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To dream of a cupcake represents feelings of liking yourself the way you are. Feeling encouraged to like yourself. Feeling that people have to like you. Your wish to make other people feel good about themselves. Wanting other people to feel good. Enjoying spending time with family.

Negatively, cupcakes may reflect unusual steps being taken to deceive others or do bad things so people will like you. Making choices you don't like so other people will like you. Wanting other people to feel good about themselves before your own needs.

Example: A young man dreamed of being offered white cupcakes and refusing them. In waking life he had the opportunity to be honest about something he was lying about and make the person he was lying to like him again. He chose to take the opportunity because he hated the person.


To dream of cupid represents you or someone else that makes other people have to care about each other. Behavior or situations that are purposely forcing others to like each other. Interfering in others affairs to get them closer to each other. Cupid may also reflect coincidences that force people to spend time together.

Alternatively, Cupid may reflect the moment you or someone else feel in love. What someone said, did, or wore that made you fall for them.


To dream of a sidewalk curb represents a need to slow down or be more patient. Restrictions and limitations on how fast or aggressive you are being. An obstacle or person that must be respected as you try to achieve your goals. A need to more careful or "cut down" on something.

Alternatively, a curb may reflect a need to be careful around other people achievements or sense of security. Not interfering or invading others rights or personal space. Feeling that you finally have to notice other people, too.


To dream of a cure for a disease represents feelings about a perfect solution to a serious or troubling problem.

Negatively, a cure may reflect a very difficult change or regimen you need to undergo in order to completely fix a problem. It may also reflect feelings about how impossible or beyond your resources obtaining a perfect solution to a problem is.

To dream of longing for a cure to a disease represents feelings of hope for a perfect solution to serious problem you have. You may not believe in yourself enough or need to open up more to others about your problems.

*Please See Antidote

*Please See Medicine


To dream of a curfew represents you or someone else that is very sensitive about nothing dangerous or risky happening at all. Negatively, a curfew may reflect the burden of others expectations.

Curly Hair

To dream of curly hair represents thinking style that is different, unique, or stands out and doesn't think anything is wrong with that. A thinking style that is noticeably not perfect all the time and accepts that nothing is wrong with that. It could indicate an approach to situations or problems that is unconventional, creative, and flexible. This kind of thinking is not afraid to diverge from the norm and may often lead to unexpected or surprising outcomes. Embarked on a new path that is considered unconventional by family and friends. Feeling good thinking in a way that is different. Feelings about you or someone else saying something strange and not thinking anything is wrong with it. Meeting people like there is nothing wrong with it because what you say doesn't have to be perfect.

Negatively, curly hair may reflect a thinking style that is perceived to be outrageous. Unpredictable thinking. A thinking style that is erratic, inconsistent, or seen as too unconventional. Thoughts or ideas that are too divergent or eccentric, which may cause discomfort or unease to yourself or others. Overdoing accepting behavior that is different, unique, or stands out.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of people ignoring her, but then finding a girl in a pink shirt with curly hair that did listen to her. In waking life, she felt that she couldn't find understanding friends. In this case, the girl with curly hair who listen to her may have reflected a potential friend who is open-minded, creative, and unconventional, thus more likely to understand and resonate with the dreamer's unique way of thinking and expressing herself.


To dream of a type of currency represents the manner in which you achieve goals. Consider how the symbolism of the country of the currency may reflect a thinking style.

To dream of an old currency may represent insecurity or a lack of confidence about whether your power or resources with work in helping you achieve a goal. Not being sure if you still have what it takes or if your old-fashioned skills will help you.

*Please See Money


To dream of curry represents qualities of an experience always being kind about why you need to like something difficult or different feeling good having having nothing wrong with it. Experiencing something difficult made easy or not serious. Quality noticing of something made easy because something being difficult isn't allowed. Feelings of comfortably doing something different. Experiencing something difficult that doesn't believe it's difficult. Feeling comfortable accepting something different. Feeling comfortable accepting whatever is next like it isn't a challenge. Comfortably doing something different so nobody else thinks it's a problem. Doing something different so it's likable. Having to do something different that doesn't scare anyone else. Feelings about being honest about doing something different. Feelings about someone intelligently having to do something for you so you like why it isn't difficult. Feeling good about other people is why you don't have to worry.

Curry dreams may be common to people being taught something by someone already very good at whatever is being taught. Teaching that may be trying to make you feel good learning like it's made easy and not serious for you.

Example: A man dreamed of curry sauce being poured over his head before running away. In waking life he had attended his first Reiki training and attunement the day before. He claimed that the session was powerful, but he still doesn't have strong skills. In this case the curry sauce being poured over his head may have reflected his feelings about the Reiki training teacher always being kind to him while trying to make him like Reiki training or about his Rieki teacher trying to make him like the difficulty of Reiki made easy.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of learning to make curry with bitter melon. In waking life she had been instructed by her doctor to eat bitter melon. In this case the curry symbolism may have reflected her feelings about her doctor trying to be kind about explaining health information to her regarding bitter melon so it was easy to understand.

Example 3: A man dreamed of his friend making curry and telling him to dish out his own into a bowl, but he the soup ladle was his coffee scoop. In waking life he had to speak to his friend to help him out World of Warcraft. In this case the curry requiring a coffee scoop have reflected the man's feelings about trying to make his friend feel comfortable having difficult situation made easy with his help for his friend, but possibly feeling that it was more than he wanted to do.

Example 4: A man dreamed of walking down a hallway and reaching a convention center called "Qi Gong, Grand Towers Curry." In waking life the dreamer was taking a Tai Chi/Qigong class and finding it very challenging. In this case the odd naming of the building with "curry" at the end may have reflected his feelings about talking to people who were professional at Tai Chi/Qigong who tried to feel good that he didn't feel stupid learning it.


To dream of being under a curse may represent feelings about consequences or revenge that you are unable to escape. Feeling ostracized or isolated for something you've done. It may also reflect your guilt.

A curse might also represent aggressive manipulation you are experiencing with an enemy or angry person. You may need to be cautious in a situation or relationship.

*Please See Swearing


*Please See Swearing


To dream of curtains represents concealment or secrecy. Alternatively, it may reflect repression of ideas or information.

To dream of shutting the curtains represents you attempt to conceal something or keep a secret. Your repression of ideas or information. You are concealing some personal matter or something about yourself.

To dream that you are opening the curtains, represents your readiness to reveal something hidden about yourself. Revealing the truth or a secret. No longer feeling the need to repress ideas or information.


To dream of a curve represents a deviation from the norm or a departure from the expected path in your waking life. Unpredictability and flexibility of your journey. Unexpected deviation, change in direction, or a shift from your normal trajectory or expectations. Dreams about curves can have both positive and negative connotations, depending on the context and emotions experienced during the dream.

Positively, dreaming about a curve may represent adaptability and the ability to navigate challenges or changes with ease. It could reflect your openness to new experiences, your willingness to explore uncharted territory, or your capacity to embrace different perspectives. A curve in your dream might also represent creative thinking and innovative solutions, suggesting that you are taking a unique and effective approach to a problem or situation. A realization of opportunities that only became apparent due to a departure from the original plan.

Negatively, dreaming of a curve may represent a sense of uncertainty, loss of control, or insecurity about the unknown. It could symbolize feelings of being off course, losing your way, or encountering unexpected obstacles in your life. You may be concerned about the unpredictability of your current path and feel the need for more stability or structure. Difficulties in adjusting to new situations or frustration over unexpected obstacles that are diverting you from your intended path or goals. Alternatively, the dream may reflect a fear of deviating from established norms or expectations, suggesting that you are hesitant to step outside your comfort zone or challenge the status quo. A situation where you feel thrown off course or that something is leading you astray.

To dream of moving forward on a curving angle represents feelings of progressing in your life or goals, but in a way that isn't straightforward or predictable. It suggests that you are navigating your path with adaptability and creativity, willing to embrace different approaches or perspectives to achieve your objectives.

Example: A man dreamed of enjoying driving a light blue car forward on a left-curving angle until he got into a car accident. In waking life, he was enjoying experiencing newfound success that he could never have experienced by predicting what would happen next. In this case, driving on a left-curving angle may have reflected his feelings of progressing in life by taking an unexpected and unique path.

Example 2: A man dreamed of driving his car around a curve and then witnessing a dark scene of a car accident with a bear on the loose. In waking life, his wife had recently filed for divorce and he suspected she was planning other bad things that she shouldn't be. In this case, the car turning a curve may have reflected his sense of navigating through the unexpected and challenging situation of his impending divorce.


*Please See Pillows


*Please See Swearing


To dream of custard represents feelings about a special occasion that took its time to deserve to enjoy it being simple, easy, and comfortable without needing to be discussed. Feelings about a situation that took its time to make it special about being simple, easy, and comfortable that's careful about not wanting you to say anything bad about it. Deserving to enjoy a situation that has been prepared with special attention without the need for further discussion or clarification. Feelings about deserving to enjoy a carefully prepared and straightforward experience that doesn't usually take its time to do that.

Positively, dreaming of custard might indicate that you are relishing an occasion or circumstance that has been thoughtfully orchestrated to be smooth and pleasurable. It represents the emotional or psychological payoff for patience, planning, or careful attention to detail. The dream may also signify a moment where complexities have been reduced, allowing you to enjoy the simple pleasures that have been crafted just for you.

Negatively, dreaming about custard could imply that you feel a situation has been overly catered to your comfort or ease with special attention, to the point where it may feel insincere or too accommodating. Something is being made to appear simpler or more pleasurable than it actually is, perhaps masking underlying complications or dishonesty. An overemphasis on making everything easy, perhaps to avoid uncomfortable discussions or confrontations.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing custard. In waking life, he was finally getting the opportunity to clean his difficult elderly father's property of an enormous amount of garbage because his father was preoccupied with moving which made the difficult cleaning job very easy. His father was usually quite difficult and stubborn about anything being cleaned, but the need to move made his father open to almost everything unimportant being thrown in the garbage. In this case, the custard may have reflected his feelings about how the preparations for moving homes resulted in unexpected ease and smoothness in the cleaning process, providing him a special occasion to enjoy something that was typically difficult. The dream may have also captured his feelings about deserving to relish in this unique moment, with no need for further discussions or justifications with his usually difficult father.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of being in a cafeteria and looking for custard all on its own without any other food. No matter where he looked he couldn't find it. In waking life, he was looking for something that he was finding explicitly difficult to get a hold of. What he wanted was complicated and difficult to find on its own. In this case, having difficulty finding the custard may have reflected his jealousy of not being able to deserve to enjoy a solution to his problems that was simple, easy, comfortable, and carefully prepared with special attention that he believed he deserved because he was out of touch with the situation.


To dream of a customer represents feeling about your concerns with not keeping people happy who turn to you whenever they need to. Feelings about yourself being the originalest best and that people won't stop using you for it. Feeling good always being there for someone. Noticing that nobody is a loser if they need you all the time. Civil treatment that happens consistently. Your own attitude of just being professional about helping someone out all the time.

Negatively, dreaming of a customer may reflect the emptiness of not being able to do anything accept keep people you interact with regularly happy. Feeling that all you get to do is tell someone all their needs matter because you lose if you don't. Feeling good having to be the best when it's not really your problem. Feeling that it's just your life to never really get to know people who use you. Not liking having to help or keep someone happy all the time in order to keep your own life stable. Not liking never getting to be a jerk because it would risk all you have. Too much concern with helping someone like it's all you need to do to keep them happy. Emptiness of a relationship that is only helpful and civil.

Alternatively, dreaming about a customer may reflect feelings about your job if you have to interact with customers regularly. Not liking dealing with customers in your waking life when you have other problems. Awareness of your real life customers not thinking that anything is wrong when you may secretly know the business is having problems.

To dream of being a customer represents feelings of needing someone else to keep you happy. Feeling someone doesn't care anything anything except being older or more experienced than you and always helps you out. Feeling that someone is just professional about helping you out all the time.

Negatively, dreaming about being a customer represents awareness that someone else treats you the same as everyone else. Feeling that someone doesn't have to keep loving you or treating you special if there isn't any benefit to them. Feeling the emptiness of nothing is special about you to someone. Feeling that someone will always save your time or your life, but never love you. Feeling that nobody needs to like you the way you want every time you interact with them.

Example: A woman who worked in a retail clothing store dreamed of a customer asking her nicely if she was allowed to work in the store with blood on her face and checking the mirror to see circles of blood on her face. In this case the customer may have reflected her waking life feelings about not liking interacting with customers in the clothing store with asking them if they need help. She may have thought customers were critical of her ability to be good enough at her job or not respecting her after witnessing other customers not getting the help they needed either because she couldn't perfectly please every customer.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being in the hospital for heart problems when one of his customers whom he is close to appeared smiling at him. In waking life the man feared losing his job. The smiling customer at the end may have reflected his awareness about the customer whom he was close to helping him look good at his job when he was fearing being fired. He may have had concerns with not looking good caring about people enough at his job.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of going to a restaurant her ex-boyfriend owned after they broke up. He was civil and treated her like every other customer. In waking life she wished she could have he ex-boyfriend back and that she couldn't replace him. In this case being a customer to her ex-boyfriend may have reflected how interacting with he ex-boyfriend felt civil after the breakup as just a friend like everyone else when she needed to talk to him.


To dream of having a cut represents feelings of being undermined, scorned, ill-treated, or let down. A reduction in your sense of importance or impact. Feelings about a person being insensitive towards you.

To dream of cutting another person may represent feelings of having given another person a problem, whether intentional or unintentional. Bitter opposition or rejection. Intentionally undermining, giving ill-treatment, or trying to make others hurt. Negatively, it may reflect self-harm.

Consider the location on the body where the cut was made. Cuts to hands may reflect your sense of capability being undermined. Cuts to legs may reflect your sense of independence being undermined.

To dream of cutting something in half represents reducing a problem. It may also reflect a relationship you are severing.

To dream cutting a wire may reflects relationships or connections in your life being severed. It may also reflect an attempt to completely cut off links or power to some area of your life.

To dream of cutting a person or animal with no blood may reflect feelings about how safe it is to cause harm or conflict. Feeling that there is no danger in hurting yourself. Causing pain to others without conscience. Underestimating how serious or dangerous your actions are. No guilt for what you do. Feeling that because you can't see or feel others pain that your actions are acceptable. Feeling that someone is not angry for something negative you have done to them. Awareness of yourself not getting angry about something negative that has been inflicted on you.

Example: A woman dreamed of being chased by a man who ended up cutting pieces out of her arm. In waking life she was getting divorced and feared the financial and property divisions would have a serious negative impact on her ability to live the life she had become accustomed to.

Example 2: A man dreamed about his hands being cut off. In waking life he was fired from his job.

Example 3: A man dreamed of cutting a wolf's throat. In waking life he was bitterly opposed to his family pressuring him to have an arranged marriage and wished for them to stop talking about it completely.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of a demon trying to cut her with a knife. In waking life her husband was being deported while she was also pregnant. The demon trying to cut her may have reflected her feelings about how evil the government felt for trying to separate her from her family.

Example 5: A man dreamed of cutting himself on a piece of broken glass. In waking life he had just broken up with his girlfriend. She had gotten quite angry at him.


To dream of a cutlass represents taking severe action as a last resort. Conflict or confrontation that is only used if all else fails. A dramatic action of separation only if you absolutely feel there are no other options. Confidence that you will make a serious action only if a problem gets out of hand.

Negatively, a cutlass may be a sign that you aren't serious about making a big change. False threats or big claims of serious action that you don't really want to take. Thinking someone else is stupid enough to believe a big promise about change. Threats you've made to others if they push you too far. An unwillingness to be serious about change until a problem gets too serious to avoid. Being lazy or making excuses about seriously cutting negative influences out of your life.

Example: A young man dreamed of being at a wedding and chasing a dirty "vermin" creature with a cutlass. In waking life the young man was having problems quitting smoking weed and as a last resort option was considering throwing anything related to marijuana in his house in the garbage if his cravings got too strong.

*Please See Swords

*Please See Machetes


To dream of cutlery represents feelings about always being able to manage any type of new situation or unique experience without embarrassment. Skills that give you confidence that you can manage any new type of situation or problem. A choice or method of management of a situation. Confidence that can make adjustments whenever you need to to manage a situation or problem.

To dream of buying cutlery represents waking life situations where you may be accepting a new ability or skill to help you effectively manage new situations or problems with ease.

To dream of selling cutlery may reflect waking life situations where you are trying to convince or teach other people to manage their own problems.

Example: A woman dreamed of at her old job selling cutlery followed by trying to avoid being raped. In waking life she was upset with people close to her that ended up hurting her. In this case the symbolism of selling cutlery at her old job may have reflected her feelings about thinking it's her job to help people manage their problems with ease when they aren't respecting her for it.

*Please See Spoons

*Please See Forks

*Please See Knives

Cutting Hair

*Please See Haircut


To dream of a cyclone represents an unpredictably chaotic angry or emotional state. Your feelings about someone else that is so emotional or angry that you are risking everything if you are near them. Emotional turmoil.

Positively, a cyclone may reflect feelings about yourself or others being incredibly faster than anyone else.

*Please See Tornado

*Please See Hurricane


To dream of a cyclops represents a person or situation in your life that terrifies you with it's narrow minded views. It may also reflect uncomfortable feelings around someone who demands to come first all the time.


To dream of a cylinder represents feelings about balance, consistency, and a streamlined approach to problems. Feelings about behavior that's required to stay the way it is all the time in order to ensure perfect safety. Feelings about stability, continuity, and a process that functions seamlessly. A situation in your life that operates smoothly, without interruption, or it could hint at a particular phase where you feel things are going in a straight and unobstructed path. The cylinder shape may be indicative of something that safely bridges a gap or connects two points, possibly reflecting a transitional phase in your life. Your ability to stay on course, maintain consistency, and work methodically towards your aspirations.

Positively, dreaming of a cylinder may represent feelings of stability, efficiency, structure, order, and alignment. A clear plan or strategy in place to tackle a particular issue or project. Experiencing a phase where everything is working out harmoniously, and you feel a sense of equilibrium in your actions and decisions. This dream might also reflect your confidence in a process or system that has been set up, believing it to be foolproof. A well-oiled routine or system that helps you maintain stability, reliability, and consistency. Streamlined behavior that doesn't complain about it. Your thoughts about achieving tasks, goals, or objectives in a systematic and effective manner.

Negatively, a cylinder in your dream could represent feelings of monotony, repetitiveness, or lack of change. It might symbolize feeling stuck in a continuous cycle or routine that feels unbreakable. Perhaps you feel like a small piece in a much larger machine, leading to feelings of insignificance or loss of individuality. The dream could also indicate an overly simplistic view of a complex issue or situation. A rigid or inflexible approach to a situation. A feeling of being stuck in a routine or process that lacks creativity or spontaneity. Alternatively, it might suggest that you are too focused on efficiency and structure, potentially neglecting the emotional or creative aspects of life. Consider whether you need to inject more flexibility or creativity into your plans and routines.

To dream of a broken cylinder represents feelings of imbalance, disruption, or inefficiency in your life. You may be encountering difficulties in maintaining stability, consistency, or a streamlined approach to your problems. The broken cylinder could symbolize a situation or aspect of your life that is no longer functioning smoothly or has become unreliable. This dream might reflect a need to address issues that are hindering your progress and preventing you from achieving your goals. It could also suggest that a phase in your life is marked by disruptions, challenges, or a lack of continuity, making it difficult to stay on course. Consider looking for ways to restore balance and efficiency to the areas of your life that are currently experiencing problems or setbacks.

Example: A woman dreamed of needing to get a cylinder replaced in her car engine. In waking life, she was beginning to have financial difficulties and experiencing income streams drying up. She had a business idea but wasn't confident about being able to make it successful. In this case, the car engine cylinder needing to be replaced may have reflected her feelings about needing to ensure the stability and reliability of her financial situation in order to continue with her plans to start a business. She may have felt that her income source needed to be secure and dependable for her financial well-being.


To dream of a cyst represents feelings of fear or disgust that something seriously wrong is happening that shouldn't be. A questionable problem that needs to be looked at. A dislike with feeling that something is wrong which you or your life which you can't do anything about.

Consider the location of the cyst for additional meaning.

Example: A woman dreamed of a cyst on her foot followed by a dream of a bee on her foot. In waking life she was aware of her parents having arguments which might lead to a divorce and cause money problems for her college education. The cyst on her foot in this case may have reflected her feelings about having a growing problem with her ability to choose to stay in school. The cyst on her foot represent a growing potentially serious problem with "standing her ground" not dropping out of school or be principled about remaining in school instead of needing to get a job.

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