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To dream of having claustrophobia represents your fear of commitment or limiting yourself to anything. You don't like feeling chained to anything. You may be sensitive about not having your own space or the ability to change plans whenever you want.

Alternatively, dreaming of claustrophobia may be a sign that you feel a problem in your life is impossible to escape from or becoming too limiting to bear. You may feel that your options keep shrinking. You may benefit from speaking to friends or family about your problems. It may also be a sign that you might need to tell someone to back off. You may feel overprotected.


To dream of claws represents the potential for hostility. Knowing that damage can be done if it's desired. Positively, claws reflect your wish to defend yourself. Negatively, claws may reflect a need for self-defense. It may also be a sign that you need to be careful with your actions or what you say to people.

Example: A man dreamed of putting on a glove with claws on the fingers. In waking life his friend turned on him and he was carefully thinking about everything he could do to get revenge on him.


To work with clay in your dream represents feelings about an area of your life that you would like to change if you could.

Positively, clay in a dream represents creativity, flexibility and the ability to mold yourself or others into a situation. Manipulating things to your advantage. Molding people into something better.

Negatively, clay in a dream represents feelings about accepting a difficult situation the way it is while wanting to change it if you could. Unbearably not feeling you can do anything else with a situation.

To dream of digging up clay or seeing a pile on clay represents a problem you don't want to do anything about it. Something is too much work or feels pointless. Something unpleasant that is difficult to change you have to get out of the way first.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing clay. In waking life she wanted to change or mold her boyfriend's religious views, but felt it would be very difficult to do so.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing clay soil sitting in a pile next to a new home with a freshly dug out foundation. In waking life she had to leave an old job for a new job and her old boss refused to sign her resignation form to allow her to claim the release of her pension. The dug out pile of clay may have reflected her feelings about getting herself out of a job she didn't like, but feeling left with an unbearable situation of being able to change her pension status.


To dream of cleaning anything represents negativity you are removing from some area of your life. Self-improvement, overcoming obstacles, or improving a relationship. Making progress or moving forward. Cleaning may also reflect old problems or faulty relationships you have found solutions for. Giving up bad habits or finally telling the truth.

*Please See Housework


*Please See Transparent


To dream of a clearance sale represents your realization of some area of your life suddenly becoming easier or undervalued. Experiences or possibilities that were out of reach are now too easy. A person or opportunity may be proving itself to be desperate.

Alternatively, a clearance sale may represent your eagerness to "clear out" or get rid of some area of your life. It may also reflect your desperation or that you are undervaluing yourself.


*Please See Butcher Knife


To dream of Cleopatra represents you or someone else that is insensitively noticing their full power. Being uncontrollable with choices or tactics that embarrass others. Doing the one thing that someone else doesn't want you to do.

Alternatively, Cleopatra may reflect how you are annoying other people that you always get what you want and are noticed for it. Insensitively respecting yourself all the time.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing Cleopatra and thinking she was beautiful. In waking life she was financially supporting her dysfunctional family and was starting to consider cutting them off.


*Please See Priest

*Please See Preacher


*Please See Salesperson


To dream of standing at the edge of a cliff represents a life-altering decision you are considering or feelings of being on the brink of dangerous situation. Considering a life-altering decision. You've reached your limit or can no longer continue with the same beliefs, habits, or situations. The potential for something new to happen. You may have found yourself in a precarious position in waking life. Difficulties considering leaving a relationship. A lack of confidence making a big change. Avoiding losing total control or preparing to embrace it.

To dream of jumping off a cliff represents your decision to make a big change or take a chance. Alternatively, it may be a sign that you are tired of waiting or worrying about the future anymore. Moving ahead or leaving the past behind no matter what happens.

To dream of falling off a cliff represents forced change or your inability to keep doing things the same way. Fearing losing control at a critical point in your life. It may also reflect feelings about having gone too far in a situation to the point where it feels dangerous. Change that makes you feel that you may lose control.

Example: A woman dreamed of standing on a cliff. In waking life she was considering leaving her abusive boyfriend.

Example 2: A man dreamed of driving his car over a cliff and drove himself to a safe landing. In waking life he was cheating on his wife and decided to carefully get a divorce and marry the second woman.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being dangerously high on a cliff. In waking life he was 9 months pregnant and very close to her due date.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of standing on the edge of a cliff after being pushed off by a friend, returning to push off her friend, and then accepting herself standing on the cliff alone. In waking life she was trying to find a reason to end a friendship, but never could. She wanted her friend to end it so she didn't have to.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of her car going over a cliff and landing in a ditch. In waking life she felt the her marriage was pushed to the edge and close to ending.


To dream of discussing the climate or dealing with issues related to climate may reflect your feelings about how safe a situation is. Hotter climates may reflect a more dangerous feeling about your life at the moment. Very cold climates may reflect feelings about how unfair or insensitive your life feels at the moment. Temperate climates may reflect feelings of safety, balance, or predictability.

*Please See Weather


To dream of a climbing up something represents overcoming problems or rising above a challenge. It may also reflect a new higher level of thinking. Doing something different or using an improved method. A reflection of your struggle, determination, and ambition. Slowly working towards your goals or not letting an obstacle get in your way.

Alternatively, climbing may be a sign that your goals are within reach. A higher level of status or success. "Climbing" towards a goal by earning it through hard work over a long period of time. Climbing towards success.

Negatively, climbing up something may reflect an attempt to use something as way to evade problems or confronting honesty you have neglected. An excessive need to keep working at long-term goals that are negative, illegal, or primarily concerned with embarrassing someone else. Overworking or using long term goals to avoid people. An arrogant attitude or desperation about achieving more than others.

To dream of climbing a rope represents an opportunity to help yourself improve yourself. Fixing your problems on your own or using all your strength or resources to overcome something by yourself.

*Please See Stairs

*Please See Ladder

*Please See Mountain


To dream of a clinic represents feelings about fixing or dealing with a problem that isn't critical. A professional feeling about focusing on your problems. Resourcefulness to discreetly focus on or fix your problems. Problem fixing that isn't lethal, critical, and isn't impossible to wait for. Accepting yourself needing to be looked at or given an expert opinion. Impersonal feelings about fixing a situation.

Negatively, dreaming of a clinic may represent cold feelings about a problem being patiently look at. Feeling that nobody really cares about you personally while you deal with a problem. Feelings about problems being looked at with an emotionally immune or impartial attitude. Feelings about problems being looked into by an expert, but that will require you to deal with the problem on your own. Feeling bad that nobody wants to make you feel good taking care of you. Coldness or emptiness that nobody wants you to feel good being taken care of or nurtured. A serious non-family oriented problem fixing situation. Having a problem that isn't serious and feeling that nobody can fix it.

Dreams of clinics are common to people with colds, the flu, or a non-threatening illness that they don't know the cause to.

Example: A retired woman dreamed of her local health clinic wanting to use her home as a clinic. In waking life she caught the flu and was impatiently waiting at home to get her health back.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being in an abortion clinic. In waking life she was trying to find a way to end her marriage as quickly and cleanly as possible to avoid future plans with her husband.


To dream of a cloak represents intentional concealment. Doing everything you can to hide yourself, what you're doing, or your real intentions. It may also mean that you are trying to cover-up or hide something.


To dream of a clock represents an awareness of "what time it is" all the time. A lingering sense of what a situation ultimately means. A strong sense of what you need to do or of what can't be avoided. Alternatively, a clock may reflect your feelings about needing to speed up or slow down in a situation.

To dream of constantly checking a clock or watch it may reflect your anxiety about being not being prepared for something. You may have deadlines you're concerned about.

To dream of a clock that is moving too fast may represent a feeling that there isn't enough time to do what you really wanted in a situation. A sense of being rushed or that something is out of your hands. Time is not on your side. You may feel that you can't stop something.

To dream of a clock moving backwards represents progress or problems that you feel are being reversed. Negatively, you may feel that you are stuck in a rut. Positively, it may reflect a moment of rejuvenation or restoration.

To dream of setting a clock may reflect the setting of an agenda. Defining "what time it is." It may also be a sign that you are making sure things do what they are supposed to.

A stopped or broken clock often appears in the dream of terminally ill or dying patients. A reflection of feeling that time is not on your side.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a broken clock and feeling that time had run out. In waking life he had a terminal illness and expected death.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a clock stop and then seeing a window open with brilliant white light. In waking life he died shortly after the dream.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a moon that she thought was a clock. In waking life her ex-boyfriend whom she was still friends with was close to death. The moon that she thought was a clock may have reflected her feelings about "time was running out" for her friend's life.

*Please See Watch

*Please See Alarm Clock

*Please See Hourglass

Also see the themes section for time.

Clock Tower

To dream of a clock tower represents a situation that is momentous. Taking the time to notice or draw attention to the importance of something.


To dream of a clockwise direction represents feelings about a situation doing exactly what you would expect it to do. Things are going to plan or you are making expected progress. No surprises.

Negatively, a clockwise direction may reflect your anxiety about a situation you can't stop proceeding as it is expected to. Feeling the unbearableness of not being able to stop a situation from happening.


To dream of a drain being clogged represents obstacles that are getting in the way of your progress. Difficulty letting go people, beliefs, emotions, or situations. It may also reflect a problem you are having problems solving.

To dream of a pipe being clogged represents problems directing or controlling a situations. A person, situation, or problem is preventing you from deciding an outcome.


To dream of clogs represents a positive mindset about choosing to be responsible all the time. Unpleasant feelings while trying to look good to others for a long stretch of time. Choosing to appear to others as someone who is liking responsible choices. It may also be a sign that you are choosing to be uncomfortable to make a good impression.

Negatively, clogs may be a sign that you are sacrificing too much happiness to appear responsible to others. Being too concerned with getting back into someone else's good graces. Caring too much with what other people think of your reputation.


To dream of a clone represents an aspect of yourself that is identical or perfectly copied. Not caring about being different than other people. Doing every single last thing the way someone else does. Clones may also reflect a lack of originality. You or someone else that has a tendency to copy other's ideas/beliefs/style/behaviors. Issues with trying to make people act just like you. Issues with not thinking for yourself. A wish to make people think just like you. A need for some area of your life to do exactly what someone else is doing. A person trained to think or behave just like you. Behavior that repeatedly never does anything different.

Negatively, dreaming about clones represents feelings about enemies or competition turning people against you one by one without thinking about it at all. Easy recruitment of your enemies or competition. Feeling attacked for being original by a never-ending supply of conformists. Feeling that people will never stop copying you. Feeling the need to struggle against "copycats." Faking originality. Annoyance that someone won't stop copying your or doing everything you do. Annoyance with having to deal with someone that talks or behaves exactly like someone else that didn't help you. Annoyance that you can't stop someone from stealing your ideas. Not liking the feeling that something isn't original.

Religious motivation to encourage people think the same without questioning it. The emptiness of replacing a pet with one that looks the same. Feeling that you enjoyed something the first time and every other time after never feels the same.

To dream of a clone army represents behavior that defends itself by repeatedly never doing anything different.

To dream of killing clones may reflect originaly overwhelming a lack of originality.

*Please See Doppelganger


To dream of something being too close to you may reflect your feelings about a person or issue being too invasive, disruptive, or disquieting. An issue you wish to move away from. Strong negative feelings about something happening to you. A problem that is "right on top of you" or "in your face." Feeling that people are getting too personal with you.

To dream of someone or something getting closer to you represents feelings about a issue or relationship being on the horizon or being closer to occurring. Negatively, it may reflect a potentially serious problem that you feel may be reaching a crisis point.

To dream of being close to someone or something represents feelings about a prominent issue in your life or current circumstances. Negatively, it may reflect an issue you have grown too accustomed to.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing people getting too close to him. In waking life he felt that these people were asking him too many personal questions.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a snake getting closer to her. In waking life she felt that he boyfriend was going to cheat on her soon.


To dream of a closed door represents an area of your life that is unavailable to you. You may feel that an opportunity is not possible for you. A closed door may also reflect your feelings about a situation that is not ready yet. A closed door may also represent secrets or something you feel is forbidden.

To dream of seeing a door close may reflect the end of a relationship or situation. It may also reflect power or resources you feel that you've been cut off from.

To dream of closing a door yourself may represent you wish to walk away from a relationship or situation. It may also mean you have made up your mind about something and will not entertain other options.

To dream that a store is closed represents the opportunity to make certain choices that are not ready yet. It may also be a sign that you need to be more patient with your goals.


To dream of a closet represents things about yourself that you hide because you don't want anyone else to know about them, or because you are not comfortable accepting them in yourself. Area of your life that you choose to put away. Difficult issues you don't fell comfortable discussing.

Negatively, a closet may reflect problems with honesty or repressing yourself. Putting off revealing the truth because it's too embarrassing.

Alternatively, a closet may reflect problems or fears that you believe are waiting for you.

To dream of putting something in your closet may reflect a wish to hide something about yourself or avoid embarrassment. Intentionally keeping something about yourself a secret.

To clean a closet symbolizes becoming more comfortable with who you are. Being more accepting of your own past or aspects of your own personality that you may not have previously been very comfortable with.

To dream of a monster in a closet may reflect concerns about a dangerous or unfair aspect of your life that you want to keep hidden. A part of life that you feel is terrible and scary if acknowledged.

Example: A young boy had recurring nightmares about a lawnmower coming out of his closet to get him. In waking life he had his toes and foot cut off by a lawnmower. The dream may have reflected his fear of the lawnmower waiting to hurt him again if he ever took it out of the garage again.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being inside a closet. In waking life she was pregnant and had anxiety about having to tell anyone about it.

Clothes Iron

To dream of a clothes iron represents an attempt to perfect yourself or remove flaws. Orderliness. You may be practicing something or cleaning up a rough copy of work project. "Ironing out the wrinkles" of something in your life. You may be trying to make sure something is in order before you present it to others. Alternatively, it may symbolize self-improvement with serious effort. A wish to be perfectly presentable. Perfect confidence in your preparations. Practice that makes you perfect. Molding or practicing for an expert appearance.

Negatively, a clothes iron may represent too much concern with appearances to perfectly impress someone else. You or someone else that is too serious about perfect appearances. Low self-esteem that drives you to try too hard to be perfect for someone else. Dislike for having to practice or prepare for something that requires a perfect appearance.

To dream of ironing a dress may reflect a wish to appear perfectly compliant or co-operative for someone else. Emphasis being placed on the importance of appearing perfectly compliant.

To dream of burning your hands on a clothes iron represents feelings of embarrassment for trying to hard to perfect your appearance. Feeling stupid for interfering or pressuring someone too much to be perfectly presentable.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing people using clothes irons in a room and walking away from the room. In waking life she was unemployed and didn't like spending too much time on the training and preparations required to get a new job. She felt it required too much effort from her to be perfect.


To dream of hanging clothes on a clothesline represents your wish to notice problems going away on their own. You might be sad, angry, or embarrassed and keeping your distance from others until it feels better. A clothesline may also reflect you wish to not get involved in someone else's problems. Negatively, a clothesline may represent embarrassing someone else and making them face a problem by themselves.

Alternatively, a clothesline may represent your attempts to bide your time knowing that problem will fix itself or that stubborn enemies are guaranteed to lose if you are patient enough.


To dream of a clothespin represents the inability to avoid having to do what you are told. Required waiting for problems to go away. A person or situation that keeps you stuck with a problem or having to face embarrassment. A clothespin may be a sign that you feel out of control.

*Please See Clothesline


To dream of clothing represents how the personality is being expressed or portrayed in various situations. Clothing can symbolize different aspects of your character, current emotional state, and the roles you assume in a situation. Consider the style, value, and color of the clothing for additional meaning.

To dream of buying new clothes may represent a desire for change, self-improvement, or a shift in how you want to present yourself to others. Embracing new experiences, attitudes, or roles in your life. This might reflect a new job, a change in relationship status, or simply a desire for personal growth. Feeling incharge of who you are and trying something new.

To dream of receiving clothes as a gift could suggest that someone in your life is trying to influence or support your self-image, or that you are accepting a new role or responsibility bestowed upon you by others.

To dream of someone wearing your clothes may represent feelings of your identity, personal traits, or characteristics being adopted or imitated by someone else. This could indicate that you feel someone is trying to emulate you or take on your role in a particular situation. It might also suggest a sense of being replaced or losing your individuality. Feelings about other people living roles that you feel are normally yours. Alternatively, it could reflect admiration from others who are inspired by your qualities or actions.

To dream of being well dressed may represent feelings of confidence, competence, and self-assuredness in your abilities or self-image. You may feel that you are presenting yourself in a positive light, looking your best, or that you are successfully portraying a certain role or persona to others. Feeling good about yourself. Feeling attractive, smart, or like a winner in a waking life situation. Enjoying a role you are assuming.

To dream of changing clothing represents a change of attitude, behavior, interest, or feelings toward a situation or your self-image. It may indicate that you are altering your approach to a problem, embracing new ideas, or adapting to new roles and responsibilities. Changing how you act or feel. Approaching a situation differently or choosing to change. A change in your personal life, career, or relationships, as you adjust to new circumstances and adopt new perspectives. A change in the role you are assuming.

To dream of clothing that is too tight represents feelings of restriction, confinement, or being limited in the role you are assuming. Experiencing difficulties adapting to a new role, responsibility, or situation in your life. Feeling self-conscious, insecure, or uncomfortable with how you are presenting yourself to others. You may feel unable to fully express yourself or embrace your true identity due to external pressures or self-imposed limitations. A lack of confidence or belief in your abilities, or feeling constrained by societal expectations or the opinions of others."

To dream of being unable to find your clothes for an important occasion may represent feelings of feelings of being unable to meet the obligations, demands, or expectations of others. Anxiety, unpreparedness, or vulnerability in your waking life. It might suggest that you are worried about not being able to meet expectations, feeling ill-equipped to handle a specific situation, or concerned about how others will perceive you. Self-doubt or fear of failure, as you question your own abilities, competence, or self-image. A fear of being exposed or judged by others, especially if you are entering a new phase or facing a significant event in your life.

To dream of wearing tattered or dirty clothing represents feelings of low self-esteem, inadequacy, or a lack of self-worth. You may feel ashamed, unworthy, or unattractive in a waking life situation. This could also reflect a fear of being judged, criticized, or rejected by others. Wearing tattered or dirty clothing in a dream may be a sign that you need to work on building your self-esteem, addressing feelings of insecurity, or changing negative self-perceptions.

To dream of black clothing represents the personality being fearful or excessive. Ask yourself where in your life you are afraid or obsessed. Fear, ambition, or negative intentions are out of balance. Alternatively, black clothing represents the personality or a role being professional.

To dream of dark green clothing may represent the personality being too concerned with itself. An aspect of your personality that is greedy, arrogant, or totally preoccupied with the self. Suicidal thoughts or strong jealousy are sometimes reflected by dark green.

To dream of light green clothing represents the personality that is healing or improving. It may also reflect jealousy or the hint of jealousy.

To dream of white clothing represents the personality being genuine or having good intentions. The personality being focused on being perfect all the time. Alternatively, white clothing may represent the personality being focused on purification of bad habits or a negative area of your life. A role that is focused on a fresh start.

To dream of pink clothing represents the personality that is sensitive about other people's feelings or very focused on women. Negatively, dreaming of pink clothing may represents the personality being lustful, having strong sexual desire, or consumed by sexual thinking. Pink clothing may be a sign that you should be careful not to rush anything. Embarrassing yourself with a woman who is being nice to you.

To dream of taking off layers of clothing represents feelings of discarding unpleasant or unneeded characteristics about yourself. Shedding inhibitions, opening up, or revealing your true self to others. Personal transformation or changes in your life that require you to be more open and authentic. People who dream of taking off layers of clothing are often experiencing significant weight loss. The dreams are most likely a reflection of the feelings of shedding their "fat person" personality characteristics.

To dream of second hand clothing represents feelings about your personality or role not being as impressive as you'd like, but it works to do what you need to do. Feelings about your personality influenced or constrained by external factors, such as family values or expectations from others. The influence of family, tradition, or past experiences on the dreamer's life or current role. Feeling the role you are taking isn't as impressive as you'd like, but not minding it because it works. Feeling that you can afford something in your life by repeating the past. The dreamer's perception of how others struggle with the expectations placed upon them by family, society, or past experiences.

To dream of getting dressed may represent feelings of preparing yourself for a particular situation, role, or event in your waking life. This might indicate that you are getting ready to face a challenge, take on new responsibilities, or adapt to new circumstances.

To dream of having difficulty getting dressed represents feelings of struggle or frustration in preparing yourself for a specific situation or role in your waking life. Feeling unprepared, inadequate. or having anxiety about meeting the standards you had set for yourself. Anxiety about presenting yourself as a person of integrity and high standards, and fear of not being able to live up to expectations. Facing obstacles or challenges in adapting to new responsibilities, situations, or expectations. Having difficulty projecting a certain self-image, persona, or characteristic to others, possibly due to self-doubt, insecurity, or a lack of confidence in your abilities.

To dream of old clothes may represents feelings of nostalgia, familiarity, or comfort with aspects of your past or previous roles you have assumed. It could also symbolize outdated attitudes, beliefs, or self-image that may no longer be relevant or beneficial to your current situation or personal growth. Old clothes might suggest that you are holding onto past experiences, relationships, or patterns of behavior that are no longer serving you, and it may be time to let go and embrace change. Remembering how different your personality currently is compared to how it used to be because you've changed. Behavior or personality traits that you no longer identify with or respect. Outdated style of thinking or behaving. Feeling that you don't have to think of yourself in an older way anymore.

See the themes section for clothing for a more in-depth look at clothing symbolism.

Example: A woman dreamed of having clothes that were ragged and had holes in them, and she decided to throw them away. In her waking life, she had left the hospital and was recovering on her own, no longer needing the help of others. In this case, the act of throwing away the old clothes with holes may have reflected her desire to let go of her old victim or helpless personality and take control of her own life. It could also represent a willingness to move forward, leaving behind the past and embracing a new chapter in her life.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her boyfriend wearing her clothes and being annoyed by it. In waking life, she had moved in with her boyfriend and felt out of place as she adjusted to her new home. In this case, the boyfriend wearing the dreamer's clothes may have reflected her unease with the changes that come with moving in with a partner and sharing personal space. The boyfriend may have been a assuming a role inside the home that she usually assumes is hers. The dream may have been a sign that she needs to assert her own boundaries and establish a sense of autonomy in the relationship.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of trying to get dressed and having difficulty. In waking life, she was preparing for an important spiritual conference but felt insecure about being unable to project an image of integrity and high standards of service. In this case, having difficulty getting dressed may have reflected her struggle to present herself as she wanted to be seen at the conference along with her feeling unprepared or inadequate to meet the standards she had set for herself.

*Please See Undress

*Please See Graduation Clothing

*Please See Clothesline


To dream of clouds represents situations in your life which overshadow everything else. Noticeable or powerful distractions, delays, or disappointments. Clouds can also represents depression. Expectations overshadowed by problems. Feeling that nothing is as special as you would like it to be. Strained relationships. Feelings about a situation in your life being awful. Feeling apprehension. Feeling accused something. A gloomy mood.

To dream of an image in the clouds may reflect your feelings about a particular issue lingering or overshadowing your life based on whatever the symbolism is of the image in the clouds.

To dream of very dark clouds may reflect feelings doom, imminent danger, big problems overshadowing your life, or very serious disappointments. Major depression or sadness.

To dream of walking on a cloud represents a sense of control over situations which overshadowed your life or distracted you. Feeling on top of things or having risen above something that kept you down. Examples situations which may encourage a dream of walking on clouds may be getting a new job after a long search, settling in after moving, or overcoming your competition that was originally stronger than you.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing clouds forming. In waking life she was experiencing financial problems at her workplace that depressed her about not being able to pay off debts.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing clouds and man's arm reached down to touch her from the clouds which scared her. In waking life she was disappointed by the lifestyle of a man she was dating.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing writing in the clouds. In waking life she was hearing news about her mother's chemotherapy.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing clouds. In waking life she was spending lot of time thinking about her strained relationships with his children.

Example 5: A man dreamed of seeing storm clouds. In waking life he was being attacked by government authorities and feared going to prison.


To dream of a clover represents your belief that nothing bad can happen. Feeling that luck is on your side.

To dream of 4 leaf clover may represent feeling luckier than other people. Noticing that nobody else is as lucky as you are.


To dream of cloves represents feelings of trust or protection. A strong sense of reliance in something you don't see directly. Feeling that someone "has your back." Some sort of guarantee or backup to insure you don't make a mistake. Family protection. A moral or ethical safeguard.


To dream of a clown represents an aspect of your personality makes other people laugh. In a positive context clowns may reflect practical joking or childish fun. Acting silly. In a negative context clowns symbolize issues in your life that embarrass you. Incompetence that is humiliating, inadequacy that is embarrassing, feeling that you or someone else looks foolish.

To dream of an evil clown represents a fear of embarrassment, or that people will laugh at you.

To dream of being raped by a clown symbolizes your sense of powerlessness to stop feeling embarrassed. Feeling that humiliation is being forced on you while you fail to escape it.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing ape-headed clowns. In waking life he had embarrassed himself showing off to other people taking dangerous amounts of drugs.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing Hitler dressed as clown. In waking life he was a citizen living in Germany while Hitler was dictator. He felt that the Hitler was an idiot who was embarrassing his nation.

Example 3: A man dreamed of running away from a clown. In waking life he was desperate to avoid allowing his illness to cause humiliating hairloss by wearing a hood.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of a clown. In waking life she had an abortion and noticed that her husband was embarrassed to discuss the abortion with friends or family.


To dream of belonging to a club represents feelings of belonging or exclusivity. It may also reflect inside knowledge or a waking life situation with special requirements.

Alternatively, being in a club may reflect feelings of being elite or better than others.

Clubs (Playing Cards)

*Please See Playing Cards


To dream of being clumsy represents a situation or relationship that isn't going as smoothly as expected. You or someone else that is prone to mistakes. Not being as sharp or on top of things as you'd like to be.

Alternatively, clumsiness may reflect your feelings about irresponsible behavior or oversights.

Clumsy behavior may be a sign that you need more practice or need to expect more from people. It may also be a sign that you try not to be so hard on yourself.


To dream of clutter may represent disorder or chaos in some area of your life. It may also be a sign that you need to be better organized or structured. It may reflect a lack of routine or professionalism.

To dream of someone else's clutter may reflect frustration with your own inability to get organized. It may also reflect your frustration with someone else that is not being as responsible, organized, or professional as you'd like them to be.


To dream of a coach represents feelings about helping others win or becoming successful at something. Mentoring others to achieve goals. Expertise at helping others win. Pushing yourself to practice harder at something. Demanding more of yourself to overcome a challenge.

Negatively, dreaming about a coach may reflect problems with lacking self-esteem. Practicing too hard. Insensitive comments made to help others. Being too hard on yourself or others to improve. An excessive need to help or improve others. Desperation to see a change or improvement in a situation.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a hockey coach. In waking life she was trying to build up more self-esteem by building up her skills.


To dream of coal represents something about you or something you have that is totally uninteresting to others. Nobody wants it at all. Feeling stuck with something you don't like. It may also reflect feeling of total disappointment or disbelief that something negative happened to you.


*Please See Beach

Coast Guard

To dream of the coast guard may represent feelings about situations in your life where there is a need to insure the safe or honest navigation of uncertain events. Feeling responsible for insuring that uncertain problems are confronted smoothly. Taking control of situations that have become too uncertain for other people to deal with. Watching out for others to make sure problems don't get worse.

Negatively, the coast guard in a dream may be a sign that you are too concerned with taking control over uncertain situations that other people need to deal with on their own. Feeling the need to manage people and keep them confronting their problems safely. Alternatively, it may reflect your attempts to cheat or ignore other people's boundaries to avoid uncomfortable situations or unpleasant confrontations. Feeling embarrassed that you can't avoid an uncertain or problematic situation by deceptive means.

Example: A woman dreamed of being on a coast guard boat. In waking life she was staying in the home of friends who were about to go on vacation, when those friends started to fight putting their much needed vacation in jeopardy. She felt the need to do whatever she could to safely manage the turbulent relationship situation so the couple would still go on vacation.


To dream of a coat represents your protectiveness and defensive persona. How you are shielding yourself from conflict or adversity.

Consider the color and style of jacket for additional symbolism.

*Please See Leather Jacket

*Please See Raincoat

*Please See Winter Coat

Coat Hangers

To dream of a coat hanger represents feeling of confidence about your future prospects or future changes. Confidence in yourself being able to change or become someone different if you want to. Confidence about a different lifestyle choice or ability to change yourself life if you want to. Confident feelings about prospects for future changes being securely held in place. Confidently feeling that you can do other things later on in you wanted to. A personality change or lifestyle change that is on hold. Feelings about plans or expectations to become a different person later on.

Negatively, a coat hanger may reflect excessive confidence in future prospects or lifestyle changes. Alternative prospects or choices that you talk about too much with no real intention of using. Trusting other people too much with your future prospects. Too much confidence in alternative prospects you have never been given real certainty about. Too many different lifestyle options. Too much focus on not being yourself. Too much bragging about all the different things you can do in life.

To dream of a coat hanger being used as a noose may reflect feelings about self-imposed failure being cause by too much confidence in your future. Embarrassing yourself being too confident about your prospects.

To dream of a coat hanger hanging above a door may reflect feelings about how important it feels to project confidence to others about alternative options before getting involved with new opportunity or change. The importance to not reveal desperation or neediness as you get involved with new people or new situations.

Example: A woman dreamed hitting her husband in coat hangers. In waking life she was fighting with her husband about getting a divorce and selling their home so she could do something else with her life. The coat hangers in this case may have reflected her confident feelings about not needing her husband anymore to do something else with her life as she argued with him.

Coat Of Arms

To dream of a coat of arms represents feelings of strength about your roots, history, or heritage. Pride in where you've come from or what you've achieved. Identifying yourself with your accomplishments. Feeling that losing is not an option because of who you are.

Negatively, a coat of arms may reflect excessive pride in your accomplishments. It may also reflect a sense of entitlement to winning based on your accomplishments or who you are.


To dream of a cobblestone road or street represents a path in life that is guaranteed or secure. Knowing you can't lose no matter what. Feeling good being supported or ensured success. Feeling that you can never fail or that the people you know are always making sure that you never will. A relationship that can withstand any stress or pressure. Love, trust, or loyalty in your life that always comes first.

Example: A woman dreamed of walking down a cobblestone road. In waking life she was too poor to afford a wedding, but felt that her relationship was stronger than money.


To dream of a cobra symbolizes emotional hypnosis. You are "dancing to the tune" of another person or situation in your life. A cobra is a sign that you have allowed a fear or other issue to totally control your decisions and are too accepting of it. Feeling controlled by people or financial situations that scare you when you consider cutting them off. People that control you with sex that you fear losing if you anger them. Fear of leaving a religion you've lost faith in. Feeling forced to do something when it's obvious you don't really care about it anymore. Fearing leaving someone who controls you.

Example: A lesbian woman dreamed of a brown cobra snake in her house. In waking life she felt that her girlfriend didn't contribute to the household as much as she did while also fearing her girlfriend breaking up with her if she demanded more from her. The cobra in this case may have reflected her feelings about herself "dancing to the tune" of all her girlfriends wishes because she feared ending the relationship.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of trying to avoid 4 cobra snakes. In waking life she was having serious problems with fiances while trying to cut off expenses that other family members didn't want to discontinue. The cobra snakes may have reflected her feelings about fearing her family and doing whatever they wanted even when the finances were struggling.


To dream of a cobweb represents feelings about a situation being hopeless or pointless. Living with a problem that you've gotten used to or can't find a solution for. Feeling trapped by a life situation. Awareness of negativity in your life that you can't do anything about. Feeling embarrassed by having discuss old issues you can't avoid.

Alternatively, the dream is a sign that you are neglecting your responsibilities, talents, or some issue.

To dream of cobwebs on your walls may reflect feelings about issues with your life or personality being pointless to deal with. Some area of your life is too old to deal with. Accepting an area of your life as stagnant and pointless. Accepting or living with hopelessness.

To dream of getting rid of cobwebs represents behavior that is focused on dealing with problems that have gotten out of hand. You may have being putting up with something that you've finally chosen to do something about.

Example: A woman dreamed of being caught in a giant spiderweb. In waking life she was middle aged and felt that her life was going nowhere.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of getting rid of cobwebs. In waking life he was undergoing therapy and confronting problems that he had given up on. He began to discuss long standing family problems and anti-social behavior that he had long accepted for himself.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing cobwebs. In waking life she felt embarrassed at having to discuss very old sexual history with her boyfriend. She felt the issues were so old they weren't worth discussing, but felt her past kept trapping her with discussing it.


To dream of cocaine represents feelings about "riding on a high" of elite behavior. Enjoying lying all the time like it doesn't matter. Feelings of being better than other people. Feelings about enjoying an insider that always gets away with cheating. Enjoying hypocritical behavior based on elite knowledge, being richer than other people, or feeling that you are too good to follow the rules that normal people do. Obsession with success that may drive you to dangerous limits. Enjoying more success than other people based on hypocrisy. Feeling that everyone else is a loser if they aren't you. Enjoying a sense of entitlement to breaking rules. Enjoying excess. Enjoying wild or risky behavior.

Addiction to a situation or person that makes you feel like the center of attention despite any consequences. Noticing yourself first no matter what other people are feeling. Addiction to feeling good being better than everyone else.

Example: A young girl dreamed of snorting cocaine during a drug recovery support group. In waking life she was addicted to a drug (not cocaine) and taking the drug before attending the meetings to discuss her progress. She was enjoying talking about herself at the meetings like staying off drugs was easy while being aware of herself taking the drugs. The cocaine usage in the dream may have reflected her sense of arrogant entitlement to breaking the rules around people who were trying hard to recover. Feeling that she was better than everyone else because she could manage her addiction without having to be too serious about treating it."

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being offered 2 bags of cocaine. In waking life she had a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend and was considering enjoying herself tormenting him with one-way communication knowing that he could go to jail if he responded to her. The bags of cocaine in this case may have reflected her conflict with arrogant feelings of entitlement to abusing her ex-boyfriend's restraining order "riding a high" of feeling better than him.

Cock Ring

To dream of a cockring represents an area of your life where you are powerful, effective, or capable and are doing everything you can to stay that way.

You may have a skill, trick, or something that gives you leverage and are exploiting it for it's full potential.


To dream of a cockatoo represents behavior that shows off seeking out attention however it can. Behavior that is unafraid and faster than other people about seeking out attention however possible. Behavior that is wilder than someone else about seeking out attention however it can. It represents a desire to be noticed or heard by others. The dream suggests that you or someone in your life may be vocal and expressive about something they want others to take notice of. There may be a belief or concern that you or someone else feels is important for others to pay attention to. Self-expression, individuality, or a desire to stand out. Behavior that thinks getting attention is its job.

Positively, dreaming about a cockatoo can signify the confidence and assertiveness to express oneself freely. It may reflect the ability to command attention and make an impact on others through your words or actions. It symbolizes an individual who stands out from the crowd and is not afraid to be unique or unconventional. The need for self-expression and attention-seeking behavior. A personality that's unafraid to be different or commands attention. A conscious choice to embrace your own quirks, talents, or charisma.

Negatively, dreaming about a cockatoo may suggest a tendency to seek attention or validation from others excessively. Feelings of annoyance, distraction, or a fear of standing out too much. Concerns about being too loud, overly flamboyant, or drawing unwanted attention to yourself. A fear of being ignored or overlooked, leading to attention-seeking behavior or a sense of entitlement. The dream may also indicate a lack of genuine connection or substance behind the desire for attention, possibly reflecting insincerity or a need for validation. Not liking experiencing someone else being excessive with needing to show off getting attention. Feeling that someone wastes their time showing off.

Cocker Spaniel

To dream of a cocker spaniel represents emotional protection through friendliness or companionship. Liking people and wanting to spend time with them. Keeping yourself safe by being with others or being part of a group. Trying your best to be likable.


*Please See Rooster


To dream of being in a cockpit of a plane represents action that is being taken with a project or plan you are undertaking. You are making something happen or are just about to begin one. You may be taking a leadership role and are in control of a situation.


To dream of cockroaches represents feelings of undesirability. Something you really don't want in your life. (e.g. the feeling you'd get from a bad haircut.) Feelings about a situation being low quality, dirty, or poor. A tarnished reputation. A continuous problem. Feeling annoyed by something subpar. Imperfections that embarrass you.

Example: A young man dreamed of being surrounded by cockroaches. In real life he met an old friend who expressed love to him. He was extremely uncomfortable with this expression of love. The cockroaches reflected how undesirable it was to have this friend be so honest with him about his feelings.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of using insecticide on cockroaches. In waking life he was trying to repair an old friendship that had a lot of bad memories and misunderstandings that got in the way.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of a bonnet being infested with cockroaches. In waking life she was operating a business that she didn't want to with people that annoyed her.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of taking a lot of cockroaches out of her suitcase and then having one cockroach left. In waking life she felt it was undesirable to leave her fiance and move on with her life. In the end she kept finding reasons to talk to him to avoid moving.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of Jesus placing a cockroach on her head while putting his hand over her mouth. In waking life she was annoyed by a website forum not allowing her to talk about her religious beliefs.


To dream of cocoa powder represents feelings about the possibility of comfort or indulgence that is within reach but not yet fully realized. It could symbolize a stage of preparation or anticipation in relation to feelings of comfort, relaxation, or satisfaction. The dream might reflect your readiness to take action, make an effort, or use your resources to create a sense of warmth, pleasure, or contentment in your life.

To dream of cocoa beans represents feelings about the potential to treat yourself to comfort, warmth, or indulgence, but it requires effort to get it. Fundamental elements needed to create a sense of well-being or contentment. Your thoughts about the opportunities, resources, or ingredients in your life that hold the potential for emotional nourishment or self-care.

To dream of a cocoa pod represents feelings about the potential to treat yourself to comfort, warmth, or indulgence, but it requires you to do everything on your own to make it work. Potential and unrealized possibilities to treat yourself to something you like. Hidden wealth or value in an idea, relationship, or project that requires patience and careful cultivation to be fully realized. Your thoughts about the opportunities and prospects that lie within something you are nurturing or investing your time and energy into. Willingness to invest effort and patience in opportunities that others might overlook.

Example: A man dreamed of being on his dead grandfather's cocoa farm helping to harvest cocoa pods. As he is working to harvest the pods, he sees a snail, steps on it, and moves on excitedly while telling people he is going to prepare a delicious meal. In waking life, he was an estate surveyor and valuer for a private company. In this case, stepping on a snail and taking the cocoa pod home for a delicious meal may have reflected his feelings about using his job as an estate surveyor and valuer to identify an investment opportunity that others may have overlooked due to their slow pace, which he intended to capitalize on independently. The cocoa pod from the dream may reveal his readiness to embrace the challenge of this investment, nurture it diligently, and patiently see it through to fruition. The dream underscores his willingness to invest his time and effort into opportunities that others might neglect."

*Please See Chocolate

*Please See Hot Chocolate

Coconut Tree

To dream of a coconut tree or palm tree represents feelings about an established sense of being allowed leisure or relaxation from responsibility. Feeling that working isn't important in some area of your life and being relaxed about it. An established feeling of doing whatever you want because you already can. Hard work or maintenance isn't your job. Feeling that life in some way is perfect with never even seeing anything wrong with no hard work all the time. Not feeling that you ever have to care about problems because it's allowed. Carefree success or leisure. Enjoying a laid-back atmosphere or relationship. The state of your sexual relationship.

Negatively, it may reflect a stubborn refusal to care about something you feel is someone else's problem. Excessive relaxation or pleasure. Ignoring maintenance or hard work. An issue that you believe is not your problem or concern and that someone else should care about it.

A sick or drooping palm tree may reflect problems with the state of your sex life. Issues with relaxing or enjoying your personal life.

Example: A woman dreamed seeing a drooping palm tree slowly come back to life and look vibrant. In waking life, she felt that the state of her sex life with her husband had improved considerably.

Example 2: A man had a vision of seeing a row of palm trees shrunk into houseplants. In waking life, he was beginning to experience his usually good LSD trip sessions as more difficult bad trips requiring a lot psychological work and self-reflection than usual. The palm trees turning into houseplants may reflects his feelings of established confidence to have leisure or euphoria while taking LSD being replaced with bad trips that required lots of maintenance of mental work.


To dream of a coconut represents feelings about not being responsible or obligated. A situation that you feel isn't your problem, or thinking that someone else should have to make all the effort.

Example: A young man dreamed of drinking a coconut. In real life he didn't feel he should be obligated to pay back a school loan to his parents. The coconut reflected the total lack of responsibility he felt for the loan.


To dream of a cocoon represents preparatory isolation. Being alone while you get ready to do something else. Rejuvenation before experiencing rebirth in some area of your life. Alternatively, it may symbolize your unrealized potential and possibilities.


To dream of coffee represents situations in your life where you are getting acquainted with something or someone. Something new that you are getting to know, becoming familiar with, or trying to understand better. An introductory process in your life.

Alternatively, coffee may reflect a new aspect of your personality that is comfortably not noticing doing anything about problems in the current moment. Awareness of yourself listening to a problem , but not taking any action yet. Awareness of yourself listening to new ideas, but taking any action yet. Feelings about catching up with old friends or acquaintances.

Negatively, dreaming of coffee represents feelings about dishonestly or unpleasantly considering new ideas. Getting acquainted with people you don't like. Talking to people from your past you don't like after a long period of time never speaking to them. Problems you feel you need to consider solving when you don't want to. Other people's offers to think about ideas, problems, or catching up that are not interesting to you. Your dislike of why a problem is only being considered and not dealt with.

To drink coffee with a person may be a reflection of how you are getting acquainted with that person in waking life. It may also reflect qualities you see the most in that person slowly becoming more apparent in your own life. An aspect of yourself that is beginning to think about something or reacquaint yourself with something without taking action yet.

Example: A young man dreamed of showing a number of birds to his mother to see her reaction, but she choose to simply drink coffee instead of react. In waking life he was attempting to use his teacher skills to get a new opportunity for himself, but noticed that nobody wanted to do anything with him accept consider or think about hiring him.

Coffee Shop

To dream of a coffee shop symbolizes the decision to get aquainted with something new or explore new ideas, habits, or situations. It may represent engaging in a relationship, a new experience, or contemplating various opportunities without taking immediate action. Coffee shops in dreams might also reflect feelings about reconnecting with people, old friends, or considering reconciliation. Open-ended offers to talk or get reacquainted. Engaging in intellectual or creative discussions. It may also indicate a need to take a break and recharge, or to approach a situation from a different perspective.

Negatively, dreaming of a coffee shop can represent open-ended opportunities to engage in discussions about new ideas, habits, or situations that you don't want to talk about. It can signify conversations you don't want to have, people you don't want to catch up with, or new ideas you don't want to consider.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing an old friend from his past whom he hadn't spoken to in over two decades sitting in front of a coffee shop. In waking life, this old friend wanted to speak to him about catching up to speak about a serious legal problem. In this case, the coffee shop may have reflected the dreamers feelings about an open-ended safe offer to get reacquainted.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of going to a coffee shop, but then leaving without buying any coffee. In waking life, she was having relationship stresses and didn't like the idea of trying to talk about the problem or trying to "make up." In this case, the coffee shop may have reflected her feelings about the opportunity for open communication and connection with her partner, but her reluctance to engage in the conversation or attempt to resolve the issue. The act of leaving the coffee shop without buying coffee might symbolize her avoidance of addressing the relationship problems or unwillingness to put in the effort to improve the situation.


To dream of a coffin represents acceptance of change or loss. It can also reflect ideas and habits that are no longer of use and can be buried or given up. You may also be noticing that something in your life is ending or changing for the worse.

In a positive context, a coffin reflects your willingness to move forward. Negatively, a coffin symbolizes self-defeating thinking patterns.

Alternatively, a coffin may reflect an unhealthy preoccupation with death or failure.

To dream of building a coffin represents a progressive movement towards a grim result. You may be noticing how your actions are slowly contributing to a loss of some kind. Something you're doing isn't working out.

To find yourself inside a coffin in a dream symbolizes acceptance of defeat, or giving in to your problems. You may feel as though you can't win or that you're never going to be able to do something you want ever again.

Coffins can also symbolize thoughts about death. People who think about suicide or death a lot may see coffins in dreams accompanied by a lot red color to reflect the negative emotions associated with those thoughts.

Example: A man once dreamed of being inside a coffin. In real life he lost his job and felt like there was no hope for him. Being in the coffin reflected his acceptance of defeat.

Example 2: A woman once dreamed of building her own coffin. In real life she felt that all her attempts to rebuild a relationship were failing. Building the coffin reflected her feelings about all her failed efforts to rebuild the relationship progressing towards the impossibility of ever rebuilding it.

Example 3: A woman had a recurring dream of being in a coffin and listening to people talk about her life. In waking life she was very old and spending a lot of time thinking about her death.

Example 4: A man dreamed of seeing people asking him to get into a coffin. In waking life he was having serious business and financial problems. The coffins in this case may have reflected his fear of accepting the loss of his business.

Example 5: A young girl dreamed of her deceased Grandfather getting out of a coffin, socializing happily and then getting back into the coffin to sleep. In waking life her Grandfather had recently died and she was having issues remembering him or talking about him.


To dream of coins represents feelings about the perception of value of resources, power, insights, or capabilities which can be utilized to help you to do other things. Valuable insight that you makes you keep thinking about what you can do with it. Awareness of the value that something you are capable of holds which you want to maintain.

Negatively, dreaming about coins may represent wasting time believing in the perception of the value and capability of resources, power, and insights that are unimportant. An insight into a problem that is ultimately smaller than you thought. A sense of value in what you are capable of that isn't as important as you first thought.

To dream of finding coins represents feelings about a sense of newfound value of resources, power, insights, or capabilities that you've gained or discovered. Feelings about an unexpected gain or discovering valuable opportunities in their waking life. Feelings about the value of a gain, lucky discovery, or rare coincidence in waking life. Missed or lost opportunities that have reemerged. Feeling good being better off than you were before due to a small gain. The value of a small gain being made in waking life. The value of a discovery that makes you want to keep repeating it for further gain. Insight into problems, increased capability, or gains that increase a sense of getting ahead being possible. The discovery of hidden talents and resources.

Negatively, dreaming about finding coins may represent wasting your time believing that a new insight is incredible because it will ultimately never lead to much more happening.

To dream of losing a coin represents feeling a sense of carelessness, lost chances, or regret about something valuable slipping away. Feelings about missed opportunities or progress have been wasted or missed. Feelings of regret or frustration over a missed chance to improve your situation. You may feel that you've squandered a resource, power, insight, or capability that you once had but can no longer use effectively. A fear of financial loss or a warning about being more cautious with your resources. A loss of belief in your own value, power, or capabilities. Losing a coin can represent a diminishing sense of self-worth or a setback in your confidence. Concerns about decreasing resources or a loss of valuable insights that previously motivated you.

To dream of picking up coins from the ground represents feelings of regaining value, opportunities, or insights that you may have overlooked or underestimated. A second chance to make the most of a situation or resource that you thought was lost. Picking up coins in a dream may reflect your ability to recognize and seize valuable opportunities that others may have missed.

To dream of hearing a coin land on the ground represents feelings of anticipation or awareness of the value of a new idea or scheme to gain resources or power in your waking life. Excitement or recognition of a potential financial gain or opportunity. This dream could suggest that you are considering, strategizing, or becoming aware of ways to benefit from a situation, perhaps with a sense of cunning or cleverness.

To dream of coins stacked represents your awareness of accumulated resources, power, or capabilities. The accumulation of valuable knowledge and skills. You may also be saving resources or biding your time to cash in a favor or opportunity. Awareness of stored value in some area of your life.

To dream of casually flipping a coin represents feelings of value in taking a chance because you believe that the outcome will work out in your favor. You may be facing a situation where you feel unsure about which choice to make, and you are leaving it up to chance or fate to determine the outcome. Leaving an important choice to chance. It might suggest a lack of seriousness or consideration for the consequences of taking a chance,

To dream of playing heads or tails with a coin represents feelings about leaving a decision to chance or fate. A situation where you are unsure about which choice to make and are willing to let randomness or luck determine the outcome. A sense of randomness or unpredictability in your decision-making process, where you are willing to accept the consequences, whether positive or negative. A casual or carefree attitude about a decision. Letting life or fate choose something for you. A relaxed approach to resolving a dilemma, trusting that things will work out regardless of the choice made.

To dream of silver coins represents feelings about the perception of the value of resources, power, insights, or capabilities based on luck, intuition, or coincidences. Chance or surprises that have brought you insight, power, or freedom. You may feel lucky due to a valuable gain.

To dream of gold coins represents feelings about the perception of the value of resources, power, insights, or capabilities which are guaranteed as more valuable, secure, or precious if utilized. Feelings about using valuable resources, power, insights, or capabilities that will never be turned down because they are as "good as gold." The perception of guaranteed value and capability that you want to "hold on to" or keep thinking about. Power or resources with a guaranteed value that you can use whenever you want.

To see bad or evil people with gold coins may represent negative aspects of your personality that are benefiting from guaranteed power or resources. Using valuable skills or insights for unethical or harmful purposes. Negative aspects of your personality that are exploiting or misusing your valuable resources, power, insights, or capabilities for selfish or unethical purposes. Situations where you or others are using your strengths and advantages for negative intentions or personal gain, potentially leading to moral dilemmas or compromising your integrity. Alternatively, it could symbolize your feelings about others who are misusing their guaranteed advantages or secure resources in a way that you disapprove of. Jealousy, resentment, or a sense of injustice about others who have more security or guaranteed success and are using it in ways that seem wrong or unfair to you. You may also feel totally powerless to stop someone who has more power or resources than you.

To dream of a coin stamped with a specific year may represent a valuable idea, insight, or capability which only works in a specific way that is represented by whatever the symbolism of the year represents. See the themes section on number symbolism for additional meaning.

Example: A man dreamed of finding a coin. In waking life, he felt lucky about having discovered a solution to a problem that allowed him to never care about the problem again. In this case, the coin may have reflected a sense of newfound value about a lucky discovery of an insight for a resolution of a pressing issue in his life.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of hearing a coin land on the ground. In waking life, she had thought up a new idea to get money out of her husband before their divorce proceeding started. In this case, the coin may have reflected feelings of anticipation and awareness about how valuable her idea was as she attempted to come up with a scheme to get money from her ex-husband.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing herself pick up coins in an empty football field. In waking life, she was coming up with ideas to try to win back her ex-boyfriend who broke up with her. In this case, the coins may have reflected her feelings about how valuable the insights or ideas were as she attempted to come up with schemes to get back with her ex-boyfriend.

Example 4: A woman dreamed about a man being very interested in her and giving her silver coins to help her buy lunch. In waking life, she was considering dating a guy to help her pay her unpaid bills. In this case, the coins may have reflected feelings about the newfound value, luck, and opportunities offered by the potential relationship to address her financial needs. It may also have reflected her feelings of value in not wanting to let go of the potential to use the man for financial support.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of holding coins in her hand. In waking life, she was considering giving a lot of money to a charity to help it out. In this case, the coins may have reflected her feelings about the potential value and power of her financial contribution to the charity. She may have been weighing the significance of her donation and its potential impact on the organization. The act of holding the coins in her hand could symbolize her capability to choose whether to give the money or not, and her recognition of the potential influence her decision could have on the charity's success.

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Cold Sores

To dream of a cold sore represents feelings of embarrassment that other people are think you are a permanent failure or loser. Public embarrassment, fear that other people are talking about your behind your back, or feelings about yourself being perceived by others as someone who repeatedly makes a fool of themselves. Feelings about recurring failures or embarrassments that other people witness.

Alternatively, cold sores may reflect feelings about repeatedly embarrassing yourself in front of others making bad relationship choices. Feelings about yourself looking like you are too stupid to find the right person or that a relationship is impossible for others to succeed at with you.

Example: A woman dreamed of getting a sore sore. In waking life she was having doubts about her wedding for her second marriage. The cold sore most likely reflected her feelings about all her friends and family thinking something is permanently wrong with her if she left her fiancee at the last minute after already being divorced once.


To dream of having a cold represents feelings a situation where you might be feeling burdened, run-down, or overwhelmed by your responsibilities, expectations, or stress in your waking life that you don't like needing to take a break to get over. Temporary setbacks, disruptions, challenges, or minor obstacles while experiencing that are hindering your ability to perform or communicate effectively. Concerns about appearing weak or vulnerable, worrying about how taking a break could affect your job or how others perceive you. Pressure to perform, even when you're not feeling your best while needing to take a break or take time off to recover. Concerns about the impact of coping with temporary limitations on personal and professional responsibilities. Concerns about not being able to maintain usual performance levels. The importance of slowing down, self-care, and resilience in navigating difficult circumstances before more serious issues arise. A reminder for the dreamer to reach out for help from friends, family, or mental health professionals to navigate through their struggles and find healing and recovery.

Positively, dreaming about having a cold may represent an opportunity for rest, introspection, or taking a necessary break to recover.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing herself in a casket, but was unable to hear anything as though she had a head cold. In waking life, she was struggling with suicidal thoughts and depression. In this case, the ability to hear being similar or a head cold may have reflected her temporary feelings of being overrun by depression and suicidal thoughts with the awareness that she would recover from it in a short period of time if she kept herself in a positive mindset and listened to people trying to support her.


To dream of objects being cold may reflect purity or sterilization of negative influences. Some area of your life is perfectly positive. A lack of danger or negative influences. Some area of your life that is radiating positivity.

To dream of feeling cold may reflect feelings about situations feeling empty, unfeeling, or totally unfair.

To dream of very cold weather represents conditions in your life that feel terrible or unbearable. It may also reflect isolation or loneliness. Emotional restraint.

To dream of cold water represents uncertainty or negativity that isn't dangerous. Drinking cold water may represent replenishment with very pure influences.

Example: Women who have experienced the death of the baby in the womb often dream of feeling cold or being in cold rooms. They may also dream of cold babies.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of walking around in a terrible cold winter scene. In waking life he was kicked out of his house and felt that life was totally unfair and unbearable living on his own.

Example 3: A man dreamed that cold air was coming out of his eyeballs like an air conditioner. In waking life he had just experienced a life changing spiritual experience that gave him a new positive outlook on life that he didn't want to lose.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of holding her recently deceased friend in her arms as he grew colder. In waking life the friend had died the day before the dream took place and she was slowly beginning to feel the emptiness of his death grow stronger.

*Please See Snow

*Please See Winter


To dream of coleslaw represents feelings of acceptance and adaptability in any given situation that feels ideal for so nothing feels empty. Adaptability and acceptance despite the emotional turmoil.

Negatively, dreaming about coleslaw may represent feelings of being too accepting and adaptable that isn't ideal for you. Being too concerned with adjusting or adapting to someone else while hoping for an ideal outcome. Feeling overwhelmed by all the changes and adjustments you need to accept to keep someone else sense of ideal respected.

To dream of refusing coleslaw may represent resistance to accepting and adapting to change that someone else thinks is ideal.

Example: A woman dreamed of walking in a grocery store with her ex-husband who was pounding coleslaw inside a mortar with a pestle. In waking life, she missed her ex-husband while having feelings about trying to fix their relationship and feared it was over. She had 4 kids with him already. The ex-husband was with another woman, but she felt the oods for reconciliation were too great. In this case, the coleslaw may have reflected her feelings of acceptance and adaptability in the face of her ex-husband's new relationship, while still holding on to hope for reconciliation because she felt getting back together with him was ideal for the both of them for her family.


To dream that you collapse represents waking life feelings about something being too much for you. You may feel that you've reached the end point of tolerance, patience, or persistence.

To dream of seeing a building collapse represents outdated ideas, perspectives, or situations. Ideas or beliefs that are no longer powerful. An accumulation of pressure, stress, or opposition that's too much to continue with certain situations or beliefs.

Negatively, a building collapsing may also reflect deceptions that are too weak to resist the increasing power of the truth.

A collapsing building may also reflect feelings about a stable area of your life or stable relationship having no strength or support left...possibly by surprise or without warning. Feeling supported permanent perspectives lose support beyond your control. Feeling that winning or being accepted is not supported anymore.

Example: A man dreamed of the floor collapsing. In waking life he was worried about serious financial problems to the point of selling things to keep his life stable. The collapsing symbolism in this case may have reflected his feelings about potential financial collapse and the inability to pay his bills.

Example 2: A highschool girl dreamed of escaping a collapsing building. In waking life she felt that he had a chance to have a strong relationship with a guy she liked and then by surprise the guy started to reveal no interest at all. The collapsing building in this case may have reflected her feelings about escaping embarrassment of be perceived by others to have liked the guy too much because she felt his interest in her was strong.


To dream of a collar represents ownership or belonging. You or someone else that is controlling someone else. It may also reflect how you believe you are someone else's property.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a red collar. In waking life she felt she disrespected her husband and felt she should make up for it by proving that she belonged to him.

Example 2: A teenage boy saw a dog wearing a collar that had an envelope attached with a message in it that blamed him. In waking life he lost his virginity with a girl and feared getting her pregnant. The dog collar in this case may have reflected his feelings about the girl belonging to him or his own feelings of belonging to the girl.


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To dream of collecting things represents feelings about needing to be comprehensive about something in your life or have all of something. Accumulation of experiences or goals. Serious interest. Serious study.

Negatively, dreaming about collecting things may reflect needing to be comprehensive in some way that is dishonest, excessive, or wastes time. Feelings about orderly conquest for revenge or sexual enjoyment. Getting revenge on one person at a time. An excessive interest in something that is not impressive to you, but is very impressive or shocking to others.

To dream of owning a collection represents feelings about an accumulation of experiences, goals, or achievements. Feelings about an area of your life that is impressively comprehensive.

Negatively, it may reflect an excessive accumulation of bad habits, problems. Feeling that it's important to be comprehensive in some way that makes other people uncomfortable.

To dream of an insect collection represents feelings about a psychologically comprehensive accumulation of annoying experiences in some area of your life such as marital problems.

To dream of collecting money represents feelings about gaining every last insight possible or leaving no idea unverified. Feeling good that you were right about something you took a risk with. Feelings about favors or debts being repaid. It may also reflect feelings about needing to do everything possible to afford your bills in waking life.

Example: A man dreamed of black man collecting blood stained furs in a cave. In waking life he was aware of another man having a number of sexual conquests with woman as though they were "notches on a bedpost."

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing an insect collection. In waking life she was having marital issues with a loss of affection while undergoing counselling. In this case the insect collection may have reflected her thoughts about the psychological comprehensive accumulation of annoying experiences with her husband she discussed in counselling.

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