changes. Successfully finding a peaceful middle ground in life, where you feel at ease while awaiting new developments or opportunities. A patient and balanced approach to life. Your ability to appreciate the present moment without rushing or feeling anxious about the future. Your desire for a peaceful space where you can gather your thoughts and recharge. A positive attitude and a sense of openness to new experiences and opportunities.

Negatively, dreaming about a courtyard may represent feelings of stagnation or unfulfilled expectations. A period of inactivity or a sense of being stuck in a waiting period in your life, possibly causing frustration or impatience. Times of uncertainty or transition. You may be longing for something to happen but feel like you're in a state of limbo. A reluctance to take action or a fear of making changes, leading to missed opportunities or frustration.

Courtyard dreams may be common to people looking for a job.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in a courtyard on a beautiful sunny day. In waking life, she was packing and preparing to move homes to a different US State. In this case, the courtyard may have reflected her sense of comfort and openness during this transitional phase, where she was patiently awaiting the change while feeling at ease with the process.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being in a courtyard. In waking life, she felt that her life was in a period of learning and exploration as she tried to figure out her purpose in life. She had no real fears or frustrations in life. In this case, the courtyard may have reflected a comfortable state of mind as she navigated through this exploratory phase of her life, without the pressure of immediate decisions or actions. This dream might have highlighted her balanced approach to life's journey, appreciating the present while being open to future possibilities and learning opportunities.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of walking through a courtyard. In waking life, she was trying to decide whether or not to move on from a guy she liked due to mixed signals. In this case, the courtyard may have reflected her feelings of being in a state of contemplation and reflection about her romantic situation. The courtyard symbolized a space where she was weighing her options, feeling the openness and freedom to consider different paths, yet still experiencing a sense of uncertainty and anticipation about what decision to make.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of running across a courtyard. In waking life, she started a part-time job in a city several hours from her home. She had to travel to her job for her shifts several times a week. In this case, walking through the courtyard may have reflected her feelings about her new job as being comfortable and temporary with providing financial security while she waited for a better or more full-time job.


To dream of a cousin represents a quality in yourself based on your most honest feelings about them. Ask yourself what memories or feelings stand out the most about them and see how that quality may apply to your own life.

To dream of someone being your cousin who isn't really your cousin represents situations, realities, or problems that are difficult to detach yourself from. Feeling that you can't do anything about something having to be acknowledged or accepted.

Positively, cousins you aren't really related to may reflect mandatory respect, acknowledgment, or acceptance being given to you. Having your "foot in the door" or a minimum requirement met that gives you the right to deserve something or be listened to at all.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing his cousin. The quality that stood out the most about this cousin was her courage to confront problems. In waking life he finally built up the courage to yell at a greedy family member who was not returning a favor when he needed it the most.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of taking a pregnancy test with her cousin. In waking life she was fearing being judged for taking a pregnancy test. Her cousin was someone she felt was judgmental.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of dating her cousin. In waking life she was a lesbian. The cousin symbolism may have reflected her feelings about feeling required to acknowledge being gay as though it were normal in a waking life situation.


To dream of covering something represents thoughts of concealment or a coverup. Not wanting others to know the truth of something. Not wanting others to know the extent of how bad something is. Not needing to know the truth. Not wanting others to know what you are doing that's wrong. Hiding problems. Using a nicer lie to cover up a less appealing truth. Not wanting others to think you are stupid, dirty, or not good at what you're doing. Thoughts of something interfering with being allowed to think of something "right this minute." Not being allowed to think of something because another issue is not letting you. Safety.

To dream of something being completely covered in something else represents of embarrassment that you can't do anything about it. Feelings that situation has done too much of something. Looking stupid not doing something about about an excess of some sort. An embarrassment that ruins a situation. Not noticing the truth at all because someone won't let you.

To dream of covering up your naked body represents represent attempting to conceal the truth of who you are. Not liking anyone knowing something very personal about you. A situation may feel intrusive. Feeling vulnerable.

To dream of being covered with a bed sheet or a bed covering represents being comfortable with a decision you've made privately. Nobody can see anything wrong with your private thoughts or decisions. Being perfectly fine the way you are and not letting anyone see or think anything is wrong with it.

Example: A woman dreamed of covering up her attempt to poison her sister. In waking life she was very concerned with denying the truth.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of exiting a forest to see the grass of a meadow covered in snow. In waking the life dreamer had to go to work after 2 weeks of unemployment. In this case the snow covering the meadow might have reflected the empty feelings of having to start his job not letting him think of how much money he has from working.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing his mother cover herself in a bedsheet completely and lay down. In waking life he made a final decision to legally end life support for his father and had no intentions of discussing his decision with his overly emotional aunt. In this case the mother covering herself in a bedsheet may have reflected the dreamers private thoughts of using not talking to his aunt to finalize his decision for his dying father. Not talking to his aunt may have allowed him to "coverup or feel safe" with his final decision.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of covering up her naked breasts at church. In waking life she was discouraged from going to church while fearing losing her fiance. In this case the covering up of breasts while inside the church may have reflected the dreamer's embarrassment to people thinking God didn't protect her life while at church due to family problems. The covering of naked breasts may have reflected embarrassment of not allowing others to see her not being powerful with ease with God.

*Please See Bedspread

*Please See Sheets

*Please See Naked


To dream of the covid-19 virus represents feelings of contagious collective imprisonment, isolation, and restriction from engaging in normal activities. Feeling that everything is ruined and that nobody else seems to do anything except put up with it as well. An experience that nobody wants to have ever again and can never stop experiencing. A sense of loss of freedom and control. An unpleasant or unbearable need to protect yourself.

From a positive perspective, the metaphor could suggest a heightened awareness of the need for caution and precautions to be taken in order to protect oneself and others. It could also symbolize the collective effort of a community to work together to overcome a common challenge.

From a negative perspective, the metaphor could represent feelings of frustration, anger, and resentment towards the restrictions imposed by the virus. It could also reflect feelings of isolation, boredom, and depression that result from the limitations placed on daily life. Annoyance with people that are overly concerned with being safe that limits or restricts you.

Alternatively, dreams about covid may reflect your waking life fears or frustrations with putting up with the virus. Fears or anxieties about being infected. Mask wearing frustrations. Feelings about yourself or other people catching multiple infections.

To dream of going to school while dealing with covid may reflect your feelings about having to learn to deal with covid. Caring about every detail about covid in order to fight it.

Most dreams about Covid-19 reflect the real life problems of dealing with covid and are less likely to be symbolic.

Consider the number 19 as additional meaning for "confronting the end" that never happens or confronting the end of the world.

Example: A woman dream of being at church and being surprised people weren't noticing restrictions for covid-19. In waking life she was dealing with a funeral for a church minister and restrictions were being talked about being lifted.

Example 2: A man dreamed of a phone conversation where he was told his brother caught covid-19 for the third time. In waking life the dreamer's brother had already caught covid twice. He felt that his brother had become hate filled so the dreamer limited contact.


To dream of a cowboy represents an aspect of yourself that is adventurous, and involved in risks, or taking chances.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a cowboy. In waking life he was about to try a new medication that came with big risks.

*Please See Lasso

Cowboy Hat

To dream of a cowboy hat represents feelings of readiness for bravery, freedom, risk-taking, and a pioneering spirit. You may be in the mood for taking a chance. An attitude of boldness and fearlessness, willing to embrace uncertainty or danger. A more audacious non-conformist approach to situations in your life. Your readiness to break from convention and chart your own path, valuing independence and self-reliance over societal norms. This dream could reflect your thoughts about the importance of individuality, courage, and self-reliance. Self-reliance, resilience, and the desire to forge your own path, no matter the odds or potential dangers. The thrill of taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone, demonstrating your personal power and daring spirit. An attitude that is comfortable being a risk-taking hero the second it needs to.

Positively, dreaming about a cowboy hat might symbolize confidence, determination, and resilience in the face of challenges. It may reflect a conscious choice to step out of your comfort zone and embrace risk or uncertainty because of potential rewards or personal growth. It could also be indicative of a sense of freedom, non-conformity, and a desire to chart your own course.

Negatively, dreaming about a cowboy hat could represent feelings of recklessness, overconfidence, or disregard for potential risks. A lack of caution or forethought, potentially leading to harmful or destructive outcomes. An exaggerated need for independence. Perhaps you feel pressured to take risks that are beyond your comfort zone, or you might be struggling with an impulsive or foolhardy attitude that disregards the consequences of your actions. Stubbornly resisting guidance or support from others due to an overemphasis on self-reliance. Witnessing someone else stupidly show off trying to be a hero that's taking bigger risks than other people. Bravery, freedom, and risk-taking that is all in your head while being completely unrealistic about choosing to behave that way.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a corrupt cop wearing a cowboy hat. In waking life, the man was experiencing police corruption that was criminally attempting to project itself as a bigger hero than the victim. In this case, the cowboy hat may have reflected the man's perception of the corrupt cop's attitude, embodying a false sense of bravery or heroism. The cowboy hat symbolized a pretense of fearlessness and audacity, masking underlying corruption and dishonesty.


To dream of a coworker that you actually know in real life represents an aspect of yourself based on your most honest feelings about that person. Ask yourself what quality, feeling, or memory stands out the most about that person and how that quality may apply to your life.

To dream of a coworker that doesn't actually work with you may reflect people in waking life with similar goals or interests as you. Someone that is always doing the same thing that you are doing.

Example: A woman dreamed of helping her coworker move. In waking life she was trying to help her fiancee make an important decision. The coworker in this case may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about fiancee having similar goals with family fiances.


To dream of a cow symbolizes mothering, nurturing feelings, or a desire to be cared for. It can also reflect your nurturing instincts or mothering of others. Someone in your life that you feel is wonderful or extra supportive of you emotionally. A loving family life.

Negatively, a cow may be a sign that you are too needy emotionally. Jealousy of yourself having to be perfectly supportive and loving to others without getting anything in return.

To dream of a red cow may represent dependency issues with someone who makes you feel good or that cares about you. You may have "mommy" issues. An imbalanced need to be nurtured. Arrogant women who pretend to care you about to feel sexually power.

To dream of a brown cow represents feelings of nurturing relieve problems. Help, love, and concern for your well-being that helps to solves or heal problems. Feelings that someone is so amazing that they care about everything you are feeling in a way that helps you. Mothering that instills confidence and security.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a red cow nursing a baby cow. In waking life he had serious dependency issues daydreaming about an ex-girlfriend loving and nurturing him even after he was long broken up with her.

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