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To dream of coloring a picture in may reflect feelings about trying to bring meaning, love, or happiness an otherwise empty situation. Trying to make a lifeless or empty situation feel good. Trying to give a situation purpose. Trying to "bring something to life."

Example: A man dreamed of coloring in a lot of pictures. In waking life he had lost his career. He had to find other ways to fill the emptiness of his life until a new career opportunity was available. He created a lot of art and shared it with friends while waiting for a new job opportunity.

Coloring Book

To dream of a coloring book represents a goal you are emotionally invested in. Something you are trying your best to ensure ends up perfect.


Colors in dreams can carry various metaphorical meanings depending on the specific color and the context in which it appears. Colors are used in dreams to classify your beliefs, emotions, and behaviors. Consider how vibrant, dark, or dull the colors are. Consider the specific shade of a color to reflect a specific type of feelings.

See the themes section for color for a more in depth look at color symbolism.

To dream of colors may represent your feelings about how interesting something is.

To dream of colors turning into sounds represents experiences of seeing how something interesting you experienced changed into new feelings about it afterwards. A new experience that you feel is interesting that converting into feelings you've never had before when you finally experience it yourself. Hallucinogenic drugs are known to make colors turn into sounds and this may be because it's a symbol for how interesting taking a hallucinogenic is to experience the first time followed by liking talking to people about personal experiences with hallucinogenics afterwards.

To dream of sounds turning into colors represents awareness of how something feels making you think about it becoming interesting. Hallucinogenic drugs are known to make sounds turn into colors and this may be because it's a symbol for hearing about hallucinogenic drugs from someone else that makes you take them yourself to discover how interesting they are.


To dream of a colt represents an ambitious and driven aspect of yourself that is immature and assertive. A sign that you need to listen and learn more before pushing ahead to fast with your goals.

Alternatively, a colt may simply reflect motivation and ambition that is growing in your life. You are ready to go, but may still have a few things to learn or need a little more practice.

*Please See Horses


To dream of a column represents feelings about yourself, other people, or situations you are experiencing being supportive in a strong way. Negatively, you may feel burdened by having to support a situation or person for too long a period of time. Feelings about family or parents. Feelings about yourself being a supportive parent.

Alternatively, column or pillar may reflect behavior or some area of your life that is unwavering. Security or strength that is reliable.

Example: A man dreamed of standing near columns. In waking life his mother had died and he was feeling burdened having to keep up a supportive attitude for the rest of his family.

Example 2: A man dreamed of himself being physically turned into a pillar and slowly withering away. In waking life he was very old and close to death while thinking about his role as a parent no longer being important as he neared death.


To dream of yourself being in a coma represents helplessness, total dependency on others, or an inability to function. Feeling totally impotent to take action or do things for yourself. Feeling cut off from others or that other people are so busy that they can never listen to you. Feeling cut off from the world around you. Feeling that you are boring to other people.

Dreaming of a coma may also reflect a feelings about being emotionally distant or unresponsive. Threats that neutralized, but still possible to return.

Negatively, dreaming about a coma may reflect feelings about someone ignorant in your life being too empty-headed to be aware of their ignorance. Feelings that someone is so crazy, corrupt, or over-emotional that they will never "wake up" to rational thinking. A threat of violence from someone whom you are confident can't get you anymore.

Alternatively, a coma may reflect some area of your life that has been permanently sidetracked or delayed until further notice. Feeling an unbearable sense of uncertainty while you wait for something to be restored to normal.

To dream of waking up from a coma represents a new sense of control over your life and gaining powerful insight into your problems. You are relying less on others and dealing with your own problems. A long period of being sidetracked or powerless may have come to an end. Insights that shake your entire belief systems or outlook on life.

Example: A woman dreamed of her ex-husband in a coma. In waking life she had a restraining order placed on her ex-husband. The coma in this case may have reflected her feelings about the threat of violence from her ex-husband being neutralized by the restraining order, but still obviously a problem. He ex-husband was unable to harm her, but still obviously very angry at her.

*Please See Sleep Paralysis


To dream of a comb represents awareness of yourself wanting to do something better. You want to go over elements that are not clear to you in a situation or relationship.

To dream of brushing or combing your hair represents correcting thoughts, attitudes, or opinions regarding a problem or issue you have in waking life. You are clarifying issues.

Alternatively, combing you hair may highlight your preoccupation with appearances or looking good to someone else.


*Please See Fighting

*Please See War

*Please See Battles

Combination Lock

To dream of a combination lock represents emotional, or situational requirements in order to notice something. It also may reflect what you require of others in order to reveal something to them.

If the combination lock is yours then you may need to feel a certain way, or see something happen in order to share power or knowledge with others.

If the combination lock is not yours then you may need to satisfy the demands or needs of another person or situation before you can gain power or knowledge.

*Please See Lockers

Combing Hair

*Please See Brushing Hair

Combover Hairstyle

To dream of a comb over hairstyle represents a thinking style that is concerned with hiding failure or embarrassing losses. Being concerned with maintaining appearances while covering up your problems. Not caring about what anyone else thinking about an obvious problem you have. Feeling sensitive about looking stupid.

Negatively, a comb over hairstyle may be a sign that you are having difficulty excepting a loss or being open about embarrassing situation. Embarrassing yourself trying to hide your problems.


To dream of a comedian represents you or someone else that is making an effort to prove that everything happening in a situation is ridiculous. A carefree attitude or someone that is trying to encourage you to be carefree.

Alternatively, a comedian may reflect embarrassments or surprises that serve to relieve pressure or tension. A problem may be proving itself to be consistently over-hyped or ridiculous. A comedian may also be a sign that you are trying to laugh at yourself or not take a situation too seriously.

Negatively, a comedian may be a sign that you or someone else is too concerned with never being serious. Making light of everything to the point irritating other people, hurting others feelings, or not taking a dangerous situation seriously at all.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing the comedian Chris Rock. In waking life his father was trying to sell a house for a price that he felt was ridiculously too high to ever have a serious buyer. The banks ended up rejecting every buyers offer just like he predicted. The comedian Chris Rock reflected his perception of the banks rejections proving his belief that the asking price was ridiculous.


To dream of a comedy show represents an experience you are having where are noticing how ridiculous other people are being or how unimportant certain beliefs or situations are. Awareness of your own stupidity or that of others.

*Please See Sitcom


To dream of a comet represents feelings of how incredible it is to witness change in your life that has either never happened or rarely happens. A rare spectacle of change. Big temporary issues or events that can't be ignored until they're gone. Shock or awe that you are experiencing something rare.

Negatively, a comet may reflect feelings about how dangerous a rare powerful moment of change is.


*Please See Bedspread

Comic Book Store

To dream of a comic book store represents your attempt to decide how best to impress others with a incredible story of power or odds defying achievement.

*Please See Comic Books

Comic Books

To dream of a comic book represents storytelling or daydreaming of incredibly powerful feats. Telling or hearing stories where everything is amazing or powerful. A wish to take part in an incredible or odds defying experience.

Negatively, comic books may reflect too much focus on showing off incredible power and not enough on realistically confronting problems with the resources you currently have. Feeling that being incredible or too powerful is the only way you can be interested in solving a problem or make someone like you.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing herself wanting to buy some comic books. In waking life she got dumped by her boyfriend for being too much of a party girl and wanted to impress her ex with how much she had changed by getting amazing grades in school.

*Please See Comic Book Store


*Please See Ten Commandments


To dream of a commercial represents a person or situation that is trying to sell you on ideas that are not a priority to you or not your first choice. Alternative choices or ideas that you are not interested in, find distracting, or believe are inappropriate.


To dream of communication represents the exchange of thoughts, ideas, and emotions between people or within oneself. It can symbolize the need for connection and understanding with aspects of yourself or in relationships. The ability to express oneself effectively, and the desire for clarity and honesty in communication. Dreaming of communication may also reflect a sense of being heard and understood by others or feeling confident in one's ability to express oneself.

Negatively, dreaming of communication may reflect difficulties in expressing oneself, feeling misunderstood, or not being heard by others. A need for improved communication skills or addressing unresolved conflicts in relationships. Anxieties about communication, such as fear of being judged, rejected, or ridiculed for one's thoughts or ideas. Overdoing thinking of something dishonest or criminal that you can't gone through with yet.

To dream of clear and effective communication may reflect a sense of being heard and understood. You may feel empowered and confident in your ability to express your thoughts and feelings to others.

To dream of having difficulty communicating may represent confusion and difficulty in understanding the intentions and motives of others. A sense of being unheard or misunderstood. You may feel frustrated or powerless in your attempts to convey your thoughts and feelings to others. It may also suggest that there are barriers to effective communication in your waking life, whether they be internal or external. This could indicate a need to work on improving your communication skills or to find new ways of expressing yourself. Additionally, dreaming of communication issues may reflect anxieties about being judged or rejected for your thoughts and ideas. It may be a sign to work on building confidence and assertiveness in your interactions with others.

Example: A woman dreamed of her ex-boyfriend trying to communicate with her on the phone, but she couldn't understand what he was saying. She tried to call back, but could get through to him. In waking life she she felt that her relationship with her ex-boyfriend was complicated. He wanted to remain in contact with her, but that contact remained limited. She would prefer if he would leave her alone. In this case the communication that can't be understood may have reflected her confusion and difficulty in understanding the intentions and motives of her ex-boyfriend. The dream may be a reflection of her desire for clarity and clear communication in her relationship with him, but she is unable to achieve it. The dream may also indicate a need to set clearer boundaries and communicate her wishes more effectively in the relationship.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of telepathic communication with a black cat. In waking life she was having marriage trouble trying to hold the marriage together. She felt some anger towards her husband. In this case, the telepathic communication may have reflected her desire for a deeper, more intuitive understanding and connection with her own instincts and emotions in regards to her marriage.

*Please See Telephone

*Please See Cell Phones

*Please See Internet

*Please See Mail

*Please See Texting

*Please See Mind Reading


To dream of communion represents feelings about being safe noticing that the worst or most difficult part of your life is over with. Accepting yourself as accomplished after making enormous sacrifices. A serious or structured acceptance of a sacrifice or challenging time of your life coming to an end. The symbolism is based on combining the three symbols of bread, wine, and Jesus. Comfortably feeling that you've done enough work or service to others.

Negatively, dreaming about communion may reflect a naive view that other people will easily accept your wish to move on. Incorrectly believing that it will be easy to accept yourself as accomplished by other people. A wish to move on with your life that may be too attractive for your own benefit to be easily accepted that way by others. Not liking having to be professional about communicating to others that you are finished with a sacrifice or service to others. Feeling that you've had enough stress or service to others and that other people will not take your news lightly.

Alternatively, dreaming about communion may reflect feelings about being finished with serious work in your church. A wish to feel good believing you have publicly served God enough.

Example: A man dreamed of administering the holy communion. In waking life he was considering telling his family, friends, and people in his church that he wanted to retire from working in the church so he could start a new business outside the country.


To dream of communists represents feelings about conformity and equal treatment being more important than feeling good. Feeling that people are insensitive about making you conform to certain rules. No special treatment.

Negatively, communists may reflect feelings about people being mean to you or completely unconcerned with your feelings because treating you special is not allowed. Pain or a crisis may be treated inconsiderately due to schedules or policies. Being annoyed that feeling good is not important because conformity and equal treatment are more important.

Example: A young man dreamed that the Communist Party was going to execute him. In waking life he had a serious injury and his felt that his teachers at school didn't care. He felt that he teachers expected conformity and no special treatment for anyone even if something negative or unfair happened even if it meant he would fail at school.

Community Centre

To dream of a community centre may reflect feelings about social situations where there is feeling about shared resources or shared experiences. Feelings about something you did or are doing that is something other people also did. Shared roots or common upbringing. Memories of attending the same school or having grown up in the same neighborhood. Social activity between neighbors.

Positively, a community centre may represents a supportive atmosphere that negates jealousy. Feelings about a resource in your life that everyone can use. Discussing property matters with neighbors.

Negatively, dreaming about a community centre may reflect frustration or jealousy of having to share. Not liking feeling that you are not unique or powerful on your own. An inability to have privacy or do something on your own. Not liking having things in common with others.

Example: A man dreamed of being in a community centre. In waking life he was talking to an old friend about the past when they were in the same high school together. He was jealous that his friend attended the same school, but did a lot better in life.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being at a community centre the middle of the desert. In waking life she was having a poor inhospitable relationship with his neighbor.


To dream of a compass represents an indicator in your life about how well you are doing or how well you are progressing. A benchmark or comparison to indicate what direction you are taking in a situation or that you direction need to take.

Alternatively, a compass may reflect a mentor or adviser you communicate with when you feel lost.

A compass may be a sign that you are reconsidering the direction of your life and need to rethink the path you are taking in a situation.


To dream of a competition represents feelings about being challenged. Struggling to remain become dominant in a situation. Your attempt to avoid jealousy or embarrassment. Struggling against other people in your life with similar goals. Situations in life where you are unwilling to accept defeat or a passive role.

Negatively, competition in a dream my reflect issues with being overly-dominant or controlling. Anxiety about being viewed as a loser. Fearing that a passive role in a situation will result in total humiliation. An ego that is out of control. A need to maximize. A need to feel better than others. Fear of losing an opportunity.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in a very dangerous life threatening competition. In waking life she was struggling for social dominance against her mother-in-law who simply would not accept her in a leading role.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of watching a swimming competition. In waking life she was interested in a man and began to realize that other women were interested in him too.

*Please See Race


To dream of a complaint represents of feelings of something being wrong. Frustrations that have either been voices or not been voiced. Feelings about feedback that something is not good enough. Feelings about yourself or someone else that is not being listened to in some area of your life. Feelings of dissatisfaction. Feelings about the potential for a problem to get worse. Grumpiness. Frustrations with how long something in your life is taking. Frustrations with the function of something. Difficulties. Feeling that something different needs to happen. You or someone else that doesn't like a situation the way it is. A sense of urgency to correct something.

Negatively, dreaming about a complaint may reflect whining or "moaning." Petty whining. Internal dissatisfaction you have about an issue that you don't verbalize. Noticing that something is wrong, but not doing anything about it. Feeling ignored or voiceless. Disgruntled. Frustrations with something excessive. Lingering health problems that bother you and that you aren't having checked out. Feeling that decisions may not have been as intelligent or effective in hindsight requiring them to be corrected. A sense urgency to correct something that you don't agree with.

Example: A man dreamed of complaining about an impossible schedule. In waking life he was having trouble coping with high work loads.

Example 2: A man dreamed of complaining about foot cancer. In waking life he was experiencing chronic foot pain. In this case the complaints about foot cancer may have reflected his feelings about the foot pain getting worse and not doing anything about it.


To dream of giving someone a compliment may represents feeling good for yourself or self-recognition. Patting yourself on the back or being confident about yourself in some way. Alternatively, it may reflect feeling good for someone else or recognizing someone else's strengths.

To dream of getting compliments may represent acknowledgment of being the best at something. It may also reflect unspoken reactions or social cues that give you affirmation.


To dream of composting represents the channeling or transformation of outdated ideas or past experiences into a learning experience. Not wanting to let a bad experience or failure go to waste.

To dream of using composted soil represents a new beginning in your life based on the learning experiences of your failures or past.

Computer Games

To dream of playing computer games, represents a win or lose situation in your waking life. Consider the type of game and how may symbolically parallel your life.

Alternatively, a computer game may represent situations where you are very concerned about doing everything right. You may sensitive about making any mistakes.

*Please See Video Games

Computer Lab

To dream of a computer lab represents awareness, focus, or interest on what other people are thinking. Other people's true feelings or beliefs may be visible to you.

Computer Memory

To dream of computer memory represents your short term memory. You may be cramming for a test or trying very hard to remember a lot of information. It may also reflect your ability to apply what you know while under pressure or to adapt to difficult situations.

Computer Mouse

To dream of a computer mouse represents control over your thoughts. The direction of your thinking. Telling yourself what to focus on or what to do. It may also reflect the ability to prioritize.

To dream of a computer mouse being controlled by someone else represents an aspect of your personality that is guiding your decisions. It may also reflect people who are telling you what to or what to focus on.

To give or sell someone a computer mouse may represent helping yourself or someone else to think for themselves. Negatively, it may also point to giving up the ability to think independently or losing sight of what's most important.

To dream of a malfunctioning computer mouse represents confusion, setbacks, or delays.

Computer Virus

To dream of a computer virus represents uncontrollable issues that frustrate you. Ideas or thoughts that cause irritability or anxiety. Feeling forced to think about something that you can't stand. Negative thoughts or feelings that seem impossible to get off your mind. Experiencing frustration due to someone else's actions.

Example: A young man dreamed of his computer getting a computer virus. In waking life, he feared embarrassing himself by revealing his true feelings to a girl he liked. In this case, the computer virus may have reflected his frustration with having to think about the girl too much to the point that it interfered with his ability to function normally without distraction.

Example 2: A person dreamed of their phone being hacked by a virus that uploaded random photos to Instagram, causing them anxiety. In waking life, the dreamer was grappling with COVID-19 lockdowns and disliked giving others the impression that they were less successful than usual due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. In this case, the computer virus may have symbolized their feelings about the uncontrollable nature of COVID-19 and the mounting frustration it caused to their social life and appearances.


To dream of a computer represents the brain and how you think. What you do or see on a computer symbolizes issues you are focused on or interests you have. You are noticing the manner in which you are thinking and may be motivated to explore issues or improve yourself.

Problems with your computer or glitches reflect mistakes, bad choices, outdated beliefs, and faulty logic.

Example: A man dreamed of looking at his personal computer. In waking life he was very focused on monitoring his regular thought processes and thinking skills.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her work computer being on fire. In waking life she was very unhappy with her work life and wanted a new job. The computer being on fire may have reflected issues at work making thinking professionally impossible or not becoming so bad it ruined ever wanting to work there again.

Refer to the themes section for technology for a more in depth look at technology symbolism.

Con Artist

To dream of a con artist represents an aspect of yourself that is leaves others feeling embarrassed or stupid. Feeling cared about or lucky before being left with none of it. Being made to feel that nothing is wrong or that everything is perfect before being embarrassed. Feeling played, manipulated, or taken advantage of.

To dream of being a con artist represents your ability to manipulate or "play" a situation or relationship. The dream may be reflecting a lack of conscience or your attempt to embarrass someone. Intentionally leading someone on.

Concentration Camp

To dream of a concentration camp represents a problem that you believe or fear may never end. You may be questioning whether or not you will ever move on from a problem. It may also reflect self-doubt or pessimism.

Alternatively, a concentration camp may reflect an embarrassment that you feel stuck with and see no end in sight.

*Please See Holocaust

*Please See Nazis


To dream that you are concerned about something or someone suggests that you are feeling anxiety, unhappiness, or uneasiness in waking life. You may feel that something or someone you care about is at risk or in danger. Alternatively, you may fear losing control or stability in some area of your life.

*Please See Anxiety

*Please See Fear

*Please See Worry


To dream that you are at a concert represents situations where you don't care about anything except noticing yourself feeling good all the time. Going out of your way to notice yourself feeling good. Making an effort or trying your hardest to enjoy yourself. Concerts may reflect social gatherings or moments where you are doing something you like all the time.

Consider the way the band's music makes you feel and how that feeling may apply to a positive situation in your current life. Dark or negative music at a concert may reflect other people's awareness of you feeling good about something a lot that they don't like.

Example: A man dreamed of being at a concert with a friend. In waking life he was always talking to everybody he knew about his preparations to sell his house and move to a beautiful tropical country.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of getting tickets to a concert from a friend. In waking life that friend invited him to come over to his house to watch a movie later that day.

Concert Tickets

To dream of a concert tickets may represents a plan or invitation to an event is totally focused on feeling good all the time. You may have an invitation to a social gathering or exciting situation.

Example: A young man dreamed of getting tickets to a concert from a friend. In waking life that friend invited him to come over to his house to watch a movie later that day.


To dream of concrete represents ideas, plans, or situations that are permanent. A solid foundation or absolutely knowing that something in your life can't fail. An area of your life where there is absolute certainty. Confidence in a situation or relationship that doesn't go away.

Negatively, concrete in a dream may reflect feelings of being stuck with something permanent. An area of your life is too solid or secure to do anything a about.

Example: A young man dreamed of hanging off a concrete ledge like his life depended on it. In waking life his father whom he lived with was close to death and he knew he'd have to move and start a new life if he died. The concrete ledge reflected the solid foundation of his home life that was "on the edge" of changing for good.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of falling into the ocean and scraping her hand on a concrete as she climbed out. In waking life she hand badly injured her hand in a accident and felt that her cast was irritating her and scratching her while she slept. The concrete may have reflected the solid permanent feeling of the cast.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of a foundation to a home with concrete already poured. In waking life she was preparing to leave her job for a new job to build a new career for herself.

*Please See Sidewalk


To dream of a condominium represents a professional or experienced attitude about putting up with other people in your everyday life. A professional or experienced attitude about putting up with problems while living your life normal. Feeling pressure to avoid danger, angering others, or respect others while trying to live normally. Excepting that other people deserve to be respected for appearances as much as you do. Feeling pressure to put up with appearances. A responsible attitude about accepting a situation the way it is so that everyone likes it. A noticeably higher about of support and respect between close people to endure a difficult situation with integrity.

Dreams of condos are common to people who feel forced to share living arrangements. Issues related to the stress of living with another person.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in a condominium. In waking life her son had moved into her home and she was trying her best to comfortably alter her life to cater to her son needs.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being in a condo. In waking life she was experiencing a lot of death in her family and felt pressure within her family to respect and support each other more than usual to cope safely.


To dream of a condom represents readiness for intimacy, protection, and responsibility. Preventing emotional pain or going overboard enjoying yourself. Protection, safety, and boundaries while enjoying yourself. Wanting to feel good completely while experiencing something and feeling that you need to be careful about it. A need or desire to protect oneself from emotional or psychological harm in a situation. It could also suggest a fear of vulnerability or risk-taking in personal or professional endeavors. A reminder to exercise caution and maintain a level of emotional distance to prevent vulnerability or unwanted commitments.

Alternatively, dreaming about condoms may reflect a desire to take their relationship to a more intimate level while also acknowledging the need for emotional protection and responsibility in such a scenario. A need to be more responsible in sexual or intimate relationships.

Negatively, dreaming about a condom may represent feelings of insecurity or inadequacy, particularly regarding intimate relationships or personal endeavors. It might suggest a fear of fully committing to a situation or a relationship due to the potential for emotional pain. There could be feelings of not being ready or capable to handle the consequences of a situation, or anxiety about the risks involved. Overdoing seeing your are ready for an experience with intimacy, protection, and responsibility. Overdoing saying you are ready to enjoy yourself completely in a safe way when you're not. Fear or jealousy that an enjoyable experience isn't stopped for someone else. Feeling of intimacy, closeness, or comfort that has been lost in your life.

To dream of an ill-fitting condom that is too big for your penis represents feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, or the perception that he might not be fully prepared for the possible implications of deserving to enjoy yourself the way you want to. Feelings of insecurity inadequacy in a sexual relationship.

To dream of taking off a condom may represent removing the mental or emotional barriers that were inhibiting one from being open and vulnerable in a particular situation. Feeling unprotected enjoying a situation when you usually are protected. It could represent a desire to take risks and be more authentic in relationships or ventures. Alternatively, it could also symbolize a reckless disregard for consequences or a need for immediate gratification.

To dream of a red condom represents passionate or dangerous readiness for intimacy, protection, and responsibility.

Example: A teenage boy dreamed of putting on a red condom while near a girl he had a crush on, but noticed his penis was smaller than usual and that the condom didn't fit right. In waking, life he had told the girl he had a crush on about his true feelings, but she had a boyfriend already. In this case, the ill- fitting condom may have reflected his feelings about readiness for an intimate relationship with the girl, but also his perceived inadequacy and the potential emotional risks involved of revealing his feelings to her.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of having sex with a Middle Eastern man and then realizing that he didn't have a condom. In waking life, she her computer's anti-virus program had expired and she had realized she was "unprotected." In this case, the lack of a condom may have reflected her feelings of vulnerability and exposure to potential risks in her digital life. This dream could symbolize her subconscious awareness of the need for protection against online threats, similar to the physical protection a condom provides. It could also indicate her concerns about the potential consequences of neglecting digital security, just as unprotected sex can lead to unforeseen consequences.

*Please See Sex


To dream of a music or orchestra conductor represents controlling how other people feel. You or someone else that is managing people or trying to keep them in a specific mindset. Controlling the mood of a situation or always adjusting yourself to keep others feeling good about something. Keeping a situation feeling perfect or just right.

Using all your knowledge and skill in a harmonious way.


To dream of a conference represents feelings of importance of various aspects of yourself being "on the same page" with all problems noticed. Feelings about needing to "confer" about all areas of an issue. Concern with all aspects of an operation functioning together with perfect understanding. Feelings of openness, consensus, sharing, new developments, and common problems all at once. Feelings about all areas of something being in the open so that nothing is left out. Feelings about encouraging all aspects of a situation to be in agreement. An attempt to get full approval in all areas of your life for a particular issue.

Negatively, dreaming of a conference may reflect an excessive need to have all areas of your life in agreement to achieve your own goals. Not listening to anything except a need for consensus or agreement for a whole issue. Jealously needing all areas of your life aligned in some manner to feel like a perfect person without any concern for anything else. Too much concern for getting all areas of your life in agreement because you want to please someone else or do something dishonest. Not feeling completely approved on in all areas of your life.

To dream of a conference that doesn't help you or leaves you without confidence may reflec feelings about being unable to get full confirmation or consenus on an issue that you are interested in. Spiritually it may reflect feelings about not getting all areas of a religion in agreement with your life choices.

Spiritually, dreaming of a conference might be a sign that you are too concerned with spiritual or religious agreement with all areas of your life. Too much concern for religion being perfectly accepted dominant in all areas of life. It may also reflect feelings of not being completely approved of in all areas of faith. Spiritual or religious consensus or caring what other people in your church think.

Example: A woman dreamed of attending a conference. In waking life she was very concerned with her children being supported by their father financially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of attending a conference to see people singing. In waking life she was very confident that she was going to get a scholarship that paid fo rher education because parents, teachers, friends, and all conditions seemed to make a scholarship a certainty.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of attending a married women conference. In waking life she gwas etting pregnant while married and self-employed. The married women conference in this case may have reflected her feelings about needing all areas of her life (husband, home, business) working together to have a successful family life.

Example 4: A man dreamed of feeling insecure at a conference which made no sense to him. In waking life he was a born again Christian that didn't feel confident that he was doing everything properly for his faith.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of being in a business conference room where the people eventually went away. In waking life she fought and lost to keep guardianship of her son.

Example 6: A young man dreamed of being at a Christian youth conference. In waking life he was trying his best to learn to improve his relationship with God as possible.

Confession Booth

To dream of a confession booth represents a need to clear your conscience, to speak up, or reveal a secret. You may feel guilty, are blaming yourself, or simply feel the need to come clean or do the right thing.


To dream of confetti represents celebratory feelings, feelings of rejoice, or feeling of happiness that something good is happening. Expression of joy, victory, freedom or festivity. Fanfare. Victory.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her husband on stage with confetti coming down on him while she stood in the distance. In waking life her husband had left her 15 years ago never bothering to have an official divorce while being with another woman. In this case the husband having confetti fall on him may have reflected her feelings about witnessing her husband enjoy himself finding love with someone else.


*Please See Fighting


To dream of a yourself confronting someone may represent feelings of having to stand up for yourself. Accepting the reality that problems or situations that scare you need to be addressed. Feeling that a person or situation is becoming too serious to ignore.

Positively, confronting someone in a dream may reflect waking life situations where you are standing up to fear, bravely proving people who doubt you wrong, or fixing a scary problem.

To dream of someone confronting you represents feelings of people or situations with opposite intentions becoming difficult. Negatively, it may reflect awareness of yourself acting dishonest or ignoring other people's feelings until a limit is reached. Selfish not considering others until they need to get angry. Problems excepting what you are doing as being wrong.

Example: A woman dreamed of having to confront an intruder into her home. In waking life she felt the need to confront a woman who was embarrassing her by gossiping about her behind her back.

Example 2: A teenage boy dreamed of confronting his childhood enemy who would always call him weak then they were younger. In waking life the dreamer lost his virginity with his first girlfriend. The dreamer very had spent a lot of time being fat and ugly before losing weight and was very insecure about himself. Losing his virginity with his first girlfriend made him feel vindicated.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of having to have a confrontation with a scary shark and couldn't avoid it. In waking life she was fearing having to have a serious talk with her boyfriend about their future because she feared the relationship would end if she brought up the difficult topics she felt needed to be addressed.

Example 4: A man dreamed of seeing someone he didn't like wanting towards him for a final confrontation like it was serious and then at the last second jump on the ground out of the way. In waking he experienced the threat of a lawsuit that bluffed and then gave up at the last second.


To dream of being confused may mirror waking life situations where you are unsure, lack clarity, or are unsure about how to address problems. Lacking determination, confidence, or clear aims. Problems speaking up about needing help. Feeling insecure about choices you've made not being perfect. Feeling overwhelmed by complications, sophisticated problems, or too much information. Allowing your sense of obligation or obsession with problem solving to frustrate you or distract you. You may benefit from focusing only on simple things or what's most important in a situation. Putting up with problems for extended periods of time. Naively believing you have no choice about putting up with a problem.

Negatively, being confused in a dream may reflect fear or anxiety about looking incompetent in front of others. Problems making a final decision. Insecurity about asking for help or answers. Dangerously allowing yourself to "drift along" in a situation without asking for help. Fearing asking for help or getting a second opinion. Choosing to live with complications. Frustrations with problems you are coping with.

Alternatively, from a negative perspective confusion in a dream may reflect ego problems. Trouble understanding why other people don't like you when you are too controlling, arrogant in your ways, or refuse to change to accommodate others. A lack of experience dealing with other people's feelings.

Example: A man dreamed of feeling very confused and hazy. In waking life he was dealing with a health problem that made it difficult for him to concentrate.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of getting confused. In waking life her doctors decided to take her off her medication when she felt she wasn't better and didn't know what to do to help herself deal with her problem.

Example 3: A man dreamed of feeling confused. In waking he was having trouble trying to figure out why he was always making bad choices that ruined his life.

Conga Drum

To dream of a conga drum represents situations where you are feeling good respecting yourself all the time. Feeling good believing in yourself being independent or not needing anyone. Feeling good being dangerous. Feeling good being disrespectful to people you don't like. Feeling good choosing to liberate yourself. Showing off to people you don't like that they don't matter to you. Feeling happy with yourself being a jerk. Enjoying a lack of inhibition. Sexual liberation. Enjoying feeling impressed by yourself. Never allowing someone else to stop you from enjoying yourself.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a conga drum. In waking life he was enjoying writing nasty humiliating letters to people who were terrible to him in his past. He was quite passive about confronting these people in his past and now he was feeling quite liberated to totally respect himself humiliating these terrible people.


To dream of a congregation may represent a sense of community, belonging, and shared values. It may symbolize a need for support or guidance from others who share your beliefs or goals. Alternatively, it could indicate a sense of conformity or the pressure to fit in with a particular group. It may also represent a desire to be part of a larger whole or to have a sense of purpose in life. Becoming too reliant on the opinions and beliefs of others. Feeling like you are being judged or criticized by others in the group, or feeling like you have to hide your true self in order to fit in.

Alternatively, dreaming about a congregation may represent your feelings about people you go to church with. Not wanting to upset a group of people of faith.

Example: A young man dreamed of a secret room inside a church that very few people in the entire congregation knew about. In waking life he wanted to turn away from a group of people that he felt were pulling him away from God. In this case the congregation may have reflected his feeling of being part of a group or community that was supposed to be united in faith, while he felt that they were not genuine in their beliefs or were leading him astray.

Example 2: An older woman dreamed of urging her pastor to clean dead animals away from a crawl space so that it wouldn't contaminate the church congregation. In waking life she was frustrated with her pastor for years of stubbornness and behavior that stopped him from being looked up to. In this case the congregation may have reflected the woman's concern about the pastor's actions potentially harming the reputation or well-being of the church community.

Example 3: A man dreamed of being in a public hall with a congregation of people who end up leaving while he just sits there wondering why. In waking life he lost his job as a banker and former boss wouldn't give him a clean reference. No matter how hard he tried to get his banking career back it seemed he potential employers rejected him at the last minute after interviews finished and vetting began. In this case the congregation of people who leave the public hall while the dreamer sits wondering why may reflect the dreamers feelings about likeminded bank employees he expects to support him getting a job ultimately rejecting him despite his efforts.

Conjoined Twins

To dreamed of conjoined twins represents some area of your life where you or someone else is stuck with someone. Being alone or independent is not possible in some way. You may feel like you can't get away from someone or that someone always has to be with you. You may feel that every decision you make effects another or that all of someone else's decisions effect you.


To dream of a conspiracy represents feelings that you are powerless to prove others deception or lies. Perhaps, you feel that everyone are secretly deceiving you or working against you.

To dream of conspiring against others may represent your wish to deceive others or get away with something without being punished.


To see a constellation in your dream represents feelings about something incredible and complex for a new experience that requires explanation or instructions. Amazement at a situation figuring itself out. Discovery or feelings of amazement of something natural. Feelings of absolute certainty that something amazing will always be around. A constellation may also reflect amazement at your discovery of something new to you that is quite common (e.g.coming of age). Guidance, direction, and a sense of purpose for something incredible.

Negatively, a constellation may reflect feelings that you were naive or oblivious to something incredible or natural.

Consider the constellation for additional meaning.

Interesting fact: There are 88 constellations. This may be part of God's intelligent design of the universe to communicate metaphorically that the night sky will (8) infinitely (8) making you think of eternity never stopping being too interesting with wonder who designed it like that.

Example: A man dreamed of showing his mother constellations, but they faded out every time she tried to look at them. In waking life, the man was training for out of body experiences and his initial attempts failed. In this case the constellations may have reflected his aspirations and hopes for experiencing an incredible spiritual and out-of-body realms by following instructions. The fading constellations could represent his frustration and disappointment in his failed attempts.

*Please See Big Dipper

*Please See Stars


To dream of having constipation represents feelings of impatience at delays or setbacks interfering with your ability to properly deal with your problems. Discomfort at having a "build up" of problems to deal with. Works delays or feeling uncomfortably behind on house chores. Experiencing a "hold up" that is preventing you from making progress.


To dream of something being under construction represents a new perspective on life being formed. You are working towards new phase of your life or finalizing an achievement. Hard work is going towards a goal or long-term project. The slow forming of a new relationship or venture.

New building construction may also reflect a lot of self-improvement you are working on. People may also dream of construction when they are building a new business, trying to lose weight, preparing to retire, or educating themselves.

To dream of reconstructing something that was destroyed may represent your feelings about repairing or restoring some area of your life. Possibly a reflection of bad idea or failed relationships being restored. Risking wasting your time repeating the past.

Example: A man dreamed of construction being done to rebuild a road. In waking life he was trying to help his father rebuild his business, but his father wasn't listening to the advice.

Construction Bin

To dream of a construction bin represents a situation in your life where are you totally ridding yourself of all current beliefs, desires, or interests. A very big change or cleansing process is taking place. You may be rejecting everything you know about a current lifestyle, work project, plans for the future.

Example: A young man dreamed of being inside a construction bin. In real life he was making plans to kill himself. The construction bin reflected his interest in rejecting everything about his life.

Construction Site

To dream of a construction site represents waking life situations where the focus is completely on getting an outcome completed. It may also reflect the drama involved in a sustained effort to complete a large or challenging project. A mindset that is always centered around having every single little thing needed to get something over with.

Negatively, a construction site may be a sign that you or others are wasting a lot of time working towards a goal in ways that are counterproductive. It may also reflect an intentional attempt to look busy or important so you never have to complete a goal.

Construction Workers

To dream of a construction worker represents feelings about yourself or someone else that is very focused on working towards goal. Preoccupation with completing, improving yourself, or rebuilding some area of your life.

Negatively, construction workers may reflect an inability to rest or take time off from your goals. Anxiety about getting behind on a project or exhausting yourself.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing construction workers beginning to collapse on a job site. In waking life he caught the flu and was beginning to feel that working on an important project was too difficult. He needed time off to rest.

Contact Lenses

To dream of contact lenses represents a wish to avoid being noticed caring or focusing on something too much. Keeping your obsessions or concerns private. Hiding from others how interested you are in something. Your ability to look like an expert or professional.

To dream of losing a contact lense may reflect feelings about losing your ability to look good being an expert or professional. A lost ability to easily appear knowledgeable. Feelings about yourself having to look like you care too much to others or don't know what you are talking about others effortlessly.


To dream of a container represents feelings that something can be accessed or used whenever you need it. Your wish to be totally ready or prepared for a situation. A container may also reflect knowledge or ideas you feel you can share whenever you are ready.

Alternatively, a container may reflect your wish to keep something temporarily under control or restrained. Saving ideas or information for a later time.

*Please See Boxes

*Please See Bottle


To dream of a contortionist represents an unusual amount of flexibility being displayed in a relationship or situation. Positively, a contortionist may reflect your or someone else that is "bending over backwards" for a friend or doing a very difficult favor. Proving how far you will go for someone.

Negatively, a contortionist may be a sign that you are going way too far trying to help or impress someone. It may also mean that too much is being asked of someone or that you are not being appreciated. Proving one's self gone awry.

The dream may also be a metaphor for someone noticeably twisting the truth or facts of a situation.


To dream of contraception represents thoughts about preventing or avoiding the creation of something new, such as a project or a relationship. It may also reflect a desire to be in control and avoid taking risks or being vulnerable. Alternatively, it may symbolize a fear of consequences or responsibility that come with new ventures or situations.

*Please See Condoms


*Please See Condom


To dream of signing a contract represents your readiness to commit to a long term relationship or project. It may also reflect habits you are convincing yourself to stick with. Devotion to religion or spirituality. Honoring agreements. Loyalty to a relationship or cause.

A contract in a dream may also reflect your anxiety or concerns about business dealings.

Example: A man dreamed of his ex-wife coming into his house and ripping up contracts. In waking life he was having anxiety about his ex-wife showing up after he fixed his business to steal his money and ruin his success.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of signing a contract with a salesman. In waking life she was a devote religious person who believed God wasn't doing enough to give her a husband. In this case the contract may have represented her feelings about being devoted to her religion.


To dream of feeling in control represents feelings of being able to direct outcomes, have control over a situation, or having control over your emotions. Confidence that you can stop a problem from getting out of the hand.

To dream of someone else being in control represents feelings about having an observational or subordinate role. Feeling that someone else's ideas overpower yours. Feeling authority figures, parents, or other people controlling a situation. Problems or bad habits that are too powerful to change. Feeling that it's impossible to speak up, stand up for yourself, or remove yourself from a situation. Forced respect. Feelings about others having the power to control your emotional state.

To dream of losing control represents feelings about problems getting out of control. Feeling unable to assert yourself or lead. Feeling overwhelmed by a problem. Feeling overwhelmed by chaos or opposition. Feelings about losing leverage in a situation.

To dream of feeling controlled may reflect feelings of someone in your life being manipulative or overbearing. It may also reflect feelings of being powerless or unable to challenge something. Feelings about not being in control of your own life.

To dream of controlling robot may reflect feelings about controlling a person in your life that you find very rigid, unemotional, or logical. Feeling that you have the power to manage or stop a very logical unpleasant decision that has already been made if you wanted to. To dream of being unable to control a robot may reflect feelings about very logical unpleasant decisions that can't be reversed or stopped.

To dream of controlling a snake represents feelings of having the power to cause total failure to others. Manipulative power to scare others with total failure. Feeling that it's easy to get back at someone. Attempting to manipulate something dangerous.

To dream of having control over the flow of water represents feelings about being able to control your emotions during problems. Directing the outcomes during negative emotional situations. Control over how a problem is addressed.

Example: A women dreamed being able to control the flow of water into a bathtub. In waking life she felt able to control her emotions during a big problem.

Example 2: A man dreamed of trying to control a snake. In wake life he had embarrassed himself thinking it would be easy to get back at someone.

Example 3: A man dreamed of being controlled by a parasite. In waking life he felt that a fungal infection was controlling and destroying his life.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of having lost control over a situation to someone else. In waking life she felt that someone annoying was able to easily manipulate her emotions when she believed it shouldn't have happened.

*Please See Driving

Convenience Store

To dream of a convenience store represents your attempt to find easy solutions to a problem. A resource, person, or habit that makes problem solving easier. Spontaneous ideas, decisions, or interests.

Negatively, a convenience store may symbolize an unwillingness to try anything new or difficult. Always reaching for the easiest solution. Spontaneous interests that are not well thought out before hand.

To dream of having to cross a street to go to a convenience store may reflect a need try something new, difficult, or what other people aren't doing in order to try getting an easy solution to your problem.

To dream of convenience stores that are closed or not in business may reflect feelings about easy solutions to problems not being available to you.

Example: A young man dreamed of going to a convenience store that required crossing the street. In waking life he got a spontaneous idea to buy a large number of books to help him change the way he studied a hobby.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing two convenience stores where one was close and one was across the street. In waking life he was deciding whether it was best to solve a problem easy the usual way or to make an effort to solve it easily with a newer option.

Example 3: A man dreamed of knowing the owner of a convenience store that rushed to get him a product. In waking life someone had offered to help him fix a problem easily multiple times without any serious need until finally a serious presented itself.


To dream of a convent represents total dedication to the sacrifice of your desires, wishes, or goals. You may be trading your enjoyment or aspirations for a sense of security.

You may feel restricted from fully expressing yourself. It may also reflect a life situation where you are willingly isolating yourself from other people's opinions or a situation that you perceive to be the lesser of two evils.

Alternatively, the dream may reflect your feelings about a situation being your last chance, or only opportunity.


To dream of having a conversation with someone represents feelings about life situations where you are carefully thinking about every single detail of a situation that is important to you. Carefully going over ever detail of a problem. Carefully considering new ideas. Considering repeating old behavior or ideas that have helped you the past and carefully considering if it's a good idea to do so in a current situation.

Negatively, dreaming of having a conversation represents awareness of yourself carefully considering dishonest behavior. Awareness of the possibility of getting into trouble and carefully considering every detail to avoid it.

To dream of having a conversation with your father may reflect situations where you are carefully considering different choices. Carefully considering whether being honest is important in a situation you are experiencing. Carefully weighing the consequences of your choices. Awareness of yourself being dishonest or criminal and trying to get away with it.

To dream of having a conversation with your mother represents your careful consideration of choices that will impact your future. Carefully going over details about to stop a future problem. Negatively, having a conversation with your money may reflect preparations to get away with something dishonest in the future.

To dream of having a conversation with an Aunt, Uncle, or In-Laws may reflect careful consideration of alternative choices you are making.

To dream of having a conversation with God may reflect your careful consideration of every aspect of a very serious decision. Carefully considering the consequences of a life-changing choice. Carefully considering the consequences of making a very dangerous choice or risking your life. Considering the consequences of murder, leaving a long-term relationship, fighting someone dangerous, leaving your job, getting back at someone to wronged you, or some other life-changing decision.

Alternatively, having a conversation with God may reflect careful consideration of your life in spiritual terms. Anxiety about God loving you or approving of your life. Fearing God hating you.

Example: A man dreamed of having a long conversation with his mother. In waking life he was carefully thinking over ever detail of a problem he had to stop his wealthy son from leaving the country so he could use him for retirement. He felt he had to carefully plan for a specific future moment to get leverage over his son's life.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of seeing a woman having a conversation while he happily watched from a distance. In waking life he was socially distanced from a girl he liked due to religious differences while he enjoyed thinking about her a lot.


To dream of original style converse shoes represents an approach to life that feels good thinking anything is happening. Disliking emptiness or restlessness. Feeling that it's fantastic that you have to think of something new happening. No concern for being a perfect example person, you just want to do something at all. Never letting anyone tell you that you can't try to do something different. Never being willing to tell anyone you are stopping doing something you enjoy.

Negatively, dreaming about orginal style converse shoes may represent an approach to life that is wasting time feeling good making anything happen. Wasting time enjoying training to be an expert in your spare time. Feeling good being a professional that doesn't have to do anything else serious about it. Wasting time being good enough because you aren't able to do anything better. Wasting time do anything else besides listening to a more conservative expert.

Example: A woman dreamed of enjoying wearing a worn pair of Converse shoes. In waking life she felt that her life was empty while wanting to move on from her current career towards a new career as a professional writer. The worn converse shoes in this case may have reflected her approach to life feeling good writing all the time hoping it would lead to something different in her life. The converse shoes may have also reflected her feelings about being persistent with writing making her feel good that anything at all else was happening in her life.

*Please See Talking

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