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*Please See Birth


To dream of experiencing your childhood may reflect feelings about being inexperienced with new situations. Enthusiasm for new opportunities or changes that you have never experienced before. Innocence.

Negatively, dreaming of your childhood may reflect feelings of being treated little, patronized, or overlooked. Feeling that people are arrogantly not respecting you. Feeling weak, powerless, or helpless to take care of yourself. Allowing enjoyable situations to become distractions. Too much dependence on others taking care of you or your problems. Anxiety about having your inexperience exposed to others. Risky behavior when you are inexperienced. Anxiety about losing at something new that is happening. Anxiety about people laughing at you. Jealousy that you aren't getting support from others.

To dream of a childhood home may reflect feelings about your outlook on a situation based on your most honest feelings or memories about the home. Ask yourself how you felt living in the childhood home and how those feelings may apply to your current life situation.

Negatively, dreaming about a childhood home may reflect situations where you feel overwhelmed with your inability to take care of yourself. Powerful illness that is making caring for yourself difficult. Feeling that nobody will listen to you.

Alternatively, dreaming of scenes from your childhood may reflect issues with unpleasant memories about your past.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a picture of his family home when from when he was little. In waking life he was undergoing therapy and beginning to realize how empty and unloving his family life was when he was younger and how influential it was on his adult behavior in the current time.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her childhood home. In waking life she was very ill and felt helpless to take care of herself.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of moving into their childhood home. In waking life she felt that no matter how hard she tried she couldn't get any support from anyone.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing children being raped. In waking life she felt hopeless about the future potential for the world.

*Please See Children


To see your real life children in a dream represents ideas, habits, or developments that have potential. An area of your life that you are encouraging or feel supportive of. Situations or aspects of your life that you want to see powerful or flourish. It may also reflect an aspect of yourself based on the one thing that stands out the most about that child.

If you have more than one child in real life then each child will represent a different aspect of your life based on your most honest feelings about then or their most prominent personality traits.

To dream of children that aren't your children in waking life may reflect developing aspects of your life. Situations in life that are brand new or that you have renewed enthusiasm for. Creativity or "young minded" ideas.

Negatively, dreaming of children may reflect feelings about yourself or others being helpless. Powerlessness to overcome big challenges. Inexperience that prevents you from facing difficulties because problems are too big. Alternatively, from a negative perspective children may reflect problems that are out of control. New developments that are becoming frustrating. Feeling like an innocent victim. Vulnerability.

To dream of losing a child represents feelings of being overloaded or stretched beyond your limits. Juggling too much at once or "dropping the ball" with something because you are too involved with something else. Getting so caught up in minor details that you forget what's most important.

To dream of a child dying represents a loss or unpleasant change to some area of your life that had potential. Positively, a child death may reflect a growing problem that has finally been dealt with.

If you dream of children that you don't recognize it represents new ideas, or situations that are being encouraged. Something not thought of before. Negatively, it may reflect burdens, responsibilities, or problems that have to be looked after.

Evil children symbolize negative or corrupted aspects of your personality that are being encouraged. It may also point to a bad situation or problem that feels like it's getting out of control or scares you. Evil children may also reflect childish beliefs or habits that are getting out of hand. Frustrations with someone else's immaturity or misbehaving. Alternatively, children may reflect aspects of your personality that are playful, young at heart, or childish in intention. You don't want to be involved with anything too serious.

Example: A woman dreamed of a child driving her car. In waking life she felt that she had allowed her selfishness and childishness to control her decision-making.

Example 2: A man dreamed of trying to protect 2 children. In waking life he was trying to protect his 2 growing businesses from being overrun and controlled by his jealous abusive father.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing children. In waking life she was working on a project for her job that she felt required a lot of creativity and youthful ideas.

*Please See Son

*Please See Daughter

*Please See Quadruplets


To dream of chili con carne represents feelings about being reckless about why something needs to be enjoyed. Recklessness with why everyone needs to enjoy something. Safely enjoying something dangerous. Never nervous about enjoying something a little bit reckless or dangerous. Enjoying not needing to be vague about being reckless. Acceptable recklessness, risk, or danger. Nothing special about why nothing need to stops you.

Example: A woman dreamed of stirring chili waiting to serve it to other people. In waking life she was preparing for her birthday party while unemployed.

*Please See Cold


To dream of a chimney represents feeling good or enjoying yourself without having to notice problems. A situation where all that you don't like is easily dealt with. Pleasure, entertainment, or enjoying one's self "without a hitch." Not bothering yourself with the hassles of maintenance or upkeep. Comfort knowing that what you like is always working.

A chimney may also reflect enjoying power that is unchallenged or never embarrassed. Never caring about what you don't like at all.

Alternatively, a chimney may reflect you or someone else being viewed by others as comfortable with power. The projection of your dignity and status to others.

Negatively, a chimney may reflect enemies you feel "have it all" or feel good knowing they can't be stopped.

To dream of a blocked chimney represents delays or problems that keep ruining your ability to enjoy yourself. You can't sit back and relax. The inability to effortlessly notice yourself with respect, power, or dignity.


To dream of a chimpanzee represents behavior that is intentionally embarrassing other people that they are not important. It may also reflect people that are purposely undermining your relevance or authority. Purposely noticing every single other thing besides what someone really wants. You or someone else that enjoys rejecting others. Spitefully withholding.


To dream of China represents a mindset that is conservative or unbiased. A sign that you lack desire or enthusiasm. It may also reflect people around you or situations you are experiencing that aren't very fun. China is a sign that you are working hard, saving, biding time, or don't care how something turns out. Fun and leisure are not a priority.

Being in China may also reflect feelings of being surrounded by people that only care about working hard or never risking a single thing.

Positively, China represents enjoying not having to risk anything ever again. Liking knowing you are getting ahead by earning it all. Feeling good being surrounded by people that want to work as hard as you do.

Negatively, China may reflect total boredom with your life situation. Feeling that you have to work all the time that nobody wants to have a good time.

Example: A young woman dreamed of being in China. In waking life she was "on the fence" about whether or not she wanted to keep her Boyfriend. China reflected her constant unbiased feelings about her Boyfriend.

Example 2: A man had recurring dreams for years of missing flights to go to China. In waking life he felt he was putting off his education to become a doctor. In this case the symbol for China may have reflected his feelings about medical school because very focused on hard work, studying, and discipline without a lot of fun. Feeling immersed in a lifestyle that surrounded by conservative people who respect themselves being more serious than he was used to.

*Please See Chinese People

Chinese Food

To dream of Chinese food represents situations in your life that make you feel good being unbiased, unconcerned, or liking not needing excitement. An experience that feels good that nothing is more important than what you are presently doing. A experience that isn't fantastic as the reason you like it all the time. Enjoying taking your time all the time. An experience that is interesting because you aren't worrying about anything. Liking not being worried or concerned with anything being more important than it needs to be. Enjoying letting go or not having to worry about anything. Enjoying that a problem isn't your concern. Surprised to know that something you thought was important isn't at all. An experience where happiness is about not needing excitement. An experience that isn't important all the time is the reason you should like it.

To dream of Chinese food takeout or fast food represents the quality of an experience that make you feel good being unbiased, unconcerned, or liking not needing excitement that someone did for you and not having to talk to them about it.

Example: A man dreamed of smelling Chinese takeout. In waking life he was terminally ill and knew death was close at hand. He died shortly the next day. The Chinese takeout reflected his feelings about the hospital having deaths regularly while the certainty of death made him feel good not worrying and feeling it was unimportant since he had suffered too much already. He may have liked his life ending without having to think about scaring him. Alternatively, the Chinese food he smelled may have reflected his feelings about enjoying not having to think that his funeral plans or worldly possessions were important while he prepared to die because other people were taking care of it.

Chinese People

To dream of Chinese people represents aspects of your personality with a mindset that is conservative about it's honesty that didn't make a mistake. Withholding needing to feel good or risky behavior in order to avoid mistakes. This mindset values discipline, patience, and critical thinking, and is not easily swayed by emotions. The dream may symbolize a situations or people in your life that are not very exciting or enjoyable, but are more focused on hard work and discipline. A conservative focus on achieving goals. Low risk or no mistakes is the reason your life or situation works. Being uninterested or unbiased because patience is more intelligent.

Positively, to dream about Chinese people represent intelligent patience and the ability to think critically without being swayed by emotions. It may also symbolize a willingness to take the hard long road to achieve your goals. Strength in conservatism that foregoes feeling good to think of goals or the future. Conservative mindset about not not telling a lie. Wiserness not overlooking any mistakes. Carefulness that is intelligent about why other people aren't careful. A part of you that may resist temptation or never give up what you've saved. Awareness of the integrity of never having ever made a mistake.

Negatively, dreaming about Chinese people represents boredom, a prolonged disregard for feelings, or a lack of enthusiasm for something. Some area of your life where working is all you do. It may also reflect an arrogant demand for perfection or a complete sacrifice of happiness for the the emptiness of work, solitude, moral beliefs, or high standards. Needing to not make mistakes that feels mean. Meanness about being older as the sole reason new ideas don't happen. Arrogance about being wiser than someone else. Not enough risk taking or creativity in particular life situation that never lets you progress. It could also reflect giving good advice that may not feel good to others because it feels too conservative without enjoying something or refuses to do something fast.

To dream of sexually attractive Chinese people represents enjoyment of being honest and conservative in one's thoughts and actions, without being swayed by emotions or the need for immediate gratification. This can represent enjoying focus on discipline, patience, hard work, and critical thinking, as well as a low risk approach to life. It may indicate a preference for a steady and reliable approach over one that is more exciting or enjoyable. Enjoyment of being unbiased and not attached to anything.

To dream of evil or criminal Chinese people may represent your view of a person or situation that is scary because of its uncaring or unbiased nature. The dark side of the conservative and disciplined mindset, where the focus on avoiding mistakes becomes excessive or negative. It could also represent a situation where the focus on discipline and hard work has become oppressive or harmful, and lacks the balance of creativity, joy, or risk-taking. The evil or criminal Chinese people in the dream may represent a situation or person in your life that you view as dangerous or threatening for it exploits you with why it's perfectly safe way it is and doesn't need to be nice. A person with so much integrity that they tell you that they don't need you meanly.

Example: A man dreamed of trying to explain to Chinese people in a grocery store about why a mistake was made. In waking life he was supposed to go to his company headquarters meeting, but mistakenly went to his own branch. He wanted to fix this mistake, but someone called his branch to tell him that it was too late. In this case the Chinese people may reflect his feelings about fellow companies workers that were more conservative than honest he liked about why going to the wrong branch was a mistake that couldn't be corrected today. The dream may also symbolize the dreamer's frustration that his mistake could not be corrected because of the conservative nature of the people he works for.

Example 2: A married woman dreamed of being single and having the option to date 2 men. The first man was Miguel from Cobra Kai and the second was an attractive Chinese man. She preferred the Chinese man more. In waking life she thought about herself as being an unstable marriage partner because of her desire to leave her husband due to his PSTD and alcoholism. The attractive Chinese man as her first preference may have reflected her preference for having conservative honesty about respecting the integrity of marriage without cheating on her husband while having patience for a good honest reason to no longer deserve to be married to him. She was liking thinking of the possibility of dating someone else without doing anything serious to her marriage integrity for real.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a strange feline face Chinese woman that was her sister. In waking life her sister had a cat that was having health problems that required her to take the cat to the vet. In this case the Chinese symbolism may reflect the dreamer's perception of her sister being more conservative about honesty with not making a mistake with her cats health than she expected. Possibly, a sign that she thought the cat would need to be euthanized and the sister did everything honest about keeping the cat alive. Chinese symbolism may reflect the dreamer's surprise at her sister's conservative approach to being truthful about the cat's health.


To see a chipmunk in your dream represents disappointment in being unable to have your way. A chipmunk may point to a total lack of interest in something if you can't have your way. There may be something desirable that you have a problem letting go of.

Example: A man once dreamed of a chipmunk on his wall. In real life an attractive woman he liked was leaving his workplace. The chipmunk reflected his enthusiasm about being with this woman and the total lack of interest in going to work if she wasn't going to be there anymore.


To dream of a chiropractor represents sympathy, insight, confidence, or resources that are being given to you to help you carry a burden. Someone in your life that makes your burdens feel less painful or gives your strength to continue on.

Alternatively, a chiropractor may reflect a person or situation that forces you stand up to your problems or do what is right. You may have a problem "caving in" or being "spineless" in the face of opposition.


To dream of a chisel represents the removal of all unwanted things until a situation is perfect. Slowly wearing away what you don't want until something suits your needs.

Example: A man dreamed of his girlfriend hacking his face with a chisel. In waking life he felt that his girlfriend was trying to slowly change his personality by making him stop doing things he liked.


To dream of chives represents feelings about situations where it's beneficial to reduce how serious you are. Benefits gained through a laid back attitude or letting go of pressure. Feelings about a situation working better if you are not serious or overly involved. Reducing work or letting something be as it naturally. Benefits gained by intentionally not trying too hard at something. Feeling that you are already successful enough and don't need to push it harder. Not wanting to think of something mattering too much. Feeling that it's better to avoid drawing attention to someone else's problems. Moderation that feels beneficial. A willingness to accept a small amount of something.

Negatively, chives may reflect a moderate or casual attitude about something that is actually serious. Preferring to not take something dangerous in a serious manner.


To dream of chloroform represents feelings about attempts being made to get someone else to completely stop thinking something immediately. Distracting or overwhelming others with too much of something in order to make them passive. Attempting to make someone passive or stop doing something as quickly as you can. Intentionally blocking or stopping someone against their wishes.

Negatively, dreaming about chloroform may reflect manipulative attempts to ignore people's feelings or avoid doing what you are told. Intentionally distracting people or interfering with their goals. A jealous need to put an end to something you don't like immediately. A quick or desperate attempt to silence someone. Feeling that people are overloading you with other problems to intentionally stop you from your current goals. A fear of distractions allowing important opportunities to pass you by.

Example: A woman dreamed of dissecting a frog and then having a hand come out from behind her and knock her out with chloroform. In waking life she felt that her husband was being unsupportive of her during pregnancy by distracting her with responsibilities in order to get her stop nagging him to do something.


To dream of chocolate represents self-reward and treating yourself. This can anything you do to enjoy yourself from taking a vacation to romantic thoughts in private.

Example: A man dreamed of ordering slices of chocolate cake. In waking life he was planning a vacation for himself.

*Please See Chocolate Cake

*Please See Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Bars

To dream of a chocolate bar represents casual self-reward. A casual mindset about treating yourself. Not minding taking time off work, a light enjoyable escape, enjoying yourself for a short moment. Treating yourself to something that doesn't satisfy you for life, but it does right this minute.

Negatively, dreaming about a chocolate bar may be a sign that you are not listening to why taking a break or treating yourself migth be a problem. A small simple pleasure that may get you off track or embarrassing yourself saying it isn't a problem. Commonly a symbol to reflect masturbation in waking life.

Consider the feeling or personality that each brand of chocolate bar gives off for additional meaning.

*Please See Kit Kat Chocolate Bar

*Please See Mars Chocolate Bar

*Please See Twix Chocolate Bar

Chocolate Cake

To dream of chocolate cake represents a self reward and treating yourself during a special event in your life. Something that might appear when you take a vacation or do something nice for yourself.

Example: A man dreamed of being served chocolate cake. In waking life he was planning a vacation for himself.

Chocolate Milk

To dream of chocolate milk represents a high degree of enjoyment of life. Enjoying being strong. Loving to fix a problem that you couldn't fix before or liking getting back at someone who used to be better than you.

Alternatively, chocolate milk may reflect how wonderful it feels to notice yourself being a winner or that people care about you.


*Please See Decisions


To dream of a choir represents social harmony and balance. Agreement amongst people. Your ability to work and cooperate with others.

To dream of singing out of tune in a choir may reflect feelings of not fitting into a group situation.


To dream of seeing or wearing a choker represents feelings about some area of your being devoted to someone else's requests all the time.

Negatively, a choker may be a sign that you are too comfortable doing whatever someone else tells you. It may also reflect your perception of someone else that you feel is manipulated.


To dream of being choked represents emotional suffocation. Feeling unable to express yourself at all or make your own decisions.

To dream of choking someone else represents your disinterest or hostility to someone else expressing themselves. It may also be a sign that you don't want someone else's ideas considered at all. Positively, it may reflect your attempt to cut of negative thinking patterns that stifling progress.

To dream of choking on food may reflect new ideas or situations you feel are causing more problems that you first believed. You may be having difficulty accepting someone else's ideas.

Example: A woman dreamed of being choked while laying in bed. In waking life she was very unhappy with her husband whom she felt was totally controlling her life.


To dream of chopping something represents problems being cut down to size or "cut off." Making a problem more manageable or simpler to deal with.

Negatively, chopping in a dream may reflect a ruthless act towards another person. Cutting someone or something out of your life. Bitter opposition. Rejecting a person or situation.

Consider what is being chopped for additional meaning.

To dream of chopping food represents preparation to make a situation easier for yourself to experience. Making big responsibilities simpler to deal with.

To dream of chopping off a body part may reflect feelings about being unable to do something ever again. Permanently severing ties. Feeling limited. Huge mistakes or decisions with severe consequences. You or someone else in your life that is forcing an unpleasant change to occur. The end to friendships, family ties, or business connections.

To dream of chopping a tree down represents feelings about intentionally trying to put an end to some area of your life that is established. Perhaps you are working hard to end a problem that has gone on for far too long. Negatively, it may reflect feelings of intense jealousy as you work to bring down someone else's established power. Trying to breakup with someone or end a long-term relationship.

Example: A woman dreamed of chopping down a tree. In waking life she has been thinking about a past relationship that was painful and hard to end.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of chopping up a body. In waking life she felt she had to be ruthless to a boyfriend in order to breakup with him.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of chopping a tree down. In waking life she felt the need to cut her mother out of her life for good.


To dream of chopsticks represents the choice to do something the hard way. Making a situation or experience more difficult on purpose. Choosing to avoid being lazy or refraining from shortcuts. Alternatively, chopsticks may reflect a need to be perfectly careful in order to achieve a specific goal.

Negatively, chopsticks may reflect feelings of agony for having to do something the long hard way. Feeling forced to do things the hard way or feeling deprived of something that makes your life a task easier.


To dream of a choreographer represents you or someone else that is very concerned about perfectly following instructions to achieve congruency that feels good. A desire for perfect adherence to rules or a plan of action that impresses or pleases others. Preparation for a high pressure situation has to feel good knowing you did everything right. A need for conformity that pleases the spirit of the rules and doesn't just follow the rules.

Negatively, a choreographer may reflect a frustrating need to practice or repeat yourself until your perfect. It may also be a sign that you are expecting too much from someone else. Believing that if someone doesn't follow your instructions perfectly that nothing will ever feel good at all. Putting too much pressure on yourself to follow certain rules in order to please others. Being too prepared for an event.

Example: A woman dreamed of being unaware of choreography of a dance before she was about to go on stage. In waking life she was uncertain about her proper role in a new work position.


*Please See Housework


*Please See Jesus Christ


*Please See Baptism

Christian People

To dream of Christians represents aspects of your personality with a mindset that respects itself persistent about seeing itself as safely moral so that nobody else thinks otherwise. A struggle to resist temptation and uphold values, beliefs, and principles, even in the face of difficult challenges or societal pressures. You may feel that the onus is on you to keep up faith or moral behavior to avoid losing God's approval. You may also have a self-awareness of your commitment to doing nothing wrong or being noticed doing nothing wrong. Dreaming of Christian people may also represent a belief in the value of doing good or being kind to others. It could symbolize the importance of living by a certain set of values or principles that you hold dear. A need for guidance or a desire for a stronger sense of purpose or faith. Additionally, it may represent a need for forgiveness, redemption, or salvation.

Negatively, Christians in dreams may represent a mindset that is overdoing moral appearances for what other people think. Overdoing suffering because you believe it will make God forgive you. It could also represent a fear of being judged or criticized for your beliefs or actions. Feeling uptight about doing anything immoral. An arrogant attitude about thinking your never wrong about what morality is. It may also be a sign that you are having problems forgiving yourself. A sense of conformity or pressure to adhere to societal or religious an inner desire or fear, or a call to serve God. A sense of guilt, judgment, or hypocrisy. It could symbolize feelings of unworthiness or shame for not living up to your own or others' expectations. Jealousy of why God doesn't help you or protect you when you were faithful.

Christian people in dreams commonly appear when a person questions about whether faith is too little or too excessive.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a Christian protesting against sexual lust. In waking life, he was trying to give up on masturbation. In this case, the Christian person may have reflected the man's inner moral compass or sense of guilt regarding his sexual desires, as well as his efforts to resist and overcome them. The Christian protesting against sexual lust may represent the man's own internal struggle to resist temptation and uphold his values, beliefs, and principles, even in the face of difficult challenges or societal pressures. It may also suggest a need for self-discipline, self-control, and restraint in his behavior and actions.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of seeing a very religious woman and a man trying to impress her. The man says something sarcastic and woman says "Excuse me?" The man responds "No offense, it's just a good Christian song." In waking life, the woman was proposed to 2 days after this dream. In this case, the claim that a song was just a good Christian song may have reflected the dreamer feeling uncertain about the sincerity of her partner's religious beliefs and commitment to morality, particularly in the context of pressuring premarital sexual activities after he proposed to her.

Example 3: A person dreamed that the rapture happened and was not sure why they were left behind because there were confident that they were a good Christian. In waking life, the dreamer was frustrated by her complaining mother where upset them a lot. In this case, the dreamer feeling that they were a good Christian may have reflected the dreamer's belief that they were doing everything right and morally sound in life, yet they were unable to understand why they were being subjected to a stagnant life that felt behind looking after their mother. The dreamer may have been questioning the fairness of the situation and may have been struggling with feelings of self-doubt and confusion about their own morality and spirituality.

Example 4: A man dreamed of a Christian minister asking him if he knew Jesus. His response was yes, but that his faith was weak due to the despair of not getting a promotion at work. The Christian minister said that the man was being looked after from people in heaven. In waking life, he was upset that he wasn't being offered a higher job position. In this case, the Christian minister may hay have reflected the man's inner voice and sense of professionalism about his faith, urging the dreamer to strengthen his faith and rely on his beliefs to help him cope with his disappointment.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of saying "why can't you forgive me?" to a person she felt was a strong Christian. In waking life, she had regret for things she had said and done and wished she hadn't. In this case, the belief in the person being a strong Christian whom she wanted forgiveness from may have reflected her feelings about never being forgiven by someone who does everything right in life with a strong sense of faith.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of seeing a Goth woman and a Christian woman. In waking life, she had a recovered from a drug problem that got her kicked out of school and she wanted to return to school again. In this case, the contrast between the Goth woman and the Christian woman may have reflected the dreamer's inner conflict between her old lifestyle associated with drug addiction and a desire to change her life and become a better person.


To dream of Christmas represents feelings about a situation where everything feels good caring about you without needing to stop. A situation that is intentionally being kept wonderful without noticing problems. Quality social gatherings that make people feel they deserve to make an effort to feel good together or are cared about. Quality social activity where everyone feels good together noticing nothing is losing. Social festivity that is very caring or putting extra effort into treating people special. Quality leisure time or feeling intentionally supported having leisure time off. Feeling about easily getting something long deserved. Feeling that someone else has no choice, but to give you a deserved break or special treatment. A joyous occasion. Renewed happiness that your health is returning or that something you've wanted for a long time is finally happening. Feelings of deserving to take a break with everyone else thinking it's a good idea too. Quality time, special occasions, or receiving gifts. Leisure time or closeness with family.

Negatively, Christmas in a dream may reflect feelings of not asking for anything and while not wanting to do anything for anyone. A dislike or anxiety about quality social gatherings. A dislike of festivity or enjoy spending time with family. A dislike of feeling forced to care about other people beyond your comfort level or during special occasions. Not enjoying feeling forced to take a break or long deserved vacation.

Alternatively, from a negative perspective dreaming about Christmas may reflect jealousy of other people deserving to be treated more special than you. Feeling grateful for deserving something that should have been easy or already given to you. Allowing someone to abuse their power over you by giving you something that is already yours as though it's special. A dislike of large gatherings. Wishful thinking about the reconciliation with people you've had an argument with being easy.

Example: A man dreamed of Christmas time with family and wanting to leave. In waking life he was experiencing discomfort at having to attend a party because he was very anti-social and easily made nervous with talking to people. The Christmas symbolism may have reflected his feelings about all the effort people were putting into making others feel special at the party. It felt like it was too much closeness for his comfort level.

Example 2: A man dreamed of walking into the living room of his Grandmother's house and seeing that it was Christmas time. In waking life he was given an temporary break from a very strenuous job at work. He felt an enormous sense of relief as his employers were very demanding under unique conditions. Christmas in this case may have reflected his feelings of having a much deserved break to pursue other things he liked besides work since he rarely gets a break with the serious nature of his job.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of Christmas time. In waking life she had been ill for a very long time and was finally starting to get her health back. Christmas time may have reflected her feelings about the impact of her improved health on the quality of her social life.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing Christmas cards. In waking life she had dinner with a few family members was feeling bad thinking about how divorce and distance had torn her family apart. In this case the Christmas cards may have represented her feelings about being reminded about the importance of making effort for quality family time while eating dinner with her brother and father after experiencing so much distancing in her family.

Example 5: A man dreamed of being in a car parking lot during Christmas. In waking life he was a hard worker and didn't like taking time off.

Christmas Cards

To dream of Christmas cards represents making an effort to show other people that you care about them. Making an effort to show other people that you love them. Reciprocating feelings of togetherness. Reminding people that you are thinking about them and hoping they are happy. Extra efforts made to care about other people's feelings.

To dream of old Christmas card may reflect feelings about how close, special, or loving a relationship use to be. Remembering the effort that used to be put into showing people they were cared about in the past. Remembering better times with family. Feelings about current family life being more snobby than it used to be.

Example: A woman dreamed of people throwing old family Christmas cards in the garbage. In waking life she felt that her family was falling apart and purposely distancing themselves from each other due to a divorce in the family.

Christmas Gifts

To dream of a Christmas gift symbolizes deserved change. Positively, a Christmas gift reflects good luck, getting something you wanted, finally experiencing something you've been waiting for.

Negatively, a Christmas gift may reflect something negative happening to you that someone else feels you deserve. Embarrassment or shame that you acknowledge.

Blue gifts are positive intentions, feelings or situations. Red gifts are negative intentions, feelings, or situations.

Christmas Lights

To dream of christmas lights represents gestures that are intended to make other people feel good thinking they deserve things. Being happy for others blessings. Mutual goodwill. An attitude that is supportive of togetherness for friends and family.

Negatively, christmas lights may reflect jealousy, frustration, or resentment of having to be happy for others blessings. Exhausting yourself being happy for others. Feelings about other people going overboard with their gestures of mutal good will.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing christmas lights. In waking life her grandson was just born and the whole family came together to celebrate it. The christmas lights may have reflected the woman's feelings about the whole family being noticeably happy for birth of the grandson.

Christmas Stocking

To dream of Christmas stocking represents feelings about deserving something extra. Awareness of whether or not other people think you deserve extra special treatment. Feelings about deserve every single little thing that you want. Feelings of deserving perfect recognition and acknowledgement.

Negatively, dreaming of Christmas stockings may reflect a tendency to expect special treatment. Expecting to deserve absolute perfect recognition and acknowledgement.

To dream of putting coal or other negative things in a Christmas stocking may reflect feelings about having to take extra care to make sure a jerk in your life gets an extra special payback. Taking extra extra care to show someone you don't like them and that you enjoy seeing them treated poorly. Feeling that someone made effort efforts to embarrass you with feeling that you don't deserve anything you want at all.

Christmas Tree

To dream of a Christmas tree represents an established aspect of your life that requires special treatment or dedicated time to observing something special. Moments in life where family time or vacation time is important to observe and respect. A reason in your life to join family or friends for festivus behavior.

Negatively, a Christmas tree may reflect your dislike of having to take a forced vacation or feeling forced to spend time with family. A situations where you feel you deserve to be treated as special as other people after earning it through hard work or hardship. Feeling that "jerks" in your life holding power over you finally have to give you a much deserved break.

Alternatively, a Christmas tree may reflect feelings about having to spend time with your family at Christmas. A reflection of your feelings about what the social interaction with your family may be like during the holidays.

To dream that you have your Christmas tree up for longer than normal represents an extended need to respect and treat people special. A prolonged need for family time or dedicated time to vacationing. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are unnecessarily prolonging a reason to participate in festivus behavior. Taking too much time off work.

To dream of a Christmas tree on fire represents a choices that whether intentional or not have ruined other people's opportunity to enjoy festivus behavior or special family time. Mistakes, conflicts, or crisis that ruins your time off work.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a Christmas tree. In waking life he was annoyed at having to take a vacation off work due to a technicality and spend time with his family. The Christmas tree may have reflected the forced vacation time that was beneficial to all members of his family.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a Christmas tree with a spider crawling on it. In waking life she was an older woman and felt that her family was drifting part leaving her with nobody special around during the holidays. The Christmas tree in this case may have reflected her feelings about the Christmas holidays creating a reason to have to spend time with love ones while the spider reflected the scary feelings about feeling trapped alone as she was older.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

To dream of Christmas tree ornaments represents feelings about intentionally making others feel good deserving something they want. A signal to others that they should be encouraged to enjoy themselves or feel deserving of special treatment.

Negatively, Christmas tree ornaments may reflect feelings about irresponsible behavior encouraging bad things to happen to you that others might claim you deserved. A trap that has made you feel that you deserved something.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing an evil tree that froze people and then hung then up as Christmas tree ornaments on it's branches. In waking life she felt that her mother was very unsupportive of her emotional recovery after being raped. The mother blamed the young woman and made her feel that she deserved the rape. The Christmas tree ornaments in this case may reflected the dreamer's feelings about her mother making her feel that the men deserved to enjoy themselves raping her.


To dream of chrome represents the projection of respectability. Feeling that something is acceptable or worthy. A person or situation that intends to never embarrass you. A choice that nobody can criticize you for.

Negatively, chrome may reflect too much concern about having to be respected. Caring too much about what other people think. Deception being used to fit in or be accepted. Trying to show others that you won't embarrass them.


*Please See Cocoon

Chuck E. Cheese

To dream of going to Chuck E. Cheese may represent effortless good fortune or happy endings. A special event in your life that is taken care of for you.

Example: A young man dreamed of being taken to Chuck E. Cheese. In waking life he was having thoughts of killing his abusive controlling father before realizing his father was starting to die on his own. Cheese E. Cheese reflected his view of nature doing him a favor by killing his father for him so he could finally enjoy himself.


To dream of a church represents your need for answers to a life problem that is troubling you. You may need insight, a solution, or some kind of guidance about what direction to take, or why something is happening to you. You may have reached a crossroads. Thoughts about needing answers or insight in how to get through a difficult situation. Questioning how to be a good person for the rest of your life. You may be asking yourself, "What am I supposed to do next with this situation?" or "What am I supposed to do with my life?" Anxiety that you might have screwed up while hoping the problem goes away. Having faith in life or other people.

Alternatively, a church may symbolize your religious faith. It represents how faithful you feel or your opinion about the purity of your faith. Hoping that God is not angry at you.

Negatively, dreaming of a church may reflect your feelings about other people being stupid with blind faith during serious matters. An ignorant or unobjective belief that everything will work out if you are faithful enough. Your awareness of others struggling to solve problems or your feelings about others being desperate for answers to their problems.

To dream of a cathedral church may represent your perception of a grand and powerful source of support, guidance, or spiritual solace during a time of uncertainty and anxiety.

To dream of church basement may represent a problem, crisis, or test of faith. It may also reflect difficulty trying to figure out why something terrible is happening to you. Hoping to salvage a situation despite difficulties.

Women often dream of being naked in church days before their wedding, which could be a manifestation of their anxiety about being the center of attention during the wedding ceremony. Anxiety about all their friends and family speaking about and seeing every single detail about them during the ceremony.

Example: A man dreamed of being in a church that was on fire and thought standing at the pulpit would protect him while it continued to burn. In waking life, he was dying of AIDS and thought returning to his old job as a minister was his final calling. Two weeks later he died.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being in a church. In waking life, he felt that someone he knew was being very stupid and naive with blind faith in the government to solve the financial crisis of 2008. In this case, being in church may have reflected his hope for an answer to financial problems when none could be seen.

Example 3: A man dreamed of feeling that it was important to go to church. In waking life, he was having a hard time in his life and felt that he needed to start being more faithful in other people. In this case, the church may have reflected his desire for support, guidance, or a sense of belonging during a challenging period in his life.

Example 4: A man dreamed of standing in front of a church that was built as a tower that went into the sky. He felt that he wanted to safely chop this church down like a tree. In waking life, he was trying to figure out how to cut a mentor out of his life that he had lost respect for without creating relationship problems with the person. In this case, the church may have reflected his perception of the mentor's once-authoritative and influential presence in his life, which he now viewed as undeserving or no longer beneficial.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of being in a church basement. In waking life, she felt that her marriage was ending, but still had great faith that it could be saved if she tried hard enough. In this case, the church basement may have reflected her deep-rooted belief in the power of faith and commitment to salvage her marriage despite the difficulties she was facing.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of being in a cathedral church. In waking life, she was having anxiety about the future, but felt able to hold on just enough. In this case, the cathedral church may have reflected her perception of a grand and powerful source of support, guidance, or spiritual solace during a time of uncertainty and anxiety.


To dream of the CIA represents feelings about infiltration and sabotage in order to protect a free state of mind. Taking stealth actions to attack people who are criminal, arrogant, overbearing, excessively selfish, or wish to subvert honest intentions. You or someone else who is willing to become a criminal in order to sabotage other criminals. A fearless underhanded attempt to maintain decency. Lying or cheating for a good cause. Feeling that rules don't matter if it means the someone bad will lose. Feelings about having a secret weapon to maintain your freedom.

Negatively, the CIA may reflect a corrupt attitude about sabotaging other people so that you can continue to maintain your freedom to be corrupt. An arrogant attitude about losing. Sabotaging people who embarrass you that you aren't perfectly free to do as you want. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings of embarrassment at how far someone honest will go to sabotage your dishonest goals.


To dream of a cigar represents feelings of triumph or celebrating your power. Enjoying feeling in control of a situation. You are enjoying success, new levels of power, or feel vindicated. Total confidence in a dangerous or risky action that you know will work out for you. Feeling vindicated with unquestioned power. Feeling unstoppable. Powerful actions that "speak louder than words." Feeling good never having to explain why you are powerful. Proven masculine power. Basking is achievement from risk-taking. Professional risk-taking.

Negatively, cigar may reflect enjoyment of humiliating other people in a powerful way. Enjoying supremacy or dominance that is unquestioned. Full awareness of yourself abusing power. Feeling good being a powerful jerk. Feelings of being in total control over a dishonest situation. Feelings about being a bigger jerk than someone else. Pride in powerful criminal behavior. Feeling good being mean to weak people. Awareness of yourself abusing someone with your authority or superior power. Over-confidence or bravado. Pride in dishonesty that overpowers honesty. Pride in humiliating authority with unquestioned power.

Example: A man dreamed of smoking cigars. In waking life he was taking very dangerous risky actions with his business to overpower a competitor he wanted to humiliate. He successfully carried out these dangerous risky actions and enjoyed new success that allowed him to calmly laugh at his competition with a renewed sense of superiority.


To dream of cigarettes represents feelings about enjoying noticing not having to care about anyone else's feeling in the present moment because you don't have to. Noticing yourself doing something that you know is wrong that isn't too risky. Feeling good not having to be a perfectly good person.

Negatively, cigarettes may represent addictive thinking patterns, bad habits, or something you feel emotionally dependent on. Feeling like a bad-ass or dangerously cooler than other people. Noticing you're a jerk that isn't really risking anything.

Having difficulty giving up something that you know may not be in your best interest long-term. Smoking in dreams may reflect overeating, infidelity, flirting, sexual excess, or an abuse of power.

A cigarette in a dream may be a sign that it's time to cut back a bit on bad habits, show yourself some harsh honesty going "cold turkey", or be aware of yourself making it a habit to ignore someone else's feelings too much.

Example: A woman dreamed of smoking a cigarette. In waking life she was flirting with a man when she already had a boyfriend.

Example 2: A man dreamed of smoking a cigarette. In waking life he was undergoing spiritual testing which involved abstinence and was still occasionally masturbating.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of herself smoking when in real life she didn't smoke. In waking life she was devoutly Christian, but was enjoying herself repeatedly getting revenge on her husband for cheating on her. She was enjoying wasting his phone, destroying his cellphone, and doing all kinds of people bad stuff to him behind his back to feel better about herself.


To dream of cilantro represents feelings about choosing to do something new that's distinctly different than you usually do that benefits you. A willingness to safely experiment with something that deviates from the norm, thus highlighting your individuality. Doing something new that's different that isn't a problem. The combination of individuality and authenticity. A situation where you want to safely explore beyond your usual boundaries or to connect with others on a different level.

Negatively, dreaming about cilantro represents overdoing something new that's different that other people don't think about the same way you do. A situation where some people relish uniqueness and others find it off-putting. Trying something new in your social circle that others might find unusual or not agree with. The dreamer might be wrestling with expectations or peer pressures while needing a nudge to embrace their unique qualities and perspectives. A reminder that we cannot please everyone and that it's essential to remain true to oneself.

Example: A young woman dreamed of being given a ziplock bag full of marijuana, but it didn't look like normal marijuana. It looked like oregano, cilantro, rosemary, and eucalyptus. In waking life, he did get a ziplock bag of normal-looking marijuana, but she and her friend debated about whether the marijuana was viable or going to make them sick. She never smoked the marijuana. In this case, the cilantro may have reflected her feelings about the marijuana she received being from a source that was distinctly different than what she usually buys from her regular dealer, but still safe because it came from someone she works with.


To dream of Cinderella represents an aspect of your personality that is wonderful, yet poorly treated. You or someone else that doesn't get the respect or appreciation they deserve.

Alternatively, Cinderella may reflect a situation in your life where you have to meet a deadline or face embarrassment. Negatively, Cinderella may reflect enjoying a dangerous situation knowing you can't enjoy it forever.

Example: A young woman dreamed of wearing a Cinderella dress and then having to change it to a more formal dress. In waking life she was enjoying the prospect of being pregnant after missing her menstrual cycle and not testing to verify it. She suddenly realized she had to get serious about the situation and get a test done. The Cinderella dress may have reflected her feelings of enjoying the dangerous risk of being pregnant while knowing she couldn't enjoy the feeling forever because would have to get tested or get an abortion if she ever found out that the pregnancy was real.


*Please See Theatre


To dream of cinnamon represents feelings about an area of your life that feels extra special with attention. Receiving attention that gives you special treatment. Feeling excited about making an event extra special for someone. Special attention being received in the new relationship. Sensitivity about feeling special.

Negatively, cinnamon in a dream may represent receiving too much special attention or being treated too specially that causes a problem. An artificial or forced attempt to receive special treatment. Jealousy or annoyance causes by getting too much special attention. Feeling that you wasted your time giving someone too much special attention.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of a guy she was attracted to picking up an apple tart with brown sugar and cinnamon on the crust and then smearing it on her neck. In waking life, she had an experience at the mall with a guy being very interested in her. In this case, the cinnamon may have reflected her feelings of receiving special attention and treatment from the guy she was attracted to, making her feel unique and desired.


To dream of a hollow circle represents a repetitive cycle. The transparency of a situation or "seeing right through" a problem that keeps repeating itself. Something ongoing or that never ends. Infinity or continuity. Negatively, the dreamer may need to examine their current circumstances and consider making changes to break free from the repetition and find greater satisfaction or fulfillment in their life.

To dream of a solid circle represents feelings about perfect safety that does something all the time. Perfect safety that stays the same no matter what happens. Safe adjusting to any problems or challenges to return to normal.

To dream of walking in circles represents feelings of frustration that you can't make any progress. It may also reflect circular thinking or being unable to stop thinking about a certain issue over and over. Problems making a decision or taking action.

Consider the color of the circle for additional meaning.

Example: A man dreamed of walking around in circles. In waking life, he was investigating whether or not his wife had cheated on him and couldn't come to any certain conclusions. He just kept reexamining the issue over and over with no answers. In this case, walking around in circles may have reflected the man's feeling of being stuck in a cycle of doubt and uncertainty, unable to move forward or find a resolution to his concerns about his wife's fidelity. The circular motion of his dream may have symbolized the repetitive and cyclical nature of his thoughts and emotions, as he continued to revisit the same questions without finding any satisfying answers.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a light green solid circle. In waking life, he was experiencing someone at work goofing off with his viewscreen to show colored dots to signal something important happening while he realized that nothing important was happening. In this case, in this case the solid light green circle may have reflected his feeling of perfect safety and certainty in his job, despite the the other coworker goofing off.

Circuit Breaker

To dream of a circuit breaker represents feelings the ability to manage multiple tasks or situations without becoming overwhelmed. Your ability to maintain balance, set boundaries, or prevent overload or burnout in a specific area of your life. Your capability to handle a high-stress work environment and struggling to maintain a balance. Feelings of control and the ability to manage the unexpected.

Negatively, a circuit breaker in a dream could indicate feelings of restriction, limitations, or a lack of control. Feeling that a situation will not fix itself if you go overboard requiring your personal attention. A fear of going too far and causing damage or harm, necessitating intervention and restraint.

To dream of triggering a circuit breaker may represent feelings of being overloaded and overwhelmed. You may no longer be functioning efficiently or properly. The dream may indicating that you need to take a break, learn to prioritize, and reorganize your tasks. A signal the need to establish boundaries and avoid burnout. Feeling the need to apologize to someone because you went overboard. Feeling about attempting to regain control during a chaotic situation with a calm demeanor.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a big industrial circuit breaker. In waking life, he was processing memories of childhood trauma that occupied a lot of his time and energy. In this case, the big industrial circuit breaker may have reflected his feelings about needing to manage and control the emotional impact of revisiting his childhood trauma, as well as his ability to handle the mental and emotional load without becoming overwhelmed. The circuit breaker symbolized his need for balance and boundaries as he worked through these painful memories, while also acknowledging the importance of preventing further emotional damage or burnout.


To dream of circuitry represents aspects of your life that need or require power to work. Things you would like to see happen that require resources or a motivating factor.

To dream of electricity flowing through a circuit represents empowerment to attain goals or make something happen. Experiences or desires you want are materializing as the resources or momentum needed is available.


To dream of being circumcised represents feelings of lost power, status, or dignity. A reflection of your manhood, virility, or pride being lost in some way.

Dreaming of circumcision may also reflect feelings of being used or being forced to choose failure for yourself.


To dream of a circus represents a situation in your life that is chaotic or out of control. Disorganization. Noticing everyone around you acting "crazy", unusual, or unpredictable. Negatively, a circus may represent the possibility of being lured into a dangerous situation.

To dream of working for the circus represents decisions or habits of yours that may make other people think your life is chaotic or dangerous. It may also reflect an unpredictable work environment.

Consider the various acts you see in your dream for additional symbolism.

Alternatively, a circus in a dream may reflect how stupid or crazy you feel people are intentionally behaving in a situation. An intelligent observation about how "full of crap" or over-dramatic, or excessively ambitious. Experiencing people that will do whatever it takes to be the most impressive person in a competition. Observing people doing whatever it takes to stand out.

Example: A man dreamed of being at the circus. In waking life he was unemployed and felt that the job market was ridiculously chaotic with people lying and competing aggressively to get a job.


To dream of a city represents social interaction. Your social atmosphere. How your social interaction with other people feels. Positively, it reflects a need to get along with others or to care about others needs. Being polite or getting along smoothly. The give and take of interactions and relationships. The condition of your friendships or family life.

To dream of seeing a city across a body of water represents social activity you expect to experience after confronting an uncertain or negative situation. How you are going to get along with someone or a group of people after you face a problem.

To dream of seeing a city in the distance represents your expectations of what social activity will be like in the near future. Feeling that you are close to having to talk to people a lot after a period of keeping yourself about an issue.

To dream of an unfamiliar city represents unfamiliar or uncomfortable social situations. Not being sure what to say to people or how to act around a new crowd. Positively, dreaming of an unfamiliar city may reflect positive social interaction with others that was unexpected. Meeting people you never met before or old relationships maturing in new ways.

To dream of an empty city may reflect feelings about how empty your social life feels. Wanting to talk to people or get along with people, but nothing is happening in your life to encourage it. Feeling that nobody likes you.

See the themes section for countries and cities for symbolism on specific cities.

Example: A woman dreamed of a disaster occurring in a city that killed 10 million people leaving her as one of the few survivors. In waking life she was experiencing a major setback with a recovery of her broken arm. The dream may have been a reflection of her return to the hospital while feeling isolated and scared by her condition worsening. She may have also felt that her condition worsening was scaring all her friends without anyway to keep them all up to date.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a city totally destroyed and left in ruins. In waking life she had broken up with her boyfriend and her entire social circle with him was lost with the breakup.

City Hall

To dream of City Hall represents a mindset that is focused on increasing or maintaining co-operation with other people. Figuring out what compromises or actions needed to be taken to get other people to get along with you. A desire for social harmony.

Alternatively, City Hall may reflect an authority figure that is settling an argument for you or forcing you to get along with someone. It may also represent advice on how to get along with others.

Civil War Reenactment

To dream of a Civil War Reenactment represents paying careful and close attention to details. Doing everything you can to make sure a situation is perfect. You or someone else that is very focused on noticing details. It may also reflect attentive research that is being done.

Example: A woman dreamed of speaking to a man who was a civil war reenactor. In real life she was speaking to an experienced researcher about a problem she had. The Civil War Reenactment represents the attentive research that the researcher discussed with her.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of replacing someone in a role for a civil war reenactment that someone else didn't show up for. In waking life he had to do a lot of medical research for his father because he was too lazy to do it for himself. The role of civil war reenactor that he had to take over reflected his careful attention to details regarding his fathers health.


To dream of a clamp represents a need hold a situation together or keep something the same. You may be concerned about losing control.


To dream of a clam represents jealousy or fear of being seen. Feeling very uncomfortable revealing yourself or showing someone something. Shutting others out.

*Please See Oysters


*Please See Applause


To dream of a clarinet represents sensitive feelings about being noticed never doing anything wrong at all. Wanting others to feel good noticing you not doing anything wrong. Feeling expected to behave nice, always be "wonderful", or project a perfectly responsible personality. Wanting others to feel good noticing you are not risking anything. Projecting safe grown up feelings to others.

Negatively, a clarinet may reflect feelings of being pressured into maintaining the appearance of doing nothing wrong at all so others will feel good. A fear of disappointing others with behavior that don't expect from you. Feeling expected to maintain behavior that is considered safe to other people.

To dream of playing the clarinet in a school orchestra or concert may represent pressure you feel to prove yourself as a perfectly responsible person that can be relied on for that type of behavior. Trying to impress others with your ability to be depended on to do exactly what you are supposed to do. Trying to impress others that you are all grown up.


*Please See Classrooms

Class Schedule

To dream of a class schedule represents a plan of action, agenda, or goals as you face anxieties or deal with issues that are important to you.

To dream of losing or forgetting your class schedule represents distractions, unexpected surprises, or giving up on plans.

Classic Cars

To dream of classic cars represents your decision making ability or control over situations where quality is an issue. Some area of your life where you feel that you never go out of style or are just as good as you always were.

Consider the make of car and how it makes you feel.

Example: A woman in her 60's dreamed of a well tuned "classic car." In waking life she was quite happy with herself for having maintained her physical appearance so well over the years. She claimed that she was the same weight she was when she was in high-school.

Classical Music

To dream of classical music represents sensitive feelings about noticing everything happening in situation being respectable and lovely. Cultivating a "lovely" atmosphere or pleasant mood to others.

Positively, classical music may reflect encouraging an atmosphere where you and others do not want to notice anything dangerous happening at all. Drowning out feelings about a negative situation that is happening. Keeping upbeat or purposely overlooking bad things happening so nobody feels bad. Sensitivity about a situation being "lovely" only. Situations where you are trying hard to respect your people's feelings.

Negatively, classical music may reflect uptight feelings about noticing anything unpleasant. A mood that feels pressured into acting like a wonderful person. A situation where you or someone else is too dramatic or too sensitive. Exhausting yourself avoiding caring about or draw attention to the real problem.

*Please See Piano

*Please See Violin


To dream of classmates that you remember from school symbolizes aspects of your personality based on your most honest feelings or memories of that person. Ask yourself what qualities stand out the most about that person and see how that quality may apply to current relationships, or life situations. Are you thinking or acting in way that is similar to them?

To dream of classmates that you don't recognize symbolizes aspects of your personality that are exposed to the same concerns or anxiety as you. A thinking style or situation that may be noticing in yourself while dealing with a problem. The classmate's actions, words, clothing, skin color, or physical appearance can provide further insight.

Alternatively, classmates may reflect aspects of your own personality while you are attending school. Feelings about yourself academic performance.

Example: A young woman dreamed of a classmate kissing her. This classmate was someone who she felt used to be intelligent and then slowly revealed themselves to be unintelligent. In waking life she was having problems at University and her grades were getting worse. She initially believed she would do well in university and then was surprised to find that university was much more difficult then she expected.


To dream of classrooms represents an interest in learning about yourself, personal growth, or finding solutions to problems or questions. You may have a concern about a specific subject or issue.

To dream of sitting in the back of a classroom may represent an issue that concerns you, but that you don't want to draw attention to.

To dream of being closer to the front of a classroom than other people may reflect feelings about having more concern or anxiety about an issue than other people. Feelings that it's more important for you to pay attention or work hard on a problem than it is for others.

The subject of a classroom represents the manner, method, or direction you are thinking. A theme to concerns, issues you care about, or situations that are sensitive. For example, history classes may reflect the reexamining of your past and math classes your attempts to solve a difficult problem. Geography may symbolize experiencing life from different perspectives, and science may represent experimentation with new ideas.

The grade number of elementary school classrooms may use numerology to communicate the manner in which you are thinking. For example grade 5 classrooms may represent changes you are experiencing in life, while grade 2 classrooms may represent issues or situations that you are conflicted about.

To dream of classrooms that you don't recognize represents a new or open-minded approach to problems. You may be trying new things.

Example: A man dreamed of being in a grade 13 classroom where an old friend was sitting closer to the front than he was. In waking life he became extremely rich during an economic crisis than his friend. The classroom may have reflected his feelings about having to be concerned a lot about the economic crisis and the seating positions may have reflected his feelings about comparing his anxiety to his friends anxiety as his friend had to worry about economic crises a lot more than he did.


To dream of having claustrophobia represents your fear of commitment or limiting yourself to anything. You don't like feeling chained to anything. You may be sensitive about not having your own space or the ability to change plans whenever you want.

Alternatively, dreaming of claustrophobia may be a sign that you feel a problem in your life is impossible to escape from or becoming too limiting to bear. You may feel that your options keep shrinking. You may benefit from speaking to friends or family about your problems. It may also be a sign that you might need to tell someone to back off. You may feel overprotected.


To dream of claws represents the potential for hostility. Knowing that damage can be done if it's desired. Positively, claws reflect your wish to defend yourself. Negatively, claws may reflect a need for self-defense. It may also be a sign that you need to be careful with your actions or what you say to people.

Example: A man dreamed of putting on a glove with claws on the fingers. In waking life his friend turned on him and he was carefully thinking about everything he could do to get revenge on him.


To work with clay in your dream represents feelings about an area of your life that you would like to change if you could.

Positively, clay in a dream represents creativity, flexibility and the ability to mold yourself or others into a situation. Manipulating things to your advantage. Molding people into something better.

Negatively, clay in a dream represents feelings about accepting a difficult situation the way it is while wanting to change it if you could. Unbearably not feeling you can do anything else with a situation.

To dream of digging up clay or seeing a pile on clay represents a problem you don't want to do anything about it. Something is too much work or feels pointless. Something unpleasant that is difficult to change you have to get out of the way first.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing clay. In waking life she wanted to change or mold her boyfriend's religious views, but felt it would be very difficult to do so.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing clay soil sitting in a pile next to a new home with a freshly dug out foundation. In waking life she had to leave an old job for a new job and her old boss refused to sign her resignation form to allow her to claim the release of her pension. The dug out pile of clay may have reflected her feelings about getting herself out of a job she didn't like, but feeling left with an unbearable situation of being able to change her pension status.


To dream of cleaning anything represents negativity you are removing from some area of your life. Self-improvement, overcoming obstacles, or improving a relationship. Making progress or moving forward. Cleaning may also reflect old problems or faulty relationships you have found solutions for. Giving up bad habits or finally telling the truth.

*Please See Housework


*Please See Transparent

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